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NCIS Exclusive: Big Bang Brainiac Cast as McGee's Girlfriend

NCIS Season 11 Cast MeGee GirlfriendLeonard Hofstadter’s loss is NCIS agent Timothy McGee’s gain.

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Recent Big Bang Theory player Margo Harshman (aka Sheldon’s assistant Alex) has been cast in the potentially recurring role of McGee’s new girlfriend Delilah, who was alluded to at the end of Season 10.

Playing a smart and eccentric computer specialist in the cyber division at the Department of Defense, Harshman not only has scenes with Sean Murray’s McGee in the season opener, but “there is some terrific triangle stuff that goes on with Abby,” show boss Gary Glasberg tells TVLine. “It’s a lot of fun, and we’ll see what comes of it.”

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Harshman’s other recent TV credits include NBC’s tragically short-lived Bent and guest spots on House and Modern Family.

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  1. Venkman007 says:

    Ehh….she never brought anything to the proceedings, anyways.

  2. Jennifer says:

    great, we don’t need to have Abby be jealous. She just needs to jump in bed with Gibbs like she wants to.

    • Anthony says:

      That’s just sick. Gibbs is like a father to Abby. Gibbs is the boss,right? :-)

      • Jennifer says:

        Depends on how you look at it, I’ve never seen Father/Daughter.

      • DL says:

        People have complicated feelings about each other all the time. Any therapist would tell you it wouldn’t be abnormal for an unrelated man and woman with a father-daughter relationship to still experience a degree of sexual attraction.
        I’ve always recognized that level of their relationship in the subtext. Not something I ever really thought they’d act on, but I definitely see it beneath the surface.

      • Warner says:

        I would imagine the triangle mention was Abby, Sean and the new girlfriend.

    • LC says:

      Yikes! I’ve always seen Gibbs/Abby as more of a father/daughterly type relationship so the idea of a G-Abby ship kinda grosses me out! But I’ve always thought that I could see hints of a McGabby ship, so this will be interesting.

    • Natalie says:

      Crack pairing at its finest…

      But we don’t want them to get together, not because of significant age difference (well, kind of..) or Rule 12 and 1: Never date a coworker and never screw over your partner, if you know what I mean. Let’s review with what happened to Gibb’s relationships (leave if you don’t like spoilers):

      Dead, divorced, divorced, divorced, and his lover that could make it up for the past was shot down. Abby is already like the daughter he had but was killed, and she already nearly died with the terrorist attack on the NCIS building.

      • JCK says:

        I’ve always thought Gibbs regarded Abby as a surrogate daughter for the one he lost. I want McGee with Abby, so I’m not happy with this casting news.

    • Kim R says:

      What!!?? This has got to be the craziest thing I’ve read on here to date. ((((shudder))))

    • Jen Brown says:

      EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Gibbs is a FATHER-FIGURE to abby! That’s gross!

    • Buddha says:

      Abby’s hard to figure when it comes to McGee anyway. She professes no interest in him, but becomes obviously jealous whenever any woman does.

    • bobbi says:

      that is just gross.

    • chelsea says:

      Ewwwww ! Gibbs is like a father to abby that is sick !!! If that ever happened I wouldn’t watch it !! Abby wud not jump iin bed with gibbs ! :(

    • chelsea says:

      I think it wud be very weird if Abby and Gibbs got together ! It wud be a little disturbing because yes Gibbs and Abby weren’t in as much as a father daughter realationship at the very beginning of NCIS but they are now and it would be wrong. It is good that McGee is getting a love interest and the love triangle with Abby sounds really good!

    • Donna says:

      NOT!! What she needs to do is grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat who doesn’t know how to dress appropriately or treat people she supposedly cares about – without using them!!

  3. FatherOctavian says:

    Really enjoyed her on “Bent”

  4. Oh, I can’t wait to see see Delilah and Abby meet. That’ll be a interesting one for sure. Glad McGee’s getting some action, it’s about time. And I know Sean will do this storyline justice. :-)

    And as usual, Matt & Co., thank you for all your wonderful NCIS scoops and spoilers….keep them coming. :-)

    • JA says:

      I agree. I actually don’t mind the triangle thing; I would’ve been angrier if they’d given McGee a girlfriend and Abby didn’t react at all. I would much rather see her be jealous or something. McGee has shown interest in her in the past and she’s never been willing to go there. If McGee is in a relationship, she might see what she’s missing and maybe we’d get something interesting out of it even if it doesn’t turn out to be McAbby.

  5. iammusic says:

    Don’t forget most of us “younger” crowd remember her as Tawny on Even Stevens! I may have to tune in to NCIS for this, I love McGee and I’m happy to see he’s happy :D Now please please please, TBTB, keep it that way!

    • Hannah says:

      That’s what I was going to say. She’ll always be Tawny to me!

    • Prepare to be disappointed, because McLilah (McGee and Delilah) is not gonna be permanent, the writers will use the new introduced character just as a temporary tool, and to create a love triangle between them and Abby. I do not believe it was ever the networks and writers idea to make her permanent as McGee’s “the one”, and I don’t think that plan’s gonna change. So whether you, I, or anyone else wants it or not, Delilah was only gonna make McGee ‘happy’ temporarily, and will be the catalyst to getting back to the McAbby ship on the show. Hopefully they won;t treat the ship the way Tiva was used lately. I would not want that to other viewers and shipper. But i’s just how TV (sadly) works. And yes, I do not have faith that this show will do it any differently than the ones before it.

      I have been a die-hard McAbby shipper, but I completely disprove this writing technique on TV, though it is almost the only way main ships (McGee and Abby in this case) get together – using a third party to make the part of the couple, who is afraid of commitment, and not ready for it (Abby in this case) to finally act on their feelings, and fight for their love… *oldest and most used story line ever!*

  6. Anthony says:

    Why in the heck would Abby want until McGhee has a girlfriend to try to put the moves on him? What a crazy chick, but I like her. She’s cool,cute,and hot.

  7. greg says:

    finally the beautiful Margo got noticed. it took far too long. Now I get to stare into those beautiful eyes once again.

  8. ninamags says:

    Yay! Finally some interesting news from that tv show.

    I did like her as Sheldon’s assistant. She put up with too much stuff from him.

    Thanks, Matt.

  9. Badpenny says:

    Goodbye Tiva, hello Mclilah?
    And no one really bought the McAbby thing. Abby’s physically a decade older then McGee and psychologically 20 years younger. Plus Pauley dislike relationships on screen and the whole shipper mentality.

    • John says:

      Plus with his extensive off-work backstory, his authorship of books etc. I’ve always assumed those glimpses of women such as the hottie (in a Princeton or MIT t-shirt?) that took over the online game when the team game by one time to pick him up were a reflection he had a regular life away from the the office that included girlfriends.

    • ClassicNCISfan says:

      Too bad – since McGee/Abby was actually canon….but that ship has sailed and I hope the show quits with the jealousy act

    • um… actually no.
      The actress who portrays Abby is over 40 (and looking great!), but according to shows current canon backstory Abby is in her early 30s. Her age has never been menrtioned in NCIS (only that her birthday is sometime late winter/early spring – in episode 3×17 sher had a birthday), but it has in NCISLA, where she claimed in the first season of the show while guest starring aka visiting the spin-off show that she’s in her late 20s, which translates to maximum 29 at that time. Now, 5 years later, she is maximum 34. Meaning she’s a year/few years younger than McGee. McGee was born in 1978 according to episode 7×17 (the scanner that reads his prints shows his information). Making him around 35 currently in the shows universe.

      Fans, remember, actors age DOES NOT equal characters age.
      Often much younger or much older actors are cast for roles (think of shows with high school age characters, played by actors in 20s & 30s) . Or in this case the character probably made younger (claimed to be of certain age) as a way to make the younger audience – target audience – be able to relate more easily to them.

  10. anne rankin says:

    ziva, will be a big lose to the show .she’s my favorite of all the females that have had that part

    • Dmac says:

      What the hell… This was a story about McGee. Honestly the best thing about Ziva leaving is the freaking hero worship. I am so sick of Ziva/Tony getting a the storylines it was starting to suck the air out of the show. She is leaving by her own accord no less, Cote cared less about her character than you do, time to move on.

      • Warner says:

        DMAC, this happens every time someone leaves a tv show. I.e. law&Order, Special Victims when Elliott left, Criminal Minds when the lady left and I am pretty certain that people are still kvetching over both leads on CSI leaving. its like people keep forgetting its just a tv show.

    • Dmac says:

      I am so surprised we have an article about NCIS that doesn’t focus on Ziva leaving or Tiva….thank you! Finally McGee will get a storyline with an interesting back story. I am so tired of these inter office romances and the shippers that follow. I never saw the Abby/McGee pairing going anywhere, Abby may be a flake but she is good at her job and a relationship with MCGee would take away from that. Besides the fact romance between co- workers is a no go within the military system.

      • that and she already blew off McGee seasons ago why would she care he’s dating

      • JA says:

        You’re “tired of these inter-office romances and the shippers that follow”? Hello, that’s part of life. People work together, like each other, date, marry…whether you like it or not, it happens. Even in the military. It would be unrealistic for any TV drama to avoid discussing attraction, flirtation, even UST between coworkers. Even the Law & Order franchise, notorious for its focus on case not character, was wise enough not to avoid it completely. As far as NCIS goes, neither McGee or Abby are technically military, so that argument isn’t logical.

        • Buddha says:

          Not only that, but, unless things have changed since I was in the Navy, relationships like that are only taboo if one party is answerable to the other in the chain of command. The Marine Corps is a lot more strict on that sort of thing I believe. Good thing for me and my brother, since our parents were both in the Navy during WWII and met and married while both were on active duty.

    • patty crouch says:

      I think they will do some really interesting endings for her i wish her the best. Think it is a big mistake, cause it really shot down sasha. I really don’t like her in that show sorry

  11. Hope she doesn’t get killed, maimed or discovered to be a traitor. :-) McGee needs a nice girl. I hope she is one.

  12. The character, that is. I’m sure the actress is a perfectly nice person.

  13. fay peters says:

    I’m glad for McGee’s part getting bigger, but my husband and I are really going to miss Ziva she was a real joy to watch. We sure hope she come back at some point.

  14. Liz says:

    So it seems they’re bringing up the constant jealousy between Abby and McGee AGAIN…

    Don’t get me wrong, I love McAbby and it’s the only reason I’m even still watching the show (so it’d be nice to finally see it pay off), but seriously, how credible is it that 2 people get jealous every single time for more than 9 years (after their presumed break up) and don’t ever act on it?! They’ve been told multiple times that they are “the one” for each other and, judging by the jealousy, clearly don’t want the other to be with someone else, yet appart from being pissed and jealous they never do anything? Who in their sane mind would to that? It’s ridiculous to drag it out that long. Fine, they were told that maybe they “hadn’t been ready for it”, but after 9 years? Especially if it’s 9 years of trying to establish another stable relationship in vain and getting jealous again and again? Sorry, I’m just not buying it. How could they still not be “ready for it”? Especially if they both KNOW they’ve found the right partner in each other (as I recall Dr. Cranston putting it?) but, at least in Abby’s case, that McGee won’t want to wait forever until she’s made up her mind?

    In my opinion they finally need to bring Abby and McGee back together, everything else is pretty much laughable, so I hope Delilah will “open Abby’s eyes” in a way and will not be recurring – at least not as Tim’s girlfriend.

    (I’m not saying she can’t return as a DOD tech, although I’m a bit confused by her doubt-worthy willingness to hand out someone else’s private info/property to a person/body under investigation by said person, but so what… And no, I’m not saying I demand to see lovey-dovey McAbby scenes front and centre non-stop, either, I think it would be fine if they were known to be a couple “off-screen” and we’d just get to see the occasional sign of affection, teasing, “See you at home.” or how much they care about each other. In other words: how they used to be/behave.)

    Fingers crossed from this fan…

    • Andrea says:

      I think this is quite smart. I love McGee and Abby, but I love their subtlety…how they’re not mentioned for months and yet they still play in the background. Background being the operative word. With what has transpired, I think this is a good, short-term way to interject a female perspective into NCIS while Glasberg figures out his next move with any perspective new female agents. I can’t say I thought the actress was particularly memorable on TBBT, and I don’t want Abby/McGee to become anything like Tony/Ziva, but I understand why Glasberg might try this. Plus, it will give Sean more screen time as McGee, so yay for that!

      • I want this for all NCIS and Mcgee and McAbby fans, too;

        “I don’t want Abby/McGee to become anything like Tony/Ziva”
        “YAY for more screen time for Sean/McGee”

        Those are my wishes for all the people who are gonna be there to watch the new seasons of NCIS.

    • Thanks, Liz. I do not know if I know you (from somewhere), but what you write her is basically how I think about this ship. And how they’ve been written.

      Yes, it seems they’ve been used whenever the show need to fill ion gaps, and in between those times, they’re not used. And yes, that’s how programmed TV works, but it makes it really hard to please me with a story line, because I prefer more continuity and stable and fluid stories. But that’s ok, because I”m not the target audience – the general US viewer, and no networks gonna ever allow a show that will make the minority happy, all show are directed at the majority, and if they prefer it done the way networks do them, then I just gotta accept that I am not happy with US network show writing style, and that’s all.

      And for me personally, even if it is fiction, and things on TV rarely make sense and are logical, this ship, even if I know it will happen, won’t make sense anymore. The last chance for it to make sense to me was S10 finale, but only if it’d revealed they’d been back together for a while. S8 finale events should have lead to them together, because emotionally they were there by that point, and seriously….some random another girlfriend McGee has thing to me is not something that will open Abby’s eyes after all else and everyone else so far hasn’t. I am sorry, but I don’t buy their hookup anymore. Like you said…even if people (fictional or real) have “realizations” after random events or things, it still doesn’t seem logical to me how nothing has made Abby ready, and Tim tired of waiting, and how two people have spent about 7 years basically standing still (McGee waiting for Abby to be ready, Abby being comfortable with how things are and not willing to change things and take that last step) will after he gets serious with someone else (Abby’s clone when it comes to personality), and she things she’s too late, take action finally. How does that really make sense, really? I mean, it’s established they’re good friends, and talk a lot about things with each other, so I don not buy the “they’re avoiding the topic, even if they clearly know how they feel (S8 finale is proof of that IMO)”, “she’s not ready” , “he’s not willing to push her, wants her to be ready’, and similar sayings.

      I was a huge shipper, and I will forever cherish these characters and their relationship (no, I do not think Abby doesn’t deserve him, because of how she’s treated him or soemthing, because they’ve both “made mistakes”), but I don’t ship them really die-hard anymore,, for me they’re gonna be just anotehr TV couple who will get together. But there won’t be that “I’m super exited for the story line and what’s gonna happen…not gonna miss an episode/scene” feeling anymore, just… “OK, so I’m gonna plan to watch that episode when they hook up this weekend, and see what it was about”. :(

      • Liz says:

        I agree, while I still definitely want Abby and McGee to be together the way they have both been treated and portrayed for the past number of seasons just doesn’t make sense and is not credible. So many things have happened that were completely out of character, even accounting for the fact that people’s behaviour can change (like Abby is not as adult-flirty and suggestive anymore like she used to be in the first couple of seasons but has been “dumbed down” to a person who often goes as far as behaving silly or childish – something she didn’t used to be and a direction of change that doesn’t really make sense), like them NOT talking to each other and trusting each other in situations where they would have if they hadn’t been written out of character. This means that, yes, inevitably if something ever happens it’s not going to be as logical and good as it could have been if the writters had paid more attention to detail (rather than focussing on Tony, Ziva and Gibbs almost exclusively).
        The storyline of Abby’s adoption is another example of that: she was so worked up about it in that episode, yet afterwards it was never mentioned again until a year later, at which point she suddenly decided to visit her birth-brother again? Absolutely non-credible, too, if you ask me, but like you said, they just seemed to dig the story out again when they wanted to fill a void or remembered it, but by that time it was far to late to still make sense or be credible. Still, they went along with it and apparently that’s what they’re doing with McAbby, too. It doesn’t make sense that remain jealous for years without doing anything, but the writers seem to use it as a means of “fun” or “comic relief” every now and then, aparently without realising that it’s getting ridiculous.

        In short, they can’t undo what they did and that was often not making sense or not credible, but either way, they’re not gonna get out of that “unharmed”. They’ve written themselves into a corner that they can’t get out of without “breaking” one of the sides of the story – if they decided to suddenly put an end to the jealousy etc. that won’t make sense (because why would they be jealous for so long and then suddenly “decide” to stop?) and if they decided to finally seal the deal and make them a couple again the “not doing anything for so long”-issue will still remain illogical. They’ve messed it up anyway, there is no way out of this that would still be logical and make sense, unfortunately. It seems fans will just have to accept that and hope they’ll (finally) make the best of it and proceed in a more logical, credible way that will at least avoid the creation of new discrepancies and out-of-characterness like that.

        So in a way I probably still ship them “die hard” (probably because they are what first got me to watch the show and keep watching – if there wasn’t the slightest sliver of hope for them I’d have stopped watching long ago!) and will be excited once it happens, but I’ll know that it will have the bitter taste of the incredibly long and illogical wait and that it, inevitably, won’t be as satisfying as it would’ve been in S3 or S4 at the latest. It’ll just be a matter of a long-overdue “yay, finally someone found their brains [or original NCIS-spirit] again and brought them back together” where I will be happy purely because they are together, not because of how they got there was such a good storyline. (I mean, even if they were to come up with a good storyline around how they get back togehter now, that can’t erase the rubbish they’ve done with them [or what they haven’t done] in the past and thus, overall, can only be so satisfying.)

  15. Just hope they don’t waste her like they did on TBBT. Her story arc irritated me there.

  16. sladewilson says:

    I’m kinda digging this. It’s about time Tim had a viable love interest and got Abby to make up her mind about how she feels about Tim…

  17. ClassicNCISfan says:

    Like the idea of Delilah and McGee….hoping most of their relationship develops off screen though with NO jealous Abby – that ship has sailed and sunk years ago.

    Here’s hoping Gary gets this right & doesn’t spend too much time pandering to the romance junkies. How he did Jimmy & Breena works very well.

  18. patty carson says:

    i think its crazy if the network is putting abby and gibbs to gether he is old enough to be her father, get real she needs to have a real relationship with some one her own age that likes the same interest that she has I will stop watching ncis if it comes to her and gibbs having a relationship…tony is the the one that has had a lot of back breaks and needs a break,,,,

  19. Andrea says:

    Since Leverage is no more, it’s too bad Beth Riesgraf couldn’t have returned to the role of Max the Gamer (Kill Screen).

    I love McGee and Abby, but I’m fine with this, too. Just don’t make this new character be psycho or another gun for hire.

  20. ncis4evr says:

    Thank you for an NCIS spoiler that doesn’t involve Ziva or Tiva. And thank you for all the NCIS info you’ve given us in the past . Don’t always like what the show is pushing as spoilers, but I do appreciate the coverage of the show.

  21. Wily Cat says:

    I’ll really miss Ziva. She brought a lot to the group dynamic in a positive way. Maybe she’ll come back after a year off. Hope so.

  22. Devin says:

    Aw! Tawney! I’m so happy for her! I’m excited to see her in this kind of show, opposed to a comedy.

  23. ddocala says:

    where does it say anywhere in the artilcle Gibbs and Abbey? I read a triangle of McGee, Abbey and McGee’s new girlfriend? Please enlighten me what I’m missing.

  24. Rene Dean says:

    Most of you seem to either have forgotten or not know that McGee n Abby HAVE been together that’s why she gets jealous. They dated when he first came to NCIS

    • papnana says:

      Yep, I agree with you Rene Dene, I do remember when Tim & Abby were an item & it was stated that Tim spent the night in the “Coffin” & Abby says “That’s not all you did”–in the coffin, talking to Tim about sleeping in the coffin, of course Abby told him it was a box spring. They do make a cute couple but if it is not to be then it is not to be. So moving on, let’s hope this Delilah is a good match for Tim, it is about time for Tim to get a woman & a good storyline. I am also glad this was not about “Tiva”, I am so over that too. She is leaving, so let her go people, we have a lot of other cast members on the show. I see Gibbs & Abby as a father & daughter relationship, nothing else. Gibbs kisses Abby on the cheek like a daughter, nothing else! Please, please don’t make those two a couple. Thanks for letting me vent & get my two cents in.

  25. Laurie says:

    Timothy and Abbey belong together! Don’t mess it up you silly writers!

  26. ClassicNCISfan says:

    Really happy now that ziva is leaving & hope that means we get more NCIS spoilers that are for the fan base instead of pandering to a small part of it.

    As far as this one goes, hope Gary isn’t going down the jealous road & dragging McAbby out again. They dated, they broke up, it’s down & over. Time for both of them to move on (a long time ago actually). Am hopeful that this Delilah will be a good match for McGee & not just some comic moment or case related baddie.

    To all the commenters ‘eww’ing a Gibbs/Abby hookup – watch the first couple of seasons & you’ll see a very unparental Gibbs/Abby relationship. I’d love to see a return to that even though I don’t ship them. Would love to see the flirtatious adult Abby return to flirt with both Gibbs & Tony (at the same time) It’s beyond time to DUMP DADDY GIBBS

  27. liz says:

    Keep Abby in her lab and let McGee and Delilah live a long and happy life!

  28. Buddha says:

    I;ve never seen the big problem with age differences in a couple myself. My grandfather was 15 years older than my grandmother and they had 8 kids over 20 years and were together until he died.

  29. Rob Long says:

    Abby prettiest lady in the world and Mcgee love his acting!

  30. cherry says:

    I am a mcabby fan. Going to like the triangle. About time mcgee got more to do than sit behind a desk and push buttons. I hope they bring back his father and tell their back ground story, what really broke them apart.

    • Buddha says:

      I’d like to see his old man again as well. I’ve always liked Sheridan since I saw him play the ultimate Bad Guy in Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Considering all that’s been alluded to about McGee’s relationship with his father, there should be some interesting story lines available there.

      Between Gibbs, McGee, Dinozzo, and Ziva, it’s hard to say which had the more strained relationship with their father.

  31. charlotte says:

    i don’t see why they don’t just let them be together or even just not let them be in love with each other anymore, it getting boring how they keep giving them girlfriends and boyfriends and making the other one jealous, they rather like each other or they don’t , you wouldn’t go out with another girl if you liked someone else.

    i hope you wont make Abby jealous and let her find her own boyfriend to be with , if your not going to let McGee and Abby be together stop making them jealous of each other.

  32. Dally says:

    It’s pronounced DEElila not DUHlila or DAlila

  33. Abby says:

    Abby and McGee must end up together, they are perfect for each other.