Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2

Under the Dome TrailerThe folks in Chester’s Mill would be well-advised to sit tight, seeing as CBS has renewed it’s summertime hit Under the Dome for a 13-episode second season, to air in Summer 2014.

VIDEO | Under the Dome Cast Playfully Plots Junior’s Death

“We’re excited to tell more stories about the mystery of the dome and the secrets in Chester’s Mill,” CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said in a statement Monday, “and are thrilled to have the master storyteller himself, Stephen King, tell the first one of next season.”

A small-screen adaptation of the Stephen King novel, Dome premiered to 13.5 million total viewers with a 3.3 demo rating, and and at last tally had amassed 20 million with a 4.6 rating, with DVR data and non-linear playback factored in.

The 13-episode freshman drama’s most recent episode drew 11.4 mil and a 2.8 in Live+Same Day ratings.

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  1. The audience, “yay!”. The character, “do’oh!”

    • Then again, it probably means that they won’t starve, so that’s good.

    • cali says:

      I actually enjoyed it in the beginning , but the interracial lesbo scenes were not appropriate for my children, so we no longer watch it. I realize the writers goals are to desensitize kids to this behavior, and I find it offensive.

      • so, being offended by seeing other people care and love each other, even if they happen to be of the same gender is appropriate for children?

      • Molly says:

        Ummm first off, lady, the idea of lesbians was enough for you to turn it off? Honestly why in the hell would you turn it on for your kids in the first place???? It’s clearly not a show for kids. We’re you just not thinking or are you just really that ignorant???

      • lizzie says:

        Who lets their children watch stephen king in the first place?

        • I find most of the movies and shows based on his stuff to be really tame. The only one that really sticks out for me in terms of being really, really scary is Salem’s Lot (notice that I’m talking about the movies and shows based on his work, not the books themselves).

        • Rachel says:

          Well said Molly and good point Lizzie!

          • Frank T says:

            I find it ironic how most people can respond telling this lady how much hate she has, and how she has so much intolerance of others. They should look in the mirror at the hate they have towards this lady who has every right to have those feelings. So she disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle. It doesn’t mean she HATES people. It just means that is her belief. Just as it is your belief it is OK. I respect her opinion. I don’t respect those who can’t look themselves in the mirror before they call someone ignorant or hateful just because they disagree with someone else’s views.

      • brent nowostawski says:

        I find you offensive…and sad. Desensitize the love of two people? Does that really make sense? I found the 3 member family very loving and normal. I was very saddened by the death of the lady’s spouse or partner (were they married? I don’t recall) and the daughter. I’m a 54 year old divorced,white,straight male. I’m pretty much old school. But its 2013 and I have grown and matured with the times. I hope (for your kids sakes) they can grow into loving,responsible individuals in society being themselves w/o “disappointing” their parents in any way.

      • Jive says:

        What a sad, sad being you are! Maybe you should move to russia where youre views are the law now.

        • Kelly says:

          why is she not allowed her views?

          • Bry says:

            Who said she wasn’t allowed to express her views? Freedom of speech goes both ways. She can express her ignorance, but those that disagree are allowed to express theirs also. I worry about her children. What if one of them turns out to be gay, and she has given them the impression that gay people aren’t acceptable. Leads to pretty screwed up kids. And I hate to tell her this…but not letting kids see gay characters on TV will NOT prevent anyone from being gay.

      • mike litoris says:

        aha, but homocide, the use of firearms, alcohol abuse or just the fact that its a sci-fi/horror genre made it adequate for your kids before? thats simply retarded. i think the “interratial lesbo scenes” (actually they only kiss once or twice until on of them dies) should be less of a problem… unless you are a homophobic nazi. you sound like one of those silly republicans in texas the whole world is laughing at.

      • Rachel says:

        Oh you poor thing! How awful for you. I’m sorry that you are so offended by characters playing normal, loving people. What an incredibly sad person you must be inside. Life must be quite hard for you. However, in saying that, I’d prefer not to have to read your ignorant comments. So perhaps it would be better for everyone if you refrained from posting on here again eh? Cheers for that.

      • Lesley Bian says:

        I agree with your comment. Unless they were super attractive and I’m all for it.

      • crystal says:

        You’re offensive. But nothing is more offensive that the fact that someone like you has procreated and is perpetuating hate in this country.

        • Frank T says:

          I find it ironic how most people can respond telling this lady how much hate she has, and how she has so much intolerance of others. They should look in the mirror at the hate they have towards this lady who has every right to have those feelings. So she disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle. It doesn’t mean she HATES people. It just means that is her belief. Just as it is your belief it is OK. I respect her opinion. I don’t respect those who can’t look themselves in the mirror before they call someone ignorant or hateful just because they disagree with someone else’s views.

          • MiMIPLR says:

            Frank, you are ABSOLUTELY spot on! Your response is one of the few that actually represents what America stands for! Bravo!!!!

      • Herbert Blarney says:

        God bless you Cali. God hates the homosexuals. That’s why he put the dome down, cause the homosexual lesbos came into town. So he meant to punish the people for tolerating their homosexual tendencies. All they have to do now is take out the black lesbo and *poof*, dome disappears. AMEN. God bless Chester’s Mill. I pray for the innocent heteros trapped inside. We all suffer because of their gay sinning. Especially their hideous daughter, who if she had straight parents, would never allow her to watch a show like this.

        • Scott Kjeer says:

          Oh my dear God you stupid idiot. It is a television show. There is not a real Dome covering a town. By the way, Stephen King’s daughter is a lesbian and she is also an ordained minister of God. All God’s children are saved by the LOVE of God’s son, Jesus Christ. And if you want to believe that God makes mistakes in his creations, maybe you’re one of them who believes a fictional town with a fictional cast of characters is going to be sacrificed because a loving couple and their daughter are caught driving down Main Street, maybe we should find you a map to Chester’s Mill. You and Big Jim are probably just alike.

        • NIKKI says:

          God ‘Hates” no one!!!

      • “interracial lesbo” your words, and I see exactly why you used them, you need to get out of dream land lady, this world doesn’t revolve around your kids or your own “beliefs” it’s time for you to grow thicker skin and come to the realization that for the millions of people that live in this world, not everyone of them is going to live like you do, time to take your dose of reality, grow the hell up and learn how to live with others, or you can crawl back to that little hole in your head you call your life and ignore the rest of humanity

      • Lisa says:

        Everyone notices your ignorance regarding homosexuals,,,no one seems to notice your blatant racism. Good heavens lady, you’re a sad case; you’re the only thing inappropriate for your children, and I hope that for their sakes, you put a filter on that hate. You were good with the blood, misogyny and terror…..just not the “lesbos”. You know, you are one of Stephen King’s favorite characters to write about right? You’re in his every story. Here, you were the good reverend. He always kills those characters off first.

      • calling dump people dumb says:

        you are whats wrong with society. please get off the internet so you dont infect anyone else with your stupidity. you racist sexist hate-crime committer.

    • Roy Kuphal says:

      Am watching “Under” 8/26 on On Demand, after a very good series start the show as gone down the tube. Way off track and goofy. Now where there was no water there is a giant lake with high powered boats, more and more new characters that just show up. The story is so disjointed and rambling with no direction and actually no acting. CBS needs to beware of a second season.

      • Jois Josie says:

        Wasn’t that large body of water their reservoir? Who lets gas powered boats on their reservoirs?

        • hethetheth says:

          have you not watched the series? that was a lake. also, the dome hit a methane pocket and polluted the reservoir, so the water isn’t suitable for drinking anyway

      • I agree! I love SK and am reading the book as I watch which I have never done – but knowing they are gonna be different. But the show is sooooooo turning into LOST with new characters poppin in all over. Plus the acting is really going down but it started so good. I see SO many similarities to LOST except LOST had good actors at least. I like Junior {the actor} and the reporter sometimes, but they go from scene to scene and your like ‘wait a minute, how’d he get there when he was just talking to so&so’ or ‘why would she say that now’ and so much more-
        THE WORST— too much recapping in the beginning of scenes. I HATE THAT!
        btw I hated the last season of LOST, The last few episodes…. OMG?!?. And I see the name Jack Bender in the credits who I know had something to do with LOST. Season 2 means I will stop watching so I don’t go through the pain of another LOST.

        • cherie Key says:

          I read the book and really enjoyed it, playing scenes in my mind. The TV version is sooo off base. It is not even close to the book. Sure, some of the characters are the same but their roles are ridiculous . I couldn’t get into Lost so can’t compare the two. I won’t be watching next season and don’t think I’ll even watch the last 2 episodes.

  2. Elyse says:

    awesome news :) :) loving Under the Dome!!

  3. Eric says:

    As long as it remains Summer viewing, I think that’s a good thing

  4. jimbo says:

    So much for “13-episode mini series” then.

    • Meghan says:

      It never was introduced as a mini series. There were interviews in the beginning that stated that there’s nothing “mini” about it.
      It was always the audience who drew the wrong conclusion, for whatever reasons.

      • alex5927 says:

        Because most King series’ are miniseries’, and the book took place over the span of less than a month.

  5. Steve F. says:

    So, how are they going to stretch it out for Season 2? I mean, from the previews of tonight’s episode, we see that the dome generates its own atmosphere, so there’s rainfall (and thus, no fear of water running out any time soon). But, in terms of food and medical supplies…?

    • Jay says:

      Well, food grows out of the ground, so if it’s raining there will be food. They are farmers after all. As for medical supplies, if the library is in town they have books that can tell them how to make medicine. Definitely not state of the art modern medicine, but they’ll be able to survive.

  6. Jason says:

    Disappointing… I was hoping for a simple one shot as it was originally pitched. This is one that will get annoying if drawn out too long.

    • dan says:

      Based on articles I read, it was always considered as a continuing series IF this summer season went well. That is one of the reasons there are so many differences between the book and the series (CBS wanted to have storytelling options if the show was renewed for another season).

    • Ryan says:

      And it has officially gotten annoying. I am constantly angry with how they leave each episode. I will not watch it as it airs any longer. I’m going to pirate it to my hearts content once it’s all over with.

  7. Lauren says:

    Aww as much as I am enjoying this show, I thought it was only a miniseries. I thought all the questions about why this happened would be wrapped up in a neat little 13 episode package.

  8. Unkystan says:

    This was a 13 episode miniseries. With AN ENDING!!! Thanks for nothing CBS.

    • Aleksa says:

      Yeah, I’m not really sure how I feel about this.

    • jimbo says:

      Yup. That’s what I was expecting going in. But given the ratings success so far, I can kind of understand the networks decision. They need to step up their game, though. It’s been lackluster so far and I mostly kept watching because I knew the story would be resolved after the 13-episode run. So yeah, we’ll see what they can come up with.

    • Durty Whyte says:


      • STFUYou says:

        stfu, all the commercials for it before the first episode aired said 13 episode mini-series. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have the majority of people upset that it’s not.

  9. Quinn Mallory says:

    As much as a potential season 2 could be like Prison Break in this scenario, I hope the dome comes down in the season 1 finale.

  10. Chris says:

    I’m excited, this is great news!

  11. Lynn says:

    They said before the show even premiered they were planning on more than one season and that’s why they changed a lot of stuff from the book. I’m excited!

    • Elyse says:

      Lynn that’s what the articles I read said too! I feel like I’m the only pers

    • Elyse says:

      I clicked submit too soon! My comment should have said “Lynn that’s what the articles I read said too! I feel like I’m the only person excited about this!”

      • ian says:

        I am excited as well. I kinda new going in that it would have another season. Thats fine with me. I never read the books so maybe that makes a difference.

        • Elyse says:

          I haven’t read the books either so you might be right about that :)

          • KH says:

            It’s actually just one very long book (1000+ pages). I’ve read it 4 times now, but I’m still excited for a second season. I’ve been expect a second season based on some of the stuff I’ve read on one of my King fanpage sites and other TV news sites.

        • UTD Fan says:

          I’m not really sure what reading the book has to do with it. Its a good story, they are embellishing because people want more. Is there something wrong with that? There has always been arguments by those who read the books and then become critics of the Film. Not once have i seen a film that follows the book 100%. I welcome the creativity and the willingness to adventure out past the bindings of the book. Im fairly confident that Season 2 will be outstanding. When ever Stephen King has his hands on it, it becomes a masterpiece.

  12. J says:

    Well, looks like the stall-out plotting of the last couple weeks is just, like, what the series will be. Not for me, though please enjoy if it’s your thing.

  13. Mila says:

    I’m happy it’s continuing. I just hope they will know when to stop before the show gets bad

  14. Shaun Ed says:

    Sigh. I’m enjoying the show but I really wanted it to be a mini-series. Now its going to drag up to who knows how many seasons. Since its CBS, it could go on to 10 seasons. I guess I might as well read the book.

    • Lainey121212 says:

      Read the book and I’m a bit disappointed. Wanted an ending this year. Maybe they should make a mini out of one of his other books. Or someone else’s book!

  15. John says:

    This makes me want to stop watching. I found it kind of dull, but was going to stick it out since I thought there was an endgame in place. Nevermind.

  16. Drew says:

    I was going to watch the show. I watched most of the premiere (I missed the first ten minutes and CBS’ online options are just laughable) and recorded some after. Then forgot one and the above mentioned online viewing options made it impossible to catch up. So… oh well.

    The first episode wasn’t very good anyway. Everything on CBS feels like 1980’s castoffs. The fact that the network gets high ratings just shows the flaws in the rating system.

    • dragons3 says:

      If you have Amazon Prime membership, the episodes are available for free viewing on Amazon’s streaming service. If not, they can be purchased for $1.99. The episodes are available on the Friday following their Sunday air date. Much better quality viewing than on the CBS website.

      I’m not sure whether or not I’m happy about a second season. I’m enjoying the series so far, but it is departing considerably from the book. Guess I’ll employ a wait and see attitude. Noone forces viewers to watch if the show is bad.

      • Rick says:

        I too have read the book, an momentous task. my wife has not read the book and asks what is going on next. can’t tell her as the series does not follow the book very well..A little disappointing

  17. Kathy says:

    American Horror Story classified itself as a mini-series and it is now in its third season. I knew that CBS would renew Under The Dome, because of the ratings. I am happy it is staying as a summer series.

  18. Matthew says:

    The only way a long-running Under the Dome series works is if the characters escape the dome and are used as a way to explore the larger Stephen King universe. This is of course assuming the dome itself has something to do with The Shop or one of his other long-running villainous characters/organizations, but I have no clue if that’s the case or not (haven’t read the book). Though even if not the case, they could change it up so that someone in that area was involved in the dome’s coming down.

  19. wrstlgirl says:

    They’ve said from the beginning that if the show was successful, which it is, there was a strong possibility of a second season. No one was duped. But I do think that keeping it as a summertime show is a good idea.

    • Barb says:

      I read that also. But I thought I also read that this summer would wrap up, we would have an “ending” but if it did well in the ratings, they would simply start telling stories of other people who are living under the dome. I can’t find that article though. Is that what you understood?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        No not really but with Stephen King penning the S2 premiere he could be writing it as a continuation depending how they decided to end S1. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people hoping that they end the TV show different than the book because that ending was awful. It was also announced at SDCC to not miss the last 5 minutes of the finale’ so that to me sounds like some sort of a cliffhanger. Hard to say what they will do.

        • Stan says:

          That’s strange…I’ve read the book, and I thought the ending was great. And if you didn’t like the ending of the book, then why would you watch the miniseries?

  20. Joe R says:

    This really is disappointing news. A mini-series is a mini-series. This leads me to believe that the finale, which presumably had already been shot before this decision was made, was not a closed-end resolution like we were told it would be. The fact that it’s been renewed actually does make me less likely to continue watching. I thought I was in for a 13-episode self-contained miniseries. Forget it.

  21. Joe says:

    I got invested in a mini series. Not something that’s going to continue , the past couple of episodes were so- so but I stayed because I thought it was done at the end of the summer , now I’m not sure I want to continue

  22. Xandra says:

    Congrats to Britt Robertson and Mike Vogel … they might have a successful multi-season series for a change! Unless their characters don’t make it.

  23. Jen says:

    Oh my gosh, so many people are disappointed that a show they like to watch is continuing?! Geez, there is no pleasing people. I like the show and haven’t read the book, so I’m happy about this news.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      You’re right, there is no pleasing people. If the show was wrapped up in 13 episodes they would complain that it was to short and not done up to their expectations. From everything I’ve read Stephen King is very pleased with UTD and has given his blessing. All this hate is just a knife in his back.

      • Aldon ridgester says:

        S King is pleased with UTD…his check cleared the bank. There is very little in the series that relates to the book

  24. Et al says:

    Will the dead horse be introduced in tonight’s episode or will that come later in the season?

  25. Karen says:

    I too, am somewhat disappointed that the show will go on only becuase some things are better done in a limited run series. We really need to learn from the Brits and end a show when it’s time and not let it run on and on like the original book. Some things need to end before they run out of steam. I’ll continue to watch and hope that it remains a good story, but when they start jumping the shark to keep it going, I’m done.

  26. CountryQueen says:

    With the thought that they could spend years Under the Dome, I believe I am jumping out. That means they are changing what is really important to me about this show. Air is a commodity in short supply under that dome, unless you let CBS get a hold of it.

  27. Louis says:

    Speaking for myself and family, we are enjoying the weekly themes as we learn to understand the characters. I would suggest a two hour episode as the suspense builds. Possibly to continue the interest at a higher level. Thank you.

  28. PC says:

    I am disappointed. Good book that does not lend itself to an indefinite series. It’s already getting a little tedious.

  29. Ann says:

    Ugh. The only reason I watched this show was because I thought it was be a limited series with a beginning, middle, and conclusion. The show is boring…the only thing that kept me watching was to see what would happen with the dome, but now that it’s being renewed, looks like they can exten that storyline. All I want is a conclusion that won’t take several years to resolve.

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    I think it’s important to remember that on the show they’ve only been under the dome for about a week’s time. I know it’s easy to loose sight of that. The entire 6 seasons of Lost was only about 45 days on the island or something close to that.

    • gregk says:

      Yes but LOST had great concept, writing, decent acting, plus all the mystery. And Michael Emerson (great to see him on Person of Interest). OK, not well resolved in the end, but in this case the middle was the best part.

  31. Cujo says:

    I’m actually less inclined to keep watching now that its continuing for another season. I feel like this is going to drag out way too long.

  32. John says:

    I considered checking this out when it was purposed as a limited series. Then I realized it was coming from one of the major networks and they are incapable of committing to something as limited if it shows even the slightest gain in positive ratings. Glad I never jumped in, I’d feel conned right about now.

  33. arial2 says:

    Stephen King said early on that this was to be a 13-episode “limited-series”, with a resolution. I remember how angry people were when The Killing failed in its promise to resolve its storyline at the end of season one. I hope the showrunners take that into account and give us the promised resolution at the end of Episode 13. Now I feel like I was conned, too. For their sake, I hope their plan is to bring it back next summer because I’m not sure how well it will do against regular season new episodes of other shows. Of course it’s getting great ratings; it has NO new-episode competition during the summer.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I doubt King is very upset since he is penning the Season 2 premiere. And the article does say s2 will air Summer 2014. As I said in a previous comment the writers have been VERY forthcoming about a possible season 2, they’ve not hidden this from anyone who was paying attention.

  34. Chris says:

    So the series eventually won’t be able to stay true to the book. I was under the impression the whole story would be told in 13 episodes.

  35. Jules says:

    At first, I was kinda bummed, I wanted like so many who have commented before me, the neat 13-episode package deal with a definite ending. And I thought, well now it’s just gonna get dragged out until long after there is any more story to tell.

    BUT, I now think, if they make it more a show loosely based on a book, taking it rather as a foundation to build upon than a strict (which it apparently already hasn’t been – haven’t read the books, so I can’t compare it) framework from which it can’s stray. THEN, I think it could work.. but we’ll have to see what they do with it anyway.

    Also, one thing, assuming it’ll run for a couple of years (always in summer), and they’d know before shooting the entire thing, that it would be their last season, I’d really like to see a couple episodes after the dome vanishes (which I kinda figured was the ending, that it would somehow disappear) so to see, how it not only changed the people while they’re in the mess or dome, but also how these changes stick with the people. but that’s just me.

  36. Missy Kelly says:

    Let me see, Zero Hour would have been a big hit as a mini-series; Under the Dome is a mini series – enough of the trying to milk a cow that is dry

  37. Joey says:

    Happy about the show got renewed for season 2 and will stay as a summer series.

  38. t86 says:

    Great news! I love this show, and i kinda expected this renewal based on the huge ratings on a Summer Season. Really excited to see what comes next!

  39. Phyllis S. says:

    I’m excited for the second season. I haven’t read the book, but I think that’s a great thing cuz I can be totally surprised about the changes and not constantly compare it to the original. I love this show, thanks CBS…

  40. Good news for the actors but please don’t turn into another Jericho situation. That’s all I ask.

    • Karen says:

      I can’t believe you mentioned Jericho! One of my all-time favorites. Maybe they should have done a mini-series but I guess that’s what they called the last season. Good to see another Jericho fan.

      • Jake says:

        Its exactly like Jericho. This show should be called Jericho Under the Dome.
        They mislead the public. It was pitched as a miniseries meaning an end. I will finish S1, not sold on a S2.

        • Karen says:

          You and me both. I couldn’t even finish the book because it dragged on too much and I love Stephen King!

  41. Jon says:

    I was liking Under the Dome as a mini-series, but if it’s not tied up by the end of the summer, I’m not going to invest my time any longer. Tonight’s episode will be my last. Not that it was ever promised as a one season only show, but that’s the idea I had. Now it’s turned into The Killing and turned me off.

  42. James says:

    Hooray! I have been enjoying the show and am looking forward to seeing even more!

  43. Trent says:

    As someone who has read the book I haven’t been loving the show. It’s often boring with little character development and the acting isn’t especially good. I was excited they were changing the ending because, frankly, the ending of the book was terrible but this show is coming off my DVR now that I know they’re dragging it out for multiple seasons.

    The book was engaging because despite not knowing the origin of the dome it was apparent that the story of the people inside was coming to an end because of how events were unfolding. I understand that changes need to be made to make the show appealing to a wider TV audience but stretching this show out for multiple seasons is going to require changing so many things I wish they hadn’t used the book as source material in the first place.

  44. brent nowostawski (@brentsn) says:

    LOL WTH ? Its a tv show! People are watching it then complaining it got renewed. What sense does that make? CBS could have a helicopter drop in and not explain it if they wanted to. Its Hollywood !! Some of you viewers take it too serious. If you like it , then watch it. If you don’t like it , then don’t watch it. I t s a t v s h o w. I’m watching because I enjoy it , so I’m glad it got renewed….Duh! Its a business and CBS does whatever is best for the network whos bottom line is to draw as many viewers as possible to the network. Why are all you people that are complaining , watching? If you only care about the resolution , tune in to the final show. I will watch unless theres something better on. After all , Sunday Night Football will be starting in a month anyway. I don’t care if theres a resolution or not. I will watch until its canceled or there is something better.I like the casting.Its a tv show.

  45. ari says:

    Disappointing… Thanks corporate America for ruining a “mini series” . More worried about ratings than quality television. It’s meant to END , just like a book ends . They will DRAG this out like they did “LOST” .

  46. eric says:

    I agre with Ari. Awful news. I was hoping for a concise, 1 season story with defined beginning & ending. Instead they will drag it along.
    BTW.. in the book, it is an alien lifeform that creates the dome (kinda like a kid playing with ant farm). SPOILER! Ha!

  47. Vi Bado says:

    Was hoping this would wind up this summer. Don’t think I can take another “Lost”.

  48. Kayla says:

    I’m so glad they renewed for another season. Hopefully all the shows that are on now and half-way through or almost over will be renewed like; Mistresses, motive, crossing lines, twisted, king & maxwell, rizzoli and isles, perception, continuum, devious maids, copper, the fosters, etc. I also wish they’d bring Zero Hour, Cult and some others back, they were cancelled too early. Hope all the 1s I mentioned get renewed for another season.

    • Lewis says:

      unda da dom3

    • Karen says:

      I so agree with you about Zero Hour and Cult, but at least they did show the remaining episodes and the last 2 hours of ZH were the most exciting thing i’ve seen in awhile. I really like Under the Dome and was afraid of it dragging on, but if it stays as good as its been, I’m all for it!