Scoop: Supernatural Spin-Off Premise Revealed

Supernatural Spin-OffThe Supernatural spin-off will have Chicago roots.

The potential offshoot, which is still in the early stages of development, will be set in Chi-town, TVLine has learned — and it seems all is not peaceful there.

The project will explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures in the Windy City.

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As TVLine previously reported, the planted pilot will air as an episode of the long-running CW series in the spring and will feature several new characters.

Supernatural‘s Season 9 premiere airs Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c.

Supes fans, what do you think of the spin-off’s location and premise? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Ari says:

    I feel like a lot of the success of Supernatural is thanks to the relationship between Dean & Sam (& Cas sometimes). Would a spinoff work as well? Meh, probably not. Would I still watch it? You bet!

    • Nicole says:

      I don’t know if I’d watch or not, i watch Supernatural for Sam and Dean, the idea actually scares me because a show I loved, Stargate Atlantis had a spin off created in their 5th season and then they killed my show and the spin off was HORRIBLE!! But agree with the above comment, it wouldn’t be as great as Supernatural cause it’s the guys that are acting that I toon in for. :)

      • Considering that SGA was itself a spinoff of SG1, and the two ran concurrently for three seasons, I really don’t think you can blame SGU for SGA’s death. If anything’s to blame it’s MGM’s bankruptcy.

        • LSJ says:

          No, but I can blame SGA for SG1’s death.

          • KHK says:

            SGU was a big factor in SGA’s cancellation, and SGU’s failure helped the decision to not make an SGA movie, because the fans clearly weren’t interested. They didn’t take into account that we weren’t interested because SGU sucked.

          • Nicole says:

            totally agree :) Thats why I’m sooooo scared. :(

          • BabyFirefly says:

            Personally I blame the ORI….

          • WinJennster says:

            Um. Syfy was willing to let SG1 go another season. Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping didn’t want to renew their contracts and TPTB felt that after losing RDA, losing both of them would have killed the show. They felt that they had ten successful years and it was time. SGA did not kill SG1.
            I welcome an SPN spinoff. Honestly people, try something new once in a while.

          • Ghostey says:

            To WinJennster. Source that for me please. I read Gateworld religiously and they put everything Stargate related up and that never happened. Syfy cancelled SG1, not for SGA, but because it was 10 great years. I agree with everyone that if they wanted to continue they should have, but it was done in the eyes of the execs. This is why they did the movies. Season 4 of SGA had Amanda Tapping in it because her Season 10 SG1 signing was for two seasons. No SG1 she got bumped over to SGA.

            Stargate Atlantis was in fact cancelled for SGU. Studio Execs say, its either SGU or SGA, and the creators decided SGU. Joseph Mallozzi posted about it in his blog way back when how dissapointed he was in the decision making of that.

            SGU did poorly for many reasons, first season was too slow paced, it felt like Walking Dead season 2. However Season 2 of SGU was amazing, but it was already to late. The other issue was cancelling of SGA was very well known as Stargate had a very hardcore fan base and many were pissed about the decision making of cancelling SGA before its time. Especially on such a unique note of what they did with Atlantis. So many fans abandoned SGU and didn’t even give it a chance.

            To whomever mentioned the MGM bankruptcy, that did not cause the end of SG1, SGA or SGU. It did however cause the death of direct to DVD movies for the Stargate franchise and thus ended the Stargate universe as we know it. Whomever picked up the franchise rights made an announcement saying that Stargate was done, which is weird because it was somewhere in their top five highest grossing franchises. I think the Bond films or something was the only one above them. I don’t 100% remember.

            In some of these cases, my mention of Syfy can be replaced with MGM as I do not remember which one had a hand in one, and vice versa.

        • Nicole says:

          Universe did not run congruently with Atlanis, it came on the year that they cancelled Atlantis I used to chat with one of the writers and he was upset like many that were on the show because they were loosing a show that they all loved. Atlantis ran 04-09 and Universe ran 09-11. Stargate and Atlantis did run side by side and were equally given the love, but they got Uni and Atlantis that still had so much live was pushed aside for space sex and OMG moments. BUT my point of this whole example wasn’t to argue SG but to say that I am VERY worried that the same thing will happen to OUR show. Supernatural, whether we are Sam fans, Dean fans, Cas Fans, Bobby fans, or John fans ( which there aren’t many :)) we all have one thing in common and that is that we love the show and want it to be given the time it deserves and the attention it has earned. They tried to take it down a few times, but we, the fans, wouldn’t let that be done. They moved it from one day to another day to another day to Friday. They put it up against other more popularly rated shows on major networks and we wouldn’t let it die. We got it as the first TV guide fan favorite cover, we got them to give us H-Hall at Comic-con and I just hope that the powers that bee don’t forget the love that is deserved for that little show!! :)

      • Allen92909 says:

        But Atlantis was a spin off itself, so I agree with writing my own way. Not sure you can blame it’s spin off for it’s demise, but more the company that made the shows and produced them.

        • Nicole says:

          Allen92909 – Yes your right Atlantis was a spin off and I gave it a shot while still watching Stargate, but the difference with which I was trying to point out was that SGU was given all the love, attention, and time and Atlantis that had just received a people’s choice award was left on the sidelines and not given the attention it needed to keep being the success it was, as chosen by the fans with the peoples choice and I’m very scared that a spin-off for Supernatural would go down that avenue. I don’t want the producers to forget about the show that got them to the place they are just because they have a shiny new toy to play with. At least with Stargate and Atlantis they gave each show attention, then they let the first show go, which it was it’s time, but Atlantis had more life, it just stopped getting the love it needed to thrive and all the attention was put into a show that just didn’t have the chops to be given all that attention. I WANT supernatural to succeed and it would be wrong and a shame for something new to be given all the attention. If they want to spin off fine but don’t forget your older child just because you have a new baby! :) I’m team Sam and Dean all the way and I’d love it if Bobby was thrown back in the mix, he’s not the staple Jared and Jensen are but he is somebody I miss pushing the two of them and guiding them.

    • rowan77 says:

      If I like the backdoor pilot, I will watch the new series, plain and simple. I watch Supernatural mostly because I fell for the great chemistry and interaction between Sam, Dean, Bobby and Cas. That’s what carried me through season 6 & 7. I enjoyed season 8 much more than the previous two, even with the growing pains it went through. And now that we’re going to get to see Bobby again this season (hopefully in a better written story than the seriously rushed clunker he was in last season), I’m hoping for a multi-episode arc. Maybe we can see Benny again too, sometime. I grew to really like him. His death was very well played (by both Ty Olssen and Jensen Ackles) and we never did actually see him get killed in Purgatory – so the door is open.

    • Alan says:

      at least wait till you see it before judging it. if you go in with this attitude then you wont like it because of preconceptions.

    • dude says:

      The CW just likes to spin-off any show they find successful (remember the proposed Gossip Girl spin-off?). Lets just hope the pilot is awful and dies there.

      • Team Free Will says:

        ‘Let’s just hope the pilot is awful and dies there.’ Nope, not me. Supernatural is my favorite show I watch most episodes over and over again because of the story not because of J2. I love the guys but it’s the mythology and folklore that grabs me. If the same ideas and themes are in the spinoff I will watch it.

        • magickster says:

          Why not set it in the Afterlife or Limbo or something and have Jo and her Mum there as main characters. Other characters who have died could be there too. Especially, as they probably wouldn’t have gotten into Heaven with the bad things they’ve done. This new series has to have familiar people to link it to the original.

    • Amanda says:

      I read that sam and dean would still be in the show but not the main charaters like show would have family of monster and family of hunters and so forth

    • denise says:

      I say give Garth the spin-off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is really gonna live or die on cast.. we don’t even know who they are yet? Unsure… I personally would after the last season of SPN have a Castiel spin off.

    • avril_lee says:

      Agreed! A spin-off should feature someone we love from the original, like Cas or Charlie, not someone brand new that we’re not invested in.

      • Patricia says:

        I wish the spinnoff would be of Cas so he would leave SPN for good. The lenghths the writers go to keep that annoying character around is ridiculous. He makes the show so much worse.

        • Brooke says:

          They don’t go to any lengths to keep Castiel around. The writers of Supernatural have often tried to find away to get rid of him but it’s always caused a lot of trouble with fans.

        • Lilly says:

          Funny, I feel the same way about the uber annoying Sheriff Mills. It’s a completely useless character whom the writers give unbelievable abilities (like, really, someone else gets stabbed and dies, but Mills survives AND takes out a Goddess? Really?! Sorry writers, not realistic). The actress who plays her is sub-par (and rather obnoxious in real life) as well. At least Castiel can be entertaining. And Misha Collins does some good out there in the world. Now if they wanted to bring back Ellen (or Jo, Bela, Ruby, Sarah, Charlie, etc.) THAT would be good for the spin off.

  3. Jason Long says:

    I will give it a shot but if they are aiming for the chemistry they have with Supernatural, that is too big of shoes to fill. I hope they are calling it a spin off but are actually planning something altogether different.

  4. Elyse says:

    I will definitely give the spinoff a chance.

  5. How long will Supernatural is going to end and what are the chances?

  6. Linda says:

    I mainly watch Supernatural for the Sam & Dean relationship (Jared & Jensen’s chemistry) so I will be a bit weary watching a spin-off especially with new characters. (I hope Sam & Dean won’t be pushed aside in that episode with ‘several new characters’.

    • Nicole says:

      I TOTALLY agree it happened with another show that I loved and the writers and producers and everybody put all their energy into the new show and my beloved show was cancelled. This scares me a great deal. :(

  7. Tiffany says:

    Huh. Honestly, Supernatural works and is as beloved as it is because of the relationship between Sam and Dean. The relationship between Sam and Dean is such a joy to watch because of the relationship between Jared and Jensen. I want this to work, if only to not tarnish Supernatural in anyway, but I just can’t imagine all the pieces lining up so perfectly again. The casting of Jared and Jensen together was lightning in a bottle, and I will be shocked if they can make that happen again with another pair of actors.

  8. Jen says:

    It sounds like it’s the same show as Supernatural but with different characters… what’s the point? If you had Bobby alive and spun him off with occasional drop in with the Winchester boys. But to have pretty much the exact show… it’s not really worth it. I watch for Sam and Dean and the connection they have.

    • rowan77 says:

      NCIS:LA, Mayberry RFD, CSI:Everything, Law & Order: Everything, All spin-offs with great success working a basic formula. Relax and give the show a fair shake. If it’s no good, then don’t watch, but you’re making guesses based on a small fragment of information. Just wait.

      • starcrossedsoldiers says:

        Exactly! Shows can have effective spin offs around the same plot. I would like to see them working off another hunter. Or maybe they bring in the kids from season 8 cause they would make a great spin off. Or perhaps Garth?

        • Tatyana says:

          I definitely agree, bring the kids back in form season 8. I’d definitely watch that. They have a lot of potential to make another show great!!!!

  9. Kaz says:

    Not looking forward to this. I watch for Sam and Dean and without them my interest is just not there. Plus the whole thing sounds dead boring and uninteresting to me so far. I might check out an episode and will watch if Jared and Jensen make appearances but knowing me the way I do, I don’t think this will thrill me at all. I’d rather a spin off of John and Mary and then John alone raising the boys in the life pre-Supernatural.

  10. SonOfCoul says:

    Supernatural: Chicago coming in 2014
    ….and in 2016 comes….Supernatural: Miami!!

    • Oh Heavens that would be a nightmare on my street! I agree with what everyone has said in that Supernatural is what it is because of the brothers.I will watch the beginning of the spin-off, but don’t really have a lot of hope that it will fly. I never liked CSI Miami and only watched CSI NY for a short time. Supernatural is ,in my opinion,a one of a kind endeavor and can not be re-invented.

  11. Dochas says:

    I think it will be fine. I would love for them to entice a few old favorite guest stars to actually star in the premise. Nicki Aycox, Tricia Helfer, Traci Dinwiddie, Lindsey McKeon, Fredric Lehne, Charles Malik Whitfield, Hal Ozsan, Chad Everett, The list goes on. They can make this work and work well. The show won’t be Supernatural of course, but it will be a supernatural show NOT embracing the vampire craze.

    • LisaMBri says:

      Didn’t Chad Everett die in the past year or two? Plus he played rapidly aged Dean, so unless we’re time traveling I doubt he’d be back either way ; -)

    • Elle says:

      They would have to bring all of these characters back to life. Even for Supernatural, that’s a bit too much.

  12. Doug says:

    Spoiler alert – in case you arent caught up, don’t read!!

    my one concern about the spinoff is with the tablets and such it seems like they are headed in the direction of sending all demons back to hell – I assume Supernatural is nearing the end of its run, so if this Spinoff, which would begin when Supernatural is in its 10th season, ran for, lets say, 6 years hypothetically, doesn’t that rule out the ending of all demons being sent back to hell? They wouldnt be able to have a spinoff with no demons and i doubt supernatural will go for 15 seasons. Obviously this is speculation and a lot of what ifs and there are lot of ending options for the show, but that was just the first thought to pop in my mind

    • cali5 says:

      Actually, it doesn’t. Even with all demons gone, there are many monsters that would still be on the earthly plane. Supernatural started out with a “monster-of-the-week” formula that the Chicago show could start out with. Also, the Winchesters tended to deal with monsters in remote areas (small towns, etc.) so dealing with the monster culture in a big city would work. As long as they do a better job than Syfy did on the Jim Butcher novels about Harry Dresden.

      • mckee says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one disappointed by Syfy’s Dresden Files! My problem is with having it set in one place. I mean really, how long can you go without people catching on that something’s weird? Even the other police officers who aren’t ‘in the know’ on Grimm have started catching on that something’s not normal about crime in Portland. And I’m so tired of everything falling back on police officers and police procedures.

    • Emily Brown says:

      According to Carver and Jared, with the new story arc they’re setting up this year, it could run long past S10 (which has always been my guess as to when the series would end, not because of a lack of story lines but because J2 are both fathers, Danneel and JJ live in LA while Jensen’s in Vancouver, Thomas will be nearly school-age, baby Padalecki will be like 2 years old…plus the fact that J2’s contracts are up at the end of S10.)

      • Alex says:

        With them popping out babies left in right they will need SPN more then ever. 3 Million a year I will take it:)

    • Alan says:

      considering supernatural has gone to the trouble of setting up ghosts, vampires, werewolves, wendigos, faries and a few other things they dont really have a problem with that. throw in some episodes every now and then were the bad guys are just really screwed up humans like supernatural does and some episodes like the wishing well one and you have more than enough to go on. plus it would be really great if they got away from the angels and demons stuff so they can differentiate themselves from the original a bit.

  13. Sheila says:

    Look, they did a great job casting Jared & Jensen, maybe lightning will strike twice. Think happy little thoughts, guys…

  14. Rose says:

    It sounds like Supernatural is coming to an end. I would like to see a spinoff with Benny the vampire and the taxi driver who took Sam to purgatory working together to free good souls that are in purgatory. I will not be interested in watching a spinoff if Benny doesn’t get his own show

  15. Kady says:

    Like some of the others have said, I watch SPN for the chemistry between Jared and Jensen as Sam and Dean. That’s what makes this show work. I’ll give the pilot a try, but only if Sam and Dean are in it a good part of the time (I don’t want another version of Bitten, thank you.) I don’t want SPN to end just to have the spin-off focused on. That’d make me have to boycott CW.

  16. Kay says:

    Nowadays I only watch Supernatural for Castiel, and for any Dean-Castiel interactions. So the spin-off is not of much interest to me.

  17. Jessica says:

    I feel kinda shaky on the whole spinoff thing. I, like everybody else, am happy with the Sam and Dean characters. I would give it a shot…just wouldn’t bank on loving it. Better chances of survival for it would be to spinoff on an already known and loved (or hated) character, but I hear the spinoff character gets introduced at the end of the season. I would suggest…Bobby, Cas, Garth…etc for main characters for the new show.

    I hope they don’t jump the shark with introducing so many new characters this coming season. 8 seasons with Dean and Sam (later with Bobby and Cas too) didn’t succeed for no reason.

  18. Kreskin says:

    Chicago . . . supernatural . . . Dresden?? It would be so cool if the spin-off was a new Dresden series.

    • JD says:

      Exactly what I’m hoping. The Syfy series from 2001 was OK, but it didn’t do the books enough justice. I would love to see a backdoor pilot where Harry teams up with the Winchesters to fight monsters!

    • Alan says:

      damn that would be great but a lot of the lore on the show doesnt match up with the lore of the dresden world so i wouldnt want another in-name-only adaptation like the last one.

  19. Elmeco says:

    By the sounds of this it seems like they are going to end the show soon like they are intending which I’m glad (don’t get me wrong I adore this show and am going to hate when it ends but it’s better than bleeding it dry). Hopefully the spin-off will fill the void, so long as it doesn’t ruin the mythology or try to have replacements/rip-offs of our favorite characters ~

  20. Joey says:

    “The project will explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures in the Windy City.”

    Sounds like Angel if it took place in Chicago instead of Los Angeles.

    • Brooke says:

      I was thinking the same thing! I’ve also been thinking that The Originals seems like it is going to be the Angel of The Vampire Diaries. Which makes me conclude the CW just needs to bring Angel back. (I say that half in jest, but I’ve never gotten over losing it prematurely.)

  21. Elle says:

    If Supernatural was going to do a spin-off, they should have done it with Bobby, Jodi and Rufus or Castiel, Kevin and Garth or even the ghostfacers but starting with a bunch of all new (except for this one special episode) cast that probably won’t have the same chemistry as the ones from Supernatural do isn’t the best idea, in my opinion.

  22. Jensenfan1 says:

    I honestly don’t want it. Think about it? Every time a show has a spin off, the show is let behind so everyone can make the spin off work. Supernatural is not monsters or horror. It’s the love and chemistry of family..of Dean, Sam, Bobby, Cas..and those who have died and I miss so much. It’s the drama, the comedy, and then the horror. Jensen and Jared know how to do it right. They make it work. You can’t just write it, direct it, and think any actor can do what they have done. No. I don’t think so.

  23. Josh says:

    No spin-off! When Supernatural ends, it’s world should end with it. No, I don’t mean the apocalypse but I mean I don’t want to see their world without the brothers. They are what makes that world work. And yes this does spoil the whole return the demons to hell thing.

    Honestly after continuing it past the planned 5 seasons, I just wish they’d respect the world. This season was great. Let the Supernatural world to before tarnishing the history. When the brothers go, the book is closed for me.

    • Emily Brown says:

      Same here. Actually..when one or both J2s go, that’s it for me. No one else can play Sam or Dean except Jared and Jensen, and I don’t want something like Adam and Sam hunting while Dean goes off to an apple pie life. No way. It’s J2 together in Supernatural or no Supernatural.

  24. la stone says:

    I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they end up doing with this spin off. It has a lot of potential to expand the world of Supernatural in ways that they aren’t able to do right now. Will it be a “hit or miss”? Sure. As is any new show.

  25. It will be set in a Chicago-based school that sits over a a portal to hell, otherwise known as a Hellmouth.

  26. Joy Moore says:

    I would like to think SPN would succeed and I do think it depends on who is cast. I don’t like Crowley (I like Mark Sheppard, just not Crowley) & the same with Cas ( I don’t like Misha Collins at all). I really like Jared & Jensen. Will they be there?? Chicago is fine with me. I really like that and Vampire Diaries are doing fine with the Originals, I wish you would too, come on Eric? Would Jensen direct any of the shows? if not all?

  27. wwll says:

    Charlie Bradbury, now that’s a good spinoff.

  28. Madeline says:

    I feel like Jared & Jensen as Sam & Dean have been propping SPN up since Season 5. Without them, I really don’t think SPN would still be on the air. It is Jared & Jensen’s chemistry as actors & SPN’s exploration of Sam and Dean’s brotherly relationship that makes SPN so successful & mean so much to fans.

    I think this SPN spinoff will REALLY need insanely good casting to work. Simply creating another world of monsters and hunters will not make it successful.

    As a die-hard SPN fan, I will probably skip it.

  29. Kelly says:

    I think a spin off is a horrible idea. If they’re gonna end Supernatural anytime soon let it die with dignity. And not mocked by some half assed show that takes place in A Sam and Dean world without them headlining.

  30. Barbara says:

    it should be about the time between YED killing Mary (1983) and The show starting(2005).

    • sg says:

      I agree, I have thought for a while this would be nice for after the show ended. Show younger versions of characters we already know and love hunting and searching for YED. show John and Bobby’s relationship as well as Bobby and Rufus. Also Father Jim, the roadhouse, etc. Let us see how some of these relationships began and ended, since we all know John had a falling out with so many people. seeing the Great John Winchester as a newbie hunter, would be kind of fun.

  31. Lizzy says:

    I think a spin off is an awful idea, especially with characters we don’t even know or care about. Surely we get enough of that in the many filler eps throughout the season. I’d watch if Jared, Jensen or Misha guest starred but I really hope this doesn’t happen.

    • Alan says:

      yeah because a spin off with new characters totally hasnt worked before, except for csi miami, csi new york, ncis, ncis la, the andy griffith show, xena, star trek voyager, the various different law and order spin offs. i think its a bit naive to be writing something off this long before seeing even a second a footage.

      • Victoria says:

        However, the dynamics of the shows you’ve listed are completely different to the dynamics of SPN. If SPN was just a monster of the week show with SOME character development it a spin off wouldn’t be something to worry about. The shows you’re talking about have a different crime each week, or are set in a different time. Meanwhile SPN is primarily focused on the ROLES the Winchesters and their companions have. It is a development of family bonds and what family means, what family will do for one another and how that family grows. To me SPN has been about watching the growth of two boys who were left to figure things out on their own, have literally been dragged to hell and back again and how they deal, cope, and have evolved from where they started. The monsters only aid in that.
        I don’t like the idea of the spin off. I’ll watch the back-door pilot, but tbh, I’d rather they didn’t do it at all. A spin from a show like this, needs long surviving cast members for it to work. Shows like Friends and Cheers were character based shows, which is what I would describe SPN as, regardless of the weekly themes. I think the Frasier spin off did it VERY well. The Joey spin off not so much. But if you’d have Joey and Chandler that probably would have worked better imo because they worked so well together they were like brothers.
        Personally I think these spin offs only work well when it’s a show that isn’t character focused. And SPN IS a character focused show.

  32. CasGirl says:

    I think I agree with many comments here. I might tune in for this spin-off, depending on the characters/actors involved in it. I’m just reserving judgment about it for now until we get more information on it. But the reason I watch Supernatural is Team Free Will, Dean and Cas, and Cas, so as long as that doesn’t change on the main show, then I’ll be happy to at least check out their spin-off from it.

  33. dinabot says:

    Nope. Supernatural is unique because of the two brothers’ chemistry and drama. Like the previous comments said, a demon hunter in Chicago might as well be Angel or Dresden. It’s been done before and done well. I also find that spin offs get too much attention from the original show runners, and the stem show suffers as a result of the desperate need to make the spinoff a success. Focus on making Supernatural as good as it can be. Don’t spread Sam and Dean too thin, and don’t sacrifice them for the sake of birthing another series.

    • JD says:

      The original show runner, Eric Kripke, left a long time ago so I don’t think there’s any danger of split focus.

  34. Kristy says:

    I wish they would put Cas on the spin-off. Maybe that would make all the Cas fans happy for once- he’d be in every episode. LOL I’ll watch the spin-off, just as I’ll watch every episode of SPN until it goes off the air in season 417. ;)

    • Emily Brown says:

      I wish they would, too. I mean no disrespect to the legions of Castiel fans but I cannot stand that character at all. I didn’t mind him so much until S6. As S6 went on, I became more and more convinced that Cas raised Sam from Hell soulless on purpose so that Dean wouldn’t find out that he was in cahoots with Crowley (if he brought Sam back different, Dean’d spend his free time trying to figure out what was wrong with Sam, not looking into what Cas was doing). Then when Cas broke the wall in Sam’s head I was furious. I was elated when Cas died in S7. But to see Dean keep that darned rain coat while we haven’t seen the Amulet since 5.16 was just awful. Every time Cas says “jump” Dean’s immediate response is “how high?” Dean forgives Cas anything and everything and blames and holds grudges against Sam for anything and everything. Even in 8.23 when we know Sam’s nowhere near 100%, Dean leaves because Cas says he needs him. I was livid. It’s no wonder Sam sees Dean putting not only Cas but Benny before him. I’d love Cas to be off Supernatural. Seriously love it.

      The show is about two brothers. Period. Not Dean and Cas. Not Destiel. Sam and Dean. If Cas is in an episode, Dean forgets all about his little brother and does whatever and goes wherever Cas says to.

      I adore Misha Collins. I think he’s a great actor and a great humanitarian. It’s the character he plays that I can’t stand. Why they kept Cas around, Cas who breaks Sam and Dean apart as often as he can, while killing off Bobby who did his best to fix Sam and Dean (ie 4.22) when they’re fighting…I’ll never understand. They need Bobby. They need their surrogate father to call them “idjits” and to remind them that “family isn’t supposed to make you feel good!” Cas is useless and worthless and has overstayed his welcome. His one redeeming act he did was 7.17 when he took Luci from Sam. Aside from that, since S6 he’s been pointless as a character in the show. Writers are afraid to get rid of him altogether, though. He’s become too much of a fan favorite and the writers know that and are afraid of disenfranchising too many. We get just enough viewers each week to keep us on the air. If we lose any, we’re gone. So…Cas stays and Bobby dies.

      Again, I mean no disrespect to the millions of Cas fans…I just simply can’t stand him anymore and wish he weren’t on the show at all. Now he’s a series regular (not star–only two stars on Supernatural: J2). That means even more of Cas. That jeopardizes the great place Sam and Dean were in at the end of S8 because Cas always breaks them apart. He doesn’t want them to have a relationship. He wants for it to be him and Dean to have a “profound bond.” Not Dean and Sam and that’s NOT what Supernatural is about and that’s NOT what I tune in for every single week. It’s Sam and Dean and the chemistry between J2 and the relationship between the BROTHERS I tune in for.

      • mose says:

        Cas is responsible for bringing Sam and Dean *back together* so blaming him for everything wrong with your treasured brother bond is a bit much. Sam and Dean are responsible for Sam and Dean’s relationship, it’s ups and downs are on *their* shoulders, its flaws are their making.

        tldr: I don’t see Cas twirling his mustache in every episode thinking ‘How can I break up Sam and Dean today! Then Dean will be all mine!’ but thanks for the image.

      • Dee says:

        Agree with everything you said, Emily. Except one point: I would be VERY surprised if Cas did have “millions” of fans. They are a small bunch but are the loudest and biggest bullies of the fandom.

        Oh, also, I don’t actually think he is a very talented actor. :P

        • I was about finished with Supernatural until the guy in a trench coat – not a friggin ‘rain coat’, it’s a trench coat, idjits – until the guy in the trench coat showed up. He was the entrance to the world where Sam and Dean now reside. A world of heaven and hell but not your Father’s heaven and hell. If Cas hadn’t shown up, this show would have been dust 3 years ago.

  35. Katiki says:

    I’d love to see Sheriff Jody as a regular on the spin off. Hey, if Bobby and Jody were regulars on the new one, I would so watch that!

    • Lilly says:

      Jody Mills (and the actress who plays her) is the world’s suckiest choice (and lamest character) for both Supernatural and any inane spin off we’re about to be subjected too. No thank you. The ONLY reason she’s still alive is because she’s too old and not pretty enough for the crazier fan girls to get jealous of. I would never watch the spin off if she was in it, I refuse to watch Supernatural when she’s forced into it.

  36. Telle says:

    I’ll give it a shot for sure. But the characters we love are what make the show and the fans so passionate (the fantastic story lines too) but I think for it to be meaningful to the show it needs to involve characters we already love. Like some of our beloved minor and past characters. That’s what I’d love to see.

  37. I think s spin puff would be okay as long as it included some of the cast supernatural other wise won’t work.

  38. JohnHasADHD says:

    Felicia Day Tim Minear Jane Espenson or don’t waste my time.

  39. Nagu says:

    It is really surprising for me to see how many people watch the show because of the brothers! I hate the sick co dependency, how they cannot be their own person. I only watch the show thanks to Castiel. He is the most interesting, in my view.

    • I really and sincerely hope that you’re being sarcastic. Because the show ran for years before Cas showed up, solely on the basis of the brothers, and it’s love of the brothers that mobilized the fan base year after year to do charity drives (and I’m not talking Gishwishes, I’m talking Fandom Rocks) and postcard drives to the CW to keep the show going. The entire backbone of Supernatural is the relationship between Sam and Dean, and to lose that is destroying the show entirely.

  40. Chrstine says:

    I have fallen in love with this show because of the brothers relationship. I don’t know if I would have ever watched if it didn’t have that family angst that Jared and Jensen do so beautifully. I will check out the new show but I suspect it would need a family link to keep me watching.

  41. A fan says:

    Darn, I was hoping this would be about Garth. I don’t know though, shouldn’t this be in like Boston or something? Chicago already has one guy battling the supernatural, do they really need another? Seriously, the entire time I watch this new series I will be thinking “Why hasn’t Dresden killed this baddie yet?” or “he should call up Dresden, this would be a lot easier.” But anyway, I don’t think it will be as good, but I’ll watch it.

  42. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I would’ve liked a spinoff featuring Garth mentoring the next generation Hunters… sort of a Buffy without the powers of a Chosen One or powerful witch etc.

  43. Ella says:

    Supernatural has had an amazing run thanks to the chemistry between its original 2 and now 3 main characters. I don’t want a spin-off to taint it because a spin-off will tank. And I certainly don’t want a spin-off to mean Supernatural will be drawing to a close.

  44. jen says:

    I’d watch a spin-off with Charlie in it. That would be badass. I’d watch a spinoff with Cas or maybe another one of the angels in it (somebody said Gabe wasn’t dead, that might be cool). I would give a Kevin spin-off a shot too. Supernatural can be pretty good at whipping up side characters I really like. Its actually really a bummer that Bobby and Rufus are both dead- that episode in season six ‘weekend at Bobby’s’ is probably my favorite episode of the whole series, I’d watch the crap out of a Bobby and Rufus show. I do hope they don’t pull somebody lame out of their hats in one episode and then be like ‘everybody love this person go watch their show lol’. I wouldn’t want to get that ‘try too hard’ vibe, that would be lame. But, I’m optimistic.

  45. Zack says:

    No Winchesters no show. Supernatural should have ended after seaon 5.

  46. MB says:

    Reads like The Vampire Diary spin off only with a different universe. To make things worse it’s going to involve monsters? Those things that are trapped in Purgatory. Well if you want to blow the canon out of the water and make a bigger mockery of the past two seasons? Mission accomplished. The only thing that MIGHT save this is if it’s centred round Benny in which case we definitely have a TVD/Angel rip off on our hands.

    • Alan says:

      what? after 8 years there is a lot of lore established for various different monsters in the universe so how does it “blow the canon out of the water” if they are using something already established?

      • MB says:

        ‘Cause monsters were pretty thoroughly investigated and explored over S7-early S8 and it was pretty well established how they worked and where they went. They then removed the Mother of All in late S6. So really battling monsters when the dead ones are locked away and the one figure head they’d unite behind (Eve) is gone just turns it all around. Again. Why would they all be gathering/gathered in Chicago? It’s boggles the mind on many, many levels.

        • Jay says:

          Monsters gather in Chicago because the murder rate is very high and they can feed without drawing suspicion. If you ever read a newspaper you would know that!

  47. sel says:

    The reason SPN relies so heavily on the excellent acting of Jensen and Jared (and now Misha) and the chemistry between the three is because of the non-static nature of the show. Because the characters are always on the move (even with the introduction of the bunker and when they had Bobby’s place as a base, far often than not they are away from ‘home’) there is little in the way of recurring characters for them to play off or supporting characters to help carry the story on the regular basis. This means that, excluding a few episodes, all of the character development, relationship drama, plot building etc. surrounds only a couple of people and it would not work unless they were really, exceptionally good at making the audience love and empathise with them.

    But the spin off WILL be static, so not only will they not have to instantly develop characters who can carry a whole show on their own, they also don’t have to get the chemistry perfectly correct between only two or three characters. A show set in one location means that they can build up a cast of supporting and recurring characters who can capture the attention of various members of the audience. It means that if the chemistry between one set of characters falls flat they can work on another. If one character works they can increase their time and if another character is universally despised they can filter them out. If one storyline doesn’t work they can fade it out and pick up another. It means that they can have stories that can have various levels of character drama other than ‘lies, betrayal, protection, devotion, forgiveness, lies repeat ad infinitum.’ which has pretty much been the staple of SPN because there is little other ground you can tread with the characters they have.

    Don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with SPN because of the characters, too. I love Dean and Sam and I fell in love with Cas the moment he appeared. I love the relationships between the three and I can’t wait for S9 to see them develop together even more. And I love the few recurring characters they’ve managed to introduce on the show (Bobby and Charlie in particular).

    But the spin off isn’t going to work on the same pattern. It isn’t going to need to follow the same recipe. We can’t treat it like SPN V.2.0 because it’s not going to be made like that. It’s going to utilise the same universe and that is all we know thus far.

    I’m not saying don’t be wary (because spin offs can be hit or miss and you will have to enjoy the new show on it’s own merit) but it’s also impossible to prejudge the show based on criteria we have for SPN.

    (The only hope I have, until we see the pilot, is that it isn’t going to be focusing too much on a Vampire nest in Chicago or something. We already have enough vampire dramas on TV, thanks.)

    • Alan says:

      nice analysis, its right to point out that this will feel very different to supernatural because of how they are setting it.

  48. Jaz Schoone says:

    I have a real gut feeling that they will try and get Felicia Day to head the spin-off. Although I’m of the belief that SPN doesn’t need a spin off, she would be a good character to explore. It would gain more viewer interest, (The show with Felicia could even be paired with the Wonder Woman show next fall!)

  49. Im not sure about this spin of will a bunch of strangers keep me interested enough? A Castiel spin of i would definatly watch he is my fav char in supernatural .

  50. xwiseguyx says:

    If they actually film here in Chicago, I’m in! Otherwise, …. I don’t want to watch and see mountains behind O Hare Airport..