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NCIS Boss Opens Up About Cote de Pablo's Surprising Decision ('I Really Wasn't Planning for This'), Hints at 'Romantic' Exit Storyline

NCIS Season 11 Ziva LeavesAs caught off-guard as he was by Cote de Pablo‘s decision to walk away from NCIS after eight seasons as Ziva David, showrunner Gary Glasberg recognizes the seriousness of the situation and as such hopes he will do the character justice during her swan song.

On Monday night at CBS’ Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour party, Glasberg spoke with TVLine about the “very” surprising news, how he reacted to it and what “Tiva” fans can expect when Season 11 gets underway Sept. 24.

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TVLINE| How surprised were you by Cote’s decision?
I was very, very surprised. I think it was you that I told at some point, that I was “very confident” that this was going to work out. And I was very confident. This is not what I was planning on. As [CBS Corp. CEO Les] Moonves said earlier [Monday], everyone really wanted this to work. She’s a part of this family and a part of this team, and the efforts were being made by everyone.

TVLINE | Was it, like, a matter of Cote wanting to re-up for just one year versus multiple years…?
It wasn’t even the specifics. It was clear at the end of the day that this was her decision. And we have to respect it. Someone asked me if I was planning for this, but I really wasn’t, so basically the minute that this became real, I had to throw out a lot of what I was planning to do and start from scratch. But what came out of it is a really terrific [season-opening] two-parter that I think people are going to be really blown away by.

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TVLINE | You previously said that we would find out what Ziva and the others were up to during the four-month time jump. Will Ziva’s story now be different?
Basically, the Ziva story sort of intertwines with where we left Gibbs off at the end of the season, with the sniper rifle. That whole story arc unfolds through the first episode, and then Cote/Ziva plays very prominently in the second one. There’s a really significant Tony/Ziva payoff — everything I hope the Tiva fans have been waiting for.

TVLINE | Oh, but I can’t imagine it’s much better than heartbreak for those fans and for Tony.
It informs her in ways that I think the fans will enjoy. It gives us some insight into this decision that she’s going to make. It’s exciting. And it’s romantic.

TVLINE | Is Tony the first person she shares this “decision” with?
Oh yeah. Look, it’s a storyline that I took very, very seriously — I felt like I had to, for the fans. I recognize what this means to them, and I recognize what her absence is going to mean. Someone asked me what I plan beyond this, and I can’t replace her. I can’t even use the word “replacement” for Ziva and what she means to this team. The only thing I can try and do down the road is come up with another character who feels organic and fills a void of some kind.

TVLINE | Because at the end of the day, Gibbs’ team will be down a man.
Exactly. That desk, at the end of the day, is going to be empty.

TVLINE | So, what are we talking as far as the timeframe for filling that void? November sweeps? February…?
It’s going to be a little while, and I really don’t know who that character is yet. But that’s something we’re talking about right now.

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  1. I am still so bummed about Cote leaving, but I like what I’m hearing about their plans. I’d really love to see her and Tony end up together, and who knows, maybe she’ll be back for the series finale (whenever that is).

    • Tegan says:

      I agree– there’s every chance she could be back for the series finale, whenever in the future that may be. We as viewers seeing that Ziva actually ends up happy (and with Tony, at last) after all the heartbreak and tragedy in her life would be absolutely wonderful– I know that’s all I care about, personally. Seeing my favorite fictional character happy at last.
      Some fans seem to think all we care about is seeing Tony and Ziva make out on screen because they’re both good looking or something, but that’s not it all. Not even close. Honestly just the knowledge that they get their happy ending within canon would be all I could ever ask for. :)

      • Exactly! I could totally see them doing that whole relationship off-screen and I would have been happy, as long as they were happy.

      • Tav says:

        Uh, speak for yourself ;], if Tony and Ziva don’t at least kiss they will have jerked fans around for 8 years with no pay-off. I need to see something concrete and physical. A sudden love declaration (or what have you) before she leaves would be totally unsatisfying since it’s not like we can see how that would inform their relationship moving forward. She’ll be gone and any love talk would be an empty promise for things we’ll never get. And let’s be real, the chances of having Cote back sometime in the future are slim, CBS is run by some vindictive mofos.
        This is IT and they better make it count

        • TV Gord says:

          Uh, Mikaylah was speaking for him/herself. Also, what makes you think CBS has been anything other than gracious in accepting her decision? Finally, Ziva is not dying, so you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. This is a strange reaction.

          • Tav says:

            Uh, what is this response? My comment was a reply to Tegan (“We as viewers”), and I made no mention of Ziva dying. So… work on that reading comprehension.
            As for CBS, they’ve been the antithesis of “gracious” when it comes to handling contract negotiations with their actresses, and history can attest they are indeed some “vindictive mofos.”
            They attempted to axe AJ Cook and Paget Brewster from CM a couple years back (because actresses are interchangeable to CBS), except fans went ballistic so they had to scrap their plan (both ladies were written out but returned the following year). Then when Paget subsequently decided to walk away after that season CBS threatened to sue her (yes, SUE HER; google her post-CM interviews) because it turned out they still had her under contract for another year and decided to exercise that clause to make her stay (even though they were JUST previously trying to get rid of her), which effectively prevented her from pursuing another gig.
            Obviously CM and NCIS are on the same network and if CBS got nasty with Paget during negotiations/threatened to sue her, I don’t doubt they have pulled (and in the future would pull) some equally ugly shenanigans with Cote de Pablo.
            I mean, they threw “a lot of money” at her. A LOT OF MONEY(!!!!!). In case you didn’t get the message from Les and Gary, it was a lot, okay?? Just not salary parity though. Cote is onscreen just as much (if not more, actually) and works just as hard/logs as many hours as her male counterparts but doesn’t warrant equal pay. So if Cote deigns to be ~ungrateful enough to walk away from a LOt oF mOneYY!!1 what makes you think CBS would be “gracious” enough to let her ever return?
            Erica Messer (CM’s showrunner) purposely wrote off Paget’s character without killing her (twice) because she + the writers wanted Paget to be able to resurface–their sentiments). So Paget’s still on good terms with the cast/crew and even says she’d guest appear in the future (post-show interviews with TVGuide etc, and a great the Nerdist podcast in particular). But up to today a reappearance has yet to materialize (or even be broached) though fans still ask about it in tweets and writer chats.
            This suggests even if showrunner/EPs/cast/crew are are cool with an actress they can’t bring her back without going through the network. And THAT is why I want everything/anything that’s going to happen with “Tiva” to happen now as Cote exits, because there will probably be no future return. Ain’t CBS grand?

        • tiva makes me puke says:

          Because of course the ONLY thing that matters on this show is the wants and needs of tiva fans – blech

        • steve says:

          NO..please no Ziva and tony.
          he is the last person for her. tony is arrogant and a tony worshipper.
          he is the kind of person who will kiss and scream about it,
          Please let her leave in peace and only come back for Gibbs.

      • Katya says:

        No, honestly, it’s always been clear to the rest of us that Tiva is entirely about Ziva – her being happy, not Tony. Having Tiva happen if she’s leaving will, of course, leave Tony to pick up the pieces. Presumably, his heartbreak and tragedy means nothing to you.

        Also – seriously, most of Ziva’s heartbreaks and tragedies were of her own making. She had a privileged upbringing where her main complaint was not being given a pony. She made her own choices and seemed to thoroughly enjoy being a scheming, violent assasin given the number of times she boasted about being able to kill people with paperclips and credit cards. She is in no way a good role model for anyone.

        • y u mad tho says:

          u sound mad

          • John says:

            Why is katya mad? Because she isn’t a rabid Tiva shipper? She’s right. Bringing them together now only to have Ziva leave will only screw up tony more. It’s not like he’s never been burned before in that department.

          • Kate says:

            Who? Tav? Tiva shippers earned their name as the entitled ones for a reason. I want it and I want it NOW, you mofos! I deserve it. I invested 8 years of my life in this goddamn show. So cute. LOL

          • Katya says:

            Nah, I’m not mad! LOL! I’m actually really excited about a season of NCIS without the black hole of Ziva pulling all the plotlines and other characters into her orbit. It could all be SO much better without her. I just wish Gary sounded excited too – he’s been given a gift, a great opportunity to improve and really stamp his mark on his show. Also, I think he should be focusing on the actors who are staying and their fans. Ziva and Tiva are old news already! Let’s be hearing it for some great new Tony/Abby friendship scenes; some lovely, touching Abby/Ducky stuff; and some fabulous Tony/Gibbs bonding etc etc. There always were other relationships on this show but I think Gary forgot that of late with his relentless Tiva/Ziva obsession. I’m hoping Ms de Pablo’s departure will help him focus on the talented, loyal, ensemble cast who have stuck with the show and told us how much they love it and us.

            If Gary can’t get excited about the possibilities of a Ziva/Tiva-less NCIS then perhaps it’s time for him to hand over the reins. I nominate the excellent Steven Binder to take over – his scripts are often the best, and he seems to have a great handle on all the characters and relationships and not just one.

        • Tegan says:

          Okay, wow. Don’t know where you got your information here, but:

          I care about Tony’s happiness just as much as Ziva’s. The point was that them being together would = happiness on both parts. Face it, the show has written Tony’s character as in love with Ziva, as shown on multiple occasions. You can ignore/deny that all you want.

          Tony is my baby just as much as Ziva is my baby, and I would be just as absolutely devastated if it were Michael leaving instead of Cote. In fact, Tony DiNozzo is and always has been my favorite male television character of all time. Maybe your problem is that you shouldn’t “presume” things, because you very clearly have no idea what it is you’re talking about.

          I must say though, “she had a privileged upbringing where her main complaint was not being given a pony” did make me laugh. Yes, because being raised to become nothing more than a soldier for Israeli defense forces, having her father cheat on her mother and leave for long periods of time with no clue as to when he would return, being groomed to become an assassin, and having EVERY SINGLE member of her family die certainly equates to not getting a pony. LOL.

          • Katya says:

            I didn’t presume anything – you told us Ziva was your favorite character and you said you wanted her to be happy. Nothing about Tony’s happiness. Just Ziva. And it’s hard to see how Tony can be happy if he is thrown into a relationship with Ziva and then she leaves. That just leaves him moping around for several episodes which I don’t want to see. I’m sure he can be perfectly happy without her and it’d do him good to move on from this perpetual stop/start, not-going-anywhere ‘relationship’. I’d also dispute he could ever BE happy with Ziva. Nothing in their relationship thus far implies it’d be happy if it turned into romance.

            As for Ziva’s upbringing – she has mentioned dance lessons, piano recitals etc etc in addition to not getting the pony she wanted. She led a fairly privileged childhood, and wasn’t groomed to be an assassin. She joined Mossad of her own free will and seems to have rather enjoyed the power that killing people and being the daughter of Mossad’s leader gave her, as she’s boasted on many occasions.

          • tiva makes me puke says:

            For someone who claims ziva & Tony as favorites, your lack of knowledge as far as ziva’s canon backstory goes is amazing – or your cherry picker is working very well.

            As far as Tony goes, MW rarely portrays him as a guy in love with ziva. It’s very blatantly obvious to any who aren’t just sighing over the obvious love. The only person on that show who has ever played to a ship has been Cote

          • Dmac says:

            Ummm, you do know they aren’t real don’t you?

          • I am just shocked at the negativity and hate on here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything this bad, and I’ve read Supernatural article comments. Lol. I’m glad we were able to exchange positive comments at least, Tegan.

        • Seriously, putting them together, even *once* is a joke and a bad one. MAJOR mistake. I hope this is just one more tease to calm the nutjobs and they’ll end up doing right by the remaining characters and killing Ziva once and for all. It’s what she deserves after all the lies and betrayal.

        • SammiM says:

          Yeah, cause Tony was so happy before Ziva came in the picture. Tony pick up what pieces? He can’t even pick up his own pieces and get his act together (falling into bed with anything that has lady parts is not a happy life) you can only act like a frat boy for so many years until it gets ridiculous. You saying that Ziva’s tragedies and heartbreaks were of her own making is a blatant lie. Any human who went through what she did in Somalia would be messed up too not to mention the kind of father Eli was/wasn’t. None of that was her fault. She didn’t do that to herself, I don’t know what show you’ve been watching but it can’t be NCIS. I’m not saying Ziva is perfect, not at all but Tony has made more than his share of less than stellar decisions and is just as messed up as Ziva maybe more so because he can’t seem to grow a pair and finally become a man and not a little boy. In my opinion, Ziva is a great role model. She has shown that you can go through tragedy but don’t let it imprison you for the rest of your life. I love Ziva and I think Cote de Pablo is a classy and amazingly talented actress who breathed new life into a show that was on life support. When Ziva’s gone, so am I.

          • Katya says:

            Ahem – count the number of times Ziva has had canon sexual relationships on the show, including one night stands, and count the number of times TONY has. One thing the Tiva/Ziva fans have never understood is that what Tony SAYS is different to what Tony DOES. The man has a single bed in his apartment FFS! He’s intensely private and only lets the world know a version of himself – and not necessarily a true version. He certainly likes the ladies, but Ziva has had as many, if not more sexual encounters in canon that we know about! The frat boy thing is an act – he wanted to marry Wendy years ago but she jilted him and he was so hurt by that he’s pretended he doesn’t care about permanent relationships since. Clearly you don’t understand Tony AT ALL. He is messed up, for sure, just not in the way you think. But then you prefer it that he’s a womanizing fratboy so you can have Princess Ziva kick him around and bring him down a peg or two – that seems to be the basis for a lot of Tiva fans enjoyment of the pairing after all. It’s no fun at all for you to find he was bullied at school and repressed the memory because you’d rather he was the stereotypical jock who can be brought down by a ‘strong’ woman.

            Ziva has anger management issues, lashes out whenever she doesn’t get her own way, killed a handcuffed man in custody, knocked Tony to the ground when he had a broken arm, and recently enacted a revenge killing. Yeah, she’s a *great* role model. Snort.

        • JBJ says:

          “Also – seriously, most of Ziva’s heartbreaks and tragedies were of her own making. She had a privileged upbringing where her main complaint was not being given a pony.”

          Wow, you are so full of Ziva hate that you ignore facts. Ziva had a sister, Tali, who was killed by a suicide bomber. How did Ziva MAKE that happen? How did she make her father cheat on her mother in order to great the “ultimate” double agent, whom she eventually is forced to kill to protect others?

          • Katya says:

            I said ‘most’. And frankly, so what? Tony lost his mom when he was a kid and his dad abandoned him in a series of boarding schools. Gibbs lost his mom as a kid too. A lot of them have dealt with personal tragedies but somehow it’s only Princess Ziva’s that ever seem to matter or be important to the Tiva fans.

          • ClassicNCISfan says:

            Actually it’s usually the ziva fans that have ignored what’s presented in canon to twist her backstory so that she is truly their heroine victim.

            As far as Ari goes, we were never told at what point the affair happened. We also know that at some point Eli & his wife were not together. Given the idea that ziva is as young as she is, it is possible that Ari was born first, created of a love affair that simply could never be so Eli went out and married ziva’s mom.

            Tali is a different story but outside of her, we have no canon evidence that ziva didn’t lead a very privileged childhool – including the glimpses we got of young Ziva this past season.

        • holy crap u need perspective says:

          u be illin
          ziva be chillin
          ziva be fictional
          ur hate institutional

        • Kim says:

          Privileged upbringing???? She’s trained to be an assassin by her Mossad father, has to kill her half-brother to save Gibbs and her father dies in her arms? God spare me from such privilege.

        • bill says:

          Your a moron. She talks about being a well trained Moosad agent.

      • J. Boz says:

        This is a fine example, with all due respect. of how sad, messed up, and how bad the average life of a person is when they I.D. with a fictional character on the tube who seems realer than life to them. Live your own life and you might find it beats what TV writer can dream up to make you get emotional involved and feel badly over what happens., I watch NCIS and I was a real marine in the Korean War an knew guys who fought on the “Canal” and Iwo. Gibbs wouldn’t make a good pimple on a real marine’s rear end. Abby reminds me of somebody who won’t shut up and Tony doesn’t remind me of a good Baltimore cop. McGee comes close to being real, but doesn’t make it all the way to Geek Land. The reality of my own life as a Gyrene and and serving as a Missionary in a corrupt, violent, and poor third world country for 30 years has true tales that you can write a book about. In fact I am on my third one now. Sgt. JBB

        • capkarl says:

          You hate all the characters, why watch the show or comment here?
          And your comment about the character “Gibbs”, is totally off base IMHO. (From a former Marine)

        • Anthony Naughton says:

          As a Leatherneck, Devil Dog, Gyrene, one of Uncle Sam’s Mistreated Children, one of those Many Americans Running Into NeverEnding Sh*t, Jarhead, Gibbs is totally so like a Marine. I think the fact they have him a little more funny outside of the office in his dealings with ex-wife #3 and Josiah is what is making your perception of Gibbs not being a true Marine such a false statement. How could a man who has so many rules to live by (and teaches them to all he works with) maintain that kind of discipline outside of my beloved Suck? It takes a Marine to live by those rules as his own personal code of conduct.

        • Theuresa Maven says:

          J. Boz –

          Vice President Dan Quayle identified with Murphy Brown, who was also a fictional character, and said that she was a bad example because she had a child out of wedlock, who are we to criticize those among us who overidentify with fictional characters?

        • N Fleming says:

          I’m sure your books are quite interesting and true. However, life is stranger than fiction and that’s what NCIS is FICTION. So don’t go comparing it to our tyre lie experiences. I personally think the entire show is suffering because of Ziva’s lost. I believe this to be true because they concentrate too much on the new girl who I think acts silly. They should have brought her in SLOWLY and let the other characters carry the show for awhile. They are more than capable. No one likes a new replacement character shoved down our throats, we should have time to develope feelings one way or the other

      • fan of ncis says:

        you are right, no kissing or yuk between tony and ziva–that is not good–i do not want this stuff—keep theprogram above reproach at all times!!! Please!!! maybe ziva has to go away on an assignment for ncis and then come back!! I want her back— thank you—/zuva Come Back to us!!!

      • Susan Grueber says:

        Well, couples cannot be on the same team, maybe she finally decides Tony is adult after all, and she has had her fill of violence, they get married, start a family and she drops in on occasion.

        Then after NCIS is canceled, Tony retires, starts a detective agency and her and Ziva catch bad guys together. Happy Ending.

        Actually I stopped watching NCIS last season because I got tired of the endless teasing of the audience with these two. I will come back, if and only if they get those two together.

      • bonnie biddlecome says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself……. At the end of the day, we all know at some point there will come a time when each character’s story line will have gone everywhere it can…..when that happens I can only count on the continued integrity of the writers to make sure they are riding off into a sunset…..whatever that might represent to the character….. I could go on and on…..

      • Bob Morris says:

        I’d like you to consider Marin Irreland or Taylor Schilling as possible replacements for Cote.

      • Cendi says:

        i totally agree with you i could not said it better myself :D

    • Cheryl Jasman says:

      If she and Tony had a baby after her rough upbringing it would make sense she would want to spend as much time with it that she could. I will miss her character but it would be good to see her and Tony get together.

    • Marty Cuervo says:

      I’m glad she’s going with all this attentions she has been getting. She is ungrateful and isn’t it a shame one person can bring down the most popular show in the world. I liked Kate! Hope they bring in a beautiful agent for Tony and everyone says “Ziva who?”

      • curtis mcpeek says:

        I think ziva has been great add. kate was great but ziva surpassed her by learning the gibbs way and respect of the whole team. she’s classy tough & hot what more could u ask for. my opinion gibbs portrays one hell of a marine. entire cast seems to click like a family. have everyone recorded watch them daily. cote/ziva u will be missed

        • marnie says:

          I agree. I love Ziva the character and I do think Cote is a beautiful young woman.
          I am very saddened by Cote leaving the show and I do wish she would reconsider the move.
          Hopefully she will be with Tony before she leaves and she does cameo returns. I will miss her badly as I watch this show every week with my daughter.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m still bummed as well. However, this article is the first somewhat “good” news that I’ve heard in a while! So thanks for lifting my spirits, TVLine.com! :)

    • Isabel says:

      I agree I am shocked and really heartbroken that Cote is leaving NCIS. She is on that always left the show with suspense of when her and Tony God hoping they will get together they make a great couple for sure…. As well as Mcghee and Abby…. God why??? I hope she comes back she is really a true and genuine, sophisticated, talented, intelligent, young Latina. Please come back to NCIS.. Please!!!!!!!

    • Bugg says:

      I love her character and sad to see her leave but glad they are not going to kill her off. Maybe she will come back later. You get to liking a show and characters start leaving- not a good sign. I would like to see this show go a few more years but understand you can’t come up with so many stoires.

    • Tony says:

      I would like to see Tony and Ziva go to a beach together so we can see Ziva again in a Bikini like the time she and Tony were together in the episode that Jenn died. Ziva is gorgeous and will be missed. Her and Tony should have a sexual experience and if Ziva would go to Isreal again she could leave to door open to come back.

      Tony the Tiger

      • Pryncess says:

        I think they did in Paris. Remember they both lied to the witness they were escorting back to the US, about where either of them slept.

    • Holly says:

      Wow, how quickly fans have forgotten about Kate. Kate’s exit was not a happy ending. Sounds to me like the writer is going out of his way to make nice. At lease Ziva gets to go out in style instead of a bullet to the head.

      • Reuben says:

        But in many ways it was style. Short and unexpected and most importantly helped bring an end to Ari and bring Ziva into NCIS. Yes I did like Kate a lot but there was no possibility of her coming back.

    • zonker says:

      Please…please…please…anyone, anything but the obnoxious character tony…

  2. Tegan says:

    Good on you Gary, for trying to make the best out of a dark situation! :) This has seriously been the only thing to make me feel slightly better since the news came out.
    I’m intrigued as to what’s in store for Ziva’s exit, and how they play out the T/Z storyline.

  3. Mark says:

    Ugh. I hate the thought of pleasing the romance fans or tying Tony to her even after Cote decided to leave the show (probably taking most of the Tiva fans with her).
    I just hope it’s not anything too vomit inducing.

    • D says:

      Hahaha! I agree 100% with you.

    • Putting them together at *all* will be vomit inducing. Such a stupid idea.

      • tiva makes me puke says:

        This ^^

        If this is something Gary is seriously considering and not just him talking to talk, he’s going to end up losing a lot more than just the ziva fans & tiva shipper after episode 2

    • ArcticT says:

      Right there with you. This is so disappointing but we’ll see what really happens. He’s teased the Tiva fans before and not much comes of it. Crossing fingers! I was so hoping Tony would be free of the Ziva/Tiva this season.

    • Bob says:

      Mark – Are you referring to all the “50 Shades of Grey” types out there. To hell with the plot, let’s see a hook-up, dammit!

  4. Cindy says:

    Hope they don’t do the Shonda Rhimes way of resolving things! Have them profess their love then kill her off…. Just saying.

  5. Nick C says:

    How about having Kensi Blye on both shows?
    sorry. I just want to see more Daniela Ruah.

    • Jerri says:

      Damage control? Too little too late.

      Sorry, but I feel like NCIS is no place for romance story lines between agents or former agents. (If I wanted romance I’d watch True Blood or some such) And if GG just gets these two together just to please the fans, that’s just a desperate plea to try to keep the ‘shippers’ onboard. Don’t do that GG, please! So they get together then Ziva leaves, then what? Tony’s gonna be all mopey and ‘aww i miss my Ziva’ in the office until Gibbs headslaps him? or are they gonna have Tony talk into a phone with a phantom Ziva every episode to keep the relationship alive? Sorry, no. that’s not a good idea.

      Have people actually spoken with Cote herself (without silly press releases and statements from her agents)? It’s her choice to leave, as to why? It varies, some sources say she wanted to be with her ailing grandfather, some sources say she wanted more $$, some say CBS hates women and whatnot.. Yadda yadda yadda.

      • D says:

        Maybe we the anti TIva shippers should start being more vocal about our disgust.

        • Sadly, the only thing they seem to respond to are serious threats (the illegal kind, which I hope no one else will do – the lunatic fringe CdP fans have cornered that market) or a ratings drop. We’ll have to protest with our remotes and stop watching. This is exactly what made me stop watching X-Files and CSI.

        • tiva makes me puke says:

          Wouldn’t do any good – the publicists are very pro tiva & pro ziva and that small faction is so obnoxiously loud on social media sites that they are the only thing that’s heard

          • holy crap u need perspective says:

            wow they’re all conspiring against you
            tiva barely exists – it’s like three minutes of show time per season

          • ClassicNCISfan says:

            Hardly – Tiva has been a major focused for either the characters themselves or guest stars hitting viewers over the head with the ‘you must be a couple’ variation

      • linds says:

        Jerri – in NO WAY is this meant as a criticism, believe me – but I had to giggle when you said if you were looking for romance you’d watch True Blood since a happy romance in True Blood does tend to end in, well,…. blood, no? Still, I get what you mean about knocking off the romantic drivel in crime shows. I’m appalled that The Killing seems to be flirting with a Holder/Linden romance. NOOOOOOO!!!! Having said all that, I will totally contradict myself by admitting to kind-of liking the idea of Ziva getting pregnant with Tony’s baby, so they get married and she goes off to…. whatever.

        I’m shallow that way.

      • Joy says:

        JB IN FL

  6. Adrianna says:

    Ziva’s character is amazing with or without Tiva or Tony, but by making her exit romantically connected with Tony would give fans some solace , closure…something they were teased 8! years.I letting myself to believe GG , I am glad he understands how important that beautiful relationship is for fans. And all my love to Cote.Thank you for turning Tuesday nights into magic.

    • estefania says:

      totally agree adriana

    • Andrea says:

      Tying Tony to Ziva would be terrible because there is no indication of when the series will end. I’m very much anti-Tiva, but I was preparing myself for the eventuality that Glasberg was going to go there. However, that was assuming that Glasberg would be controlling the plan, and he’s not now. I think he had a plan that he would modify according to show longevity, but that’s assuming that he had Cote. Heck, everyone assumed that Cote would re-sign (myself included).

      So now Tony’s supposed to have a relationship told in text messages, phone calls, letters, and what-not? For how long? One year? Two years? Three years? For something that Glasberg no longer has any control over, that is very unrealistic. For the record, I’m not interested in seeing Tony attached to anyone, unless we’re talking more of his friendship/bromance/buddy time with McGee.

      Tiva fans are talking like Gary Glasberg owes them this because he did something to screw up the plan. He didn’t. I believe very strongly that he had a plan, and Tiva fans were going to get it at some point. I’m utterly shocked that I’m really not going to have to see it unfold. Don’t push Glasberg or Michael or the character of Tony into a corner because of a decision they didn’t make, have any control over, or I’d bet the farm did not see coming from a million miles away. It’s been reported in more than one place that even Mark was telling her to take the deal!

      Glasberg didn’t short-circut your wishes. Neither did Michael, Tony, or CBS. That came about as a result of someone choosing to not sign a contract, and the person who made that choice is Cote de Pablo.

      • Andrea says:

        I also believe that many Tiva fans are sad, but I’d wager that there are some who are, in fact, mad at Cote. However, this is not something that I think one of her fans who felt that way would ever actually admit to publicly.

      • tiva makes me puke says:

        Tiva fans are also trashing Glasberg everywhere possible (including in emails to CBS) because they feel he’s squandered their chance of seeing their romance play out on screen every week.

        • Andrea says:

          That’s a perception issue, the same one that has been going on for years. Glasberg had the Tiva fans, but he also had fans like me who wanted nothing. So, he split the difference. I wasn’t going to get nothing, and Tiva fans weren’t going to get everything either. I also strongly disagree with the claim that Glasberg squandered anything. He listened to Tiva fans. I’m doing aS8 rewatch this summer, and there are enough Tiva anvils and innuendo in S8 to choke a horse!

    • tiva makes me puke says:

      You want Tiva, then read fan fic. No way the show’s entire audience should have to deal with that one trick crapola because a certain group of fans think they are owed something.

  7. Katya says:

    To be honest, I don’t like the sound of this. I realize Gary is trying to placate the Tiva fans but he should remember how many of us don’t like Tiva. It does Tony a disservice to tie him into Tiva just as she’s leaving. I really hope it’s a lot less Tiva oriented an exit than Gary makes it sound. A lot of us who have watched from Day One are NOT invested in Tiva and don’t want to see it happen. We have invested just as many years of our lives (in some cases more as she only joined in S3) in the show as the Tiva fans and are equally as entitled not to have more of this dysfunctional and abusive ‘romance’ shoved at us. At least as she’s leaving we won’t have to sit through more of it after she’s gone – I just hope Gary leaves space for Tony not to be moping around after her exit, as it’s always seemed a one-sided relationship at best, and more about her than about him.

    I also wonder about Gary as a showrunner. I know the Tiva/Ziva fans have responded angrily to anyone suggesting the show will go on, or even be stronger without Ziva, but Gary should think about his product and not about this one character. His writing to date shows just how much he fell in love with Ziva at the expense of virtually all the other characters on the show except Gibbs, but he should be talking up the show right now, the other characters and the ensemble, and where it can go after Ziva. This is a new beginning and an opportunity for him to make the show better than before – instead he sounds like a man defeated from the outset, and that’s not good for his product.

    It will though, keep the Tiva/Ziva fans from writing him hate mail the way they’ve been doing to Pauley Perrette and Brian Dietzen and various others for pointing out that the rest of the cast are still onboard and still making the show for their fans.

    • Jerri says:

      Agreed Katya. Been with NCIS since JAG days.

      Gary just looks like he wants to please the fans and he’s probably worried about the ratings given all the hatred he’s received from the rabid Tiva fans. What he doesn’t realise, it’s a relatively small %-age of the NCIS-fandom that’s just making a fuss over things. And most of those fans probably don’t count much towards the Nielsen ratings. So they’re a little vocal on social media, big deal.NCIS is more than just about 1 character, otherwise it’d be the Ziva-hour, which, granted, Gary has sometimes made it that way.

      Clearly Cote’s exit was unexpected, and he wasn’t planning on getting Tony together with Ziva in season 11, so now this will feel pressured and completely off.

      What would be cool if Cote lands a gig on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

      • Tav says:

        Glasberg/NCIS would do well not to piss off Tiva supporters. People like you want to claim shippers are a small percentage of the fandom in order to dismiss them, but THAT is wishful thinking.
        Tiva fans propelled both Cote and Michael to win TVLine’s “most crush-able” contest (among plenty of other online competitions). There was also a huge poll/thread (hundreds of replies) on IMDb a couple years ago asking people to state whether they were for or against Tiva and the response was 50/50. That tally was significant/serves as a good fandom representation because people voting/commenting were part of the NCIS board community and participation requires a registered IMDb account–i.e. you couldn’t just vote an unlimited number of times.
        Anyway, my point is Tiva supporters are not a minority and sending Cote off with Tiva ending on a bad note would bite the show in the ass (see what happened to House).
        House died (literally was canceled) the season after LE/Cuddy left because the circumstances around her departure were so awful and “Huddy” had such a terrible conclusion. Not to mention one of the EPs was fond of TELLING SHIPPERS they were “a percentage of a percentage” and they did not matter. Yep, they mattered so little the ratings plummeted and the show was canceled.
        So NCIS has a lot to be worried about.

        • Katya says:

          Nonsense – the House ratings started falling as soon as they made “Huddy” happen (again in response to a handful of clamoring fans) and the ratings just got worse as that storyline was mined into the ground, which didn’t please a lot of the fans who weren’t watching for Huddy. By the time the actress playing Cuddy had left, the ratings were in freefall and the last season just wrapped the whole thing up.

          NCIS is a similar ensemble show with a similar audience who are watching for a multitude of reasons. Tiva isn’t the be all and end all and it doesn’t matter how much Glasberg panders to the Tiva supporters in Ziva’s final episode because the Tiva fans have made it clear for years now that for them NCIS is Tiva, so it’s irrelevant what he does with it – without Tiva they’ll go. With Tiva they’ll go. They’re gone whatever. That’s fine by me. NCIS has ratings of 20 million. A few thousand rabid Tiva fans won’t be missed.

          However, what’s best for the SHOW, if not the Tiva fans, is that they don’t hamstring Tony by shoving him into some speedy Tiva romance that will hang over him for a season after she’s gone. Don’t slow down the show by making more of her departure than necessary. She’s gone but the show that the rest of us love is still there – show us how you intend to rebirth it, Gary. Be excited for the possibilities that have opened up for you instead of more of the dreary same old Mossad dramas and slow burning Tiva tease. EMBRACE that and make the show for the rest of your viewers for a change and not just the Tiva and Ziva fans who you’ve been pandering to for the past few seasons. To paraphrase Pauley’s words back at her – WE are still here, NCIS. WE are still watching. Ziva’s gone, but those of us who love Tony, Abby, Ducky, McGee, Gibbs, Palmer and Vance remain. Those of who love the Tony/Abby friendship, the Gibbs/Tony bromance, the Ducky/Abby mutual lovefest, the Ducky/McGee geek talk – WE ARE STILL HERE. Write the show for US for a change – you might find us a damn sight more loyal and less scary than the fans you’ve lost.

          • Kate says:

            Let me join you in your Paraphrased Pauley Chant –

            “WE are still here, NCIS. WE are still watching. Ziva’s gone, but those of us who love Tony, Abby, Ducky, McGee, Gibbs, Palmer and Vance remain. Those of who love the Tony/Abby friendship, the Gibbs/Tony bromance, the Ducky/Abby mutual lovefest, the Ducky/McGee geek talk – WE ARE STILL HERE. Write the show for US for a change – you might find us a damn sight more loyal and less scary than the fans you’ve lost.”

            Please Gary focus on these much loved characters and their friendships and loyalty to each other. These characters are still here and many fans are excited to see what direction they’ll be taken in now the dominating Tiva relationship has gone. I’ve been hoping to see Tony’s friendships with Abby and Gibbs be restored. Please don’t tie him to Tiva now that Cote has decided to leave the show. There’s so much more fun and emotions to be explored with the remaining cast. And more Abby hugs with the other characters PLEASE.

        • Katya says:

          House ratings for Tav:
          S1 – 13.34
          S2 – 17.35
          S3 – 19.95
          S4 – 17.64
          S5 – 13.62 (the first Huddy kiss)
          S6 – 12.76 (the boring ‘will they/won’t they’ focus)
          S7 (the Huddy relationship season) – 10.32 (lowest ratings for the show since the start)
          S8 – 8.69 (hardly anyone left to care).

          It looks to me as if a) House was in decline after S4 (in fact it had already reached its peak in S3) and b) Doing ‘Huddy’ probably speeded that decline up and caused a lot of viewers to leave the show. House and Cuddy first kissed in S5 – and we can see a big drop in viewers in that season. S6 had a lot of ‘will they/won’t they?’ Cuddy going on – and again ratings drop. And in S7 they were a couple – and the ratings dropped even more. By the time the actress left, it was generally agreed the show was creatively bankrupt and on its last legs. I realise this is sacrilege to the Tiva shippers but ratings are not JUST about pairings. There were other reasons House succeeded and ultimately failed, but as we can see from the figures, Huddy certainly didn’t help matters or stem the tide.

          • Steve says:

            The problem with House was that his boorish behavior and the scenarios became less sustainable. No employer would put up with it, and it became formulaic. You could write the plot summaries yourself (change the ailment, and personal relationships). I loved it early on, but it had jumped the shark with the crash into Cuddy’s house.

            To be truthful, NCIS will benefit from changing the interpersonal dynamic as well. The time to do it is at the top, not on the way down, when it is done out of desperation.

          • Lizzie says:

            Ratings for House peaked in season 3 and declined thereafter, a full season or more before any Huddy was on the horizon. A more likely explanation: Fans never took to the new team and interest waned steadily thereafter. But I’ll agree that the writing declined disastrously in the last two seasons. And who’s saying ratings are just about pairings?

            I’d think that fans who are truly opposed to onscreen romance in their procedurals would embrace the possibility of Tony united with an offscreen Ziva. It would spare viewers the likelihood that otherwise Tony will inevitably be set up for romance with the next agent. Or are you not really opposed to onscreen romance?

          • Katya says:

            Steve – I completely agree.
            Lizzie – I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m not interested in romances in my crime dramas unless they’re of the ‘one and done’ variety. If they happen largely offscreen, fine. In the case of Tony and Ziva, it would make it hard for Tony’s character to move forward at all or develop if he was tied to an offscreen romance to an invisible Ziva who never appeared. Even in an offscreen romance one would expect to see the occasional glimpse of a partner. But also in the case of Tony and Ziva I think they make such a terrible pairing that I wouldn’t want them together period, offscreen or on. A lot of fans still have a problem with the end of S6 and her violent behavior towards him when he had a broken arm. We also dislike the way she continues to treat him like something she trod in rather than someone she genuinely likes and respects. I don’t want Tony tied to her, and I think Tiva happening sends a terrible message about relationships and physical violence.

        • John says:

          Are these the same people who gave the people’s choice awards and other “most x-able” pair, etc awards to twilight and Justin Bieber and the like? They’re nothing but a bunch of stupid rabid fangirls who don’t even count towards the demographics because NCIS is on way past their bed time.

        • tiva makes me puke says:

          Quite the contrary – many Tiva fans would not vote for Michael in the poll you mention but employed every trick in available to ensure a win for Cote. And those polls were able to be rigged and to employ bots and other tricks – hardly a measure of the true number of fans as you claim.

          In reality, shipper fans are notoriously fickle – jumping from ship to ship or UST couple to UST couple as their interest is peaked. They have never been the measure of loyalty.

          • Gaara says:

            LOL you’re cute, I bet you scream “they cheated!!!!” every time your favourite team lose or the candidate you voted for wasn’t elected. It says lot about you if you can’t even accept that yes, Ziva won TVline’s female tournament (along with Tony – but oooh since you don’t hate him, he surely won fair and square, nice logic) and not only that, Cote performed very well on many polls. Like that time she was the 3rd Most Appealing Celebrities of 2012, or when she scored Q ratings’ 2nd place. But I have no doubt you’ll always find another conspiracy to explain them, uh?

          • Kate says:

            Too bad the Ziva/Tiva fans didn’t channel their efforts into voting for NCIS and Mark Harmon in the People’s Choice Awards which was running at the exact same time. It would have been nice to see the show get a real award (sorry TV Line) for their efforts.

        • Dmac says:

          Get over yourself, you give the fandom way too much credit. Houses numbers were falling way before the Huddy debacle so no you don’t do much of anything other than whine when you don’t get your way. This show is not Twilihht most of us don’t care about Tiva. Cote left on her own accord, she cared less about her character than you do so it is time to move on.

    • Kate says:

      What makes me laugh here is that Gary Glasberg said exactly what Pauley Perrette, Brian Dietzen and Les Moonves said “It was her decision to leave” but with one difference: He promised Tiva. So instead of getting abuse hurled at him they’re singing his praises. What a surprise! Typical Tiva fans – they’re only happy when they’re getting what they want.

    • Kate says:

      Katya, I agree with everything you’ve said. Not only am I not interested in Tiva and looking forward to the show beyond her exit but also think that Gary should be excited about changing up the show and all the future storylines this opportunity presents. I know I am, or was, but I’m a little worried now.

      • ian says:

        I agree as well. This show is not about TIVA. It doesn’t make sense because of Gibb’s rules. What happens if Cote stayed and they finally got them together how would that have worked. As I have said many times I love Cote and I am sad she is leaving but I am a fan of the whole show and all the characters and have been there since the beginning. Shows putting together people on there shows just for fans seems kind of silly. If the story works then go for it. But don’t just change it because of the fans. If you want Romance in the NCIS universe watch NCIS LA.

        • bill says:

          Totally agree. The whole show is the thing. We would probably here the same stuff if Tony, Abby, McGee were leaving. The only one I won’t miss is Vance. They should send him off to Homeland Security.

      • ncis4evr says:

        Yes, exactly. The only thing keeping me tuned into the show at the moment is the hope that they get back to the well-written, canon characters and strong team aspect. I hope Glasberg takes advantage of this opportunity to get back to basics and the dynamics and characters that brought fans into the show. Give Tony the skills and multiple layers his character had before Tiva ,give Gibbs his sense of humor and love of his team back, put Tim back into the field and let Abby have friendships with Tony and Tim, and not just Gibbs, again. Start thinking outside of that boring, suffocating box you’ve been in for years now, NCIS!

  8. Vicky says:

    My beautiful, incredibly sexy and strong Ziva!I will love you forever! I’d be really appreciated if you give us our Tiva as a closure.

  9. John says:

    Dear Gary , please stop catering to the lowest common denominator (a.k.a. The rabid Tiva fans).

  10. Anita says:

    Dear Gary, thank you for good news for people with the lowest denominator.So we are probably much more worth your time as we are the bigger persons. Simple math, as they say: every person is a fraction. The numerator is what people think of a person, and denominator is what person thinks of himself. Therefore, the lower the denominator, the better the person.

  11. I am very happy with this. Probably the first thing I smiled to (NCIS related) in a long time.
    I think we were always going to get some kind of closure when it comes to Tony/Ziva and im glad Gary is giving it to us. I’m glad they wont kill Ziva off, it opens the door for Ziva to return somewhere down the road, maybe even for the finale – whenever that may be.
    In Gary we trust :)

  12. Pete says:

    Groan! Even with Miss de Pablo leaving Mr Glasberg is determined to shove it to the majority of fans who watch for their crime procedural, in order to please a limited number of people – many of whom feel so entitled that they are currently lashing out at anybody and everybody connected with the show because they are being denied their ongoing Tiva soap opera.

    Mr Glasberg would do well to remember that the Tiva fans do not speak for the entire NCIS fandom – the are just a LOT louder than everyone else.

    There are many viewers who see no chemistry between Tony and Ziva – the scriptwriters can’t even seem to make her like him as a man, or respect him, how on earth can there be romantic chemistry there? For these viewers the whole Tiva tease has been incredibly painful and has spoiled the show.

    Many of the viewers that loved the original interaction between Tony & Gibbs & Abby & Ducky have long since walked because the show hasn’t catered to them in a long time and some are beginning to show an interest again in the hope that the post-Ziva show can regain some of the original magic.

    It’s a tall order, Mr Glasberg, and offering a final bone to a group of viewers who will abandon the show in droves along with Miss de Pablo, the minute the curtain closes on Ziva, is not very considerate towards the loyal fans who have been around for many years and who are not going to abandon the show.

    More important, at this point, than ‘closure’ for the Tiva fans is satisfactorily rehabilitating a once honorable and law-abiding team who turned into a bunch of rogue vigilantes at the end of season 10 because they were in the thrall of Ziva David and her revenge mission – and who deserved to be prosecuted by Parsons.

    • Katya says:

      Hear hear, Pete. What NCIS did to the integrity of Gibbs, the team, and by association the NCIS federal agency was criminal at the end of S10. He needs to do some serious rehabilitation. I actually think they should be punished. I’d be delighted if Ziva being sent away was part of that punishment although sadly, it sounds from this as if it’s Ziva’s decision to leave. Maybe that’s for the best – it’s the actress’s decision to quit after all – why not mirror that on the show.

      But yes – if NCIS were to concentrate more on the characterization and plotlines and less on mooning over poor tragic Princess Ziva who stole all the plotlines in the past few years and bored us to tears with Tiva, then that’d be a good thing.

      I seriously wonder if Gary is the man for the job based on this interview. I want to see him talking up the show but he’s letting down all the other fabulous cast members who chose to stay loyal to the show by talking about Ziva as if she can’t be replaced. Of course she can! Kate was. Jenny was. Plenty of us watch NCIS for other reasons than Ziva or Tiva – please forget about her – she’s already old news – and start focussing on the excellent cast members who remain and the characters they play – they are the ones deserving of your attention, as are their fans.

      • Tony says:

        In what part of the interview did he imply they aren’t looking for a new team member? What he obviously is saying is that you can’t just grab some Plain Jane off the street and shove her into this dynamic and try to have her be a carbon copy of the person she is replacing. He clearly states they are searching for someone who will organically fill the void she’s leaving.

        • Katya says:

          In what part of my comment did I state he wasn’t looking for a new team member? But it’s going to be hard for any new team member to come in when he’s already been so downbeat about the process and filling the void etc. It’s rather damning any new actress from the start! He could also have been a bit more positive about the characters he already has, and about how this has given him lots of ideas for new scenarios. Most showrunners would give their right arms to be able to invent a new regular character from scratch after taking over an established show. He should be excited – a lot of us are. Not all of us are crying about Ziva going – some of us think it’ll break the show out of its formulaic ways, make it try harder and inject some new life and energy into it.

        • tiva makes me puke says:

          Why not? They just grabbed a newbie off the street when they shoved Ziva onto us. I swear she’s like a sucking monster. Sucks in everything in her path & whatever is left is irrepairably ruined after she’s gone.

          • John says:

            Yes, the entire “assassin from a foreign sovereign national spy agency” made her “fit” always a bit suspect rather than organic. Some agenda of Jenny’s back behind the curtain. And she never entirely lost that for me and her going off on that revenge agenda reaffirmed that for me.

  13. KYMel says:

    I am/was a Ziva/Tiva fan so this is very bittersweet for me. In one way, I like the sound of the story & appreciate GG’s efforts to deliver to our fandom but I believe based on the other spoiler (the link above referencing the “emotional” exit), that the character will be killed. I really hope this is not the case. It is hard enough for me to see the actress leave, it would be heartbreaking to see her character killed as well. I’m still not sure if I will watch these eps.- will most likely wait & read the recaps instead. I watch very little TV. In fact, NCIS was the only show I made a point to watch and I am now, unfortunately, done with it. I DO NOT mean this in a “stomp my foot, I’ll show them” way. For me, the draw was the Tiva storyline. Without it, it is just another ‘cop show’ and I am simply not interested in that.

    Thanks so much for the article Matt. This is the only spoiler site I had bookmarked on my computer. You have always done a great job digging up & delivering great “Tiva” spoilers & I appreciate that.

    • Mable Carpenter says:

      I agree. She is the greatest asset to the show. I don’t like Tony’s character, he’s disgusting and certainly does not deserve Tiva. I will just take NCIS off of my chart. Good luck, Tiva, where ever you go you will be a success.

  14. Erin B. says:

    In every show there are people who enjoy the romance and people who don’t. NCIS has an amazing fan base im sure with tiva or without they will stay strong in the ratings.. And why not give the tiva-shippers what they’ve been waiting for. Maybe it will make everyone happy =)

    • Katya says:

      It won’t make me happy, Erin. The problem is that if you give the Tiva shippers what they want then you give the people who don’t ship Tiva what they very much DON’T want – so you’re going to upset someone along the way. As the Tiva shippers will be upset whatever the show does, maybe Gary and Co should start paying more attention to what the viewers who will still be watching the show after Ziva leaves want, and not those who’ll be going with her.

    • No, it won’t “make everyone happy”. Shoving Ziva at Tony has always been cringe-worthy and forcing them together is sheer stupidity. Talk about a move that will lose them fans. I get that he’s worried about the real world consequences but you’d think it would be better to arrest the ones making threats than to encourage them by giving them at least part of what they want.

  15. Tom says:

    One way they could do it is have Tony and Ziva in a relationship and because of that Ziva leaves for another team as it could cause problems being lovers and on the same team. This way she could have cameo appearances for the rest of the show.

  16. Tina Peek says:

    If it isn’t money, why is the actress leaving the show? I know usually most want to go do other projects, they get tired of doing the same thing..etc. I only watch the reruns with ziva..I don’t like Kate. They may have a hard time finding another actress with that chemistry. it would be great if they could figure a way to be able to work around “whatever” the issue is..even if it might be a desk job.

  17. LizMG says:

    So sad that Cote is leaving the show and probably bc CBS was cheap wirh her new contract.

    For us Tiva shippers, Im glad Greg is giving us a bitter sweet closure and that he treat Ziva’s character with the care and respect the chatacter and Cote earned in our hearts, even though many of us loved Kate/ Sasha.

    Nielsen ratings …. Whether people are Tiva shippers or not the FACT is that ratings have benn higher with Cote and yes the rest of the cast that we love so much. However, when a main character leaves it can affect a show so much to the point that the show looses its core values, positioning, value added, since people seem to know about ratings and marketing.

    Lastly And more important than ratings, I would check Sales, real revenue … and I bet that the chapter “under covers” is one of the most downloaded “Worlwide”!!!! Of all 8 seasobs!

    All that aside. What makes NCIS the most watched show is the great interaction of all main characters, the relationship among them, and great wrting so I hope it’s not affected as much after Ziva is gone …I will miss her very much!!!

    • Kate says:

      I am really sorry to see Ziva leave the show. I think Cote is a beautiful person and it’s certainly her right to leave the show for no matter what reason. She has a life outside of NCIS. I would like to see poor McGee have a girlfriend instead of always getting the put down from Tony. I think McGee would be a good partner for Abby.

  18. Lucie says:

    Thanks to Gary for this interview, but I’m sorry. I don’t care how exciting it is, I cannot possibly get a satisfying closure for this character and this story in two episodes. Really one episode since the first will be Gibbs centric, apparently.

    • Theuresa Maven says:

      Lucie – I get it. I haven’t felt comfortable since the “Kate” storyline ended, but guess what? Life moves on. Maybe if the Ziva character didn’t keep messing up the language, it wasn’t cute, it was annoying and silly. Maybe if Tony, the 45 year old frat boy grew up, and finally stopped being a bully. I watch the show for Mark Harmon, anyway, after all it is his show, and everyone else justs works on it.

  19. David says:

    Tony will go home every episode into the arms of Diva, but the team will not have a clue. This way he can converse with her on the phone and continue the relationship.She will leave but will always be there. The actress departs but the character lives.

  20. BFB says:

    I think Cote is entitled to leave she’s a freelancer after all. That said mind you, I do think she should publicly ask her so-called fans to cut back on the aggro against other cast members, and rest of team involved NCIS, since of many of the comments fall into the category of slander, and since they’re written libel as well. The fact she hasn’t spoken up against the insulting treatment being received by other members of the cast makes her lose all credibility as a decent person and friendly co-worker.

    I hope to goodness there is no Tiva moment in the writing out of her character, since IMO it belittles the character of Tony and the series in general. This is a detective series and we don’t need romance per se between the major characters, if the scriptwriters want to introduce romantic interest for the main NCIS characters it should be outside the team as in the case of Palmer. Moreover this is not the Tiva Show, although recently with all the commotion people might be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

    As Brian Dietzen rightly said in a recent interview, every time a major character has left the series has improved, and I totally agree with him.

    So people wake up, Cote is leaving because she wants to, nobody’s forcing her hand. This is a ficitonal series, and if Cote’s such a good actress then undoubtedly she’ll get more gigs elsewhere, it’s not the end of the world.

    Most importantly, I want all these aggressive followers of CdP to cease in their aggression towards the other cast members, that’s being cruel and unfair. Bullying is not nice. I’d say something stronger about the whole matter, but swearing’s not allowed.

    I certainly don’t want to see CdP come back after all this debacle coupled with her silence which makes her an accomplice to the virulent behaviour of her so-called fans. I for one feel S11 is going to be much better without her presence.

    • John says:

      Well said BFB!

    • Lizzy90 says:


      Ziva and CdP are perfectly replaceable (unless NCIS scriptwriters and tptb are not able to write a believable famel character and hire a talented actress anymore, after PP and SA) and tivas are not ‘the fans’ on NCIS, but only a very small-but-extremely-aggressive part of the viewers.
      So making them happy and (very likely tying) Tony to a dead-character for the rest of his life, it’s extremely disrespectful to all those people who loved and supported the show since the beginning, who were hit with an abusive relationship for years and finally thought they got rid of it.
      Disrespectful to MW and what he thinks. CdP left because ‘she was done with the show’, Michael’s still on the show because ‘he wants to stay’ and making him play romantic tiva scenes (aka a plotline that he’s always disliked and that it’s dead now) is just slap on his face.
      Dangerous because tying Tony to Ziva (even for a breif moment) will kill the character and waste MW’s talent. So what are we going to have? Tony crying all of his tears and looking for Ziva for thereas of his life? GAG!
      Dangerous because it’ll make crazy tivas think that they’re so powerful to make scriptwriters write what they want.
      Dangerous because, every time Tony will look at and/or flirt with another woman or Abby will be nice with Ziva’s replacement, or any cast member will say something nice about CdP’s replacement, the harassment towards all NCIS people on Twitter will start again.
      Dangerous for the poor actress who will play Tony’s love interst (if the let him have life post-Ziva)… remember what ST and SJM went through?; Dangerous for rantings because, not only they’ll lose tivas fans who made clear that with Miss de Pablo won’t watch the show anymore, but many no-ship fans, all of those casual viewers who want to watch a drama/crime show, and all fans that had left because of Ziva/tiva and were about to come back now that she’s gone… actually, with this plot, Ziva and tiva’ll never be gone (even if they’ll kill her off in the end) and the show will always have this heavy disgusting ghost on its shoulders.

      Didn’t this ‘genius’ learn anything from these last awful days?!

  21. UGH, if they’re planning a long term offscreen relationship between Tony and Ziva, that’s a HORRIBLE idea. Just kill Ziva and move on. Don’t saddle Tony with her. He deserves better than an abusive sociopath in his life. Get *rid* of her, don’t leave the Zivatross hanging around NCIS’s neck.

  22. Bark Star says:

    A shame to see her go but there is one positive aspect to it: no more of this highly annoying Tiva crap.

  23. chris says:

    never ever cared for Tony/Ziva as a couple. For me, them hooking up would be the kiss of death to the Ziva character. Hope she goes out strong and with her principals in tact. As for a replacement, they need someone who isn’t a clone. Perhaps they should pursue Jessica Capshaw as a ‘jag lawyer’ who works with the team? She would be a great addition!

  24. Do they not realize that by caving into the lunatic fringe they’re just encouraging such behavior in the future? The absolute best thing they can to in the face of the kinds of behavior being exhibited (assault, death threats and so forth) is to remove the root of the problem. Get rid of Ziva completely and the unhealthy adoration will begin to die and leave the worst of the players involved exposed where they can more easily be dealt with by the authorities. This is a real world mistake of massive proportions.

    • Gaara says:

      Mmh yet I taste in your posts equal parts of “lunatic” and “hysteric”. Hello pot, meet kettle.

      And oh please, now I’m really curious, show me the proofs of “assaults” and “death treats”. C’mon, take some screenshots. Ohh don’t tell me you’re one of those hilarious bunch of people that are all like “they’re sending paperclips to CBS!!! Let’s call the police!!!”

      (Lol I wish you were around when Veronica Mars’ fans campaigned against the end of the show, sending Mars bars to the network.. You could have accused them of causing diabetes or something)

      • ArcticT says:

        Sadly there have been some scary posts on twitter and some specifically aimed at MW like its his fault she’s leaving….jeez. There are some whack jobs out there.

        • Gaara says:

          Oh I don’t doubt that, don’t let me wrong. There are always a few nutjobs everywhere, inside every group and every fandom (this is the internet after all), but someone here is trying to somehow pass the message that ALL Ziva/Tiva fans (maybe with the exception a blessed few) are crazy psychos a la Annie Wilkes, SO the producers should just kill Ziva in the most painful way possible and pretend that Tiva (the same ship they complained for years that it was “showed down their throats”) was just a delusion. Funny, cause some of them here are the same users that spent so many years of their lives spewing the worst things about Cote and calling her all sorts of names, and were actually labelled as “haters” by a CBS publicist after they took it a little too far.
          They just want to make all of us look bad in front of daddy. How mature of them.

          • ClassicNCISfan says:

            Obviously you pay little attention to social media and the treatment cast & writers are receiving. Not to mention what’s being said about Gary – he who continually tries to pander to a useless part of the fan base.

            The tiva fans are notoriously judgmental and not loyal. They will jump to another show/couple that feeds their need for romance. Why they don’t just watch soaps instead of trying to ruin good dramas is beyond me.

            As far as your comment about the publicists and that awful ‘haters gonna hate’ saying – which was started by the tiva fans, considering that neither publicist has really ever done anything for the show that doesn’t revolve around ziva or tiva, I think that says a lot about their ability to be professional and not biased.

          • Gaara says:

            You just insulted a publicist and a whole group of fans, tell me again how much better you are. It’s sad that you need to put down all those people just to make your side looks good.

          • ClassicNCISfan says:

            It’s not an insult when their tweets are out on the net for all to see – people tend to forget that. Beyond that, it’s the truth – take a look at what’s done by them for each character. When the Buzz Feed interview came out, it was Michael who promoted it & one of the publicists who basically said it was crap & that he didn’t mean what he said. Their bias is far too obvious and if they can’t be objective, then they shouldn’t have the assignment.

            That ‘group of fans’ (& fans is used loosely) has been nothing but horrid to anyone affiliated with the show since Cote leaving was announced – not that they’ve been any better behaved throughout the seasons when they weren’t being fed awful anvils. When that group steps up and starts policing itself and stopping the awful & dangerous behavior that’s been pervasive throughout the internet for far too long, they’ll take a huge step in respectability from the rest of the fandom.

  25. Stucky says:

    I’m not really a big fan of tiva, but since the tiva relationshop was strung along for so many years I think yes, there should be some sort of tiva conclusion/payoff. Hopefully it won’t effect Tony for the rest of the season

  26. Mooncombo says:

    I think it’s very naive to assume that the Tiva shippers are a small fraction of the show’s fan base. Unfortunately, NCIS is a character driven show. Other shows, like Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU can survive the departure of a major character because the “procedural” portion of the show has been written so much better than NCIS.

    The story arcs for NCIS have huge plot holes and problems with continuity and believability, therefore, many can argue that they watch the show for the characters. Whether you’re a Tiva shipper or not, other procedurals don’t tend to use the personal entanglements of the characters time and time again to draw in the ratings. There’s a reason Glasberg dangled season 10 being the “Year of Tiva”, despite the fact that he failed to deliver. He knew it would bring huge numbers. If the Tiva fans are a minority, why use multiple media venues to repeatedly entice viewers with the so-called promise of Tiva?

    Enjoy Tiva or don’t, but assuming that Tiva fans are small in numbers is, like I said before, naive.

    • SAM says:

      Spot on Mooncombo.

    • Angela says:

      Heh, well, speaking for myself I can say that I personally DO watch “Criminal Minds” mainly because I like the characters, and a notable character leaving that show has caused a ruckus among its fanbase (hi, Emily Prentiss!).
      That said, however, you are spot on in your post in general-I can’t speak for “SVU”, but “Criminal Minds” never put any of its team members into a relationship throughout the series. Any strong ratings and support it’s received over the years was due to the interesting stories and cases and the characters’ lives as a whole instead of focusing solely on their romantic exploits.
      I don’t watch “NCIS”, so I therefore have no stance on the whole “Tiva” thing, but on the topic of romance on TV: I personally think there’s no problem with exploring that. It’s part of life, co-workers get attracted to each other all the time, so it makes sense some TV shows would deal with that topic at some point. And if two main characters seem to hit it off in a romantic way and a show wants to explore that, cool.
      But some people here make an excellent point that such a thing should spring up naturally, and if you’re going to go for it, then actually go for it. Don’t tease people for too long, because, as this conversation so clearly shows, doing so only serves to wind up annoying people on both sides of the debate for all sorts of reasons.
      /end rambling post :p.

  27. ArtZ says:

    Ziva and Tony give me a break – he is jock with a brain in his jock, hopefully he face a sexual harassment law suit some day and wake up

    Her departure is loss for sure, but key is the team.

  28. teresa richardson says:

    what about gibbs rule number12-never date a co worker? well since ziva is leaving does this apply? what cant she leave and tony talk about and actually being in a relationship after she leaves. like them acually getting married before she leaves like a season finalle. and gibbs can give her away, abby can be her matron of honor. tim can be tonys best man.ect…

  29. SAM says:

    Tejas, for you to be complaining about “nutjobs” truly is the pot calling the kettle black. At any rate, they aren’t going to follow your lunatic advice and kill Ziva off. They will write it so that she can come back, most likely at the point they end the series. Look for something along the lines of a “Casablanca” like ending .

    • Mooncombo says:

      I do think it’s funny that those leaving posts about the rabid Tiva fans have been the most aggressive and hostile in their posts…

      • Grisham says:


        they spend too much time and effort spreading hate… it’s kinda amusing already. i mean, why are they doing this for? do they seriously believe that their nasty comments will change things?

        (btw, I started to scroll past their comments. they’re useless to me anyway. we should all try it. it’s fun.)

      • Ziva4Tony says:

        Yes the anti tiva/Ziva?Cote fans are speaking and showing who is hostile and rude and mean. Sighh.

        • ncis4evr says:

          Sadly, if you think the Tiva/Ziva fans are the innocent, nice ones in this mess, you’re quite delusional. Take a good (read:open-minded) look at the hate being flung all over the cast and crew on twitter, Facebook and message boards, as well as the inflated sense of entitlement. Most of it is being done by the so-called “fans” of Tiva/Ziva. I suggest you take your head out of the sand and have good look around you. Everyone has a right to express their opinion, but this hate mongering is shamefully over the line.

          • ClassicNCISfan says:

            You are now conversing with a couple of the biggest hate mongers in the fan base. Also one of the ones who crashed the set.

    • John says:

      Delusional, much?

  30. mewofford says:

    For some reason, when Glasberg says things like he did above, I just don’t trust him anymore. He talks a good game but his delivery lacks a certain weight.

  31. TV Gord says:

    I don’t think the Tiva fan base is a small number, but what they don’t get is that there’s more to the show than just this one non-couple. The annoying thing about them is their “my way or the highway” attitude. Most of us are watching the show as a whole and we’re not the types to threaten to quit watching if things don’t turn out precisely as we want them to be. I’d like to think de Pablo’s departure will mean an end to all of the incessant whining by the Tiva faction, but I know better. They will be complaining long after this series has ceased production (even though they will “claim” that they’re not watching anymore). The rest of us, in the meantime, will continue to enjoy the show for everything it has to offer.

    • BFB says:

      Well put TV Gord

    • Andrea says:

      Hey Gord! I agree with you. Non-couple is a perfect term. The show itself has never “coupled” Tony and Ziva in any way other than friendship or co-workers (both of which I’m fine with). Tony and Ziva have never dated each other or even discussed the subject until the end of last season. The Tiva fanbase has a very specific interpretation of events that not everyone shares, and they believe that they “deserve” an ending for Tiva because they’ve been around the fandom for eight years, Why is what a Tiva fan wants or thinks or desires any more or less important than what a Duchy fan, an Abby fan, or any other type of NCIS fan wants?

      I also get what you’re saying about watching the show as a whole, I was actually asked on another site why, as a “Ziva hater” would I watch a show that she is on? I answered back that it was true that I don’t like Ziva, but there is far more to NCIS than Ziva David. The rest of the cast is not chopped liver that just fills time around Ziva!

  32. Mimi says:

    The only good news in this article is that, after two episodes, I won’t see Ziva’s face again.

    I really hope this is the usual GG who opens his mouth and lets it run. I hope it’s his usual ‘let’s lure tivas with some fake tiva spoilers so they’ll keep watching the show’. Otherwise, Mr. Glasberg, be ready to say goodbye to your very well-payed job, because this is going to be NCIS last season.

    This is the right time to show ALL of your viewers that you care about all of us and not that you’re scared to death by a small group of lunatics who threat people’s life and their families, because an mediocre actress decided to leave a tvshow.

    Tiva has always been only about Ziva and many of her fans have already said that they won’t keep watching the show after Ziva’s departure.

    All my compliments, Mr. Glasberg! *sarcasm*
    With this … plot you’re going to lose much more viewers than you thought.

    I trusted you and I was happy when you became the showrunner after SB’s reign of terror, but with this plot, you’re just like him or even worse, since you’re tying one of the main characters/actors and an amzingly talented actor to a dead-character and a dead-story.

    Theses episodes are still in the edit room. You’re still in time to fix this suicidal plot! Do it, please!
    Do not let a few lunatics scare you and kill NCIS just to make them happy for 90 minutes

  33. Sis says:

    First and foremost, I am an NCIS fan. I am a fan of ALL the characters, each bring a wonderful dynamic to the show. They all are part of the reason the show is so successful. With that said, I am sad about CdP departure, as I would be if any other character were leaving. One of the things that makes me feel yuck about this whole thing is the animosity between fans, fans and actors, fans and crew, etc. I want to put out there, that not ALL Ziva/Tiva fans are “rabid and crazy” just like not all Tony/NCIS fans hate Ziva. I understand that there are some fans making poor choices that aren’t really helping, however we are not all like that. I am disgusted with certain behaviors, but not all Ziva fans are involved. Please understand that there are a lot of Ziva/Tiva fans out there that are respectful and mindful of others and their opinions and have not engaged in bad behavior. It would be nice if we all could act and understand that. Remember, the one thing that brings all of us together is our love for this show. We are all fans. How a fan/fans act, does not define all of us.

    With that said, as far as GG comments about the exits of Ziva, if there is one thing I have learned from being a fan of this show is that nothing is ever as simple and easy as it seems. Some have stated that even if they bring Tony and Ziva together, Tiva fans will not be happy. You’re right, some probably won’t. However, some will. There is no pleasing 100% of the people. I believe that many fans just want appropriate closure for this character and her storyline. I don’t have to have Tony and Ziva rolling around in bed or confessing their love every two seconds on screen. I want a something that feels organic and natural to the stories that have already been told. Whether you like it or not, the Tony/Ziva relationship has been built, to drop it and not address it would just be bad story-telling. Once a storyline has been put out there, finishing it (however they choose) is a good choice. Not everyone will like the way they tie it up, that’s fine, I just want good, believable story – telling. I want a resolution that seems likely of the character and those around her (of course I have my “in a perfect world” resolution but that’s for me). In the end, I want something that brings closure to all aspects of her storyline (unless there is a chance for her to come back, then leave some open by all means), not just with Tony, but also with Gibbs, Abby, McGee, and the others As I said before, I just want good story-telling.

    • Amber says:

      You are the first person I completely agree with. I love Ziva and every other cast member but dont care one way or the other about TIVA. It only make sense to finish out the storyline. I know it makes the non tiva fans mad but after episode 3 they never have to see it again. Will one final episode of possible TIVA really hurt that much??? She is gone after that so those who dont like Tiva get their wish and dont have to worry about it any more. Again I dont care one way or the other about Tiva so either way the show will go on.

    • Donna says:

      I think that Ziva was a far better match for NCIS than Kate and was happy when Kate left. Having said that, I think some of the “Kate” shows were better written than some of the “Ziva” shows. I think that having Tony and Ziva as something other than co-workers was the worst idea going. They were totally wrong for each other and should not be considered as a romantic couple.

  34. They refuse to give her the money she wanted,and they wanted to sign her to a long term contract,i’m sure they gave everyone else what they wanted,especially Harmon ! This article is not truthful,and if they dump Her,i’m dumping them!

    • BFB says:

      Don’t be so ridiculous Leonard Bildstein, CdP is not the star of this show, it’s a chorale ensemble, Mark Harmon has said often enough in interviews various that none of the characters is essential for it to continue running including his, i.e. they can chop and change how they want. Try untwisting your knickers you might understand better.

  35. **TVLINE | Was it, like, a matter of Cote wanting to re-up for just one year versus multiple years…?
    It wasn’t even the specifics.**

    Yes, it is. I realize you need your job, and this hyped interview will help as you have everyone here with the Tiva fans and Non Tiva fans debate. But those of us that are tired of women being treated less than men on show such as NCIS will no longer be watching on that principle… I hope the networks are paying attention.

  36. Cote has had 8 wonderful years with this cast and she really brought life to the show when she joined in Season 3 or something like that as Mark Harmon said. I support her courageous decision to walk away from the money they were offering her. I am really sad Ziva’s leaving though and enjoyed watching her change from Mossad spy to NCIS agent and being a strong female role model for countless girls, young and old. It will be interesting to see how they continue on after Ziva leaves, as this is a character driven show and the cases have been hit or miss over the last few years. And as others have said, Glasberg touted Season 10 as the ‘Year of TIVA’ then failed to deliver on that. You can’t tease something for a whole season and then fail to deliver along with saying ‘we’re taking baby steps’. In the meantime, I trust Cote and Michael to bring their A game as they always do in Cote’s final episodes. And the door is open for Cote to come back to NCIS and Ziva to come back to Tony. Because for the TIVA shippers, we’ve always known they were endgame and we’ll hopefully see that in the series finale, whenever that is.

    • Katya says:

      Gary didn’t tout the ‘year of Tiva’ – it was Michael Weatherly who said that. And then changed his mind half way through the season and was back to his usual anti-Tiva stance again. I have no idea what all that was about, but it wasn’t Gary who coined the phrase.

      • Stacey says:

        Probably knew that the show wouldn’t be putting them together yet. Due to Cote’s contract. Which is why I think the show didn’t pull the trigger in the spring when they had a perfect opportunity and did a walk back after the car crash because what if they had, and Cote left. Would make it difficult. Now they can do rearranging, leaving them in a good place. Maybe together, but off screen. And if they can convince Cote to come back eventually or for the series finale, they can. But given Cote’s contract and it wasn’t being signed as early as she signed her others, Michael probably did a backtrack with his thoughts. Yes I remember when he said it was the Year of Tiva. It wasn’t the writers, it came from Michael’s mouth!

      • Well, he certainly didn’t deny it as the season rolled on! And even admitted to taking ‘baby steps’ with TIVA. So doesn’t matter who said it, cause he certainly encouraged it.

  37. Andrew says:

    i like tiva, but i’d pick ziva over tiva any day. Though i truly wanted cote to stay, i totally respect her decision to leave. if that’s what she really wanted. (btw, this comment section sucks. it’s too hostile)

    • Pinky says:

      You hit the nail on the head, Andrew. WAY too hostile.
      Very few people here don’t want to just watch the show and enjoy it – the show *must* go the way they want it. Seems immature to me…

  38. ncis4evr says:

    This just makes me really upset. First, while I understand Glasberg needs to wrap up Ziva and I suppose Tiva, once again he’s talking as if the Tiva fans are the “only” fans of NCIS. And taking into account how bad the Tiva/Ziva fans behavior has been lately, throwing hate at the cast and everyone involved in the show, and stamping their feet like spoiled children demanding they get what they want, I think it highly unfair to reward that sort of behavior.
    Second, the thought of him replacing Ziva filled me dread. This show simply does not know how to write female characters, and the male characters are always the ones affected negatively by this weakness. I’ll watch these episodes, but I if the show doesn’t start acknowledging the “other” part of their fan base, I’m done.

  39. Plum says:

    Wow. Lots and lots of angry and hurt fans. We should be channeling our frustrations into championing actresses who we think should replace Ziva; onward and upward.

    I’d love to see Janina Gavankar, Christina Cox or Rachel Luttrell come in as her replacement; they’ve all appeared on NCIS before and all rock. Or they could choose a new newbie like Alexis Bledel, Amber Tambyln or Keiko Agena.

  40. Del-boy says:

    Interesting interview Mr Glasberg, Now you think about the the fans, when Cote/Ziva is leaving the show, why did you not consider the fans for the last eight years now it’s to little to late once again Thank you Mr Glasberg

    • Stacey says:

      Shows always think they have more time than they do. Especially when you have a show like NCIS that is so unusual to be drawing 22 million in year 10. They don’t see people walking away from that, and so they thought they had more time even as negotiations with Cote dragged on. But I do think that prevented from them pulling the trigger in the spring and putting them together, and so they had them walk back after the car crash because they didn’t know what they would have to deal with. A incase things didn’t happen. But then never imagined Cote would leave. So that has thrown them for a loop. And especially so close to the start of the season, unlike with Sasha who gave a lot of warning and so they knew they had to find someone new. So it sounds like the desk will be empty for awhile…

  41. CdPfan says:

    Great news on the Tony & Ziva’s relationship. Ms. de Pablo will be very missed and the show will be sorely lacking w/o the character of Ziva; she was a simply brilliant addition to NCIS. I hope Mr. Glasberg really does manage a romantic and satisfying pay-off for Tiva fan’s with this story.

  42. Greta says:

    Why do shippers and non-shippers have to be at odds? You guys are down right mean to each other. We all have our own reason for enjoying the show. I never felt like the whole Tiva thing interfered with the show so I have no problem with it. And for the non-shippers, there has been a certain amount of build up for the Tiva fans and the writers would be doing them an injustice if they simply left it without resolution. I’m not sure why this is such a hot topic but I dont understand how Tiva would lessen the integrity if the show. It certainly hasn’t done so in the last eight years. I will miss Zivas dynamic with the rest of the team including Tony.

    • Paul says:

      at last, i finally found someone who shares my sentiment.
      Why can’t everyone be at peace with whatever other people want? Everyone has a right to choose what to like. There no point arguing about the shipper-non shipper issue. It’s a waste of time. Whatever happens, happens. we can’t control how writers and showrunners do their jobs.

  43. Cookie says:

    I agree with those who say Ziva should be in jail. But only if Gibbs goes to jail for all his shenanigans too, mkay?

    I hope Ziva and Tony get offscreen married and have lots of offscreen sex and babies.

    • Katya says:

      I think Gibbs should go to jail, too. His vigilantism has no place in a federal agency. I’ve been very disappointed by GG going in this direction, and having the other characters support it (I mean Tony ffs! Who resigned from Baltimore PD because he was so upset at finding out his partner was a dirty cop!). I also feel disappointed for MH having to play it, and pretend Gibbs is a hero when his actions show he isn’t. Gibbs arrests people for doing what he has done more than once – pursuing personal revenge. That’s hypocrisy. Gibbs has never struck me as a hypocrite, but this obsession with personal revenge, and the belief that because they are the team and the ‘heroes’ that it must always be justified, is deeply flawed and unsettling. I would like Gibbs to take the rap for it – and Vance and Ziva, too. A readjustment of this show’s moral compass is needed and hopefully with Ziva gone that’s what it’ll get.

      • ninamags says:

        I agree, Katya. The entire team was acting so out of character. I was shocked at some of the stuff they had been doing lately. There was character assasination everywhere last season.

      • cam says:

        I really liked it when ncis used to play up the themes of honor, camaraderie, familial affection, owning up to your mistakes, and exploring character flaws in a moralistically reflective fashion (and revenge was seen as a character flaw — eg. Gibbs going Ahab on Ari). Somehow over the years I feel like the imperfections of these characters have become glorified and they’ve kind of become unnatural heroes (Gibbs and Ziva in particular) which is a shame because there is so much potential for these characters to not be that way. Which leads to another observation — I understand that when a show becomes character driven, you begin to focus upon and delve into the characters’ many facets — their good and bad qualities, and such depictions can be pleasing or hard to swallow depending on what you’re looking at. But what bothers me is that the characters don’t seem to learn anything from their actions and grow, preferably into people whom we can respect for their principles, not just for how they managed to admirably survive the next adversary. They used to be much more dynamic in the earlier seasons I think, and for better or worse there was some kind of a moral ground presented, and this was provided by looking at the macroscopic picture of the given case or situation. Maybe the story has become too microscopic upon the characters and could use a “let’s step back and see what we’re doing” sort of thing? I don’t know, but I hope in season 11 we’ll see some character development in a positive way that makes them respectable in addition to being likable.

      • Dennis Hall says:

        It’s a TV show, fer cryin’ out loud. The writers have to add some ‘sensationalism’ or drama to make it interesting.

        • Katya says:

          Snorlfe. No Dennis – there are plenty of plotlines out there that don’t involve the team becoming revenge killers because their *feelings* justify it. If it’s okay for them, why isn’t it okay for all the people they arrest for doing the same thing? It’s clearly not the only path the show could take because there are a gazillion cop shows out there that aren’t resorting to a plotline of such moral bankruptcy. Drama is one thing – I’m all for it. Turning our heroes into dirty cops and still trying to present them to us as heroes is another.

          • Mike says:

            Besides, constantly smacking Tony in the back of his head, in front of the wholeTeam, is as unprofessional as I’ve have witnessed as a former soldier and federal employee Field Team Leader. It’s about time, Tony turns to Gibbs and says, “one more time Boss, and I’ll punch your face in”. Tony’s almost 40, for craps sake! Show some respect. Tony loves it..That’s real, Ha!
            Gibb’s rules, Gibb’s holier than thou attitude and every one loves Gibbs, makes me laugh. Hey, remember the episode where Tony and Ziva were sleeping together, simulating sex while the bad guys watched . Oh yeah, that would have happened. Get real. The best was when he softened up for his father and to his former wife. His constant Marine D.I. style gets old. As for Tony and Ziva, is it Brother and Sister, wannabe lovers or from Ziva, the guy you love to hate, but makes you a bit frisky. Here’s real life…let them finally sleep together, then find out they are not sexually compatable, and as the old song goes, “Let’s just kiss and say goodbye”

          • Bellz says:

            This is a ‘television show’. Smacking Tony occasionally on the back of the head is part of its charm. And for Tony to say to Gibbs ‘he’d punch him in the face’ would be out of character. Tony & Ziva were undercover and in a real life op that’s what would of happened. In real life you don’t find out after one sexual encounter that you are/aren’t sexually compatible. You don’t end a relationship because of a one time sexual encounter…well those who have genuine feelings for the other person wouldn’t. I know guys in the Army and Police force who have the same way of doing things, they stick to their known routine of what gets the best result and they look the same daily for years so Gibb’s Marine style is the norm…that’s who Gibbs is. Change it and you change the dynamics of the character. I do agree with you though, one first and final kiss would be acceptable and the best way to say goodbye.

      • bill says:

        Katya, I bet you were a big fan of Elliot on SCI too. He really was a crazy cop. Gibbs gets the job done.

    • Katya says:

      PS It’s a big thumbs down from me to your hope that Ziva and Tony get married offscreen and have lots of offscreen sex and babies! LOL! I really hate that idea!

  44. Litaco says:

    They should bring in Amanda Bynes to fill her spot. Have her and McGee date.

  45. Paula says:

    So So sorry Ziva is leaving . She is so part of the team. Something else must be so very important to her. I am going to truly miss her.

  46. Jean says:

    I do not agree with you but at the end of the day people are only people and we all have free will.If it was me when this was all over I would go Sydney for New Year. Of course I will miss Ziva as she is so different to any other strong woman on TV. As an actress and a woman she deserves that respect from any Tony/Gibbs worshipers.

  47. Sabrina Fisher says:

    I guess I’m the only one who DOESN’T want Tony & Ziva to get together. I couldn’t see them holding a long distance relationship. I am going to miss her terribly. It’s going to be hard to find someone who can keep Tony on his toes like she does, and her friendship with Gibbs is so cool. I’m just glad they’re not killing her off. When I first heard she was leaving my first thought was to have her go back to Israel to be with her family since her father was killed. That way she can always come back as a guest star. The show won’t be the same without her. But I wish her the best of luck in whatever she does, she seems like a genuinely nice person.

  48. love the show but come on people wise up it isn’t real don’t take it to heart so much watch her on something else no one person is ncis well if Gibbs left it would be impossible to replace him :)

  49. Stacey says:

    Sounds like Ziva leaves for another opportunity (Mossad related maybe?) or she found a opportunity during the months that she quit, but she and Tony come to a decision about them. I do think they might put them together, off screen. So when they do eventually replace with a new female…they don’t have to do that with the new woman and Tony. And if they can get Cote back in the future, or for the series finale…they can go back to that, or in the series finale…send Tony and Ziva off together.

  50. Dee Hanny says:

    I see the Soap Opera mentallity is alive and well. Get real, people. It is just fictional. A
    TV show for entertainment and to help the Sponsors sell their products.

    • Charlotte says:

      I am very very sad about Zeva leaving. I just love NCIS and watch episodes over and over. I do not feel like Matt or Gary or whoever will get anyone that will be able to take her place. My NCIS is over probally. I do love ALL the other cast too, but it will not be the same. I am sure you could offer her enough money to keep her. I hope you realize the value she is to the show.