Once Upon a Time Exclusive: Robin Hood Recast!

Sean Maguire Krod Mandoon

Sean Maguire in ‘Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire’

Someone has made like the Prince of Thieves and “stolen” the role of Robin Hood for Once Upon a Time Season 3.

With Merlin‘s Tom Ellis unavailable to return to the role he played in the Belle-centric Season 2 episode “Lacey,” fellow Brit Sean Maguire will play the character for a recurring arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

“Although we love Tom Ellis, unfortunately he wasn’t available,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz previously told TVLine of the recast plan. “We remain huge fans of his, but because we have an arc planned for the character, we had to move forward.”

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In addition to playing TV’s Kröd Mändoon (pictured at right), Maguire’s credits include the UK crime drama Scott & Bailey and miniseries Bedlam, Criminal Minds, The Class and Off Centre. He also costarred on the BBC soap EastEnders, as Aidan Brosnan.

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Once opens its new season on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8/7c.

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  1. courts says:

    Remember that guy we hyped and hyped and then he wasn’t actually in it much? No? Good, because we’ve recast him as someone totally different.

    • Lauren says:

      WTF are you talking about? They didn’t even release his name until the promo spoiled it. How is that hype……..?

      • courts says:

        Really? All they did was talk about Robin Hood. A LOT. On twitter, in their interviews.

        • Abby says:

          Yes, Hood was hyped, but I believe the other commenter thought you were referring to the actor himself, which is what I thought, as well, until I read your reply. I’m sure that the producers, when they cast Tom Ellis, didn’t know he would be unavailable for filming in season three – it may have been their intention, all along, to intro Hood now, and delve into him later. Especially with the rumours flying that he was Snow’s mentor…

    • A says:

      What’s your problem? The character wasn’t hyped. He was revealed towards the end of last season. Of course they’re not gonna develop him or use him as much because they had more important stuff to cover leading up to finale. His appearance was used as a setup for what they probably have been planning on doing with the character this season. Do you actually think they’d prefer to recast him? They have no choice. They are using the character for a storyline and they needed an actor. Sure it might be a bit confusing to some people at first but let’s not act like recasts are actually a new thing.

      • courts says:

        He was hyped a lot. Enough that when he appeared people went “That was it?”

      • courts says:

        But anyway, I was making the point that he didn’t have a big role and the entire episode he was in was a total mess anyway so it doesn’t matter. Considering the way they’ve split up the show for S3, it’s unlikely he’ll get much screentime anyway

  2. CJ Taylor says:

    Importantly Sean was in Grange Hill.

    • Bev says:

      Grange Hill <3 He was also in Eastenders, played an Irish kid. Always wearing an Ireland football top!! :D

    • Susi says:

      lol. My first thought was that and his previous career as a pop star! Mind you… that makes it much harder my me to take him seriously but I’ll be watching as always. :)

  3. Maki says:

    Tom seemed much better. This one seems like a softy. Tom was giving Robin strenght and I liked him. But OUAT rarely makes casting mistakes so I’m not worried!

    • A says:

      I like some of their casting choices but they have had a few bad ones IMO. The first one that comes to mind is Kristin Bauer as Maleficent. I love her on True Blood but she was just awful as Maleficent. Maleficent creeped the hell out of me my entire childhood and she still is the scariest Disney Villian of all to me but Kristin played her too cutesy and pink and she wasn’t scary at all in her human form. Also, Greg and Tamara were awful characters and a big downside to the second half of season 2 (even though I still enjoyed the majority of it). Maybe I would have enjoyed them being played by different actors but who knows. Lastly, and I know that most likely no one will agree with this, I think the casting for Charming is a huge fail. I just really dislike the character and Josh Dallas and the way he plays him. Again maybe a different actor would make me like the character but for the moment he is my least favorite on the show.

      • Allen says:

        I completely agree…I would add in Emilie de Ravin as Belle…she played my favorite character on Lost and I think she’s a great actress, but for some reason, I just find her terrible as Belle…maybe it’s also the way she’s written

        • Cheli says:

          I think its the way she is written, Belle is constantly vulnerable. Hardly someone who overcame fear to fall in love with a Beast

        • A says:

          I too enjoyed her on LOST. I think its the way she’s written as well. I honestly found her more entertaining as Lacey than as Belle.

        • lee says:

          well it’s hard to be convincing when you have the most stupid lines and plots in the series. emilie was perfect as belle in skin deep. then A&E happened…

      • JCK says:

        ITA. I’d have cast Bebe Neuwirth as Maleficent. Also, I’m not happy with the actor cast as Neal/Baelfire. He’s too “street”. All of his formative years he was listening to proper english. No way he’d be speaking like a hood.

        • A says:

          Maybe he learned to speak that way to blend into to his environment in New York/America/Wherever he’s been, but I get your point. And yes I think most people would have made a better Maleficent than Kristin Bauer. I don’t maybe its the way she was written or maybe they wanted her to play it like that but it was definitely a bad portrayal of one of the greatest villians.

        • DD says:

          The actor who plays Baelfire as an adult would be cool as a new character. It comes across as if he’s playing a new character too. Not as Baelfire. But maybe they can still help him with better instructions and so on next season to merge his character with the young Baelfire more. Otherwise it would be one of their biggest casting missteps.

      • Mikael says:

        Maleficent is one of the best, if not THE best, Disney villains. I feel like Once completely wasted her in favor of making Regina all-powerful. And WTH was that zombie thing she had been reduced to? I like Kristen Bauer, and maybe if they had given her more of a role, she could have done something with it. Or perhaps they could have cast someone who wasn’t already a regular on another show. It might be too late for Maleficent, but I’m hoping they don’t screw up Ursula as well (if they even use her, or even worse, just make her Regina)

        • A says:

          Yes, I like Regina but sometimes I think if the focus of the show would have been more on Maleficent rather than Regina, it would have been amazing. The Evil Queen was always the lamest villain to me (in terms of the Disney movie). Regina was definitely a step up and added a new layer to the character but Maleficent would have definitely been a greater villain.
          That zombie thing was because she was already killed before in the first season but Regina’s spell kept her trapped in whatever form she was in. So since all the was left was bones, that’s what we saw when Regina and Hook saw her again.
          I definitely hope they use Ursula because next to Maleficent she is the second best Disney villain IMO. They need to make her awful, disgusting, repulsive and just completely epic. I don’t want them to ruin her character if they use her like they ruined Maleficent.

        • Jack says:

          I’m reading through the comment section to see what others felt on the Robin front.
          I enjoy this show but there are a few characters that when they’re storyline shows up I’m disappointed to see it. And Robin is definitely one of them. The First-Robin came off as very Strong and Manly – Something definitely needed to be in a relationship with Regina.
          However when I re-watched those few scenes with him, he didn’t come off all that honorable.
          – seemed to me his concern for Belle’s safety was simply an after thought. Yes yes, his wife was sick. dying perhaps, much on his mind but still… sincerity would have been nice.
          That’s how it felt to me anyways.
          And this new Robin.. now he certainly does have that sincerity and honor thing down pretty well, however he is much too sensitive. Comes off as only sensitive. His voice rarely changes and he’s boring. There’s no real Strength no push-back just the same soft voice all the time. Isn’t he? I Saw and Felt more emotion on August’s face showed More emotion and feeling on his Wooden-Face than I have yet to see on Robin’s. In fact THAT Actor would have made a much better Robin. I enjoyed his performances. I keep hoping that the ‘Lion Tattoo’ will turn out to be on the forearms of a whole regiment of men and that Robin Hood turns out Not to be the man pointed out to her in the tavern… and that The Hood Family stay gone, all of them which includes that sickly wife of his who without Someones intervention would have died At LEAST Three Times by now!

          But anyways.. my main reason for leaving this was to Commend you on your powers of foresight – regarding Ursula! (A-haha!) You couldn’t have called it better if you were in Gold’s own Shoppe! And talk about no charisma or passion! They simply put a wo0man in a tight green dress, digitised a few tentacles- ‘digi-tacles’ I suppose, and tossed on a bejeweled headband and called it Ursula. And you saw that as a possibility 2 years ago! Remember when Regina pretended to be Ursula? That was a great job! Seems this is a character best left IN the water – or even within a mirror.
          But alas! What I see on screen is so completely Un-frightening and Uninteresting that it actually pulls me out of the show. I start wondering – again – Who gave the final ‘Go’ on that? Who gave the First Go? Did anyone stand up and say “No. this just isn’t working”. If you think I’m being too harsh – then I suspect you have yet to see it for yourselves. digitacles and all. And if you have seen it, tell me one of your first thoughts weren’t close to “What is THAT – and Who in Storybrooke (or in any brooke) would be afraid of That Ursua?” I mean Why or What is there to even be afraid of? Besides tentacle strangulation what is the fear there?
          and in a town with magic? ridiculous.
          Now Cruella is another one of the villains there with no real threat to say, Regina.
          But WOW is she wonderful to watch! That actress goes all-in. There is a fire a passion there! So Much can be forgiven when the budget is too small for what is needed, but only if the acting is Large! and sadly that is yet to be the case with little old Ursula.

  4. neha says:

    Sigh, Tom Ellis is gorgeous and I’m sorry I won’t get to see him in this storyline.

  5. Erin says:

    Usually I hate recasting, but I have no problem with it in this case, considering Robin Hood had maybe 2 minutes of screen time last season.

  6. Jen says:

    I don’t like recasting but the show didn’t have any other choice. Tom Ellis is involved in other projects and he didn’t have time to appear this season.

    • tvfan says:

      I have yet to find these other projects. This pilot – Gothica wasn’t picked up. What’s he doing?
      Maybe he’s the new Dr. Who. (just kidding, I think)

  7. Cherry says:

    This is terrible news!
    Tom Ellis is a talented, handsome guy and I was so looking forward to seeing more of him on OUAT. I’ve never been blown away by Sean and he’s nowhere near as handsome.

  8. mac says:

    Wait….Sean Maguire as in ‘Meet the Spartans’ Sean Maguire ? Leonidas ?

  9. Louise says:

    *sigh* I wanted to see more of Robin Hood and I’m glad to hear the writers felt the same way, but I don’t like recasts and also happen to like Tom Ellis a lot so this is hard to swallow.

  10. Kristina says:

    I don’t even remember Robin Hood being in that episode, guess I should go back and watch it again! Guess a new face in the part won’t bother me much :) The new guys looks the part though!

  11. Day says:

    I have loved this guy since the too-short-lived Off Centre. Happy to see him again!

  12. david says:

    Guys can we please take a second and try and focus on whats really important. Matt when is season 2 of Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire airing :)

  13. Jane says:

    I Think this is FANTASTIC casting. Sean looks the part. He played a similar fantasy role in Krod, which I also really loved. He’s a talented actor who’s worked in UK USA and Ireland since the age of 5. Not many actors have managed to keep working for that length of time. The original Robin Hood was in the ep so briefly I don’t think it will at all effect the story line. Give the actor and te show I chance. I for one am very excited to see the new Robin Hood and for everything else OUAT has in store for us in Season Three.