Vampire Diaries @ Comic-Con: Power-Hungry 'Stefan,' Happy (?) Delena, a Bigger Bad and More

Vampire Diaries Comic-Con 2013 Season 5 SpoilersVampire Diaries lovers Elena and Damon are together at last, but will the honeymoon period last for long?

Executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries joined stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham and Candice Accola at the show’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday to tease Delena and Klaroline’s future, the looming Big Bad, Katherine’s phlegmy human obstacle and more.

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SEASON 5 PREVIEW | A sexy sizzle reel (below) was capped off with a sneak peek at the new season: Silas (as Stefan) stands on a platform in the middle of a Town Square summer stage and talks about how much blood he’s consumed. He’s testing his powers to see how many people he can influence. Perhaps a whole crowd of compelled residents? Meanwhile, Bonnie lets out a chilling scream in the midst of the mob.

DELENA’S FUTURE | Now that Elena and Damon are finally a couple, will they get some joyful times? “There’s no drama in happiness,” Plec pointed out. However, “[We] try to keep them happy for a while in midst of all the bad things around them trying to tear them apart.” Somerhalder, who was surprised Elena chose his character (“I thought they were joking. Damon never gets the girl,” he marveled), added that the vamp is “smitten and sweet.”

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SILAS MEETS HIS COMPETITION | “The Big Bad rarely launches the season,” hinted Plec. “The Big Bad often gets vanquished” by an even Bigger Bad, so Silas might need to watch his back. In the meantime, “we will catch a glimpse of what happened to get Silas the way he is,” the EP teased.

SCHOOL ROMANCE | The show’s vampire girls “can’t get by with the same tricks” at college as Mystic Falls, Accola noted. (A funny observation from Wesley: “Why are we pursuing higher education? We’re all murderers. We can steal whatever we want.”) And what’s college without some cute new boys? “There will be some apples to be picked,” the actress smiled. Best rest assured, Caroline’s “pretty determined to get Tyler to college so they can finally be together, since Klaus is gone.” As for whether the Original will return to the gal he’s enamored with, Plec said the question is, “Will Caroline have her hands full of Klaus in New Orleans?”

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COLDS SUCK | How will Katherine deal with being human? “It’s not going to be good for her,” replied Dobrev “She’s going to be lost and weak and insecure.” And dealing with some particularly green phlegm from a cough, Dries teased.

CROSSING OVER | With Bonnie dead, viewers will get to see her perspective on the other side. She’ll also be dealing with the fact that she sacrificed her own life without really realizing it, and the grief that comes with that. At the start, the witch will only be able to communicate with Jeremy – who’s rooming with Damon – but “we’ll see for how long she can keep her secret – if at all,” shared Graham.

BACK FROM THE DEAD | Jeremy’s reappearance will be explained during a funny scene in which Elena rehearses him through his cover story: He faked his own death, burned his house down and ran away from home.

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  1. Maki says:

    Great preview. I mean the Silas part. I’m bit sick off the triangle. Let Staroline happen and kill Elena. Kat can stay.

    • Bella says:

      As long as Bonnie stays then I am happy, not a Stelena or Delena fan. Though I do love Stefan.

      • Alice says:

        Here, here. I love Bonnie. As long as she gets a storyline that’s not “diasappear until conveniently needed to cast spell” – I’ll stick around. I enjoy Stelena and Delena pretty equally.

    • Claudia says:

      Also sick of the fake deaths. Jeremy and Bonnie (in a way) should remain dead. It just makes death like nothing threatening since everyone comes back. Also, Elena should stay, if her new behavior remains. Bitchy Elena is way interesting than regular-boring-whinning Elena.

      • Lala says:

        Agree. If the writer makes a decision to kill off a character, then they need to stick with it. I love Bonnie and hated that her character died, but this coming back as a ghost is just a cop out. What I find funny is that Julie Plec told fans that she couldn’t bring back Kol because bringing back a dead character would be “bad writing”. And then she brought back Jeremy……

        • Ghosts have been very integral to the series,as theres been at least an episode per season where ghosts have appeared. I think since Silas wants to open up and destroy the other side, the Other Side should be shown and to have a main character expereincing that would be good. Plus they can introduce Ketsyia (spelling?) and have more of Silas’s backstory revealed to us

          • Lala says:

            I understand that, but the writers killed two main characters without killing them off. Once again they used a lame excuse (although nothing will top the “natures loophole” pregnancy explanation on The Originals) and just undid everything. Jeremy’s death was heartbreaking (Matt’s face when he saw a dead Jeremy!), it was probably one of the best episodes this season. But now it’s like that episode was a complete waste.

          • I agree with the Jeremy thing, but like I said before Bonnie is dead they’re just showing what’s going on in the other side. Also I really feel like episodes like The Walking Dead and Ghost’s World are nice reminders and tributes to the fans that like to see these characters again. I love any reason for them to bring Grams into the fold (who I think died too early.

        • lorna says:

          I wish they would bring Alaric back, at least on a semi recurring basis. I get the kids are out of high school, but he was still the cool adult who let them drink and was there for them.

        • lorna says:

          Um, did anybody like Kol? He was the 3rd worst character on the show. 1)Shane 2) April 3.) Kol good riddance

    • Klaroline,delena,stelena,boo Bonnie says:

      They need a klaroline couple!!!! KL@USE so h@ndsome. You c@n’t kill elen@ bec@use she’s the st@r of the show @lso d@mon & $teph@n. So I love this show alot!!! So if u have a nice comment put it, if u don’t keep it 2 yourself!!! PS I hate Bonnie but like kat.

  2. Babybop says:

    Okay. I’m super excited for the next season, but this reel just made me hate Elena more.

  3. Parisian says:

    Bonnie is screaming because her dad is the one lying bleeding (possibly dead) on the ground behind Stefan/Silas in 4:44.

    • Ppedro says:

      I didn’t even notice the man lying bleeding haha. I thought she was screaming because she’s the one who knows the truth and no one can see her or hear her because she’s dead
      But sure, that theory makes sense

    • Yeah I missed that the first time, but then I remembered seeing Bonnie, and then I’m like the guy behind Silas seems familiar..

  4. Julie says:

    Don’t care about Elena and her relationships anymore. She’ll be with Damon for awhile and we all know eventually she’ll flop back to Stefan. I am excited about Stefan getting a bigger storyline though and hopefully Damon won’t lose his edge now. We need the women to go back to kicking some butt and not have it all be about the guys. Katherine should be interesting as well.

    • Bella says:

      Me either, stopped caring about who Elena would end up with back in season 2. All for Stefan getting a great storyline as long as it’s not centered on Elena. Disappointed my favourite Bonnie was killed off and can only be seen by Jeremy.

  5. Hodan says:

    I love how the music became all dramatic and bad@ss at around 1:48…just goes to show you how awesome DE is and would always be. #DEstiny

  6. Michelle says:

    Well it was a great preview until you got to the Delena section. Since of the love triangle but excited that Paul will get to show his acting chops more with playing Silas!

  7. Fran says:

    I’m not gonna lie- I am a Stelena fan through and through and I hate that they’re not together. This just made me even more sad :( But I understand why Delena is happening and am excited for Stefan to have a storyline that doesn’t revolve around him mooning over Elena. I still hope they get back together at some point though, I can’t help it.

    • Melanie says:

      I 100% agree

    • I agree! I am looking forward to a storyline that does not revolve around the very annoying and drawn out love triangle! But this makes me wonder…what about stefan who is locked in a underwater vault? How long are we going to have to deal with the fact that Silas is walking around as Stefan and NOBODY KNOWS? These are the questions I want answers to. If its the whole season where Silas is Stefan that’s going to get old really fast. :) Glad Bonnie is still around!

    • Jess says:

      I’m more of a Stelena fan myself- but I certainly understood that Delena would be happening at some point. My problem was the way it was done. I thought she should have chosen Damon at the end of season 3. That made sense, after spending so much time together throughout the year and ripper Stefan doing bad things. It made sense that they would grow close. But her choosing Stefan and then seeing the first episode of this season with them together… It was kinda cold to see her flop back to Damon after that, and was too much like Katherine. Just my two cents though.

      • I agree to some extent. I didn’t like the sire bond twist, but I knew that once she became a vampire, she would never have the same feelings for stefan, as she was no longer the same girl that fell in love with Stefan.

  8. Tori says:

    I wonder if we will get to see the other side because of Bonnie. I am also curious about the fact Bonnie is free to visit the living world, considering the witches were upset with her breaking away from what they wanted and ignoring the natural laws when it came to Jeremy.

  9. Dmac says:

    This just made me relieve how much I detest Elena now. I do believe Julie Plec’s infatuation with Ian clouds her story lines. I am not really excited for this season and I find that kind of sad.

    • Kira says:

      I agree!!! Notice how in all her SDCC interviews she doesn’t mention anything about Stefan. I couldn’t care less about Elena and her going to college parties. Give us scoop on the vampire who is locked in a vault and drowning for months on end.

      • Cher says:

        Nobody cares about what kind of scoop interests you, they’re not going to spoil anything big so did it not ever occur to you that could be a good thing before you decided to whine?

        • Kira says:

          Give me a break!! Love how not being on board the Julie Plec does everything right train makes me a whiner lol If you don’t like what I have to say that’s fine. No need to go out of your way to be rude about it. Personally I feel like the last few seasons have been going downhill. The only thing that saved the finale for me was Stefan. If you don’t feel that way great. We’re allowed to have different opinions without getting nasty with each other. Its called common courtesy.

          • Well Julie said after the finale that Stefan will be changed by everything. I don’t even think Paul wants to play Stefan anytime soon, if you saw the panel, (it’s on youtube just search The Vampire Diaries Comic Con Panel 2013) Paul was very happy Stefan is not in play for now, and he gets to play Silas. And to be honest- if they say anything about Stefan it spoils, because we know he won’t stay down there forever.

          • Kira says:

            I can’t wait to see how Stefan and Silas interact!! When it was revealed that Stefan was a doppelganger I figured most of his problems stemmed from Silas. He’s the only dopple whose original is still alive. Whatever happens with them I hope it makes Stefan more badass. Finally got him away from Elena. Time to let him shine :)

    • Cher says:

      People need to stop letting their bitterness cloud their appreciation of the show. The show is great as far as character development goes, Stelena was good for what it was for the start of the show but it was just never a strong enough story to carry it. If it had stayed the way it was we would never have made it to season 5. JP can do whatever she wants, it’s her show and she’s a professional.

      • Josh says:

        Only two people get character development…three really…Stefan, Damon and Klaus. Every other character just revolves around these people…the female characters are horrid. Sure JP can do what she wants, but she’s pretty turned the show to crap IMO.

        • Are you serious? Elena has gotten so much character development, and I can’t believe you don’t think that Bonnie and Caroline didn’t get any character development, even Jeremy. You really should see the show from the beginning because everyone is so different from where they began off with. Jeremy use to be a loner stoner who wanted to die, and then he became involved, and then became really the moral purpose of the season (finding the cure). Caroline is so different, before she use to be a whiny girl who could never stick up for herself, and now she is someone who is selfless, dependable person.

          • Fran says:

            No, see that’s the thing. Elena and Caroline did change from the start of the show, like through season 2 and part of season 3. Then their characters completely backtracked. It became all about the relationships and they don’t make their own decisions anymore. They’re not showing us how they can be strong at all. Bonnie doesn’t have her own mind- everything she does is because someone else tells or asks her too. I want the female characters to show some guts already. And yes, Jeremy has changed for the better- but he’s a male character. The show hasn’t done good with the females.

          • Lala says:

            I have to agree with Fran. Season 4 was not good for the female characters in TVD.

          • Hmm… to some extent I agree. I agree this year the story focused more on Elena and her problems, thus you never really got to see Caroline shine, but I think she did grow as a person by becoming Stefans confidant. You got to see her be the person that someone leans on to. You got to see her being the one that someone comes to- if thats not the show of someone’s strength than I don’t know what is. Her constant battle with Klaus to have Tyler return to Mystic Falls- she ended up getting her way- again that’s a battle she won.

            I agree with what you said about Bonnie, but I never really liked Bonnie so I shouldn’t be really commenting, but no one told her to bring Jeremy back from the dead, that was her own decision, and Grams told her no- don’t do it, but she did it anyways.

  10. S says:

    Why do they show the ‘epic’ love that is SE? Is this showing us that its not over and the triangle will cont on? please NO let it end. I had to laugh at how Ian was also surprised Damon got the girl though lol. Also, why can’t a couple be happy? they can still be together but have other issues that doesn’t destroy their relationship. Well whatever once and if DE end I will want Damon to move on and be free of both Elena and Katherine.

    • Dmac says:

      Of course it will end, didn’t you watch the intro. Elena spent how long with Stefan convincing him that he the “one” blah, blah,blah and than all of a sudden it is Damon. Who in the hell wants to see a smitten Damon??? Last season was God awful and with Elena Damon loses the part of himself that makes him interesting. As for Damon never getting the girl, if he would pick a girl that isn’t important to his brother he might. I am still pissed that JP had Lexi falling for Damon… Elena is no better than Katherine and yet, JP treats her character like she is a saint. My prediction: ratings tank (yes, there are more Stefan fans than you Delena’s think) and suddenly D/E break up. I know, I know the first thing you are thinking is that I am a S/E fan…nope, I want Stefan to find someone who isn’t attracted to Damon as well and have Elena see what it is like when Stefan turns his back on her.

      • So you guys won’t watch the show because Delena are together? That is so ridiculous and you all shouldn’t be called fans of the show then. Ratings will go down anyways, its the fifth season, and Thursdays at 8 is very competitive, especially with the new show coming, and Once Upon a Time, launching a new show which caters towards the TVD market. Clearly you are a Stelena fan, just a scorned one.

  11. Josh says:

    Wow one female character wasn’t mentioned in the same line as a guy!! It’s almost as if a female can exist with a male character(like the male characters on this show can do without a female). They’re mention of the vampire girls is immediately followed up by boys. So laughable.

  12. Oh, for heaven’s sake … one third of the triangle is at the bottom of a lake (or river … something) and an evil crazy nigh-unkillable creature has taken his place … and we’re still doing the triangle thing?!?!? She picked Stefan, then sorta Damon, then Stefan, then Damon, then Damon … if Elena can’t stick to a guy, then what good is her “picking” someone? I’ll say the same thing I said when she picked Stefan last year: Let her stick with her choice for a while, and refocus the show back on the characters. I mean, who doesn’t want to see evil!Stefan again as evil!Silas? Who do you think will notice first – Damon, Elena, Katherine or Caroline? What will Katherine do now that she’s a human? What is the Other Side like? Will Bonnie being there mean more appearances of other favorites, like Ric, Lexi, Rose, Mason, Jenna or Anna? Will Jeremy get more powers now that he’s been very, very dead and come back? How does he not kill Damon when he’s apparently rooming with the guy who’s banging his sister, and probably not terribly shy about mentioning it? What’s college like for the undead? Who will be the new big bad after Silas? And why does Stefan have a double, too, and when does Damon’s show up? Who wants to bet that if/when he does, he’s like the sweetest, most non-violent man ever?

    Look at all the awesome questions to answer this season that have nothing to do with the triangle. Maybe spend at least the first half of the season focusing on them, and pick the shipping war back up during sweeps. Or, you know, never. That’s fine, too.

  13. K. says:

    Well I don’t particularly care for the character Elena and really don’t think she’s worth fighting for…I would love to see Damon actually pick his brother and save him for once instead of mooning after the girl!! Of course I like Damon better when is bad and not whipped down by Elena….

  14. I am so happy that from what everyone is saying, they will focus less on the couples and more on the characters. IF you all don’t know they casted characters which will bring conflict to all of the other characters, which is really good. I am excited to see Jeremy and Damon have scenes together, really want to see Tyler-Elena-Caroline having a little bonding session in College, and going to parties and what not. What they haven’t mentioned is Matt, who I feel they really integrated really well this year.

    • Fran says:

      I’m glad you brought u Matt- there is no mention of him at all, why? And I’m curious to see Damon and Jeremy together too, but I hope dam

      • Fran says:

        Sorry, let me try that again! I hope Damon is a little nicer to Jeremy. He’s so mean to him and that always bothered me.

      • I feel like every year they try to force Matt into the storyline and not integrate him like naturally, but this year for all the negative things one can point out, one good thing they did do was integrate Matt into the show in an organic way. I think it was totally plausible to have Matt be the one that triggers her humanity back, as he was the one that she gave everything up for in the first place.
        Damon and Jeremy have one of the best chemistries on the show, only because it feels so realistic. The dialogue between the two of them, yes can be a little mean towards Jeremy, but they both just ooze out the feeling of you want to see this grow, you want to see more of this.

        • Fran says:

          I agree with you on Matt. I always liked him but his storylines always seemed forced. This year he really was a part of things. It actually did make sense that he would be the one to get Elena her humanity back. I thought for sure they would make it be one of the brothers so I was pleasantly surprised.

  15. sexygodDamon says:

    Wow the amount of Elena hate or TVD bashing on the comment section of this article is beyond ridiculous. I love TVD and I’m a passionate delena shipper and that’s all I really want to say.

  16. ilv5489 says:

    omg just kill elena already i liked her when she was a bitch but now shes just the same old whining dumbass who always does something stupid that almost her killed dont get me wrong i love nina but elena just sucks if shes dies then finally damon and stefan finally could move on from her and be with other girls

  17. I’m just excited to see the Stefan/Silas thing, the rest is blah. Glad to see Paul Wesley getting a more excited material to work, because the triangle it’s really boring now.

  18. Mikael says:

    Jeremy & Damon rooming together… delicious

  19. AnnieM says:

    I like Matt. That’s all I wanted to say. :-D

  20. jaded says:

    Just give me some Alaric or even better Damon and Alaric and I’ll be a happy girl. Now that Cult was canceled who knows….

  21. amyhowell says:

    I think Damon suited his character much better when he was bad and not with elena. I’m a firm Stelena beliver and I wish elena will eventually go back to stefan, I don’t like the way lexi fell for Damon either because her character spent most of her time hating him. Im also a klaroline shipper and wish they will end up together along with Rebekha and Matt which I think is quite cute. Katherine now being human will probably go to Stefan (Silas) for support and get close to him which will spark confusion to everyone especially elena and Damon first of all before they know he’s Silas. I hope Jeremy finds a new girl too, but that might be awkward as bonnie will be watching him and is the only one to communicate with him.

  22. l love how jers back but wll stefan ever get out of the vault?

  23. lts gonna be funny wlth jer and lan llvlng together ln the sane house whlle elena and lan/danon are gonna klss alot! LOL!!!!!

  24. sarafinalopez says:

    well….it is great elena is finally with damon…she better off with damon makes her less boring…….bonnie shouldnt have died….she could have just continued living her boring life……as for stefan….let him go to hell….team damon