Lying Game Cancelled, Bunheads Fate Still TBD

The Lying Game CancelledIt’s Lying Game over, folks.

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Series lead Alexandra Chando has confirmed that the mystery-filled ABC Family drama will in fact not be returning, via a message on Instagram:

To our awesome #lyinggame fans, thank you for these two amazing seasons. Unfortunately, ABC Family has decided not to bring us back for a third season. We so wanted to do 10 more for you guys! Thanks for your support and keep up with the cast to see what’s next for us!

Chando’s announcement comes in the wake of much speculation that Lying Game’s modestly rated run had ended, especially as the freshman series The Fosters keeps hitting new highs in the Nielsens.

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That leaves Bunheads as the only ABC Family series with a fate that remains TBD; check our Cable Renewal Scorecard for updates.

What burning question from The Lying Game would you most like answered?

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  1. Alex says:

    Well, this SUCKS.

      • Becka says:

        ABC never finishes a series! That really sucks. Chloe King now Lying Game. Come on at least give a 2 hour movie finale to satisfy the viewers. I am very close to not watching anything from ABC cause as soon as I get interested it gets cancelled.

        • sharon says:


          • Ev Hoewll says:

            I do not like how ABC stops airing shows and leaves its viewers hanging. I do not watch that much on television but it seems when I start a series it gets cut off! We do need closure so do a special movie to end it all. I will think twice before starting another series on ABC.

          • Mickey Tinnon says:

            I agree with Becka lots of interesting looking series coming on ABC but I guarantee them I will not start any of them. The ones I already watch I’ll continue on,
            but they won’t screw me on another series to be left hanging when they decide to cancel it.

          • Mary says:

            No one cares about BUNHEADS!! We want the lying game back

          • Triple B says:

            The Lying Game was watched by many ppl and to just up a cancel this show in the middle of the story…that’s a BIG NO NO. My daughter and I have not missed one show and are still waiting for season 3…get some balls ABC and bring back the show…abc spark is my most favorite station on TV. With out the shows you have no viewers.

          • lisa says:

            I was looking forward to the winter…thinking it would come back on…I figure check online for the date…reading this all…cant be true…please at least sum it all up into a scene so we have a real ending!

          • Done with all tv series says:


          • Robyn says:

            I think its terrible ABC didnt atleast do a special to end the series The Lying Game! I really enjoyed every episode , it kept me intrigued and was waiting for the final episode that had a ending! I agree that they should create a 2 hour special giving us all the final details as to who was the murderer, what did Kristine do when she found out about the twins , who ended up with Ethan and what was with Thaer?

          • Marie says:

            I totally agree with each and every one if you guys like bun heads are retardeddddd and the PLL are going down and the lying game stopped at one of the best parts this makes me want to tell all my friends how bad this is 😬 I wanted to cry

          • josh says:

            #watchoutabcfamilyimcomingforyou #whatswrongwithkristen? #bringbacklyinggame cancel jane by design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sux i agree with all of u dis is the best show i eva seen in my life! thay thay 4evs xxxxx

        • Mo says:

          Agree , they should at least have a finally of some sort. I have been waiting it to come back on. Stupid ABC family!

          • C. Green says:

            I agree totally. I was so looking forward to it coming back on!

          • Terri H says:

            I totally agree. Please give us some closer.

          • Mickey Tinnon says:

            What gets me is their stupid thank you to the awesome fans. That’s a load of bull crap if I ever heard any. They could care less about us or they would have given us some kind of acceptable ending at least instead of leaving us hanging in the wind.

          • Jeanine says:

            Didn’t know it was cancelled until now. Very disappointed that they left us all hanging like this. There are a ton of unanswered questions. I thought after the finale, they were definitely coming back for Season 3. A finale would be a good decision.

          • Peyton says:

            Agreed. ABC will start losing viewers altogether if they don’t stop cancelling shows. NEED movie finale, please!!!

          • Rachael says:

            I agree the cancel way to many good shows

          • renee says:

            Agreed! I wad looking forward to season 3. Please bring it back!x

          • Marie says:

            Tbh ABC you could’ve had way more people watching abc if you never took it down, and I were the owner of ABC I would sue myself. If you people ever decide bringing it back I’ll be waiting years and years until I’m dead, all we want is the lying game!!! That show was so attaching and kind if helped and was so interesting now the only place I can find it is on netflix are u serious!?!

          • Dawn Ritter says:

            I was totally upset with the way it ended. I mean talk about leaving us all in suspense that word has new meaning now. I agree with you all. All we need is one last episode to end everything the right way and close the show properly. If they a writer at ABC to write the last episode I would gladly volunteer with pay. LOL

          • mary sargent says:

            I agree ive been waiting to see what happened the best show on abc and they cancel it at least answer all the questions you left at the end on season 2

          • Anne says:

            I will never again watch a movie series on ABC. Leaving us hanging like just shows you they don’t care about it’s viewers. Well I don’t care about ABC any more plenty of other shows to watch on other caring stations seeya

        • jan says:

          you owe the viewers at least an ending to the show

          • jan says:

            like —-who did kill derek

          • Regan says:

            Thayer killed Derek, he had the weapon and killed Derek. We know that.

          • mia says:

            thats what i think too this sucks

          • ANGELA says:


          • rose marie says:

            i blew my homework off so i could watch the second season and then started crying because it was over!!! please do something for us

          • Agree…at least a 2-hr finale!!!

          • Jae says:

            I couldn’t agree more! Why leave people hanging like that! That is the third show I got interested in and you stop showing it and leave us pissed off!

          • Denise says:

            Derrick was killed with a crowbar. I think that is the murder weapon used to kill Theresa. I was thinking Thayer but Kristen might be the guilty one cause she never gives ted a chance to talk. Plus the figure running from the house was too small to be Thayer.

        • Ashley says:

          I agree other than Switched at Birth I will never watch an ABC family show again since they cancelled Kyle XY, Chloe King, The Lying Game, and Jane by Design! Once you get hooked they yank the show!

          • Simone says:

            coundn’t agree more. the lying game was such a great show, i never thought that ABC Family would cancel that series–i didn’t even think they would end Jane By Design or The Nine Lives of Chloe King.
            ABC Family is being very stupid!!! They need to listen to their audience more!!

          • IKR I was totally Peed off ABC family is trippin i’m fin to stop watching it. Kyle XY was awesome The nine Lives of Chloe King was really really great, and i was all into the Lying Game then they wanna take off Jane By Design i was getting all into it, & don’t forget about make it or break it. If I was to make a company it will be all most like ABC Family but mine would be better I would put all the new one and the old ones,but with all the old ones I will let them continue with their show.

          • Roberto Ponce says:

            Oh my god no! That’s not fair that canceled it with so many cliff hangers why!!!!! They should at least do a 2 hr finale that tells us everything and that ends it”!!! I’m so mad now!!!

          • sherry says:

            I agree….I hate when ABC sucks

          • Totally agree says:

            I completely agree!! I can’t believed they cancelled it!! I actually kind of likes it better than pretty little liars; in says that… I think I believe because there has been no resolve at all yet! Grr… Get it together ABC Family or I’ll just block you! Lol

          • Laura Nichole says:


          • layssia says:

            my feelings exactly

          • Kayla Marie says:

            Thank you ^^ totally agree with ashley. Those were the biggest ones i loved and they all just cut off. Sooo annoying and really makes me not want to want ABC’s shows.

        • Ashley says:

          I completely agree with you. I’m sick of starting a series and having to wonder what happened. I loved Chloe King. I wish ABC would do a a decent wrap up so all the questions are answered!

        • shakeia says:

          I AGREE!! They ended the season way 2 good to not come back! at least make a movie!

        • Elizabeth A. Royalty says:

          I agree 100%. It is getting where it is not just ABC that is doing it. I liked Alcatraz, Nurses, Life, and The Finder. All were cancelled with the story line left in an absolute mess with zero closure. If they are going to continue to cancel perfectly good shows, then at the very least provide an actual ending to the loyal viewers who tuned in to watch. i am getting where I really don’t want to get interested in anything anymore because it is just going to get cancelled with no closure. Alcatraz and The Finder were both on Fox and Nurses and Life were on NBC. However, I agree that ABC seems to be the worst.

          • becky says:

            I think The Finder was Cancelled because the actor Michael Clarke Duncan that played Leo Knox Died in real life.

          • Nikki says:

            You’re so right, I’m not sure if anyone has seen the series The Glades but the season finally ended with the main character being shot at the end (not know if he dies or not), I just found out THE SHOW GOT CANCELLED. What the heck!?>!?!?!?!?

        • nnn says:

          I agree. how can they just pull the plug after getting the viewers so into it. we at least deserve some sort of finally!!!!!! Im so done with abc family!

        • RebeccaM says:

          Ahhhhhhhhh what the hell? Why do all of these abc shows get canceled?? Seriously? It’s crap. Whenever I get into a show and want to watch it EVERY week I find out it’s done with. This NETWORK HAS DISSAPOINTED ME AND MY FRIENDS FAR TOO MUCH. FTHAT.

        • manisha says:

          totally agree………. !! no fair.. not finishing the story…

        • KISSALIVE! '75 says:

          Don’t forget they did this to Kyle XY, too. You’re right. I’m tired of watching shows on this network just to have them get cancelled just as they are getting really interesting. I say we all just stop watching this channel since they’re going to do it to us again if we are foolish enough to watch another new show just to have them pull the plug on it just as it’s gettting really good. To Hell with you, ABC Family! You won’t sucker ME in again, that’s for sure!

          • Lisa Cornelio says:

            That is what happened when I was watching 10 things I hate about you a tv series abc family put on about 6 years ago just started to get good and they took it off the air

        • Gaylene says:

          Agreed! Lets Boycott ABC Familybtill they bring it back!

        • diana says:

          so true!!! i totally agree!!

        • Kristina Julia says:

          I agree, all the networks are sucking these days but they seem to be one of the worst. It amazes me the money they waste setting us these shows, why not at least sell downloads for the rest of whats already finished, like the 666 show that they canceled but then let us see the last 6 episodes about a years later. These network execs really need to think things through.

        • Angela says:

          This is rediculous!!!! ABC needs to at least finish The Lying Games and answer the unanswered questions instead of leaving everyone hanging like they always do when people get into a series!!!! It’s gotten to the point I’m going to stop watching ABC completely cuz of this continuous lack of respect for all of us viewers!!! Not to mention they can keep a show going continually that has gotten completely boring and rediculous in more ways than one…. PLL is what I’m referring to since they are making the police look and sound like they are incapable of figuring out anything!!

        • Alexa Erhardt says:

          I agree! And the most stupid part is they will have a restarted show called the vineyard on ABC family, which I can’t even tell if it’s a reality show or just horrible acting. ABC needs to get it together. Bring the lying game back!!

          • Anai says:

            If its stupid not to finish it why don’t they finish it! A lot of people was looking forward to season 3. :(
            They should at least finish it I think its better than Pretty Little Liars and that’s still on.

          • Kylie Stratford says:

            I really wanted to find out about Thayer and whether or not he was the killer, it was getting good!!! I’m so disappointed they need to stop cancelling shows I just hope they don’t suddenly cancel PLL but that is their most popular show so why would they. But still like I know Thayer might be bad news but I still love him and Emma together!! I wanted to see what would happen with Emma, Thayer, Ethan and Sutton!!!

        • Stephanie says:

          OMG!!!!! Why would they cancel the best show leaving us like what happens next. It already sucks that ABC Family cut off Chloe King after only the FIRST season. ABC Family night not be having no viewers anymore if they dont stop cancelling shows. :/

        • Alex Wilde says:

          Don’t forget jane by design and kyle xy

        • Tj says:

          ya your right! I too get interested in a show and bam out of no where AFTER im hooked and want to see what happens, ABC Family cancels EVERY show!
          Make it or break it, Jane By Design, The Lying Game,whats next?! Switched at Birth? The Fosters?
          I didnt want to watch ANY new ABC Family shows because of them doing one or two seasons then dropping it…. but the Fosters looked too good to pass up….
          But seriously, i would have SO much to watch and i would put ABC Family channel above ANYTHING else.. NOW, this fall i am not watching ANYTHING on it.. and thats SO weird to me….

        • Bella says:

          Please show the next season on Netflix or somewhere cants believe CW wouldn’t want to pick this one up. Forever waiting on the rest of the story #TheLyingGame

        • Troi says:

          I agree with you, I was into both of these series and they are no longer on. Not only do they cancel these series they leave the viewers with a finale of a lifetime to watch a second season that never comes on. I will not be following another ABC series because they are rude and inconsiderate toward their viewers. And the thing that baffles me is that they keep unnecessary shows like dancing with the stars.

        • Ashlyn says:

          I agree they never finish and we never get to know the truth like who is the twins mother and why is it so secretive. whats next are they going to cancel Twisted and never tell us the real reason why Danny killed his aunt and why was his dad in hiding???

          • Mindy says:

            Ashlyn, they did tell us who the mother is- at the end of season 1, after the wedding she joined Sutton in an upstairs room. It was Charisma Carpenter’s character.

          • Sabi Drake says:

            There are two things that I do not understand about ABC Family. One, why are they letting Pretty Little Liars drag on. That show should have ended a long time ago. Two, why do they have reruns and shows from the 90s playing? I wish ABC Family would cancel all of the reruns and have The Lying Game, Chloe King, Jane by Design, Kyle XY, and those shows be on the AIR.l

          • layssia says:

            my feelings exactly@sabidrake

        • Marcus johnson says:

          I agree! I want a finale movie! I love this show and have been waiting for it to come back… These cable companies keep canceling the good stuff for either crap or mediocre programs.

        • word… ABC is starting to suck. :(

        • jo says:

          Yes i totally agree. i really got into it, please do a 2 hr finally, how hard can it really be!!!!

        • Emily Delovska says:

          I agree! I was so excited to see the next season of this show and they cancel it.
          It isn’t fair at all.

        • Kat says:

          I’m really upset with ABC Family right now. If I wasn’t so into PLL, I wouldn’t watch them. I watched Lying Game from day one. First they killed Teresa and then Thayer’s and Jordan’s secrets…and also they cancelled Jane By Design which I loved because come on, Nick Roux. And what was up with The Vineyard? It was like half reality half not! ABCFam needs to stop putting our hopes up and just go with a show! Twisted and Ravenswood are so violent! Where’s the “family” in ABC Family?!?!?!

        • Jess says:

          Omg! I agree! That’s BS.

        • Nicole Pena says:

          I completely agree ! Chloe King and The Lying Game were both some of my favorites for them to just leave us hanging !

        • Sii Botelho says:

          I totally agree ! :(

        • Victory says:

          I agree, I do not watching ABC Family series because of that same reason, they never finish anything. At least give us a 2hr Finale. If you care about your viewers you shouldn’t leave them hanging like that. I will never look at another ABC Family series again. My grand children are very disappointed also.

        • mK miller says:

          Absolutely a 2 hour lying game finale is what we deserve!!!!

        • I agree a movie DEFINATELY needs to be made to satisfy the need of closure for the many faithful ABC family viewers that watched this series from the start. It isn’t fair to leave us hanging this way.

        • wendy says:

          I totally agree! They should atleast finish up with a final show. So we never will know what the big secrets are???????? AND family you’re starting to SUCK!!!!!

        • sweet honey says:

          agree all the way

        • Kelly says:

          EXACTLY!!! There are sooo many good shows that get cancelled esp. before the viewers get any closure it bites!!!! I don’t understand why ABC family couldn’t @least have ordered 10 more eppy’s to let them finish out the season and to let us the fans get closure!!!

        • UPSET says:

          This sucks !!!!! I can’t believe ABC canselled another show!! Wth ȋی wrong with u guys??? The Lying game was a really good show!!!! I’m ganna stop whatching ABC !!! Really u guys suck!!! :( Depressing :(

        • Kelsey says:

          I agree! I loved this show and have been waiting for it to come back. I could care less about the fosters or bunheads!

        • taylor says:

          i agree… what the heck.. give back they lying game….

          • Kate says:

            I GOT A REPLY! I sent feedback to ABC Family and someone replied to me! The following is a copy of the email that I got as a response:

            Hi WATCH ABC Family Viewer,

            Thank you for contacting WATCH ABC Family Player app Customer Care. We understand you are a big fan of the ABC Family shows and we know you would like more information regarding the cancellations.

            Hey, we’ve all been there. Some of our favorite shows depart with a rousing series finale, others disappear without warning. Believe it or not, we’re just as disappointed as you are when this happens.

            The challenge of network television is to keep pace with constantly changing tastes of the viewing public. We hope other programs on ABC Family’s schedule compensate with many hours of viewing pleasure.

            Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

            Have a wonderful day!

            ABC Family Customer Care

        • Traci B. says:

          I AGREE!!!!

        • Sydney says:

          Yes!!!!! Great idea! Come on ABC Family, you are losing faithful viewers because you won’t finish it out.

        • elaine says:

          I totally agree , ABC puts out too many shows and then doesn’t give them the opportunity to get a following, I loved Jane by Design and The Lying Game. I don’t really want to get invested in a show just to have it cancelled.

        • Laura Nichole says:

          that ius sotrue i totally agree with you its unfair itslike dont start something you cant finish!!

        • Sharon says:

          I totally agree. I’m tired of “getting into” a program and then having it cancelled!!

        • Priscilla says:

          I’m so with you……I stayed up till 3 am watching thinking they would reveal all the lies and at least give us the ending…… Come on at LEAST GIVE US A MOVIE TO END IT….they shouldn’t do this. Tell the cast like 4 episodes before being canceled to reveal key facts. Ugggg…MOVIE!!!!!!!!

        • Dorene Turner says:

          I totally agree

        • Kimberly C. says:

          seriously abc never finish a series i agree with everyone else Chloe king i mean that was amazing they didn’t even had a 2nd season now they cancel lying game that was i mean is an amazing show they always do that now its gonna be the fosters next and that show is amazballs they ALWAYS do that hey shouldn’t.

        • Victoria says:

          Yes, I also agree, we need some kind of ending. How can you cancel such a good show, especially when it so good? It keeps you wondering what’s next. I’m really bummed to find out about the cancellation. I sure hope you decide to bring it back. It looks like you are losing a lot of customers abc family.

        • Amaya Alexis Nicole says:

          Yea. Exactly.

        • skyla tanner says:

          I totally agree! I am boycotting ABC Family from now on. I am so tired of my favorite shows being canceled. Kyle XY, The Lying Game…When will it end!

        • Diane says:

          I agree – there should at least be a wrap-up show to let us know how everything turned out.

        • Vee says:

          I agree. I am totally upset, I want my season 3. At least a movie that’s a hour and a half long PLEASE!

        • Tina says:

          To ABC. The only thing I can figure is that you didn’t feel the future story line they presented would continue to attract viewers through a 3rd season and you’d lose money. What more could possibly happen? Two amazing seasons indeed, but I would’ve continued to watch simply still waiting for Emma and Ethan to make it finally work -as would have many others.
          I have no plans to trust another series you air. Won’t even get interested or watch until it goes complete then watch it all on Netfix. I’d rather watch a network that I can make my own decision to call it quits on a series I love or have it end appropriately and complete than to be given no choice by ABC.

        • Trish says:

          I agree!!! I am sick of them doing this too. They could at least do a finale to tell us what happens. This is ridiculous!!!!

        • nikki says:

          I agree I was upset when I found out that they cancelled I was hoping for more I so want to find out how it ends. Grrrrr……….

        • says:

          so true^^^^^

        • Morgan says:

          The only show that I’ve seen them finish is Secret Life… This just really sucks because I really liked Lying Game. Why have Ravenswood and get rid of Lying Game? Like seriously?

        • aracelis says:

          I agree….

          • Debbie Lewis says:

            This was a great suspense for all ages. I believe the polls were off. There has to be a bigger following.. Anything us fans can do to get it rolling again!!! Please respond… In suspense for the ending!

        • Celeste says:

          Jericho, but i think that was CBS. Why cancel? If the ratings were not to your standards the show was to quite a few viewers…..why not try a different time slot???

        • leah says:

          I completely agree!! I was really into both!

        • Kamila says:

          So true

        • shaleeta says:

          I totally agree im so done with abc family

        • may says:

          yeah ik what you mean.. i loved both shows and they both got cancelled

        • josey says:

          Agree, I really enjoy watching most shows on ABC but they never finish which is a bummer.

        • Stacy says:

          I agree completely! This is an outrage!! The best ones get canceled and stupid s*** like 30 rock (although not abc) goes on FOREVER!! Definitely a huge thumbs down to ABC for this one!

        • megan says:

          I agree 100%

        • Suhena says:

          So true! Kyle XY, Melissa & Joey, and now The Lying Games! I’m so annoyed with ABC family!!! Can’t they at least tell us what would have happened..?!!

        • ayo says:

          So true. I mean if we get no closure what’s the motivation to watch their shows?

        • Michelle says:

          Ugh for me it was Ravenswood, Nine Lives of Chloe King, The Lying Games and Twisted. I am not sure I can trust abc anymore because I put my heart and soul into these shows!

        • macy says:

          Agree! This is sooooo unfair.

        • Amanda says:


        • Yes indeed, i look like we get hope, then they throw it like a garbage…

        • Mckayla Feilds says:

          Anyway they did have something big BUT WHAT DO THEY HAVE NOW if the lying game was still alive this would be your chance to bring something even bigger it’s just plain Strategy all shows have their moments and then it’s gone and the fosters did

        • Samantha says:

          I agree with u if this show isnt coming bk out then it end very bad because we are wanting to watch more

        • Breanna medders says:

          Thats the exact reason why i do not watch that channel anymore. No sense in it. Theyve kept every show me and everyone i know hate. Chole the bunheads like really?

      • Mckenzie Dudley says:

        ABC has drug out PLL for so many seasons and the one good series, The Lying Game, has now been canceled. It’s ridiculous. Just so viewers know, the CW has great shoes such as Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Reign (my absolute favorite!) so if you are disappointed with The Lying Game going off as I have, try these shows and you will really enjoy them! ABC is falling down and the CW is rising up. Give it a try and trust me, especially the series Reign, you will love it!

    • lorna says:

      Honestly, PLL is getting too convoluted and the breaks are 3 months long, so I can never remember all that goes on. I liked TLG better, so good to see Charisma and Adrian on screen again. Loved that the family was finding out about there being twins, and the addition of Jordan. ABC= Ahole Broadcasting Company. RIP TLG, 666, B in Apt 23. GRRRR the summer shows look terrible, and…it is summer, there is nothing else to watch, of course there will be viewers.

      • RED says:

        So right! Nothing on this summer! TLG needs to come back!

      • pretty girl says:

        Absolutely agree. They are notorious for dropping shows. At least abc gave 666 a decent close. Would have liked to see the same with TLG.

      • Carol says:

        I loved TLG and never missed. They could at least had a decent ending rather than leave all the open ends. I am soooooooooo disappointed. What’s up with these networks?

        • patricia says:

          sooooooo sad to hear that abc has cancelled another great show with no end for all the fans to see…i’m disappointed with this nework. hope abc gives us one last showto explaining an ending to TLG

          • Kevin Hitt says:

            I am so about done with this! network. TLG was one of the best shows with great plot in ages. PLL has been dragging on way too long. I don’t know how the rating couldn’t have been good for TLG. This show was great and I’m very upset that there was no ending Boo to you ABC family ;(

      • Terri H says:

        Absolutely Agree with them cancelling the show Park Avenue 666. My husband I really got hooked into it and Bam! Cancelled. You have to give a good show their Set-up season (1), Hook Season (2), and we got you Season (3). Now its 10 episodes high numbers or cancel.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hey you cant leave an ending like that for the lying game? Well you cant fix stupid because the person who cancelled the show obviously doesn’t know how many people love the show. Now since its cancelled, just think of the ratings how it would rise if they added a new twist to the showlike the mom had a twin appear out of nnowhere etc.

      • jae says:

        Thank you!! Like they left it so completely unsolved thayer was fully the one who killed theresa, thing fell through the roof, i wanna know what that guy did to get arested when he was with his dad like im mad

        • Caroline says:

          I know!!!! If they’re not gonna do another season, they should at least do a one-episode special that explains everything.

          • Christine Quinn says:

            I completely agree! I looked forward to that show each week during the season. I thought the acting was good and plot was interesting.

          • Obvious says:

            At least put an end to the lie/mystery!!! One final special…don’t leave the fans hanging…not fair to anyone!!!

      • Ayanna says:

        Please bring back the lying game that wash favorite show everybody wonts to no what happens to the twins real mother and how the fathers handle it please everybody love that show I didn’t even know the show was cancel until I look it up so y’all need to bring it back that was that show that really SUCKS

      • Dave Whatmough says:

        Lying Game was the best show on the network. I would have liked to see it go on for at least 2 more seasons. It could have all kinds of plot twists.

    • Dawn says:

      I want lying game back soo loved this show

    • cassie says:

      I cant believe they are not going to do season 3. They are leaving it with no finish. you think they would care about the viewers that have watched the show from the beginning.

    • Gina says:

      This is really not fair to the loyal fans. How can they leave us with such a cliff hanger. Why can’t another station pick the show up. This was a good show with good characters. This is just upsetting. I know that by me writing this it will not bring back the show but this stinks.

    • Jessica says:

      I couldn’t agree more i loved lying game it was my fav show

    • Sofia says:

      I just want my lying game back:(

    • Amber says:

      I really loved that show so much it was like one of the best shows I watched! Please show some of the cast in more Abc family shows I just loved! This really makes me sad I really though it was coming back wow!

    • Jamie says:

      This is retarded!!! TLG was the best show in years, for ANY network! They could at least give a decent ending! They say the ratings werent high enough, but do they take into account the amount of people across the world that watch ABC shows, who might not be counted in the ratings. In South Africa, almost everybody watched TLG, so that’s a couple of million fans. ABC is a really disappointing network, and whoever is in charge should really reconsider this, coz seriously WTF.

    • I'Jhanae Pickens says:

      I agree it was so good

    • Kelly says:

      THIS REALLY DOES SUCK! I love the show. Now we’re left hangin

    • Amy says:

      I hate that they cancelled the lying game & Jane by design.

    • Kirstin says:

      Bring back Lying GameBring back Lying GameBring back Lying GameBring back Lying Game!!!!!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Stupid! That is why I am not going to watch anymore series, they never bring closure!! ABC Family you are just hurting yourselves by not bring closure to series. Really who wants to watch something and not no how it ends. That is probably why your series are not doing well.

    • Brandy says:

      YES IT DOES!!! The Lying Game was AWESOME!!! Why to leave it at a good point wanting more and BAME too bad for fans huh!!! I HATE when they do this! Great show… I really should continue!!! Pretty Little Liars better not go anywhere either….one of the best shows on television!!!!

    • sherry says:

      omg that makes me so mad………they never keep the good ones

    • ja says:

      agree.i start to hate ABC, they always left me hannging..all those shows im starting to love…in a jiffy, they’ll cancel.

    • S. Miller says:

      Just learned of the cancellation today when I went online to search “The Lying Game”…wondering
      why it has not come back…very disappointed as well as everyone else. It was a really good series
      and it’s a crying shame that we were all left hanging !!! Shame on ABC Family channel !!!!!!!
      Hope they read all the comments….maybe they would be good enough to have a movie to rap up
      the ending so that we all can have closure. SM

    • caroline says:

      I agree this was my favorite show I have been waiting forever for it to come back on so finally searched when it should and to find this just really sucks. This was one of the best shows ABC had.

    • courtney says:

      How can you leave it at a cliff hanger and then cancel the series!? i wanted to know what happened next!!!! bring it back please #thelyinggame #wtf

    • Barbara says:


    • Jacquie Brethen says:

      This totally sucks. Was waiting for the next season.

    • T tank says:

      I loved this show!!!!

    • Kofina says:

      you all should still finish the series, make it a new Netflix original since the 1st two seasons are on there.

    • Mel says:

      I am soooooooooo mad!!!! Omg why would they cancel the show like this?! We’re not yet…there’s so many unanswered questions!!!! Man how can we bring it back? ABC is gonna lose viewers! Idk why they still have that stupid pretty little liars show going…I mean it has no ending to it or point!!!

    • Beth says:

      I totaly agree I’m gonna stop watching abc family altogether.should be a season finally

    • emily says:

      UGH whyyy its awesome i love it x___X

    • yessy says:

      Well we know alec son killed both dereck and theresa. Rebecca broke the family apart but she never killed anyone. Ethan ends up with sutton. And kristins reaction we will never know

    • Dunkin says:

      The Lying Game was one of the best movies I have ever watched. It’s too bad so many fans look so forward to the next Season that ABC disappointed thousands of people. Surely, there is some way in 2014 to air another season.

    • Deb says:

      Bring the lying game back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • meeraaah says:

      omg i swear im gonna cry i was sooo caught up in this series the crying the laughing nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ABC i swear its the last time i watch any of your series like dafaq i was soo pissed my life depends on this show and now its cancled
      excuse the language

    • Jchaffin says:

      I am highly disappointed in ABC family. They cancelled The Lying Game which was one of the best shows they have had but they keep Pretty Little Liars which has two lesbians and they brought back The Fosters which have two lesbians!!!! Come on ABC…get your act together..this is supposed to be a family channel!!!!!!!

    • sarah says:

      This really sucks me and my daughter never missed an episode.. we are so very upset about this can we do a petition about them bringing the show back for a 3rd season????

      • Abigail says:

        The lying game is one of the greatest shows ever, I was soooo drawn in! I second on the petition idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • scintille says:

      will this sucks it was my favorite show

    • kaley says:

      what the hell!!!! i love this show!!!! BRING IT BACK TO US NOW!!!!!

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah it does!! At LEAST sum it up in a movie!! You can have 3 versions of a Cinderella story but you can’t at the very least make movies to sum up all the shows you cancel leaving the fans hanging? You’re upsetting all of your fan base by canceling everything with no real ending! Do the right thing, we want to know how it ends!!

    • ciana says:

      why would you do this! you just lost a viewer. abc always ruins everything. i say we all stop watching abc channe; til they learn to stop doing this.

    • nes says:

      I agree it really sucks…

    • Elisabeth says:

      I agree soo much!! Get the show back, We need the 3.season!!
      The Lying Game is so amazing, you can’t just quit. Finish it!!

  2. bre says:

    This show is much better then twisted.. should have kept it instead

  3. Kat says:

    I could of swore I just heard it was renewed! I’m fine with it being cancelled, but I just want to know the mystery of everything!

  4. Elyse says:

    :( I loved Lying Game!!! this makes me sad.

  5. Joel says:

    Any news on bunheads?

    • Regan says:

      I really hope it gets cancelled. If it’s renewed I’m done with ABC Family. I know so many people who watch it to make fun of it. It’s a terrible show in my opinion. My mom thinks so too. And my mom watches some of the shows I watch. She says people at her work watch it to make fun of it. The Lying Game deserves a shot.

      • Chris says:

        Yeah, that makes sense. If you like a show, it should be renewed. If you don’t like a show, it should get dumped (even though it has plenty of fans who want to see it continue). Well, after reading your post, I am HAPPY that The Lying Game got canned! :D

      • Alivia says:

        Ya I agree. GIVE BACK TLG!!!

    • C. Green says:

      I heard it Bunheads was cancelled too, sorry :(

    • YlisA says:

      I wish they cancel Bunheads. Even though I like the actresses, the story line is boring. Bring back the lying game instead or make a movie. I agree with that as well.

  6. Adam says:

    Is this good or bad news for bunheads?

  7. megan says:

    Really? Wow. And it was just all left hanging because they thought there would be another season.

  8. samantha says:

    So upset! This was one of my favorite shows, even above some Emmy-award winning ones…the characters and mystery were just so enticing! I’m enjoying The Fosters, but Twisted is hardly keeping my attention…I would have much rather this come back and Bunheads be cancelled. I love ASP, but Bunheads’ entire run so far just doesn’t have the umph that just one episode Gilmore Girls had. The Lying Game PTB should write up how they planned to finish up the mystery (if they say they only planned on 10 more) for some closure for fans. So sad :(

    • Lana says:

      She meant she’d do 10 more seasons not episodes as in she would do 10 more seasons if she could. How is that not obvious?

      • pinkflutterby says:

        No, she meant 10 more episodes, not seasons… 10 episodes to finish season 2 taking the episode count from 10 to 20 because it was season 2a = 10 episodes then a break then season 2b = 10 more episodes, then hopefully a season 3 but alas ABC cancel all the good shows :(

  9. Brittany says:

    ABC Family just lost A LOT of fans. Including myself.

  10. Seth says:

    Aw. Shame. Sad… WHAT ABOUT BUNHEADS?!

  11. NO!!! Well there is still the book series. ABC killed it. There was too long cap between episodes. Sucks!!!

  12. Prue says:


  13. Leslie says:

    That sucks! I hate it when a show is cancelled before it has tied up all the loose ends. Alot of things are going to be left unanswered :-(

  14. yvette says:

    Between ABC and ABC family they’re done serious assholes. Geeze have us wait for 6 months just to cancel it.

  15. Sarah says:


  16. Why do they keep cancelling the really good ones? Ugh.

  17. Lora says:

    Everyone from TLG should move to Ravenswood

  18. Katherine says:

    What a disappointment! The least they could have done was give the showrunners a chance to wrap up some of the storylines. I really wanted to see Emma get her happy ending with Ted and Kristen (and also Ethan).

    • Lisa Ann Ethredge says:

      I wanted the happy ending as well ! They’re,had a lot to do about the two deaths,and alen falling through the glass roof,well we know who did that! Mama!

  19. Ed says:

    Well this stinks. I loved Lying Game, much more than PLL. Season 2 of TLG was fantastic!

  20. Dominique says:

    I resent ABCFamily so much for this. they don’t even bother to give the show and the fans a proper way to wrap up the series. All we’re left with now is that Thayer may or may not have been the brains behind the whole thing, Alec might or might not be dead, etc etc.
    Very disappointing.

  21. llvp says:

    ABC and ABC Family just keep making terrible decisions about which shows to cancel/continue.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, they dump shows with low ratings and keep shows with higher numbers. That is soooo stupid, lol!

      • llvp says:

        Oh yes, making judgments based on a flawed/no longer relevant ratings system is definitely the way to go. Who cares about good quality shows; the phrase is “quantity over quality” right? – that’s sarcasm done right.

  22. didi says:

    I find this a relief, so now I don’t feel an obligation to watch it. The show started off good, but season two was just uninteresting. Twisted is so much better.

    • Ash says:

      I agree, I really liked season 1 but they completely ruined season 2. I don’t really care that it’s cancelled

  23. james says:

    NOOOOO. So much better than any of the new shows.

  24. Belle says:

    UGH…so utterly disappointed, again, ABC Family strikes again…they are turning into NBC cancelling everything before it’s time!!! The show never really followed the books so it’s not like we can read those to see how things turn out – I really wanted closure and I don’t think that was too much to ask for…this show is heads and shoulders above other shows (you have to agree the acting was superb compared to Bunheads, Twisted) on ABC Family that had more airtime. Hate investing time in shows that TPTB have no intention of keeping around. RIP Lying Game, you will be missed!

    • aryn says:

      I know right!!! We want closure, give us a 2 Hour Movie Event to tie up all loose ends…please ABC Family Execs have a heart for those of us who LOVE this show :)

    • Elisa says:

      I am so upset that TLG is cancelled. I’ve been waiting for it to come back and just found out it’s not coming back. What the Hell? How can you just leave all the fans hanging after the season 2 spring finale? I never could get into PLL, or Bun heads. Couldn’t get into Twisted either. They could’ve and should’ve at least wrapped it all up and had a series finale. Who’s the idiot who makes these decisions?

  25. Jessica B says:


  26. Bunheads may get the good news (renewed) or bad news (canceled) soon. Fingers crossed.

    • Lauren says:

      Bold prediction there!

    • maria says:

      Please keep in mind that Bunheads had a little less views than The Lying Game. Not a lot less, just a tad bit less. Whether it gets renewed or not,no one will be happy and will be confused why. Only time will tell.

      • Eli says:

        Yeah, but Bunheads had more buzz about it and more positive reviews than TLG, which is pretty standard ABC Family fare.

        Plus I’m fairly certain Bunheads had better DVR numbers.

    • annie says:

      Bunheads grew on me, but it has nothing on The Lying Game – if they renew Bunheads and refuse to give fans closure on TLG I am NEVER watching ABC Family again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. BearDogg-X says:

    Disney fully or partial owns 19 channels besides ABC Family and there are days other than just Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They couldn’t just renew The Lying Game and put on another day or even put it on another channel if the cowards at ABC Family didn’t want it?

  28. Tama says:

    Noooo. So sad…. :(

  29. Dizzle says:

    Aaaaargh! Kristin will forever live in limbo not knowing the truth! This kills me!

  30. liz says:

    Feel bad for fans of the show, never fun to loose a tv show.
    That said, whatever keeps Switched at Birth on air is a good thing in my book.

  31. Laura says:

    I can’t believe this. At least do another season and answer the unanswered questions!!!!

  32. shali says:

    Grrrrr at least wrap it up so we know who the killer was.

  33. Linda says:

    I hope they decide Bunheads fate soon. I would love for it to come back but I’m also enjoying the two newest shows.

  34. Mama T says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! What a shame! Bunheads, Twisted & The Fosters all need to go.

  35. Carissa Marie says:

    This royally SUCKS! I love this show & it is horrible that they cancelled. PLL is barely holding my interest anymore & the new shows are horribly written! TLG kept me on my toes & I loved it! Boo!

  36. Brandy says:

    I liked this show & was hoping for a proper ending but oh we’ll.IMHO, PLL is better.Why didn’t they announce Bunheads fate too?I think it’ll be cancelled:sets torn down,Sutton doing another show(Brodway),ratings weren’t good,kept going over budget.I like Bnheads and will keeping for the bestbut expecting the worst.Lying Games cancellation dosent shock me.I hope they cancel Twisted too since its doing the same I think in A18-49(though I know that’s not what abcfamily looks at) as Lying Game and Bunheads though I don’t know how it does in A18-34/F18-34& F12-34..I would’ve announced LG & Bunheads cancelled,Fosters back 10,Switched season three all at once today if I were abcfamily.

  37. Candi S says:

    This makes me not want to get in to any series because once I like it, they cancel it :( Boo ABC Family! :(

  38. Nicole says:

    I like that show. So many unanswered questions remain. Will Kristen ever find out, why did Thayer kill those people. I rather have the lying game instead of Ravenswood which seems like a spinoff from PLL and a pinch of twisted on Abc family.

  39. shuayb says:

    Ugh they could have just gave it a five episode run to tie everything.

  40. Austin says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day. Bunheads is one inch closer to renewal.

  41. wat says:

    GCan TLG fans not be immature and bitter about this being cancelled? I saw how some of you on Twitter tried to get people to not watch Twisted. As much as I liked TLG I’m not about to throw a tantrum and lobby for people to stop watching The Fosters.

    • Tammy says:

      I kind of felt that way about Smash….. I wanted it to tank so that Parenthood would get picked up. I didn’t actively lobby…. that much! ‘-)

  42. Brian says:

    Do I smell a kickstarter for a movie?

  43. Tammy says:

    I have all of Twisted on my DVR….. do I watch it or do I delete it? It seems the majority here think it will get cancelled.

  44. Marilyn says:

    I have watched this show from the start. How can they cancel without a proper wrap up of details.

    • oldfan says:

      I agree was looking forward to the fall season of this show !! only saw pll once and the Lying Game is much better.. They had a good cast too… Guess ABC Family is off the books for me now …. ABC at least have a 2 hour Final show to wrap everything up !!

  45. Melly says:

    At least TLG is a book series so there’s still the opportunity to find out how it ends.

  46. sabrina says:

    Very disappointed with this news. I really liked the show.

  47. Helen says:

    No no no no no noooooooooo! My favourite show!!

  48. Jill says:

    Wow, another good show gets cancelled and horrible ones stay alive (i.e. Twisted and Ravenswood, which is a cheap shot to secure the PLL viewers-many of whom are getting tired of the snail’s pace at which PLL is going.). If Twisted is renewed, I’ve officially lost hope in ABC family. They’ve really just bounced around between weak shows that have no lasting potential (the only exception I can think of is Melissa and Joey; Secret Life, while it was around for a while, got worse each season). Ravenswood will do really well in the beginning because of all the hype, so it will probably get renewed, but the second season will be just as bad as PLL has become.

  49. isacat says:

    Never watched TLG but I’m sorry for the people who loved it. Hope they renew Bunheads it wasn’t the best show but I enjoyed it and it could improve with time like other shows did

  50. tierralife says:

    STOP HATING ON OTHER SHOWS JUST BECAUSE YOURS GOT CANCELLED. I watch all of the shows. Some just get more viewers than others. PLL, SAB, Bunheads, Fosters, Twisted, TLG, ev)en Ravenswood.) THEY ARE ALL GOOD. They all have good plots and storylines so stop hating on these shows because they are other peoples show too and imagine them being as disappointed as you are. I know it’s not fair. But life goes on and doubt all you guys are just gonna sit around hoping shows are cancelled. You’re better than that.

    • Chloe says:

      Well said. I only watch PLL & TLG but I feel badly when anyone’s show gets cancelled, especially when the producers aren’t given an opportunity to wrap up loose ends. I’m tired of being left hanging [TLG, The Event, V, etc] because a network just pulls the plug. It’s unfair to the fans [not that the networks apparently care] but makes people wary of watching a new show for just that reason. I really wish that Disney would spend a couple of those millions that they have & order one more episode. Yeah, I know. Pigs will fly before that happens. *sigh*

      • UPSET says:

        Same i only watch Pretty little liars and i just started watching the lying game and it is so good! and finding out the show has been cancelled is so upsetting :( idk if i should watch more cause it will end a leave a cliffhanger but it’s so interesting. WHY ABC WHY ;(