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Revenge Casts CW Stud as Victoria's Son

Revenge Season 3 Justin HartleyVictoria’s long-lost son on Revenge finally has a face, and it’s a pretty one at that.

CW staple Justin Hartley (Smallville, Emily Owens M.D.) has landed the pivotal role of Patrick and will debut in the show’s Season 3 premiere, TVLine has confirmed.

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The news was first reported by E! Online.

Victoria finally came face-to-face with her estranged spawn in the closing minutes of May’s finale, although viewers only heard his voice (via a cheesy temp off screen voice).

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When the new season kicks off, five months will have passed since their reunion and mother and son have reconnected (and presumably are on very good terms).

Thoughts on the casting choice? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Thumbs sideways?

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  1. Maki says:

    Thumbs Up! Really dig him! Let’s see how he will fit the story!

  2. wrstlgirl says:


    • tvfan says:

      I agree. I suggested Justin’s casting (along with other CW hunks) when Michael wrote about casting suggestions. I thought Michael’s picks were not good looking enough.

  3. April says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! Even more excited for the new season now!!

  4. Roger says:

    Nice! But can you imagine Tom Welling being Patrick and a villian at that?!

  5. Tracey says:

    Ok so although I adore Justin Hartley, isn’t Victoria’s son supposed to be 40?? I mean I didn’t mistake seeing the date 1973 did I????

    • malikb says:

      Hartley is 36 so it could work.

    • aranitaa says:

      Justin is 36, I don’t see the problem..

      • dude says:

        The problem is he’s four years younger and looks about three years younger than that. He’ll be good in the role but it’s a bit of a stretch to believe he’s playing a 40 year-old when he barely looks 30.

        • English says:

          The actor who plays Nolan is 40 and he doesnt look it. It can work.

          • Sienna says:

            That didn’t sound right to me, so I looked it up. Gabriel Mann is 31 – he was born in 1972, not 1962.

          • iMember says:

            @Sienna 2013 – 1972 = 41. Gabriel Mann is 41 not 31, but he can surely pass as one because he looks younger than he actually is.

          • iMember says:

            Sienna, Gabriel Mann is 41 and he was born in 1972. You have to check your math. But he definitely looks younger than he actually is.

    • Amy says:

      I don’t know what age Patrick is supposed to be, but Justin Hartley is 36 IRL even though he plays younger on TV, so he’s not really that far off the mark.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Yay he’s back on my TV. Loved him on Smallville but couldn’t sit through Emily Owns M.D just for him. Yay so happy!

    • EWJ says:

      This… The only reason I tried Emily Owens was him,because he was awesome on Smallville and also really, really good looking, but the show was horrid and I had to quit watching or scratch my eyes out and bleach my brain. I opted for the saner of the two. But I like Revenge, so I’m happy I get to watch him again.

  7. Tracey says:

    Okay, my bad. HE’s like 36 so that’s close enough.

  8. lbchatterbox says:

    can’t wait to see him back on television. though he doesn’t really look like Victoria or Daniel.

  9. James says:

    Haha well you got 30 year olds playing high schoolers over on the cw!!

  10. Joe says:

    I’m ok with the choice , but I’ve only seen him in good guy roles ……,

  11. iMember says:

    Sooooo very excited about this!! Can’t wait for Season 3 to start.

  12. april-ann says:

    He is hot. Loved him in Emily Owens.

  13. james says:

    OMG. This casting is genius. Anyone remember him as Fox Crane on Passions?

    • Mika02 says:

      Me!!!! Scheming at it’s best I thought when he came in really gave Passions new life at the time hopefully he will for Revenge as well.

  14. Margaret says:

    Brilliant! Love it!!

  15. I guess I will have to start watching again!

  16. laura says:

    Oohhhhh – Sweeet!!! This is great news

  17. Carrie says:

    Yum. Good choice. Guess I’ll be watching.

  18. Linda says:

    I’m excited. I’ve missed him since the cancellation of Emily md.

  19. Mika02 says:

    Yes all I see is Fox from Passions on Revenge which is going to be awesome too bad no Theresa to bring with him for some lovely scheming but hopefully he will fully help out Emanda with her Revenenda. So here for this!

    • doobydoobydoi says:

      I doubt he work with his ex-wife. Yes he was married to the actress that played Teressa on passions

  20. Patchi says:

    Ummm, not my favorite I don’t get what people see in this guy. He looks so young. But I love the show

  21. Jeannette says:

    Guess he must look like his father, cause he doesn’t look a bit like Victoria.

  22. Mandy says:

    Excellent casting. Now to have him and Nolan hit it off… Complicated and super hot!

  23. TL says:

    …and they JUST pulled me back into this show!

  24. Th says:

    I am really happy for him…he is obviously talented…both at comedy and drama…not every recurring person gets asked back a year removed to be a cast member like he was on Smallville. But I kinda see this as a holding job for him till ABC makes him a regular on a different show. Like to see him as maybe a head villain on Shield…he does do super well ;p

  25. Kelly says:

    I imagined someone with dark hair but for this level of pretty I can get over it.

  26. Lenka says:

    I’m disappointed. Imagined someone with more charisma, less ‘pretty face’.

  27. sarah says:

    I do not like Justin H. He is not a good actor always has the same expression on her face! I would like to give some advice to Justin: stop coloring your hair!!

  28. Don says:

    Really, they could not have gotten a better actor? :( Nothing against Hartley, but I don’t like him.

  29. Drewer says:

    Yesssssss!!!!!!!! It looks like I’ll have to start watching this show again.

  30. Andrew says:

    This is totally not who I was expecting, but I’ll give him a chance.

  31. ggny says:

    Great casting

  32. Jared says:

    Never had a reason to watch Revenge until now!

  33. Lupe says:

    Ollie!!!! Nice to have him on my TV screen again.

  34. ChrisGa says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Justin Hartley. Very underrated IMO–the very pretty face sometimes throws folks off but he’s actually pretty damn talented. Never joined or been on a show that wasn’t enhanced greatly by his presence.

  35. Lena says:

    Yay! I love Justin Hartley. :)

  36. Deion says:


  37. johnny says:

    great news! he deserves to be in this great show. cant wait to see how he’ll shake up the show.

  38. ER says:

    This *almost* makes up for Emily Owens MD being cancelled. ALMOST.

  39. Michael Beechan says:

    As a Smallville and Justin fan this gives me reason to catch up on Revenge and watch season 3.

  40. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    Been a Justin Hartley fan since Passions. Looks like I’ll be giving Revenge another go, I gave up midway through season 2. Hopefully his character will be Fox Crane, but a little darker, both in hair coloring and characterization.

  41. Azerty says:

    Nice, I like him but I will have trouble to not ask him to get a green hood, a bow and hit Victoria.

  42. humm, i like that. He seems a nice choice. I expect very good things about this plot next season! Very excited!!

  43. Sienna says:

    I loved him so much on Smallville! I think it’s a great casting choice.

  44. Mark says:

    Well he did come across as a jerk when I met him once but maybe he was having a lousy day. Love the rest of that cast!

    • Mika02 says:

      If it was in the last year or so he and his wife have been going through a divorce not to excuse his behavior.

  45. Elyse says:

    love love love this casting!!!

  46. Temperence says:

    And for those that were whining about JH not being given the lead in Arrow…

  47. A says:

    Heck freaking yes

  48. Moonlight4evr says:

    Been a fan of his since Smallville. Tried sitting thru EO but could not make it even with JH in the show. So glad to have in Revenge. He had some dark Arrow scenes on Smallville so he should fit right in on Revenge.

    So excited for S3 to start now!!!!

  49. nicole says:

    Justin is cute but unfortunately does not have charisma and charm in fact Justin is only guest in the shows. Charisma is an essential element for an actor.

  50. Red Jane says:

    I really liked Justin Hartley in Smallville so very happy to see him in a successful show like Revenge. I think he looks like a nice (and hot) guy but can have play a darker character too