Disney: Good Luck Charlie's Same-Sex Parents to 'Reflect Themes of Diversity and Inclusiveness'

Good Luck Charlie Lesbian CharactersBefore it leaves the airwaves, Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie will introduce viewers to a family parented by two moms.

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Duncan parents Amy and Bob will meet the women when their young daughter Charlie hosts a playdate for a new classmate, in the B-storyline of an early 2014 episode that centers on Teddy’s bestie Ivy heading off to college.

The comedic wrinkle: One of the yet-to-be-cast moms winds up getting her ear bent by cornball Bob, while the other enjoys the pleasure of Amy’s company.

In a statement to TV Guide Magazine, which first reported on the news, a Disney Channel spokesperson said, “This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors. Like all Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Do you commend Disney Channel’s mission of inclusiveness? And this is pretty much Ellen and Portia’s gig to lose, right?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CK says:

    I’m thrilled that a child being raised by same sex parents will have the opportunity to see something reflective of their lives on TV.

    • Travis says:

      I was going to say farewell to a great wholesome show but now I’ll just say good ridenceq!

      • Travis says:

        Ps. Remind me to remove it from my instant que. Good luck Charlie was the last of the clean family shows, Hollywood has corrupted everything its gotten its hands on and now it has claimed yet another victim. I feel like I should no longer watch the episodes that are already out. Pps. How does it feel to sell out your show at the last minuet.

        • truth says:

          I think its ok good luck charlie is doing this and if any of you people were gay or lesbian yall would encourage it

        • Bayler says:

          But what is so inappropriate about being gay? Lol your comment is so incredibly ignorant. What about the children who have gay parents who think they’re different because they’ve never seen it on tv? That’s just sick and wrong and not fair to those poor kids.

          • Reasoning says:

            I Think The Gay parents ,adopted them and put them in that situation.
            but by no means should a child think that a male trying to reproduce with a male is natural .

          • Jan McIntire says:

            You go get them Disney.My son was thrilled to see he’s not the only kid with 2 moms even Charles friend has 2.Thank You Disney.Its a start.Its not about us.Its about the children!!!! And that’s what its ALL about THE CHILDREN

        • Mon22gr8grlz says:

          How does it feel to be ignorant, as well as illiterate?

      • robin says:

        Good luck charlie was the best family show since boy meets world but the show got weak after season 2. Gabe was by far the best character and they tried making him grow up too fast. The news about the lesbians is just sad. Its going to ruin the legacy of this show. I’m glad shake it up is ending because that show has been terrible and subversive sine the beginning and the crazy anti marriage storyline in season 3 was just creepy. And rocky is just an annoying politicaly retarded character.

        • Bubbles says:

          How the heck was she politically retarted? And I think it’s great that Disney is finally starting to show same sex couples. They need to start showing interracial couples.

    • unknown says:

      Any one against same sex marriage are not as holy as they think they are because if they ever read the bible God said he will be the only one judging people.

      • Marie says:

        I disagree. If you would have read the Bible, then you would notice that there was a commandment in there about marriage being strictly between a man and a woman because it was so sacred.

        • Reasoning says:

          Who Told You The Whole Purpose of The Entire Bible And Both Testaments , Was Just The Ten Commandments . You’re Confused

        • Mon22gr8grlz says:

          Oh really? Exactly where in the Bible can I find that little tidbit ? Chapter and verse, please!

          • Anonymous says:

            Actually there are several occurrences in the bible pertaining to the fact that homosexuality is wrong and an abomination. If you would like to take a look for yourself check out the book of Leviticus chapter 18, verse 22. “You shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination,” KJV, or skip over 2 chapters to Leviticus chapter 20, verse 13, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination:…” KJV. Hope this sums up where in the Bible you can find that little “tidbit”.

        • Leo says:

          hahahahah You must be joking. You are going by a book that was writing 3500 years ago by a man that “is a sprite” okay now you sound crazy. And if you stand by the bible Im sure you also agree that people should not see shell fish. You really need to wake up and smell the equal love. People are people and they can love who ever they want. If you want to live by what a book says go right ahead but dont expect the world to agree with you.

        • j says:

          I agree with you. Im a Christian and I watch good luck charlie with my daughter. I would have liked to have known beforehand of the television programs introduction to the couple. I dont hate gay people, in the Bible it tells us to love, it also says marriage is for a man and women which I agree with. Because of my beliefs and raising my daughter with my beliefs I feel like I was placed in situation where I had to explain to her sooner about same sex relationships which for a child is confusing. Of course when my child grows shes going to think for herself and be sure of her own beliefs. Everyone has their right to believe what they will. People who are gay arent wrong for how they feel, because its real,some are born gay, at least thats what I believe. We are all human,created by the same god, the only thing that matters is if we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Jesus loved everyone and forgives everyone if we accept. He wouldn’t want any hate towards each other.He doesnt discriminate and say you’re going to heaven cuz your straight. He accepts you into heaven onif you accept him in your heart, and that doesn’t matter if you’re gay, transgender, straight, black, white, blue, and commited every sin in the book. as long as your sincere and seek after him and accept him.

          This is where I stand on my beliefs, I wont say it was wrong of them of bringing awareness of same sex couples but I would have liked to have give the awareness to my daughter myself.

          I bet a lot if people would be pissed if they brought awareness to a certain religion or belief someone doesnt practice and had a character praying to Jesus without actually mocking the faith.

          I noticed a lot of people can be so insulted if anyone mentions Jesus,especially, at school, work, television shows esp. for kids, but mention or even homosexuality and its a welcome subject everywhere (which i understand). I just don’t understand how come a supporter of gay rights can wear and show rainbows and peace signs but as soon as a Christian bares a cross, its not allowed or just like supporters of gay rights we are being told what we believe is wrong?

          These things baffle me. I feel Jesus just as much as they feel their feelings for each other (same sex couples and anyone). I believe in Jesus just like they believe in what they do. Disney wasn’t wrong bring awareness just as much as I’m not wrong for bringing awareness to Jesus the Christ.

          Lol hopefully that was simple. Haha.

      • Worker for the Lord says:

        If anyone read the bible they would know God himself does not approve of homosexuals. Get your facts straight before assuming something you think you know.

        • Ed says:

          Nor does he approve of people eating shell fish or tattoos. Man there is a lot of people going to hell. (roll eyes)

          Welcome to 2014! If it bugs you I suggest going out and buying the Brady bunch box set or any other series before 1980 that didn’t have or mention a gay character.

        • i guess its a good thing god is only an opinion unlike homosexuality which is a fact…

      • Reasoning says:

        Propaganda, using one in a million quotes and twisting it around.

        try these :

        Lev. 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”1
        Lev. 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them”
        1 Cor. 6:9-10, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”
        Rom. 1:26-28, “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”

        • Ed says:

          Pathetic. Seeing that nearly every series includes a man cheating on a wife or vise versa. Did you remove those your DVR? I mean hey God doesn’t approve of that either.

          • Anonymous says:

            Although when they had spouses cheating on eachother, it was not promoted, it is frowned upon. Although having lesbian parents in a show is most certainly promoting it, which is completely wrong, and against God.

          • Cassie says:

            WE ALL SIN! say what you want but we all sin. It is a part of our nature and we dont get sent to Hell immediately after ONE SIN! gay and lesbian people will still probably get to Heaven as long asthey didnt kill somebody or anything like that. Sorry if I got super religious on you but that is my eord and im not taking it back!

          • Liz says:

            Yes I do not watch those shows and do delete them from my DVR. Tater from Blue Comedy Tour made a joke about having an affair on the road and I have yet to buy anything with him in or or watch him anymore.

        • Stoping hate says:

          Um what about lesbians ? It says a “MAN” did it says that a woman can’t be with it women if it did show me.

          • N.M. says:

            Romans 1:26-27, “26That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. 27 And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved.”

      • Daffy says:

        Judge them on wether they go to Heaven or Hell, but yes we are not to judge.

      • the bro says:

        yea and he also says that homosexuality is an abomination

      • Liz says:

        Actually if you read the Bible it actually says that Christians will judge other Christians as well as angels, but not non-Christians. God also says that he hates homosexuality because that is not how he designed humanity to mate. When somone chooses a same sex mate they are telling God that they love that person more than they love God. If you love God then you will chose His ways over that person.

        I don’t appreciate Disney trying to shove down anyone’s throat that same sex marriage is o.k. or normal. Just because some people believe it is does not mean I have to agree with it nor do my children have to be exposed to it. People believe abortion is o.k. and normal, but I’m not going to have my children watch an abortion on t.v.

        • elsie says:

          how ignorant you are. one day when your kids are older they might watch shows where people steal or there is a murder or a war. but I guess that is ok. God forbid that one of you god loving folks children might grow up to be homosexual. You will loose them because you cant accept people for what they are. I dont eat meat and I hate the fact people kill animals but I never ever preach about it because people are entitled to their own opinions. We all only have one life. and its not that long. (well in your case probably more then one life) It certainly would be a lot more pleasant if everyone can accept each other for what they are, what they look like, and what they believe in. I do not understand people that believe in god, I dont understand how you can base all your morals and beliefs on a book and (only in my eyes) an imaginary power.

          I hope you feel such strong emotions and have such strong opinons for all the people dying of hunger everyday. people dying of diseases. people being tortured and abused by heterosexual people. How many kids get damaged by so called good heterosexual men even by some in church. holly fathers.,

          But lets shelter our kids from a very good show, with good wholesome family values which I am sure two parents of the same sex will also have.

          By all means shelter your kids from something so trivial..

      • bobby says:


    • truth says:

      The way yall are acting about gay people are is if they are not real.If they are a same sex couple they should be able to love each other because god wants you to be happy and its better than living with spouses you kmow you wont be with forever.

    • Reasoning says:

      Smh , well Me and my donkey have had a relationship for years now , and we would love some representation on disney channel so the kids can “OPEN THEIR MINDS” .

      • Angela says:

        Strange…you put “Reasoning” as your username here, and yet there is absolutely no evidence of reasonable thinking in this comment.
        Man/donkey (or man/animal in general) is NOT anywhere near comparable to same sex relationships. For one thing, animals can’t consent to relationships with humans. Two men, however, CAN consent to a relationship with each other. So there’s that rather noticeable difference. For another, it’s just plain insulting to assume the two are similar in any way. It makes absolutely no sense as an “argument”.
        Can anti-gay people PLEASE explain to me how you make the incredibly bizarre, ridiculous leap from “same sex relationship” to “relationship with animals”? One is not going to lead to the other (in fact, in the rare stories you DO hear about humans having sex with animals, there’s two things to point out: 1) they always seem to happen in states where gay marriage is currently illegal, and 2) the human and animal tend to be of OPPOSITE sexes. Hmmmmm…). In all the places where gay marriage is currently legal, I have yet to hear any stories of people marrying animals, or pushing for that to be legal. It’s just not going to happen. So that moronic comparison/argument desperately needs to die away-this is a big part of why those of you on the anti-gay side are rapidly losing this fight. Your arguments make absolutely no sense and have no basis in reality/facts whatsoever. All you can ultimately fall back on is “Well, God says it’s wrong!” And those of us who aren’t Christian really do not care what your religion says (or supposedly says) about the issue. There’s a reason we don’t have an official religion, and why the government can’t force everyone to follow a specific faith’s beliefs on a topic.

      • godislove says:

        I am a “Christian” I have three family members who are gay.love em to death. I or we don’t put them down. If we “Christians could show more love to each other that is start. Do not be hypocritical when watching shows about adultery or fornication and then gasp at homosexuality. It is the Christian faith that homosexuality is a sin. But we all do sin, all fall short of the glory of God. God says to love your neighbor. That especially means a person on this site. As for the show…change the channel there are way too many tv shows now for kids than any generation. Or turn it off

        • Donna C says:

          Okay folks, ponder this- if the Disney Channel thought that having a same-sex couple on the show was acceptable, why didn’t they make an episode eariler on? Were they afraid it would affect their ratings? I have no judgment of a person’s life choices- you are who you are, you love who you love. I just think because it was never addressed in four seasons, why go out with contriversy? Do you think you’ll win the gay community over with this show? Probaly not. Do you think this will tarnish the memory of this show for the anti-gay community, most definitely.

  2. Carrie says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s part of our reality. Maybe some of the kids who watch the show have two moms or two dads.

    • Emma says:

      I will hate that show forever who’s

      Who’s the directer???????’!!!!!!!

      • Jennifer says:

        Agreed! Since same parent do not really exist since they both can not have a baby it has to be artificial made

        • Amber says:

          hey Jennifer have you ever heard of adoption? yeah same sex couples do it quite often, and it’s also called spurm donation, which is not only done by lesbian couples but also by “normal” couples as well. Maybe you should educate yourself a little before making a post like that.

          • A baby made through sperm (not spurm) donation is “artificially made”… I’m not taking sides, just saying that it’s ironic how you tell Jennifer to educate herself when you are pretty much the same…

          • Destany Long says:

            I think that it is showing young kids that its ok to marry your gender. Well it’s really not! I dot mean to judge because I am a holy child of God and I know that in our bible it states that being gay is wrong. It’s a sin! That generation is being cursed by the minute. And they are making it worse. One it’s gross and two it’s wrong! No wonder they are making it there last show!! Cuz they would of loss a lot of viewers trust me. But everybody has their own opinion and once again I don’t judge but on my level I think it’s very wrong to present that on a kids TV program. Disney is getting wicked by the minute and its getting to the last days!

          • john says:

            I think you who complanian about jennifer need to be educate. when they adopted a child they came by the union from a man and women. when they parents of the same sex they can’t have any baby or you think they born by three.

          • Reasoning says:

            No But Seriously , Gay is the one infalliable form of birth control on the planet , thats why yall need straight people to donate children.

        • Remy says:

          “It” the child of a same-sex couple in your eyes doesn’t deserve to be called a human being? No offense, but a pair of XY or XX chromosomes power to discriminate against any CHILD! There are all walks of life on this planet: rich, poor, gay, straight, black, brown, white- just because you aren’t one category doesn’t mean another category is bad! So I say, GO DISNEY! It’s about time that children see on TV what is happening in the REAL WORLD. I don’t care weather the couple is same-sex, straight, interracial or not… But the fact is, a child is a human being, NEVER an “it” as is with all people on this planet! This debate should have stayed about the programming on TV; talk about getting informed.

          Schools are full of hatred just like this, we need to get this type of thinking out of people’s minds! We should be embracing children who will be shaping OUR future, not shunning them for ANY reason, and I think that despite the backlash Disney is doing the right thing!

          • QuoVadisAnima says:

            Oh calm down – people have turned to the grammatically painful ‘it’ to avoid the old way of making reference to either or both gender cases as ‘he’. So the feminazis decided that was too exclusionary (cuz everyone knows that a man-eating shark only eats men) and now we have people defaulting to ‘it’ in cases where a gender can be either male or female.

            Meanwhile, YOU are precisely the kind of person that the rest of us are concerned about – and for good reason – because you have decided that YOUR views are the only correct ones and that you should be able to force your views on the rest of us, including our children. God save us from the intolerant dictatorship of the tolerants!!

          • Beth says:

            I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman because that is what the bible says but God is the only one who can really Judge them! A child should NEVER be made to feel like there is something wrong with them because of what their parents choose to do! It isn’t the child’s fault that the parents are choosing a sinful lifestyle. I try not to judge people though! They should answer to God not me or anyone else but that goes both ways. the people who believe conservitively shouldn’t be judged either! Or be made to feel like their is something wrong with them because they believe in what the bible says.

        • Bubbles says:

          Ohhhhhhhh ok so if a couple can’t procreate they army a real couple?! Are u freaking kidding me!! So what about barren couples right? What about older ppl who get married and obviously can’t have any more kids? Who r u to tell them that they’re love isn’t real? Who r u to tell lesbian and gay couples that they are not real couples? Guess what? They r ppl just like u! They’re humans. They should have the same rights as heterosexuals. Your children are going to be exposed to this at school so why not on the shows they watch and in a positive light! I am a Christain yes but I believe everyone should have equal rights and oppprtunities.

          • Ray B. says:

            If you are a Christian, then you would know exactly that God hates homosexuality. I realize the Bible says we shouldn’t judge, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to tell others what they’re doing is sinful. Jesus did it all the time. I say that it would be wrong NOT to speak out about this as Christians.

            1 Corinthians 6:9-10- “Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.”

            Galatians 6:1-“Christian brothers, if a person is found doing some sin, you who are stronger Christians should lead that one back into the right way. Do not be proud as you do it. Watch yourself, because you may be tempted also.”

      • Autumn says:

        Um you are going to hate the show because there are same sex relationship on this episode that is so wrong of you if god was even real I think he would except that if he was a good person but I guess he is a total bitch to me he says if you make a mistake that it is a sin you you will die and go to hell seriesly that means that most of the worl will go to hell exept the crazy morons who think there right and don’t get me started on virgen Mary she did not get preagnat with gods magical powers virgen Mary was a slut and has sex seriesly I can’t believe any on would believe that I’m the telling Christian are bad I’m saying that some are total bioches. Can I say that I want to scream at everyone that thinks being gay is wrong yep I feel better so people who don’t believe in following your heart and loving however you want to you are going to hell boya and I’m only thirteen and I’m smarter that most of you crazy Christian people. With lots of love and hate , Autumn

    • QuoVadisAnima says:

      Maybe it’s part of your reality, but for 99% or greater of this country it’s not, and a majority don’t want it to be. Regardless, most parents resent being set up by the media’s cultural cesspool to have to explain this kind of thing to kids that are too young to be dragged into the activists’ effort to redefine marriage for the rest of society.

      They could at least wait till the corpse is cold!

      • Angela says:

        Um, actually, the percentage of Americans that support same-sex marriage is INCREASING. Quite rapidly, too, at that-it’s either about equally split or the pro-gay marriage side is slightly ahead. So you’re kind of way off with your percentage and assumption about the “majority” there.
        Second, more and more states are continuing to legalize gay marriage. I live in a state that’s had it legal for 5 years (and no, it’s not one of those “liberal east coast” states, either). And guess what? Everything is totally fine! The world hasn’t collapsed in on itself!
        Third, awwwww, you might actually have to explain to your kids that life doesn’t fit into your oh-so-perfect and “normal” little box! Newsflash-if they aren’t learning about this stuff from the media, they’ll learn about it when they make friends at school (they might become friends with…gasp…GAY people!), or when they’re out and about in town, or when they move out on their own, or whatever. You can’t really shelter them from the real world forever, and if you don’t make a big deal out of this issue, they’re not going to, either. Especially since there’s nothing to make a big deal out of to begin with!
        And fourth, as for the “redefining marriage” thing-you’re right. We should all go back to the traditional definition of marriage, where I and other women would be nothing more than a man’s property, not even considered a separate human being. Want to try that? And we should also go back to the definition where people of differing religions or races or ethnicities shouldn’t be allowed to marry, either, right? Those were all considered “traditional” definitions of marriage at one time, too, after all.
        To anyone who is STILL coming on here and whining and moaning about gay marriage being legal, it’s happening, it’s going to continue to happen, and you’re either going to have to learn to deal with it or be left behind with your outdated and ignorant views. Trust me, the world is and will be much better for this progress in civilization.

      • Amanda Gedmin says:

        Where do u live? Not part of 99% of this country? Are u sure ur in the US? It’s close minded people like you that bully others. I live in the suburbs of Illinois and my kids go to school with kids that have same sex parents. Sorry to burst your little bubble, but that’s society now a days!

        • Ashley says:

          If it’s 99% of America then why is gay marriage legal in 22 states and DC? Why was DOMA over turned? And don’t ask don’t tell? How come the president supports it? Hate to say your 99 is really more of a 42% these days. Even the pope doesn’t judge. Maybe it’s time you face the real world

        • Debbie Rayburn says:

          I don’t know what country none of y’all live in ,I have a 5 year old grandson that lives with me I try my best to teach him right from wrong we spend 6000 a year to send him to a christain school .we learn and live by the bible and we want the same for him .we all love to sit down with him at night are after school and watch these show .our favorite was good luck Charlie .but there’s is no way on this earth will I let him sit and watch to women are to men carry on that way no matter how clean the show is.the bible don’t lie ever has and ever will .please don’t push things in our children minds that we don’t believe in. Keep Disney clean Are God will and can cancal the whole show.

          • Bubbles says:

            Im a Christain teen. Ma’m I hope that u are teaching your grandson not to hate homosexuals. I get disgusted by Christians who can’t even speak to or acknowledge gays but they can go sit with their friends who may or may not be Christians who lie and gossip. There is no such thing as a hierarchy of sin in my Bible. The Word tells me we are supposed to be the salt of the earth and love everyone just like God does. That being said your grandson will constantly run into ppl with different views and it isn’t up to him to change them. The world is changing.

          • Autumn says:

            Just a fact Debbie your a total bitch I’m thirteen and I believe in this stuff I literally was to come to your house shoot you and raise your grand son to believe that you can be gay and still be loved by you parents.

          • casondra says:

            i believe this little brat autumn has threatened your life in the comment she has made to you and your grandson, please be aware of this and be careful

  3. The Dude says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll make sure to take the show off the dvr schedule now.

      • james says:

        Trolled so hard.

      • Bunni says:

        The ones screaming “tolerant” the most are the least tolerant. Does that make you the pot or the kettle? Disagreeing with homosexuality doesn’t make one homophobic or a hater! America can fight and change the laws of man, but the laws of God will ALWAYS stand as they were written.

        • Brooke says:

          No they don’t…they weren’t even originally written in English!! So how, after being translated across multiple languages and eras could they POSSIBLY be standing “as they were written’??

          • Thea says:


          • Ninja says:

            I always find it interesting how “the word of God” finds it’s way in to these discussions. Believe what you want, practice the religion you want, but don’t tell me I’m wrong because I don’t.
            The bible gets quoted to death when it comes to homosexuality, but when it comes to divorce, thievery and adultery those same people become very silent.
            Also, in every era, the bible has been re-written by people in command to make sure “their” people stayed obedient. So we don’t even know if the letter of the Bible today is what was originally written.
            This is reality, men love men and women love women. It’s not icky, it’s not wrong and it’s not a disease/mental illness that needs a cure/therapy.
            It has never been an issue for me, nor will I ever understand why this is such a big deal. I just don’t get it.

          • Jud says:

            Your right. They were not written in English. They were written first in your heart, but you can`t understand that language.

          • Jennifer says:

            There is still people who exist who can read that language and who can understand and know how to translate and sounds like something a protestant would say who rather make the truth there way by taking out books of the bible out ;)

          • Jennifer says:

            And ninja if that is true then why can’t they reproduce without reproduction there would be no world, and obviously your telling us we are wrong though there is a difference between tolerant and believing your right all were trying say is that this is the last thing we would let our children watch and anyone who tells them it is right that they should stand up and say NO!

          • Jennifer says:

            and ninja the catholics are the first to stand up for abuse, violence and divorce which is prominently in protestant family who are liberals and believe the same sex parents

          • that girl says:

            Props to Ninja! No one ever talks about divorce or adultery which appeartly as some book that some people came up with long ago o scare people and keep order says you will nto get to some place called heaven and be damned to some place called hell. hmmmm whats wrong with this picture?

          • Jay says:

            Well let me tell ya like this. To me God is God. All seeing and all knowing. So by that do u think he would let his written word get messed up by us. No he would not, so the Bible is His word to us just like it is. Just my thoughts .

        • Amen, Bunni!! I totally agree. And FYI, people, true believers in Christ’s saving love don’t hate anyone. We hate sin. There’s a HUGE difference.

    • andrew says:

      nice to see there is still evil in the world @thedude, you suck

      • james says:

        Evil? Lololololol… I guess having an opinion (even trolling ones) is equated to what murderers and rapisists should be called.

        • Your disappointed Dad says:

          Yes, having evil thoughts makes you evil. Did your mom let you comment? You might be a little to young to really get these things.

          • ajintexas says:

            Give it a rest liberal. If anyone is evil its people like you.

          • Drew says:

            I take it you record the 700 Club on a regular basis?

            People have different views, different tastes, different beliefs and different ideas. Simply not watching a TV show that conflicts with their tastes is not evil. Honestly, you’re more of a whatever-phobe for making that suggestion. You’re the one who made a hateful remark about someone else. The Dude just said that he wasn’t going to watch a TV show. If you don’t see the difference there, you’re fooling yourself.

            If we’re going to be inclusive, go all in. If we’re not going to be inclusive of everyone, don’t attack people because they’re not inclusive enough.

    • Tom Charles says:

      The real Dude would not abide that comment

      • Cupcakes says:

        This is bad. Disney sucks and gay is evil

        • Veronica says:

          I agree with u wrong, imposing on to kids even mentioning it is beyond tolerable!!! I can help to think what If a “prayer” would be mentioned in the show??? Oh then people would freak and be mad homosexuality is wrong u want to do it u have a BEDROOM !!! No need for showing I’m kids tv what we know us WRONG!!!! This just how how desperate they are for kids and people to ole rated and be ok with it guess what! We won’t and never ever will EVER here will always be at least ONE person speaking up

          • Veronica says:

            Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Mess the show up BIG time!!! Done for

          • Jenni says:

            “u want to do it u have a BEDROOM !!!”

            In the show, the two moms were not intimate or sexual at all, they did not even touch each other or hold hands. It was very tasteful, and frankly, kids see a lot more intimacy on Disney Channel of heterosexual couples.

            A significant percentage of children have same-sex parents, and an even more significant percentage of children will grow up to discover that they are, in fact, part of the LGBTQP community.

            Although the episode was not particularly entertaining (the dialog was forced and cheesy), Disney had the best intentions and I believe it was a step in the right direction towards promoting acceptance. We should raise this generation to be open-minded.

            To be honest, I think parents are freaking out about this more than children. My sisters, aged 5, 7, and 10 did not even bat an eye when they saw the two moms on the screen. They haven’t even been exposed to homosexuality much at all, besides what they have heard from their friends at school.

            I’m assuming, based on your comment, that you’re not an adult, but if you are, just know that the majority of the teenage population commend Disney’s decision. Many teenagers hate current Disney and their cheesy, stereotypical sitcoms that lack humor. (These sitcoms almost always portray middle-class caucasian families who live in the suburbs, usually with a mom, a dad, and a few children. The only racial diversity they show is to “fill a quota”, and god forbid any interracial families.) “At last Disney has done something right,” they are saying.

            For the record, this is not the first time Disney has included a homosexual couple. Look it up. Throughout history, Disney has presented many non-straight characters in their shows and films, they just have not explicitly stated it. One example is Ryan Evans from High School Musical. The most recent example I can think of is the shop owner from Frozen.

            I’m a straight 16 year old girl, and I say that everyone needs to lighten up about this. It’s a step towards acceptance, instead of bigotry.

          • Sarah says:

            I’m pretty sure that Ryan wasn’t gay, because in high school musical 3 it was clearly shown that he liked Kelsie (fyi)

        • man says:

          People who say gay is evil are hidden in the closet….god is a childrens story..its time to grow up or go hang with the tooth fairy

        • Bubbles says:

          I guess u better get used to it

        • jamie says:

          there are so many evils in the world and this is definitely not one of them. why dont you worry more about poverty, child abuse, sexual abuse (by heterosexuals ) slaughtering of innocent animals and racism. I Would rather see a child raised by two loving parents of the same sex who chose to have a child because they have love to go around then so many no hopers having babies and not giving a s@#$ about them. By the way there are so many different kind of people that adopt or cant have their own child, Guess you find it acceptable that the likes of angelina Jolie just go and pick up their kids like so many other hollywood stars who just dont want to loose their figure or feel that they dont have enough time to carry them around. Just because you are heterosexual does not make you a good person or a good parent.
          I am straight so you dont have to think I am pushing my own opinion to cover my own back. I am also not religious in the slightest but I have never ever gone out of my way to hurt someone intentionally and I did not even need to read the bible or listen to some imaginary person to realise that is the way to live life.

        • Autumn says:

          You know what cupcake you suck Disney does not suck is you said this out loud to people in public I think the majority of them would slap you and say that gay is right and we can love however we want to well I would slap u or shoot u probably shoot you hehe and Disney needed this it’s not like they were kissing or have sex on tv or even hold hands for pete sake so you will die in flames. Mwawhaha love autumn

    • McBobs says:

      I don’t like it either. There are a lot of parents who are not ready for their children to be exposed to that. I am not a bigot or a homophobe. I just think that for a children’s network, this is uncalled for.

      • Brooke says:

        The only reason any parent would find it something their kid isn’t “ready” for is if they held bigoted feelings towards same-sex couples. Kids don’t have preconceived notions about the world, they are blank slates that learn what we teach them. Kids who are taught that some women love and marry other women just like some women love and marry men have NO REASON to think anything is bad about it UNLESS SOMEONE TELLS THEM THERE IS SOMETHING BAD ABOUT IT. Otherwise, to them, it’s just how the world is.

        • Bunni says:

          In many cases it is because we fear (respect) the God of all creation. God loves all of His creation, but not all people are His children. Only those who have made Jesus their personal Lord and Saviour. God is clearly against sexual sin of every type and His children are like-minded with Him. It doesn’t mean that we hate, it means that we see people who live that lifestyle are dead in their sin….just as a thief, a person who lies to get what they want, a person who lives in fornication, etc is. Some of us raise our children to understand what God’s word is and that He is very clear on His position. After all, He IS GOD. We love gay people, liars, fornicators, atheists, etc, but sin is sin. I was once dead in my sin and somebody pointed it out to me. People I knew didn’t condone the life I lived and I am glad the truth was shared with me.

        • Donna Howell says:

          Brooke, call it what you want, bigoted or whatever. It is my choice to raise my children any way I see fit, so yes. I have a problem with that. Just because you don’t, doesn’t make it right. My children, my choice. Not watching.

          • Duke says:

            So… Basically what you’re saying is, you plan to teach your children to shun homosexuals? I realize you’ll raise your kids your way, but is it really good for them to think gay people shouldn’t be treated equally? Homosexuality is how some people are born, it’s nothing to hide kids from.

        • RG says:

          so basically what you are saying is that children ‘learn’ homosexuality? Hmmph. So much for the argument that everyone’s ‘born’ that way. For the record, there have been studies that have shown that homosexuality in some cases is learned behavior brought about by the first sexual experience. So Guess what, maybe, just maybe, then, some parents dont want to give them any ideas. I mean if they were truly born that way then how can they be blank slates? You’re all crazy. Seriously.

          • Abby says:

            First sexual experience, really for the most part the mothers aren’t even going to be in the same room. My guess is Disney wont even let them hold each other hand. So i really doubt your kid is going to get ideas from two people talking with two other people in a show. If that true I probably shouldn’t let my kids watch Shake it Up, Jessie, or A.N.T Farm because it has two teens kissing and holding hands and I won`t want them to get any ideas.

      • EB says:

        That’s just silly, and obviously you DO have some homophobic tendencies. Why is it OK for one set of parents to be shown, but not a same-sex couple? My mother is a lesbian, and I was raised by two women — and I’m ok (and straight!). The sooner children can be ‘exposed to’ and understand the idea that sometimes ‘girls love boys, and other girls love other girls’, the sooner this argument goes away. Would you be offended if it was a biracial couple?

        • flutiefan says:

          thank you for your voice of reason!
          my sister has a gay couple as very close friends. my niece (age 6) doesn’t realize that they are “together”, and she doesn’t really care either way; she just loves her “uncles”! she’s heard mention of boys marrying boys and girls marrying girls, and while she’s not used to the idea, she just goes with it!

        • Donna Howell says:

          I’m beyond the point of caring what you call it EB. You all are the ones who coined the phrase homophobic. Go with it. All I care about it my right to raise my own children. You raise yours, I’ll raise mine.

        • Scott says:

          Very simple question: If God excepted/wanted the same sex lifestyle to be exceptable among our culture then why were we only created to procreate between a MAN and a WOMAN uniting in love? It isn’t acceptable no matter how you spin it period.

          • Jake Riley says:

            Dear Scott,

            Scientists claim that homosexuality exists for population control. In ancient times, a man without children would be able to care for other people’s children instead of burdening the community with more children (a “gay uncle”). Nature made it possible for two women or two men to have mutual pleasurable you-know-what. I’d cite an article, but it’s not PG. I’d gladly email it to you if you gave me your email, though.

      • flutiefan says:

        “uncalled for”?! it’s REAL.
        and you know Disney is going to wade carefully, not blast it in kids’ faces.

      • Simon Jester says:

        @McBobs – “There are a lot of parents who are not ready for their children to be exposed to that. I am not a bigot or a homophobe.”

        Then I hope those parents are home-schooling, because otherwise their kids WILL be “exposed to that” — which, yeah, DOES sound homophobic — simply by being around other children from non-traditional families.

        • Bubbles says:

          Ok I am homeschooled and always have been. Because I participate in other activities I’m exposed to it too! Please don’t stereotype homeschoolers.

      • McBobs says:

        It is a children’s network. It is not necessary to have any of this stuff. That is the parent’s decision to teach their children. Not television. I do not support gay rights based on my experience with the gay community, and I have a lot based on my job. I have watched so much hatred come from a community who claims they are about love it is sad. I will not teach my children it is ok. I will teach them that they do not need to hate gay people, but they certainly do not have to approve which, contrary to belief, is possible! But I will not allow my children to view it as being normal behavior regardless of what our world is trying to make it. And I think it is wrong that people feel the need to impose the lgbt community everywhere they can. I don’t think a gay couple would have any issues raising a child any better than a straight couple, but once again, this does NOT need to be on a children’s network.

        • Oliviabensen14 says:

          You religious nutjobs make me soooo sick. so you think just because you believe in some stupid big man in the sky, that gives you the right to tell people what to do? Btw, nobody freaking forced you to watch this show.

          God makes me sooo sick.

          • McBobs says:

            Funny, you people who don’t believe do the same exact thing by forcing out Christianity and taking away all our beliefs for your own. Why are you any better? I seriously would like to know.

          • Alan says:

            we dont react like someone has killed hundreds of people just because they are gay, we accept people for who they are, we dont judge; that alone is enough.
            i really hope you never have a kid who is gay because that kid will have a horrible life having to be related to someone with views like this about people like them.

          • Oliviabensen14 says:

            I’m sorry taking away your beliefs? Do gay people bully you until you commit suicide for being Christian? Do they take away your right to adopt children? Do they take away your right to get a wedding cake? Do crazy gay groups set up to fire gay women? Do gay groups go on national TV and say death to all Christians! are there laws that would sentence you Christians to death in other countries?

            So don’t you dare talk about your rights being infringed on. Gay people are treated like crap cause of your bible and your holy man in the sky.

          • Brooke says:

            Word, Oliviabensen14.

          • frank54 says:

            No your kind makes me sick,….you will all pay soon for your ignorance very soon

          • Micah says:

            It’s funny in a not funny way how the majority of the comments (so far, and unfortunately not all) from people who do not agree with the gay lifestyle – and therefore make a personal decision not to watch the show – only argue that they make such a choice for personal reasons (mostly religious beliefs), but those that don’t agree with the personal choice are absolutely blasting with very hateful words the hatefulness and intolerance of another person’s personal choice.

            I simply ask you to re-read the comments and see who sounds less tolerant of others. Ask yourself whose being bullied on the internet right now?

            And Oliviabenson14, Christians have been bullied for being Christians, and there are laws in other countries that sentence people to death for being Christians. Ironically, some of those countries are the same ones that would sentence a gay person to death for being gay. And I have seen plenty of Christian bashing on T.V. and in the media.

            I mean, is it any better or worse for one group to spew hatred toward the other? I don’t think it even matters whose done what when. All that matters is what are you doing now in your attitudes and action to promote love and acceptance for all if that is your guiding moral principle.

            If a Christian really believes that being gay will send a person to hell for eternity, then they have a moral responsibility to teach that to their children, and I would want them to share that with me out of love and concern for my eternal spirit.

            Can it be done wrongly? Yes. Is it done wrongly? Far to often. But the only thing you can do is to share your moral beliefs in a logical way that expresses loving concern for another whom you consider misguided because your goal is to help them see the light. And you have to live the words you express for them to carry any weight. That, to me, is the difference between someone who is bigoted and someone who simply has a different belief system than you. Are they using words and actions to tear you down or to build you into a better person (keeping in mind their moral system might have a different version than yours of what a “better person” means)?

            So reflect on your words here, and ask if you are expressing love or hate.

          • Hisdaughter says:

            It’s funny how you want us “religious nutjobs” to be tolerant but yet you sound intolerant. Hum…. nice. A real Christian knows that the man in the sky is real and he was great to make you in his image and even if you don’t believe in him He believes in you.

        • McBobs says:

          \Oliviabensen14- Lol are you kidding? There are may reasons people get bullied and gay is just one of them. I was bullied my whole life since I can remember, and even contemplated suicide, all because I am shorter than most people. I got called horrible names and treated even worse. Bullying is just wrong all together so you really can’t use that as an argument. If they want a child so bad, then they are barking up the wrong tree because the design of the male and female body were made to create children. And seriously I know a few gay people who have adopted, so I don’t really understand that one. Gay people can get themselves a darn wedding cake, they just need to go to a business that will bake their cake. The fact that they have to go to one bakery that just so happens not to support gay rights is just dramatic. I would have no problem if someone turned me down because business’ “Have the right to refuse service to anyone”. I have never heard of someone being fired for being gay unless they were imposing their lifestyle inappropriately and I have heard of people being fired just for being a Christian. Their are many organizations persecuting Christians right now. The Christian community is fighting to free a Pastor right now who is being held captive and beaten because of his faith. And many have been killed in the name of God just for simply carrying a Bible. Gays can not keep playing the martyr.

          • Amy says:

            The main problem is both gay/Christians are throwing stones right now. Did it ever occur to anyone that CHILDREN around the age of the characters in Good Luck Charlie need to see this? Maybe they themselves are going through issues. Sometimes it isn’t always about the grownups.

          • Bunni says:

            Well, well said McBobs. I have seen persecution on the job for (a co-worker) having a Bible on the back corner of their desk, while the very open lesbian whistled at other girls who walked by and nothing was said because the company was afraid of being sued. That doesn’t sound like equal rights. Saeed is fighting for his life in prison (as you mentioned) in Iran for being a Christian and pastors here are being told they cannot share Biblical truth because it is hate speech while the gay community here is painting (vandalizing) “taste the hate” on the side of Chick-fil-a and crying because they want to legally be married. PERSPECTIVE please!

        • Bubbles says:

          So because it is a children’s network I suppose interracial couples, civil rights, and women’s rights shouldn’t be shown and referenced to in the shows as well? It’s the parent’s fault if they haven’t readied their child. Yes, it is the parents job, but Media is going to continue to expose your child to this because the world is gradually changing. I’m sure the same thing was an issue back in civil rights times.

      • Angela says:

        There are a lot of parents who are not ready for their children to be exposed to that.

        Well, they’re going to have to learn to get ready, then, because their kids will go to school with kids who have same-sex parents. Their neighbors might be same-sex couples. Hell, their children might even reveal themselves to be gay someday. Same-sex marriage/parenting is becoming more and more common and accepted (and rightly so), so anyone who’s still having issues with it, well, you’re going to need to figure out some way to deal with it eventually.
        This idea that we need to shelter kids from anything that doesn’t fit certain parents’ personal worldview is ludicrous. The only way that’s going to work is if said parents lock their kids away in their homes and never, ever let them out into the real world, and that’s just not feasible.

      • Jimmy says:

        Fantastic we are promoting gay wads on television great… NOT!!!!!!!

      • edlow says:

        Our family will be skipping this episode as well. We are a family who follows the words written in the bible about right from wrong. We teach our children to be kind and respectful to everyone but we also teach what God says is truth. While some people will call me small minded or other mean names, I will continue to act loving and kid to everyone because that is the christian way. Having said all of that, I believe it up to my husband and I to talk to and expose our children to the different lifestyles people lead when we feel they are ready. This is not a political, religious or even an adult tv show. This is a tv show made for children and families to enjoy together. I believe a show like this is a place for families to level the playing field, let go of the worries of the world and spend some time together. Having any kind of hidden agenda or attempting to bring out side worldy issues in defeats the care free and easiky enjoyable atmosphere of the show. We will just as a famiky choose to skip this episode and come back next week when the show is back to silly family antics

        • Tom Charles says:

          so, do you eat pork and shellfish? wear clothes of multiple threads? have tattoos? the bible frowns on those things too

          • Bunni says:

            Please do not use your personal ideas to try to speak for God. There were dietary laws for Jews for pork and shellfish. Jesus made clear to Peter that He cleansed all things and Gentiles are not under the law. Tattoos does not mean what you are insinuating. It is/was a mark of allegiance that shows worship and ownership. (like a slave)

          • Angela says:

            @Bunni: The point is, those were rules about how to live via the Bible that most people do not pay attention to and follow anymore. Why is it okay to disregard those outdated rules, and not get flack for doing so, but it’s not okay to disregard the rules against homosexuality?

          • Micah says:

            Angela and Tom,

            I think you ask a good question that is commonly misunderstood. The Bible does not reveal one Law of God, but shares several covenants that God has made with man through the course of time. For instance, there was a separate law in the Garden of Eden (don’t eat from that one specific tree), than there was for Moses and the Children of Israel (10-commandments and associated laws). The problem was that those with whom the covenant was made could never live up to their end of it.

            Now skip ahead to Jesus death on the cross. This sealed another covenant. If you read Hebrews 8, for instance, you can see it is a better covenant built on better promises (going back to promises of the old testament, such as Gen 12:3 promising all the nations of the earth would be blessed through him; his seed (Gen 22:18). The promise is spoken of often in the Old Testament as the Jews attempted to understand it, but it was not revealed until Jesus.

            All laws are consistent with who God is (all of the 10 commandments but for the one about keeping the Sabbath holy are repeated, and often expanded, in the New Testament), but the rules are not exactly the same. First, the covenant is not just with Jews, but with all people who choose to take part in it (I Cor 12:12-13). Secondly, the “new” covenant is a separate covenant from the “old covenant” in that it has the power to save from sin rather than simply reveal what sin is. Romans 3:21 through the end of the chapter speaks to this, among other places.

            The point is, that while the Old Testament history still has relevance for learning about God and understanding who he is (most importantly his authority to save and destroy, and his desire to save us if we obey Him. You might notice in the Old Testament that God always is faithful to his end of the covenant), the relevant Law we are under is that taught by Jesus and the inspired writers of the New Testament.

            The New Testament does not place some of the same restrictions on its followers as the Law of Moses, such as the aforementioned pork and shellfish. It does, however, continue to emphasize proper sexual relationships. This includes homosexuality (1 Tim 1:10 and Romans 1:18-32, for instance).

            However, it should be pointed out that, yes, other sexual sins are condemned as well, such as adultery. And other non-sexual sins are condemned in practically the same language, even though they are not “pounced upon” as quickly by today’s “Christians” as homosexuality. For instance, slander and gossip are in the same section of Romans 1 as homosexuality and murder.

            It is a fair criticism that Christians often focus on one sin while ignoring, or even engaging in, other sins. Those who did this in the first century were just as heavily condemned (see Romans 2:17-24) for not practicing what they preach, so to speak.

            With this in mind, it raises a question to me? Is God just spiteful and mean since he purposefully set us up to fail?

            Simply put, NO. God has set his will, and expects people to yield to it. But he did not force servanthood on mankind. He desires a loving relationship as a father that can only come from people choosing to submit their will to his as a child would to a good father in a typical relationship. That kind of relationship cannot occur when one does not have a choice about being in the relationship.

            The word “sin” simply translates, “missing the mark.” When we miss the mark of serving our earthly father, we have damaged our relationship with him. When it happens with God, we in essence are the ones choosing to withdraw from a relationship with God, who is perfect and cannot accept sin, but is also perfect in Love and desires all to know him (2 Tim 2:3-4). Because we will sin (Rom 3:23), we separate ourselves from him. However, Jesus as fully man was able to live a perfect life. His death was out of love. He chose to die so that his blood could serve as a sacrifice, cleansing us of sin (understanding how animal sacrifices worked under law of Moses helps us understand how this is a similar, yet far superior sacrifice).

            Because of what Jesus did, we do not have to be perfect, we simply have to try to grow in our understanding of Him, which leads to a greater understanding of what he has done for us, which will lead to greater love for him, which leads to us more and more trying to reflect his love rather than ourselves. As we walk in that light, even if we stumble, his blood continues to cleanse us. If we seek forgiveness when we fail and repent, attempting to do a better job of submitting ourselves to him out of love, then he will cleanse us. If we pretend we are fine doing it our way, then there is no relationship with God (1 John 1:5-10).

            Therefore, we should desire a relationship with God because it is best for us now, and the reward is pretty awesome. Considering eternity is a bit longer than our physical life, that is enough reason in and of itself to make sure this God stuff isn’t a bunch of junk before rejecting it. Studying his word and talking to people genuinely seeking after him (rather than just using him to serve their purpose, often out of a need to feel superior to others), is a good way to see if there is truth here or not. P.S. Keep in mind that the apostles, who wrote most of the New Testament, used logic and reason to discuss God’s words. If you go to talk to someone about God, and they are not using the Bible and only talking about feelings in the heart, then find someone else to talk to who can make a logical argument for God’s existence, the authority of the Bible, etc.

            I also understand that many do not share the same “mark,” so what God thinks is missing the mark, in other words his ethical standard, might not be your ethical standard, especially if you don’t believe in God. All I’m trying to do here is explain to you where a Christian is coming from especially in terms of how homosexuality is considered missing the mark while not eating shellfish is not.

            There are plenty of things a Christian does wrong. We are not perfect. But what you should see as the mark of a true Christian is growth in Love for God, which can be seen in better following God’s laws, as well as better showing love toward others (Just read 1 John, it is an awesome, yet short book toward the end of the New Testament).

            And I want to point out that a person saying one thing is wrong, while doing something else wrong, does not mean the thing they say is wrong is right. In other words, if someone says murder is wrong according to national laws while they are stealing your wallet, it doesn’t make murder right. So if someone says homosexuality is wrong according to God’s law while having an affair, it doesn’t make homosexuality right.

            Did anyone actually get to the end of this? I have to beg forgiveness for being long-winded. I just think some people don’t understand how the Bible works, and therefore do not understand how God works, and therefore see him wrongly (which is an unfortunate byproduct of many claiming his name who misrepresent him). You can accept Him or reject Him, that is your choice. I just ask that you do it based on what He actually says rather than second-hand information often passed along in a hateful way, unfortunately.

        • Amy says:

          Its a show for families and that includes same sex families. I’m sorry but this isn’t about hidden agenda, religious or about an adult show this is simply a family show that includes same sex families now.

        • Angela says:

          I have no problem whatsoever with people being Christian if they so please, but it never fails to drive me nuts when people go, “Oh, I won’t do this ’cause the Bible says it’s wrong.” Ever consider, I dunno, thinking for yourself for a change, instead of always relying on a book to tell you what to do?

          • Bunni says:

            Angela – Christians do think for themselves, but we obey the Holy Spirit. God’s word (the Bible) was given for instruction to live in holiness. It doesn’t mean a Christian is perfect, but it was given to us to for correction and doctrine to live the life God desires for us.

          • Al says:

            No because if you truly are a christian that is what the bible says and you follow it as the saying goes. God made adam and eve not adam and steve. Soddam and Gamora where destroyed for the same reasons.

          • Jellymoff says:

            If one more person says “Adam and Steve” I am going to gouge my eyes out. Last time I checked, according to your religion, “god” made Adam, Steve, Eve, Jill, Jack, and everyone and everything else.

            If you really believe that two people started humankind you are a moron, plain and simple. It’s one thing to believe in religion, that’s your choice. It’s another thing to completely ignore science and common sense.

            If you think its wrong, don’t watch it. We happen to live in America where we have freedom of speech and are allowed to say what we want even if you don’t agree with it.

          • Al says:

            You are right we do live in america a country that was founded on Christian principles and when we followed those principles we flourished and prospered now look at where we are because of the thoughts of the people who live here if you dont see how this country has fallen you are blind. and we have fallen because of the need for this country to accepted everything as normal and ok. And as far as science goes all that the bible says has been scientifically proven.

          • Angela says:

            @Al: “No because if you truly are a christian that is what the bible says and you follow it as the saying goes.”
            And yet there are religious people who have no problem with homosexuality and think the comments about it in the Bible are either mistranslated/misinterpreted or just very outdated. Hm. But I guess they’re not “true Christians”-apparently only you know what constitutes being “truly Christian”.
            “God made adam and eve not adam and steve”
            First off, that rhyme is beyond obnoxious and ridiculous. Second, we could get into a whole discussion here about why, if that’s the case, God either then made people who are gay, or, if you believe it’s a choice (which it’s not, but say it is for a moment), God made these people knowing full well they would choose to be gay (since, y’know, God’s all-knowing and everything)?
            “Soddam and Gamora where destroyed for the same reasons.
            1, if you’re so knowledgeable about the Bible, then you’d realize that it’s spelled “Sodom and Gomorrah”.
            2, again, I have heard interpretations that say otherwise. Also, if God wants to destroy areas that allow homosexuality to run rampant, then please explain why Canada is still standing? Or my state of Iowa? Or any of the other states here in the U.S. that legalized gay marriage?
            Once AGAIN, people, gay marriage has been legal in various parts of the world for some time now, and NOTHING BAD HAS HAPPENED AS A RESULT. There isn’t an uptick in people marrying animals. My parents were married 32 years until my dad passed, and they got married in Iowa, and their marriage was still as valid and strong as ever even after gay marriage became legal. Should I meet the right guy someday, I have every intention of getting married. Gay people being able to marry hasn’t somehow actively stopped me from pursuing the idea of getting married. And so on and so forth. All you anti-gay marriage commentators here are worrying over NOTHING. I promise you this. Get over it already.
            And finally, bringing this lengthy post to an end:
            “And as far as science goes all that the bible says has been scientifically proven.”

        • dee123 says:

          Do you have a nice view up on your high horse edlow?

      • How is it uncalled for? It’s not like they’re gonna have a sex scene between the same sex couple or even show them making out. The most they’d show (between any two characters) is a peck on the lips which they probably won’t even have because Disney shows focus on the children and not the parents. They will simply be there as parents for their child.

        • Cynthia says:

          Yet the premise suggests that Amy will have an affair with one of the moms and Teddy will catch them in the act (see photo above), while Ivy going to “college” is an obvious callback to sexual experimentation. Disney is morphing into Penthouse!

          • That guy says:

            To those referencing the bible. Please shut up. The current church teachings on homosexuality are..
            1.) it’s alright to be gay, not a sin
            2.) gay people can’t get married
            3.) gay people are called to be chaste
            4.) showing contempt and hatred toward gay people is a grave sin.

            So for those of you hiding behind the bible and calling this sinful, check yourself and learn your own religion. Disney is doing nothing wrong.

          • Livid says:

            That guy – and all others out their complaining about people’s beliefs.
            Listen, I don’t care what you like or prefer. I don’t care what your habits may be or if you are religious or not. I am a Christian. That being said as many have stated on here the Bible states plainly what is wrong and what is not. I agree with several of you that have looped in a mass number of sins along with homosexuality. I hear you. They are all wrong, a sin is a sin. Now we get down to practices and preferences. I hear all of you stating “get over it, it is the real world and your children should know”. Ok you finally became an expert on how to raise everyone’s children…good for you. The fact is what you do for your family and what I do for mine are our preferences. As stated I don’t care for what you do I am not judging you. But if asked which I rarely am…I don’t condone your lifestyle as I wouldn’t condone a lifestyle of the other issues discussed (murder, adultery, theft). People have the right to their own opinions. They also have a right to the consequences of those actions. We all make mistakes! If you break a human law and get prosecuted for it, you pay the price. If you refuse to keep God’s commandments you pay His price. Believe what you want to believe. In the end it will be up to God on how he handles you. If you don’t believe in God, then that is your choice and I will pray for you. Back to the problem at hand. As the “mainstream” had quickly progressed into tolerance and shows have considerably become flushed with immoral lifestyles including many issues such as all those listed above. Yet for a long time Disney has stayed the course by providing somewhat safe children entertainment give or take some crude humor here of there. In comparison to major networks such as ABC family (which that title would be taken away by some not being able to share entire programs with the family due to content), Disney has continued to provide decent (I am not discussing acting) platforms for the entire family to watch without fear of the next issue (again a multitude of sins not just homosexuality). So with that back to the beginning. I don’t care what you do for your family or what your preferences are. You can scream at the top of your lungs about that is how the world is. What I decide to let into my house my safe haven and for my family is my business like what you do for you and yours belongs on your shoulders and you can pay the piper your way. If I decide to provide that safe haven for my children where I raise them by our beliefs in God, then I have the right to be upset at what gets thrown at them unawares. I had no idea this was coming. I don’t stay on top of articles or filings of complaints about future programming and that is my fault in this case. If I had I wouldn’t have let my children watch it. I don’t condone it therefore why bring it into the house. My children know that there is bad in the world. They know that there are murderers, thieves, adulterers. They know that people talk about sex at young ages. They know that there is a vulgarity that shouldn’t be around kids that is spoken in school. But they also know that they have a safe place to come home to and that at home we do our best to eliminate things from this world that doesn’t belong with our beliefs. Go ahead bring the remarks about being an over protective Dad. Go ahead tell me to watch the Brady Bunch. Whatever. You know the world id corrupt when you have 8 year olds coming home to you and asking what rape and sex are. Seriously! I blame the liberal parents out there who don’t put an ounce of parenting in. That is where the children come from that spread these ideas at such a young age. You have the thought that “Ahhh the world is ok, people have choices, it takes a village, I don’t care what they see, they will be ok attitude that makes it harder on the rest of us. So forgive me if I believe that I have a choice. That I should decide on how to raise my children. Forgive me if I keep my opinions and not once tried to force my lifestyle on you like I am being subjected to because you believe your rights are infringed upon. I don’t care. I don’t care what you like; I don’t care what you do. But force it into my home secretly and now we have an issue. No more Disney for us.

      • Kjess says:

        As the mother of two young children, I really don’t see a problem with this. What’s to be “ready” for? There ae gay people in the world, and your children will see them in society, “ready” or not. It’s better to explain at a young age that a lot of the time, men and women fall in love, but sometimes men fall in love with men and women fall in love with women. My kids don’t see it as a problem or wrong or weird, they just accept that people like different people, just like people like different things. If you’re a biggot, though, or want to teach your children hatred, though, please old off as long as possible.

      • Andrew Mitchell Alejandro Francisco Ricimir Perry says:

        This doesn’t necessarily pertain to you, but this reminds me of a Louis C.K. stand up routine –

        ” You know sometimes I end up watching these shows where I see a parent get up and say ‘This shouldn’t be allowed! If my kids see these two men holding hands, how am I supposed to explain that to them?!’
        “I don’t know. It’s your kid. You tell him. Why is that anyone else’s problem? Two guys are in love, but they can’t get married cause you don’t want to sit down and talk to your ugly child for five minutes? Who cares about your kid? He’s probably gay anyway.

      • Random Parent says:

        I agree. It is uncalled for. This subject is something that I don’t think is suitable for young kids to be exposed to at a young age. This is an issue best left to the adults.

        • Alan says:

          i dont like that religion is a subject that young kids are exposed to because it could corrupt them but its necessary because they need to know all the different people out there, even the religious nut bags. childrens tv shapes how they view the world and given how the world is now its better that they see everything at a young age so they can grow up to be good people who accept everyone for who they are, unlike their bigoted parents.

      • Bubbles says:

        Why is it uncalled for for a children’s network? Ppl fail to realize that your children are going to be exposed to this at an early age in school. Soon, Disney will have shows with characters who are gay and lesbian. Hmmm… I wonder if ppl were upset when shows and books started showing ppl of various races hanging out or women having rights. And look where we are now.

    • Donna Howell says:

      Your choice to make this show, mine not to watch. Don’t want you and child development specialists to make the decision as to what my child should accept.

    • Do you hide your kids from everything? You can’t even watch a show that just has gay people in it? Geez.

    • Tina says:

      They produce a good family show and you think it is good and then they do something like this. No more Disney Channel for my kids

    • Katiekate233 says:

      Same here, amen! Haha

    • Al says:

      I agree this is getting worse and worse my kids will no longer watch this show and if this is where the Disney Channel is going they will lose alot more viewers then they think then we wonder why are world is falling apart right in front of us.

    • Selenafan says:

      I know it’s not approved in the bible but it’s the way people feel I’m glad they are doing this to prove there’s nothing wrong

  4. As someone who has worked in the childcare industry, l think this is great. A lot of children aged from as early as 6 weeks all the way to 5 years have seen same sex couples with children come in to my centre and they’re extremely tolerant about it. Hopefully this will open up and shine new light on the other children in primary and even secondary schooling.

    • Cori says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. I am also in the childcare industry – I work as a Pre-K teacher. When the kids in my class play, it’s not uncommon for them to have boy toys marry boy toys, etc. It comes up in conversation quite often that when they get older they might marry a boy or a girl – they’ll decide when they get older. I don’t encourage or discourage the conversation, I try to stay neutral or stay out of it, but the topic comes up naturally. They’re growing up in a world where same-sex couples are increasingly common and normal. We’ve had kids in our class who have two moms, uncles or aunts who are gay, or have friends who have two moms or two dads and I’ve never seen it be an issue for them. Kids are so open and accepting, I love it! And it’s not like I live in a liberal place. This is in Utah!

      Basically I think it’s awesome that Good Luck Charlie is including same-sex parents in an episode and I find it rather odd that it’s newsworthy and/or controversial. This is real life. Chances are you have a gay friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker. Disney isn’t trying to recruit support for a cause or anything with this episode, they’re just trying to represent life as kids know it. Why not represent same-sex parents?

  5. JoJo says:

    Ellen & Portia would be a hoot! Luv it!

  6. Regal says:

    Can someone tell me why this kind of thing is still news? I mean seriously it’s 2013. When are we going to reach the point where no one bats an eyelash at the fact that there are lgbt characters on a show? As long as they’re interesting then it’s not really any different from having straight characters.

    • Alan says:

      its news because its disney channel, the network that screams “look at us we only believe in traditional families” so this is a huge step forward.

      • ajintexas says:

        Oh bull. Disney owns ESPN and they are pushing the gay agenda on that channel as hard as they can. Same goes for ABC and the partnerships they have there. Disney has championed regular families in quite some time lol.

  7. Mike R. says:

    Great for Disney, but I’m sure they will get a lot of hate for this. A fact that saddens me.

  8. ajintexas says:

    Glad to see that the 3-5% of the total population is being even more over-represented on TV. If someone who had no clue on the stats sat down to watch American TV you would think half our population is gay. I see nothing wrong with inclusiveness, but I see a big problem with fabrication of just how prevalent being gay is in this country. And save yourself the time of hitting reply to call me a bigot, I don’t care. Two women or two men can’t bilogically make a child togehter so stop pretending that’s how normal families work or that a family structure like that is in any way normal.

  9. Alan says:

    wonderful to see disney getting with the times, this should be a huge step forward. i hate the fact that disney are going to get a lot of hate for this. who knows, maybe in a few years they might be brave enough to have an lgbt main character on a show.

  10. Austin says:

    Maybe I’d be happy if this new milestone wasn’t on a terrible kids show rather than a good kids show.

  11. GS says:

    I think it’s great! My 13 yr. old son has 2 friends who have 2 moms and we’ve know them all since kindergarten. Great kids and great parents. People need to just get with the times. 2 moms and/or 2 dads are better than no parents or 1 or the other as is the case with a lot of kids. Not slamming single parents but 2 is always easier than 1 when sharing the load regardless of gender.

  12. Disney Channel has always been dependable family viewing. It saddens me that they’re doing this. I do have a feeling that this episode will be pulled as quickly as the gluten episode and bulimia episode.

  13. dean says:

    Call me when GLC gets past having the best black friend trope and picking on kids with illnesses

  14. A Thompson says:

    Very disappointed to read this. This is one show all of my family enjoyed watching together. My children are being raised with Christian values taught from the Bible. Same sex marriage is not right in the eyes of our Lord. Sad to have to tell my children we can no longer watch Good Luck Charlie.

    • Tom Charles says:

      Want some bacon wrapped scallops? Or maybe a nice shrimp cocktail and some pork chips?

    • Brooke says:

      Christian values = hate, discrimination, bigotry, and fear of people who are different from you, eh? I’m pretty sure that’s not what Jesus preached.

      • A Thompson says:

        I am not teaching my children to hate, discriminate or have a fear of people who are different from them. I simply do not want my children to think same sex marriage is ok. I am not judging anyone nor am I teaching my children to judge anyone. I want to shield them as long as I can from things I do not believe in.

        • You can’t not believe in same sex marriage. You can believe it’s not right, but you can’t not believe in it. That’s like if I say I don’t believe in the color blue. No matter how much I don’t like it, It’s there. And shielding your children from something like that won’t help. You’re just keeping them ignorant of how the world works. And by shielding them from something, you are teaching them discrimination, because you are employing it when you choose what to shield them from and what not to. And what will you tell them if/when they ask you about same sex marriage? Because if you believe it is not ok, you are judging, and you will push that onto them when you tell them it is not ok.

        • Jellymoff says:

          Um, saying something is not OK is the definition of judging.

        • Oliviabensen14 says:

          Ahh, so with your crazy logic, I don’t agree with smoking, i should just shield my kids from them cause you know, they are nothing but smokers. forget they are more than what you don’t “agree with”.

      • McBobs says:

        Not supporting does not automatically equal hate. I am a strong believer in the Christian faith. I have friends who are gay and are very kind. They don’t hate me for not supporting them, and I don’t hate them for not supporting me. We love the sinner not the sin because we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. So instead of accepting sin to make us feel better about doing it, we strive to better ourselves and fall forward instead of backwards. And I swear, will people ever let the Old Testament thing go? Even Jesus called the Pharisee’s out on being so bent on Old Testament laws that they themselves could not even follow. So really a comment like this:
        “hope you’re not clothing them in mixed textiles like a polyester/cotton blend, or you’re all going to hell.” just shows lack of knowledge of what a true born again Christian believes. And when I mean true, I don’t mean all those people who love to say they are Christian but have never even picked up a Bible. We do believe in loving others. But love does not mean you must accept others. We befriend people of all sorts of backgrounds and we try to show them the love of God by our lives with humility when we fail ourselves and being humble and thankful when things go well. Where today’s society teaches you to boast and brag and blame others when necessary.

        • queerbec says:

          So why do you cling to the Old Testament Leviticus statement then? Jesus says nothing about homosexuality in the New Testament, so where do you get the idea that you can? Yes, i know people refer to a statement from Paul (not Jesus) in the New Testament, but that is actually hearsay (someone quoting what was supposedly a letter from Paul) and with all the variation in belief among first and second century Christians, some of these “letters” were designed to address differences among Christian communities and may have been politically expedient solutions rather than strict dogma.

          • McBobs says:

            Homosexuality is considered a sexual sin. The same exact way cheating is a sin. And really, the whole design of the male and female body are argument enough. What people miss, is the lgbt gave people the option to disagree with them by putting their lifestyle on the ballot and asking that there be more gay related situations in the public media. Once they did that, they opened themselves up to people who are going to disagree. The problem is, they did not like the answer they received so they fought and fought and continue to fight until they get there way. If we had the option (such as Prop on the ballot) to force people to stop cheating, or to make a divorce harder to get, etc, we would vote for that as well. But unfortunately all we can do is come along side, counsel and help those living that lifestyle of sin. And this is why I have a problem with the lgbt community. They fight so darn hard for love with such hateful tactics and words. When someone hears that I simply do not support the idea of a homosexual lifestyle (again, no problem with the people themselves) I am instantly called names. This is why I stopped supporting the lgbt community before I even became a Christian.

            Either way, the point is that this is a Children’s Network. This is unnecessary to introduce at such a young age and shouldn’t be on any channels that are designed for children under 18 because until then, they are under their parents choice of parenting. I am so tired of everyone going after the young generation as if they are trying to “get to them early”. It is a parent’s decision on how to raise their child as long as they are not causing physical harm. People don’t like that my children are being raised in a Christian home and I don’t like children being raised in an Athiest’s home, but that is not my decision to make. And I will not go around calling names to those I disagree with because it is really just childish.

          • Oliviabensen14 says:

            @mcbobs, a big WHATEVER. I’m sure you felt the same way when blacks wanted equal rights. Homophobic bible thumping ass.

          • Oliviabensen14 says:

            Btw, mcbobs, I love your “gays are asking for it” mentality. I’m sure if a pastor told people to beat the gay out of a person, I’m sure you would say that gay people were asking for that too. Or Matthew Shepard asked for it when he talked to those two men who murdered him.
            Or how those teens who committed suicide for being gay asked for it.

            Cause I mean, they opened themselves up to people just to be harassed right?

            You Christians are hateful.

          • Angela says:

            And really, the whole design of the male and female body are argument enough.
            If God or whomever you feel was responsible for creating the world had such a problem with two men or two women sleeping together, my guess is God wouldn’t have made sex between those of the same gender feel just as good, or even work, as it does with straight people. And yet…
            If we had the option (such as Prop on the ballot) to force people to stop cheating, or to make a divorce harder to get, etc, we would vote for that as well.
            First off, cheating/divorce aren’t on the same level as homosexuality. Cheating and divorce actually hurt people. A gay couple who love each other? I’m not getting where there’s any pain or danger or whatever involved. Plus, what is considered “cheating” can vary, so it’d be pretty hard to regulate even if you tried.
            Second, there are times when divorce is actually necessary.
            And third, I’m not a fan of cheating, and find divorce sad, but I also know that people are not perfect and will make mistakes, and trying or wanting to outlaw every little thing you personally deem objectionable is ridiculous. You can put all the laws in place barring this or that activity all you want…it’s still going to happen. You haven’t actually stopped anything.

        • Gerry Turley says:

          I agree with your statement. We are all sinners and I do NOT hate those who are sinning, but am saddened by the fact that they are willingly/knowingly committing an act of defiance against the way God has told us to try to live our lives.

          • Oliviabensen14 says:


          • Alan says:

            not everyone lives by what one work of fiction tells you to do though. we all laugh at scientologists for living their lives based on a work of fiction so why doesnt that apply to this work of fiction.

        • dee123 says:

          Oh yes. The old “i have gay friends” routine, yeah right you do.

        • Hannah says:

          Yes, thank you!!! I also am a Christian, I have many gay friends who I absolutely love but they know that I believe what the bible says about it, but that doesn’t change how much I love them! I won’t continue to let this show be watched in my home because it goes against what I know, as a believer, to be true..but that certainly doesn’t come from a hateful standpoint, it comes from believing in God and what His word says!

          • Oliviabensen14 says:

            You are hateful cause if two men or woman who clearly love each other bothers you that much and that you will stop watching the show because of something you disagree with, then you are a hateful god loving nutjob. I’m sure you also shield your kids from your so called gay friends.

            I’m so sick of GOD and religion. If he causes this much hate and discrimination, then I will not believe in a god like that. Sorry.

      • CK says:

        This Christian agrees with you Brooke. Jesus doesn’t once speak out against homosexuals or gay marriage. I think he would be shaking his head at those who uses him to spread fear. He was consistently with those who were on the out. As Christians – we really need to take a step back and look at who Jesus is calling neighbors, and who our neighbors really are. For all of you who are disappointed, disgusted or whatever with decision, I will be praying to the Lord for YOU!

        • jc says:

          A theologian are you?……(insert eye roll emojie)…. The bible is very clear on homosexuality….Is that your loop hole statement?, ‘Jesus never said it’… God said it and Jesus says, I and the Father are one…

          • Lynnie says:

            The word “homosexuality” is mentioned once in the bible however it was never used to describe consensual relations between same sex couples. The word was probably used to describe the rape of one man by another or one woman by another. This occurs because the bible was iron ally written in a language that does not translate into English, so really be careful using the bible as you platform on these rocky waters cause you never know when you might be wrong and fall off your pedestal.

      • Bunni says:

        He made clear in many places throughout his word that ALL sexual sin is wrong. Fornication, homosexuality, adultery, etc are sins. These apply to the straight and gay person. People want to argue that “Jesus never said that” to excuse the sin, but Jesus is God! Jesus is the written word made flesh. All of the Bible was given under the instruction of the Holy Spirit (3rd person of the Godhead) To say that Jesus never said it was a sin makes it clear that one has never read the entire Bible.

        Jesus CLEARLY defined marriage. (Matt 19:3-9) “3 Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?” 4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’[a] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’[b]? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” 7 “Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?” 8 Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

        In the beginning, he MADE THEM MAN AND WOMAN. If God was okay with same-sex couples, he would have created more than Adam and Eve. He created them man and woman to DEFINE what marriage is to look like. This passage makes it clear that ALL sex outside of marriage was sinful. And marriage can only be a man and a woman. Thus, homosexuality is automatically outside the bounds of marriage and thus, sinful in Jesus’ eyes.

        I believe this is why you will almost always find that those who practice homosexuality also claim that either God is non-existent or that the Apostle Paul & Timothy (who wrote most of the New Testament and condemned this practice) was a false prophet. They fail to take Jesus’ rather clear statement into account.

        Guess what? Since God is King, he sets the rules. After all, people are also tempted to cheat on their spouses, steal, lie, kill, etc. And because God forbids it, we don’t get to do it. Practicing homosexuality is the same- God said, “No.” So the answer is no!

        • Angela says:

          I believe this is why you will almost always find that those who practice homosexuality also claim that either God is non-existent

          Wrong. There are many gay people who are also religious. Many.
          Also, all those passages you quoted there? They can be open to interpretation, or misquoted, or mistranslated. And if we are going to play the, “This is what Jesus said” game, well, Jesus also said to “Love thy neighbor”, and that “he who is without sin shall cast the first stone”. Yet I don’t see many of the anti-gay marriage people here paying much attention to those passages.
          A person’s sex life is absolutely none of your business. You’re seriously expecting a modern world to live by the ideals of men from centuries ago? From a time period where people found supernatural reasons to explain away things they didn’t understand (remember when religious people thought the world must be flat, because they didn’t understand the science that stated otherwise? Shall we continue to follow their lead simply ’cause, hey, they’re religious?)?
          Sorry, no. The world has changed many times since the days of the Bible, and as such, the laws and rules of life have and will continue to change as people learn more and come to understand new ways of living.

        • G says:

          agreeed!!!!! they need Jesus!

        • Lynnie says:

          Do not go stereotyping gays. I have a friend who struggled with his sexuality because of his family, however he has come to the decision to never date because he does not wish to sin. He is fully and devoutly Christian. So, he gives up his option to find love just to please god and follow his beliefs. Not all gays are satanists or atheists. Know your facts.

    • flutiefan says:

      hope you’re not clothing them in mixed textiles like a polyester/cotton blend, or you’re all going to hell.

    • Zorkel567 says:

      Then why are you even watching TV? The bible never included television, or Internet, or cell phones, which means our Lord must not approve. So why should your kids even be watching television?

  15. heidilbrown says:

    Well, we’ll no longer be watching this show.

  16. MSQueen says:

    I’m not ready to have this conversation with my kids yet, so I’ll be monitoring their television and probably won’t want them watching this episode. I think it’s every parent’s own decision whether or not it’s time to tell their kids about certain things. This is my choice. Yours may be different.

    • Spencer says:

      There is no conversation to be had. Your kids watch the episode, see that two women can be in love and raise a family, that’s the end of that. Move on. No need to make this a bigger deal than it needs to be.

    • Brooke says:

      Do you know how these conversations with kids usually go? “Why does Jake have two mommies?” “Just like Mom and Dad fell in love and got married, Sally and Susie fell and love and got married.” “Oh. Can I have brownies for dessert?” Kids who have not been taught to think gay couples are wrong have no context in which they are disturbed by it. They ask questions about everything they see in the world and learn only what other people teach them. The only person who’s uncomfortable during that conversation will be YOU, and by treating it like a crime, you’re passing on your discomfort to them.

      Fact of the matter is, the world is speeding forward with tolerance and leaving you behind. Don’t let your kids get left behind as well.

    • Karen says:

      I don’t understand you, what’s to explain? You’re kids could be gay for all you know and this episode will help them understand that
      A) they’re not alone
      B) It’s ok
      C) They are not sinners

  17. Steve says:

    So I guess those Bible Thumping women who think theyre living in the last century will try another failed boycott of Disney. Thank GOd the world has changed; now if only the old conservative men on the Supreme Court would realize that too instead of saying idiotic things like gay marriage is newer than cell phones. Really? Thats what you make legal judgements on

  18. Spencer says:

    I think this is a great step for Disney, although Cartoon Network has kinda already trumped them when it comes to showing equality in a kids show, ie Adventure Time.

  19. Charlie says:

    OneMillionMoms just had a stroke over this news..

    I’m happy that they are doing that

  20. Gerry Turley says:

    Once again–another show to be removed from viewing for my grandchildren! What is wrong with our world that this is presented as ‘normal’ and ‘valued’ viewing? My grandchildren will be watching reruns of old television shows in the future when they are at our home…shows that show a traditional family with a male father and a female mother!

    • Brooke says:

      I know, what is WRONG with our world? How dare they promote loving couples who are happy together and lovingly raise children together? I miss the good old days when we simply stoned them to death!

  21. Gerry Turley says:

    Romans 1:24 – 1:27 24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    • Amy says:

      Its great that you know the bible BUT there are sooooo many commandments that are ignored today especially from the old testament. Most people eat pork, they gossip, over eat at the dinner table. A sin is a sin in the eyes of God not one is worse than the other.

      • Alan says:

        well said. i think its ridiculous how these people pick and choose what to believe in based on what they can use to hurt others. its at times like this that i wish religious people would remember the best thing said in the bible “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    • Alan says:

      why does a two thousand year old work of fiction with massively outdated views on life have such an impact on our society? imagine where we would be today if we didnt have people worrying about what the great sky demon thinks rather than just being nice to each other and encouraging them to be themselves to the best of their abilities.
      its in situations like this that always make me think of that family guy episode where they go to a parallel earth where religion never existed and life was just better all round because we didnt have people putting each other down for being who they are.

  22. Lauren says:

    I think this is great!! Its finally showing what the real world is like! For all you haters by the way you probably like modern family right? So why not allow this then??? Answer that!

  23. Nos Darkly says:

    Being that it’s a children’s network, the “norm” is single parents, since it’s a lot cheaper to only pay one adult actor, and budgets are always a concern. I say get over it; the kids are not likely to even notice it.

  24. Ben Kabak says:

    Ugh. Terrible

  25. I do not believe that is not up to Hollywood to introduce the subject of homosexuality to children. As a teacher’s aide with friends who are gay I believe the topic should be introduced to kids by their families, churches, and upper schools when they are older.

    • Angela says:

      Except too many kids’ parents/churches, as has been evidenced in this very thread, have no desire to teach their children such things. And some schools have come under fire from parents if they did try and teach it.
      I agree that children should learn things from their parents and other trusted adults first and foremost, but unfortunately, not all the adults in kids lives are interested in doing that. ‘Cause heaven forbid a kid actually learn the world outside their door isn’t all one set way!

    • mia says:

      But doing that makes it something ‘taboo’ or ‘abnormal’ (which it isn’t). Heterosexuality is presented to children right away, so I don’t see the problem in teaching children that love comes in many forms.
      Besides, if we wait to teach them when they are ‘older’ what about the kids whose parents ARE gay, or friends of kids whose parents are gay, or kids that are gay themselves. Its like waiting to tell kids that there are different ‘colours’ of people – they’re going to notice a heck of a lot sooner than that. Restricting knowledge never did anyone any good.

  26. For those of you who don’t support a gay lifestyle, isn’t this a great opportunity to have a conversation with your children about how you may not support the way people live their lives but you can (and should) still respect those people. Boycotting a whole show because of one episode that hasn’t even aired is silly. Whether you all want to believe it or not, there are gay people in the world and this will be an episode that is reflective of that.

  27. Brooke says:

    It makes me sad, we live in this huge world filled with so many different people and their stories, and some people are so scared by that that they want to pretend that everyone who isn’t just like them doesn’t exist.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Some of the comments I see here only illustrate exactly why it is so important to have an episode such as this and to be included as part of a “kids” show. Hopefully the next generation will be more open-minded and accepting. I applaud Disney for doing it and look forward to the day when it is the normal and not news.

    • Angela says:

      Seriously. The show’s hoping to reach out to kids and teach them lessons about accepting others and all that, but it seems there’s quite a few adults here who could do well to learn that same lesson.
      Eh, well. As sad as it is to see anti-gay comments here, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that slowly, but surely, gay rights are becoming more and more accepted and supported in the world. I live in a state that legalized gay marriage four years ago, and contrary to some people’s beliefs here, the world HASN’T come to some screeching halt and caved in on itself. Life’s going on about as fine as it did before gay marriage became legal. Shocking, no?

      • mia says:

        Ya, here in Canada we made same-sex marriage legal like a decade ago and we’re still fine. Hell, we don’t even talk about it anymore. ‘Gay Marriage’ isn’t a controversial issue on the national stage.

  29. Jess says:

    Kids might not be ready to understand sex but they can understand love and there is nothing wrong with any two consensual adults loving each other. I think it would be more difficult to explain the prejudice surrounding homosexuality to a kid then explaining homosexuality itself.

    It’s about time someone introduced gay parents into children’s programming to better reflect the diversity of families in the real world. Disney’s already taking a big step, but I’d like to see the characters treat this family normally (i.e. not acting overly shocked, not asking stupid questions) so kids get that it’s not weird or wrong. Maybe in the future they can deal with the issues gay kids face when coming out. I miss the days when Disney Channel educated kids about relevant social issues.

  30. CP says:

    Did you see the news story a few weeks ago about the woman who had sex with the family dog? She really loved him. Yeah. It’s all about “love.” No, it’s about child indoctrination. Smh

    • Oliviabensen14 says:

      Why don’t you shut up? And I love how you compare love between two males or females as loving a “dog”.

      God and Jesus…. No wonder I don’t believe in any of them.

    • Brooke says:

      I will “smh” over your confusion of a dog with a consenting adult.

    • Angela says:

      Not even close to being the same thing, but it’s cute to watch you try and think you’re making a point.

      • Ray B. says:

        Yeah, but if enough people decide that it’s okay to love their pets, and have sex with them, then it’s ok, right? and we can teach our children that it’s okay to be in love with our pets, right? No, lets use some common sense people. Just because many people practice it doesn’t make it right.

        • Angela says:

          Uhhhhh…okay, no. We would frown upon humans having sex with animals because there would be total lack of consent issues, it would be an abuse of animals. A CONSENTING (key word here, genius) relationship between two men or two women doesn’t have those issues. Hence why same sex relationships are okay, and sex with animals is not. It’s really not that complicated to understand.
          I’m all for using common sense in discussions. So I’ll just wait for the day when you actually start using it in your arguments.

  31. nateddog(future actor) says:

    i wish u homophobic bitches will get over yourselves. the earlier kids see gay couples the earlier theyll accept it. so what are u gonna do if your kids turned out to be gay? kill them? disown them? how pathetic can u be?!?! congrats on the HUGE step Disney channel.

  32. noahcocke says:

    How about teaching children the value of money on television? Nobody ever seems to have to worry about that on the idiot box anymore. I already didn’t like good luck Charlie or any Disney channel show anymore because there is no morality in these shows. The parents act like kids and the kids don’t respect anything. Life is just one big joke and Disney socially programs your children. Look up all the subliminal messages they have put in their movies and TV shows over the years. Makes me sick. They act like its wholesome. How about a Disney channel show about a struggling family who can’t afford health insurance and their parents have to take on second jobs just to make ends meet? Or a show about a single parent trying to be the best they can for their disabled child? Autistic or whatever? Instead they are more concerned about diversity. Its not first time we have seen gay or lesbian characters on TV.

  33. Bella says:

    EXTREMELY disappointed in Disney. The issue isn’t whether or not homosexuality right or wrong, the issue is whether kids should be “taught” about this issue on a children’s network. Bottom line is it’s not Disney’s place to address this issue with kids. I would feel that way about any controversial issue. If Disney decided they wanted to do a season with a family that smoked, for instance, I would feel the same way. I know people who smoke and I know people who don’t. How I personally feel about smoking isn’t the issue. I still don’t want to see people smoking on a kids show, and I certainly don’t want Disney telling my children their viewpoint on the topic. They are simply overstepping their boundaries. I for one lost a lot of trust and respect for Disney today, which is really sad since my children and I all grew up adoring this company. This is one more family that will be saying ‘Goodbye, Charley’.

    • Cam says:

      Instead of just arguing with you let me ask you a hypothetical question.

      Out of curiosity, what you would do if one of your children grew up to realize they where gay? Would you support them, force them deeper into the closet, Sign them up for conversation therapy (a practise no real medical professional would recommend BTW), Or just throw them out?

      • Bella says:

        I would continue to love them no matter what. Nothing my children do would ever change that. This is not an issue of right or wrong for me, in regards to a person’s sexuality. This is purely an issue of a show overstepping their boundaries by addressing a controversial topic on a children’s network. I want to be able to address the topic myself with my child when I feel they are ready to discuss it, not because I am forced to because they see it on Disney. Leave the controversial issues for adult programming….adults are old enough to understand what is going on and make their own decisions without parental supervision. When children are involved, networks need to assume more responsibility on what they are airing.

      • Angela says:

        Except this isn’t, or shouldn’t be, a controversial topic. All the family in this episode is going to do is meet another family whose parents just happen to be of the same gender. It’s not like we’ll see some big makeout scene on the show or something. If merely meeting someone who is different from you is cause to be labeled “controversial” nowadays, then there’s a WHOLE lot of shows that are controversial, apparently.
        It’s nice that you want to talk to them about such issues, but they probably already have familiarity with the topic simply from interacting with other kids at school. My guess is this TV show will not faze them as much as you think it might.
        When children are involved, networks need to assume more responsibility on what they are airing.
        No. The networks are not your kids’ parent. YOU are. If you’re that worried about your kids stumbling across such “controversial” fare before they’re ready, well, that’s what we have remote controls and parental blockers for.

  34. dee123 says:

    I didn’t know there were so many morons at this site. Such a shame.

  35. S. says:

    Diversity and Inclusiveness!!!!!!

    Yeah, right. This publicity stunt has nothing to do with diversity or inclusiveness. If Disney had ever really wanted to showcase diversity, they wouldn’t pull this crap. No show would. You know what diversity really is? It’s not gay people. It’s giving a Black actor the lead role instead of being the white lead’s best friend and comic foil. It’s not turning the Asian actor into a stereotype. It’s showing that Hispanic’s are more than the gardener or the maid with the heavy accent. It’s giving the Italian’s a role that has nothing to do with organized crime. It’s giving the overweight actor an actual role and not a punch line. And it’s not making the gay person Black or Asian and patting yourself on the back for your tolerance.

    This crap drives me up the wall. America does not consist of just white people and homosexuals of a different race. If Disney wants diversity, hire an Asian or a Hispanic or a Native American to star in one of their shows. Until then, call this what is–a push for ratings and an empty gesture.

    • Brooke says:

      Racial diversity is also important and a place where most TV shows today fail (which is strange, since the 1990s were way ahead of where we are now in this area). But that doesn’t mean that having gay characters isn’t ALSO important. Disney can still be encouraged to improve its racial diversity without stepping on gay people.

    • Yukiteru says:

      It’s so Raven has a Black actress in the main role, and also in almost all the supporing roles, and was one of the best and most popular show of Disney ever make.
      Brenda Song has make many roles for Disney that break the stereotype of Asians…
      And even if isn’t a Hispanic character in main role, they are a lot in supporing roles, and in different characters that the “gardener”

      It’s true the different races need more representation, but we did have a show with Hispanic, Black and Asians in main REGULAR roles, but we have yet to have a GLBT in a main REGULAR role in any Disney Show

    • Alan says:

      you do realise disney has had “thats so raven” and “cory in the house” on not that long ago with a majority black cast and the white actors were given the “best friend and comic foil” role; or that “cory in the house” had a hispanic president of the united states. theyve already shown that the colour of your skin shouldnt be a problem so its time they did the same for sexuality.

      • S. says:

        Raven ended in2007, Cory ended in 2008. It is now 2013. And yes, Cory portrayed a guy as President with a Hispanic last name. And Brenda song was never the lead, she was supporting and she did portray a stereotype–dumb rich girl.

        Disney has ONE show with a Black lead–A.N.T. Farm, and if you watch the show you get the impression there are only three Black people in all of San Francisco.

        Disney has never shown diversity. For every Black actor, there a five white ones. There are no Hispanics nor have there ever been Hispanics on the Disney channel. Giving a character a Hispanic last name is not the same thing as having a Hispanic on set, especially when the actor himself is ITALIAN. And Brenda Song is the only Asian actor Disney has. Disney has also never given a non-size zero an actual real part, they’re always the “fat” friend who is forever stuffing their face or being clumsy and clueless.

        Disney has many different channels all around the globe–Disney France, Disney Brazil, Disney Japan, etc. So they have access to a wide range of people. They just never show it on Disney US.

        This is a publicity stunt. That’s all it is. Disney is not interested in diversity, it never has been. This is being done because more and more gays are now having children, so Disney is trying to get them to watch their shows. It is believed gays have money, and if the children of gays watch Disney, those children will want Disney products and their parents will buy them.

        So, yeah, I’m a little ticked off. I’m ticked off because Disney has continually bypassed at least fifty percent of the American population, and now wants a gold star because it’s focusing on ten percent of it.

        • Alan says:

          you talk about hispanics and italians, i point you to wizards of waverly place, a show about an italian-hispanic family which has many episodes centred around hispanic or italian culture. then there is austin and ally which features a hispanic actress as part of the main cast. then there is jessie which has a black actress and an actor of middle eastern descent as part of the main cast.

          • S. says:

            Oh wait! You’re right. I did forget Wizards of Waverley Place, which had three Hispanic actors. Of course, Max was a moron, Mom was a vain fool, and Alex was a selfish spoiled lazy brat who got into situations that her brother or her father (the white actors) had to get her out of.
            And yes, they did have that one show that focused on Hispanic culture–Alex’s Quinceañera. Of course, a Quinceañera is actually a Roman Catholic Hispanic event. Never mind that the Russos never actually went to church, spoke about God in any way, or even had rosaries or a cross. That would have been too controversial.
            As for being Italian, they never did anything with it. Never mind that a large segment of the Italian population is also Roman Catholic. I’m not even sure they ever ate any spaghetti, much less spoke Italian or Spanish.
            Oh, and Karan Brar (Ravi) is Indian, not Middle Eastern. And yes Skai Jackson (Zuri Ross) is Black, one Black actress to five white actors, and so far the only Black person in all of New York.
            You know what, if Disney wants to tackle an issue, how about child hunger. Hundreds of children have gay parents, yet thousands go hungry every day. I live in Vegas, with a large gay population, yes, but you don’t see homosexuals making out on every street corner. (Weirdly enough, they go to the DMV. No lie.) What you do see is the homeless, everywhere. You see them pushing carts down the street, sleeping under overpasses, hanging around the Salvation Army. There was even a homeless camp next to the freeway for awhile before the cops moved them out.
            Or how about learning disabilities. My mother and my two brothers have learning disabilities, where it’s hard to retain what they read. Bella Thorne, from Shake It Up, has a dyslexia. And while the actress herself has worked to overcome it, her character CeCe, who also suffers from dyslexia has not. Instead, she portrayed as an empty-headed little fool.
            Or how about divorce? Disney has portrayed divorced parents, but it’s not something that they actually talk about. The “missing” parent is never mentioned, ever. Half the time you don’t even know if the missing parent is the result of a divorce or a death or a long trip down to the corner market.
            Or how about bullies? In the Disney universe, somehow their characters never have to deal with an actual bully or a horrible teacher. They may have to put up with a snarky comment now and then, otherwise they seem to lead these charmed lives where everyone likes everyone and no one gets picked on.
            Disney wants to be topical, fine. Then focus on topics ALL kids and families deal with, not just some.

  36. Marit says:

    Has anyone here checked out “The Fosters” Monday nights on ABC Family? It’s about two moms (one a cop, one an educator) raising a family of birth, adopted and foster children. They are not guest-stars; they are the title characters. I’ve watched the first few episodes and they are very good, raising lots of real teen issues.

  37. Maybe this could be switched around a bit: new family is introduced and a passing reference to being “devout Catholics” is made. One wonders if complaints about promoting Christianity would be heard from….well, you get the exercise.

    • Lynnie says:

      Disney makes religion accessible in their programming. Watch the episode of Shake it Up, which stars a black-Hispanic mix actress as a lead, a Cuban American in a reoccurring role, and not to mention Rocky’s BLACK INTELLIGENT family, where Rocky hurts her foot. CeCe prays out loud to God asking that he looks after her friend, and then thanks him at the end of the episode. No petitions to have that episode pulled ever showed up hmmm. Makes you think. People are already accepting of religion, even those of us who aren’t religious. So please, let’s make the world accepting of all things.

  38. labman57 says:

    Watch for the inevitable onslaught of indignation as right wing heads explode and Christian conservative pundits issue an ill-concieved, ultimately doomed call for a massive boycott of all Disney programming, videos, and theme parks.

  39. OliviaBensen12 says:

    So parents, while you are protecting your children from the “evils” that is homosexuality..

    There are kids who are dealing with

    Domestic violence
    Child abuse
    Sex Trafficking
    Forced Marriage
    Money for sex

    So are you going to protect your kids from those things? If the couple was dealing with these kind of issues, are you going not to watch the show cause it teaches those kids about the REAL issues of the world.

    it’s amazing how people of religious faith seem to care more about what people do in bed than they EVER do with world issues. They never seem to worry about children being raped or kidnapped…Although I’m sure it says in the bible that it’s OKAY.

    Had a child been abused on this show, are you going to shield them from that? While you people worry about two men sleeping together, a child is being murdered and raped. I’m sure you could care less since homosexuality is soooo evil and biggest sin EVA!

  40. emily says:

    i think all controversial matters should’nt be on tv for children.

    • Oliviabensen14 says:

      And yet all of the controversial issues happen to children in REALITY no matter how much you want to be in your little bubble.

  41. Alan says:

    claiming that someone elses relationship is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut when you are on a diet; it doesnt effectyou directly so why do you care?

  42. averagejoe says:

    I was interested in this story because my kids (7 & 11) watch the show. Occasionally, I’ll watch it with them. First, I’d like to say that we are Christians, and I don’t have a problem with this news. As has been said in the comments I’ve read, same-sex parents exist. It’s something kids will encounter while living in the real world. I agree with those that have said Disney will undoubtedly handle the situation with respect.

    I do feel the need to apologize for all of the bigoted comments on both sides. The Christians that appear to be bigots against homosexuals and the other comments that are very bigoted towards Christianity. Bigotry will continue to exist until both sides of this (or any) issue can learn to accept each other.

    For anyone reading this, please don’t let the posts of hate-filled Christians alter your view of God or Jesus because they are simply and horribly not at all a valiant or true representation of Jesus. 1 John 4:7-8 says that if someone does not love, they are not of God.

    And also, for the Christians, please stop hating. I understand what the Bible says, and you can hate on me if you want, but if you hope to represent Jesus to a world that either doesn’t know him or now hates him because of the type of “christian” behavior like you’ve been representing, you need a better approach. Jesus did not condemn. He didn’t even tell people they needed to change until he first accepted them for who they were, got to know them, and loved on them. This is what we are also called to do. I understand you want to protect your kids from sin or “evil” in the world, but you can’t. What you can do instead is teach them how to love. Because that’s the only way they can overcome evil.

    Trust me when I say, I’m not saying any of this from a high horse, etc. I’m just as damaged and messed up as anyone, and I’ve done a really poor job in the past representing Jesus and loving people that are different than me.

    • Angela says:

      I love this post. Well said.

      And indeed, you are right, it’s not fair to lump all Christians together because of the actions of some.

  43. maggie says:

    That is awesome! My daughter loves that show and since she has two moms, she’ll be thrilled!

  44. EveatEden says:

    WTG Disney!

  45. Jacqueline says:

    I grew up with Disney, now I’m grown up and watch kids who watch Disney. I don’t think children need to learn these things until they are older. I know, same sex marriage’s are every where. But I’m not a supporter of that. God created a man and a woman(Adam and Eve). Not a woman and a woman, or a man and a man to be together. I wont judge you if you are. But i don’t think that children should be influenced by this show. I do not support Disney any longer.

    • Oliviabensen12 says:

      So, you don’t judge…yet you don’t support Disney anymore. You are nothing but a homophobe.

  46. Kaitlin says:

    I disapprove of Disney doing this. Whether I believe in gay rights or not I still don’t believe children should be taught via tv that this is okay. Parents should be the ones to teach their children what they want them to believe in. Many people are asking why Disney should be able to have straight parents and not gay parents but the answer is simple, straight parents are traditional and have been the normal for a LONG time now and that should stay normal. I don’t resent gays, I just don’t agree with some of their ways that’s all.

    • jellymoff says:

      I wish bigots would stop trying to pretend that they are not bigots. If you believe in something then really believe, stop hiding behind god, tradition, or anything else. It was not too many years ago people were making the same statements about interracial couples. Disney can do whatever they want. Choose if you want to watch, but the reality is your child will be exposed to gays, Jews, Black people, Muslims, and more. This is the world we live in!

  47. Jocelyn says:

    Well said Amy!

  48. Jocelyn says:

    @Kaitlin-I think Disney is just trying to show that same-sex couples are becoming more “normal” now. I support gay rights even though it is not for me. I think the people freaking out are slighty over reacting. This is not only the subplot,but the mothers are going to be together on screen for 5 minutes at thwme most because one is speaking with Amy and the other one is speaking with Bob. Disney is not preaching anything.

  49. G says:

    Thats is so stupid! our geniration is messed up already you dont need to make it worse! Everyone needs God not Gay marriges !!!!!!

  50. GLAD my TV can BLOCK disney says:

    No sure why Disney thinks this is showing diversity and inclusive when they have not tried to show a modertely religious family as’nomal’ but ALWAYS puts them as odd and mocks their faith.