Report: The Client List Renewal Held Up By Backstage Debate Over Baby-Daddy Drama

The Client ListThe Client List‘s renewal process seems to be at a pregnant pause.

Star Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is expecting a child with co-star and fiancé Brian Hallisay near the end of the year, reportedly wants her real-life baby daddy to play her fictional one on the Lifetime drama.

But here’s the rub of Sugarland: Both the network and the show’s higher-ups haven’t decided how to handle her character’s on-screen pregnancy in the upcoming third season.

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Per Deadline, neither party is inclined to agree with Hewitt’s idea: The showrunner is pushing co-star Colin Egglesfield, who plays Hewitt’s character’s brother-in-law/admirer Evan, as the pop of the new kid, while Lifetime execs haven’t yet decided how to handle its star’s pregnancy should the show move forward. The impasse is leading to a renewal delay.

“There are many story lines we are exploring,” Hewitt’s rep told the site. “So any suggestion that we are not doing our best to develop a great season is simply not accurate.”

The frothy series’ second season finale aired Sunday night with a total of 2 million viewers (opposite the NBA Finals and True Blood‘s season premiere), down from the previous season finale’s audience of 2.7 million.

Who would you like to see as Riley’s baby daddy? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Holly says:

    Wow. Thanks Jennifer. Way to keep those legs closed! We want the show!!

    • Renee says:

      holly, thats a dumb ass thing to say!! the show will most likely still go on. get a life. i like the show too but why would i be upset with an actress for falling in love and starting a family with her fiance?

      • cassandra says:

        I would love another season & I would love for the father to be Kyle. From my understanding Riley never slept with Evan.

        • Holly says:

          I’m also leaning towards Kyle being the father if it goes on. I don’t like the whole Evan drama, seems forced.

          AND BTW I was joking up there. If they cancel it’s fine, if they don’t good. It’s funny how upset people get over a comment.

          • rachel says:

            you are an idiot holly

          • toria says:

            I donno Evan would be Great as the dad, I’m so in for Evan being the dad!!! LOL would be funny to see it play out between the two brothers wouldn’t ya think.. :D and Evan is hottttt ;)

        • courtney says:

          she did sleep with that client though!, would be an intresting twist

        • Kearstin says:

          I agree with you Cassandra. I didn’t think they ever actually slept together before Kyle came back into the picture??? Plus they made a scene about how she only slept with the one guy that paid her while Kyla was away.
          I also want Kyle to be the father of this baby as well! Here’s to hoping and anxiously waiting!

        • ali says:

          I agree with above ^. It NEVER showed Riley sleeping with Evan…

        • I personally think the not knowing who is the better story line. Kyle. The Millionaire. Ryan. It`s much easier to have her have certain complications which don`t allow her to find out until the baby`s born. That way they can leave the shooting of the final episode until the last minute allowing them to figure it out along the way without delay. Why do you TV people have to make things so friggin` difficult. Jennifer`s a professional and I`m sure for her fans she`d be good with that. If the decision isn`t in her favor and she won`t bend… have her run away at season`s end when she finds out it`s not the husband`s. Why can`t you people think of these easy solutions yourself. I could use a writer`s consulting career you know! lmao heeheehee… ;D

        • Sorry, I think I said Ryan and Kyle instead of Evan and Kyle; my bad. Different show. lol =S

        • Rachel Lloyd says:

          Me too I would want it to be Kyle.

        • Dottie says:

          I don’t like Kyle never did and never will. He abandoned his family when they needed him most. I don’t think Riley likes Kyle as much as she loves Evan. She is trying to deny her feelings and stay with the father of her children to make her children happy. Evan was the Dad when Kyle was AWOL. If you make Kyle the baby daddy then I think it will be disappointing for your audience. Just let her and Even sleep together once to make it believable cause I don’t think they have yet.

          • Mary S says:

            I totally agree with you about Kyle, Dottie! He was a sleaze and a slug, to say nothing of him being a drug addict and convict. I think it’s sweet that Riley would set an example of forgiveness for her children’s sake, but to have the baby be his and let him back into their lives as if nothing happened…BAD FORM! I think that the baby should remain off camera and NOT in the story. Riley has entirely too many other issues to deal with, she does not need the complication of a third child!

          • Carol Goetsch says:

            I totally agree with you Dottie, that would be perfect. I never liked Kyle either. To me running out on his family and leaving them to fend for themselves and walks back in and expects everything to go back to normal no way. She needs to kick him to the curb. I’m all for Evan

          • mepa says:


          • Mary S says:

            Yes, dear, the show is cancelled. I can only guess it’s because the powers that be did not want Kyle to be the show-baby’s daddy and JLH balked. I am glad that Kyle will never be that baby’s daddy; he was a sleaze who abandoned his family for an entire year – but I didn’t want Riley to add a baby to her confusing situation, anyway. Anyway, it’s all moot, since it is off the air and the question will never arise.

        • Althea says:

          That’s true they never did. but this is TV so anything is possible. Lol

          • Mary S says:

            As you said, this is tv so anything is possible. There were several episodes that ended with Riley and Evan kissing, then slowly moving into the house. I just always assumed she was sleeping with him and they were too discreet to show it.
            Remember the days when much was left to our imaginations? BEFORE the obvious was shown? I kind of liked that kind of subtlety but now we see them stripping, heading for the bed, with nothing left to the imagination?
            Of course, when television was young, as lately as the 1970’s even married couples slept in twin beds! Have you ever seen a re-run of the Dick Van Dyke show? You never saw them removing their clothes-they’d leave the room and come back with dowdy pajamas – if they were in the same bed one of them had to have one foot on the floor.
            Now we say it couldn’t be Evan’s because they never slept together, as if we would have SEEN that happen. Wasn’t there one night when they were in the house together and fireworks were seen outside? In the “olden” days, that was symbolic of lovemaking.
            Just noticing that in my mind, it could be Evan’s. Just because they were so discreet about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
            There is nothing wrong with a little discretion and it could open the storyline a lot.

        • April says:

          I would love to see Kyle as the father and also because he’s the father in real life. So i totally understand Jennifer’s point of view. Plus it was so early in the show that they can still change season three without ruining the show.

        • Sam Bishop says:

          I totally agree the baby should be Kyle’s it will look funny if they make Evan the father seeing as how in the first two seasons they make it clear that they never slept together.

      • Amanda says:

        The brother in law, love him!!

      • stacey says:

        That was a great reply to holly. JENNIFER IS NOT RILEY/VICE VERSA. I hope the show goes on too, but i believe jennifer, as star of show, has a riggt to have input. I had NO CLUE bout her offset personal relationship with Kyle, but her idea MAKES SENSE. She never slept with Evan so therfore it would be an immaculate conception.

      • Marie says:

        I totally agree with you, Renee, in response to Holly. Her fiance is now her husband so are you saying that all wives and mothers and mothers-to-be are “opening their legs”…That’s RUDE! And by the way, actors are real people playing characters so as Renee said, “get a life” if you can’t accept delays because real life got in the way. Maybe you should start watching reality tv shows, lots of them opening their legs!

        To spice things up, and to ensure Evan will not pursue criminal charges against Riley, I would say, let him comfort her and get her pregnant.

        But am confused about something. She has already had the baby and the execs are grappling with the story line which means it has not been shot. So…what is the issue? She is no longer pregnant. Oh well, we will find out soon enough.

        Great show and the Dale/Lacey couple, what a believable choice of actors. Reminds me of the chemistry on Gilmore Girls between Lorelai and Luke…always having each other’s back.

    • Yes. How dare she have a real, private life that would interfere with your television viewing. The nerve!

    • mia says:

      Yes, please, let’s slut shame the woman.

    • T says:

      I think the man she slept with for the money — we should believe the baby is his….have her deliver early and then much later find out it is really Kyle’s. See how Kyle reacts to thinking is it really my baby or is it the other man she slept with. Maybe he think that the baby is the other mans but he isnt sure and wont confront Riley about it. Then we have a big scandle about a DNA test and Riley secretly gets one done he find out just a big nightmare.

      • tara17 says:

        That’s a good idea! Great show, I’m sure they’ll work out something. It’s not like a pregnancy lasts forever.

        • bree says:

          When you said pregnancy will not last forever it made me think of a new plot. I believe while shes pregnant there should be the drama of whether or not the baby is the other man she slept with or Kyles, then I believe there should be another miscarriage or a still birth.. i know its sad but it will be emotional and unexpected and also she will have no reason to decide to leave the rub. I don’t think her having another baby on the show would be interesting and maybe pointless.

          • bree says:

            p.s. it could also bring them closer together as a couple.

          • Tara says:

            Sadly, I agree with you. Having another child does nothing for the show. A tragedy adds the suspense.

          • trish says:

            Totally agree. No baby. Maybe they could just let Jennifer be pregnant, we’ll be patient and let them just write what they want. When she’s not pregnant anymore we have a new season and don’t know what to expect. They could go all out Dallas style and have it be a really long nightmare!

          • Sharon says:

            I agree — no baby. Write it out. It adds nothing to the show, and she’ll look worse working for The Rub with a THIRD child. Nope, the season doesn’t need it.

      • Holly says:

        I forgot about that! That would add something if he was the father. At least it’s not Kyle or Evan.

      • Kristi says:

        That would be awesome and have Kyle think it’s Evan’s because you know he thinks something else went on between Riley and his brother!! But she thinks its that guys because she knows she didn’t sleep with Evan . . . ooooo what a tangled web we weave. Even if they are going to cancel they really need to have a movie to tie up the loose ends. I hope they renew though cause it’s a really good show.

      • bree says:

        I agree, the man she slept with should be the babies father because I want to see him back on the show and also it can prove a point that your mistakes can come back and you may not get away with everything you do. It’s cute that the two best friends will be raising their babies together. Who will be (play) the babysitter? They need one now that the mother will be gone.

        • Kearstin says:

          Yea but she told Kyle that she slept with that man while he was away so technically there is nothing to haunt her. She didn’t lie or hide it.
          I agree with your first plot, that they should leave you hanging on who’s baby it is but they should not lean towards Evan at all because she never actually slept with him. So the only two they can insinuate would be Kyle or the client. Preferably Kyle just because I feel like that makes it seem so much more real seeing as how he is really the babies father in real life. Kinda gives is a sweet/romantic twist :)

      • Shorty08 says:

        Kyle doesn’t know what she does for a living yet… its gonna be a awkward position anyway when she tells him, i dont think another mans baby is gonna make is easier, but then again it will add drama and add viewers.

      • Alyssa says:

        I totally agree! I think this would make a great story line to a new season.

      • cris says:

        this is a great plot line idea!

    • dude says:

      Yeah, how selfish is she for wanting to have a child with her boyfriend when your entertainment is at stake!! Some people can be so self involved.

    • I agree in theory. She’s ruining the show by trying to bring her personal life into it. Why, I’m not suprised, she’s dated co-stars before and pushed for more screentime for them! Don’t ruin the show trying to have it reflect her personal life. YUCK. Kyle is a douche.

      • Holly says:

        I agree that he’s a douche, BUT the whole Evan thing is weird. I mean, her kids would be messed up for real if she got with him.

      • Lee says:

        I agree withyou 100%. Before I read about it, I thought she was dating Kyle in real life because of the change in character development & screen time. All of a sudden, Kyle was a good guy and in more scenes than Evan, who was pushed to the background. She did the same thing on Ghost Whisperer with David Conrad & Jamie Kennedy. IMHO the show begins to resemble Jennifer’s love life instead of her characters. The lines between reality & storytelling become blurred.

      • I agree. Kyle IS a douche. Don’t want to see a reunion between them anymore than I want to see World War 3.

    • julietletter says:

      I don’t think its her legs that should be closed more than that stupid hole in your face!! Get a life so you don’t make comments when other people do.. Show or no show Jennifer deserves to be happy and has conducted herself through-out her career as nothing less than a respectable women.

    • Kristine says:

      I think they should put the pregnany in the show keep the show running where it
      Left off its a great cast I love the show

    • Georgia says:

      I think Rikey’s baby daddy should be her husband. No reason to muck up the series with nothing but trash. There’s nothing been said that she slept with Evan and with the strained relationship between the brothers, let’s let them try to renew their relationship while Evan has to finally accept the fact that Riley will never break up her family for the sake of the kids.

    • delight reuter says:

      keep client list for a new season. do not drop it we love the show.

    • Very much would want the Client List to return. I think the idea of just “who” the baby-daddy is would just add more excitement to the show. Hopefully al is well with mamma & baby. Please don’t delay too long so that TV fans of the show lose interest. Comment by Linda

    • Heather says:

      I think the baby should be Evans because it will create a better season with more drama and a unexpected twist

    • alex says:

      Kyle should be the father in the show. The drama/fling with Evan seems to have run its course…and Kyle and Riley are getting back on track with their relationship. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!

    • clientlistlover says:

      I can’t wait for the show to start again! I think of it as a total metaphor for my life. I think the best way out of the current controversy is for it to be Georgia who is the pregnant one, not Riley. why don’t they just do that?

      • Marie says:

        And it could even be Lacey that gets pregnant without having to do in-vitro. It happens so often when a couple adopts then the pressure is off and they get pregnant, surprise!

    • Abba Scott (Barbados) says:

      I think the baby daddy should be the client she slept with. After leaving the counsellor she told kyle it was not his brother she slept with. It should be that Kyle accept the baby and then the client finds out and wants it too…. I think that would be very interested. I cannot wait until the 3rd season starts….Love the picture.

      • Mary S says:

        I agree with Leah. Work around the pregnancy, don’t show the baby, it doesn’t exist. She has enough other problems with The Rub than to introduce another complication into her life! Goodness knows there are other storylines that need to be completed than to add a new element into this soap opera! Matter of fact, at the rate the story is developing, it probably should be moved to a daytime show.
        I loved it when she was proving her strength by keeping the family together after the slug left them. She bought the business, was running it well until betrayal by a so-called friend took her by surprise and she had to deal with that.
        Then the actress slept with and fell in love with a man who wanted his part to be expanded and we saw her convincing the writers to have Riley take him back after all the hell he put her through.
        No self-respecting, strong and capable woman in the real world would do that; if they would, their friends would insist they go into counseling, IMMEDIATELY. (which they did, on the show, until JLH insisted they keep her lover’s role going)
        Pardon my cynicism, but JLH got played and we should not be stuck with him just because he’s a great lover and con man.
        That doesn’t mean that they have to re-do the whole storyline to include a pregnancy…what would she do with a baby? Nope, it’s NOT what the show needs, unless, of course, they are taking it to daytime at which point I would no longer be interested in it at all.

    • Quiana says:

      I dont remember her ever sleeping with evan so it cant be his child. What would be interesting is if it the man who paid her the money to sleep with him!!!

    • Kay Cobb says:

      I look so forward to this show! I live in Beaumont and really get a kick out of seeing all the names of the towns around in this location but, of course it’s just a show and the Beaumont Client List looks nothing like the real Beaumont, tx. So the producers should work better on that! Now, I think the real dad in real life would be good. The Client would be good! Keep it exciting. We’re viewers . Do it just do it! On with the show

    • paulene says:

      Well is you want drama, go with evan!

    • Kimmie Mathis says:

      Forget what holly said… anyway I’m a big fan and I’m happy that you found love.. I would like for brain to be your baby daddy cause it would be nice to have your family back… can’t wait for the season to start. Enjoy life and your pregnancy. Again luv the show and can’t wait.

    • Jennifer is a real person. She is playing a character & she is entitled to live HER REAL LIFE. Its sad that you don’t have a life & need to wait in a t.v. program to have happiness in your own life.

    • Jim says:

      I would like it to be Evan or the client she slept with.

    • Deb says:

      Can’t wait for the show to return. The only logical person for the baby’s father is the guy who laid her for sex since she hasn’t slept without anyone else

      • Roxanne says:

        Hello everyone that is making comments. As of the last time I heard the show has been cancelled on Lifetime due to the disagreement that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lifetime people didn’t want to go on with the show. I hope that Jennifer does decide to go to another network. If you notice other networks show similar story lines but; Lifetime doesn’t want to have any part of it. Please Lifetime television give her another chance.

      • Mary S says:

        DEB (and all other fools still talking about the return of this CANCELLED show…what you say makes no difference at all. They painted themselves into a corner with the storyline-The Rub was destroyed, Kyle is still a jerk, Evan is still dating the other woman…there is no place for the story to go. They will not let Evan be the baby-daddy and Kyle doesn’t deserve to have Riley’s forgiveness or trust, so they can’t let him be the daddy…AND THE SHOW IS CANCELLED!!! Why are you still talking about it??

    • It doesn’t matter! Just make a decision and write the story to FIT. What’s so hard about it. A soap usually creates one line then switches to (the other daddy) to create more drama – HEY! Most viewers could write the basic story line… JUST FINISH IT!

    • nurseleader says:

      Jennifer is my favorite actress and she is having a baby with the man she loves. Doesn’t matter to me who plays the baby’s daddy just as long as the show goes on.

  2. Dior says:

    Why not make the baby daddy a mystery?

  3. the girl says:

    I suspect that due to the timeline, it makes more sense for Evan to be the father instead of Kyle. Did she and Kyle even have sex yet, since they’ve been back together? Ultimately, however, I don’t really think it’s a good idea for Riley to be pregnant next season. Especially since Lacey just adopted and her mother just left. They need to write around the pregnancy, not write it in.

    • Brandy says:

      Riley never slept with Evan but she did sleep with Kyle at the end of 2.13

      • Amy says:

        I thought the same thing. When she told Kyle she slept with someone she specifically said it wasn’t Evan.

        • the girl says:

          That was the conversation in the pastor/therapist’s office, correct, when she told Kyle she never slept with Evan? Then the question is, is the father Kyle or Grayson from Cougar Town? I still think that we’re off by a bit for the father to be Kyle, considering that they just slept together like two nights ago, but I suppose the magic of TV can change that around if needed. I really would prefer Riley to NOT be pregnant next season.

      • Alicia says:

        it said above the showrunner is pushing for colin egglesfield-but they never slept together did they?? So how could he be the father of the baby??

        • Brandy says:

          No, Riley and Evan didn’t sleep together.She told Kyle that on the way home from the therapist.I wonder if they’ll somehow have Riley and Evan sleep together in the season three premiere then she’s pregnant by him.Thats the only way Evan could be the father.Though, considering how distant Evan and Riley are, plus the fact he’s with Shelby and things are good with Riley/Kyle,that wouldn’t make much sense.

          • Sheri says:

            Thought– she told Kyle she didn’t sleep with Evan, we the public have never seen her sleep with Evan, but what about the story line letting it be Evan’s baby, then she has to admit that she lied to Kyle, and Kyle has to suck it up because of the year of hell he put her thru, Now the drama of Evan and his girlfriend finding out about the baby… Lacey finding out about Riley lying to her about sleeping with Evan, ….. and now the drama of all the lies begins, Riley promises Kyle she is not or has not lied about anything else (but still doesn’t tell about her REAL job)… this could make for a few more seasons with all kind of twists and turns. What if the DNA test only says it is Evan’s or Kyle’s but it is because someone was paid to falsify the results…. This could get interesting and would leave room for creative writing… Just saying

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. I think they should write around it. There is already a “new baby” storyline and there will be enough drama for Riley when the new season starts (last seen standing between Evan and Kyle outside her burning spa). :)

    • dude says:

      Except if she balloons to Kardashian/Simpson size, it’ll be pretty hard to cover up.

  4. gail says:

    Supposedly she never slept w/Evan

  5. Hey says:

    Disliked most of S2 bc you can tell they were forcing the Kyle thing to hard and now reading this it makes a lot of sense bc JLove is trying to give her baby daddy more screen time.

  6. l says:

    She and Kyle had in the 2nd to last episode… i dont remember her and evan ever getting that far

  7. Sar says:

    That’s an unintelligent way to write an interesting story arc AND run a business. I hope this is resolved without compromising the story.

  8. Grace says:

    Well, this is professional.

    • lol! I couldn’t agree more. It’s fine if you fall in love and even if it’s at work although that can make things uncomfortable but a) there are things called condoms and b) shoving your romantic agenda in everyone’s face at the expense of your co-stars like Colin who was marketed as the romantic lead is incredibly unprofessional. I didn’t start watching a show about a woman being abandoned by her good-for nothing husband to see their “reunion” story and have him turned into a hero after everything that’s happened. What dreck! I would almost hope it got cancelled if it weren’t for people’s jobs being at stake. I feel bad for all the people being thrown for a loop because Jennifer Love Hewitt never heard the old adage that you don’t mix business with pleasure. Talk about art imitating life. If they do write the pregnancy in it should be the $50,000 guy’s baby. You want a story that will write itself….there it is. Kyle doesn’t need to pass on anymore of his douchebag genes.

  9. I thought she never slept with Evan. Maybe there could be even MORE drama if it turns out to be the guy she got paid to sleep with’s kid!!!! OOOOOHHHH!!

  10. Robin says:

    I had read that she was pregnant but I didn’t realize that Riley was also going to be pregnant too. The certainly could write around it or make it more kind of a mystery maybe…I don’t think this should be something to hold up a renewal about.

  11. George says:

    Why don’t they just make the baby daddy some random “client” from The Rub (I’ll go with Trevor Donovan’s character who had an affinity for pies). Given what this show is *supposed* to be about I could go for a little trashiness. The problem with this season was they tried to do too many “serious” storylines (Riley’s mom’s alcoholism, Kyle’s prison sl, Evan wanting to be a cop, the whole baby sl, etc…)

    • Brandy says:

      It can’t be “a random client” cause the only men she’s slept with are Kyle and the one $50,00 client

  12. Charlie says:

    why not write it in and do it as few months later after the season 2 finale?

  13. yeah ok says:

    Ehh…I think they can write around it. TV shows have done it all the time. And having the father of the current child also be her other children’s uncle is….odd.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I have a friend who has a real good friend from high school. This friend has a dad who ended up cheating on her mom with her mom’s sister and her dad actually ended up marrying her mom’s sister aka her aunt. So now this gal has two younger siblings from her dads new marriage to her aunt, and her siblings are also her cousins technically. On top of that for a while both women were living in the same house. So if it possible in real life not sure why it would not work on TCL.

      • Cassie says:

        I know a family that’s kinda similar; one woman Married brother #1 had a couple kids then left him for brother #2 and then they had a couple kids, so the kids half siblings are also their cousins! Weird but if it happens to real families then it could definitely happen on tv!

  14. Brandy says:

    I love this show and am a big Love Hewitt fan and with that cliffhanger ending, I hope it gets renewed.

  15. Cheo says:

    This could have been a good show, but the minds behind it are tiny, the stories and overall arc are trite and tired and the characters might as well be cardboard cutouts. Love JLH—LOVE—but the way this show developed after the first few episodes doomed it to crapdom. And why does JLH always have to get her C-List boyfriends jobs on her shows? Now and forever, Jamie Kennedy’s greatest achievement remains getting in her pants, and this current guy is the same level of hack.

  16. Amy says:

    Would love to see the one nite stand be a possibility for the baby daddy, that would shake things up. Especially since she and Evan didn’t sleep together. Either way … Absolutely love love love the show!!!!!

  17. kc says:

    Congrats to JLH! The show is awesome and I hope something is worked out tokeep things going! It would be juicy if Evan or a new comer may be potential baby daddy or there be a tragedy yet juicy plot that she’s pregnant but not by the hubby. Her and her bff only knowswho the daddy is.

  18. DavidSask says:

    Bitch please just because you with man on show in real life should not give you any dictation in storyline! If you get your show cancelled or limited episodes its your fault end of story!!!

  19. TLG says:

    While I am happy for JLH in her personal life she should not allow that to bleed into her show and hamper her show runner from exploring creative plot lines. I mean it would be a nice tease if Riley was either pregnant by Evan or her $50,000 client. That keeps the layers of lies about the rub going. Now we’re stuck with her and her husband patching things up but her being completely ok with having clients at the Rub? Doesn’t make sense. Season 2 was hit or miss for me. Loved that they introduced a bad guy and the cops taking a closer look at the business but the rest of it eh.

  20. robyn says:

    I think not knowing who the daddy is would be too close to the story plot Alyssa Milano’s character had right now in Mistresses on ABC….

    • johnhelvete says:

      Mistresses will probably not be on next season and even if it is, the writers of TCL should not let another show or JLH dictate what storylines they decide to tell.

  21. didi says:

    It should be a question of is it the client who reilly slept with for 50,000 baby or her hubs baby.

  22. Jared says:

    I dont see the big deal of having Riley’s baby being her husband Kyle’s. But it doesn’t make sense to make it Evans considering she never had sex wit him. It would be a real shock and a hell of a story arc if Riley became pregnant wit the Client who paid her $50,000 to sleep with him. I really hope Lifetime and the shows producers get it together because after last nights finale I would die if The Client List doesn’t come back for a third season.

  23. rowan77 says:

    JLH sure does get engaged a lot. And she seems to date all of her non-married, male co-stars. Didn’t she get engaged (or at least seriously date) two or three guys from Ghost Whisperer, too? Just an observation.

    • Antwanette says:

      My thoughts exactly

      • rowan77 says:

        I heard that she and her latest broke up. Then all of a sudden she’s pregnant and they’re not only back together, but engaged. Am I the only one who heard about this?

    • yes to your question she was engaged to a scott mccall she was going out with jaime kennedy but here is a question to you when she was going out with kennedy he was her main person in the show and not david conrad why because she could not control david conrad and why did aisha tyler jay moor and thomas wilson leave because she could not control them that is why hallisay will be in her show because she needs to control that is my opinion

      • rowan77 says:

        I think you may be right. Plus she’s needy as hell. I have a friend who’s worked on both Ghost Whisperer and on The Client List and he said she’s kind of a wreck. Super needy.

  24. Cassie says:

    Team Evan! God, who likes Kyle anyway????

  25. Danielle says:

    I’d wondered why they’d oddly pushed her character back together with her husband, after all that build up to the brother, but as soon as i heard she was dating her onscreen husband — it totally made sense. I like her, enjoy the show, and am happy that after her mom’s death, she’s found happiness this year. HOWEVER, i hope that she realizes that she can’t dictate the story line of the show. Come on.

  26. Trina says:

    I think Kyle should be the baby father since they have slept together. Supposedly her and Evan never had sex.. Now if her and Evan had of had relations then that would be a good twist to the show..
    Congrats Jennifer and Brian..

    • ccorbin says:

      I think the baby should be Kyle’s. At first I was for Evan but it would just be a big mess if her and Evan stayed together. Kyle messed up but he is back and.seems sincere and really wants to do better! Congrat to them for the baby! Don’t cancel love the show!!!!

  27. Syd says:

    I agree what they need to make the guy who paid her be the father.. that way she HAS to come clean with Kyle about everything she’s done. She had to find a way to take care of her family when he wasn’t around and she did and now this is the consequence of that. It would make for some good on-screen baby daddy drama lol. LOVE the show!

  28. Syd says:

    *that. Sorry, it’s late and I’m tired.. can’t type correctly haha.

  29. mia says:

    I’m torn, I love the Riley/Evan dynamic, but I’m also really invested in seeing Riley and Kyle try and repair their marriage, because its a really rare thing to see on tv.
    It should be left up to the writers though, and what makes for a better story.

    • Mary S says:

      For the writers to give in to JLH’s demands that Kyle be the baby’s daddy would turn me off to a point where I could not watch the show. Kyle has PROVEN that he is a flake and a fool with no good sense AT ALL and for Riley (who is a smart, capable and self-sufficient woman, whether she wants to admit it or not) to allow this self-serving, self-centered criminal back into her life after all he put her through would be the height of stupidity and a bad example for all the real women out here who are or have been in relationships with the same kind of scoundrels. She already has enough problems in her life; she does not need this complication on top of everything else.

      Sorry, writers, if you do that I will lose all respect for this woman you have created and will not waste my time on her. There is no way that Riley needs an infant to care for. She already has time challenges with the two kids she has. I would not waste my time on the show if you did that to her.

      Just take a longer-than normal hiatus and start taping again after the baby is born. Or tape as many shows as possible before she is obviously pregnant, then take the 5-month hiatus. Or, just cancel the show. Leave it where it is and let us use our imaginations about the outcome. I gave up watching soap operas 40 years ago. If she is pregnant on the show and the baby’s daddy becomes an issue, that is WAAAAY more sudsy than I will watch.

      And, JLH, I am happy for you if this romance turns out to be true love, but, think about it for a moment: you have a history of creating or expanding jobs for your lovers. Could this be an instant replay of an old story? I hope my cynicism is unfounded, but he wanted his very small role expanded, and what better way to do that than by sleeping with you? What kind of man would use a woman in such a way???

  30. judy says:

    Riley already told Kyle that she slept with someone. It either has to be Kyle or the client. Unless she lied about not sleeping with Evan. I think it should be Evan’s.

  31. Leo says:

    Evan should be the babydaddy, she should dump her husband once and for all. Without Love Hewitt pushing for the character, who else wants her to be with her husband that ran away on her?

  32. Sara says:

    I knew it. I knew that the ridiculous storyline on this show was being driven by her silly need to have her real life boyfriend be her ‘love’ on the show. How unprofessional

  33. GS says:

    I don’t think anyone is thinking or saying she shouldn’t have a private life. I’m perfectly happy with her having a baby with the real life dude that plays Kyle. I do, however, have a problem with her trying to dictate that he be the father of her child on the show if it’s written that way. It’s kind of funny they are a real life couple b/c they have ZERO chemistry on the show. I wanted to see her with Evan b/c Kyle is a total douchebag. But I guess since they are together, she dictated he get out of prison so he could have more screen time. I hope it gets renewed but if not, then JLH caused the cancellation with her stupid demands. Actors are so egotistical and self centered. You’d think she’d be happy to be working.

    • Brandy says:

      You know she’s a producer on the show right?

      • Ellie says:

        and a director. not just an “actor” this time

        • trish says:

          Exactly! I love JLH! People only assume she’s demanding these things. It’s her show, let her do what she wants, ( with our opinion of course). Even in Ghost Whisperer, I believe she started co-producing. Maybe as a hopeless romantic she can’t help but want to put the ones she loves in the spotlight. As long as it’s thought through, I’d do the same thing. They do it in the movies. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Keep doin your thing Jen!

    • I hope it will not get renewed but than again if she tries hard enough who knows she did not try hard engough forghost whisperer to have a 6 season but then jaime kennedy broke up with her so reason to fight for the rest of the actors that where in the show

    • Holly says:

      I kind of hope they scratch her having a baby, maybe hide it or wait to film the next season. I like the drama that’s already in the storyline.

  34. Kolla says:

    I was always waiting for something to happen between Riley and Evan…i think they have so much cemistry and i think he is still in love with her. Hope there will be a season 3 !!

  35. drhenning says:

    I really doubt it’s the $50K guy… I would hope Riley would be smart enough to have a morning after pill just in case… maybe not since they didn’t show it… Of course that plot was early in the season before she got preggers.. My question after seeing the place burned, will it be rebuilt….. otherwise TCL is just another show killed at a cliffhanger..

  36. RichieS says:

    IMO the characters that carry the show are Dale and Lacey. They are totally believable as a couple and they play off each other well. Greg Grunberg is hilarious. Also I like the pairing of Evan and Shelby, they look really cute together, but her moving into IA is going to be trouble for them.

  37. erni says:

    she never slept with Evan so how could he be the father… the $50K guy would be a great storyline! showing Kyle to be the bigger man. I hope they can all come to agreement to ensure TCL says on for another season…

    • JBC says:

      The husband or $50K guy would be the believable options. Also, the $50K guy could stir things up by wanting custody or joint custody.

  38. tvfanatic218 says:

    I agree that the $50K client would make for great story. Kyle could show forgiveness since she did not all for him in the first place.

    Please don’t come down on JLH for wanting Kyle to be the father. She is a producer on the show and directs episodes (season 2 finale, etc.) which gives her the right to way in our story direction. Yes, Love wants more screen time for Brian but she also in happy place in her personal life and wants show a married couple working it out. I am a Riley/Evan fan but showing forgiveness and a marriage being repaired is something rare on TV and should be shown more.

  39. Ethy says:

    I think they should write her expecting for Lacey & Dale’s baby

  40. Sam says:

    Why does the pregnancy even have to be written into the show? Hope it gets renewed either way!

  41. Viewership dropped over 700K from S1 Finale to S2 Finale. Why? Because Kyle is being forced down our throats!

  42. Meg says:

    Ugh, I hate Kyle. What crap that she would just take that sleaze back

  43. Anil says:

    The season 2 writing was insanely horrible. The whole show was about Riley handling life as a single mom with a secret job. They ruined the whole purpose. Its just dumb. I only watch it for Jennifer. She needs to come back with something like Ghost Whisperer again.

    • Mary S says:

      On the other hand, wasn’t the purpose to show to what lengths a woman would go, just to keep her family from feeling the pain of being left by a sleaze of a husband/father? Why on earth they brought Kyle back and had her ACCEPT him back, is beyond me. All it did was to make women think that they are obligated to give dirtbags a second chance. I’m betting it would not have happened if the actor had not started a relationship with Jennifer, proving that sleaze is not confined to the script. I would be very surprised if they are still together when the show is cancelled….except that now he has a child to support.

  44. Richard says:

    Just let her had twins each of the guys are the father of one of the twins. Classis Daytime Soap Storyline.

  45. Mary says:

    Producers and Directors just bring The Client List back. It is a great show. And the fact that Riley and Kyle are trying to make things right for their marriage and kids, there’s so little good shown on TV nowadays, I think we need more of that. But, Evan does know how to look at a woman. He really is in-love with her. So please, Directors and Producers do what you can I want to see TCL again. Hopefully soon,

  46. Patt says:

    Did I miss something? I don’t remember her actually sleeping with Evan. They did a lot of kissing, but I don’t remember her actually sleeping with him so how can it be his? The one she slept with for money would be my guess for daddy.

  47. Dontryl Alexander says:

    The series bores me, that show is gone once the ax is swung, PERIOD!

  48. Leah says:

    Riley told Kyle she slept with someone else, but she said it absolutely wasn’t Evan. I think it would be in the best interest of the show to NOT write the pregnancy into it. The Riley/Kyle reconciliation was very abrupt and I think adding a baby into the mix would be a bad idea. It would also be a huge retcon to make Evan the father. If Jennifer is due at the end of the year, I don’t see a big problem with working around her pregnacy rather than working it into the show. They could delay the season premiere, and have it in the summer instead of in the spring.

  49. jessica says:

    Please bring this show back i love it!. It’s the only good show on TV. Congrats Jennifer on the engagement and the pregnancy your one of my favorite female actresses and I’m happy to know you’re life is only going to get better. Hope all goes well and to see a season three of this awesome show!.