Fall TV Preview

Fall TV: CBS Launch Dates Include How I Met Your Mother's Hour-Long Final Premiere

CBS Premiere Dates 2013CBS is the first network out of the gate with premiere dates for the 2013-14 TV season, and it will kick things off with the Season 27 premiere of Survivor.

Premiere Week officially arrives, however, the day after the Eye hosts the Neil Patrick Harris-hosted Primetime Emmy Awards, beginning with its rejiggered Monday sitcom lineup — opening Sept. 23 with How I Met Your Mother‘s hour-long final season premiere — and which now is paired with the 13-episode thriller Hostages.

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CBS’ premiere plan by and large wraps Sunday, Sept. 29 with the tried-and-true combo of 60 Minutes/The Amazing Race/The Good Wife/The Mentalist.

CBS also locked in one midseason launch date: Intelligence, which stars Josh Holloway (Lost), Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time) and Marg Helgenberger (CSI), will premiere Monday. Feb. 24 at 10/9c. (Also on tap for midseason but not yet scheduled: Mike & Molly and the new series Bad Teacher,  Friends With Better Lives and Reckless.)

All told, the network’s launch plan will play out like this:

Wednesday, Sept. 18
8 pm Survivor (Season 27 premiere, 90 minutes)

Sunday, Sept. 22
8 pm The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards

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Monday, Sept. 23
8pm How I Met Your Mother (Season 9/final season)
9 pm 2 Broke Girls (Season 3)
9:30 pm MOM (new series)
10 pm HOSTAGES (new series)

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Tuesday, Sept. 24
8 pm NCIS (Season 11)
9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 5)
10 pm Person of Interest (Season 3)

Wednesday, Sept. 25
9 pm Criminal Minds (Season 9)
10 pm CSI (Season 14)

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Thursday, Sept. 26
8 pm The Big Bang Theory (Season 7)
8:30 pm THE MILLERS (new series)
9 pm THE CRAZY ONES (new series)
9:30 pm Two and a Half Men (Season 11)
10 pm Elementary (Season 2)

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Friday, Sept. 27
8 pm Undercover Boss (Season 5)
9 pm Hawaii Five-0 (Season 4)
10 pm Blue Bloods (Season 4)

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Saturday, Sept. 28
10 pm 48 Hours (Season 26)

Sunday, Sept. 29
7 pm 60 Minutes (Season 46)
8 pm The Amazing Race (23rd Edition)
9 pm The Good Wife (Season 5)
10 pm The Mentalist (Season 6)

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Monday, Sept. 30
8:30 pm WE ARE MEN (new series)

Monday, Feb. 24
10 pm INTELLIGENCE (new series)

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  1. a says:

    America’s Most Watched Network is my least watched. HIMYM of course. Then just The Crazy Ones, because not watching that would be a sin in my eyes.

    • Debbie Schmidt says:

      I’m curious, what is your favourite/most watched network?

      • corinne west says:

        I watch ncis on cbs and on usa when the reruns are on. Gibbs is my man,Im 77 so the others are too young, I love them all.Very seldom do I watch any thing else,nothing is as good as ncis.

        • Joe says:

          me too,I like them all but I think GIBBS should move to MEXICO and let someone take over the lead.

        • jackie malaugh says:

          i watch every episode and repeats as love show gibbs is my favourite then abbie and i have always loved david macallum from when he was illya kuriakin in man from uncle i love them all
          don’t ever leave gibbs as you make the show special

        • Baron Herman says:

          True Gibbs is the mainstay of the show but if got even better when Magee joined the cast.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Lol. It’s my least watched too. Other than Big Bang Theory I haven’t watched anything on it for years other than the occasional How I Met Your Mother rerun

    • Adam says:

      Excluding The CW (I’m not their well-targeted demo), its my least watched network. I watch HIMYM and Big Bang, but I watch more things on ABC, FOX and NBC. Hell, I watch more things on AMC, HBO, and FX than CBS.

    • rawley says:

      Agreed. I only watch Big Bang Theory. But I’ll also be checking out Mom and The Crazy Ones this season.

  2. Esaul says:

    I expect strong ratings for NCIS still regardless of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

    • Len says:

      Shield will be cancelled within 6 episodes. It will start off with stellar ratings. And then plummet in week 2 and 3 when the general watching public realizes they dont know anyof the 2and 3rd tier heroes in it.

      • Esaul says:

        Mhm. Agreed. Or at least, it will have average ratings for the network too, whereas NCIS will remain strong. I admit, bold move putting it against NCIS though.

    • rawley says:

      Yep, grandma and grandpa have gotta watch something!

      • Esaul says:

        So out of touch. But that’s okay. I’m twnety-two and started watching NCIS back when I was twelve with my dad. It’s a show that appeals to everyone.

        • suzi says:

          Thank you Esaul for the reality check.

        • Kasper says:

          Hear, hear. I’m 24 and have been watching NCIS since I was a teenager. Used to be a great show, and while it’s not as good as it used to be it’s still pretty good and something I follow on a weekly basis.

    • laura says:

      yeah i’ll be watching ncis! i would have loved to watch shield live but ncis has been my show for many many years! i cant stop watching now!

  3. Olivia says:

    Okay, so if The Good Wife premieres on 9/29 and Unforgettable gets a 13-episodes run premiering on 7/28… when will the remaing episodes air?

  4. Kate says:

    Still going to have to deal with NFL run overs with the Good Wife. Sigh.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Nothing for Wednesday’s at 8? Hmmm…

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Goodness :-) It’s way to soon for me to give this much thought. It’s not even the first day of summer yet, lol.

  7. Martin says:

    What about Monday at 8.30pm??

  8. Burt Macklin, FBI says:

    CBS is by far the network I like the least just in terms of “number of shows I watch”, but I respect them for their no BS attitude when it comes to scheduling. There are no weird early premieres here and nothing gets held until november or something for no reason. Now if only they had less generic shows… Just The Good Wife and Elementary for me, plus hopefully some new ones.

  9. Dennis says:

    What about the Unforgettable episodes?

  10. Really excited about Tues. night’s line up……all my fave shows on one night, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and Person of Interest! :-)

  11. We lost Meghan Ory in Once Upon a Time (when Red’s the best character they had!) for MID SEASON??? Now I’m pissed! Arrrrgh!!!

  12. sarah says:

    So I guess the CW started the trend and now networks are going to have later starts. To me it does not really cut down on the number of breaks they have through out the season.

    • maltru says:

      I don’t really think these are that late to start shows. For the last few years, at least, the big glut of premieres has started around around the 20th of September. There will be a few before then, and a few later, but generally it really starts picking up around that last full week of September.

    • emor says:

      Traditionally the start of the broadcast season would start after the emmys. CBS is just keeping that “tradition” alive.

  13. The Crazy Ones is one of the best new sitcoms of the season. Mom with Anna Faris looks OK and three new shows that doesn’t look promising are We Are Men, The Millers and Hostages. Don’t know how Josh Holloway return to TV would fare with his new series Intelligence. How long would it take for CBS to launch its trailer for Intelligence? They already had their first look, a behind the scenes promo from that show.

  14. Lillian says:

    I don’t like the lead-ins for Elementary. I hope it doesn’t crash in the ratings. I’m not sure the audience for Two and a Half Men would stick around. I believe Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is going to be a huge challenge to NCIS. I hope NCIS shakes things up to keep fresh.

  15. Seth says:

    Do we know if HIMYM is a full season or not? I know if it wasn’t it would probably be announced by now, but I just can’t see the “over one weekend” thing working with 22 episodes.

  16. JBC says:

    SURVIVOR, NCIS, POI, NCIS LA, HAWAII 5-0 AND BLUE BLOODS are all shows I like and follow. The only comedy I like on CBS is THE BIG BANG THEORY. I saw preview clips of The Millers, Mom, We Are Men, The Crazy Ones, and The Hostages. The only one I would probably try would be The Hostages. The sitcoms are beyond stupid and I am surprised because there are some very talented actors in them.. NEED BETTER WRITERS.
    Also looking forward to Josh Holloway’s INTELLIGENCE.

  17. Shay says:

    Stil love “The Mentalist,” but soooo wish it were on another night. Often conflicts with other programming….not to mention those annoying delayed start times due to sports! Plus, most other evenings, primetime is not where it’s at…”Patrick Jane” would be such a welcome sight on a weeknight!!!!!!

  18. Jack says:

    Doesn’t make any sense at all to list date for Emmy awards.

  19. JC says:

    NCIS:LA, Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, The Mentalist, and Intelligence at midseason. It looks like CBS will be tied with ABC for my “most-watched network” this season.

  20. Rax says:

    Looking forward to the Crazy ones! Amazing cast and “set in the world of advertising” – my field!! I just hope it doesn’t get ambushed in ratings war.. Thursday nights are tough! especially when ABC is out with their A-game for 18-24 audience

    • Rax says:

      this just popped in my head.. this whole scenario sounds VERY similar to “Just Shoot Me” – father & daughter working together.. only in a fashion magazine

  21. Chris says:

    I’m sure I missed this somewhere but where is Mike and Molly in the schedule? I haven’t read up but I’m going to guess they are going to come in when a show fails, right?

  22. lame says:

    If ever there is a character who’s the perfect foil for Jethro Gibbs, it has to be Holly Snow. The showrunners keep trying to find someone to match up with Gibbs, yet over the years the only one who matches his intensity is Holly Snow, who comes with as much baggage, brains and complexity as JB.

  23. Brenda says:

    Thank you for posting the time schedule

  24. David says:


  25. David says:

    OF course I’m Referring To NCIS…..BUMMED IN CALIFORNIA……

  26. Judy says:

    CBS is making a mistake not getting a contract with de Pablo. NCIS has been a good show. I guess CBS would rather air more no talent reality scat. Ziva should stay on NCIS .

    • ashley says:

      I am bummed cote is leaving the show. I have waited 8 years for her and tony to get together. And now shes leaving as things was heating up. I have read that it was her choice to leave the show. But part of me thinks negoations fell thru. NCIS is think will take a ratings drop after the first few episodes. I love the cast and the show. But the past few seasons has been slower than the earlier seasons in my opinion. The Ziva and Tony story line is what kept me watching every week. And by comments ive read on sites, its what kept alot of folks tuning in. I will continue to watch.. but its just not going to be the same show it was

  27. Rebecca Robitaille says:

    I read they are going to use Mike & Molly as a fill in, that is my favorite Monday night show. I think they should use Two Broke Girls as the fill in, it’s full of bad acting, bad lines & all in all just plain bad all around. Plus it’s ratings had declined towards the end of the season.

  28. I hope that the writers of ncis will leave an opening for Cote to return some day if she changes her mind . The show will never be the some without her.

  29. Please try to get Ziva back so her and tony get together they belong together

  30. Brenda says:

    Though CBS remains my most watched network, I’m not at all happy with the cancellation of 3 of my 10 favorite CBS shows: CSI NY, VEGAS & GOLDEN BOY.From looking at what’s taking their place, I’ll be watching something from the other networks at those times. Annoys the crap out of me to get really into a show every week then suddenly it’s gone with no resolution to the story lines at all. Just saying. Doubt CBS gives a hoot what I think, LOL!!

  31. Jody says:

    This keep popping up on face book when I get a comment

  32. Jody says:

    This keeps popping up on my comments on FB

  33. Robert says:

    I love CBS but I wish they left the lineup how it was. Person of interest and then Elementary worked perfectly together in my opinion.

  34. Sara Dixon says:

    missing the return of Vegas,Truly one of my favorites