Scandal Scoop: Scott Foley Officially Promoted to Series Regular for Season 3

Scandal Season 3 Scott Foley Series RegularJake Ballard will continue to be a presence in Olivia Pope’s life for the foreseeable future.

Scandal has officially promoted Scott Foley to a full-fledged series regular ahead of the show’s third season, TVLine has learned.

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“I’m thrilled to join such a talented, enthusiastic and professional group of people,” Foley said in a statement. “Shonda [Rhimes] and company have created a troupe of layered complex characters and to be able to be part of that is both exciting and humbling.”

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Foley joined Scandal towards the end of Season 2 as the mysterious Jake on a recurring basis. At the time, the actor told TVLine that “there’s the possibility of permanence,” adding, “Shonda and I have talked about something longer. I love this show, and I’d love to be there as long as they’ll have me.”

Thoughts? Happy Jake’s sticking around? Hit the comments!

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    • Mary burch says:


      • Don’t lime his character, Mary burch. It’s just not nice. :-)

      • Dorothy says:

        I love Jake!!! I’m so happy he’s staying. He is hot!!! YES Shonda!! Thank you!!!!

        • chely says:

          Jake is a hottie!

          • joho says:

            @chely I love Scandal. I don;t know where you got the idea I don’t love Scandal. AND! Scott Foley’s Jake is my favorite character. I’m on TeamJakeFanPage. I am not a fan of Olitz but it is part of the story they telling of Olivia’s life. That’s the way I see it. I prefer Liv with Jake but they are not writing for me so I love whatever they do just so long as I can get some Jake and Jalivia time :)

        • I love it! Go Jake – It’s gonna be good once Fitz and Jake finally see each other!

      • thegravytrainsgoneofftherails says:

        I’m here to give a quick PSA.
        As an impartial observer and a regular TV show watcher, it just occurred to me that ‘Olitz’ is NOT the end game of this show.
        The creators may have vacillated for a while, but with the addition of Scott Foley as a regular the decision has been made. There is a reason Shonda Rhims has never said Olivia and Fitz are going to end up together and it’s because they’re not.
        This does not follow the pattern of MerDer on Grey’s.
        This is following the pattern of Buffy, which taught me much about television in a rather painful and expensive way.

        Season 3 will go as follows.
        -Jake will be rescued from the hole by Olivia and resume their romance.
        -As Shonda Rhimes has said, Fitz will develop a mother child relationship with Mellie a woman, who by her own admission lacks the mother gene.
        -Olivia will fall in love with Jake, who will have a brand new, flawless personality. ( Kerry Washington will act this as badly as Sarah Michelle Geller acted the romance with Spike, but she will stay because she is under contract)

        RATINGS will drop, so..
        -Fitz will be revealed to have committed crimes against humanity during operation Remington.
        -Rowan will be painted as a caring father trying to save her from Fitz.
        -the rest of OPA will have fewer and fewer lines
        -Mellie and Cyrus will run a brilliant campaign while Fitz messes up at every turn.
        -Rowan will be killed by B613 while protecting Olivia a la Darth Vader
        -Fitz will lose re-election
        -Olivia and Jake’s romance will intensify

        RATINGS will drop further
        (At this point, the creator may in some cases be prevailed upon to put the original relationship back together, but…)
        -Tony Goldwyn, who had reservations about the long term commitment of working on TV and took the job mostly to work with Kerry Washington, will quit, realising his character has been destroyed beyond redemption, and return to his film career.
        -Fitz will leave town or be killed.
        -a new actor will be added to OPA to boost ratings.

        Ratings will keep dropping.
        Next comes the new love interest for Olivia, and the inevitable the season cancellation.
        The creators will have made a great deal of money while embarrassing the cast and wasting your time.
        Unless you’re a fan of bad TV, you HAVE BEEN WARNED.

        • David says:

          Very Thoughtful, but flawed. I don’t think the ratings drop for several seasons and I don’t think Kerry will down act the Jake romance. (and by the way, Kerry down acting is still Oscar worthy to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s best day–sorry but it’s true, and I’m a fan of both).

        • GTS says:

          Now, now…. If Tony Goldwyn leaves, thus exiting Fitz’s leave, there wouldn’t be a President-Mistress relationship, as so clearly advertised. We can’t have Sally as VP, so Fitz probably get reflected with a new, handsome VP (cue famous young actor being roped not this by his clueless manager), that takes over after Fitz’s convenient exit, and starts an affair with Olivia. Also, Harrison will stay an underdeveloped character, Huck will look sad and crazy, Quinn will quick unrealistically torque someone, Abby will angrily stick fingers in David’s mouth, and the two will have casual, meaningless sex.

        • Jachcamo says:

          That was way too real. Sadly I think u r right. I’m depressed now

          • joho says:

            You’re depressed? It made me laugh because it some Olitzer feeling threatened by the gorgeous and sexy Scott Foley’s character, Jake. Olitz will be there but I have never been a fan. There’s no way to make a cheatin’ man who dogs his wife and his mistress – sexy. Fitz always seemed immature and weak. For me, the real question has always been why the beautiful, rich, fabulous Olivia Pope would date such a loser. Maybe S3 will bring answers.

        • Scandalfan says:

          Wow you seem to really hate scandal why are you even watching this show and wasting your time with this post??

          • k says:

            Precisely. I always find it curious when people blog how immoral the adultery in this show is, then claim to be a fan of a show they clearly despise. It’s obvious that they’re only around to support the show enough to change it’s direction to a more conservative, traditional, patriarchal ‘norm’, after which they fully intend to stop watching, and presumably go back to casting the first stone in their personal life instead.
            I never tire of hearing people who have done far worse things in their personal life judge perfect strangers.
            It’s both tragic and funny.
            I’ve never committed adultery myself, but I’m mature enough to see the nuance in this story.
            If all you get is a man ‘doggin’ his wife and mistress, the subtleties of life are clearly lost on you and you should probably stick to children’s television.
            Women are players in their own live not passive objects. These women made CHOICES. To suggest otherwise is unforgivably sexist.

          • chely says:

            joho it’s strange that you watch the show-AND answer posts about it…very weird.

          • Tammy says:


            If we watch TV with our moral glasses on, it becomes less entertaining. I say that not to be sarcastic but to say that a lying, cheating, and disrespectful man can most certainly be sexy in TV land. lol I love me some Fitz and Olivia. I even love the dynamics between Fitz and Mellie. Life isn’t perfect and neither is love. I think Scandal does a good job of taking the fairytale out of these TV romances. All the characters are flawed, hurtful, disrespectful, self indulgent. That’s what makes them fun to watch. By the way, I love Olivia with Jake too. I don’t know what side to choose and that’s exactly how I like my dramas.

          • ariel says:

            i totally agree with you why is she watching it if she doesnt like it well i love fitz and i want them to be together and i was so depreesed at the end of season2

        • Tanya says:

          Ahh Shut Up! Always the negative comments which is exactly why this show will lat :)

        • DeeKayTee says:

          I am pretty sure none of that will happen.

        • barbara young says:

          I agree, I’ll make it brief, the writers of this show will kill everything you feel for this show, same way they did for greys! Bunch of senseless murders, senseless deaths, predictable plots, characters with no chemistry, shondas good for this.

        • maddyd says:

          If you don’t like this show why watch it? You seem to have written the ending so go find something else to watch or better yet write your own show.

        • lexie says:

          RATINGS WILL DROP FURTHER? The ratings haven’t dropped, in fact they’ve improved by a couple million.

          • Moe says:

            Exactly. This was a great call by Shondaland.

          • Texas2 says:

            I think the ratings will improve as well. Jake was a great addition. I love all the characters on the show. Shonda had to bring in new characters and story lines to keep the show interesting…remember, this is Scandal and not a story about teens falling in love and living happily ever after – it is SCANDAL

        • Barbara says:

          what a jerk!!

        • Louisa says:

          You are so right.

        • Gayle says:

          Whoever you are, start a deviled show your self, beacuse … It will be brilliant !!

        • Steph says:

          Lol, I shipped Buffy and Spike so bring it. I’m over the repetition that is Fitz and Lliv. I love Jake and I like him with Liv. Dude is tawl, hot, and bout it. What’s the problem??

      • chely says:

        Ha! I love Jake’s character…he’s good in this role. I’ve always liked Scott Foley’s performances-but this character caught my attention. I like that he’s dark character and I like the interaction between Olivia and Jake. I look forward to a love triangle between Fitz, Olivia and Jake. However, I hope Jake and Olivia get more time to develop their relationship before the triangle happens. As long as Shonda keeps the stories moving, exciting, and opening up more of the OPA lives and unpredictable, I won’t be fickle or a hater-because I know that this is all entertainment it’s not real life. I crack up at people who get so mad about what happens to fictional characters (in good writing) Don’t get mad-just enjoy the ride! Shonda-I give you room to explore and keep writing. I’m enjoying the ride!

    • Dani says:

      Although I’m happy that Mr. Foley is working & now has a steady job (congrats), it does NOT automatically follow that it has anything to do with “Olitz”. If he’s being written in as merely part of the B-613 Insanity involving her father, FINE. Jake is NOT generally liked by the audience, nor is he trustworthy. Someone who stalks people and watches them in the privacy of their own home is not what I would call “decent”. I personally have no use for Jake.

      If Olivia is stupid enough to allow Jake to come anywhere NEAR her, then the jokes on her, not him. You can’t say you “love” one person & then mess around with other people. If she LOVES Fitz, then she’ll WAIT for him, like he asked her to. If she doesn’t, then best of luck to her. I won’t be sticking around to watch her change partners like musical chairs, until she finally reaches the “Fitz endgame”. Been there, done that. :-/

      • sweetdayo says:

        Um, you do know it was Fitz who ordered Jake to spy on Olivia? Get your facts straight. She’s been waiting for him for too long. She needs to actually have a life and enjoy it with someone else, who doesn’t have to be Jake or Fitz.

        I have to agree with someone people who never really liked Fitz and Olivia and this is even before Jake came into the picture. Jake took a while to grow on me, but I’really like him and glad Scott is a regular, even if he doesn’t end up with Liv.

        • lara says:

          YOU should get your facts straight. ROWAN ordered Jake to get close to both Fitz and Olivia to come between them.
          Olivia is welcome to enjoy her life with whomever she chooses, but she won’t enjoy it with Jake. Let’s face it see hasn’t so far.
          They’ve spent one night together and she sent most of it in hospital with Fitz by her bedside.
          And this is the man for her?
          The only argument in Jake’s favour seems to be ‘I don’t like Fitz’ and you don’t pick a relationship based on that.
          Even if Olivia and Fitz never get together he should still divorce Mellie and she should still stay away from Jake.
          Jake’s bad news.

          • sweetdayo says:

            Um, if you watch the episode, (can”t remember which off the top of my head), where Jake walks into Fitz’s office saying hi to each other like old friends Jake gives him all the information he has on Liv, such as she took up swimming and what not. Jake tells Fitz that he doesn’t think Liv is dangerous, but Fitz says something along the lines that of she is dangerous. Not saying he isn’t working for Rowan either, but I feel like people are keep forgetting/blinded by the fact he is working for Fitz also in some capacity.

          • sweetdayo says:

            Also if you read my comment correctly I stated was NEVER a fan of Olivia/Fitz basically since season one, even before Jake came into the picture. I didn’t even like Jake at first, but he grew on me. And if he doesn’t end up with Liv, I’m okay with that, but glad he’s a regular now.

          • Dani says:

            Hi Lara – YOU are right; clearly YOU watch the show :-) I wouldn’t worry about it; anyone is not of fan of Olitz is CLEARLY outnumbered; even by the cast members themselves. There is no.way.on.EARTH. that ANYONE could EVER top the chemistry that LIv & Fitz have when they are onscreen together – it’s what got the WHOLE world talking about this show, and it’s what set this whole thing on Fire!! Anyone who DOESN’T like Olivia & Fitz will definitely need to find ANOTHER show to watch. Tell them to get THAT fact “straight” !! :P :8

          • chely says:

            Ummm…YOU should not say something is a fact unless you are 100% certain. It seems to make more sense that Rowan saw Jake as a perfect opportunity to get close to Olivia, after he knew the President called on his Navy buddy Jake to spy on Olivia. The writers didn’t really say what or who came first-so instead of hating just realize that none of us know for sure which order/request came first. ; )

          • chely says:

            Well, Olivia said she wants painful, difficult, devastating extraordinary love. And the men she is attracted to seem to bring that about-the writers are staying true to the characters!

          • nanrad says:

            Yeah, Fits spent most of the night by her side while she was unconscious/heavily medicated. Jake couldn’t stay without looking suspicious, genius. Whether or not you compare Jake against Fitz or some random guy off of the street, Fitz comes off in the bad light here. You have the married man who Olivia can’t be with because she wants him in office who hired someone to spy on her, brings her misery, and she has developed and unhealthy relationship with. Yes, people have to grab at straws to find reasons why Fitz comes off bad. And Jake is the bad news??? You mean the one who was doing his job and saved her life–I’m not referring to the woman, but Cyrus.

        • Agreed. As long as Edison doesn’t ever come back. He served no real purpose other than to convey Olivia has had at least one other romantic interest than Fitz. That was important but his entire character was flawed it such an annoying way. Ew.

      • Pamela Jamar says:

        I agree I do not believe him being a regular on the show has anything to do with olivia and him being romantically involved . Olivia’s character would not continue anything romantic with him because she now knows who he is. I think he is a regular for other reasons

      • chely says:

        Ummm…you do KNOW these episodes are FICTION…right? You sound a little crazy and a bit obsessed. You’re taking tv waaaaaay to seriously, like the characters are your relatives and close friends. Remember that they are not…okay?

        • Danielle Thomas says:

          It seems you need to get a grip!

          All posters know everything related to the show is fictional but we all like to enjoy the personalizing!

          You sound a little ridiculous, as if you have a “problem”, because you are watching and are interested in this fictional show but want to deride others for enjoying the fiction!

          Or, if you are not watching the show but just need to post disturbing comments THEN YOU REALLY DO HAVE A MENTAL PROBLEM!!!

    • Jett says:

      I am so happy that Shonda added Scott Foley to the cast. I love Scandal and I want Olivia with Fitz, but as Shonda said happy endings are boring. If you follow Shonda on twitter you will know that she isn’t putting Olitz together until its time for the show to end. Therefore, she has to put obstacles in their way. By, the way, Goodwin Games had already finished production before Scott was tapped to join Scandal in January. He isn’t the first actor to have a show cancelled; the creators were the team behind HIMYM.

    • Deborah says:

      Happy Jake remains a character in the show! Happy for Scott Foley!

    • Pff says:

      You know what i don’t understand? Why does Olivia Pope deserve a white hat? She is not good. She is not just. She is not anything a white hat refers to. She only does something when she benefits or god forbid dear Fitz benefits from it. She kills, she destroys lives, and why was that? Oh yeah Fitz is a good man deserves to be in that chair. Guess what? Whoever else was running for president with Fitz, they had people loving them too, and they had people supporting them. And they absolutely had people believing in he / she deserved the chair. It is nobody’s choice to make. Absolutely not bunch of murderer’s. Wearing white my butt. And this is the first time a show pissed me off too bad that i had to rant in a website. Oh by the way, grow up! We all found the love our lives and lost it, stop killing people for it fgs. Jake should get a less selfish woman.

    • Piraya says:

      I am really happy that Jake is going to continue into the third Scandal! I am very excited because I think that after S2 E14, I didn’t like Fitz character as much as I used to. Their romance didn’t connect with me. But I think that Jake really like Liv, so I am trusting my gut that there will be more kindling romance between Jake and Olivia! Fitz has to win her back way more for me to be on his side.

    • NinaSi says:

      I LOVED Jake (Scott Foley) character and can not wait to see him in season 3…… Hope he and Olivia hook up some more in Season 3, the President is married for crying out loud and a hot guy who continously saves her life and is super hot wants her, do the math people.

  1. Sunny says:

    Yes!! This makes me very happy.

    • Lokemelie says:

      it makes me verry happy!

    • bebe says:

      Why would they retain an actor who is only available because his own venture was a massive flop?He’s clearly not popular.
      It’s a really bad business move.
      This is why Hollywood is bleeding money every year and relying more and more on product placement and Chinese funding.

      • Diane Vandrei says:

        Totally agree!

      • joho says:

        Scott Foley is extremely popular. The average viewer, most of whom do not visit message boards love Scott Foley. He’s pretty, sexy, and a great actor. He brings sizzle to is relationship with Olivia. I think Shonda Rhimes did a blessed thing by making him a cast regular. Scott Foley is the reason I am totally addicted to the show.

        • Nattee says:

          Here, here! I agree! Can’t wait to see Olivia get a chance to be with someone who is free and AVAILABLE! Olitz was great while it lasted, but really let’s move on, people!

        • sweetdayo says:

          Agreed, casual fans really don’t know how good he is.

          • Lainey says:

            I’ve watched scandal since day 1 , and I am not happy about jake being a regular. I found that relationship boring and forced. Shonda has did. a major character assassination on fitz and Liv to pump up Mellie and Jake. It’s digusting. I guess she will continue to dumb down Liv and make fitz a man child so she can force a Mellie fitz love story and Jake love story. Sorry ill catch season 3 on demand when I’m not busy

        • Danielle Thomas says:

          I like the way Scott plays the character Jake. And I think he is a good addition to the show; providing a different type of spice, like all the character portrayals on Scandal, Mr. Foley brings his uniqueness too.

          So whomever makes the casting decisions is good at their job!

        • N2N says:

          Totally agree. My interest level in this show grew dramatically when Jake entered the picture!

        • Dee says:

          Yes! Scott Foley is very, very popular and Shonda has said how much she loves him and was able to get him. Whether his previous show was cancelled had nothing to do with it. He’s beautiful, those eyes, those lips! AND he brings a light touch to the show that is very much needed AND he makes Olivia smile whenever she talks to him – even before they slept together. The Jake character AND Scott Foley are both charmers and Scandal is better because of it!

      • Melissa says:

        You’ve clearly never seen Felicity

      • chely says:

        Wow, bebe why don’t you share what you’ve ever accomplished. Judgemental and mean-spirited seems to be your only talent. Michael Jordan is quoted saying he missed 3,000 baskets, 300 free shots and 26 scoring shots-but because he was unafraid to fail-he was able to succeed. It’s common knowledge for people who try that we fail way more than we succeed in everything from learning to walk, ride a bike to starting a business or even parenting. Who are you to ridicule someone on their life-feel free to announce all your failures-better yet, I bet you don’t have enough courage to even have any failures. Good grief, what is wrong with you? Are you 12?

      • Danielle Thomas says:

        One actor by himself does not make a show successful.

        It is not reasonable to even suggest that an actor lacks consideration for employment merely because a show he was in failed.

        If the company that employs you goes out of business; does that mean you were the cause of their failure?

      • nptexas says:

        No job lasts forever. Actors go from one failed project to another many times. Hazard of the trade. Many shows I think are lousy stay on a long time. Actors I don’t like have success. I love scandal & appreciate the wild ride. Fitz is a murderer & a cheater, in office because others cheated for him. Liv is a fixer through (mostly) lies & blackmail. I love it all. Personally don’t care about Olitz, but I’m here for whatever Shonda dreams up.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      In light of all the garbage people tweet him, and prematurely saying goodbye/good riddance to his character, this is a hilarious development. But will those people eat crow? No, they’ll probably double-down on the trash talk even though if he’s good enough for Shonda that should be good enough for them.
      People really need to reign in the vitriol directed towards Scott (and Bellamy) on social media; they are not their characters, and just because the characters come between your “ship” is no reason to act like a jackass.

      • kay says:

        Why should he be good enough for them because he’s good enough for Shonda? This is a TV show, not a cult.
        Attacking Scott Foley and Bellamy Young is unnecessary and uncalled for, although in Scott Foley’s case he has seemed keen to provoke some of the more ardent fans, but it seems to me that the only rationale you have for endorsing this is to watch the fans that were there from the beginning eat crow.
        They won’t, they’ll just change the channel.
        I wasn’t one of them, but I’ve experienced this with other shows.
        Never show contempt for your baseline audience it always ends in cancellation.

        • Euvee says:


        • Saint Alicia says:

          “Why should he be good enough for them because he’s good enough for Shonda? This is a TV show, not a cult.” My point is, people should be respectful of others regardless of internet anonymity. Especially considering Scandal is the only show/cast so connected and involved with their viewers, but that doesn’t seem to carry any weight. So if you can’t be polite out of common courtesy, maybe the fact that Shonda has said she doesn’t hire assholes should have some sway. If she thinks Scott is good people (as well as the entirety of the cast), that should at least temper people’s rudeness. Moreover, Kerry and Bellamy are actually friends, yet people are still so disrespectful to her. If people are fans of the show, cast–even just Kerry–then manage to be considerate of her colleagues as a whole. The fandom is embarrassing.

          • Euvee says:

            Ok, you seem to be going off tangent here. A quick reminder, the post is about Scott Foley and his bump to series regular, not Bellamy Young nor anything about her for that matter. Cheers.

          • Rhymes with Stitch says:

            I agree with you Saint Alicia

          • chely says:

            Ummm clearly some people don’t understand about writing a series. No one keeps the main love interests together every episode every season-because “conflict” as we learn in 3rd grade english language arts is the main part of a story or a play. Just grow up a little bit and keep telling yourselves “this is only fiction” and “this is only for entertainment” sometimes I may like the path the story is going and sometimes I might not care for a character or story.” If you don’t like it…please for the other fans sake -if you’re going to continuously talk trash and you just can’t seem to stop…please do us a favor-find a NEW show. Really…we won’t mind. : )

          • chely says:

            Agreed Saint Alicia!

        • Deena Braun says:

          “Never show contempt for your baseline audience it always ends in cancellation.” Truer words were never spoken. SR is making a HUGE mistake to disregard her fan base. Sorry, we MADE Scandal the success it is now … And we can TAKE IT AWAY! If she doesn’t change course, watch what happens!

          • EG says:

            Who says the baseline audience doesn’t want Scott Jake on the show. Have you seen the response on facebook 75% of the reaction is positive. Even from those who are fans of Olivia and Jake. Ratings will fall if the writing is subpar, if she finds a way to integrate Jake back into Liv’s life to delve deeper into Rowan’s background and even into Fitz’s days in the military I think it will be a compelling story. I’m glad that Jake is back!!!!

          • chely says:

            Deena- you are a bit over the topNow I’ve had it-please stop writing Deena. I AM part the baseline audience along with millions of others. YOU-personally have NO power-whatever you are imagining in your mind-you have NONE. Shonda and her writers and her actors are the ones doing all the work and they are the ones who caught our attention and made us like Scandal-that’s where the power is-in their talent. I doubt Shonda is trying to screw (the few of you who are unhappy over) it’s just very difficult to be a writer-writer of a series and t to keep everyone happy. Let Shonda be.

        • joho says:

          For the ardent Olitzers, not Scandal fans, they may change the channel. Real fans watch the show because they like the themes it explores. The star of the show is Kerry Washington and I love her. I started watching because of Kerry Washington. I became addicted when they added Scott Foley. Prior to Scandal I had never seen Tony Goldwyn or Bellamy Young in anything. I’m absolutely in love with BY’s Mellie.

          • kay says:

            Fans of Kerry Washington aren’t going to enjoy watching Jake hospitalise her and tape her repeatedly surely?
            He’s the Rayjay of the Scandal universe. It undermines Olivia Pope as a character.
            Scot Foley fan are conflating Scott Foley with Jake.
            Olivia Pope isn’t dating Scott Foley the actor, she’ll be dating Jake the career killer.
            And if you knew Scott Foley better that Tony Goldwyn, you’re in a minority.
            Their careers reflect that.
            Bellamy Young has nothing to do with this discussion, so I’m not sure why you brought her up, but I think Fitz and Mellie should divorce but Mellie should definitely stay on the show. She’s very good.
            And the character has a reason to be there, unlike Jake.
            However, if a romance between Jake and Olivia takes the ratings where I suspect t will, even Bellamy Young might jump ship.

          • nesha says:

            Agree…. some people are not scandal fans just Olitzers. I love the Fitz/Olivia story but I like the PAO cases and now we have Jake and Rowan to find out about. Some people are not very complex so they like blah writing andthey wwant Olivia and Fitz in a nice bow and the rest of us Real fans to die of boredom. lol

          • Lainey says:

            Real fans anger on how Shonda has screwed up the characters had little to do with Olitz. I watched the show from the jump cause if kerry. Became attached because of the chemistry with kerry and tony plus the rest of the cast. And anyone who knows shondas shows knew she was going to destroy Olitz AGAIN. However most r angry with how see destroyed fitz character , dumbed down Liv yet made the coniving , manipulating Mellie who has always been the political animal who was cool with her dead marriage , and didn’t mind handing her husband his mistress when it made her life easy, into this poor , sad , wronged wife who just wants her husband to love her and created this jake storyline which seemed stupid and them finally gave us a strong fitz only to turn him into Mellie’s bitch at the last minute. Even TG said he was upset how fitz ended in the finale. I just hope she fixes what she has seriously messed up or a lot of fans won’t be tuning in.

          • Nikki 35 says:

            Once you stop watching a show you stop becoming a fan. Just because you don’t like a certain aspect of it does not mean you are not a “real” fan. Let’s respect the fact that people love different aspects of this show and became addicted for different reasons. It is impossible to take a poll of every individual that watches and there may be some viewers who share the same sentiments as some of the “ardent Olitzers” but for reasons don’t share.

          • nanrad says:

            Kay, you mean having an affair with a married man while smiling in his wife’s face is not undermining her character? Having sex after a christening and being treated like a whore does not undermine Olivia’s character? Being submissive to the same man is not undermining her character? You mean the guy who ordered Jake to tape her for “national security reasons” after being told she was not a threat to the country is a better option for her?

            Jake did not intentionally hospitalize her. I’m indifferent to SF, but Olitz fans seem to irrationally hate him because he is a threat to their ship. Coming from someone who used to defend Olitz, this is tiresome. Not everyone is watching for Olitz just because you are.

        • auntiepaulie says:

          Kay, you’re a smart woman. It’s all about ratings. Everyone should be respected. In amazement I watch grown people go at each other over TV characters. Kerry should have won her Emmy. Any show that creates this kind of stir is a tribute to the actors. I do think a majority comes for Olitz. We love case of the week, kudos to Judy Smith but at the end of the day it’s all Olitz. IMO, kill Olitz and the show dies, but that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. I dont care for JB or MG but have nothing against SF/BY. As an AA woman herself, I think SR, should watch the words she puts in other people’s mouth while she keeps Liv mute, and the show should be consistent,mature and intelligent. The audience that watches is an intelligent bunch, inconsistencies are seen. We’ll see what season 3 brings and everyone has power of the remote. Now let’s see how many curse at me. Makes no kind of sense, then we wonder why our young people behave the way they do.

      • nesha says:

        I agree with saint Alicia. .. sometimes I think some of these so called fans need medication. The show is not real. These people are actors their characters don’t exist in the real world. lol come on. They are doing a great job. The entire cast. Even the guest spots and smaller roles. Casting does a great job finding talent.

      • chely says:

        Right on Saint Alicia!

  2. James says:

    So… The Goodwin Games are pretty much over…

    • Leah says:

      I’m bummed because I’ve really been liking The Goodwin Games thus far this summer. So fun and sweet concept :(

    • Brooke says:

      I think that was a given before it ever started airing, with the reduced episode order and summer scheduling.

    • joho says:

      The Goodwin Games was just a summer replacement show. Fox aired episodes that were already in the can. It had not been picked up when it was made a year ago. I watched the Goodwin Games on HuluPlus. However, because I am boycotting FOX as the HATE channel, I do not watch any shows which are aired on Fox. So after one episode, I had to stop watching. I thought it was very good though.

      • Jane says:

        Yes, Fox is the HATE channel. Congrats on your courage to boycott.

        I love Scott Foley. I only saw him guest on Cougartown and was sorry to see him go-he came in too soon there. I liked him a lot better for her than the actor who she ended up with. I HATE it when they pair a pretty woman with a so-so guy.(They paired Rebecca Romajin(spelling?) with the same guy in Pepper Dennis and I hated that unrealistic pairing too. If his face is not gorgeous, his body should be. I watch for an ideal fantasy, not for heroines who are handicapped or have scars on their faces. Sorry if you think that is shallow, but I do not discriminate against shows where the actors have flaws, I just want them to be matched. If they are both heavy or ugly, I would still watch. I watch Mike and Molly. I had not seen Kerry. Only ones I had seen besides him are Abby(Castle’s first wife/Alexis’ mother) and the guy who played Meredith’s father on Grey’s. Olitz is like real life. You want something/someone that is ultimately bad for you but cannot resist it all the time. Liv may be okay with this until she is really ready to be in a relationship 100%, likely when the show ends. The impossible situation with Fitz is a way to stay out of a relationship until she has time for one, etc. We like to live out fantasies on tv and in movies. Characters/scenarios are not always believable, but so what? It is not real. We all do things that are bad for us because it feels so good at the time. And it takes courage to gamble what they could lose if they are caught. I don’t respect those who stay in a marriage or never cheat because they are afraid of the consequences, like having to do something that is not safe or take care of themselves. Marrying for any other reason besides love or staying in a bad one is morally wrong in my opinion. I do not champion those who cheat, but I can understand it. Not long ago, that disapproval was directed at those who divorced. I do not want to support things I don’t agree with, but every show has at least one despicable characer and characters who do things that are wrong. Should we stop watching because of that? No shows would survive. That would be boring and not at all realistic.

        People, please be nice! Tolerance! We are all different and do not all always make perfect sense.

        Only the first line was in response to your post.

  3. Carm says:


  4. Eliza says:

    Yes!!!!! Love Scott Foley. I am very interested in his character & what’s going to happen with him.

  5. Sharie says:

    Yes!! especially since I cannot take Fitz any longer. Any little conflict and he is back to Mellie. O-lake FTW!

    • bebe says:

      They’re going to make a man who stole from her, lied to her from the beginning, put her in the hospital and made and distributed a sex tape of her into Olivia’s love interest.
      This is SUCH bad example for young women.

      • claudine says:

        You mean the Olivia Pope who has slept with a married man and continued to carry out the affair and blurs the lines of good and bad to get her way to “help people” isn’t already a bad example for young women???

        • bebe says:

          Does painting a man who stole from her and gave her a concussion as a knight in shining armour make it better?
          Is Jake, a hired killer, who framed an innocent man and killed a reporter better in your eyes than sleeping with a married man?
          Olivia has blurred many lines, I agree, but this man is being painted as a hero, when his only redeeming quality was not going through with KILLING her!
          This is taking the show in a darker direction and pretty soon it’ll be completely abhorrent.
          It’s also plain unrealistic that she would go back to someone she only dated in a failed attempt to forget the married man. ( who by the way keeps trying to leave his wife, so the whole married man story is getting a little old)
          A lot of Jake supporters support Jake out of hatred for Fitz and the desire to see Olivia date his ‘friend’ not love of Olivia. If they liked Olivia they would have rooted for Edison who was actually decent to her for the most part.
          But Jake?

          • Seriously? says:


          • GTS says:

            Yes. Don’t forget he spied on her, too, not just gave her a concussion. Now, they can never bring Edison back because fans hate him for accusing her of sleeping with the President- ya know, which she did. Fans are psycho, and make me psycho proving that they are psycho. Never ending loop.

          • nanrad says:

            Do you know what context means??? Jake did not intentionally giver her a concussion. And like Olivia hasn’t stole from other people or assigned people to do that? Isn’t this the same woman who cleaned up a murder scene??? You are kidding me, right? People in the army are hired killers–do you bash them. Jake is a hired killer for his country. I don’t hate Fitz–I hate the story line and those who defend it. Also, Edison was not a better match.He kept trying to force Olivia to be someone she wasn’t.

          • Danielle Thomas says:

            Although, I like Jake and am glad he will continue with the show;
            I like Edison even more, he is very handsome and the only man who has really treated Olivia like a cherished love. I say this irregardless that I love Olitz!

            Bring back Edison to the show and give him a lot of screen time, also Edison is very cute and handsome. I also loved what he said to Olivia when correcting her immature definition of love, Edison said: love is not suppose to be painful.

            Edison is so right! Love is not perfect but real love is not supposed to be continually a source of anxiety or other pain! Edison Loves Olivia and wants to give her a Love that basically will bring a stable happiness. I think Olivia’s real problem with Edison is that she did not love him, but she did not want to tell him that because she did not want to hurt him!

        • Merina says:

          Or the Olivia who helped wrongfully rig the national election? And do you think Fitz is any better? The man who treats Mellie like garbage, cheated on her, committed cold blooded murder, is never there for his kids, has a drinking problem, had Olivia followed, rejected her, wanted her to leave her team, and orders her around? Nobody is a good example in this show.

          • mo says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I am all about TV that teaches, but why does everything have to be a Hallmark after school special? I don’t watch Scandal because I need a good example, I watch because it’s addictive good TV. If I want to learn something, I read. Calm down people!!! Not everything has to be about what it teaches. I am not going to cheat on my man because Olivia Pope does and my husband isn’t going to treat me like crap because Fitz is an idiot. It’s just TV. Blaming entertainment is too easy and takes the blame off of people who make their own bad mistakes.

          • Sherry says:

            I think y’all take this TV SHOW WAAAYYY too seriously. All this is just a figment of Shonda’s imagination. It is not real. Anyone who is keen to follow examples from a television show of any kind probably watches too much TV in the first place…..I love Scandal, but it does not set the bar for how I live my life because I am an adult that make my own decisions about that without any guidance from artificial sources. I would suggest grabbing a class at the local university or grabbing some fresh air if you are feeling this strongly about fictional characters…

          • Mary says:

            This! Particulary the “nobody is a good example in this show” line! Totally agree!

          • Cheyenne says:

            @mo: Than you for the sanest comment on this thread. Since when does an adult TV show have to teach some kind of moral lessons? You want moral lessons, go to church.

        • ScandalFanactic says:

          Are you serious lmaoooo Role model??? Hahaha this show comes on at 10pm for a reason don’t act naive this is no ones teen show.

          • nesha says:

            @ scandalfanatic exactly. Besides this is fiction. I wonder if the adults that watch this realize it’s not real ….lol

      • joho says:

        You must watch FOX HATE News. He did not steal from her. He’s a spy so he took something, she took from someone else. She became hysterical when she learned Jake was taping her and would not calm down and fell and hit her head. Jake out of his concern and love for her took her to the hospital. Rowan, Olivia’s father asked Jake to give him the tape of their coupling, which he did. Jake asked Rowan what he planned to do with the tape. Rowan told Jake it was none of his concern.

        • kay says:

          She DID NOT fall and hit her head, he PINNED HER TO THE GROUND.
          He took her to hospital because he had to cook up a lie for her to tell Fitz before he reported the injury HE CAUSED.
          And he did, as you yourself admit, make and distribute a sex tape of her, which I guarantee is gonna end up going public.
          Hate Fitz all you want, but don’t make Jake something he isn’t.
          This man beat or killed journalist and framed the head of the CIA!

          • Moe says:

            … as Olivia was trying struggling to get away from Jake, he pushed her. As she went sliding across the floor, she hit her head on an end table. Just an FYI.

      • Rhymes with Stitch says:

        Lol, seriously? And the good example would be Fitz then? Lol. Uh huh

      • nesha says:

        It’s t.v. not real life. I work with young people what we do, say, and how we treat one another is more influential than any one hour episode of television. That is a pass the buck theory. Now on to lighter issues like fiction t.v. shows. Can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m an Olitz fan but I would like to see what happens with this Jake thing.
        I want to see a Fitzgerald Jake show down. .lol that would be hilarious.

        • Texas2 says:

          Me too. I think that was fantastic to bring Scott in as Jake. Can’t wait to see the back stories in season 3…very exciting. Too much of anything gets boring…meaning Liv and Fitz. I love them both, but to make a show this intense and hot and name it Scandal – you have to have Scandal…right?

  6. Lindsay says:

    So happy to see that Jake will continue to grace my screen. I can’t wait to see what the man of mystery is up to next. Congratulations, Scott Foley.

  7. Sarah says:


  8. anon says:

    This pisses me off. He was a total drag on the back nine. I might be done with this.

  9. tw says:

    Ugh! No. Not a big Scott Foley fan and don’t like the character at all. Only way this is a good idea is if he spends the entire season in “the hole.”

  10. Mahi says:

    This makes me very VERY happy! With how season 2 ended, I’m so excited to see how this goes, especially since I love Jake. And Scott Foley, I love him too.

    • Caimile says:

      Me too! I love Jake!!! I think people are so obsessed with the chemistry between Kerry and Tony (okay, I kind of am too) that they claim there isn’t any between Kerry and Scott. Sorry y’all, there’s a spark with those two. It might not be fireworks like with Tony, but it’s something. I think they’re sweet together. So I hope Liv gets Jake out of the hole before he turns into Huck 2.0, lol. Plus, he’s yummy.

  11. Ian says:

    Well, Olitz are apart once again, and Fitz has got Mellie, and Kerry and Scott have great chemistry and Olivia and Jake parted on sentimental terms with Jake taking a fall for her and redeeming himself. I love it. Fitz will have a worthy opponent for our Ms. Pope’s heart.

    Would be great to see the Gladiators saving him out of that hole.

    • kay says:

      I think he should be saved, but he’s not a worthy opponent for Olivia’s heart. Edison was far worthier. Jake in the short time they were together did awful things to her, and mark my words that sex tape is going to go public. This is the beginning of the public humiliation and degradation of Olivia Pope.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Edison and Olivia have absolutely zero chemistry together.

        • kay says:

          Edison and Olivia had zero chemistry but so Jake and Olivia.
          My point was ta Edison was NORMAL.
          So all the people claiming they want a healthy relationship for Olivia with an available man really should have rooted for him. But they didn’t.
          Instead they’re rooting for Jake, a career killer who was hired to sleep with her, taped and distributed it, gave her a concussion, lied to her, called her to see if she was out then stole from her, lied to his naval buddy about her, took credit for stolen information to win his friend’s exclusive trust, beat or killed a journalist, and can’t date Olivia ANYWAY because B613 aren’t allowed families, so if anything he’s LESS available.
          He can’t divorce B613.
          Rooting for Jake isn’t about wanting what’s best for Olivia, it’s about hating Fitz.
          And putting Olivia in a bad relationship punishes Olivia, not Fitz.
          She’s already left him anyway.
          (Although he may visit again the next time Jake puts her in the hospital)

          • Seriously? says:

            All of this.

          • Moe says:

            Edison was a normal… controlling mate. He made demands of her before she was ready (in terms of opening up emotionally)… he did not respect her career (he couldn’t understand why it would be an issue for a professional fixer to openly date the Senator)… he did not respect her space (he was constantly having items delivered to her apartment without any care for her thoughts or feelings)… and more. Yes, he was normal, but he was not a good partner. I recommend you watch their relationship from the beginning… it is clear that they were not a match which has nothing to do with Jake… Edison and Olivia were just not a match.

          • GTS says:

            @Moe- OK, like one thing was delivered, and it was a letter telling a senator that the President isn’t dead- that’s pretty important. I’m sure they’d deliver that to him, wherever he was. Also, he wanted her to open up emotionally? Yeah, they were engaged for how many years? And they were dating again! And is it so unreasonable that he didn’t want to hide their relationship?

        • chely says:

          That is the pure truth. Poor Edison! I saw him (Norman I think is his real name-don’t recall his last name) in NYC in Les Mis-he was awesome! Edison was not the right love interest for Olivia. But that’s kinda like life– sometimes our love interests are not the right match, we date some fuddy duddies just to have someone to date. And sometimes we meet that person that just lights everything on fire..but maybe it’s not the healthiest relationship, and then hopefully we meet the right person who we fit with.

      • Dee says:

        What show are you people watching? Do we know whether or not Jake gave Rowan a blank tape or the sex tape? Do we know the true reason he was put in the hole? Both Jake and Rowan simply said Jake disobeyed orders. Where are all these assumptions about the sex tape coming from? The only one we know about for sure is the one Charlie gave to Cyrus who showed it to Fitz. Rowan has the one Jake gave him and as far as we have been shown, he has showed it to no one and distributed it to no one. Pay attention, people!

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love him!!!!

  13. penny says:


  14. Lady K says:

    So excited about this news! LOVE Jake and love Jake and Olivia! Cannot wait to see the ties between Jake and “Dad”!!!!!! Scott Foley is a FABULOUS addition to the cast!

  15. Mio says:

    Here’s how this plays out. Olivia feels bad that her dad threw him in the hole because of her and she sets out to help. They rekindle their super boring relationship and we deal with depressed and mean Fitz for the first half of the season. Why Shonda insists on shoving this guy down our throats while ignoring and destroying the characters that got us hooked is beyond me. Fitz and Olivia were both unrecognizable in the back 9. Season 3 will be Scandal’s last.

    • Daisy says:

      So the future of the show hinges on what you (and you alone) do and do not like. Good to know.

      • Mio says:

        Oh settle down. I didn’t say I didn’t like anyone. I said that the story was boring and made the characters unbelieveable based on how they had been written. I don’t think Foley will bring the show down but nonsensical writing and character assasination will.

        • Christian says:

          I think you’re the one who needs to settle down. Scandal reached its highest ratings in the back 9 so obviously not many agree with your opinion. Now take your ball and go home!

          • Mio says:

            Oh we’ve reached the adult portion of the discussion. Yes highest ratings….all Jake. Let’s see how that plays out in the fall.

          • kay says:

            Jake and Olivia as a couple is going to crash the ratings. His new show flopped. I think Scandal may already be damaging Scott Foley’s career.
            No actor or actress that I can think of has been used as a love obstacle between a well liked TV couple and come out of it stronger. It most often ruins the initial pairing and damages the actor or actress brought in.
            This is bad for Scandal and bad for Scott Foley. The ratings will start well because most of the audience don’t pay attention to who is made a regular, but as the writers try to make a romance out of a relationship that start unhealthily and ended badly, the audience will peel off.
            We’ve seen this happen on TV again and again, it’s jut happening faster here.

          • chely says:

            Mio-are you old enough to watch Scandal?

        • maddyd says:

          You seem to know a lot about this show; but only have negative comments. Why do you continue to watch it?

        • chely says:

          Obviously, Mio you don’t realize how negative you sound-because I agree-you do need to settle down. Or go find a new show. You’ve already written Scandal 3 off-so finding a new show might make you happier. I know it will make me happier if you do. : )

          …Yes, and take your jump rope too!

      • Wereworldsurvivor says:

        Nope! There are thousands more of us like minded Olitz shippers out there!

      • nesha says:

        lol Daisy

    • nesha says:

      I totally disagree. .. I love Olivia and fitz together but I think this will be a great new plot. And I hope we see some more crazy interesting Pope and associates cases. That was one of my favorite things besides Fitz and Olivia. I’m ready for seasons 3 4 and 5. Congrats Scott Foley

  16. Daisy says:

    Love this. Looking forward to getting to know more about Jake Ballard, how he gets out of that hole, and how they weave him into the story. Besides, a show can’t have enough eye candy.

    • Lindsay says:

      Yes…agree with you on all counts. I don’t necessarily see Jake as having to be a thorn in the been there done that Olitz sordid love tale to remain on the show. There are many avenues he and his castmates can take without all roads leading back to those two. A focus on fixer stories would be a good start along with Olivia and Harrison’s back stories.

      • kay says:

        Why are you watching a show that featured a relationship you consider sordid from episode 1?
        Or are you a new viewer?

      • GTS says:

        Have you only watched the most recent two episodes of this show? They did fixer episodes every episode, until recently. They even brought in another “fixer” (he helped out Mellie).

  17. Moni6626 says:

    Yeah!! I love the Olivia, Jake and Fitz dynamic. Hopefully he won’t spend anymore time in the hole. Lol!

  18. Rbatch says:

    My wife and I truly like “The Goodwin Games”. Hope he can pull off both.

    • Penny says:

      Don’t think it will return. It was a cute show, I agree but it aired against The Voice, so ratings were not strong, and was only a summer replacement show.

  19. Nikki says:

    I called this from day one. Shonda has met to meet a recurring character that she didn’t want to make a regular. She’s Captain Employ a Ho. This is crazy to me because you have regulars who have been there from the beginning who have yet to have a story line or really become fleshed out instead of one note (looking at Abby and Harrison here). Yet, she wants to add more to the mix? Not here for it.

    So, Olivia will get Joke out of the hole and start to date him for real, once again showing how flaky she is when it comes to personal relationships. Another “love triangle” will ensue, showing once again that that’s why Shonda relies on (so it’s interesting to me that she got annoyed when asked to do another love triangle show…why be annoyed when that’s all you’ve done?).

    • MJ says:

      Thank you for saying wonderfully my thoughts on this. I wanted Scandal to at least get to 100 episodes, I just don’t see that happening now :(

    • Mio says:

      @Nikki Exactly! I don’t actually care one way or another about Jake. It is what it is. He’s the latest obsticle for both Olivia and Fitz’s relationship AND her ‘white hat’ complex. Meanwhile we have no insight into Abby or Harrison and part of me thinks the addition of Foley means we will lose Harrison. It’s silly and played out. The plan to get Olivia into the White House would have been real ballsy TV. It’s too bad they won’t use it.

      • mary says:

        Yep. I think Harrison will be dead within the first couple episodes of the new season. Something seems to be going on with the actor.

    • Wereworldsurvivor says:

      @Nikki Exactly my sentiments! But can I add that it astounds me that all the Yay, Yay’s and Yes’s on here think that a man who sleeps with Olivia on her father’s orders AND makes a SEX TAPE of the encounter, which he hands over, is suitable boyfriend material!?! What planet do they inhabit?

    • Charli says:

      Give me a break. Olitz stans only care about the rest of the cast when their precious ship is being threatened. If this guy was becoming a regular to be with Mellie they would be all for it. Fact of the matter is if you paid more attention to things besides Olitz screwing each other’s brains out you would realize that Scott’s character had unfinished business at the end of Season 2 so it only makes sense to bring him back for Season 3.

      • Mio says:

        It makes more sense to bring him back than to give more insight into the Gladiators Olivia left Fitz for? Whether your an Olitz fan or an Olake fan you can’t sell that to me. I am not of the mindset that Olivia and FItz should be together all of the time. I do think Harrison and Abby should be developed more before Jake. Not to mention it doesn’t make sense for Liv to seemingly not be ok with FItz killing Verna but ok with Jake killing people. He’s B613 we all know he’s a killer. Just make it make sense that is all I ask.

        • auntiepaulie says:

          That’s all the Olitz shippers ask, let it make sense. Jake the joke stays in the hole. Charli made a great suggestion, give him to Mellie,we dont mind :) we are that generous. Olitz is not screwing their brains out, we had flashbacks, closetgate and scorned woman. let me count… I think that’s twice in two years. I am convinced that Olake shippers watch a different show, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The rationale for Jake blows my mind.. Without any provocation Verna sent an assassin to kill Fitz. Makes no sense whatsoever. If she betrayed him and her friend Liv by doing that, why should she be allowed to hang around? to create more problems? Then again that’s the writers forgetting the story plot and writing madness. I hope that they all took some ginko biloba during the hiatus, got some rest and tighten up the craziness that slipped out in season 2. I hope they remember Fitz’s mother is dead, Teddy belongs to Hal, Fitz was outed by Mellie (stupid woman, who does that? she needs to take a lesson form Hilary Clinton) Jake was sent to separate Olitz from day one, pushed her, gave her a concussion, lied to his friend, told her to lie, slept with his friend’s woman and could not even say why besides “I want a lot of things he gets to have first”, sounds like lifetime jealousy to me and not good enough for our Livvy. I know the Olakers want more for her than that also.(at least Fitz tells her over and over he loves her) Jake needs to stay away from her, for real. All jokes aside, both Olitz and Olake shippers are very intelligent people and deserve smart intelligent writing for season 3. 222 was a mess out of hell and SR does not need to do that again. I hope she keeps OP smart and strong. please SR, please we are begging you, don’t have Olivia sleeping around, back and forth in that triangle. OP would not have kept the cytron card, open the safe in everyones presence or sleep with Jake when her gut was telling her something was wrong. SR sold us a character, we bought it, she does not need to play around with this here thing. And gladiators stop being mean to each other over tv characters. Until 10/3 everything is irie!!

      • kay says:

        I wouldn’t wish Jake on Mellie either. As a member of B613, he is in no position emotionally or logistically to commit himself to any woman.
        I wish on Mellie an amicable divorce, a new arc as a Senator and a nice millionaire boyfriend/husband.
        Her and Fitz are bad for each other, but I would like to see BOTH of them happy.
        As for Jake, I’d like to see him out of the hole, but the idea that Olivia would date a member of B613 who was hired to have sex with her, who burgled and hospitalized her, makes her look like a fool and will harm the show.
        There are no good times with Jake to look back on. He was an improbable rebound guy at best. Bringing him back permanently stretches credulity.

        “There is no such thing as a moral or immoral book. Books are either well written or badly written. That is all.” – Oscar Wilde
        Jake and Olivia as a couple is bad writing. It always was.

        • yasmine says:

          I totally agree! Jake’s character chemistry at all with Olivia… if he is a something else with his character.

      • EG says:

        @Charlie I agree with your statement I only recently started seeing this so called concerned for other characters from the very few Olitz Stans, who seem to think that the majority of fans think like them. If they only knew…Anyways Scott is back I’m glad to see that. Development of the other characters does not depend on Jake characters the writers can still develop a backstory for Harrison while including telling a story with Liv and Jake.

        • auntiepaulie says:

          Dont think Harrison is coming back. It’s as if he disappeared into thin air. As an Olitz shipper who despises the Jake character (yes I do, no apologies. When I think of the surveilance in her most private moments…uuggghhh, geez. I shudder, calling to find out where she is then going into her apartment, pushing her, yes he pushed her, as clear as day;go look at it again. Asking her to lie to save his skin, lying to his friend, sleeping with his friend’s woman (what kind of intelligence is he? he could find her on the job and beat up the photographer, for a picture for God sake, a picture!, but did not know this was his friends woman? Its all bad writing anyway. He was sent to break up a non existent relationship. At the time he came along Olitz had not been together for over 10 months. He did not know this?. Taped the sex scene (poor Liv) bad mouthed his friend because he wants what his friend has first?(no character Jake that’s what he is) Killed that girl (who said she was coming to kill Olivia (she had her gun out for Jake, and by the way, what was he doing hiding in her house again? What’s wrong with this man? at least let her know your were there. here she is talking to the love of her life, FITZ, YES!!! and this jerk is up in her house waiting to kill. That girl know he would try to kill her and he did) SR does things to her characters and have them moving around, I think Liv’s character assassination will be complete in s3. She is already dumbed down, acting silly, making stupid mistakes ( I will say this now, I have no life, am immature, loves Olitz and has nothing better to do with my time than make comments here) I have been watching a pattern with SR; GA: Isaiah washington destroyed, The AA chief lost his position, the AA female surgeon watched her diminished. Private Practice; The AA couple who started their practice lost it to others and on Scandal Harrison is NOWHERE, NOWHERE to be found and Olivia is dumbed down and made to sleep with someone like Jake who her guts told her was not safe. Yeah there is a pattern here that I just dont like so I think I better get back to my books and try to continue getting As in my classes at school. It does not bode well. I do not like the representation, Show or no show, art imitates life, this is not true representation of a sister to take mess and stay mute. She does not have to act out, but SR needs to take some words out of Melli’s and Cy’s mouth and put some into Olivia’s. Did I get everything out? Oh I dont like the Jake character, he gives me the creeps. Yes? I have taken his supporters advice, hasta la vista scandal. Someone wrote a beautiful mirror to scandal online, I read it and loved it. Olivia stood strong, told off Mellie, Fitz punched Cy in the jaw, Fitz divorced mellie and married Olivia and they had twins, all during an election year and while he was in office. That’s good enough for me. I do not need to see the destruction of Olivia, her jumping from partner to partner or the destruction of Fitz to make B613 Jake the joke looking good. As it has been pointed out, he is no good for Olivia either, it has been said. He is B613. Scandal will go the way of PP. Sad because I wanted my girl Kerry to keep working. Whew, I had a lot to say, didn’t I? I am not afraid of insults folks, these are just my opinions that I am sticking to. SR shipped a story line, I bought it and that is exactly how I am selling it. Did I say I did not like Jake the joke, that their is no chemistry? I did? OK. :)

          • nanrad says:

            CTFU!!! Olitz stans are killing me. Do you know what surveillance means??? Have you forgotten that your homeboy Fitz ordered Jake to spy on Olivia? Clearly, you did. When they slept together, Jake did not know that Olivia had been involved with Fitz. He asked her to lie because he wasn’t supposed to get close to Olivia under Fitz orders (but rather, under Rowan’s orders). Also, does it matter if a single man sleeps with a single woman? Fitz is MARRIED–only is technically not his girl. Actually, she wasn’t even his girl when she slept with Jake–her and Fitz weren’t together. Fitz is truly the crazy one. It’s obvious that you have no idea what is going on outside of your ship. Jake has his apartment under 24 hour surveillance–it just so happened that he taped himself having sex with Olivia. God, you probably read fanfic with massive typos and grammatical errors as long as it has your ship and it. lol.

    • chevjuls says:

      Don’t you all think Shondra know what she is doing, she is good @ what she is doing so please watch the show and you will see how work out, it’s not about love triangle, this is going to be about Olivia FATHER and that is all I am going to say. Have a nice weekend all.

    • M.J / Bronx says:


      I agree with you, Cy,Mellie, Jake and Rowan vs OLTIZ!!. Harrison has yet to get a
      real backstory and SR hires SF. Hell I want Stephen back to help out Olivia, and
      yes I no he was not happy about Fitz. But she really needs to talk to someone she
      really can trust, regarding Fitz. Huck can barley speak, Abby No!!!, Harrison maybe.

      • mrenee says:

        I have missed Stephen from the beginning of the season. He added a real depth to OPA that does not exist now. Don’t know what happened, but he was a true loss. If only Olivia had one true friend.

        • chely says:

          I agree mrenee-Stephen’s presence was missed-he seem to have Olivia’s ear more than the other’s and he was a voice of mature reason (with a little humor thrown in). Olivia does need a true friend.

        • Danielle Thomas says:

          I don’t miss Stephen and I hope he does not return. British accents really irk me, cannot stand to hear them and I did not like that the writers made Stephen supposedly to be a sexy macho dude that seemed to have a sex addiction and all women, also, just jumped into bed with him and just to have sex, because they supposedly were always so horny.

          Stephen’s character, as written, was nauseously hyped, stereotyped and boringly trite; I truly disliked the character and real glad when he soon disappeared!

    • chely says:

      Ummm…you have to have other romantic interests for the lead character-to keep from running the main story in the ground. Doesn’t everyone who watches tv know that? Who’s Olivia gonna date-her associates-Harrison & Huck? Come on, now! You have to bring on new characters. Hopefully, since Huck’s past has been fleshed out and Quinn’s has been fleshed out-it will stay true to pattern and we’ll see another associates past fleshed out. I’d also like to see Huck and Quinn’s friendship growing deeper and definitely curious about Harrison’s past life as well as his present. Harrison is a cutie-we should see him in a romance! Is Abby ex-alive? It might be really interesting for her ex to pop up and reveal her past as well. I’m sure if we’ve thought it the writers ahve thought it too-and more.. We’ll just have to see what they lay down!

      • Nikki 35 says:

        That is part of the problem for some fans. They want to see “other” character’s story fleshed out before time is taken away to develop romantic interests for Olivia. Shonda has said repeatedly that this show is not about “romance” so even if they go the route of Olivia and Jake …..really how long would it last ? That is why no matter which couple you ship it helps to keep things in perspective. They change story like a baby needs diapers (lol)

  20. Annmarie O says:

    Damn happy I’ve loved him since “The Unit”.

  21. MJ says:

    So predictable and ridiculous triangle to come for sure

  22. y-know says:

    I hope he spends his whole life the hole

  23. Seriously? says:

    Noooooooooo. Go away Noel! I’m hoping Shonda only made him a regular so she can kill him later (preferably soon) so she can claim that even series regulars aren’t safe ala GoT. We still have little to no backstory on Abby and Harrison and Shonda thinks it’s a good idea to make someone else a regular? This feels like a retread of Grey’s where the cast kept getting bigger and bigger to the point where you no longer felt invested in any of the characters. They’re just there to advance the plot and there’s no character development.

  24. Well congrats to Scott. But, I’m glad I have already start to ween myself from Scandal. I’m not in this for OJ. I do wish the show good luck

  25. mary says:

    I admit it, I’m here for the Olitz. I hated Jake, not only because he was such an obvious crutch to keep Olivia and Fitz apart, but that his presence served to dumb down all of the principle characters on the show. Making Huck, Olivia and Fitz look foolish. And here you have a guy who physically assaults the lead character and lands her in the hospital and we are really suppose to root for him as a viable alternative to Fitz? Are you freaking serious? Hated the mole storyline because of the plot holes that were beyond belief and it feels like they are going for the weakest part of the show and expanding it.

    • Mio says:

      @Mary Thank you! All of these people that see Jake as some sort of knight in shining armor for Olivia versus Big Bad mean Fitz always over look the fact he put her in the hospital! Fitz has been mean to her and done things he shouldn’t but he never physically assualted her. Give me a break.

      • Hope says:

        Yes, they conveniently ignore his shadiness because they hate Fitz so much. I have no hate for Scott Foley but I can see where Shonda is going and it just means that the show is no longer appointment tv for me.

        • Penny says:

          Fitz and Jake are both shady as hell and exhibit emotionally controlling abusive behavior. I honestly want Olivia to tell them both to go suck it. Chemistry be damned.

  26. Liam says:

    Yes! Got so tired of Fitz and his self-pity! Jake is a man!

    • GTS says:

      ….. That spies on a woman, kills (or seriously injuries, I forget), a reporter, just for taking a picture, lies to his close friend, the President, sleeps with a woman, makes a sex tape of it, then a couple hours later, pushes her, giving her a concussion. That’s a real man!

  27. aliasvaughn says:

    Nikki, you’re right. The Jake stans have always hung around here but we all know what the real numbers are. The ratings are brought in by Olitz and by Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington, most certainly NOT (with all due respect) by Scott Foley. Nobody signed on to this show for him. ABC never learns, and neither does Shonda Rhimes. The trite cliché soap opera route is always the way. This is going down the Revenge path quick. It’s all good, that’s what not watching live is for. I sure as hell won’t put myself through useless Jake and something I don’t have the slightest interest in watching. Much better to not watch live and fast forward to only OPA, and Fitz and Olivia. Showrunner makes a choice, I as a viewer make mine.

    • mary says:

      Yeah, I think I’m going to do a marathon at the mid season break and skip the episodes that fans I trust tell me are bad and see if I’ll continue to watch it for the second half of the season.

    • Charli says:

      Good riddance. There are plenty of other viewers more than happy to take your place.

      • mary says:

        lol. You keep on telling yourself that a majority is not for Olitz.

        • EG says:

          Ummmm what makes you think a majority IS for Olitz…ummm some of you Olitz Stans need to break out of your small tumblr/twitter groups. There is a large and growing numbers of fans out there that are not in support of Olitz….

          • Seriously? says:

            Keep telling yourself that. Call me when they put Jake and Olivia on the cover of TV Guide or EW or in an Oscar promo.

          • Seriously? says:

            TPTB know what the majority wants and thus what they will BUY.

          • Gabi says:

            Isn’t the major point of the show that olivia us in love with the president and vise versa?

          • auntiepaulie says:

            People watched because of the magical chemistry and scandalous romance between the fixer and the POTUS. Do you seriously?, seriously? think about it for a minute…..Ok, do you seriously think people are going to tune in for the single man and Liv?, An Olake will not work, cant replicate that kind of magic that is OLITZ. Olake? There is absolutely NOOOOOO chemistry there. I refuse to watch any of those scenes. Uuuggghhh. Give me that adulterous man with Liv anytime over Jake the joke. Can you see the sparks flying everywhere? :) Yes the majority were for Olitz, how it has turned out is in spite of, SR changed the course and is now destroying Olitz. Not surprised she does this to all her AA cast members, Fitz just got caught in the tail wind of her destruction. He is a Goldwyn he will survive. This was a good spin for KW. I wish her well.

          • nanrad says:

            auntiepauline, you are delusion. I certainly didn’t tune in for Olivia and Fitz–it was word of mouth from people who didn’t care for the affair, but liked everything else. I think you are living vicariously through Olivia.

          • auntiepaulie says:

            Maybe I am, still dont like Jake and bought what SR started selling from season 1. That’s exactly how I am selling it. :) You go on liking what you like and I will go on liking what I like. Peace!!!

          • auntiepaulie says:

            I make it a point not to attack and be mean to real people about tv characters. I state MY OPINION about CHARACTERS. I draw a line with real people, I dont think it makes sense to do that. Have a great rest of the week Nanrad.

    • bebe says:

      Yeah, me to. I’ll check in mid or end of season and see how it went.
      Cos this writing is going to be bad.

  28. So they just making anybody series regulars now, huh?

  29. Amanda says:

    To balance out all of the happy people, NOOOOOOOOOO!

  30. Mechelle says:

    Fitz is so 2012, it’s Jake Ballard 2013 and I absolutely love it! Congrats Scott Foley!

  31. CarolH says:

    Worse Scandal related news I can think of. Jake’s character can only be retconned in order to make him a semi- (at best!)viable option for Olivia and honestly that’s the last thing I want to spend my precious time watching. It was bad enough watching them try (and fail) to convey Mellie’s hurt feelings and “love” for Fitz the last few episodes and now this.

    Not to mention Scott Foley is just soooo ridiculously bland for the show and Olivia. And for those who helped support the show from the beginning b/c we fell for the core relationship of the show, Olivia and Fitz, this feels like a sucker punch and just something I have no interest in watching.

  32. Toni says:

    This is the last straw. I will DVR scandal …but No more live tweeting and DEFINITELY no more live viewing. I am DONE!!

  33. Toni says:


  34. Joe Petitjean says:

    It makes very happy that Jake is sticking around

  35. #TeamJake. lol Now what bitches?

    • Penny says:

      That’s not nice at all. Olitches is much nicer.

    • kay says:

      Now nothing. I just hope your support will make up for the ratings this is going to lose, because some people will leave in anger. But most will leave out of boredom.

  36. Me says:

    Pass the sour grapes please, lol

  37. S.O.B. says:

    jFC, NO, NO, NO!!!! Series regular,really? Ugh, Jake was the actual worst.

  38. Sarah says:

    Yes!!! I was sad when he was killed off on greys so I’m happy to see more of him in scandal!!! Can’t wait to see what season 3 will bring!!!

  39. STC says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? Foley’s dial-tone personality and acting is not enough to make me take him seriously as a regular. The characters (actors) that make this show worth while are being dumbed down enough as it is just to make this wet blanket relevant. Scandal won’t survive another season of this. *sorrynotsorry*

  40. Team Jake says:

    I love Jake, I love Scott..Best news of the day!!!

  41. Mandy says:

    I am beyond pleased with this. Jake and Olivia have chemistry! And I like the love triangle (or square I guess with Mellie). And it makes for interesting intrigue between Jake, Olivia and her dad, who just recently put Jake in a hole in the ground to rot.

    • Jess D says:

      Agree with everything you just said! I am really happy jake is coming back! I think him and olivia have better chemistry… And he seems to have more respect for her!

    • singsongsoy says:

      You see chemistry between Jake and Olivia??????????????????? Like there is chemistry between a mule and lizard? Evidently some don’t know what true chemistry is. Sorry for you.

    • Moe says:

      The pushiness of some of the Olitz fans is finally becoming a turn-off for me. We get it! It’s Olitz or nothing for you all… I used to be a defender, but my goodness people. It’s too much.

  42. JMO says:

    How can anyone know how this will impact the ratings? Its Speculation. Unless you have the S3 script in one hand and a crystal ball in the other, you are just SPECULATING. You sound like a bunch of bratty children throwing a tantrum when things don’t go your way. Why not just give it a chance? If you cannot do that, and are certain that its the end of days just because an actor was bumped up to series regular, then maybe this whole tv drama thing is not for you?

    • Cinephile says:

      Fur shure. I admit that when they announced him as recurring I did not invest much in the character but if he is bumped up to series regular – we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store. That is supposed to be the fun of this whole exercise, innit?

    • b says:

      You can predict it by looking at other TV shows. Writing has a pattern. The classic TV love triangle ALWAYS hurts ratings if prolonged and Jake as a regular has no other real function.
      You only have to look at Shonda Rhimes’ other 2 TV shows to see the inevitable ratings decline. For me this isn’t personal at all, I just discovered Scandal this year.
      It’s just sad to see yet another show make the same mistake.

      • JMO says:

        Again, unless you KNOW FOR SURE what will be written forS3, you are speculating. Knee jerk reaction. You have no idea whats in store and even if you are correct and know precisely what will happen next season, how could you possibly know whether people will like it or not? Please, this is tantrum throwing and whining at its WORSE.

        • b says:

          What you’re doing is internet bullying and name calling. People are allowed to not like a new development on the show, and when several people on this log are stating that they’re going to stop watching, then OF COURSE it’ll impact ratings.
          Having a different opinion from you isn’t whining.
          It’s a different opinion.
          As for the storyline. this show happens in 2 places, OPA and the White house
          Olivia Pope is the star, so she is the satellite around which characters revolve. Jake as a regular will have to be her employee, love interest or probably both.
          It’s a sharp change from the show’s winning premise, so it won’t work.
          It never does.
          The only thing that surprises me is that the Olitz fans didn’t see this coming, It was pretty obvious.

          • JMO says:

            I’m not bullying anyone. Im Just calling things as I see them. I Wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. Yes everyone is entitled to express an opinion. Even me. And my opinion. Is that there are people who seem to be acting like children and throwing a tantrum. So if the pacifier fits, suck it

        • chely says:

          Prolonged-Jake just came on mid-season 2. And we have no idea if he’ll make it past season 3. If he stays on for more seasons-he may no longer be a love interest for Oliva by then. Why worry yourselves over it? It is what it is. You guys really know how to take the fun out of a show. Jeesh!

    • Moe says:


  43. Robin says:

    Wow lots of writers and industry insiders on this thread that speak for a lot of people they have never met. I’m sure that Shonda has many tricks up her sleeve just enjoy the ride or don’t.

  44. Hilary says:

    Obsessed with this news!!!! Love Jake/Olivia. He actually brought excitement to her love life. SO OVER Olivia/Fitz. Yes yes yes!!!!!

  45. Paul says:

    Not pleased, but that’s only because I don’t like the whole B613 storyline, OPA needs to go back to fixing and not become a wannabe spy series with over the top plot twists. I acknowledge B613 is there but we had waaaay to many episodes about it, and taking Foley on as Regular can only mean we get more.

    • Pam says:

      Not necessarily. There may be some of it, but maybe not an overwhelming amount. I think if B613 was going to become prominent, then Joe Morton would also become a regular. I have no idea what is in store for Jake. I’m hoping for a return of the emphasis on OPA. Beyond that, I’m willing to leave the shows direction to the writers. If I like what I see, I will keep watching, if not I won’t.

    • Seriously? says:

      It’s funny you say that b/c Shonda has said in interviews that 1) her original concept for Scandal was to have the president be Olivia’s father and 2) she has an itching to write a spy series and was a fan of Alias and wished she had been the one to come up with it. I guess having Olivia’s father be the head of a black ops group whose job is to preserve the republic (arguably making him more powerful than even the president) is her way of making those two things into a reality. Scandal is becoming almost unrecognizable from what the original premise was.

  46. Gabi says:

    Ahhh I don’t think I like this. He’s holding the president and Liv from being together :(

  47. Seriously? says:

    List of characters I’d rather have become regulars before Jake: Sally, Hollis, James, Charlie, Billy Chambers (if Carrie Diaries is canceled), SSA Tom, WH guard Morris from S1, baby Ella, baby Teddy, Fitz’s secretary, the WH dog, hell I’d rather have them bring Gideon, Amanda Tanner and Verna back from the dead.

  48. Cort says:

    I usually enjoy Scott’s character’s and he did a good job with Jake. Though he was a total creeper and I saw none of the sparks when they slept together. Then on top of that, he threw Liv…threw her and she ended up in the hospital. Olitz has their issues and their road is going to continue to be long and very complicated. Yes, I would have liked to see “the plan” acted out but the minute Fitz started laying it all out there you just knew it wasn’t happening. Not yet at least. Yay for Scott and I’m not even upset about the Olitz factor…I just never found Jake a credible threat to that relationship. He can be a presence in Liv’s life without them going the romantic route again. Like many others I’m less interested in how Jake gets out of the hole and more about Papa Pope’s endgame, Harrison & Abby’s backstory and whether Huck will ever see his family again.

    • Nikki35 says:

      I feel like Scott did the best he could with what the writers gave him for his character. I will keep it real and say I was not overly impressed with the character of Jake Ballard but now that Scott is a series regular we shall see… My hope for his character is the same as for any …..that the writers develop the storyline for him in such a way that it makes fans more interested in the show and invested in the character. I do not want to see them using his character soley as a spoiler for the Fitz and Olivia relationship. I think that would do a disservice to the character and down play Scott’s ability to do more with Jake. A well -written show with well developed characters will give Scandal the longjevity that it needs. Fans will not always agree on what is happening but they will continue to watch a well-written show with storylines that make sense… hint hint last 5 minutes of season finale left me baffled. With that said I hope his addition to the show will be good and this is coming from a diehard Olitz fan.

    • chely says:

      Lol! Cort, I saw that too-Jake literally shoved Olivia across the floor causing her to hit her head on the table. The directing of that struggle bothered me-because you associate a “real man” shoving a woman-especially one as tiny as Olivia. It made jake seem even more of a creep especially since he did just get it on with her.

  49. almostpia says:

    People are being a bit dramatic. I’m a Scott Foley fan and a Scandal fan so it’s best of both world’s for me. Im sure the scripts will be just as great and mind blowing. Welcome to the Scandal Family!!

    • kew1224 says:

      I’m with you.i love the show,i can’t wait to see how Jake is going to stir things up. He didn’t kill anyone so far,if people remember,in the finale,it was Billy who killed Osborn,to get the pressure off himself, Jake fell for Olivia,that’s why he wound up in the hole for not following orders. The part I don’t understand in the scene when Rowan asked Jake did he make it look like a suicide,Jake said yes,evidently he didn’t kill Osborn,so maybe someone can show me where I missed something. I really love this show,I love Liv and Fitz whether they are together or not,i will still love the people in this show,it rock’s.

      • chely says:

        Well, it’s pretty safe to assume, that if Jake is in the Black Ops-he’s a highly trained assassin which = murderer. Even if we as the audience hasn’t witnessed any of his murders yet. And yeah, Jake did say-he made it look like a suicide ( about Osborne) you’re right, that doesn’t make sense. I thought Jake killed Osborne and Billy murdered the reporter, Wendy, and Wendy’s friend who had info on the hostages in Kashfar.