Grey's Anatomy Scoop: 4 Actors Score Series Regular Upgrades Ahead of Season 10

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 CastThe doctors are in — and they’re staying.

Grey’s Anatomy has formally handed series regular promotions to Camilla LuddingtonGaius CharlesJerrika Hinton and Tessa Ferrer — who play Interns Jo, Shane, Stephanie and Lea, respectively — ahead of the show’s 10th season, TVLine has confirmed.

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The only intern not to receive an upgrade is Tina Majorino, and that’s only because she’s committed to TNT’s new drama Legends.

The decision to promote the quartet was foreshadowed last December when ABC added series regular options to their contracts. While the legal move didn’t guarantee the actors would be made series regulars in Season 10, it at the very least suggested Shonda Rhimes was considering such a possibility.

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  1. Candace says:

    Just what Grey’s needs, more characters.

    • Lauren says:

      I am shocked – shocked! – that this was the first comment on this news o_O

      • a says:

        Me too. Fans hate characters on Grey’s. Can’t figure out why

        • dude says:

          I think they hate more screentime being awarded to new characters while taking away from the veterans. I like Jo and her storyline with Alex but aside from that, I’d rather see more of Callie, Arizona, Christina, April, Jackson, Miranda, even Derek and Meredith. There are more than enough characters to fill 40 minutes of screentime without adding more. That’s why people are upset, because it’s pointless.

          • JC says:

            They claim to hate the introduction of new characters, yet they continue watching the show nine years on. Go figure.

          • dq18 says:

            Dude, you do realize that of all the characters you listed, only 4 are originals? If Shonda didn’t introduce new characters, half the people you’d like to see more of wouldn’t even exist…

          • bob says:

            agreed. however, the biggest problem with these promotions isn’t even that they’re new characters… it’s that they’re awful new characters. none of the characters pop in the way that callie or sloan or lexie popped in seasons past. hopefully they’ll get better, but for right now, my opinion is, “meh.” i honestly hope that grey’s goes away after this season. i could use a good series finale right now.

    • Midori says:

      Need new people to kill off.

      • SL says:

        Can they kill Stephanie and Lea first. I won’t miss them one bit. Too bad Brooke won’t be a regular. She’s the only one I actually like and I can’t believe the actress was the little girl from Andre lol.

    • A.J. says:

      And none of the new characters are Tina Majorino’s.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        I’m thinking her new cable show won’t do all that well, and she’ll be bumped up to regular on Grey’s before we know it!

    • Diane Vandrei says:

      Me too! We get less time watching the characters we love. Tired of all shows adding new characters.

    • greysfan says:

      JEEZ you guys are a bunch of whining idiots. Yes i love the original cast but Grey’s is a revolving series when it comes to interns. I am shocked that 4 of them were upgraded to regulars. Camilla was a given and i really love her character with Alex. The other 3 i thought might have been kept on but not as series regs. In saying this, its great for all 4 of them. I wish Tina the best with her new series and as much as i like her character bonding with Derek she chose be in a new series so kudos to her.

      PLUS what is with all the HATE? You guys this series is coming close to its end if not this season, the next couple of seasons and all you ever do is bitch fight about it. Be glad you have the show now because when its gone its gone. Enjoy it instead of being stupid about it. Grey’s will always centre around the core characters. Always has and always will. Just be grateful.

      • cdeno says:

        Exactly this series is coming to an end presumably soon, so why wouldn’t they focus on wrapping up stories that have been on going for years. Fact is Grey’s now has 15 series regulars if Webber survives.

        I can’t see ABC paying these 4 salaries of a series regular to just stand in the back ground. Which means they will need their own storylines, which in turn means less time to focus on the longer serving series regulars storylines. Season 10 has a lot of storylines carrying over from season 9 (Callie and Arizona, April and Jackson, Webber, Christina and Owen drama to name a few) and in order to do them properly those actors need to have time on screen. I am not shocked these 4 were promoted, but now have even lower expectations for storylines being handled properly.

        • Midori says:

          Just because they are regulars doesn’t mean they will be in all, or even most, of the episodes. It’s a contract so if the show needs them than GA comes first before any other acting jobs.

      • littlegrey13 says:

        Thank you!!

  2. RobMF says:

    Camilla & Gaius have been really entertaining. So I’m pretty happy about that. The other two really haven’t done much so “eh”. Maybe they can come up with some juicy stuff for them.

    • SylwekG says:

      Well, I think intern Leah had a few quite interesting storylines. I didn’t like her at start, but now I do, since the episode with religious freaks. I think she was really brave and she almost saved someone’s life, but his family killed him anyway.
      But intern Stephanie is so boring. Meh.

  3. Maki says:

    wow. I get Gaius and Camilla. But the other 2? So this could mean no Webber? or are they preparing a post Core cast show?

    • marge says:

      OMG I forgot for a minute that Webber’s life is in jeopardy! If these 4 fools are to fill a Richard-sized hole, I will be so disappointed.

    • Abby says:

      I think they’re prepping for post-core cast years.

      • Babygate says:

        This is my take as well. They will probably kill off Webber and begin a transition to a newly designed Greys sans MerDer and Cristina. I’m betting that Ellen and Patrick will be making some pretty steep demands to stay beyond S10 and ABC may not be willing to acquiesce.

        • Tania says:

          That is exactly what I think. Even if it gives them just one more season, it might be worth it for ABC given how tough it can be to launch a new drama. I don’t mind the interns when A)they aren’t forced down my throat; and B)when they work with core cast members. What if, for example, Leah or Dr. Ross took an interest in Ortho? I’ve always wanted to see Callie get a chance to be a teacher. I see Stephanie in Cardio and Jo, of course, in Peds.

          • Babygate says:

            I agree that ABC will try to keep this around for as long as they can, providing they can manage the cost which will most likely require Ellen/Patrick and Sandra to leave. I actually don’t mind all the interns, just can’t stand Stephanie or Shane. Although, if Shane were to take a liking to Ortho I might reconsider. I too have been waiting to see an intern or resident take an interest in Ortho. Callie would be an awesome teacher. I mean, she did teach Mer the Torres Method. Lol.

        • Temperance says:

          Patrick just bought a chain of coffee shops and is talking a lot about learning to become a trained barista – I read an article earlier today that he’s extremely interested in that business. I’m thinking that he’s readying his post-Grey’s options so that he can take a break, and then do whatever projects he chooses to. It was interesting and strange to hear him talk about raising his own chickens for eggs and he and his kids making lemonaide form their lemon trees.

          • Babygate says:

            Not to mention the amount of time he spends on the racing circuit, something he is extremely passionate about and to which he has been wanting to dedicate more time.

      • Laura says:

        I know “ER” lasted for several more seasons without their core cast (only for the show to decline, IMO), but I think it’ll be harder for Grey’s since they have a title character in Meredith. How do you have *Grey’s* Anatomy without a Grey? And this is coming from someone who doesn’t really like Meredith.

      • rowan77 says:

        I think Shonda Rhimes is aware that this show has to end at some point in the not to distant future and is doing the interns a solid by making them series regulars. It’s a real career boost to be a regular on broadcast TV. TV exec don’t like to vet people. They like it if someone comes prevetted. (Lazy? You bet!) so for Jerrika, Camilla and Tessa, this is a very big deal. Plus it raises their salary. They’re no longer guest stars so a major bump in pay is in order (so their quote also rises). Good on Shonda to take care of her cast like that.

        • Babygate says:

          I don’t think Shonda is that noble. This is about beefing up the cast for an imminent MerDer departure. This show is still ABC’s top rated drama, (although Scandal will probably take that spot this coming season), so, they are going to try to salvage it and keep it around for as long as it remains profitable for them. Ellen and Patrick’s salaries, and I’m assuming Sandra’s as well, are becoming unsustainable and so I think we will lose them soon. Hence, the additional cast brought in to infuse a little life and new energy to the show. Shonda has been getting ready for this for a while. It was no accident that they renamed the hospital ‘Grey-Sloan’, that way, there is still a ‘Greys’ in the show that is not Meredith. And considering that MerDer have pretty much plateaued with the birth of the baby and being hospital owners, and boring medical cases, not to mention that if Webber dies it will be a terrible blow for Meredith who may decide she’s had it with ‘Seattle Grace Mercy Death’, it is possibly that they will be phased out this season. I don’t like these new additions but they are young and energetic and so in a sense gives the show a sort of ‘facelift’. We’ll see how it all pans out.

          • Rivera says:

            Scandal – no doubt an amazing show in its own regard – can NEVER replace Grey’s! the showw doesn’t have half the emotional depth or moments of fun as Grey’s does..

        • Abby says:

          I’d believe this, too. But I stand by my opinion that the show still feels pretty fresh a decade on.

          • rowan77 says:

            Depends on the season. This season was better than the last. As the show continues on and the writing staff makes changes each season, sometimes that breathes new life into a series. Sometimes when you get writers who don’t bring fresh ideas to the table you get boring season – or worse – they retread stories from previous seasons with the new characters. ER did that about 6 years in. They started using old storylines with the new actors and got away with it until finally the audience got sick of it. Shonda has her hands full, but she doesn’t write most of the episodes – even though she is the showrunner. She oversees everything and probably does a polish on each script (for continuity of voice).

  4. SylwekG says:

    Brooks is my favourite intern, so it sucks :(.

    • Elly says:

      Mine too, and I do like Jo (but only for Alex)

      I am however pissed off they cited “budget reasons” for killing off Sloan yet now we have 4 new regulars, Shonda is a dummy to think 4 interns are better than Sloan.

      • kavyn says:

        They killed off Sloan because everyone was whining that they didn’t want to see him with anyone else besides Lexie… meaning they’d have no where to take his character (without getting MAJOR hate from the shipper fans).

      • dude says:

        They killed off Sloan because Shondra saw him and Lexie as soul mates and didn’t have any creative options that interested her enough to keep him. That can be the problem in being a major TV couple, you become a packaged deal and when one leaves, the other has to as well. Same thing happened to Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill. Chad Michael Murray screwed Hilarie Burton out of a job.

        • Babygate says:

          That’s messed up but it’s true. With Lexie gone, there was nothing for Mark to do except go back to interfering with Callie and Arizona, and after the backlash from Season 7, that was not an option. But it worked out for Eric Dane because he now has the lead on what promises to be an awesome new show on TNT.

          • cas says:

            What show is he going to be in? I always thought Mark should have ended up with Callie and with the way Arizona and Callie just ended things it could have worked out perfectly. Also what sucks is I get the OTH one because they were married but I could have cared less if Mark and Lexie weren’t together. In fact, I wasn’t even that on board with them until the last season when Lexie longed for him all season and I finally started liking the idea of them and then they both died. Ugh.

  5. Dani says:

    lol i like all the inters but brooks is the best one!!!! ugh i hope she’s still recurring at least. i really enjoy her relationship with derek

  6. D. says:

    I only like Camilla and Tina characters… I really really dislike Stephanie. Well, i’ll have to endure i guess… At least until next season finale :D

  7. Lindsey says:

    But Tina is my favorite!!!

  8. RUCookie says:

    Ugh…but we all saw this coming. Sadly, few of them never grew on me. I would say who bit I don’t know her name…I liked the story of the only male intern and the one with Karev…that was all.

  9. Brooks is my favorite too! I hope her series on TNT tanks. I know that’s horrible.

  10. just me says:


  11. nobody special says:

    since the only one i can stand is Tina Majorino, this pretty much sux.

  12. lorna says:

    Ughhhhh. I don’t like tina majorino so yay. Should’ve only promoted jo and shane.

    • Margaret says:

      I agree, this is now a huge ensemble, Jo & Shane were the ones who popped out to me as being entertaining and compelling characters.

  13. Isaac says:

    I hope I’m not the only one who is sad that Tessa Ferrer is getting series regular.
    Seriously, I do not like, in the least, Lea Murphy. Super annoying and bothersome and not the brightest one of the bunch.

  14. th says:

    2 left at season 8 and ED left after 2 episodes in so she got room

  15. ggny says:

    Tina and Patrick together where amazing. Its a shame she cant be a regular. Will she be back as a recurring guest star though? I really hope they find a way to keep her around. Please find out if Tina will be back at all

    Also im kinda surprised to see Lea get promoted to a Series Regular she really didnt have much a story line this season

  16. MDS says:

    Tina’s character was great! Hopefully she’ll recurr …

    As for the others, I actually love Camilla and Gaius was really entertaining. Jerrika and Tessa didn’t have much to do honestly.

    For some reason, Leah reminds me a lot to Izzie and Izzie was always my fave …

  17. MadisonM says:

    Unfortunately, I think season 10 needs to be Grey’s last. I’ve followed the show since season 1 and its just not…I don’t know, excellent, anymore. I hate saying that but its just time in my humble opinion.

    • Isaac says:

      Season nine was the worst. And that’s saying now that the first half of the fourth season is comes second.
      – from a devoted fan

      • Laura says:

        Yes. They need to learn from ER’s mistake and pull the plug before the show becomes completely unrecognizable from the early seasons.

    • J says:

      Once Scandal gets one more year of breakout ratings behind it, consider that torch passed. Grey’s fades away and Scandal inherits 9pm.

      • cdeno says:

        Scandal’s breakout ratings are still lower than GA’s was every episode but like 3. I don’t think Scandal would work at 9pm.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I stopped watching it last fall. I can’t stand the new interns.

  18. Jacqi says:

    Yea!! Jolex!!!!

  19. marge says:

    Camilla was a given seeing as Jo is Alex’s new love, but this just bumped the cast of 11 to 15.
    I do, however, enjoy intern’s Ross and Brooks – Tina Majorino my definite favorite of the bunch. Hope she’ll still be around on a recurring basis if her schedule allows. The other 2 will just be taking up space and screen time that could and should be devoted to the other major players.

  20. Dominique says:

    It’s ridiculous how Eric Dane was forced to leave the show due to budget cuts, but there’s no problem upgrading FOUR actors to series regulars, with FIVE having that option in their contract. Chyler and Eric are gone, but you can’t tell me that these FIVE new people will receive salaries that, combined, will be the same as it was for TWO (Chyler and Eric).
    Not to mention that the only interns remotely interesting are Brooks and Shane, but not nearly interesting enough to be regulars. But Jo, Stephanie and Lea?!! Honestly, what is Shonda even thinking.

    • MerDerFan says:


    • gary says:

      First both Eric Dane and Chyler asked to be let out of their contract. 2nd how is Jo not interesting?

      • Dominique says:

        Actually, no. Eric didn’t ask to be let of his contract. Chyler did, Eric didn’t. He was let go due to budget cuts, froced on the show by ABC.

        • th says:

          Actually Eric and Shonda agreed that the character has run his course so it would be for the best if the character leaves the canvas. They have talked about him leaving earlier but shonda wanted him to stay so he stayed until the moment they both realized where they should go from here….

      • Dominique says:

        And as for Jo…; we already have more than one character on the show who had a crappy childhood. Alex, Meredith, Izzie. We’ve been there. We really didn’t need ANOTHER one. Especially not one who talks about it all the time and makes it seem as if the crappy childhood excuses her ridiculous behavior. Also; she orchestrated the scene that will go down as the most cringing scene in the history of Grey’s Antomy; barking and howling at the ceiling cause Cristina and Owen were having sex. Just.. no. And that’s me being nice about her now.

        • gary says:

          man you got alot of hate for a character that like 85% of Grey’s watchers really liked last season. most critics/viewers i read thought she was a great addition. Maybe you should just find a new show to watch if you got that much hate?

          • Dominique says:

            85%? What world do you live in? Sorry to tell you this pal, but no; people are 50/50 on her, at least. A LOT of people dislike her; go on twitter, tumblr, read the comments here. Just cause the critics call her a great addition, doesn’t mean the fans ALL agree. :)

          • Barb says:

            Dude didn’t you know that commenters on Twitter, Tumbler and online newsmags are the only ones out there watching Grey’s Anatomy and therefore the entire universe? LOL

        • Amber says:

          I agree, while critics might be 50/50 on Jo at best, fans on line (who I trust more) on the whole don’t like her. Those that do, are just desperate for Alex to get more screen time!! She’s a badly written character, camilla is just eye candy, she’s not this lovely sweet girl! Jo is horrible, how can people say she will make Alex happy?? Are we forgetting her violent temper? He himself referred to her as a psychopathic maniac! She’s worst girl for Alex yet, needy, user, immature, selfish etc….That being said if they carry on her uncontrollable violent streak could be good viewing!

    • tiffany says:

      I totally agree. They complained about 14 and they didn’t have money for all of them. So they make it 15 instead. This stuck.

    • Temperance says:

      It’s absolutely not unbelievable at all… salaries climb over the seasons, and the pay is pretty staggering to the average person (a median yearly American income *per episode* – or more, much more).

      • Barb says:

        Dempsey, Oh and Pompeo make almost twice as much per episode as I do annually and my salary is 6 figures. I’m sure the reason Dane, Leigh and Raver left the show in Season 9 was the result of the higher salaries paid to those three. Someone had to go in order to pay them more.

    • Sd says:

      Actually I can believe it. Though series regulars they won’t make near what Eric Dane or Chyler Leigh did. Partially because they haven’t been on the show as long and gotten the requisite raises that come with that. Also they are lesser known names. The wont have had the initial starting salary someone like Eric Danes commands.

      • Actually, while a vet can command up to 200,000 – 300,000 an episode, these new actors would make anywhere bewteen 6,000 to 20,000. They could have all 5 for 25% -50% of the fee of a single vet.

  21. MerDerFan says:

    WE DO NOT NEED MORE CHARACTERS! Bad move from ABC and Shonda! No one cares about the interns, no one watches because of them.

  22. Jess says:

    I think greys did a great job at bringing in newbs and integrating them into the stories without forcing them on us or taking away too much screen time from the old cast we love and care about…take a lesson glee.

    • Tania says:

      This!!! Glee is the perfect example of how NOT to bring in new people. Grey’s has generally done a good job with it.

    • cdeno says:

      Wait did we watch the same tv show. I agree that Greys has generally done a good job at introducing new characters, and lets not talk about Glee.

      But in Season 9 the interns were front and centre for at least the first 3rd of the season. Hell they even got their own episode dedicated to them.

  23. Alamoh says:

    WTF! Four interns are series regulars. The only reason Tina Majorino is not a regular is because of her series regular status on TNT’s Legends (so the intention was to make them all regulars because her character was one of the best interns) and she was one of only three that deserve the additional screen time. Now I understand Gaius Charles and Camilla Luddington, but the other two? Really? Jo is the endgame for Alex…. WE GET IT. Shane has been pretty interest as a result of his storyline of trying to find his place at the hospital, an actual career related storyline on a Shonda Rhimes show, who would have thought. I would have left Stephaine as recurring, being an uninteresting character that happens to be Jackson’s girlfriend does not warrant more screen time. And the fourth…should have been voted off the island. Her character is literally the worst. Grey’s does not need anymore characters and if Shonda is trying to set up a cast for a show without some of the core cast, ER style, Leah will only hurt her.

  24. gary says:

    Its gonna be interesting to see where they take Lea. The other 3 + Brooks got a clear path on the show right now. Jo is Alex’s love interest, Stephanie is Avery’s love interest, Ross will either be Bailey or Derek’s protege if they go back that route with Brooks probably being gone. Lea is the only one without a clear path on the show so it will be interesting to see what they do with her

  25. msstargate says:

    I am glad! They have all brought new life to tge show.

  26. Elyse says:

    Jo and Shane are alright… but I hate Stephanie and Lea. I will survive somehow though.

  27. EmilyK says:

    So many complaints. Gosh people. I’m happy about this news. I want Jo, Shane, and Brooks but if Tina has another show we should wish her the best and hope she’ll still be able to be a recurring guest star or a star later on if the show lasts more seasons. I adored season 9 of the show, I think Mark and Lexie leaving to make room for the new interns was exactly what the show needed to make things less boring. Yes I think Webber is dead now and that helps – the Salary you pay an actor after 9 years on a show is a lot more than just the first year you’re a series regular. And the other two, yes a bit boring but there’s nothing really wrong with them and they could be given really interesting storylines in season 10. Give the show a chance. ;)

  28. shadester says:

    i would let sptephanie and leah go they are boring. i like the rest.

  29. nich says:

    The only one I liked was the Tina Majorino character because Brooks was so weird. Boo!!

  30. BP says:

    How stupid can Shonda and ABC get? Noone gives a F*ck about those stupid, boring interns. The cast is way to bloated and has no room for four more. Fans keep telling them to trim the cast and instead they increase it!! Watch Grey’s go down the drain. The core couples will have no screentime whatsoever.

    • gary says:

      ya no one cares about them but Grey’s had yet another impressive season ratings wise…But hey its going down the drain. Seriously get your angry issue in check

  31. Gabi Medina says:

    What?! NO TINA? but she is one of the few cool ones.

  32. sarah says:

    Of course Camilla was promoted, however I am not sure about the others. So Tina Majarino is the only one that was not promoted. That is silly especially as Derek had her on Neuro

  33. Alia says:

    Nooooo, this is Grey’s Anatomy, not Intern’s Grey. Tina Majorino is going to be on Veronica Mars YAY!!!!! :-D

    • Alia says:

      Sorry, Intern’s Anatomy. I only want Camilla Luddington because I want Alex to be finally happy.

    • justin121 says:

      Actually it is Intern’s Anatomy. Has been since season 4, when Shonda brought intern Lexie Grey once Mer and co. finished their internship. Has been trying to find a way around the title “Grey’s Anatomy” ever since.

      I thought she came back to her senses when finally let Lexie go, but now named THE HOSPITAL Grey.

      This woman can’t write anything beyond intetnships — kinda like High School shows can’t make college work.

  34. Burkey says:

    Neat! I’m mainly happy about Camilla’s promotion, but I don’t mind the others for the most part. Sucks about Tina, though. I really liked Brooks!

  35. DavidSask says:

    This show needs ZERO new fulltime cast members!!!

  36. dragenphoto says:

    The only one who needs full time screen time, didn’t get it.

  37. Abby says:

    All the time I discover more and more people (ok, girls, given) who are still head over heels for this show. I like all these new interns and think it’s kind of incredible that a 10-year-old show still actually feels like a hot new show. Done properly, I think the show could go on long after all the originals have left (save Alex, must keep Alex…), especially now they’ve named the monster hospital ‘Grey’s.’

  38. Dustin says:

    I LOVE this show, but I really feel like this upcoming season should be the last. 10 seasons is a nice, even number, and the characters have evolved above and beyond from what they were when they first started out. I just don’t want to see this show being handed over to newbies as the veterans slowly but surely exit the show, which will lead to an inevitable ratings drop and cancellation. Grey’s deserves a proper, wholesome ending, and I think Season 10 would be the perfect time to do just that.

  39. Tina says:

    Shonda has been making stupid decisions for a few seasons anyway. Why would she stop now? I know the originals won’t be there forever, but her replacement choices are NOT good. Those characters are annoying with uninteresting story lines. It’s quite clear that Shonda is ONLY investing herself in Scandal. Grey’s deserves better than she has been giving it. :-/

  40. tahina says:

    I hope we don’t see Hillary Burton again..everybody else,ok. :-D

  41. Penelope says:

    Four of them? That seems excessive. I get Luddington and maybe even Charles, but the other two were so boring. Grey’s used to have such a knack for introducing new and colorful characters, but these are so nondescript.

    Too bad Marjorino had another series picked up. She was excellent.

  42. Sunny says:

    Out of all the interns, Jo, Shane, and Brooks are my favorites. Lea is alright. I can’t stand Stephanie. Her character does absolutely nothing for me. Overall, I’m alright with the new casting news. But what people fail to realize is that we don’t know how long the core characters – Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Alex, Bailey, and Webber – are going to remain with the show. If Grey’s Anatomy is going to last past Season 10, they have to really start laying the foundation. Who knows, maybe GA can have an ER-type of run. And now that the hospital has been renamed Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital, the Grey legacy will always live on. And let’s not forget the other Grey sister Molly. Who knows? Maybe the deaths of her mother and sister will inspire her to join the medical profession and save lives. She could join the show as well.

  43. James says:

    Way to kill a show, Shonda.
    1. The interns detract from the main characters (i.e characters we actually care about)
    2. If the main characters left, GA would be virtually finished – making any new additions pointless.
    3. Why ? The core cast surely give the writers enough material to play with for season 10 ?
    4. This just adds to the payroll.
    If Richard dies, and they stay, I shall be fuming.
    Fan reaction to the interns has, at best, been ambivalent. ABC should listen to the viewers themselves. But then this doesn’t surprise me; Shonda Rhimes seems more concerned with the direction of Scandal. Such a shame – Grey’s and the fans deserve better.

  44. Alice says:

    Season 10 may be the last. So tell me, the TV powers that be, what is the point in adding new characters ? We have seen the core cast evolve; Season 10 should be about continuing their stories – not adding more unfinished plot lines into the mix. If Grey’s had another ten years ahead of it, fine. But, although it pains be to admit it, I doubt very much it has. Finish the story of the characters we have come to love and grow with so much over the years.

    • Mo says:

      It won’t be the last and Grey’s probably does have another 2-6 years ahead of it. The entire point of the interns and changing the name of the hospital was so that they could keep the show going without Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey.

  45. ggny says:

    You people realize all of these character ARE ALREADY ON THE SHOW. Nothing is gonna change now expect that other shows cant poach them for their pilots…aka Tina and that lame TNT pilot

    • cdeno says:

      Yes, I think everyone realises they were already on the show. But as non-series regulars they were more expendable. Fact is ABC will not be paying anyone a series regular salary and not have them have a certain amount of screen time either by episode or season. Thus meaning they will get their OWN stoylines which means the other 11 longer serving series regulars will be pushed to the back. And lets be honest there are like 5 of the 11 longer serving series regulars who already have crappy storylines or have little screen time most episodes (Bailey, Webber, April, Alex, Arizona)
      I can totally see more episodes where certain characters are on screen for like 30 seconds (it has happened before).

      My issue is that season 10 has a lot of storyline carrying over from season 9, I have a feeling these storyline will not be handled properly in favour of making sure everyone if features. And that is not how to make a show last. That is how you kill a show.

  46. tiffany says:

    Another Stupid move by Shondra and she didn’t even add the best one Tina aka Mousy. I know she has another show but still it would have been nice. We lose Dane, Leigh and Raver for this. I wish we could get them back. I would trade all these interns to get them back. Maybe keep Ross trade rest, especially Jo. All I know is they better not take any screen time from my favorite Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey). Not seeing Chyler (Lexie) and Eric (Mark) is hard enough. PS They cut the cast so they could blow it up bigget. Man I really gonna hate the 10th Season Cast Photo.

  47. Ben says:

    So I don’t know what legends is and I never want shows other people like to fail, but honestly I’m not gonna be upset if it does fail and Grey’s offer Tina a full time contract and she accepts it.

  48. CC says:

    The intern that I liked the best was Mousy and she is the only one not staying. Fifteen characters – just too much. At least we have extra people to kill off when need be. An intern here, an intern there. Nobody will miss them.

  49. Marija says:

    why on earth is Stephanie back?i really dont get how her character fits in ga?her character is completely useless.i am so sad Brooks isnt back.I liked Leah and Jo…and idk Shane is meh.