Falling Skies: Will Ex Sex Destroy the World? A Pregnant Pause? And More Burning Qs Answered

Falling Skies Season3 SpoilersAs TNT’s Falling Skies (Sundays at 10/9c) launched its third season, we discovered that Tom and Anne’s baby may be one very special child, paralyzed Hal somehow went for a naughty night stroll, the harnessed young’uns proved they’re no longer kidding around and a familiar TV doctor made a House call. TVLine invited EP Remi Aubuchon to field questions about the premiere’s big twists and what’s to come.

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PREGNANT PAUSE AHEAD? | Dr. Anne Glass may have given birth, but cast member Moon Bloodgood was still very much pregnant at this point in production. As such, Falling Skies had to find a way to weave in her imminent maternity leave. “Her disappearance is pretty well integrated into the story,” says Aubuchon. “Although we certainly kill off main characters if we have to, she’s too valuable. She’s also an important presence to the Masons, to the 2nd Mass and, overall, to the population of Charleston, so if she disappears, it’s a big deal.” Bloodgood’s absence actually proved to be a bigger deal than expected. “I knew we were going to have limited time with her, but I didn’t realize how limited it would be, to be honest,” Aubuchon admits. “We had to do a bit of heavy lifting to figure out how to make that story coherent for the rest of the season, but I think we pulled it off — and it made it even more exciting in some ways.”

HOW SCARY WILL HAL’S ‘NIGHTMARE’ SCENARIO GET? | Though Hal’s paralysis in and of itself presented a “challenge” to him and lady love Maggie, the dark reality of what he has been through — and is capable of — steers this story in an eerie new direction. “When he realizes that he can actually walk, that Karen has really done something to him, it doesn’t actually help the situation but instead makes it worse,” FallingSkies_Season3_HalMaggiesays Aubuchon. “Because now he realizes, ‘I could actually be a time bomb about ready to go off’ — and that frankly brings Hal to the brink of insanity.” But as he teeters on the edge, expect a surprising “character” to step in and take control of the situation. As Hal’s portrayer, Drew Roy, tells us, “It all culminates in the sixth episode, when it gets real messy. That was my favorite episode I’ve ever filmed.”

WILL EX SEX DESTROY THE WORLD? | Meaning, does Karen’s agenda involve more than just hot ‘n’ heavy late-night hook-ups? In a word (or two): “Oh yeah,” Aubuchon confirms. “What makes Karen a really scary villain is that she still has a thing for Hal but she’s also become an Overlord, so she doesn’t see any problem using her old boyfriend for nefarious means. And that’s what’s so horrible about it. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, she’s seducing Hal — who’s going for it! — but really she just wants to destroy the entire world. There’s that part of her that believes she’s going to make everything all right with Hal, like, ‘If only you could see what it would be like for us to be together ruling the world!’ So… she’s got issues!”

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IS TNT OK WITH KILLING LITTLE ‘MONSTERS’? | With the introduction of the fully assimilated (and thus fully deadly) harnessed kids, Aubuchon says that “to a certain extent” the show must be careful about having the rebels rub out too many rugrats. “They are children after all, but what we really tried to do is show the horror of their evolution, how they turned into monsters. They’re no longer our children anymore — they’re aliens — and we feel horrible about it. But at the same time, they’re a threat, and we have to deal with it.”

FOR HOW LONG IS ROBERT SEAN LEONARD IN THE, UM, HOUSE? | House fans who were delighted to see (after they ultimately recognized) TV’s erstwhile Dr. Wilson playing the scraggly, agoraphobic Dr. Cadar can count on the batty genius appearing in at least five total episodes — including one that sets up the aforementioned vanishing of Bloodgood’s Dr. Glass.

Want more scoop on Falling Skies, or for any other show? Email insideline@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line. (With reporting by Meg Masters)

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  1. msstargate says:

    This show just keeps getting better!!! Can’t wait until the next episode.

  2. Midori says:

    It’s sad they had to change the story to fit in with the pregnancy, but congrads on having a kid!

  3. kate says:

    I’m always on the fence about whether I’m going to watch the show again, but it’s always better than I remember. Can’t wait to see how this goes down.

  4. greysfan says:

    With this show just when you think you know whats going on something crazy comes at you. Its whats so damn addicting about it. Looking forward to seeing what the season holds.

  5. Cindy says:

    Robert Sean Leonard as the brilliant, obsessive underground ‘rat king’ scientist was absolutely great. The contrast between his quirky nature and the subtle care about helping to save the children indicates a history and makes his character interesting. Love the introduction of this promising character who has absolutely no resemblance with Wilson from House. Kudos to RSL!!

  6. dvmom says:

    I am loving everything about the new season with the exception of the Alien/Super? baby. Please just stop!

  7. nonameatall says:

    well the new showrunner seems to pay off.
    looks like he trys to repair the damage and try to undo very unlogic scripts from the past.
    i mean the hole storys doenst ad up anymore. well the volms landed now because the defense cannon is down – but bevore they destroyed it they said its not operational yet – so the hole turn around makes no sense, even the hole series did not make any sense anymore (why they didnt help ealier or why not at the invasion at all). only one of many but a very big mistake by the scriptwriters.
    well i can life with bad cgi, or sometimes not really realistics fights (well the hole scenario is of course not realistic at all) but it should make sense within the story parameters.

    well they try now to fix it, to go slower with more sense, focus more on the story not on new breaking events and tech.
    so season 4 is a good thing.

    only sad part is the jump 7 mmonths ahead. all the things happend in that time would have make a good season alone.

  8. kay steed says:

    too many story lines. I am getting dizzy. Soooo many characters. I knew she was pregnant for real. Her face got fat and still is. Still love the show. Just need to settle down with one plot. Or it may go the way of Eureka, Primeval, and Alphas. By the way, anyone like the new Primeval? Where is Conner??? Please bring him back.

  9. kay steed says:

    This show has way too many plots. I really would like them to get back to basics before viewers get lost. Not enough skitter action and too many aliens. Don’t want it cancelled.

  10. Ashley Wefler says:

    I think the baby adds more to the story.. Hello its a alien invasion! Tom was infected with that thing in his eye so it makes since…

  11. Steve says:

    She got pregnant. That’s nice and all but you have this amazing career. I just don’t get it. Poor planning.

    • J.r. Taylor says:

      Congrats on your new baby Moon. Steve its not poor planning. She is in her late 30’s, don’t want to be an old Mom when the girl gets older. I know Moon does not look her age. She is beautiful. I am just hopeful that she gets written back in.