White Collar Books Bridget Regan for Major Arc

White Collar Cast Bridget ReganBridget Regan continues to be a red-hot property, now with a major arc on White Collar.

The Beauty and the Beast stunner will recur in nine episodes of the USA Network drama as Rebecca Lowe, a rare book scholar and, ultimately, a new love interest for Matt Bomer’s Neal, our sister site Deadline reports.

As such, Regan will no longer be guesting on Sons of Anarchy this coming season, TVLine has confirmed.

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The actress’ other TV credits include Legend of the Seeker, Perception and, most recently, ABC’s ill-fated Murder in Manhattan pilot.

White Collar Season 5 is slated to bow this fall.

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  1. Lorena says:

    Maybe a lady for Neal, but i want Sara back

    • Brooke says:

      Unfortunately I think Sara’s going to be too busy on Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Marissa says:

        Wait, Sara (Hilarie) is going to be on Grey’s? I love the irony (?) in that. She’s married to (Denny) Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

        • Quinn Mallory says:

          She has been on Grey’s for much of the second half already, I think, even though I don’t watch that show.

          • Elyse says:

            She was on a few episodes last season and she plays a slutty lesbian who Arizona cheated on Callie with. I can’t see her sticking around on Greys much longer. she’s kind of worn out her welcome.

        • ZmaX says:

          She already has been on Grey’s this season, and I remember reading an interview with her about the cast telling her how great her boyfriend is or something.

      • Babar says:

        I don’t think she will be back on Grey’s next season, I think he character was just supposed to cause a rift between Callie and Arizona, which was accomplished.

        • Mellie says:

          Remember how Jackson thought she was so great? Well guess what, he runs the hospital now. I’m betting he offers her a job and she stays around a little while longer thus forcing Arizona to make a choice and Callie to see her every day. More DRAMA!!!

    • Moonlight4evr says:

      This is upsetting news. She was not that great on Beauty & the Beast. I was so happy when her arc ended on that show.

      There is only ONE woman for Neal and that is Sara! I don’t know if I will make it a point to watch with her in there. I might just catch it when it pops up on VOD. Not sure why they have to mess the amazing chemistry they already had with Sara and Neal!

      • wordsmith says:

        I’m still somewhat on the fence about Bridget’s acting at times, but the one thing I’ve never had trouble believing is her romantic chemistry. I’d be happy to see Neal and Sara back on someday, but I think trying out another pairing in the meantime will be good for the show.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Cry me a river!! She was fantastic. She is a great actress.

    • lyn says:

      TG, for anyone but Sara. I’d like Neal with Alex, but whatever gets rid of Sara works for me.

      • MJ says:

        I always enjoy the Neal/Alex dynamic. They never quite know where they stand with eachother which keeps things from getting boring and stale.

      • Gracie says:

        I agree, like the character Sara, but never a Neal and Sara fan. I preferred Alex and Neal. Will be interesting to see what they do with a new love interest. I like, from the description at least, that she is not in either the criminal world, (Alex) or the find the criminal world (Sara)

    • Ashley says:

      Ugh why did Sara have to leave, I loved her and Neal so much

  2. Tim says:

    Would rather have Sara back but okay…

  3. TVLine_FanGirl says:

    Bah. It Sara and Neil. That was true love.

    • Lu says:

      sara and neil were boring together. I hope for someone who is better at keeping him on his toes.

      • Sandie says:

        Absolutely agree. Sara is just too blah.The only time I liked her was in the proposal scene… and as emotional as that scene was …Neal is too complex for Sara. Sara,…please stay in London and hope you find a better match for you there.

  4. Annaliese says:

    Can’t we just have Sara? It took me a while but I love her now.

  5. MJ says:

    Wish Gloria Votsis was coming back, but this new probably makes the chances of the pretty slim. Things are always more fun Alex is around to stir things up!

    • wordsmith says:

      Totally agree, but I think she’s best in small doses. Having her stick around and get “domestic” like Mozzie would take away some of the magic.

    • JBC says:

      I think Alex is a great character that should have been used more throughout the seasons. It is enjoyable when she comes to town.. she is more mysterious and the chemistry with Neal and Alex is a joy to behold… Gloria Votsis owned that part and I do hope we will see her in S5.

      • MJ says:

        I think they could use Gloria successfully in bigger doses and still maintain the push and pull between Neal and Alex. Gloria really does own that role. We haven’t seen enough of her- none in season 3 and only one episode last season. It’s about time Alex sticks around longer.

  6. Emily says:

    Much rather have Sara back. Not excited about this.

  7. rainey13 says:

    I’m all in favor of anything that gives us sexy, romantic Neal. With Sara as career driven as she is, she’ll be in London for a while. And after Ancient History, Alex can’t really come back to New York unless she has something MAJOR to trade for a deal. I can totally see Neal being intrigued by a rare book expert – I just hope that “Rebecca Lowe” is written to keep up with him.

  8. rachel says:

    I’ll give her a chance but I really only like Sara with Neal.

  9. Maii says:

    I can totally see this happening if it at the end makes Neal realize that Sara is all he needs to be happy (romantic wise)

  10. B says:

    As long as Neal wounds up realizing his heart lays with Sara. It’s about damn time boy Caffrey settles with a one woman.

  11. Mari says:

    Okay, apparently in the minority here–but really glad she’s not Sara. Did not like her much, and did not like her with Neal, at all. I hope Sara thinks London is the best place ever.

    Don’t know this actress at all, though. Any good?

  12. wordsmith says:

    Everybody’s approaching this in terms of what’s best for White Collar, but in terms of what’s best for Bridget, I think this show is a much better fit for her than SoA (which I also love).

    • JBC says:

      As fans of White Collar why wouldn’t we care what’s best for White Collar first? Guest actors come and go.

      • wordsmith says:

        You’re certainly entitled to care – I know I do. I was just looking at the news from a separate (and non-mutually exclusive) perspective.

  13. Amy says:

    Kahlan!!!! Personally I’m thrilled that Bridget will be on White Collar. Of course I’d rather have a 3rd season Seeker… but since that’s likely never going to happen, WC works for me. :)

  14. rj says:

    <3 Neal and Sara, please!
    Uggh!I dont know if I can stick around for another love interest.

  15. carmen says:

    Sara was a great match for Neal. I’m sad to see he will be getting a new love interest. I’ve fallen hard for Neal and Sara.

  16. Bev says:

    I was hoping for Neal and Sara to reunite. Will Neal realize that Sara is the one for him in the end? If that’s the angel I can ride along with this new change.

  17. Mare says:

    Love Bridget from Seeker, so I’m in!

  18. Ashley says:

    The new girl sure is pretty, haven’t seen her work I’m afraid. However, I’m too invested in Neal and Sara’s story and history. That “‘proposal” in the finale. God! I believe they can make it work.

  19. Marie says:

    Happy to see Bridget on the show, but a nine episode love interest arc? Hoping for Hilarie news soon to balance this out. I’ve loved Neal’s evolution with Sara and want to see that continue to grow!

  20. Quinn Mallory says:

    Very happy about this development. Have enjoyed little bit of Bridget Regan that I have seen in other shows. Between the actress who played Kate, Alex, Sara and now Regan. They do get some rather attractive actresses on the show to play Neal’s love interest.

  21. Kathryn says:

    The only way I’ll be on board with this new love interest is if it’s a sort of stepping stone for Neal to realise Sara’s the one for him. With Sara going to London, that could be used to make some really interesting plotlines between them, but if she’s just going to be forgotten and replaced…. I’m not sure how I’d feel about that.

  22. JBC says:

    I have never seen her on anything, so I don’t know how her acting will be. I just wish that they would FOCUS once again on NEAL and PETER solving crimes. Why so much soap opera style lately?…Sara, i.e. Hilarie Burton came with her own fan club, is this going to happen all over again with this girl from the CW network too? It will be impossible to really discuss White Collar anymore if the shippers take over.. No disrespect to anyone that likes romance more than crime solving, but I miss the days of, for example, “Vital Signs” where Neal and Peter used their unique talents to take down the bad guy… all nostalgia now I guess. WC is in a new direction, focusing on the romance.. but WHY?? 9 episodes is a lot to start with for this actress so they must be making her a regular for S6.. I sure hope they can write this woman character better than Sara and make her NOT take screen time away from Peter, like last time with the oversaturation of some of the Sara scenes…Why can’t they ever give Mozzie a love interest for half a season? Now that would be interesting…. Neal coming home and finding a sock on his own door.. Bring back the fun WC. Please!!

    • Dylan says:

      I’m with you entirely. Neal is charming, and romantic whether he’s single or in a relationship, but the Sara thing always seemed so forced to me I couldn’t stand the episodes she was in. Every time any show starts gluing characters together I get bored, because I’m (almost always) obliged to sit through a lot of characterless giggling and cow eye-making. I don’t think it would be anything but good for the show to set aside the saccharine mooning for a season and get back to the real heart of the show.

  23. John says:

    Loved her on Seeker, less so on BATB.

    Look forward to seeing what she can do in WC.

  24. JBC says:

    There are many who like Sara, and many who don’t. I personally never warmed up to the character, but do respect your opinion of her.. To the SARA FANS I have an honest question, about the show.. Neal is currently living on that SAME treasure that Sara broke up with him over. She said that she couldn’t cross a line that she could never come back from, right? If she finds out about the treasure again, does she have to change to stay with Neal, or leave him again? As I think of it, Alex is also living on a stolen treasure, so in that regard they have more in common still both criminals. Neal hasn’t really reformed. So, I wonder where this new girl will fit in? Will she go over the line with him willingly? Lots to ponder..

    • MJ says:

      I never had any issue with Sara, I just think there wasn’t anymore storytelling there. Sara operates in that ‘gray area’ all the time, but at the end of the day she’s always still going to be on the opposite side of that line from Neal. Unless one of them had a major turn-around, which I don’t foresee happening, they’re never going to be on the same side of the line, which makes a future pretty impossible.

  25. Marina says:

    What about Sara? Just when I was getting used to her, the idea of her and Neal getting back together and being a real couple. I don’t think I can sit through Neal trying to wine and dine another girl, explaining his criminal background, ect… Alex was a good character, where is she?

  26. Ella says:

    Eh, I was hoping she would be cast as Sara’s missing sister. Maybe she still will be. I miss Sara already :( Bring her back!


  28. Sandie says:

    I can’t say how happy I’m with this news. Agree that Alex is the most fun to watch with Neal…But I’d take anything over the boring Sara character. I like Hilarie Burton but honestly I find her peformance as Sara very annoying. I don’t understand when the audience play “matchmakers” here. Sara as a character is, maybe, what’s “good” for Neal’s “rehabilitation”…..but I want entertaining and exciting story and Sara makes Neal boring and mundane.

    Would do anything to have Gloria Votsis back as Alex, even if it’s not as his love interest.

  29. Lizzie says:

    so excited! <3 I love Bridget Regan though so I'm so biased :D <333 can't wait

  30. simy says:

    oh no I want sara back

  31. natt says:

    I want sara and neal please

  32. laura says:

    Neal and Sara = boring
    Neal and Alex = awesome
    Neal and anyone but Sara = bring it on

    I like Hilarie Burton and was initially excited for her to join WC, but quickly disliked her character Sara with Neal. It could be because I already preferred Alex and Neal. Looking forward to Briget Regan’s character mixing it up with Neal, which hopefully means Sara’s still in London.

  33. April says:

    I hope this means Sara is gone for good!

  34. Patchi says:

    Every time I read a casting report for her it makes me so happy love her still not over legend of the seeker it was so good, someone please give Craig Horner a job too

  35. Alyssa says:

    Alex is fun, that much is true, I like both the actress and the character BUT only as a fling who shows up a couple times per season. They are not going to have Neal get serious with Alex because she would have bring him back to the conman side of life and that is not the direction they are taking with Neal at this point. It’s season five, they are gonna have Neal settle down either this or next season, that’s for sure. Sara is kind of perfect for Neal IMO. I don’t really understand why they feel the need to bring yet another romantic interest at this point.

    • Elise says:

      It’s a perfect time to bring another romantic interest. This is tv…it has to stay interesting. The proposal in the finale was a perfect end to the Sara arc. Imagine if she was back…there is no more interesting dynamics left between Neal and her. It may make the shippers happy….but how boring it would be to watch?

  36. spurthi says:

    God another new love interest?? I thought sara would stick around! I was hoping even though she moved to London they would keep a long distance relationship or something!! C’mon sara was perfect for neal! Alex was too much on the criminal side and kate too innocent! Sara was just rite for him she stuck to her morals and at the same time she enjoyed neal’s dark side! I hope he’ll end up with her in the end!!

    • JBC says:

      You say Alex is too much a criminal, but so is Neal. He and Mozzie are both still living on a hidden stolen treasure.. I don’t think they have shown us that Neal is reformed in these past 4 seasons. I think we have only seen that Neal is a non violent criminal with a heart. Would Sara be with him if she finds he still has that SAME treasure she left him for to begin with?…. I also think with the new Handler (Warren Kole), that it will bring a good and fun dynamic and I could see Neal trying to pull things over on him, since he really can’t get much over on Peter, since he knows him so well now. Shaking things up will be good for S5 as long as it doesn’t mess with the bromance.. We need our fun conman back for sure.

      • MJ says:

        This brings up something I’ve been thinking, in general, for awhile. Often it’s the people that live an unconventional lifestyle and/or are outside of societal norms that really crave that sort of traditional “ending”, even if the means of getting there is atypical (or in this case illegal). We don’t know a lot about Alex’s past and how she ended up in her line of work (whether it was precluded by finding out that the treasure was real or whether she was already on the wrong side of the law by then) , but we know she’s last living member of her family and has been since before she met Neal. Neal grew up in WitSec which, obviously, was a far from traditional upbringing.

        With Kate we saw Neal (perhaps naively) dream of hanging up his hat and having the house, wife, 2.5 kids, etc. Given that Alex has seemingly settled in her villa in Sardinia, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to think she might crave a traditional, “domestic” family life as well.

        The same could be said for Sara, given her family life (or lack thereof). But Sara would/does disagree with Neal’s means of reaching the happy ending, so that’s pretty much that.

        Who knows what the new chick will be like.

        Even if they do go that route with Neal, I don’t see that happening until it’s time to begin wrapping up the series.

  37. stefy says:

    Sara & Neal <3

  38. CRV says:

    I hope Neal doesn’t end up being a fed, I’d be very dissappointed, I hope Neal and Alex end up together as a couple and as crime partners, sharing the Nazi treasure she wanted with her and living in her house on Sardinia. The show is gettin boring and it needs a good twist.

  39. JBC says:

    CRV I hope that Neal doesn’t end up a fed either. I want him to stay his bright little conman self. I would love to see Alex come back, she is living off her Greek treasure now, and Neal and Mozzie have the original treasure, so everyone is wealthy and all are STILL THIEVES.
    If he does settle down, I would rather see him end up with Alex too. They sizzle together on screen. They can relate to one another. Neal is himself around her. Stays in character.

    It is too bad the writers decided to go on the path of boring again with Sara. It got interesting when Maya and Sophie came along and then we were to believe that after episode 7 Compromising Positions that he and Sara just started seeing each other again as was TOLD to us in episode 14 Shoot The Moon. Odd isn’t it that he had time to add Sara into his life again, while hunting down Ellen’s killer and finding out Sam was James his dad and all the emotional baggage that went along with that. So far fetched that he was seeing her during all that, and by the way, he also tried to hit on Alex at that time. Then this big deal in In The Wind with the proposal. They always add Sara where it doesn’t make sense.

    Look forward to Bridget Regan freshening things up. Hope the focus stays on the principle characters. Neal, Peter, Mozzie, El and FBI Team. The love interests need to be gingerly sprinkled into the story, so the premise of the unique partnership of Neal and Peter can shine through once again.

  40. CRV says:

    Exactly, Neal and Sara doesn’t make sense being together, I think they just don’t match, it’s quite boring seeing them on screen. I’m one of those who thinks that the partnership between Neal and Peter should be over, I’ve never saw a real friendship between them, with Peter always threatening to send Neal back to prison, always controlling his anklet and never trusting Neal, agent Collins found Neal because of him, it seems that Peter doesn’t have a real friend so he has Neal to have some emotion in his life. IDK but it makes Neal looks kind of naive, when he is a genius.

  41. JBC says:

    CRV, Neal and Peter’s relationship in S1 and most of S2 was good. It was trashed in S3, but they became closer than ever again in S4. One problem that I see was that they made genius, well traveled and great conman Neal from S1 into a different character when they wrote Forging Bonds, it was almost like a reset of the pilot. All they told us in S1 and some of S2 about Neal’s background was changed in Forging Bonds. They made it seem like Neal arrived in NYC met Mozzie, then because they wanted to con Adler, Neal worked for him, and met Kate, and then the long history with Alex was made to look like a one night stand, and tons of other inconsistencies already told us in S1 and some of S2. Also in Forging Bonds, they made smart Peter arrest him, because Neal became too stupid to recognize a set up when he went to see Kate, even though Mozzie told him. It was painful to see that they went in that direction, Oh well, still love WC despite all the inconsistencies and hope S5 gets better and back to the original Neal Caffrey genius. I liked most of S4, except the 2 Sara episodes of 14 and 16, because it felt like once again it made no sense. For the record I do like Peter and Neal’s relationship.

  42. PRG says:

    I don’t think that I will ever be able to leave Sara and Neal. Most of the anti-sara people complain that they are too boring with each other. I think that the relationship is perfectly paced. Neal’s life is very complicated so the fact that Sara can slow things down and let Neal enjoy the little things is perfect. I don’t think it’s boring, I think that it is realistic. Alex would just bring out the criminal part of Neal which was being tamed by everyone around him. That defiantly isn’t what White Collar is about. I might let Bridget in a little bit but I will ALWAYS be rooting for Sara to come back in. Being the cheesy romanticist I am, I really want Neal to realize that Sara would be the only one who could give him the love that he desires. He wants a relationship like Peter and Elizabeth and I believe 100% that Sara is the one. But, lets see how the writers take the story. I know that I will stick around no matter what for the show’s awesome crime scenes but since most of the comments are about the romance I thought that I would put in my input (: I hope that they emphasize Peter and Neal’s relationship more! I can’t wait till next season!!

  43. Mike Anthony says:

    Bridget Regan is fantastic !!!