Will You Be Adopting ABC Family's The Fosters?

The Fosters Premiere RecapMeet ABC Family’s newest clan, The Fosters, a modern, multi-ethnic brood consisting of two moms, several foster kids, adopted twins and one biological child.

But before you tell us if you’ll be adding the new drama to your DVR series pass list, let’s review who’s who: Police officer Stef Foster  — yes, that’s really the last name of Teri Polo‘s character — and Vice Principal Lena Adams (In Treatment‘s Sherri Saum) are a loving couple raising adopted twins Mariana (The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Cierra Ramirez) and Jesus (Wizards of Waverly Place‘s Jake T. Austin) as well as a son, Brandon (Aaron Stone‘s David Lambert), from Stef’s previous marriage to Mike (Titanic‘s Danny Nucci).

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But you can never have too many kids, right? Lena meets Callie (Australian newcomer Maia Mitchell), a tough-but-hurt teenage girl who’s been in and out of foster homes her whole life. Lena immediately falls for her sad, troubled doe eyes and decides to take her in without consulting Stef — not that the family is anything but welcoming.

Still, Callie hightails it out of there to rescue her little brother from their abusive foster dad. Brandon skips out on an important piano audition to go with her, which leads his two moms and Stef’s partner on the force, her ex-husband(!), right to them. Remember how we said the more the merrier? Well, Stef and Lena decide to take in Callie’s little bro, too.

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Meanwhile, Mariana’s been secretly selling her brother’s prescription pills to help her birth mother get back on her feet. Unsurprisingly, bio mom takes the cash and basically says, “See ya.”

What did you think of The Fosters? Grade the premiere below and then hit the comments to back up your choice!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. GS says:

    I’m almost afraid to get into another ABC Famiky show after how sucky the Secret Life finale was but it is a very good show. I liked the cast and the storyline. It’ll pair well with Switched At Birth.

    • I was just going to say the same thing. After the debacle of a series finale for Secret Life, I’m loathe to invest more time in ABC Family productions. I felt like I wasted 6 years on a story that went no where. The characters learned NOTHING from their mishaps about family.

  2. Olivia says:

    I hope all of their new shows go terrible so they can hurry up and renew the Lying Game already!

  3. ajintexas says:

    Multi-ethnic, two Moms….NOPE. Stop trying to push this crap on us ABC, NBC, and everyone else.

    • Angela says:

      “Push this crap” on you? So…what, did they take away your remote control or TV buttons and all other channels or something?

      • Derrick says:

        I love your response. People need to get over it. This is happening in millions of homes. Since you have so much animosity with the networks, my advise for you is, do jot watch rv

        • ajintexas says:

          lol millions of homes? Yeah I don’t think so but TV has taught you to think this. You are right, I have the option not to watch it, which I didn’t. I also have the option to come here and talk about “ABC Family” pushing this idea that unconvetional families are the norm while traditional familes aren’t. That’s bs.

          • Of all the things you watched through this episode, the loving adults in a consensual relationship that care about their kids, is what you’re upset about?
            Not the kid selling drugs. The absent mother. The man threatening kids with a gun. The physical abuse. The portrayal of a broken foster system and violence in Juvenile Prison.
            Good to see you’ve got your eyes open to all “the crap”.

          • Chris Palmietto says:

            How is -ONE- show suddenly changing the norm of American families? Creating shows like this isn’t about trying to manipulate viewers’ ideas about families which hold the majority in this, or most, countries, but about representing and identifying with people that live lives that, while different, still provide a glimpse into a piece of what makes humans, humans. Not every show has to feature a nuclear family. To say that most shows do NOT still feature this AS THE NORM simply because EVERY show does not feature this at the center, is to further oppress people who fall outside of normative ways of life. Get it together.

          • Ninja says:

            You sound like a closed minded asshole.

          • Angela says:

            Except I don’t think this show is trying to insinuate anything of the sort. it’s just a show about a family that isn’t your typical mom/dad/2 kids combo. Nothing wrong with those kinds of families at all-I grew up in one, as a matter of fact. But regardless of whether or not a certain family is the “norm”, the fact remains that there are all sorts of families out there. There always have been. Why shouldn’t TV try and reflect that variety? Wouldn’t it be rather boring to just see the same old traditional setup time after time?
            Not to mention, it’s a good way to open your eyes and realize that these people are, y’know, human, and loving, and caring, and just like you and me.
            Also, thanks to Derrick, and applause to all others who’ve replied with great points.

    • Mariana says:

      You are an idiot. The whole concept of “normal” is flawed. Who are you to say which families fit that category or not? On another note, I find it that the girl and I share the same name. I believe it’s the first time a TV show character has the same name that I do.

    • Agape says:

      someone so homophobic, especially about themes so important like family & love…wouldn’t be surprised if you were on the downlow with all the self hatred.

      and with a quick google search of your uncommon username, I see an x-tube account & a cruising for sex account… so very sad.

    • Jeanne Stefaniak says:

      Are you serious? Are you living in a bubble? this is the REAL WORLD, 21st century!

      • Jeanne Stefaniak says:

        2 hardworking loving adults taking unwanted children into their home and raising them in a caring environment! So you think the girl Callie, should end up back with her abusive foster father just because he’s heterosexual? Or the twins should be with their drug abusive, sleeping around, abandoning mother? WOW!

    • BB123 says:

      If TV as to represent what is normal in America or what is the life of average americans, I have to presume that :
      – Americans are all a bunch of criminals (Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Weeds, Hannibal…)
      – Or, they are cops, very well paid (have you seen their clothes and home ? ) and with so much psychological issues that they shouldn’t be cops anymore
      – This cops can’t work a case without some sort of super-genius consultant. (That could explain why americans are criminals and rarely go to jail)
      – Of course, now there’s mostly gay and lesbian families, and they are widely accepted in their communities (I do not live in america but I can’t believe that’s the truth, as sad as it is).
      – All american-asian are maths or science geniuses !
      – Almost every teenager in America are brats that can’t behave properly !
      – Doctors are so good that it’s very rare that people dies in hospitals, and medical mistakes almost never happens. America seems to have the best medical system in the world..

      Now, I am coming there so I could train to enter a space program and see Aliens, since they exist ( I saw that in a lot of american TV Show). Who has a couch where I can sleep for a while ?

      • Stephanie says:

        You don’t live in America. Where is your right to say this stuff? There are lots of communities who except gay couples. And lots of countries have aliens in tv shows. And you need to learn some grammar.

  4. ajintexas says:

    Oh I missed the emascualted white man who is too dumb to get as far away as he can from an ex-wife that is now a lesbian. This isn’t “modern” it’s a bunch of crap.

  5. Tim says:

    This show sounds like a politically correct lover’s wet dream.

    • ajintexas says:

      Liberals are just falling all over themselves in these comments alone about how we need more of this on TV. I guess they envision a world of same sex couples running to either adopt kids from the “breeders” or head down to the doctor to get costly IVF so they can start their “families”. This country is screwed if this is truly how people think families should be. It’s garbage and looks nothing like “2013 America” no matter how many times a person tries to say it does in the comments.

      • Chris Palmietto says:

        It may not look like the entirety of “2013 America” but it is a certainly an ever-growing piece. To assert that these types of families do not exist in a country that is so heatedly fighting for the rights of these families as we speak is to reduce America to, well, a one-sided and FICTIONAL fantasy.

      • cuius says:

        Let’s have some normal families like the Kardashians and Lohans – simple mom, pop and kids

        • Angela says:

          Ha. Thank you.
          ajintexas, I live in Iowa. We legalized gay marriage here four years ago. And life is going on about the same as usual for everyone. No big evil “downfall of society” going on here.
          Also, straight couples use IVF all the freaking time, you do realize that, right?

      • This Country Is NOT Screwed Up We Fought For Our Freedom Freedom To Dress How We Want Freedom To Say What We Want I Guess So You Do Have A Right To Say Rude Mean Thing’s Besides The Show Does Not Show That This Is How Everybody Lives Theres Lexi’s Perents Who Are Very Strick And Thats Just How Life Is Some Parents Are Strick Some Are Reasonable Some Are Nice Some Are To Nice Some Are Abusive Just Depends The Show Does Not Present It’s Self To Be All Fun It Show’s Real Life Situation’s I’ve been In Foster Care So I’m Looking At The Show At That Perspective And About Lena And Seph Being Same Sex Has Nothing To Do With The Whole Show And Those That Just Want To Comment On Just That Aspect Of The Show Doesnt See Past There Own Self Issue’s And Self Comfort The Show Is About Comming Together At The End Of The Day And Being A Family Being There For Each Other I’ve Expirienced Foster Care For Seven Years From Home To Home Until I Turned 18 And Had To Leave The System To Be On My Own And I’m Not Bitter I Bet Most Who Comment Negative Things Do Not Speak From Expirience Just Hate No Love And AMERICA Is Great We Live Like This Because We Can Live This way In Peace Other Country’s Do Not Have The Freedom We Have To Say And Do As They Please So Instead Of Being Negative Be Happy You Can Say And Do What Ever You Want.

  6. i really enjoy it. i just hope they dont have Callie and Brandon fall in love. Then is more of the same

  7. Luther says:

    And I thought the 90210 finale was awful… Secret life set a new low…. Really makes you weary to invest in a new show like this.

  8. Emma says:

    I didn’t know that it premiered tonight, but it sounds promising. And considering how many people are against it, I hope it lasts for a long time. This is 2013, there should be more shows that have blended families/families with gay parents as the main characters.

  9. stacy costello says:

    I actually really liked the story line. I haven’t really gotten into any of the other ABC Family shows but this is one that I will definitely be watching.

  10. Lisa says:

    I really enjoyed it. Great to see a show which looks like America in 2013. First show that I can recall which focuses on the foster care system. Well done.

  11. pecola says:

    I liked it…really impressed by the young actress that played Callie and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

  12. eloise says:

    It felt like a 21st century liberal (emphasis on liberal–no Christian agenda pushing here) version of 7th Heaven. Enjoyable and engaging. The more gay parents on TV the better!

  13. rebelprince123 says:

    I watched the premiere and thought it was interesting. It’s nice to have a show that shines a light on adoption, gay parents, the foster care system, etc. Maybe Jennifer lopez’s real talent lies in producing.

  14. Guy says:

    “Meh” was my overall response, but also please tell me I wasn’t the only one who had to google Justin T. Austin’s age.

  15. Kevin H. says:

    It was a really great pilot! Very pleased with Peter Paige helping to create this. He’s a great writer.

  16. Ally Oop says:

    I am so glad I’m a Canadian when I listen to comments like this.

  17. Zachary says:

    I think Ajintexas needs to see a psychiatrist.

  18. Dani says:

    really enjoyed it and looking forward to more.
    kinda off topic but should i still hope that we’ll ever get news on bunheads or is it dead for good? i really miss it.

    • Eli says:

      I suspect ABC Family is waiting to see how their new batch of shows do this summer before making a final decision, but I worry it’s not gonna be good news for us (I’m a big fan too).

  19. Skyfyre says:

    Super Proud of this show. It’s still difficult to have adequate representation for the lives of all parents… this show says.. grow up, get over it, move on with what matters. Respect, care, and above all. Love.

  20. shamon says:

    great show it has heart i loved the end

  21. Juliana says:

    I loved it!!

    I think it’s about time that we see the whole spectrum of families. I honestly don’t get why some people get so hung up about it being 2 moms raising ( foster/adoptive ) children, as if it’s only a right for straight couples. Give me a break!

    I was raised by a straight couples, been in Foster care and then got adopted.. and let me tell you I wish they were more like The Fosters. Children don’t care who love them, just that they get loved. Gays/Lesbians bad influence on children? I’d say take a good look, cause many of them are as successful, kind, funny, complex, searching for there path and loving as ones raised by straight couples. I applaud this show! Way the go ABCFamily, JLo and the cast, writers and the ones watching this and those who can open their eyes and see it’s all about family and love!

  22. Mick says:

    The show is slow paced with no chemistry in the cast. The best part about the pilot is the last 5 minutes. The only good thing about the show is Aussie Maia Mitchell as Callie. She most recently guest starred on Disney’s “Jessie” as an Aussie action hero, with Jessie as her stunt double.

  23. Aleana says:

    I like it going give it another try

  24. G says:

    I’m not watching anything new on ABCFamily until I know The Lying Game is renewed for season 3. From what I have heard they are waiting to see how these new shows do before making the decision to renew. :(

  25. Elyse says:

    I thought it was awesome. I really enjoyed it! I just wish people would stop with all of the political BS in the comments. can’t I like I show with a gay couple in it without being considered a liberal hippie?

  26. Sienna says:

    I really liked it, actually! I definitely liked the premise of the show, but I wasn’t very excited after I saw the preview. Watched it anyway and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I actually got choked up a couple of times. I’ll keep watching, for sure.

  27. Ziyal says:

    So excited to see a different kind of family represented. With the mom being a police officer and the kids being foster kids, I’m having some Judging Amy feels.

  28. tazzy says:

    Good grief, people. It’s a TV show! I didn’t expect to like it, but I watched it because I was intrigued and wanted to see what is was about. I found it to be extremely well-written. Most pilots are difficult to follow — this one was very well done. I’ll be back.

  29. Amanda says:

    I don’t want to start a new series….at least not until they renew The Lying Game and give it a proper ending….I think it sucks when shows end with “to be continued” and then never finishes. This happens too often

  30. carrionne says:

    Same sex marriages have been legal where I live (Quebec, Canada) since 2004. The idea that people don’t have the right to be together just because they are of the same sex is so alien to me that I’m constantly suprised when I learn that supposedly modern and tolerant countries don’t allow it. Those are the same countries that value liberty. All those homophobic comments are so shocking to me because none of those arguments have ever crossed my mind. I would never listen to someone say such horrible things and think to myself “woah, he has a point” because It’s just so far from the way I see things. Times are changing, they have already changed, it’s time to accept it because you can’t sop it.

  31. Joe says:

    This show shucks like Jlo life story, “mental Illness”

  32. Leigh says:

    Well, I’m late to the party (via my DVR!) but I found this to be very well done and really enjoyable. Characters are well-drawn and portrayed with a lot of material for the future. I’ll be watching next week.

  33. dj says:

    Won’t be watching. Most other sites say this was not well done. I totally agree.

  34. Kerners says:

    Abc Family has really went down hill. They can’t seem to get good programs anymore. We are going to stop watching this station. Know a lot of others that have quit watching too. Lots of other better stations out there.

  35. James says:

    The Fosters was a huge disappointment. Seems to be the theme with all the show on ABC family. When will they get a clue?

  36. Akl says:

    All of you that are saying that it’s crap or that the idea of two moms is stupid/(plot in general) or that this stuff doesn’t happen in real life.

    Get real
    Your ignorant
    And you’re just being a hater

  37. Callie says:

    I am mad that they are ending the Forsters :’

  38. dani says:

    Personally I love the fosters
    The message is amazing
    I can’t compare it to secret life or PLL
    It really gives the FAMILY aspect
    It really has substance
    I hope they renew it because it allows people like me to have their stories told

  39. Matthew Coolman says:

    ABC Family (Walt Disney owned) is changing to accommodate the upcoming generations that see same sex and multi-racial relationships are okay and are more public. The show is designed to show that every family has the same general problems. They deal with the same rebellious children, financial issues, drugs, and just because they aren’t the previous generations “normal,” it is becoming a normal for this current generations and the upcoming.

    Don’t judge the shows by the fact it is generally about ‘2 multi-racial lesbian parents.” The shows does show how important family is and you stay by the people you love thick and thin. You try to help people, even when it might not be the best for you. The show is a great show and ABC Family and the production company should be proud of it.

    This kind of situation is now becoming ‘the new normal.’

  40. Ashley says:

    I love this show.

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  42. Me Notyou says:

    Shows like this are getting pretty rediculous… Its like the country has jumped onto this I’m gay, Your gay,… wouldn’t you like to be gay too…merry’go’round… My wife and I both see shows like this putting ideas into the heads of teenagers, making their already difficult development even more difficult…

    • Marie says:

      news flash, developpement years, as you call them, are the years that teenagers SHOULD and DO ask themselves this kind of stuff. It’s about identity and finding out who you really are. “shows like this” have NO impact on weither or not teenagers will ask if they’re gay. And they certainly don’t make it ore difficult for them. If anything, it makes it easier to accept themselves

  43. Im already hooked but where is Jesus ?