Jaime Murray Talks Unlikely Defiance Bedfellows, H.G. Wells' Subtext-y Warehouse 13 Return

Jaime Murray Defiance PreviewAs Syfy promos have been trumpeting, those who tune into the cable channel this Monday will get “two times the Jaime Murray” when the British beauty reprises her role as H.G. Wells on Warehouse 13 at 10/9c, after figuring into a juicy arc on Defiance (9/8c), where she plays the mysterious Castithan Stahma Tarr.

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First up: Defiance will mix-and-match curious character combos when a lethal “Razor Rain storm” — “one of the effects of the climate change that happened due to the alien invasion,” Murray explains — traps residents indoors, where they learn more about themselves and others.

“It’s an interesting mechanism for throwing people together who might not otherwise spend time with one another,” Murray tells TVLine. For her character specifically, “Stahma has gone to the Need/Want to talk to Kenya (played by Mia Kirshner) about an entirely different matter, and ends up stranded with her.”

While viewers will recall Stahma previously claiming that she is the only woman in town that bordello proprietor Kenya will walk up to on the street and hug,Defiance - Season 1 there is the chance that was a Castithan-white lie. As series cocreator Kevin Murphy told her at the time, “You never know if what Stahma is saying is true,” the actress relates. “She said that to Amanda in that moment to achieve an objective. So I don’t think it’s like she and Kenya are buddies. I don’t think Stahma is close to anybody.”

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But is that about to change? After all, a promo for this episode got sites such as AfterEllen buzzing with a glimpse of Stahma in a sumptuous Need/Want bed, and Kenya in very close proximity. Murray is tight-lipped on what transpires ‘tween the ladies, only saying, “I don’t think you ever really know what Stahma’s Need/Want is — and that’s one of the interesting things about playing her.”

All told, Murray enthuses that Stahma is a “really fun” role to inhabit, an “interesting mix of archetypes and complexity. She’s otherworldly yet also kind of strangely familiar, because there are cultural and time clashes going on in her make-up. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a Shakespearean play or something.”

Plus, she always keep viewers and the Defiance locals guessing. Take the aforementioned heart-to-heart with Amanda, which started off as a quiet confession of sorts but ultimately proved to be a savvy political overture benefitting her crime boss husband Datak. “She’s a steely woman, and though she behaves in a subservient way because it’s her culture, I don’t think that’s her nature at all — and that’s confusing for the audience.”

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Defiance fans who stay tuned to Syfy will get a second helping of Murray when Warehouse 13‘s H.G. Wells “gets pulled into a case out of necessity, though she’s not working directly with the Warehouse anymore,” the actress previews. “She has maybe been looking for a slightly quieter life, so it’s interesting when she meets the gang again.”Warehouse 13 - Season 4

Curiously, on the same night that Defiance teases a new bond between Stahma/Kenya, Murray says Warehouse 13 will “definitely” touch on a preexisting subtext between H.G. and Myka (played by Joanne Kelly, who previously has vouched for such a vibe between the women). Murray however notes that the mutual fondness is not a prurient appeal to fanboys and -girls but instead comes from a place of reverence.

“Because H.G. comes from another era, and she was probably part of the suffragette movement, and she lived in a time when she had to write under her brother’s name, she might be slightly less tolerant of Pete’s roguish charm. In fact, she kind of rolls her eyes at it.” Conversely, “She has more of an affinity for Myka because she in many ways is the embodiment of the freedoms H.G. wishes she’d had in a time that couldn’t give them to her.”

Additionally, “Myka has been kind of struggling with her own things over the past four seasons, and I think H.G. would have a compassion for that,” Murray observes.

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As for how Warehouse 13 builds on that Sapphic subtext tonight, Murray says that she and Kelly did their collective best to get people talking.

“There was a scene that Joanne and I were quite excited about, but looking for more from it. But the show creator was like, ‘No, no, this is it,'” she shares. “But when he left for a meeting or something, Joanna and I were left on our own on the set, so we certainly mined it for all the subtext we could find!”

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  1. I’m so glad that we get her on two shows tonight! I love her!

  2. Jax says:

    She. is. awesome.

  3. danny6114 says:

    Jaime Murray makes my heart race.

  4. Heck says:

    Queen. Love her.

  5. Amy says:

    Ahhh so once again HG and Myka will be brushed aside…typical.

  6. Kelly says:

    I was wondering if I was the only one picking up on the Myka/HG thing! That would be awesome if they made it official. They could both do with some lovin’.

  7. Drew says:

    Nothing against her personally, but they should print her picture in the dictionary next to the word “typecast”

    • Clark says:

      I’m curious as to how you think she’s typecast? the only thing I can really pin to all of her characters is that they are all clever and capable women, and rely on some degree of deception at some point or another (which most characters do). Stacie Monroe was a cheery, spunky grifter, Lilah was delightfully insidious and more than a bit off her rocker (and a pyro! oo, fun), Gaia was a high class Roman noble out to have a good time but incredibly loyal to her friends, H.G. is an anachronistic Victorian writer-inventor with a tenuous (but improving) grasp on sanity and a bone to pick, and Stahma is a completely different species, understated and cold where Gaia and Lilah and Stacie and H.G. can be downright flamboyant, and achieves her own ends within the boundaries of a restrictive and patriarchal society. and those are just her TV roles.

      so, yeah, typecast?

      • Drew says:

        Her characters are usually manipulative, highly sexual/seductive, and both sexually and morally ambiguous types. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her playing anything else. Picture the roles that Julie Benz plays and then try to imagine Jaime Murray in those roles. It would just never happen (except maybe Darla).

        It isn’t a bad thing. Typecast is better than not cast for actors, so there is nothing wrong with her playing a certain type. But I wonder if she could play a soccer mom or a librarian without that hyper sexuality in the mix.

    • moobear says:

      Is that why she acts the exact same way in all the different roles? If you don’t value your liver or life, take a drink every time she’s on screen with her mouth open, not speaking, it’s her to go-to expression.

      • Havana says:

        I don’t think you understand what “typecast” means. Hint: it doesn’t mean she has an expression that she uses a lot.

        • moobear says:

          I know what typecast means, and if she’s playing the same character over and over again, it would make sense she would over use the same expression.

          Yes, on a superficial level she has played characters from a variety of worlds, but really they are pretty similar once you strip away the obvious, the main differences is how self aware they are of their manipulation, and in DEFIANCE, her character is a slightly older and wiser version of each of her other incarnations.

          • itberice says:

            Sorry but I have to disagree about Jaime being typecast. Stahma is cunning and opportunist, Stacie Monroe was a con artist (so yeah, manipulative,) HG is not a bad person (just a little mentally ill,) Lila was just crazy, Gaia was manipulative too but also a bit of a free spirit, which is very different from her character’s like Stahma and HG who are or were very much restricted by society. Her (small) roles on shows like Ringer, The Beautiful Life or Valentine were all different. Her character’s are not violently different but they are not the same.

        • topoopon says:

          Yeah, but all her characters have the same exact face, nose and eyes, I mean they look exactly alike,. Except of course Stahma who is also albino. Maybe they are clones. (j/k!)

          • TinaBurke says:

            You mean they all have Jaime’s face…

            …that’s a novel idea. I’m pretty sure all characters played by the same actor/actress have the same face, nose, and eyes… that’s pretty much a given, topoopon.

    • macabre says:

      100% disagree

  8. Dani says:

    it’s so nice when the actors of a popular ship that isn’t canon just get why it is that people like it so much, and not only understand it but AGREE with the public.
    If it was only fan pandering it’d be more like rizzoli & isles, where they just throw in all the innuendos they can and play with their chemistry from that sexual side, knowing nothing will ever happen between them. The thing about HG & Myka is that it wasn’t really something they were looking for or something the writers even thought about, but the actresses just created this whole subtext and you can tell they love that it exists and try to keep it alive even though it’s not really what the writers were looking for (and if you ask me, it’s the best part of the show). One can only hope they don’t break the illusion by putting pete and myka together next season, which would be tragic.
    The fact that both jaime and joanne like the HG & Myka relationship more than any other they have going on the show makes me really happy to be a fan and it really speaks about them as actresses that they’re able to play it off with how little they get each season.

    • JC says:

      I really hope they don’t put Pete and Myka together either. I love their relationship as it is now, just best friends/almost siblings. It’s really really rare to see that on a show.

      • xx says:

        That’s my favorite thing about W13! There’s a place for shows like Bones and Castle where it’s basically an extended love story for the partners/leads, but so rarely are there shows where we get to see two partners in a non-romantic, no-sexual-tension setting. (My other favorite thing is HG. Love her).

  9. The Kaibosh says:

    If they’re gonna do it then do it. Pull the trigger and take the plot forward. Otherwise its more Xena/Gabrielle crap.

  10. mia says:

    She’s fabulous! Love her on both shows (and both the characters). I’m definitely on board for some Stahma/Kenya romance

  11. I never thought I would say this but lately with news of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who I have began thinking that if we were to *ever* (not that I think we should) have a female Doctor that Jaime is the only female I could imagine as the Doctor. She’d really be brilliant!

  12. L says:

    Jack Kenny killed his own show. Seriously.

  13. Nila Atkins says:

    I enjoy Defiance, But why does SYFI Feel that a brewing sexual Relationship between Stahma & Kenya is really a needed part of the show.? Do you not trust that your viewers would find the other storylines just as interesting, or entertaining.? I know that i am more than likely one of the very few who was put off by this. I am not a prude Or a moralist, just felt that it was not a needed thing. And yes I could just change the channel, if it offended me that much. It is good to get comments from your viewers and fans. This way you know that we are watching and will comment on the good and bad points in the series. I am just offereing up my point of view and Opinion. Thank you.

  14. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your site?

    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe
    you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect
    with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  15. Thanks for finally talking about >Jaime Murray Previews Defiance, Stahma/Kenya,
    Warehouse 13 Return – TVLine <Liked it!