Happy Endings' Options Dwindling in Wake of USA Network's Failed Rescue Attempt

HAPPY ENDINGS - ABC's "Happy Endings" stars Adam Pally as Max, Eliza Coupe as Jane, Elisha Cuthbert as Alex, Damon Wayans, Jr. as Brad, Casey Wilson as Penny and Zachary Knighton as Dave. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)It’s looking less likely that Happy Endings will live up to its title.

Three weeks after ABC pulled the plug on the beloved (yet under-watched) comedy, sources confirm to TVLine that the show’s Season 4 options are narrowing now that USA Network has passed on picking up the series.

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According to Vulture, which first broke the news of the collapse in talks between Happy Endings producer Sony and USA, TBS (which famously rescued Cougar Town from ABC’s scrap heap) and NBC remain in the mix. TVLine’s sister site Deadline, meanwhile, has floated the idea Netflix or Amazon acquiring the show.

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“Sony is still working on it,” a Happy source tells TVLine. “They’re battlers.”

But time is running out. Sony’s options on the show’s principal cast are set to expire later this month.

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Thoughts? Still holding out for a miracle?

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  1. Patrick says:

    Nope. No hope left. I quit watching this year. The show was funny, but it wasn’t nearly as funny as the actors/characters seemed to think it was.

    I am sorry for all the fans who are losing a favorite show. I am. But this isn’t like Cougartown, which had a stable core of fans. HE has been bleeding viewers all season. That isn’t the kind of trend USA would be happy about.

    • Jake says:

      It was also moved all around the schedule with gaps between new episodes. CougarTown would premiere and pretty much ran straight (especially when it came back midseason).

  2. Marion says:

    Go Sony, go!!!! I must be the last American remaining without a Netflix subscription (I know, I’ve avoided it because Hulu kills my productivity enough) but I would seriously join for Happy Endings alone. Please tell me there’s a petition somewhere.

  3. Dom221 says:

    Totally still hoping a HAIL MARY PASS will work

  4. a says:

    COME ON. I want this show back so, so bad. It’s genuinely the funniest, most fast-paced show on TV with some amazing characters.

  5. I hope it finds a new home. The cast is great, and there is still a lot I’d like to see explored and developed (hello, Penny and Dave!).

  6. I would love to see this show picked up I don’t care who lands it.

  7. Audrey E. says:

    Hopefully, this is just paving the way for TBS to acquire it, so Happy Endings can be in it’s rightful place- alongside Cougar Town.

  8. Chris says:

    What about DirecTV doing something and airing it on the Audience Network?

  9. M says:

    Alright, I’ll move my efforts over to TBS and hope they pick it up. Time to go send some wishes to them on twitter.

  10. harry says:

    Worst news ever!

  11. Weh Oeh says:

    Ugh. So unfair! This was was easily my favorite show on tv the last couple tv seasons, nothing made me laugh as much as Happy Endings. The cast is so amazing and perfect as their characters, such a damn shame.

  12. WakeUpTBS says:

    USA is dumb. They passed on this and cancelled Political Animals after only 1 season. DUMMIES.

    So wake up, TBS — we want this show back. PICK IT UP!

    Or how about FX — would complement IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY

  13. Superhero says:

    Why the hell would NBC want anything to do with it? It’s pretty clear that this show isn’t going to get acceptable numbers on a broadcast network.

    • Midori says:

      The numbers it got on ABC were higher than any of NBC’s comedies.

      • jalahyacinth says:


        • Alex says:

          And you think it would automatically do better than the other NBC comedies if moved to NBC? Unlikely. Very unlikely. The show stank up the ratings on ABC and would probably do substantially worse with a network switch. Besides, networks generally prefer to air programs that they produce in-house because someone in their corporate “family” then benefits directly from the DVD sales and syndication money (if a show reaches syndication). There are plenty of excellent reasons why networks only rarely pick up other networks’ ratings losers.

  14. Move Happy Endings to TBS just like it did with Cougar Town.

  15. Brendan says:

    Roof stoof. NBC is doubtful, but TBS was a better fit to begin with than USA. Amazon and Netflix both make some sense as well. NOT GIVING UP HOPE YET.

    • e says:

      I was really surprised that USA, of all people, was interested in possibly picking it up. It seemed like an odd choice for them. TBS would be an excellent home for it, especially paired with Cougar Town. With some of NBC’s cancellations this year, it seems unlikely that they’d go for HE (but I’d love it if they would). And if Amazon or Netflix decides to pick it up, I’ll bite the bullet and finally get myself a subscription.

  16. Midori says:

    It will return to TV just like Firefly! Never give up hope!

    It’s dead people, fun show, it’s dead, move on.

  17. ggny says:

    Netflix make too much sense. It would be a great gap filler till they can make new episodes of AD

  18. connerc says:

    I agree TBS is the best fit. But, they would have done the deal by now if they were really interested.

  19. Brendan says:

    New plan: pretend it was never cancelled until ABC gives in and starts making new episodes. That’s the Kerkovich way.

  20. Abe Froman says:

    Not surprised by this. It doesn’t really fit the USA brand which is one-hour dramas.

    • Eric says:

      Totally surprised by this. USA is breaking into sitcoms. they needed something established to pair with Modern Family reruns this fall… plus their launching new half hour comedies this fall. USA doesn’t only do dramas anymore… Happy Endings would’ve been the perfect thing to help launch them in this area.

  21. Mila says:

    Time to let it die. Season 3 was awful

  22. Jesse says:

    Have CBS buy it and put it on the same night as Big Bang Theory.

  23. Jason says:

    Damon Wayans Jr. got screwed out of millions!!! He would have been a regular on New Girl which looks to be heading to syndication money with a long five or six season run!! Hopefully they will replace the guy they replaced Damon with and add Damon back into the show!!

    • James says:

      There’s no need to replace Winston with Coach. Before Jess joined, the 4 guys shared the apartment before Winston went to Latvia if I remember that retconning correctly from episode 2. Given that Cece doesn’t live in the apartment, Coach wouldn’t have to live in the apartment either if he returned. But seriously, if Damon Wayans Jr doesn’t have a show lined up for the Fall, New Girl absolutely must get him back because Coach was hilarious in the pilot.

      To be fair to DWJ, he had no idea that New Girl would be a success or that ABC would renew Happy Endings. Fox have historically cancelled sitcoms before their time, Arrested Development anyone? I’m surprised Raising Hope is still on the air to be honest. However, New Girl is a great show because Zooey Deschanel is adorable and Jake Johnson is just so funny. They have great chemistry together.

  24. rachelle says:

    How annoying!! It makes me so mad that crappy shows are still on the air when this hilarious show is potentially cancelled forever. TV Gods, take pity on me and rescue Happy Endings.

  25. Trev says:

    This makes me so damn sad!

  26. schu says:

    I am somehow still in denial about the whole cancellation from abc news. I know it’s dead there, and I guess at USA now too, but until I don’t see it on any schedule in the fall or even winter 2014, I will not let my television experience be completely ruined by accepting this horrible completely non-happy ending to a wonderful series with terrific actors playing lovable characters.

  27. JAMANDAFAN says:

    Come on somebody please pick this show up!! The audience is loyal–it wasn’t great numbers, but they followed the show to Tuesdays, Sundays and Fridays! A small ABC audience could be great on a different network or even online!! Come on!!

  28. Caitlin P says:

    It’s dead, Jim.

  29. CJ says:

    I’ve never even seen the show, but the passion of its fans has really had me rooting for Happy Endings to find a new home. Fingers crossed.


  31. Babybop says:

    I don’t watch this show, but I think it’s awesome that they’re battling to keep it alive! It’s this kind of passion that networks need to get.

  32. Chris Palmietto says:

    I have SUCH adoration for this show and the people behind it, but I just couldn’t really get into it this year. I wish they had known it would’ve definitely been the last season so that the finale could have been more resolute for the main group, but I think I’m happier that it’s ending now instead of dragging on USA until there’s absolutely no life left.

  33. Ella says:

    :( I really thought USA would rescue this. I ADORE this show, please don’t let it go off the air!

  34. Michelle Falardeau says:

    That sucks. After USA passed I really hoped another net would pick it up. It would be awesome if Netflix or amazon would step up, given their recent successes with streaming new series. Happy Endings is such a funny show that has never received its due. Bring it back, someone!!!!

  35. Mikael says:

    Netflix or TBS please!! I would love to have Cougar Town and Happy Endings together!

  36. Chris Rhodes says:

    Bring it back peoples I need the show there is very little to watch.

  37. Bring it back!!! I don’t care where I have to watch it, I just want to be able to see more of the different story lines. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING BETWEEN DAVE AND PENNY!!!!! Give me a season 4, PLEASE!!! TBS, NETFLIX, AMAZON BE MY SAVIOR!!!!

  38. PJ says:

    I’m gutted to find that Happy Endings has been dropped by ABC and not accepted by USA. I’m from the UK and absolutely love this show. Sell it to us across the pond, E4 or Channel 4 will buy it! Heck, lets all chip in together and make a new TV channel with all the shows that should never have been cancelled, buy them all, get them made and start showing them!

  39. Rob Gibb says:

    Ong love this show please don’t cancel this show is the best thing on tv

  40. randy says:

    I love this show, can’t believe this is canceled and new girl is still on the air. And abc has a show out called Whoduunit, really? Wth?

  41. Casey says:

    Please please PLEASE someone pick up this show! It’s such a great show.

  42. Jen mckiernan says:

    I LOVE happy endings!!! Its a clever,hilarious show with wonderful unique characters!! I hope it gets picked up for many more fun seasons!! I think it even surpasses friends because its much more real and not so cliche…I adore this sweet and charming show and hopefully it will live up to its name!!!!!

  43. God I miss you #SaveHappyEndings