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Blue Bloods Promotes Marisa Ramirez to Series Regular, as Danny's Newest Partner

Blue Bloods Season 4 Marisa Ramirez RegularMarisa Ramirez has been bumped to series regular status for Blue Bloods upcoming fourth season.

The actress — whose previous TV credits include Body of Proof, Lifetime’s Against the Wall and General Hospital — joined the CBS drama toward the end of Season 3 in a recurring capacity, as Danny’s (Donnie Wahlberg) latest partner, Detective Maria Baez.

The Hollywood Reporter first shared the news of her status upgrade.

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Ramirez boarded Bloods as one of three potential full-time replacements for castmember Jennifer Esposito, who exited the series last October amid some controversy involving her ability to do her job while managing Celiac Disease. (Law & Order: LA‘s Megan Boone and newcomer Megan Ketch also briefly helped fill the void.)

Ramirez’s resume also includes Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Fox’s short-lived Mental and Miracles.

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Glad to hear this! She was definitely the best of those that had filled the position.

  2. Lesley says:

    Huh. I thought Megan Ketch had the best chemistry but Marisa’s ok.. At least they’ve made a choice now.

  3. Max Marshall says:

    Good to hear. I think she will do well.

  4. Sarah says:

    good she was the best one

  5. TV Gord says:

    Since this show is about the Reagans for me, it doesn’t really matter who gets/got the role as Danny’s partner. That role has always been peripheral, at best.

    • sarah says:

      Well Donny Whalberg gets most of the screen time, so his partner is in it a lot and I am glad that she was chosen of all the partners they had since Jennifer left.

  6. steve says:

    She is better than the others, but I miss Jennifer Esposito so much.

    • rainey13 says:

      Agreed – Ramirez was the best of the 3 tryouts, but she doesn’t have the chemistry with Wahlberg that Esposito had. And her character pales in comparison to Jackie.

    • Gloria says:

      I miss Jennifer Esposito as well, but Marisa Ramirez is a very good counter partner for Danny. It is too bad that Jennifer and CBS could not come to an understand, but that is TV land for you.

      • Janice Nantz says:

        It will never be the same without Jennifer Esposito. I keep hoping to see her return to the series, but I guess the powers that be are just not that smart….

    • Skip says:

      Me too. As far as I was concerned she was the best. She was excellent in the part, almost as if they had found her already really doing the detective job, and built the show around her. She’s a natural in that job if ever there was one. I hope Jennifer finds other work.

  7. tahina says:

    I miss JExposito, but Marissa is a great addition..I always find this show more about the guys w less lines for the gals..like Amy Carlson for example.

  8. Rusty says:

    Someone in Tinsletown got it right for a change. Have always liked her. Interesting that this is her 3rd role as a cop in a row, Against the Wall, Body of Proof and now Blue Bloods. Look forward to many episodes and a couple of seasons with her. Congrats!!

  9. Connie says:

    I miss JE but love Marissa. I have like her since the GH days. And she has great chemistry with Danny. So this is great news!

  10. philip says:

    Will tey actually add her to the themesong? They didn’t add Esposito, and they haven’t added Carlson and Gayle and they all became regulars in Season 2. It’s always Selleck, Wahlberg, Estes, Moynihan and Cariou.

  11. K. says:

    Happy for her but I thought it would’ve been funny to bring in Joey from NKOTB to be his new partner, he’s a really good actor also….

  12. Wrstlgirl says:

    Great news!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Marisa is a great addition to the show a great choice to fill the void. Now if BB would only update their opening sequence (going into season 4) a revamp and give series regulars Amy Carlson, Sami Gayle, and now Marisa Ramirez the credit they deserve with the rest of the series cast.

  14. Mac says:

    I’ve loved Marisa Ramirez since her days on GH and thought she was excellent in Spartacus and Miracles. I don’t watch Blue Bloods but I may consider giving it a go if she gets a lot of screen-time in season 4.

  15. Lois H. says:

    Good I like her. I wish the best for Blue Blood I like this show .

  16. Whatever says:

    I stopped watching the show when I read what CBS did to Jennifer Esposito.
    It was just nasty.

    • Sarahliz says:

      There are 2 sides to every story. She signed a contract and then refused to fulfill it. She isn’t newly diagnosed — she should know how to manage it and that the world will not stop to accomadate her. Any other person with a chronic illness, disorder, or disability knows this. She was being unreasonable by requesting 3 days a week on a series where she was a regular and they only have 8 days to finish an episode. No other job would do that for her, why should a television show?

      • Lois says:

        So true. My brother has a bad case of Celiac Disease and is expected to show up for his job everyday. He was very ill before his was diagnosed. He has learned to manage his condition by avoiding products with gluten and dairy containing lactose. You have to carefully look at what you eat, as many products that you wouldn’t expect contain glutten and lactose. As long as he’s careful about what he eats, he’s quite capable of working with no problem.

        • M. J. says:

          My nephew has Crohns’ disease and still does his job as an anesthesiologist at a top medical center in California. Also, look at Michael J Fox. He has not skipped a beat. While i do miss JE on the show, one must learn to deal with adversity and carry on the best way one can. Just saying.

  17. Ram510 says:

    She was the best out of the tryouts however I still believe they should have found another “tough guy” type. I feel that type of partner with Danny would’ve made some interesting storylines. But this show as a whole has quickly become tired I’m kind of hoping this coming 4th season will be it’s last, but it’ll probably get a 5th season and reach 100 episodes

    • Sarahliz says:

      What do you care? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It is far from tired. It’s a procedural, they have a formula. That’s how they work. A lot of people still love it. I would rather watch Blue Bloods than CSI or Criminal Minds, and those have been on for 10+ years.

      • Ram510 says:

        I never said I didn’t like the show. I’ve seen every episode and really like Tom Selleck. But this past season was a chore to watch. It had its moments that were good, like the episode when Danny was framed. But the past season was tired and was more procedural and less about the family. People noticed and some tuned out, judging by the decline in ratings. They need a creative spark next season. I agree with you, I’d much rather watch Blue Bloods over CSI and Criminal Minds. But I also know they are all the same show. All the procedurals on CBS are the same show. People find comfort in predictability.

        • Sarahliz says:

          After what I went through with Lost, I’d take predictability any day. It’s a time committment to watch a show every week, and to have one jerk you around the way many non-procedurals do is a waste of the one or two hours a night people have to relax.

  18. Jax says:

    Good move, CBS! Ramirez was the first replacement partner who clicked w/Wahlberg’s character. I look forward to watching her again next season.

    If only the show would give the good-looking, single Reagan siblings some romance …

  19. eliza says:

    They need to bring Jennifer Esposito back. None of the replacements even come close to being as good as Jennifer and none of them has the chemistry that she and Donny had.

  20. Mark II says:

    fir a show all about moral code – bumping a sick woman who can’t work and needs time to recoomperate is hypocritical

    • Sarahliz says:

      She was asking for 3 days a week. On a contract which she signed. She isn’t a new diagnosis. In any other career path, she would have been fired for not being able to fulfill her contract. There are millions of people with disabilities who are able to do their jobs. They didn’t have a problem with her taking a leave of absense for it, but she wanted to keep her part and only work 3 days a week when they only get 8 days to film a show. Sorry, but no other job would give you that consideration. She signed a contract, she’s bound to it.If she had just developed it, it might be a different story, but you have the responsibility to claim a disability when a job is offered to you if you need reasonable accommadations.

  21. Paul, Somerset. says:

    I live in hope that common sense prevails and a route is found to get JE back into Blue Bloods – always 2 sides to a story? In the meantime, I’d like to see Amy Carlson focused on, she’s an accomplished actor who we don’t see enough of, but then I’m biased!