Orphan Black Finale Recap: Battle of the Clones

Orphan Black Season 1 SpoilersAll season long, TVLine has obsessed over BBC America’s smart, inventive clone-conspiracy thriller Orphan Black. But we have to admit, we also fretted that the season finale might not be able to satisfy and shock us under the weight of all the impressive episodes that came before it.

We were wrong to worry.

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Not only did the hour pack a large death toll — the casualties just kept coming, one after the other, didn’t they? — it also confirmed some suspicions, uncovered a secret past or two and revealed a new thread in the clone science. The jam-packed finale even managed to find the time to introduce another doppelganger!

Since there were so many “OMG!” moments to discuss, we decided to go bulletpoints-style with the biggest revelations, twists and cliffhangers:

— First up, the deaths: Doing her best Sarah impression, Helena kills birth mom Amelia. Sarah arrives too late to intervene, then (seemingly?) takes out her twin sister with a gunshot to the chest — RIP, you crazy, but fascinating Ukranian. And in a particularly gasp-worthy moment, Alison lets her suspected monitor Aynesley, whose scarf has gotten trapped in the garbage disposal, asphyxiate.

— Dr. Leekie and his cohorts approach the main trio (Alison, Sarah and Cosima) with the one thing each of them most wants. Alison will get her normal life back and her monitor will be lifted. Cosima — who’s coughing up blood just like the German in the pilot — is offered the clones’ complete genome sequence. For Sarah, it’s all about Kira’s safety and protection from Helena. All they have to do is sign a contract, promising to come in for the occasional medical test. (Being a clone comes with potential health issues. Cough, Cosima, cough.)

Cosima, with Delphine’s help, discovers that a patent(!) is coded into their DNA, meaning the sign of goodwill and the promise of freedom is all B.S. Unfortunately, Alison’s already signed, scanned and emailed her contract.

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“We’re property. Our bodies, our biology, everything we are, everything we become, belong to them,” explains Cosima. And that means they could claim Kira, too.

Orphan Black Season 1 Finale— Meet the newbie, Rachel Duncan, a pro-clone who works (or perhaps calls the shots) for the enemy (along with Leekie). Her role is to transition Sarah to self-awareness. And she knows about Kira. Welp, that’s not good. Sarah’s reply to her offer of protection after learning about the patent: “UP YOURS, PROCLONE.” In response, Rachel places a call and ominously says, “You know what to do.”

— No Paul/Sarah hanky panky this week, but he does confess to her that he killed six marines as a private contracter in Afghanistan. “They” covered it up, so that’s what they have on him.

— Art and his partner track down Vic, which leads them to the ‘burbs and Alison. “That is another person entirely,” marvels the cop.

— Alison’s hubby Donnie promises her a fresh start…and then meets with Dr. Leekie! “She’s not easy,” says Alison’s not-so-better-half/true monitor. No kidding!

— Before she bites it, Amelia tries, but fails to give Sarah a message about her foster mother. An old photo hints that Mrs. S was a professor with something called Project LEDA in 1977. When Sarah returns home at the end of the episode, she finds that Mrs. S has run off (or been taken away) with Kira. Anyone else thinking Rachel called Mrs. S to give her the signal to run, and that now Sarah will have to play nice to get her daughter back?

Orphan Blacks fans, grade the season finale via the poll below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories! Also, how awesome was that musical score during the last act? And is there anything Tatiana Maslany can’t do?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rae says:

    So now it comes down to Mrs.S and Donnie being…………..Monitors . Allison had it wrong thinking it was aynesly but to be honest that bitch was ANNOYING and had it coming. i couldn’t stop laughing w/ ali just standing there.

    Anyhow this was an AWESOME FINALE finally helena is dead but now…………WHERE’S KIRA?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously i don’t want to wait til spring to find out…………it’s so far away!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A says:

    I have a feeling that cosima might die next season w/ her coughing out blood like the german clone…………………….?

    • Tess says:

      Yeah but the German died because Helena shot her, not because of whatever respiratory ailment she had, so there’s a chance that whatever it is she could be treated. I would imagine that if Delphine is really truthfully on her side, then she will help her seeing how she has an immunology background. Or, Cosima will feel like the only way to find out what is wrong with her and get help so she doesn’t die from it will be to give in to Leekie and the rest of them and sign the contract hoping they will help her stay alive.

      • Joe says:

        Would immunology deal with genetic disorders?

        • Kevin says:

          Immunology researchers do deal with genetic disorders, particularly ones relating to infectious disease or the immune system. Coughing up blood could be a symptom of TB infection, for instance. But in any case, an immunologist needs to know a little bit about other medical fields too; it’s all biology. Delphine and Cosima are the most qualified and most motivated to figure out what’s going on with the clones that get sick or develop mental illness. (The science on the show seems pretty good so far, if you overlook the idea that anyone could do this sort of genetic engineering in 1977.)

  3. Best show on TV! Luckily for Cosima, her monitor/girlfriend just so happens to be a genius scientist/immunologist and now the only person aware of her disease. I’m sure that will come into play next season. I don’t see the getting rid of Cosima – and I have my doubts about Helena being truly dead.

    • Miranda says:

      Yeah, I don’t think they’ll get rid of Cosima, she’s the only science oriented one of them who can semi-solve the clone questions. If they kill her, are they, what, going to bring another science backgrounded clone?

  4. Kate says:

    I wouldn’t bet on Helena being dead by a long shot. She recovered quite nicely after being impaled with that piece of re-bar and Kira is the offspring of Helena’s twin Sarah so I’m thinking if Sarah passed on these remarkable healing powers to Kira Helena must carry the ability also. Helena’s not dead and I’m hoping her redemption arc is one of the end games of this whole series.

    • TioSalamanca says:

      Indeed, it would seem that TM has invested far too much in creating/inhabiting the Helena character to let Helena die so soon. I would bet that Helena comes back in S2 (yes, thanks to the weird healing ability inherent in some or all of the clones and offspring). She may die eventually, but it would be a better story line if she died in some heroic, sacrificial act which saved someone else. I also think Vic will be redeemed similarly; he does love Sarah, and might (after sobering up) go out with a bang in the battle with the neolutionists or the religious crazies.

    • Caity says:

      I agree, they’ve made the audience fall in love with Helena and care about her. She’s been injured badly before and has recovered quite quickly like Kira. I think she definitely has some kind of healing powers like Kira and WILL be back.
      As for Kira and Mrs. S. I don’t think Siobhan is working with Rachel, the proclone. She seems sincere in the scene where she nonchalantly defends herself to Sarah about Amelia not raising her and that “it was a long time ago” bit.
      I think when she picked up and left England she also left that life behind and genuinely wants to protect Sarah and Kira.
      I also feel like Rachel is the original and also older than the other clones. She says “motherhood is wonderful” leading me to believe she must be a mother herself.
      April seems like such a long time away so I hope they give us some teasers soon!!

  5. Huckleberry says:

    What is a proclone? Anyone?

    • topoopon says:

      I think Felix coined the term, and it just means she’s working for Leekie’s lab.

    • Joe says:

      I was wondering the same thing- does it mean supports cloning, or professional?

      The rest of it, simply stunning twists; I thought they’d wrap up the season one of two ways- either Sarah brought in Art and brought down both neolutionists and the flying fish psychos, or worked w/ Dr. Leekie and leave Art and the police for season 2.

    • Sweepergurl says:

      One definition: pro = before/precursor. So I think she was the initial clone. Born before the 1984 clones.

      • Huckleberry says:

        I was wondering if that’s what it meant, but I missed it in the episode. If that’s true, and she was born first, you have to wonder whether she has more medical problems than the later clones. ‘Pro-‘ can also mean ‘rudimentary’.

    • Sammy says:

      Pro means first. So proclone means first clone.

  6. Carrie says:

    It will be an injustice if Tatiana Maslany doesn’t win any major acting award this year.

    • Sean says:

      Agreed, I keep forgetting all the clones are the same actress…., and it that she definitely deserves an award.

    • Totally agree. I too at times forgot it was the same actress portraying all these characters. Amazing performances.

    • TioSalamanca says:

      Totally. But you know what? The hell with the academies. If Maslany doesn’t get official recognition this year, there is an exploding world of fans that aptly recognize her as potentially the greatest actor of our time. She is a force of nature.

      And I suppose from a scientific perspective, her OB characters are a force of nurture!

  7. kelsey says:

    I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Great finale for a great show. I started watching earlier with the marathon offered before the finale.
    I agree with some here that Helena is probably not dead.
    And Alison did surprise me by not intervening in the death-by-gargage disposal. A quirky character that seems such opposite to the others; but now we know she has a dark side as well.
    Can’t wait til next season. Tatiana is amazing!

  8. SarahJ says:

    Oh my gosh–I am WORRIED for Sarah and Kira now! How can I wait till 2014?

  9. John Grose says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t think I was going to like this show and just started recording it because the time slot was free… – John

    • Sarah Bayern says:

      Same here! I was reluctant about starting to watch this show, but since I started, I can’t stop! And I’m so addicted to it now! I really, really hope that Tatiana’s work/acting here get some knowllege, she deserves all the awards. And great season finale, mind-blowing :)

    • nptexas says:

      Same here! I didn’t even start watching until I had 3 eps because I was sure I wouldn’t like it. Boy, was I wrong!

  10. Simone says:

    Can we talk about Alison’s dance aerobics? Who knew the uptight suburban housewife would join Felix to be the best comic relief on the show. Until the whole death by garbage disposal thing.

    Awesome finale with so much packed into it. So looking forward to season 2.

    • Doug says:

      The death by garbage disposal was both funny and horrifying. The “poke to see if she is really dead, then walk away as if nothing is wrong” was icing on the cake. OK, I’m a sick puppy…

  11. Deb Brown says:

    I think Mrs S is not working for Proclone but might have at one time. She took Sarah away to protect her from Crazy Proclones and now she has left with Kira to hide her from them.

    • Sarah Bayern says:

      I just didn’t understand, if Mrs. S was ‘taking care’ of Kira all these time, and have been no Leekie and Proclone side, why wasn’t she monitoring Sarah?? So confusing for me.

      • A.Rae says:

        I think Mrs. S was Kira’s monitor… And remember, when Sarah first showed up, Felix and Mrs. S. both talked about her having been gone for a while. ProClone probably couldn’t find her… Such a great show, and Tatiana is just brilliant…

  12. paula says:

    I didn’t think they could surprise me in the finale, but wow! Surprise after surprise. The patent, Amelia’s death, Helena’s death (I’ll miss Crazy Helena), Allison letting, no watching! Aynsley die, the husband is the monitor, Kira and foster-mom disappearing—Whoa! Waiting until next spring is going to be hard. Thankfully I have them all on my dvr.

  13. Sweepergurl says:

    My post disappeared so let me try this again:

    Whoa! First, need to get a copy of Hip Hop Abs stat! Second, I will miss Helen’s freakishly dead eyes (if she does indeed match those eyes). Third, my guess is Mrs. S was Sarah’s monitor up until Sarah went AWOL. Fourth, proclone is truly the original clone. Pro = precursor. My guess: she was born before the 1984 clones. And fifth, why has Tatiana Maslany not racked up shelves of awards? She plays these roles so precisely I forgot that I am not watching several different actresses. Honorable Mention: Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins. Felix and Alison are hilarious together. I love every time they get together. Pity I have to wait until spring 2014 for the next season. Please do not fall into the sophomore slump!

  14. Sabrina says:

    I’m wondering if anyone thinks that this show and/or Tatiana would be recognized at the Emmys? She obviously SHOULD be nominated.

  15. kavyn says:

    Man I’m STILL reeling. I actually think I’m more hooked on Orphan Black than I am Game of Thrones right now, and that’s really saying something since I was basically glued to Game of Thrones last season.

    Amazing finale! Maybe it’s my denial sinking in but could Helena have survived that? She was bleeding on the floor, but earlier in the season we saw just how adaptable that girl is, with her scratches. I really hope Helena survived, I wanted to explore the twin story more (plus I LOVE Helena).

    I have the biggest crush on Tatiana right now. So much talent.

    • Jacob says:

      Helena had a pipe stuck through her liver at one point. A bullet in the chest is not going to kill her. Like Kira getting run over by a car without a broken bone. great season finale!

  16. DarkDefender says:

    Best ORIGINAL idea of a series on television in the last 10 years.

    The finale (and season) did not disappoint.

  17. Nicotine says:

    I love this show! I kept recording it and never got around to watching it and then I watched all the episodes back-to-back on Memorial Day. I can’t get enough now. Like almost everyone else, I’m amazed at the acting ability of Tatiana Maslany. If she doesn’t get at least nominated for an Emmy, they’re not doing it right. She plays each clone with such different personality that I forget that it’s the same actress. Also, some credit should go to the special effects and makeup department for making them not all look exactly the same and playing off the green screen perfectly. The only thing I regret about the finale was that Sarah didn’t get a chance to bring Art into the ‘clone chaos’. I loved them together as partners when she was imitating Beth. I think they make great allies and it seems like Art is genuinely interested in helping her. Other than that, amazing finale! Can’t wait ’til 2014 now.

    • Sweepergurl says:

      I started watching it from the beginning but almost quit after the first two episodes. I had four episodes DVR’d and finally sat down and plowed though, thinking if I fell asleep I would delete from my DVR when I woke up. So glad I stayed awake!

  18. Brandi says:

    Love Tatiana’s acting. She’s stellar. Will miss Helena. She’s become my favorite clone just because she’s so OFF.

    But can someone please explain to the writers, reviewers, and the general audience that intellectual property law doesn’t cover these women? Please? Patent law expires after 20 years, they’re not walking brands, so they’re not trademarkable, and copyright law isn’t really meant to cover DNA sequencing. (Patent law has been used for DNA sequencing.) Maybe, maybe, you could make a trade secret claim, but that would be trumped by the Constitution in terms of supremacy. And you could very easily argue that the Conspiracy Crew failed to protect their trade secrets properly by letting all the clones and their tasty DNA out into the public, so yeah…Bad understanding of IP law at work by everyone here.

    • Sweepergurl says:

      Brandi, it is a show meant to be fictional. No need to apply real-life scenarios (or intellectual property law) to it. I am willing to fall down a few rabbit holes to enjoy a great story!

    • Sara says:

      The show is about human clones and the thing you find hard to believe is the patent? I’m willing to accept whatever they throw at me, whether it makes sense or not because the show is just too damn good. Brilliant concept but what’s more impressive is how they’ve carried it out, partly due to Tatiana’s flawless acting skills. I feel like I’m watching different actresses for each role. Cant wait for season 2

    • Abby says:

      Sorry, but Disney has managed to sustain all intellectual property despite it’s expiration, and it’s conceivable to me that an organization as powerful as one that successfully breeds human clones would have both the money and the potential influence behind closed doors to maintain a patent if they wanted to. Consider how many secrets of the organization are kept from each level of it’s own hierarchy – there are front companies like the one Paul work(ed) for and plenty of ways to hold on to your patents. But you bring up incredibly interesting and correct points, and I would actually like to see the nature of intellectual property law at least touched on in season two – the extent and power of law in human ownership, whether these women are in fact considered human, it’s all incredibly compelling stuff, in my opinion!

      • realityengineer says:

        re: “the extent and power of law in human ownership”

        There is none, as most people who graduated high school realize people aren’t property in this or other modern countries. Slavery was outlawed long ago. Perhaps some minority fringe religious groups like Helena’s might claim the clones aren’t human, but few would take them seriously. There simply is no reasonable legal source that would claim they are property, despite some paranoid delusions apparently passed around the net the writers picked up on that are about as credible as the National Enquirer. There are some out there that blindly fear things they don’t understand like science and law that I guess pass around this things.

        • Abby says:

          Please name me one case in history where a cloned individual had to fight an enormous corporation for their rights of personhood, just to set out the basis for your legal opinion on the matter, where “no one would claim these clones aren’t human.” I’m certain there would be a large faction of people who would be greatly against anyone created through cloning. I wholeheartedly disagree that you find the plotline not-credible, but from my perspective, I see how and why the grey area is compelling.

      • iPatent says:

        The problem with that analogy is that Disney lobbied for changes in laws BEFORE the expiration of their copyrights. Patent terms are still 20 years, and it’s been longer than 20 years since the clones were born. Either their patents would have expired or they would be subject to a statutory bar.

    • carissa says:

      Actually, your 20 years is way off. The copyright begins when the work is created (not published) and lasts 70 years after the death of the creator. If the creator is a corporation, then the copyright lasts 120 years from the time created or 95 years from its publication, whichever is shorter.

  19. fingers crossed says:

    Helena being dead is too easy. The character has too much storytelling potential left to meet her end this early, especially with the redemption arc they’ve teased.

  20. Elyse says:

    I have chills from watching that finale!!! so so so so good! can’t wait for season 2!

  21. Sue Clayton says:

    I think the upcoming Emmy Awards are for performances in 2012. Tatiana Maslany should be recognized next season. Can’t wait for Season 2!!!

  22. Vigie says:

    -Correction: Cosima declined the offer via email to Proclone. Sarah declined by not being in the elevator.
    -Did Paul and her exit on another floor?
    -Mrs S was a part of the LEDA Project but she wasn’t a monitor for Leeky or Rachel (Proclone) as Leeky revealed he knew nothing of Sarah Manning when Delphine read him the names.
    -Now whether Mrs S escaped with Kira or Rachel’s flunkies got to them is a next season question.

    -I would love to find out they aren’t the only clones. Maybe there is a male set of clones a sort of Adam to their Eve.
    -Also, what about clones that are different ages. How wild for Sarah to be confronted with a you get clone.
    -Was Proclone supposed to be bit older? The original?
    -Is Mrs S the bio mom of the clones?

    • Elyse says:

      I thought the email address that declined was Sara’s? from
      what I remember seeing Cosima didn’t give them an answer.

    • Elyse says:

      actually now that you mention it Cosima sending the email makes sense… I should rewatch the finale!

    • Abby says:

      And what if the Adam is Paul. Seriously, I can’t stop thinking how much he resembles Dr. Leekie, just younger. What if Leekie designed a set of male clones and based at least part of them on himself?

    • Nellie says:

      Dr Leekie only emitted surprise at Helena, s name, signifying he may well have been aware of Sarah through Ms S, but unaware she was a twin.Just speculating…

  23. JT says:

    Damn good finale.

    I never thought Aynesley was Allison monitor to begin with. Great fake out by the writers, but I always suspected Donny and no one else. Cosima will probably find a cure for herself by next season, don’t see here dying at all. I really thought Helena was going to stick for season 2 but oh well. Mrs. S I think took Kira to protect her from proclone, she loves that little girl to much to see her in danger. Sarah has to clue Art in the beginning of season 2 because that dude can’t take anymore craziness.

    Can’t for Season 2. Here’s hoping it will be as good as its first.

    • kavyn says:

      I actually thought the monitor was Chad, honestly. I loved Alison and Chad together in that one episode and I was sort of hoping there’d be more of it.

      • Thea says:

        I actually thought the same. Then had a giggle about how the 3 main clones have all been intimate with their monitors (or “a monitor,” in Sarah’s case). But it still holds true now that we know the truth about Donnie.

    • Abby says:

      So did I. Something about the cell phone conversation he has when he’s burning the letters in the bush. When he later explained the whole situation as the death of an old girlfriend, the conversation he had really doesn’t line up with that explanation. And we never saw what those letters actually said. I’ll have to watch it again, but like you, I always suspected Donny, and no one else.

  24. ruby says:

    I will miss Helena,she was such a freak.Lol!!hope paul and sara would find kira,I love both of them.Allison is amazing,her dancing to the Dvd was very funny.Tatiana should be nominated for as many awards as possible..amazing show

  25. realityengineer says:

    re: ““We’re property. Our bodies,”

    No they aren’t. Anyone who graduated high school should grasp that people aren’t property, slavery was outlawed long ago. Up until that point, the show has been great and the lead actress is amazing. They shouldn’t “jump the shark” to engage in paranoid delusions far out of touch with reality by making that a major plot point. It is necessary to suspend disbelief regarding scientific and legal errors in shows (including this one), but this one is a bit too much since they are making it a major plot point and it is a simple issue and the characters involved aren’t supposed to be complete imbeciles. I suspect the writers have fallen under the spell of some paranoid nonsense around the net and forgotten basics they should have learned in school.

    These people are operating outside the law to begin with, it isn’t clear why this supposed patent claim should change anything. They should find a way to quickly sweep the point under the carpet when the show resumes, the characters realizing emotions temporarily caused a moment of irrational panic, and get back to the many more interesting twists: story, real legal and moral and scientific issues, etc.

    • Sweepergurl says:

      Oh Lord! Just in case you haven’t noticed, this is not an investigative television report shown by 60 Minutes or Dateline of some bioscience facility based California. It’s supposed to be fiction without real-life standards applied. Let go of your desire for the show to be realistic and enjoy it for what it is: amazing writing, excellent acting and the main actress who makes you forget you are looking a one person play a myriad of roles extremely distinct in her portrayal of them.

      • realityengineer says:

        The season was great up until that point and the actress is amazing, and she deserves better than to have the show “jump the shark” down some paranoid delusional path due to their inability to consult any legal source who isn’t a complete incompetent hack (or most high school graduates who haven’t fallen for whatever National Enquirer level paranoid nonsense the writers must have run into). I already stated that I suspend disbelief. The point is it is a big much when they act as if we should believe the scientist clone is a complete idiot who wouldn’t understand what high school graduates would, that people aren’t property. If it weren’t a major plot point I would have ignored it, but they seem to be setting it up as a major facet of the next season, concern that her daughter is “property” she needs to keep out of their hands. They don’t obey laws to begin with, the patent changes nothing.

    • Pam says:

      I suspect the argument would be that they aren’t people, they are clones and therefore can be considered property. They weren’t born, they were made. Sure it might not hold up as a legal argument but seeing as there is already a group out to kill the clones for being “unnatural” I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume there would be a lot of moral/legal debate going on if news of the clones were to be made public. I remember people being furious over the cloning of Dolly the sheep and now wanting genetically modified food to be labeled so I can see how human clones would present quite a problem.

      • realityengineer says:

        A paranoid fringe religious group was killing them. I can’t picture the remotest chance any credible legal source would consider the argument seriously that they aren’t people, or that we should believe a scientist clone could fall for that sort of claim. Even most of the non-religious fanatic but rabid anti-genetic engineering types would have trouble confronting a human I’m sure and trying to claim they weren’t human and could be property. The concern is that the show may be setting up this as a major plot point, the effort to keep her daughter away from them as if she might be considered “property”. There are enough potential real moral, legal and scientific issues that they don’t need to grab onto a paranoid one. I tune out most glitches in shows, including this show, and it just seems a waste after a great season and with an amazing actress to “jump the shark” with nonsense when there is no reason to.

    • Agent 86 says:

      Cosima is a scientist, not a lawyer. Similarly, her girlfriend/monitor is also a scientist. Sarah is a … drug dealer/scam artist (?). I don’t think any of them are particularly well placed to determine the legalities of the legal claim in their DNA, especially given their particular situations.

      As others have suggested, it’s also possible that the Dyad Institute modified enough of their DNA that they would no longer easily be classified as “human” which could potentially give rise to a legal argument that they’re the legal property of the Dyad Institute. It’s extremely unlikely, but the entire premise of the show is unlikely, so there has to be a certain level of suspension of disbelief.

  26. Loa says:

    I love Tatiana. I love this show so much. I only started watching it cause it followed Dr Who but I ended up looking forward to watching it more than Dr Who.
    P.S, anybody else find Helena’s reaction to seeing her black birth mother for the first time hysterical???

    • TioSalamanca says:

      Yes! She made kind of a bemused “snort” sound, like when she was impersonating Sarah impersonating Beth in the police station, and looking at the evidence photos of a dismembered Katja (that cracked me up). I’m really going to miss Helena. BTW, in the first or second episode, Mrs. S. referred to Sarah as the most “feral” child she’d ever seen. How’s that for irony?

  27. champmav says:

    As impressed I am with the stellar acting of Tatiana, the technical achievement of having three of them in the same intimate setting conversing with one another at the apartment was so believable I was stunned. Bravo to everyone involved!

  28. Jonathan Atwater says:

    I had heard a little buzz about the show, but didn’t know much. I got hooked during the marathon yesterday and have a new show to obsess about. Tatiana is outstanding! Her portrayal of all the clones something you rarely see, she deserves all the recognition and praise she can get. Is it me or does she kinda give off a Kristin Kreuk vibe as Cosima and an Evangeline Lilly vibe as Sarah/? But not as any of the other clones, might be something about the hair, but I see it. On to a few questions/theories.

    -They’re all patented clones, right? But who are they cloned from?!?!? Are we going to see Tatiana in old age make up in the near future? Or… Someone asked why patented proclone Rachel is such a bigwig with Dyod? What if she isn’t a clone, but is the source of the DNA material and it was taken from her as a newborn. Leekie’s daughter, perhaps? She could have just been raised in a very sterile environment and been a product of her nurture like Helena

    • Abby says:

      She did have an especially big smile when she told Sarah, “Motherhood is wonderful.” You might be on to something!

    • Tess says:

      I sort of took Rachel to be the original source rather than just another clone… like “proclone” being not the first clone but being the primary source of dna that all the clones are derived from. She did seem like she was older than the others and her comment about motherhood could’ve been a nod to her being the “mother” of the clones.

  29. A fan says:

    Very enjoyable show. Tatiana is doing and an amazing job. It would appear that Allison is starting to get a touch of the insanity that Helena had in spades? I was honestly surprised when she didn’t stop the disposal. I hope Art doesn’t get himself killed by figuring out too much.

  30. Sheila says:

    When it said the new season wouldn’t start til 2014, I actually screamed, “F*** YOU!!!” at the TV.

  31. Go ahead and hand the best actress Emmy to Tatiana Maslany. Amazing acting performance all season long.

  32. qj201 says:

    I think Mrs. S went renegade and stole Sarah away to protect her as the baddies didn’t seem to have lost track of them. Doesn’t explain why Mrs. S. also took Felix (secretly hoping he is a clone too). “you know what to do” was an order to kidnap Kira.

    And when Alison finds out that Donnie IS her monitor…the basement scene is gonna look like bunnies and kittens.

  33. Lee says:

    I wonder how many new clones will enter season 2 my guess is at least 1-This show is one of the best on tv by far

  34. Orphan Black fans that can’t wait til next year–check out a great book, “The Zygan Emprise”, free on iTunes.

  35. Mia says:

    I wondered from the beginning why the show was titled “Orphan Black”, after meeting Sarah’s birth mother, it all made sense, ha!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I found this show completely by (happy) accident Ondemand and now I think I need therapy as I have become an “orphan junkie”. I’m hoping that at some point whatever was seen by the doctors and nurses on Kira’s sonogram gets revealed. The show hasn’t revisited it but my guess is it has something to do biologically speaking, with Kira’s amazing recovery from being hit. I thought for a while that Ansley’s husband was Allison’s watcher not only because the show was trying to hard to make it look like it was Ansley but because I noticed a few episodes in that the “main” clones had slept with their watchers.

  37. tim says:

    Frankly, I found Orphan Black to be confusing and hard to follow. The only reason I kept watching was Tatiana Maslany’s incredible performance.

  38. Lars says:

    Thanks for the huge spoiler in the title. I was just searching a recap for the first episodes and than this pops up as one of the first results. Seriously don’t put a spoiler in the title amateurs. I’m pissed of.

  39. Nick says:

    Seconded. Thanks for spoilers in the title you jerks.

  40. A says:

    I’m nearing my 60’s, and must say I have never seen such a brilliant film. In fact I have never before used the word brilliant about any film. The only other film that has come close to it for me was one called The Survivors or Survivors, about a post apocalyptic Britain. However, at the end of the second series we were promised a third – which didn’t happen, so it was left unfinished. Let’s hope the same isn’t done with Orphan Black, as it really is way above anything else i’ve seen and is in a class of its own. Like Torvill & Dean, it’s set a new bar and will take some matching. I haven’t read many comments as I don’t want to speculate. I just want to see the next series as soon as possible. Congratulations really are due to all involved and in particular to the writer, and the actress Tatiana. 24 carat Gold stars all round for this.