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Suburgatory Shake-Up: Two Actors Cut

Suburgatory Season 3Two denizens of Suburgatory are moving out.

Alan Tudyk and Rex Lee, who play dentist/dad Noah and guidance counselor Mr. Wolfe, respectively, will not return for the ABC comedy’s third season.

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As first reported by our sister site Deadline, the actors’ options were not picked up due to budget cuts. While the show received a last-minute renewal for midseason, it came on the condition of a reduced license fee that could result in more regular cast members being let go or reduced to recurring.

Earlier this month, recurring player Parker Young’s Fox pilot Enlisted was picked up to series. Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek told TVLine she hoped to “get him to return and just do some guesting, maybe for the holiday episodes.”

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  1. Toms1€ says:

    those 2 were the only two good characters besides Dalia

    • Josh says:

      I don’t mind Rex leaving, he wasn’t that great and very one note but Noah/Alan is a bummer. Couldn’t they cut Chris Parnell’s character instead?

      • KevyB says:

        No, because he’s already just a recurring player. If the idea was that only regular cast members get cut, they needed to cut two that weren’t directly in Tessa’s universe (she’s the central character) and Noah was her dad’s friend. Mr Wolfe was part of her world, but he’s certainly not a character that she’s particularly attached to. It’s not like this show has a huge cast or what appears to be a major budget, so how bargain-basement do they have to go? And why couldn’t Tudyk just go down to recurring?

      • dane says:

        Tudyk was my favorite. Meanwhile.. aren’t they bringing Malin Akcerman back more this season? I honestly would have preferred that they leave her off the show and re-focus on George/Tessa and their dynamic. AND keep Alan Tudyk.

      • dane says:

        I would have even been okay with Dallas going or coming on as recurring. I feel like that particular relationship took too much time up on the show last season anyway – it’s kind of run it’s course.

      • Sam says:

        Yeah, Rex Lee didn’t add anything to the show, but I’m bummed about Alan Tudyk. He was one of my favorite characters. They should have cut Dallas’s role instead.

  2. Amanda says:

    One of the only reasons I laugh hysterically at this show is Alan’s character. This bums me out, majorly.

  3. Eric says:

    OMG what?! Not as bummed about Rex Lee’s departure, but I love Alan Tudyk! I don’t watch this show much anymore anyways though…

  4. Patrick says:

    This show was really good last year. But then it fell apart. And I didn’t realize it had 8 regulars. That is a huge, and expensive, cast. It could only support that large a cast if the show puts up good numbers. And it isn’t.

    • dane says:

      I agree it kind of fell down.. they took focus OFF of the fish out of water element and put it on Dallas/George. I would have preferred to see more Tessa/George and Tessa/Dahlia and Tessa/Lisa.

      This year they should let Dallas move to France to get over her heartache, have Lisa’s dad die (I could see Ana Gasteyer being awesome as a ‘black widow’), have Dalia move in with George or Sheila full time (it’s a television show.. it could happen), put Tessa’s mom back in Europe (hey – maybe she could even be having an off screen affair with Dallas!) and I’ll even let go of Rex. There.. I got rid of THREE regulars and kept Alan Tudyk. :)

  5. Teag says:

    WHAT?! ALAN TUDYK IS GONE?! I like the rest of the main cast (mostly) but he is great! Ugh

  6. Midori says:

    What?! How can you get rid of the best friend to the dad?!?! That doesn’t even make sense.

    It becomes a time when it’s just better to cancel a show. I don’t know what the problems were, the ratings seemed fine to me.

  7. Brooke says:

    Who gets rid of Alan Tudyk on purpose??

  8. But they were two of the best things about this show.

  9. tripoli says:

    Pretty surprised that they would cut Alan Tudyk. He seems to be a fan fave and his character is a great and funny addition to the cast. Can’t imagine this show is going to make it past season 3, which is sad as it is rather enjoyable.

  10. Mark says:

    Two of the best characters on the show. What a shame.

  11. SJ says:

    Wow, this show is so done… Sad. :(

  12. Leah says:

    Seriously, Steve the pirate is the ONLY reason I can get my male family members to watch this show! Terrible decision!

  13. Carm says:

    I love Noah!!!

  14. What?!!? Who in their right mind cuts Alan Tudyk?! Outraged.

  15. Sunny says:

    This makes me sad. They were funny characters

  16. Aleksa says:


  17. Hamish says:

    This show just got dumber and dumber as last season went along. Midway through the season we simply deleted it from our DVR recordings and haven’t been back. It’s too bad because the premise (and title) were pretty good.

  18. dude says:


  19. Don’t know when Suburgatory is coming back if one of ABC’s new comedies like The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife or Back in the Game gets canceled and then the sitcom takes over that vacant time slot. I’m going to miss Alan Tudyk on the show even though he was great on Firefly if you’re a true fan of Joss Whedon’s work.

  20. maltru says:

    A little bummed about Rex Lee, but SUPER bummed about Alan Tudyk. Noah was a hilarious character, and Alan Tudyk is an amazing actor. Hopefully he finds another show to join ASAP!

  21. Lucy says:

    No Alan Tudyk!?!? Unacceptable!

  22. Heather says:

    I cannot believe they are getting rid of Alan Tudyk! I like Rex Lee just fine but can see the show doing fine without him. Noah is a huge part of the show in my opinion and probably my favorite character. I am very disappointed :(

  23. Carrie says:

    No!! Noah is hilarious! That just sucks. :(

  24. Lorie says:

    WTH?! Letting Alan Tudyk go is beyond crazy!

  25. Esaul says:

    Ouch. I recently discovered Alan Tudyk because of this. I’m disappointed.

  26. TheDude says:

    Noah’s storylines by the end of season 2 were horrible. I think they ran out of ideas for him, so this doesn’t really shock me. Still sucks to lose Tudyk.

  27. ES says:


  28. Jerri says:

    Well, I can stop watching Suburgatory now. Only started watching it because Alan Tudyk was on.

  29. Tinemi says:

    Nooo!!! I was so happy having Alan Tudyk on my TV again. He’s one of my favorite actors since Firefly and it’s a shame they are cutting him out.

    • Jerri says:

      Maybe now Nathan Fillion can get him on Castle, as a recurring guest or something. Suburgatory and Castle both air on ABC, so it can happen. Or maybe Alan Tudyk can be added to the Agents of SHIELD cast in some capacity.

      • Joe says:

        Didn’t Castle just torture him for information a few months ago?

        • Jerri says:

          Don’t think so. Alan Tudyk was never on Castle. He was supposed to play the captain of the ship in the ep where castle and Beckett went to the COMICON-like convention but that didn’t happen due to scheduling issues. So the door is still open for him to drop by.

  30. Alichat says:


    Seriously? What dumba$$ made this decision?? Really, who gets rid of Alan Tudyk?? He’s the reason I began watching the show. And I was disappointed that we didn’t see more of him this season, instead of soo much Dallas and George. There was too much of them toward the end of the season. I thought for sure once they put Noah into a separation, we’d see him more.

    • Jerri says:

      I know! Right? Sounds like a decision NBC would make. Did ABC recently hire any former NBC execs or something? Did an NBC exec give ABC tainted water? How else does a decision like that get explained?

  31. Alichat says:


    Seriously? What idiot made this decision?? Really, who gets rid of Alan Tudyk?? He’s the reason I began watching the show. And I was disappointed that we didn’t see more of him this season, instead of soo much Dallas and George. There was too much of them toward the end of the season. I thought for sure once they put Noah into a separation, we’d see him more.

    • Alichat says:

      Oh look….it double posted me….and here I thought it didn’t appear because I kinda said a wordy dirty!!

  32. Leah says:

    Uh oh! The show was already in shaky in season two WITH these great characters. Next year is gonna be rough. I really loved the scenes between Tessa and Rex Lee. Those are not the two I would’ve cut!

  33. Kristina says:

    Well, there goes any reason for me to try to get into this show.

  34. Ashlyn says:

    I don’t understand what happened to this show. George and Dallas together (was never a fan of that), Daliah gets the nerdy Jewish boyfriend (loved that storyline), but it turns out she’s gay and psycho, George putting the needs of Dallas and Daliah before Tessa (never would have happened in season 1), and more than necessary screen time for Mr. and Mrs. Shay…..Ugh. And now Alan/Noah (one of the BEST characters) is leaving?! Pretty sure I’ll be checking out next year.

  35. Josh says:

    Great idea! Get rid of the characters WITH personalities. See ya, Suburgatory.

  36. Elyse says:

    UM……… WHAT?! pissed.

  37. Superhero says:

    Ehh, much as I love Alan Tudyk, I’m not too distraught about this. He can find a better role elsewhere.

  38. Ali says:

    This can only be good. It free’s Alan up to do a “firefly” redux. Which SHOULD happen. Look at Netflix and Arrested Development. Now is the time to snatch up Tudyk, Baldwin, Glau, Torres, Staite, Maher etc.

    Also, Alan was the ONLY reason I lasted as long as I did with Suburgatory. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer it was so annoying. Every single character was annoying. My blood pressure would go up when I watched it.

  39. A says:

    As long as Sheila is staying I’m happy. She’s my favorite!

  40. Babybop says:

    … They are not making a good case for why I should continue to watch this show. I’m already on the fence after the show took a weird, dark turn.

  41. mia says:

    WHAT!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!! This is unacceptable!!!

  42. violettata says:

    This is not good, they were very important in the show, well at least we have Dahlia :)

  43. Ann says:

    Ugh. Looks like this is the last season. Why in the world did they cut Tudyk? Couldn’t they have cut Dallas? Afterall,, it’s more reasonable to cut her than Noah, since he’s Jeremy Sisto’s best friend…and he and Dallas broke up, so there was a natural end of a storyline there. We could keep Daliah because she goes to school with the red head (all these characters’ names are escaping me at the moment). Dallas could have reappeared as a guest star.

  44. Mike R. says:

    Poor Suburgatory, it will inevitably be the Happy Endings/Cougar Town of seasons past, except making idiotic changes will lead to noone missing it when its gone.

  45. Lorena says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? No Alan Tudyk? noooooooooo

  46. cjeffery7 says:

    wow. that’s reaaaalllllyyy sucky to put it mildly.

  47. Babygate says:

    Better idea: just cancel it! This show is nowhere near as good as it was in the first season and it was never great, just good. So, that’s saying a lot. Why do studios believe that for comedy to work it has to be outrageous or have some kind of hook. How about just good writing and good acting? Apt. 23 was crude, obnoxious and unfunny. Happy Endings was absurd, ridiculous and inane. And I loved the cast, but the writing was horrible and the characters were just plain stupid and shallow. The Neighbors is another extreme concept (aliens) that is badly written and really, painfully unfunny. Suburgatory became extremely ridiculous in S2 with bizarre plot lines and some of the characters becoming creepy and weird, and not in an endearing way. How about something like The Middle. Funny, underrated show that is just about an ordinary family and their ordinary lives. But funny as all heck (pun intended) because the writing is solid and the performances are great. Modern Family tows the line sometimes but stays within the realm of the plausible and funny. And it works. Remember FRIENDS, Raymond and Seinfeld? These shows were about relationships and life. Nothing outrageous. No hook, just funny.

    • Ann says:

      Your comment was fine until you complained about The Neighbors. It’s actually a really smart, funny show. Just as good as The Middle and Modern Family. Just because it’s about aliens from out of space doesn’t make it dumb. It’s actually a good family show about neighbors listening and learning from each other…something there should be more of in this world.

      • Think ABC is hammering Suburgatory? Wait til you see what they do to Revenge & Nashville says:

        I’m sorry, I just can’t let this comment go by like this. Neighbors is a nice little show, particularly if you have young children in the house and you want to sit down with them to watch a half hour of ABC-style family [mindless] entertainment. That’s all fine and good, but to compare Neighbors to Modern Family, come on. There is so much going on within a half hour of Modern Family – that show (even though it is not what it once was) runs circles around Neighbors.
        We don’t want to lose sight of the fact that Neighbors barely [*barely*] got renewed for next fall. Had this show not been produced by ABC Studios, it never would have been picked up for a series in the first place, let alone come back for a second season.
        So, great that you like the show, I don’t want to see that taken away from fans, but let’s keep this in perspective. I agree w/Babygate: Believe me, if I had been running ABC, I would have canceled *both* Suburgatory and Neighbors – (and Apt 23 and Happy Endings which were not improving, although ’23’ had some very funny moments] both are just hanging on and this network needs to step it up. They cancel How to Live w/Parents, and bring back these two stiffs? Good luck ABC.

      • Babygate says:

        Everything we say here is obviously subjective. I watched The Neighbors almost the entire season. I’m not just critiquing based on hearsay. I watched the premiere episode and that’s when they showed all the little green creatures. It looked like a Disney or a Nick show. The effects were cheesy and the whole premise was childish. That’s what I meant by extreme. Because IMO it was ill suited for ABC. As a matter of fact, the old Even Stevens and Phil from the Future from the Disney channel were better than The Neighbors ever was, IMO. And I would not compare this to The Middle. The Middle has interesting characters with lots of energy and great comedic talent. The Neighbors got right down boring. The two alien kids and the eldest daughter were a horrible snooze to watch. IMO, the only two outstanding performances were by Jami Gertz and the lady that plays Jackie. Those two can carry the show. They are funny and energetic and tremendous screen presence. The others, not so much. As far as Modern Family, no comparison at all. That is not only a funny, but a smart show. It is in a completely different sphere than T.N.

        • Think ABC is hammering Suburgatory? Just wait til you see .... says:

          Agree – Jami Gertz is the best thing about this show. She’s the only reason I tuned in each week, and the reason I may DVR the show this fall off Friday. To see how good Jami can be, watch her in her ’11 Modern Family guest role [“Slow Down Your Neighbors”].

          Why can’t ABC develop something akin to Modern Family/Suburgatory, focusing on the couples/adults and their relationships/dymamics and cast Jami (and Sarah Chalke, etc.) in something like that and place it at 9:30pm on Wednesday? Why is ABC struggling to find a show for that slot? Now, ABC places ‘Super Fun Night’ in that 9:30 slot…. what a joke. How is that going to work ABC?

          • Babygate says:

            So agreed! I like Rebel Wilson but I saw the trailer for her show and, yikes! I was not impressed. I think this is going to be another miss for ABC. Again, another ‘hook’ show where they use a gimmick (in this case, Wilson) to draw viewers while lacking in substance and quality. I personally am upset that they cancelled How to Live because I think that Sarah and Elizabeth Perkins are brilliant comedic talents and I think this show had the most potential. But by placing it it on the schedule this late in the season I’m inclined to think that ABC never had any intentions of renewing it. As far as that post-MF spot on Wednesdays, I watched the trailer for The Goldbergs and although originally the hideous sweater pictures turned me off the show, I have to admit that after watching the trailer I was impressed. It is pretty darn funny and brilliant. I think this is the best shot at a quality comedy that ABC has right now. I would have scheduled it after Modern Family because they are complementary, both in theme and in quality. It makes no sense to me that they would schedule it after SHIELD on Tuesdays.

      • Babygate says:

        Also, the political subtext that was often used in The Neighbors did not make it smart. The context for the delivery was often poorly constructed.

  48. A says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO! So stupid

  49. B says:

    I feared for Carmen’s fate, but who are we kidding? Carmen is the heart of the show. She could never go! I love CARMEN!!!

  50. I love the dentist says:

    Noah was one of the funniest characters, wait the funniest character on the show. Boo ABC and show runner boo