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Revenge Season 3 Shake-Up: Ashley Madekwe Out, Wants to 'Die in a Blaze of Glory'

Ashley Madekwe Leaving RevengeRevenge will be down another schemer come Season 3.

Ashley Madekwe, who plays social-climbing Hamptonite Ashley Davenport, is exiting the ABC drama.

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As first reported by our sister site Deadline, the actress’ option was not picked up due to “storyline reasons.”

Madekwe’s ouster is the latest in a string of Revenge shakeups, including the death of Connor Paolo’s polarizing Declan in the Season 2 finale and the shocking departure of creator Mike Kelley. As previously reported, executive producer Sunil Nayar will take over as showrunner next season.

As for how Ashley’s character will be written out, Madekwe has some thoughts:

Revenge fans, are you sad to see Ashley go?

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  1. darcywils says:

    Damn, I was finally starting to like Ashley! But I can see how there is no story left for her, she really did nothing but be fired and re-hired by the Graysons over and over. Mike Kelley may have had a plan for her, but she really did nothing for the better part of her two seasons.

    • dude says:

      Agreed. I liked Ashley but she was a useless character. I feel bad for her though that she was robbed of some great “shocking death” scene in favour of fading into the background.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I always thought Ashley was an FBI agent or a member of the initiative or something. Or maybe she had a revengenda of her own.

    • Shazay says:

      I always thought it would be cool if all this time Ashley had just been Emily’s mole inside the Graysons. Ever since she saved her from being a call girl, I thought she’d owe a debt to Em, and without the viewer knowing the two had a relationship like Em and Amanda. I was kinda liking Ashley again. Oh well. I hope we can get back to the core of the show again and move away from the Initiative/Padma/Aiden crap. Go back to season 1 and see the show we fell in love with, and keep that going.

      • LastoftheTimeLords says:

        I was hoping that would come back into play, and that her, Jack, and Ems would work together. *sigh*

        • laid-back sniper says:

          I totally agree. I live in the UK and have only just found out that Mike Kelley has left. Will check that out next.
          I think Ashley had a unique acting ability and am suprised it wasn’t picked up & used to its full potential…. “sigh”

      • radhika says:

        I completely agree, i loved season 1, season 2is intricately developed, but the multiple plots are confusing and you tend to miss the drama trying to keep up with the over population

    • Belle says:

      Crud…can they bring Declan back then, Please, Please, Please?! He finally grew on me and now he’s gone sniff :(

    • Aryn says:

      Ya know what that just stinks. Jack has had 3 people he loved die in two seasons, that is ridiculous!!! We never saw Declan’s body, just his empty bed. Maybe Nolan put him someplace safe before he was arrested and he’ll pop up alive next season…one can hope, can’t she??!!

    • Randy says:

      I like Ashley, but the only option for her character would be paired with Jack and that would be short term. I’m also in the minority. I liked Declan and Charlotte together. I laughed at my friend who brought up the fact that you never saw Declan die. That maybe the FBI or Intiative has him. I ask her why would they care? I wanted them to keep Padma.

    • lee says:

      um actually I loved Ashley too as a person! I’m sure Mike Kelley may have a role for her or storyline somewhere but there’s a new person in charge now.

  2. james says:

    Whaaaat? Why didn’t they just kill her off instead of Declan? And now Emily officially has no friends (even though I guess Ashley counted as a frenemy).

    • Choco says:

      Ashley and Emily haven’t been “friends” since she broke Daniel and Emily’s engagement. They shared like 3 scenes in season 2.
      I thought she was finally showing some promise but the character always seemed a little useless after she introduced Victoria to Emily.

    • MaryAnn says:


    • iMember says:

      There would have been no impact or emotional connection for the characters if Ashley had died instead of Declan. Declan’s death at least was done with reason. Killing Asley wouldn’t have done anything for the story.

      • SD says:

        Good point.. I agree.

      • Elly says:

        I disagree, Emily may not have been fond of her but she had enough of Jack’s respect where he would have been upset if she had been killed. Killing Declan was far too cruel a fate for Jack and won’t be beneficial in the long run. I love this show but it’s become fairly predictable-I really think Declan would have added more long term.

  3. Kristina says:

    Still don’t understand why they didn’t just kill her off. Especially if they knew they weren’t going to be bringing her back. At least they could have given her character a meaningful exit.

    • MaryAnn says:

      I get the feeling that the old showrunner left her in, and the new showrunner decided she was gone, so writing her out got lost between the two. It would be nice, though, if she could show up in one episode to mark her departure.

    • Dexx says:

      What makes you think that she won’t get one? Not having her option be picked up and being written out doesn’t’ mean that she isn’t returning for a few episodes as part of being “written out”.

    • laid-back sniper says:

      OR…. Maybe nobody it thinking about SERIES 4. She could come back… da da da da da !

  4. Alichat says:

    Why didn’t they just kill off her character in the finale instead of Declan? She’s been worthless since the middle of season 1. If they’d kept Declan around, at least Jack would have some family left…….besides the rarely seen Carl.

  5. Hmmmm says:

    I agree. Why kill Declan if Ashely’s option was not being picked up? Unless they are in need of trimming the fat. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. I realize that a lot of people didnt like Declan, but now Jack is alone. I guess, that was probably the point. Still feels like this wasn’t completely thought out. I felt like Ashley’s character was being redeemed. Should have sent her out with a bang.

    • Liz says:

      There was really no where to go with her anymore. Her death would not have moved anyone or changed the story like Declan. Declan was always such an inigma that his death wasn’t huge disappointment. Did anyone’s possible predictions include Ashley

    • dude says:

      They didn’t know her option wouldn’t be picked up until after the finale.

  6. ChrisGa says:

    I gotta say that, while I thought for most of the show’s run Ashley was basically useless, I actually was liking her trying to cozy up to Jack at the end of this season. And I’d still rather see her stick around than Charlotte, who I find beyond useless; they should’ve killed her off with Declan.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      Charlotte is Emily/Amanda’s only blood relation that’s a series regular. She’s almost certainly safe at least until the final season.

  7. ER says:

    I guess I’m the only one who feels that taking out both Ashley and Declan was the best decision Revenge has made in a long time. That show already has too many characters – especially now that Patrick has shown up (which, let’s face it, means that Emily will probably have FOUR love interests next season). And, anyways, Declan’s death motivated Jack to go all dark and actually consider committing murder. No one really cares about Ashley – killing her off wouldn’t have motivated anyone to do anything.

    • laid-back sniper says:

      Ha ha. Emily with 4 love interests, you’re probably right.
      I don’t agree with you about Ashley being taken out but Jack’s new side is definitely exciting. His raw, agressive & sly alter-ego seems to come naturally on set. Do you remember the close-up of his eyes in the hospital? It seemed the visual trigger of his veangeful side emerging.

  8. The Voice says:

    Get rid of Daniel next.

    • Radha says:

      THIS. I do not get what people see in him. A lot of fans love him more than Jack and I cannot fathom why. Because he’s devious? I still think the writers meant to kill him off in the first season on the beach and rewrote that scene to pander to fans. Because he and Emily Van Camp are dating in real life. I really dislike when actors date and I’m forced to watch it onscreen. It makes me feel like I’m a voyeur or something.

      • Jessy says:

        You’re totally wrong. They shot that scene in January 2012 (but the decision was made way before) and nobody knew that Emily and Josh were already a couple, not the fans at least.The reason was that many fans liked Daniel and felt bad for him to die ’cause he was a good guy. I remember back in the days how many comments I read of people that didn’t want him being the dead. Plus Josh Bowman is good looking and has many girl fans. Now everybody hate his character regardless of him and Emily dating or not.

        • cas says:

          Yeah I agree too. I have liked Daniel from the beginning. He is not like his parents, although I am starting to question it sometimes and he is playing into her Revenge scheme. I would have been sad if he was the one who died in season 1. I think every time actors on shows date in real life, you always have some crazy fans who think writers are catering to them, when in reality they aren’t, they are just doing things how they planned in the first place but someone has to have a conspiracy theory about it and it is always because they don’t like the storyline.

      • GS says:

        I’ve always liked Daniel too. Maybe some of the real life chemistry shows through or something but I see absolutely zero sparks between her and Jack. They were like 9 for God’s sake! Trying to concoct a “true love” story from that is beyond stupid to me. I know they’ll wind up together but I can’t stand Jack. He went went from brooding and useless to dark and revengey and useless. Daniel has always had a bigger part in moving the story. Not to mention Josh Bowman is so much hotter than whoever plays Jack that it’s not funny.

      • GuyAwks says:

        I 100% agree. Daniel is a disgusting person- he covered up David Clarke’s framing and said David Clarke deserved to be murdered. Why would Emily ever seriously date someone as corrupt as that? I also have serious doubts about anyone who still ships Emily/Daniel when Emily has made it clear she feels nothing for Daniel. A competition between Jack and Aiden (I personally prefer Jack) makes sense but Daniel is out of the running.

    • Azerty says:

      I agree, the character is booooring and it is about time the Graysons stop having everything.

  9. MaryAnn says:

    Yes, you are right. Killing Ashley would in no way have driven the plot, and that was what killing Declan was all about. It didn’t matter whether the viewers liked him that much, but the CHARACTERS in the story did. His death has set things in motion and completely changed everything. And I, for one, was more touched by his death than by any others in this springs finales.

  10. Mike R. says:

    Shame, I was enjoying he friendship with Jack.

  11. AM says:

    Ugh….they just need to put this show out of its misery. Scandal took all its buzz.

    • Elyse says:

      LOL! you’re hilarious.

    • cas says:

      What do these shows have to do with each other? Should ABC cancel every thing besides Scandal then? Give Ms. Rhimes a couple seasons and I am sure she will work her magic and run that show into the ground.

    • xwiseguyx says:

      Why would you even be reading this article then? Don’t you have better things to do than read about shows you don’t like?

    • maxisatroll123 says:

      Dude seriously if u don’t like the show then why comment on it what does scandals buzz have to do with this show. Just stick with ur crappy show

    • GuyAwks says:

      Correction- Scandal took the cushy Thursday slot. Put Scandal on Sundays at 9pm (competing against The Walking Dead and Survivor) and see how well it does.

  12. lorna says:

    She was tolerable buddying up with jack. Agreed- give her an ep to die or leave.

  13. Carda says:

    This sucks :(
    I liked Ashley! She always looked gorgeous :(

  14. Hmmmm says:

    Any word on Alden’s fate? I suppose that due to his last scene in the finale the show is keeping that information pretty close to the vest right now.

  15. Kameron says:

    I actually started liking Ashley. I guess this is a good thing for Ashley Madekwe though because then she could actually get a better role on a bigger series

  16. My guess is budget cuts. Honestly, the ratings were terrible this season and chances are they wrote out her character for budgetary reasons, which is why they don’t really need her any longer. Seriously, how else were they coming back unless they cut the budget? Probably why Declan was killed too.

    • SJ says:

      Oh please! The ratings were good. The show averaged a 2.2 in Live+SD and the only reason ratings were down in the spring was because ABC aired it against every single award show and the big football games in January and February. It looks as though they’ve seen the error of their ways and will split the coming season in two parts…

      • ggny says:

        i dont know where you get your information. But the ratings where terrible after last season Revenge and all of ABC Sunday night was a huge loser this year

  17. Valerie says:

    Lol just confirms my earlier theory that I want Ashley to interrupt Jack’s attempt at assassinating Conrad and be caught in the gunfire. I never got the purpose of her character. Bye bye!

  18. Kevin says:

    How about killing her off in the season 3 premiere, and start out with a bang?

    • Nicole says:

      Maybe Jack will try and shoot Conrad and ends up by accident shooting Ashley in the season premiere.

  19. Cecelia says:

    That’s a shame. I actually liked the character Ashley. Will miss her snark and great fashion sense. It’s a shame that they didn’t keep Ashley and Emily friends as that would have made a better storyline. I felt that Ashley Madekwe did the best that was possible with how her character was written. Best of luck to her in future roles.

    • kavyn says:

      I agree with your point of view. There’s only so much an actress can do when she’s told to be the Grayson’s prostitute after having her own independence and agenda in season 1.

  20. P says:

    Aw. I wonder what happened. The wording of her “exit” is confusing me. Why would they choose to get rid of the Ashley character off screen? Or did she choose to leave?

  21. Dr. Bombay says:

    It’s just too bad she didn’t die a horrible death with Declan (who I don’t really think is dead BTW…we didn’t actually see him die and that doctor looked awfully suspicious.)

  22. Donnie says:

    LOL, they didn’t do anything remotely interesting with her for two seasons and now suddenly they decide to let her go due to storyline reasons? Ridiculous. They could have at least given her something to do on the show before removing her.

  23. the girl says:

    All this time I was waiting for it to be revealed that she had a secret revengenda of her own. I hope they bring her back for the first two or three episodes just to explain away her departure.

  24. Rachel says:

    Babysit Carl…and you’re TOAST. Watch out, Charlotte!

  25. Patty Stamps says:

    I think she’ll get another job without a problem. But I’m glad to see her character go..she’s been pretty useless all season.

  26. siskaaw says:

    Geez. I don’t know how season 3 going to be with this all quit stuff.. I wish it will stay the way it was

  27. Justin says:

    I actually really liked Ashely. It may have to do that I like Ashley Madekwe but her character was always out for herself and scheming to rise the social ranks. Definitely agree that she was one of the useless characters going in the second season but I hope she does come back as a guest star or as a recurring character.

  28. Lori says:

    Seems like they couldn’t figure out what to do with this character but the actress made the most of what she was given. She did have the cutest clothes on the show. I was thinking that she also had a family member impacted by the plane crash but guess not.

  29. wrstlgirl says:

    Can’t say I’m upset about this. Never liked her character at all.

  30. Valerie says:

    Never cared for the character, but I have to admit, her alliance with Jack made her more likable then she’d ever been before. There was potential there.

  31. Patti says:

    I bet Jack accidentally ends up shooting Ashley rather than Condrad.

  32. Paul says:

    Like Revenge wasn’t lily white enough already, they’ve let go of the only person of color in the regular cast.

  33. Jo says:

    At last! She’s gone !! I wonder if they will kill her off?

  34. SJ says:

    Good riddance! The character outlived its usefulness after the pilot. Looks like the new guy is actually listening to the fans unlike Mike Kelley.

  35. Mikael says:

    It seemed like at one point they were going to do something with her. Remember when they showed how she and Emily met? Ashley was like a prostitute or something and Emily gave her money to escape? It would have been nice to see how they became friends. But Ashley in present-day had pretty much run her course. I guess not killing her onscreen leaves the door open for her to return somewhere down the road.

  36. Spencer says:

    Perhaps, like someone predicted, in the season premiere, Jack will still end up firing at Conrad but she’ll jump in front to take the bullet…. That’d be a nice, quick way to be rid of her.

  37. ggny says:

    I dont get the point of killing Declan and not Ashley. Declan had a pretty good storyline going into next year

  38. Christian says:

    The fans are killing this show little by little. I’m so effing upset.

  39. Christian says:

    The fans are killing this show little by little. I’m so fu–ing upset!

  40. anja says:


  41. ? says:

    i wonder if Jack is going to shoot at conrad but hit and kill ashely insted

  42. I hope Conrad kills her, really passionately too. It’d be perfect to see him do it after he finds out about her betrayal. Either that or Victoria. I want knives involved, no gun, I want her to be stabbed and tortured. I don’t even hate her, I just want the show to go there for once.

    • GuyAwks says:

      That would actually be very interesting to see. I too don’t have any beef with Ashley but since the writers seem to be building up Conrad as an ultimate villain, him having Ashley brutally murdered for her betrayal would be a good way to cement that.

  43. Mimi says:

    I thought she was getting interesting in the last few episodes but Revenge cant seem to cope with a cast of 9 characters. Clearly she got the chop after they wrapped production on S2. I assume ABC made it a condition of the renewal.

    So we’ll get the Emily&Jack story in S3, Zzzzzzzz

  44. Aryn says:

    I want to know the REAL reason creator Mike Kelley left…creative differences aside, the show creator is not typically dismissed due to one bad plot path – he made the show in Season 1 – let him come back and prove his vision, he deserves a second chance!!!!

  45. Belle says:

    Jack doesn’t do it for me, he is a boring character. Not sure if it’s due to his portrayer, or just lack of substance. He has been a snooze since he hit the screen. Maybe he’ll have more depth to his character now that he thinks he’s lost everything/everyone. Emily and Jack together romantically will doom this show – hope that ending was a dream sequence on Emily’s part and it picks up with her not saying what she said at the end :)

    • LE says:

      I think it’s both. If Nick Wechsler was umm better they will write more interesting things for him and Jack could be a really charming guy.. I mean, I think the purpose of Jack is to show how he is the only good “thing” in Emily’s past. But.. Emily is such a badass, I mean I know most people don’t like Aidan but he makes more sense to me than Jack. But Jack is just lame and useless zZZZ

      At least Aidan & Emily share a thing in common, but Jack & Emily doesn’t have anything in common now.

  46. Jacqi says:

    What tool them so long? Never liked Ashley.

  47. Betsers says:

    I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!! Jack’s going to shoot at Conrad, Ash is going to jump in the way and be hailed a hero. CRAP.

    • Daniel says:

      how so? Emily was standing right there to stop him and she told him her real identity…what does Ashley have to do with that scene? you’ve copied everyone else on here….

  48. kavyn says:

    They completely ruined her character in season 2. Really loved her though, but I understood why many hated her character. I was hoping she’d go back to her season 1 ways :(

    • O-Town says:

      Revenge should have used Ashley’s character as the entry point for Patrick. She could have been jobless again, after the election, and run into Patrick like at a bar (she’s bartending). Revenge could have fast forwarded to a few months after the season finale and Patrick and Ashley could have showed up in the Hamptons and caused some havoc. Ashley and Patrick would not have had any secrets between them but definitely have legitimate axes to grind with Victoria and Conrad and even Daniel.

  49. Babygate says:

    They should have made this decision before killing off Declan. Granted he didn’t bring much to the table either but at least he was there for Jack and Charlotte is pregnant with his baby. So his death seemed unnecessary. Ashley, on the other hand, should have been gone a long time ago. I wonder if this is a matter of budgeting. I’m sure Ms. Stowe is demanding a pretty penny for her role, especially since she gets top billing. In my opinion, Victoria is expendable. Amanda should be the center of the story, not Victoria. Even the introduction of the long lost son seems too contrived and like another distraction. Like when Amanda’s foster brother turned up. Was THAT a waste of time.