Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln on New Romance for Rick: '[Spoiler] Would Be Deeply Upset'

The Walking Dead Season 4 SpoilersWhat are the rules of bereavement during a zombie apocalypse?

That provocative question has to be on the minds of Robert Kirkman and his fellow Walking Dead scribes as they head into Season 4 — and get further away from last year’s grisly death of Sarah Wayne Callies’ Lori. (Rumor has it the new season will pick up 4-8 months after Season 3 left off, which would have Rick closing in on his first anniversary as a single dad.)

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For his part, Andrew Lincoln is of the opinion that Rick is not quite ready to entertain a new relationship. “I think that there has to be some kind of mourning time,” the actor told TVLine earlier this month just as production on Season 4 was getting underway. “I don’t think he’s able to engage at all on that level at the moment. I wouldn’t rule it out though.”

Lincoln then added with a chuckle, “I think Sarah Wayne Callies would be phoning me deeply upset if anything like that would be happening in Season 4.”

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Calling the Season 4 premiere “terrific,” Lincoln expressed confidence in new showrunner Scott Gimple, although he admitted to maintaining a safe distance from what goes on behind-the-scenes. “We sort of go off and get into this bubble in Atlanta,” he explained. “It’s all about storytelling for me. If the words are good then, you know, it’s our job to make them ring true. All of the other stuff… I’m just a cowboy. I don’t wear the suits. I don’t get involved in all of that kind of stuff. There’s nowhere to park my horse.”

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  1. Sarah says:

    Well as Shane and Lori proved, there are no rules….

    • If the Dexter/Lumen think proved anything, it’s that there should be rules.

    • Bill says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Lori’s “mourning period” was about two weeks. And that was the beginning of the hate fest for her and Shane. I doubt TPTB want to make the same mistake with Rick.

  2. Mila says:

    So pissed this show didn’t allow Andrea/Rick

  3. Sarah says:

    I wanted Shane/Lori!!

  4. You know it's true says:

    Show flopped it badly

  5. the girl says:

    I would like to see an exploration of Rick and Michonne, personally.

    • Bitsy says:

      Ditto. I felt they had a few moments in the finale.

    • Miranda says:

      A Rick/Michonne relationship is at the top of my season 4 wishlist. I saw instant chemistry from the first moment that Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira showed up on screen together. However, I doubt it will happen. The writers will probably hook up Michonne and Tyrese instead.

      • anon says:

        Tyrese got with Carol in the comics right? But this Carol seems she has grown into a very different Carol than the comics. Do Tyrese and Michonne hook up in the comics?

        • cas says:

          No Carol and Daryl? :(

        • Jess says:

          Yes they do. And Carol catches them and tries to kill herself. Then Carol goes crazy and tries to have a 3-way relationship with Rick and Lori and they reject her and later on she kills herself. Ironically her daughter still lives…as far as I’ve read.

          • Chris says:

            Not really, Carol tries to hook up with Lori, then Rick, and then asks to be married to both. And yes, Sophia is alive and well in the current issue of the comic being taken care of by Maggie.

        • JWCamp says:

          Michonne hooks up with almost everyone in the comic.

        • Chris says:


          Tyrese and Michone hook up once in the comic and Carol sees it and breaks up with Tyrese.

      • cody randall says:

        umm…..Tyrese and Michonne do get together in the comic….so….yeah

    • Melanie Link says:

      I agree. I think Michonne and Rick could be totally HOT!

    • Kat says:

      Agree. Rick and Michonne would be really interesting cause they’re very similar in how distant they are. It would be so amazing to see them confide in eachother and form the friendship that they have in the novels, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing it turn into something more (after a while though, cause Rick should still be mourning right now).

    • Deni Nichols says:

      Just for a brief moment, Rick and Michonne…maybe… they would be better and comrades. They kind of reminded me of a tag team ( like Rick and Shane) had been in the scene when they were riding away together after they bonded.

    • Steph says:

      I want to see them build up their trust, respect and reliance for one another before they go down the romance route, but if they do, I feel like it has really great potential!

  6. Ana says:

    I think Rick needs more time to heal. Not only to mourn Lori’s death. He really went off the rails for a while and he needs to be tested again to make sure he stable. THEN, he can consider a new relationship. Still upset they killed Lori and Andrea though…

    • Leonessa says:

      I agree that he should spend season 4 reacquainting himself with his sanity. I’d think it better that he build a strong female friendship that could evolve at the end of season 4 or segue into season 5. I can’t say I was sad to see Andrea go, the girl was always pitching her tent for the wrong Indian and wouldn’t listen for crap. Lori, IDK, she was actually my least favorite person on the show. (Shane was at first then I realized he was nuts and not fully responsible for actions.)

    • Susan says:

      I think the whole cast should get in a big pile. Except for Karl and Judith, of course. After all, it’s just a zombie apocalypse.

  7. Shaun says:

    I think of anyone left,it would be Tyreese sister.He can be solo for awhile though.

  8. John says:

    I felt they were priming Beth for this over the last season. Hey, no rules in a zombie apocalypse, right?

    • Pati D says:

      Oh hell no! Beth? Hell no!

    • Eww… I can’t see this at all.

    • John DeMayo says:

      I thought they were hinting at Beth and Carl… not Beth and Rick.

      • Danielle H. says:

        I saw both at different times.. one episode when Rick returns from being somewhere Beth gets all excited and tries to go to him and I remember thinking O MY are they going there? And then you have moments of her and Carl. Truthfully she isn’t the right age for either of them.

        • Leonessa says:

          She isn’t the right age for either of them but I can see Carl having a crush on her (which would be understandable) and maybe, just maybe her having a crush on Rick (but I hope not).

      • J says:

        Hey, based on recent (spoiler for unspecified, different show), father-son love triangles might be all the rage now!

      • Courtney M. says:

        Yeah I felt the same way. It looked like Carl was trying to impress Beth, and Beth was looking at Rick starry-eyed. I don’t think they’ll “Eeeew… go there” (?), but I could see a typical situation of the son resenting his father for unknowingly stealing the affection of his crush. No, she’s not age appropriate for either, but it’s the good ol’, boy has crush on baby sitter who has crush on dad who’s aloof to the whole thing altogether. In general though, I don’t feel that Rick’s character is ready for romance. At all.

      • Jessie says:

        Beth is 27….! Carl Just turned 14? I don’t think anthing will be happening for them anytime soon. Honestly, I think carl is going To keep To himself because not once Did it show him open up eben To judith

    • Abby says:

      I’m not up for this, sorry, I just can’t.

    • Godfrey Padare says:

      Its reasonable yes, and i read that Rick and Carl’s relationship goes to the dogs…. Couldnt this be a catalyst to that? Carl has a thing for Beth but Rick takes her instead fuelling Carl to betray Rick out of spite

    • Chris says:

      I doubt if Beth will be around for long. Her character is the least developped in the show.

  9. chloe says:

    I personally don’t know if I could see Rick with anyone else, because its more than mourning Lori, he just lost his soul mate. Those two were perfect for each other. I miss Lori more than anyone, and I’ll never stop watching even tho I don’t like it as much now that Lori is gone. Rick and Lori loved each other so much even tho they couldn’t admit it.

    • Susan Berisford says:

      Lori and Rick were having marital problems before the walkers were in their lives. She moved on with Shane without a second thought and they were not speaking for how long before she died? I really don’t think they were soul mates I think he feels guilty because they weren’t on good terms and he likes to save everyone. He could move on with me if he wanted! Lol.

    • Autumn says:

      I have to agree with you, Chloe. Have been re-watching past seasons, and Rick/Lori were such a complete team. Both strong, but supportive of each other. They were a believable married couple. It was her rejection that sent him crazy, but there was a hint that they could have resolved that. They made a mistake in killing her off when they did, IMHO. .

  10. Jason says:

    I hope Gimple rights the ship.

    • Jimmy says:

      Gimple can only do what AMC will let him do. AMC studio steers the Walking Dead ship. The showrunners are just replaceable figureheads, lol.

  11. Joe says:

    They could pair Rick up with Karen (Melissa Ponzio)

    • Abby says:

      I could see this. Or at least maybe she’ll try and he’ll push her away because he’s not ready. Still, now that TV Andrea’s gone, all bets are truly off because there’s no way this plot point can follow the comic line.

  12. JP says:

    I do like the idea of a Rick/michonne pairing (richonne??), but I really hope it’s a slow burn. Both are wounded emotionally, both distant themselves to process emotions. In the fast past Zombie apocolypse, I, for one, would like this to take its due time.

  13. Zoe says:

    I could see Rick and Beth together, yes, she’s young (she’d be 18/19 with the time jump, but Emily Kinney is 27) but does age difference really matter that much at the end of the world? I think, out of all the women left in the group, that she’s the most like Lori, i.e she takes care of the baby and does domestic stuff. (I even noticed that she dresses in the same kind of outfits as Lori). I’m thinking that Rick would gravitate more towards someone like Beth, who is warm and caring, rather than the warrior women! I can see Rick being good friends with Michonne, like they are in the comic books, but I don’t see a romantic spark.

    • Pati D says:

      No! Just no! Taking care of the baby and doing domestic stuff does not make her capable of taking on an emotionally broken man. Rick needs to heal before dating anyone. When he does heal it still won’t be Beth.

      • Zoe says:

        But we haven’t seen much character development from Beth yet, she might be shown to have more emotional depth, now Emily Kinney has been upgraded to a series regular. It would also be interesting because of the age difference, and the fact that they both have living family members to contend with. Carl may have had a crush on Beth, but with Emily Kinney being in her late 20s in real life, and Chandler Riggs being 13/14, that ship ain’t sailing either! Anyway, everyone’s got their own take on it, I guess. I don’t see any of the other remaining female characters being there for Rick. Carol gravitates towards Daryl, Maggie has Glenn, Karen seemed to be always complaining at Woodbury, although they might develop her character more too, and Michonne is as emotionally messed up as Rick, if not more so, and they would have to have amazing chemistry to pull that off, which others see, but I don’t. Who knows? Maybe they’ll introduce another female character at some point as a love interest.

        • Vic says:

          I agree with Zoe. Wait and see what develops when the prison people get more aquanted with the Woodbury group.

  14. Poli says:

    Since the show writers are incapable of writing a good (or consistant) female character, I’d rather they not add a new love interest for Rick. Especially since she would probably be Fridged to torture Rick more.

  15. cas says:

    I like Rick/Michonne as good friends. I feel he could use someone like her. Why do people want to ruin that and create a romantic spark? I just don’t see them together like that. I don’t see Michonne with anyone yet. And Beth is too young. They would have to write some crazy good storyline to get people on board with that scenario.

    • Ashley says:

      Hands down it’s RICK & MICHONNE they have some things in common!…….. TWD SEASON 4 Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. RichieS says:

    I could see a storyline where Carl accidentally happens upon Rick and Michonne sleeping in the same bed and shoots Michonne in the head while muttering to a horrified Rick “she’s not Mom” .

  17. LOL whussup black man?

  18. Piperh Pierson says:

    In the comics it’s all dif,Andrea and Rick are semi-together,Sophia is still with us,the way the show is going,if the writers buckle to audience demands,Daryl and Carol for sure and there was def flirting with Rick and Michonne,and if they don’t buckle to audience demand in season 4’say goodbye to Glenn

  19. haqqy says:

    I hope rick go’s a bit more crazy. I liked crazy rick. Daryl is going to hook up with carol but its going to be about season 5/6. I thought andra was going to die in the last episoad. I didnt want her to but someone had to go and I think hershal is next. Carol will survive all the way through. Daryl will unfortanalty die in the very last few episoads. And no matter how unperdictable as walking dead is, the baby will live. They cant kill a baby.
    Well thats what I think for the futer of walking dead. Sorry for the bad spelling.

    • Naz says:

      Im sorry but no way in hell daryl could die before carol. Carol doesnt have as much skill a daryl has. Im thinkin Daryl, Rick, Micchone, Tyreese, Carl, and Judith will last be alive.

  20. haqqy says:

    I hope rick go’s a bit more crazy. I liked crazy rick. Daryl is going to hook up with carol but its going to be about season 5/6. I thought andra was going to die in the last episoad. I didnt want her to but someone had to go and I think hershal is next. Carol will survive all the way through. Daryl will unfortanalty die in the very last few episoads. And no matter how unperdictable as walking dead is, the baby will live. They cant kill a baby. Well thats what I think for the futer of walking dead. Sorry for the bad spelling.

  21. lauren says:

    I just don’t understand why everyone is so eager for Rick to be romantic again. He’s a broken man and is in the process of healing! So I don’t see how anyone could fill Lori’s shoes, let alone in season 4.

  22. Amber says:

    I don’t think they’ll have him in a relationship with anyone just yet. He needs time to mourn and get his head back on straight. But then again, with the jump in time, they might put him with someone. Hopefully they’ll build up to it and not make it a quick thing. Or they could just leave him by himself for a while.

  23. mike says:

    Come on people! I understand the writers, producers, etc… keep saying “no rules”, and although Beth is of legal age, do you really think there will be a “Beth and Rick”? Not a chance in hell! If Rick does find a new love in season 4, I believe it will be a new character that we haven’t been introduced to yet, on screen or comic. Im just really glad we wont have to listen to Andrea anymore! I was just as glad to see her go as I was when Dale got it in S2

  24. mike says:

    Come on people! I understand the writers, producers, etc… keep saying “no rules”, and although Beth is of legal age, do you really think there will be a “Beth and Rick”? Not a chance in hell! If Rick does find a new love in season 4, I believe it will be a new character that we haven’t been introduced to yet, on screen or comic. Im just really glad we wont have to listen to Andrea anymore! I was just as glad to see her go as I was when Dale got it in S2!!!!!

  25. Naz says:

    Holy hell… Uhm well Im hoping that merle will b a flashback, i want someone to beat carl cuz hes a punk. Hopefully hernandes will kill off the gov. Even though ik he wont, carol and daryl, i want morgan with michonne, hopefully we see what happen to whats his name…(the mexican family from season 1) and RIP T-Dog, Merle, Lori, Andrea, Dale, Jim, Jacquie, and Shane.

  26. Mary says:

    I think Lorie has come back. the picture they showed of season 4 sure looks like her!

  27. Creed says:

    None of those relationships can hold a candle to the big relationship of the show, the zombie’s love for biting. :P

    • azu says:

      I hope Rick is on his own for a long while. He should wait until Beth is 21. I wouldn’t want michonne with ric. I would much rather prefer them as friends

  28. DonDraperSaysWhat says:

    Why is this show turning into a soap opera?! Why can’t we just have good friendships, why does it always have to be who’s with who. This is why GOT’s is better than TWD

  29. Kisha from Houston says:

    I want Rick with Michonne. They have chemistry. Rick needs a woman to be everything to him that Lori wasnt. She caused Rick a lot of heartache even before the walkers came about. He is shouldering too much responsibility to do this alone. He deserves a good woman. He is ready to move on. I don’t think Herschel would approve of Beth with Rick.

  30. imtiaj says:

    I would like to see flashbacks of the times when the zombie attacks were on news and also few episodes with snowfall. Maybe staying under snowfall can do something to the zombies like reanimating their brains or something.

  31. TJ says:

    I’d like to point out that the governed and his 2 main men are still alive out there. After killing his own citizens, and going full psycho, he WILL come back for ricks group. Since Phillip shot Merle Daryl will make a stupid move to attack him and will die. He won’t die right away because hes a fan favorite and AMC needs him. But unfortunately he will either go missing or be killed to keep the show “interesting”. I think Daryl will go missing, but remain alive so AMC has the option of bringing him back if they start to lose viewers. It would not only add suspense but since Daryl is a bad ass he can always survive in the woods. I’ve never read the comics but have seen all episodes so far.

  32. azu says:

    I also really like Sasha. She and Rick do have a possibility not like michionne

  33. Ray says:

    Why do I think if they introduce a new love interest everyone will hate her because she will be very cardboard character, with no personality, or very irritating. I’m with Chloe, and Autumn, i think they should of kept Lori around on her redemption path and have her and Rick make it back to each other. You can’t kill everyone and expect the audience to engage the new people they know for five minutes the same way. I was upset Merle died, the guy was finally coming around. I”m glad they never did Andrea/Rick, but would have been okay with her continuing on the show.
    Believe it or not the show is about relationships at its heart, not the zombies. Shane/Rick Lori/Shane Lori/Rick Merle/Daryl Carol/Daryl Herchel/Rick Maggie /Glen Morgan/Rick Andrea/Dale. I’m very bored with the new group of people except Tyreese. The Governor was too over the top, crazy town. I really wish they’d do more flashbacks again like the one they did with Lori/Shane when the apocalypse began. The zombies are not really scary anymore like when they were first seen. My vote on Beth/Rick one word, gross.

  34. Isus says:

    Rick and Beth ♥

  35. Megan says:

    Definitely no romance for Rick this season, maybe sometime late in Season 5. I think they will stick to the comic book and Glenn will unfortunately die this season. This would open the doors for Rick and Maggie, after both mourn, and get their heads clear.

  36. rtozier says:

    Hopefully no-one will be spoilered by this as I am only going to discuss plotlines from already-aired episodes as of this time of writing, December 30 2013, after the end of Season 4a, but if you’ve not yet got to the end of episode ‘Too Far Gone’, here there be spoilers: beware.
    Lilly is still alive as of the end of 4a and Rick may now have certain horrible things (one in particular) in common with her, she’s a new character from his perspective and thus arguably more likely to become a love interest than any of the women he’s hung out with for a while already without ‘getting with’. Also if the theory is that only a new character will be a love interest for Rick, then Lilly is probably the only option as the only other new female character is her gay sister Tara. Sticking with the ‘new character more likely to romance pre-existing character’ idea, Tara’s candidates for a new girlfriend would be Beth, Sasha and Michonne. If she finds a girlfriend within that trio, I’d have it be Beth, as Beth is more interesting than Sasha currently (Beth being both more explored to date and currently grieving) and, although Michonne may have an already-established compatible orientation (deduced from the closeness of her relationship with Andrea and the fact that their last scene together in life occurred behind a closed door for some reason, knowwhatimeansaynomore), she feels a) slightly too old for Tara and b) too as-yet unexplored, like Sasha. We’ll see; exploration for any character could be forthcoming in 4b. I don’t know yet.

  37. I like idea of New female character who is more domestic/care taker. Everyone likes her but underestimates her…thinking she’s a “cookie baker” type. Until she surprises everyone when she grabs a gun against walkers when they go for Judith. Knocks off a few w/o breaking a sweat. Slowly turns out that this woman is complex and multi faceted. But not wacky. Unlike Lori. She and rick draw slowly closer. Culminates in love and passion