Fall TV Preview

What Happens Next: Which Nashville Career Is Doomed to Crash? Will Gunnar Sing the Blues?

Nashville Season 2 PreviewTVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

ABC’s Nashville didn’t leave much on the table as its freshman season skidded to a close. In fact, as we have previously quipped, all that was missing was Tandy getting abducted by a UFO.

You had Juliette mourning Jolene’s scandalous death by braving the CMAs, then later discovering the truth about — and coming to terms with — her momma’s selfless act. Teddy learned that off-kilter Peggy was preggy. Newbie Will demonstrated his resolve to ascend the country music ladder by suppressing his sexuality.

VIDEO | The New Spoiler Alert! Reviews the Finales of Nashville, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and Revenge

But beyond that, the finale left us with two cliffhangers begging for immediate resolution: Gunnar’s popping of the question to sweetheart/onetime singing partner Scarlett, and the Just for Good Measure SUV flip that left the fate of Deacon — who’d already tumbled off one wagon — and lady love Rayna up in the air (or as “up in the air” as the two root-for leads of any show can be).

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What do you think will happen when Season 2 opens? Replay the finale’s final seconds below, then review our carefully hand-crafted poll options and vote, elaborating on your picks in Comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. “Rayna confides in Deacon that Maddie’s father is in fact a Texas high school football coach who once passed through town. ” – THIS IS HILARIOUS

  2. jari says:

    Texas high school coach… *slow clap* well played.

  3. Midori says:

    How this show got a second season when Body of Proof had tax credits and better ratings got canceled will always bug me.

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      Because Body of Proof didn’t have better ratings and Nashville brought in more money from the marketing of the music and soundtrack.

      • Midori says:

        Body of Proof got around 9 million viewers and a 1.5 to 1.6 demo.
        Nashville got 5.5 million viewers and a 1.6 rating.

        So is 9 million higher than 5.5 million?

        And Body of Proof had HUGE tax credits from the state of CA, they were pretty much paying for the whole show, and would have for another 2 seasons.

        • Nerwen Aldarion says:

          That 1.5 to 1.6 demo was the LOWEST Nashville ever went, on average it received anywhere from a 1.7 to a 2.2 which is a lot higher than Body of Proof went this year.

          In contrast the highest Body of Proof ever got was a 1.6, it generally got a 1.2 to a 1.4 in the ratings.

          You can’t cherry pick ratings to fit the story you want. You need to look at the AVERAGE.

          • Leola says:

            Not to mention the numbers grew exponentially when the DVR +7 and +14 were added in. It also had a large number of viewers who bought the shows on iTunes. This goes for several shows that were picked up for another season.

      • lauren says:

        Plus, people actually talk about “Nashville”! “Body Of Proof” has like less than zero buzz.

    • rawley says:

      Yeah… I’ve actually never even heard of Body of Proof.

    • Brandy says:

      I believe Nashville was beating BOP in demo most or all of the last eight weeks.Total viewers dont matter.Nashville rose in the last eight weeks in ratings.There was talk of a music tour with the cast.Music sales were good and made money.CMT bought and marathoned the first nine episodes ,which made money..Critics loved Nashville.Connie and Hayden were nomiated for Golden Globes.Nashville did very well in Live Plus 7 too.It was also nominated for a People Choice Award for favorite new tv drama.It was a breakout hit but wasnt a total ,out of the gate flop either.Plus, abc cancelled Dont Tust the B,How to Live With Your Parents,Happy Endings,Family Tools,Malibu Country,Zero Hour,Red Widow,Last Resort,666 Park Ave,BoP and couldnt afford to cancel it too especially when it was thier better performing freshman show compared to thier others.

    • jackie says:

      so don’t watch it if you don’t like it – it’s not compulsory!

    • Rosalee says:

      I’ll tell you why. It’s because the last thing we need on tv is another freaking “solve the murder” show. We’re sick of medical examiners and cops.

  4. Paul says:

    I know Nashville is, for all intents and purposes, a soap. Just hoping neither Rayna nor Deacon come away from the wreck with amnesia.

    • wordsmith says:

      Though that would give them a do-over on the scene where Maddie tells Deacon he’s her father so that we could actually see how it all plays out instead of cutting away…

  5. AA says:

    @Matt, does this mean Will is sticking around as a regular? How bout Avery? And Gunnar? (asked ausiello via email last week lol)
    Lots of sexy men, but will it just be too many young hot male rockstars trying to make their dream…

  6. Loved the Texas High School Coach the best! *Applause* :-)

  7. Ash says:

    I am all for the high school football coach scenario.
    I don’t like the idea of Rayna getting the DUI. Hope that isn’t how it is played out. I don’t see Connie Britton allowing that to happen to the character.

    • Paul says:

      Are you kidding me? That’s fertile ground for an actor.

      • juggsoflemonade says:

        I am not kidding. I don’t see her allowing it.

        • anon says:

          Considering there was an open bottle of alcohol in the car, a DUI is more than likely. And Rayna was the one driving ( + she had been drinking at the bluebird )

          • Cheryl says:

            I don’t think Rayna would have made such a big deal about deacon drinking and driving IF she had been drinking that much. Deacon is not going to let Rayba get thrown in jail and ruin her career. Now I could picture him saying he was driving so that he could take the fall. That is more likely the scenario.

  8. juggsoflemonade says:

    I love the idea of the Texas High School Coach.
    I don’t like the idea of Rayna getting a DUI. I hope they don’t go down that road. I also don’t think Connie Britton would allow that to happen to the character. I can see confusion at the accident scene where it is actually Deacon who gets charged with the DUI.

    I am not a big fan of Gunnar and Scarlett. I feel like there has there has been to much focus on them in some of the episodes.

    • CE says:

      Big Big fan of Coach Taylor!! but not the right idea for this. With this said Deacon & Rayna just can’t get together now because it would take away the ” thing “between them , and that is part of what makes the show so great
      Marriage may not be the answer for Gunner and Scarlett , but please don’t ever stop them from singing together. The music they make together is better than any on the show and that is saying a lot because I love it all!!

  9. Dillon says:

    I like the idea for this kind of column a lot. Revenge, too, please?

  10. “Critically injured and fearing she won’t survive surgery, Rayna confides in Deacon that Maddie’s father is in fact a Texas high school football coach who once passed through town.”…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA well at least we’ll have coach Taylor back in the game ….. this answer is just soooo hilarious

  11. Sara says:

    HEY TVLINE, could you come back to these posts in the fall? It would be interesting to read what we thought would happen vs what actually happened. AFAIK this feature wasn’t there last year & it’s great!

  12. Chablis says:

    Wish I could look at video. :-( Can’t view on iPhone.

  13. Diane says:

    “Texas high school coach.” Well played, EW, well played. #MrsCoach #TexasForever

  14. Shanzi says:

    What I would like to see happening is Rayna being in critical condition, and Deacon blaming himself, which first will get him deeper into drugs, but eventually Rayna’s almost death and Maddie can pull him back out.
    I really don’t think that Scarlett will accept the proposal, just doesn’t seem like her considering their relationship isn’t the best right now. I think the only question that does remain is if they will break up for good, or if they remain a couple.

  15. kaitmarch says:

    As much as I wish Rayna would wake up from the accident as Tami Taylor, my gut feeling is that the DUI is more likely because the show already hates her anyway. Might as well pile on additional hardships. (Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen and that Connie still hold some shred of control as a producer in Season 2.)

    • judy b says:

      What do u mean hates her? Tami is the baseline of the show? That’s like saying “everybody hates Raymond!”
      You must be watching to see all the younger actors? It’s about time that a character is based on over 20 something storyline. I’m tired of all these other shows focusing on murder,death or some sort of crime scene!
      Nashville is refreshing!

  16. JLC says:

    Not happy with any of the choices in these polls (of course loved the Coach Taylor reference though). I hope none of these scenarios actually come to pass.

    • RichieS says:

      Not necessarily a Coach Taylor reference. The coach/father could’ve been Coach Mac,although he may have been a little old for her, or even Coach Billy Riggins. Too bad the choice wasnt simply “a high school football coach” which would have allowed Denzel to be a possiblilty !

  17. Elyse says:

    I really hope Scarlett and Avery don’t end up back together. to me it seemed like they were heading in a direction of pairing Juliette and Avery… which I wouldn’t mind! I also hope Nashville turns Gunnar back into the sweet guy I used to love so much!

    • Melinks says:

      I agree – I’d love to see an Avery/Juliette romance. Gunnar & Scarlett are meant to be eventually anyway…

  18. shadester says:

    those choices are dumb. I dont think any of those will happen with deacon. i think scarlett will say no. and shy do you keep making fun of the finale so they had a lot going on. finales are like that. this show is awesome.

  19. Jab says:

    Deacon does indeed lose his guitar playing ability which dooms him and his family to a life of mediocrity. Until a white haired gentleman in a DeLorean appears before the accident. Takes him to the future to save his family and then he returns to his “present” and avoids the accident entirely.

  20. JKR says:

    I’d like to see Reyna have a fairly serious injury and be in the hospital for a while, leading Deacon to man up and take responsibility for the accident. He was wasted and the open container was his. Even if Reyna had been drinking, I doubt it was that much. I would also like to see Deacon step up and be there for Maddie while Reyna is in the hospital.

  21. Lori says:

    Not a fan of any of these choices. But I do wish Peggy would just go away.

  22. Rain says:

    Personally I’d like the choice: Rayna dies (or at the very least falls in to a season long coma) in the car wreck and everyone needs to deal with the fallout. She’s just such an unlikable character to me and having to see how her death would affect everyone would be so interesting. Plus, I’d love to never have to listen to her sing again!

  23. Morgan715 says:

    I love rayna. She is so much better than Hayden. She makes the show. And I love her with deacon. I hope they can work it out

  24. sounds so good says:

    Wow … idk bout every1 else but I was so hoping for Deacon&Rayna 2 be together and be a family with the girls especially after Teddy has a baby coming and just all the drama maybe Deacon can get the dui instead . This way he can still play music she keeps her perfect image they can be together and Teddy can try his best to get the girls but it wont happen and once the girls know he is having a baby with his misstres they will grow closer with Deacon. Well here’s hoping !!!!!

  25. Daniella says:

    My heart was broken after the last chapter of season 1. I love Rayna and Deacon. I hope so muach they will stay alive and will be able to realize their love.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I hope that the producers do it right! I want them both to survive, but Rayna should have worse injuries than deacon, causing her to fall into a coma, and this causes deacon to feel awful and forgive her about maddie and so when she wakes up they’ll be back together and in love again :)

  27. Sondra says:

    My actual hope is that Deacon and Rayna raise the 2 girls together (since Deacon is now the father of the oldest girl) and Teddy can raise his new family as the crooked mayor. Also, Scarlett should stay with Gunnar…not Avery. Avery and Juliette have now both been burned so just maybe their insecurities have humbled them which now makes them perfect for each other. Also, there are rumors here in Nashville that they are moving the filming location away from Nashville….I do not like…Nashville is a dream to some people and being filmed here is what makes it so unique and intriguiging to watch. Please stay in NASHVILLE…loved that some of the cast was at the CMA Festival this year!!!

  28. Fangirl says:

    I don’t think I can wait till fall for season 2! I LOVE this show. It’s pretty much the only show I can’t miss. I love Rayna and think she’s gorgeous. It’s great to see Deacon and Rayna together, but that was too short-lived! I just want to know that they’ll be together in season 2. Lennon and Maisy? How can 2 girls who are so young be so talented? Wow! I hated the bad boy turn for Gunnar. Happy to see that fizzle. I could definitely do without the gay guy. Hope he doesn’t return. That’s my 2 cents. Can’t wait to see how the accident plays out! This is torture!

  29. Cheryl says:

    What I find interesting is that most people want to see Rayna lose her kids? Wow!!! I couldn’t even vote because the choices were all so unbelievable. I think that Rayna will be the one most injured and it will cause Deacon to realize that life is too short and that he messed up big time. He’ll vow to never let another day pay without telling Rayna and Maddie how much he loves them. When it comes to Scarlett I voted she would say yes, however…I really don’t think she’s going to get a chance to say. I feel that as she’s staring at Gunnar, scared to death to break his heart she’ll get the call that her uncle is being rushed to the hospital. So, we will just see…I just pray that Deacon’s hand isn’t mangled because I love hearing him play.

  30. I’m holding out for a different ending. Rayna is in a coma and wakes up with Amnesia. Hopefully, during this time, Deacon stops feeling sorry for himself, hops back on the wagon.

  31. Mary Parker says:

    Nashville is NOT leaving Nashville for Season 2….
    Connie( Rayna) is a talented actress and will be able to pull off what ever the writers throw at her…
    Avery and Juliette will hook up for awhile, Avery will sing more( he is actually very talented and was well cast for his role…)
    Scarlette and Gunner’s relationship is a wild card..who knows…
    Will needs to come out of the closet and show that a gay man can make it in the Country Music industry … this town has talented gay/lesbian men and women who have had to deny who they are to make it with the baseline fans of the past, things are changing so maybe Will can lead that fight…
    Deacon will bond with Maddie…
    And Teddy??? Who knows, but the show is in need of a strong women in the 50+ range to attract those views…Maybe Teddy’s mom will show up played by a strong woman like a Tyne Daily , brought in to help with the girls….

  32. Melinks says:

    I just want to see Coleman and Tandy take down Teddy and the old man. Oh, and more cameos by various artists – although make sure they can act or just have them sing…I love me some Brad Paisley, but he needs to leave the speaking lines to his wife and just sing and play the guitar.

  33. Natalie says:

    I hope Scarlett says yes. I hope Rayna & Deacon are ok but I think maybe Rayna will be beat up a little, enough to snap Deacon back to reality. And Teddy will realise he still loves Rayna & she will be lying in hospital torn between the father of her child and….the father of her child. Or maybe someone in the other car they hit died & Rayna will have a manslaughter trial. Jeez I could write this stuff!

  34. Taylor says:

    Reyna & Deacon!! <333

  35. Amy says:

    Love this show !!

  36. Clare mueller. says:

    Deacon will be cut up and bruised but not seriously injured. Rayna on the other hand will be hurt and in the hospital. Something that will immobilize her but not threaten her life. Scarlett and gunner will eventually end up together. Juliette and Avery will have a fling. Rayna and her father will bond. Rayna and teddy will have joint custody. I really want Tandy and Coleman to have an affair. And maddie and deacon will bond and be closer then she and teddy ever where. Deacon will fight for custody and might win because he is the biological father. What can I say I have my opinions

    • Lydia says:

      This is what I was thinking, and would like to see happen. I don’t like any of the options for the polls, but I guess we’ll see what happens!

  37. Shirley ( uk ) says:

    I just want it back so bad…….it’s the most believable soap I have ever seen xxxx

  38. Shirley ( uk ) says:

    When does next series start in UK please ?

  39. Anne Sansam says:

    It must come back for another series. It was my favourite programme of the week. I just want to see Rayna and Deacon get together!

  40. Brian Pumpa. says:

    Just get the show back on the road again, we love it here in Australia. I love the suspence though Rayna and Deacons accident pissed me.

  41. Paige C. says:

    Nashville is one of my favorite Tv series and I can’t bare to miss an episode! I always look forward to watching it, and it would hurt everyone if the amazing Nashville went off showings due to low viewing status. Therefore, Watch Nashville!!!

  42. cherry says:

    I like rayna and deacon together, but maybe not right now. He needs someone else in his life. I am not sure about gunners proposal, but deacon accident will stop it. I hope neither one is seriously injured. If you noticed deacon did not do as much music in the second half of the season as he did in the first half. Him and maddie will bond.

  43. Clare mueller. says:

    I LOVE RAYNA AND DEACON. They r always going to have to be all in or bat at all. I think that deacon will clean up his act. At least I hope he will. And he will want to be with rayna but after she wakes up from her coma either she will have amnisa ( excuse my spelling please) or she will not want to date him. But he will be persist an this time and try to win her before she gets married for another 14 years. R u reading these comments writers cuz this is what I believe should happen