First Look: The New A.N.T. Farm Is Revealed

The new season of A.N.T. Farm brings a new “A.N.T. Farm” — and TVLine has a guided tour (of sorts) of the Disney Channel series’ groovy new digs.

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In the special hour-long Season 3 premiere (airing this Friday at 8/7c), musically gifted Chyna, “human computer” Olive, artistic genius Fletcher, tech whiz Angus and popular girl-turned-math prodigy Lexi all audition for a prestigious A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) boarding school developed by billionaire and former child prodigy Zoltan Grundy (recurring player Dominic Burgess).

Alas, Chyna’s interview must hit a wrong note, seeing as in the first-look clip below, she is trying to stow away in Olive’s suitcase, to sneak into the tricked-out campus.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Only Disney would dare to suggest that a “musically gifted” child is on par with a Math, tech, and overall knowledge whizzes.

    She is a musical talent until her voice changes. I know that it is a show, but it sends a bad message to kids.

    • Amanda says:

      The musically gifted part for the character also extends to learning to play musical instruments quite rapidly not just voice.

      • S. says:

        As a girl, her voice won’t change all that much as compared to a boys. And she plays nineteen musical instruments, so I think that qualifies as musically gifted. And being good at music is just as important as being good as math.

    • April says:

      Never seen the show, huh? What do you think about Fletcher’s artistic talent being one of the talents?
      I actually think, for Disney, this show sends a good message. All the kinds are exceptional at one aspect. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad at other things, they are just very talented in one way or another, which the A.N.T. Farm helps to cultivate.
      I’m not sure why you think this sends a bad message to kids. Are art and music not important, but having a good memory, or being good at math are? If everyone was good at the same things, what a boring world this would be.

    • lol, what an idiotic comment. I guess you are unaware that highly intellignet people that do things like play instruments also tend to excel at things like being surgeons for example. There is more to life, and more to being of above average IQ, than being good at math or with technology. Telling kids they are worthless unless they do one of those two things is what sends a bad message to children. There is actually a TED talk that targets people that make comments just like this about children. It’s people like you that stifle creativity in kids in favor of math and science even though we can’t employ all the engineers and scientists we already have in the US.

      • Patrick says:

        She isn’t a music or artistic genius. She has an above average singing voice. If she were another Mariah Carey wrt vocal talent, fine. If she were a Taylor Swift wrt song writing, fine. As portrayed, she is a girl who is a decent singer and decent dancer.

        My problem is that the “smart” kids are portrayed as being less valuable than the so called artistic girl. Disney and Nick are the worst at being anti-maturity and anti-intelligence. In all there shows, the smart, hard working character or adult is turned into a loser. Meanwhile, the singer/actress who is lazy and doesn’t like school is portrayed as hip and cool.

        • S. says:

          Do you actually watch the show? Chyna does write her own music, and the show never shows her or any of the characters hating school. In fact, ninety percent of the show takes place at the school. And Chyna isn’t shown as more or less valuable than anybody else except for Lexi because in music she is more talented than Lexi, a fact that Lexi hates and is one the of conflicts of the show. Also, it is the only show on Disney with a strong African-American female as the lead, and one of the few shows on television where intelligence is actually a good thing. It’s a show ABOUT kids in the gifted program, for goodness sakes–A.N.T. or Advanced Natural Talent.
          Also, while China Anne McClaine, who plays Chyna, may not be as big as Mariah or Taylor, she is an actual recording artist in her own right, part of singing group with her own sisters.

    • Madison says:

      That is a rediculously idiotic thing to say! Musical talent is NO different from any other type of talent!! You have obviously never tried to sing a diffucult song or play an instrument! Keep your stupidity off of here Patrick

  2. Shaun says:

    I can’t even describe how cruddy I think this show is…..

  3. Steve says:

    My kids LOVE the show and you know why? Because it is FUNNY. Remember funny when you were a kid? Get Smart, Pete & Pete, The Simpsons, etc. Kids wanna laugh and this show has slapstick and silly jokes and gross jokes and smart jokes.

  4. Can you be my friend Chinna