Smash Series Finale: And the Tony Goes to...

Smash-Series-Finale-RecapDrama, drama and more drama — of the baby-daddy, divorce, drug-crime, possibly gay movie-star, Tony performance mutiny switcheroos and early-prison-release variety, to name a few — went down in the Smash series finale. But as befits a series about the inner workings of a pair of dueling Broadway musicals, most of the real tension centered on the winners, losers and performers at the Tony Awards.

Whether you were #TeamKaren or #TeamIvyLynn, #TeamBombshell or #TeamHitList, #TeamJulia or #TeamDeadGuy, there was resolution to be found. So let’s get to the business of recapping the action!

Hour 1 — “The Nominations” — might just as well have been called The Jimmy & Derek Acts of Contrition Tour, since the two possible endgame prospects for the show’s dueling leading ladies needed some light reupholstering before they could be moved into Barbie’s Dream Castle, so to speak. Let me try to boil down the action as succinctly as possible:

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* Tom managed to offend possibly gay movie star/Tony nominating committee member Patrick Dillon (Brothers & Sisters‘ Luke Macfarlane — lookin’ good) by rudely checking his cellphone during a show, and then later by smashing a bottle of Petite Sirah in Patrick’s lobby (and onto Patrick’s very nice khakis). (Backstory: The wine was supposed to be a meal culpa gift via delivery, till Eileen informed Tom that gifts to potential nominators were strictly verboten.) Was something flirty afoot, or was it all in Tom’s active imagination? Hrmmm. Also, Tom and Derek tied for Best Director at the Outer Critics Circle Awards, with the former graciously thanking his predecessor/frenemy even though the two of ’em “go together as well as Lena Dunham and a bra,” he joked.

* Karen, meanwhile, demanded that Daisy quit Bombshell (on grounds that she was a blackmailing skank) and give the role back to Ana, but the charismatic redhead noted that it was her mission to be a Broadway star, not a good person. Ana’s lawyer threatened to expose the real reason behind her firing, but when Derek used his influence to score Ana a plum role in the touring company of Once, she reluctantly agreed to let him get away with his treachery. Ivy Lynn, though, overheard the convo, and in the moment decided not to tell Derek that she was pregnant with his child. “You’ve never done the right thing, Derek, and you never will,” she said (or translated into Twitterspeak, “SMDH”). And so Derek, sitting down for an interview with Michael Riedel, finally decided to pay for his sins: He confessed to giving Daisy the role of The Diva in exchange for her sleeping with him. “Ana Vargas was collateral damage. I’m sorry.” Whoa!

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* Ivy Lynn’s undisclosed pregnancy hormones had her shooting off guns of harsh truth, leaving Bobby wondering if she was back on pills. “She Black Swanned once before — and that was only Boston!” he exclaimed, reaffirming why I’ll miss him most of all in my post-Smash life. When Ivy overheard that Jimmy and Karen had described her performance as Marilyn as mere “imitation,” she blurted this doozy: “The only reason Hit List made it to Broadway is because Kyle Bishop died!” Harsh, but kinda true, no? Alas, the moment got captured on somebody’s iPhone and blew up in Broadway circles. Simultaneously, Jimmy screeched at Julia that she needed to stop paying tribute to Kyle, because everyone assumed that meant she’d written half of Hit List‘s book. (Man that kid is an INGRATE! Also, before he met Julia, everyone had agreed Kyle was a terrible writer, yes?) But since Jimmy had an emerging cold — bringing to life this cough was not Jeremy Jordan’s finest acting moment on the show — he was forced to take a night off from Hit List, and Karen got him a ticket to watch it from the audience. This somehow led to an A-Ha Moment, where Jimmy apologized for being dreadful. After Kyle’s death, “I was just afraid to let someone else get close to me!” Jimmy whined, as Karen melted/looked blank. Ugh…sorry Jimmy fans, but all episode long, I kept hoping a piano would fall on his head. He’s just THE WORST, and his sudden show of warmth toward Karen felt like a case of too little too late. Okay, if not a piano to Whinyface McSmarmypants’ head, how about a Gloria Steinem cameo where she comes in to give Karen a course in Intro to Self-Respect?

* Oh, did I mention the writers tried a little prank where it looked like Ivy Lynn didn’t get nominated for Lead Actress for Bombshell? I was thisclose to taking a Louisville Slugger to both my TV sets (even the one in the bedroom I wasn’t using), but then it was just a case of “Oops! I forgot to read one of the names!” from announcers Christine Ebersole and Cheyenne Jackson.

Okay, so on to Hour 2 — “The Tonys.” Why keep you in suspense when all you want to know is WHO THE HECK TOOK HOME STATUETTES? Without further ado, the winners are…

Best Book for a Musical: Kyle Bishop, Hit List (I enjoyed Jimmy recounting Kyle’s collection of failed musicals’ playbills, how his dead writing partner scrimped to save money to see Bombshell in Boston, and how his scoring Karen’s autographed changed the courses of their lives. ‘Twas a nice nod back to some of the better-sketched details of Kyle’s past. But if I’m being honest, Jimmy’s sobbing delivery made me feel more annoyed at him than sympathetic.)

Best Score: Julia Houston and Tom Levitt, Bombshell (Loved Tom and Julia discussing cocktail options then registering shock when they looked up and realized everyone was cheering for them!)

Best Choreography: Derek Wills, Hit List (Derek’s whole, “thanks for judging the work, not the man” speech was realistic, but I wish they’d infused it with some of his acerbic humor.)

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Daisy Parker, Hit List (“That bitch!” –a mental aside brought to you by Ana Vargas) (In all seriousness, though, how cool was it to see Mara Davi’s tiny but really mesmerizing turn in the season premiere get rewarded with a more extended arc later in the season? Kudos, Smash producers!)

Best Lead Actress in a Musical: Ivy Lynn, Bombshell (I can’t lie…I let out a squeal of delight when Ivy Lynn got her statuette…and her speech — a thanks to her mom for the gift of “a life in the theater” and Broadway audiences “for believing in live theater” was a true thing of beauty, not to mention one of Megan Hilty’s best moments on the show.)

Best Musical: Bombshell (Kinda predictable, since the show couldn’t end with a triumph for….Jerry! Eek!)

Best Dressed: Karen Cartwright…damn that pink strapless confection with cascading poofy bottom was absolutely amazing.

And how did everyone’s story arcs wrap up?

* Eileen discovered that Nick had gotten early release from prison, tracked him down to the greasy spoon where he’d started working, handed him a tuxedo and brought him as her date. Girlfriend got a Tony, a hot Nick, and the alluring scent of bacon in her nostrils. Now if they’d just allowed her to throw one more cocktail into Jerry’s face, I might’ve wept tears of happiness as the credits rolled.

* Jimmy packed up his apartment and looked ready to roll out of NYC — and skip the Tonys — but Julia was all “stop sabotaging yourself, beyotch!” (Confession: I added the “beyotch” part.) After the ceremony, Jimmy took Karen outside, sat her down, and made me worry he was going to (gack!) propose. But nope, instead he confessed how he had once done drugs with a girl at a party, she’d OD’d and he’d left her to die — an act that had haunted him ever since. And so, to be able to become the person Karen saw in him, he’d confessed to the police, discovered the girl had survived unscathed, but been slapped with a 6-18 month prison sentence. (Cue: Smash fans spending the next 12 months writing Jimmy-in-prison fan fic.) And thus we left Karen and Jimmy kissing in the street — and a happily ever after. (For me, happily every after won’t last till the holidays, but I’m a pragmatic sort when it comes to long-term relationships. If you want them to make musical babies and win Tonys together 4Eva, I have no quarrel with ya!)

* Derek holed himself up in his apartment, all morose and drunk and unresponsive to Karen’s help. So Ivy Lynn came to the rescue and demanded he come to the Tonys. “Oh, and take a shower — it smells like a dive bar in here,” she meowed. After the show, we saw her worldessly break the news to Derek that they were about to become parents — and he gently nuzzled her shoulder. Maybe these two crazy kids can make it work? As long as she accompanies him to all future casting sessions, I suppose.

* Frank went nuclear in his divorce proceedings with Julia — wait, that wasn’t done yet!? — and she finally confessed to him that she’d loved him, but “not in the right way,” because she was drawn to Michael Swift for most of their marriage. Thus, she agreed to not “refute anything” in court, and somehow, that healed the wounds. In an insane twist, though, Julia ended the series showing up at Michael’s door — reuniting the most unappealing adulterous couple of the entire 2011-2012 TV season. (Plus, last we saw Michael, he was borderline stalkery.) And here I was hoping single Julia and single Tom might ride off into the Los Angeles sunset together! That’s how I’m gonna choose to envision them, actually.

* Tom, “egotistically emboldened by my recent and well-deserved win,” planted a kiss on Patrick Dillon, who exclaimed he was straight. “That’s how all my straight friends kiss me,” Tom shot back, the clever boy. At the very least, Tom (along with Julia) ended the series set to meet with Patrick on “developing a big-screen musical.” (Methinks that’s code for busting open Patrick’s glass-closet door, but that’s just how I’m wired.)

* Oh, and while Hit List got beat for Best Musical, Karen, Ana, Sam and Jimmy scored a victory when Derek tricked Daisy into missing her solo number during the Tonys telecast — and the quartet (backed by the entire Hit List chorus) performed a stellar “Broadway Here I Come” accompanied only by their own hand claps and foot stomps. Yowza, that was good!

* And then Ivy Lynn and Karen closed the show with a rousing rendition of “Big Finish” (not about a well-endowed man from Finland, FYI). Yeah, the frenemies were in full enemy mode last week, but time, or series-finale convenience, heals all wounds. The razzle-dazzle of it all reminded me of all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from this flawed, fun, infuriating, dazzling NBC musical drama — and offered a final chance for #TeamKaren and #TeamIvy fans to bury their hatchets (or engage in one final debate). So with that, I turn things over to you…

What did you think of the Smash finale? Were you happy with the outcome of the Tonys? #TeamKaren, #TeamIvy or both? Grade the finale below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Absolutely LOVED the finale. Sad this show ended. Another show that had GREAT potential that NBC sadly got rid of. I certainly hope Hannibal want surfer the same fate because of ratings. They should have never moved Smash from Monday…and the fact that NBC STILL hasn’t moved Hannibal behind The Voice blows my MIND.

    • I made some errors in this comment LMAO! I meant “I certainly hope Hannibal WONT suffer the same fate”

    • Jim says:

      It wasn’t that long ago that the series “Chuck” was canceled because of shrinking ratings, and then resurrected by some very loyal fans. It took a petition and lots of letters to convince the network to keep the show running. It worked and bought the show another two years
      Smash isn’t finished yet, unless the fan base does nothing to save it. Is it finished?

      • Joel V says:

        Hoping that’s the case here. I could see HBO, Showtime, Bravo, Hulu, or Netflix resurrecting this series. Lots of talent and potential for better storylines.

      • Lori says:

        I’m also hoping they reconsider. I loved the music and the plot was good. All the characters were likable and believable. I looked forward to watching it each week although moving the show around so much was confusing. NBC, if you’re reading this, please bring back our SMASH!

  2. Taylah says:

    YES! YES! YES! I cannot wait for the McPhee and Cartwills fans to come over this page and bash the show (and possibly me for calling that they’re gonna come over here) for what they did, but I cannot be happier for Ivy *and* for Bombshell. And though I wish Ivy/Derek would have been left open (as in “I want to see if you’ve changed”) I also think they ending up together was the right thing. I have a lot of complaints too but honestly I am so happy about Ivy and Bombshell I’m gonna let them slip. You did the right thing tonight, Smash!

    • John Crook says:

      Had Karen won, it would have ruined the whole SMASH experience for me. All in all, I found the finale fairly satisfying, although Derek firing Daisy and reinstating Ana in mid-production during the Tonys was another one of those eyeroll moments that could only happen on this show.

      • Nichole says:

        I actually think it made little sense that Ivy won. IRL, Megan would win over Kat any day of the week. But in Smash world, Karen is better than Ivy. Heck, all of Ivy’s reviewes basically state that she wasn’t as good as Karen. I would have rather both of them lost than Ivy winning. Would have made more sense with the story told. Glad Bombshell won though. Will miss Smash.

        • Kristen says:

          Exactly my opinion. The show did a horrible job of making Ivy’s win believable. She had horrible publicity leading up to the Tony’s, which lets face it says a lot, and then anytime a review was given, while it wasn’t saying Ivy did a bad job, her performances were always shadowed by how much better the critics thought Karen was. I wasn’t shocked at all when they announced Ivy as the winner, but I wasn’t happy either. It was a very odd, empty feeling – like really? I thought it was a mistake again like when the nominees were announced. It was just very obvious how they were trying to “balance” it out for the fans to make everyone happy, and this episode missed the mark, and was by far the worst of the season IMO. I’m not saying that Megan isn’t worth of a Tony, but in the world of Smash, what we were supposed to be lead to believe compared to what actually occurred was so far off base. I’m not even a fan of Derek and Karen, but I’m supposed to believe that after 2 seasons of Karen being the only one who could get through to Derek, Ivy is the one that Karen is saying is the only one who can reach him? Excuse me? Yes, I’ve seen it in episodes where Ivy and get Derek to talk to her, but it’s always been Karen for him. Now she’s a non-factor to him? The whole thing was like a trip through the Twilight Zone.

    • Dana Kiehl says:

      Actually, as a McPhee fan, I see no reason to bash you for being happy that Ivy won and Ivy and Derek are together. I didn’t think Derek was right for Karen anyway (and probably not for Ivy long term). I’m fine with how things turned out. Who won what and who ended up with who didn’t really matter all that much since the show is fictional and it’s now over. It was a good and enjoyable finale. BHIC was marvelous and Big Finish was great too. I’m on the fence with Under Pressure.

      • Taylah says:

        Kudos for being a reasonable fan Dana, judging by the comments of certain others in other Smash articles, it’s not something that happens often!

  3. The show was ruined just like I expected.

  4. santino coreleone says:

    The show was great this week and every week. I still can’t believe it’s cancelled. The people at NBC really need to look in the mirror hard at this one.

    • Warren says:

      The show brought in 4 million for the premier, and only declined thereafter. NBC did right, and the only thig you should be doing for NBC is THANKING them for playing out the rest of the season instead if doing the sensible thing and pulling it completely.

    • Steven says:

      The show had extremely bad ratings. Blame people for not watching. At least NBC aired all the episodes and wrapped things up.

    • Stephen says:

      The problem is that this comment section contains everyone who ever actually watched the show

    • Alex says:

      They’re looking in the mirror and seeing smiles of relief that this ultra-expensive turkey is finally off their hands!

  5. quang says:

    *prepares for avalanche of crying Cartwills fan*

  6. Justin says:

    Who won the Best Director Tony?

    • Frank says:

      They conveniently left that out. When Ivy asked Derek to talk before Derek got the Hit List crew up to do their number, I thought I heard Tom’s voice making an acceptance speech. But later, Derek clearly says which Tony awards Bombshell got, and Director wasn’t one of them.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have confirmed that NEITHER Derek NOR Tom won for Best Director. — Mgmt.

  7. Frank says:

    I love Jeremy Jordan and I love Jimmy Collins.

    Throw tomatoes at me, I don’t care. Dude has the best male voice on the show and had a great character with flaws that was actually fleshed out throughout the season.

    • uh huh says:

      Jeremy Jordan is a fine actor with an incredible voice, but come on. Jimmy Collins was one of the dumbest, WORST characters I’ve ever seen on TV. What a complete idiot! Ugh.

  8. Jeff says:

    I love Megan Hilty, but are we really supposed to believe that Ivy Lynn would win a Tony over Sutton Foster and Audra McDonald?

    • jalahyacinth says:


    • Domenica says:

      I believe that. The real question is – how could KAREN CARTWRIGHT have been a threat to any of them?!?

    • uh huh says:

      LOL! No kidding. It seems to be written somewhere in the Tonys rule book that if Audra MacDonald is nominated, she WILL WIN.

    • Deena says:

      Yes! In no world does Audra McDonald lose a Tony.

    • Kinda thought the same thing, as long as we keep it on the Ivy Lynn level. Megan Hilty, the actress, will see plenty of Tony Awards in her future, I’m relatively certain. She was the only thing bearable in the disaster that was “9 to 5.” And by ‘bearable’, I mean fan-freaking-tastic. I commented at the time that she was the best new thing I’d seen on Broadway since Kristin Chenoweth in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

    • Taylah says:

      I love Megan Hilty (and Ivy) but I agree with Domenica, could you imagine if KAREN had won? Now THAT would have been unbelievable.

      • jswerve says:

        I don’t understand what would’ve been so unbearable about Karen taking home the tony. Actually I think it would have been Screen Writing 101. Karen didn’t get the part of Marilyn so the Tony should have been her’s. As I am Team Karen (not team Cartwills), the finale was so unsatisfying. Everything Karen worked for pretty much did nothing, her guy is ending up in jail, she wasn’t Marilyn, now she didn’t get the tony! Then there was Eileen saying “time, is on your side.”, I’ve always hated when I lose something and someone says there is always next time. So basically, even though she gave her heart and soul to getting to Broadway and wasn’t rewarded, she has to do it all again for next year? To only possibly get rewarded? Really by the end of the Series all I watched was to see the new kick ass songs done by Kat in Hit List.

        • Ann says:

          It’s Karen’s own fault for being stupid. SHE is the one who quit bombshell for some show on the fringe that barely even made it to Broadway. Ivy was correct when she said the only reason why Hit List made it to Broadway was because of Kyle’s death. If Karen hadn’t left Bombshell, she most likely would have won the Tony (which she still wouldn’t have deserved). OH…and I hated how she talked down to Daisy for sleeping with the director to get on Broadway. Karen is no better than Daisy. Karen saw a cute guy singing at a bar (who she later slept around with) and talked Derek into bringing his show to Broadway…she used Derek just as much as Daisy did. She just played hard to get.

          • jswerve says:

            Karen was stupid? Seeing that Tom, who never really liked her was in control of Bombshell, left for creative differences knowing Derek is the superior director. Did she leave Bombshell or was she virtually pushed out of it? Leaving Ivy a wide open door to be HANDED a part by her best friend. Then Karen had a relationship with Jimmy the composer, not the DIRECTOR. See how both times Ivy got the role by being close to the director. Also, while Bombshell was on break for the legal issues, was when Karen and Derek looked into the possibility of Hit List, she never slept with Derek to get her to Broadway. Actually she refused multiple times (Unlike Ivy). playing hard to get means you’ve been got. Karen never slept with Derek. She wanted a relationship where they were artists together, and he wanted more. They believed in each others talent. Don’t give me the bs about Daisy, you’re stupid if you think there is no difference between what Daisy did and what Karen allegedly did. Which she didn’t do.Oh and how is Karen so undeserving of a Tony? She isn’t traditional Broadway? She offered something different (just like Marilyn did) and Josh Safran screwed this character over, by not awarding the character at all.

        • AngieD says:

          If you read Entertainment Weekly, they have an interview about what was cut from the finale and the plan for season 3. The finale had a clip with someone talking to Karen about how she would be great in movies and that season 3 was likely about producing a musical movie.

        • “Also, while Bombshell was on break for the legal issues, was when Karen and Derek looked into the possibility of Hit List, she never slept with Derek to get her to Broadway. Actually she refused multiple times (Unlike Ivy).” – Everyone seems to forget that Derek never wanted Ivy for Marilyn, he wanted to cast KAREN right off the bat in Season 1 — he was overruled by Tom/Julia/Eileen, they wanted to put an experienced Broadway actress in the part. So Ivy did NOT get the role of Marilyn because she slept with Derek, actually both times she got the role because of her friendship with Tom.

        • Rob says:

          Just a quick question, just for clarification have you ever taken “Screen Writing 101” because I have and the first rule is to not write horribly unlikable characters and make them make terrible choices and if you do, then you can’t have them win. Karen started out likable but it became clear that as time went on, her character became almost unbearable (particularly with Jimmy) and it became clear that she actually never really worked for anything (including Hit List) because she either won by default (Bombshell) or it fell in her lap (Hit List.) She never had to work as a chorus girl and, frankly, I applauded Daisy for finally telling her that.

          • PH says:

            I agree. the problem with the show was that the characters were NOT likable. The only character that was was Ivy. Megan is incredible. Tom started out great in S1-but he even came unbearable in S2. Sorry I couldn’t stomach the character Jimmy or the whole “Hit List” story line.

        • Sam says:

          She got to Broadway, her dream, in a show she loved, and got her guy even though she had to wait a while for him. How was she not rewarded?

        • Nan says:

          I don’t think starring in a Broadway musical and being nominated for a Tony is bad for a beginner. Most aspiring Broadway stars would take it, I’m sure. And pretty much everyone starts over at the end of the year to work toward the next Tony Awards. As for the guy thing, she pretty much knew what she was getting into when she stuck with Jimmy.

    • Jeff says:

      And I love the fact that Audra herself played along and tweeted that it was an honor just to be nominated. :)

    • I’d also like to point out that in this sphere of unreality is no name actress beating Leigh Conroy aka Bernadette Peters…. that was straight out of fairytale land

  9. Jean says:

    As far as Karen and ivy, I thought it was just right. Julia showing up at Michael Swift’s door? Not so much.

  10. ABC says:

    Hit List for Best Book? The entire story was a mess!

  11. i’ll only write that fanfic if amazon lets me make money off it

  12. Linda Ryden says:

    Loved it! Scotty from Brothers and Sisters – so adorbs and buff. I want a Tom and Julia go to Hollywood spin-off featuring Scotty. It’s fun to watch tv with you Michael Slezak. Thanks for loving/hating Smash along with me.

  13. TV Gord says:

    I am reminded of an episode of The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd back in the 80s right after Molly’s father died. She went into her mother’s house the next day and found her mother sitting on the end of her bed. Beside her, there was a vacuum cleaner loudly whirring at high speed. Obviously, in her shock and grief, she had sat down to escape the world around her. The TV was on full blast and the radio was on, too, as I recall. Molly looked at her mother with all of this din of noise going on around her, and then methodically went around the room and turned off the radio and the TV and then, finally, the vacuum.

    As the whirring stopped, Molly’s mom continued to stare blankly, and she deadpanned, “What a relief!”

    That’s how I feel after watching the two long, harrowing years of Smash.

  14. Bender says:

    Who won for best direction though

  15. Chris says:

    Still don’t like Jimmy. Terrible character. I don’t like Ivy, but she deserved to win over Karen just like Bombshell deserved to beat Hitlist for best musical. But I still am upset about Derek and Karen not being together. I guess the writers didn’t think Jimmy would be this hated, but it is a little too late. I think one reason why a lot of people like Derek and Karen (besides the chemistry) is that Karen is so lackluster and we like Derek because he’s talented, brilliant, has a great accent, and is funny, so we want him with the girl he wanted/obsessed with. Plus, Ivy was very unlikable. She’s super talented while performing on Bombshell, but I just don’t think the writers did a great job with the leading ladies.

    • Frank says:

      Jimmy and Karen forever. <333

    • AngieD says:

      They did a good job at redeeming Ivy this season. If anything, Karen became less likeable this season as she whined about losing ‘her song’ to Ana. I’ve always preferred Derek with Ivy because they ‘get’ each other. As Derek said, she was the one who saw his loneliness inside.

      I don’t think he was obsessed with Karen the woman – he was obsessed with making Karen a star.

  16. Lilly says:

    In short no more disappointed than with 98% of the rest of the season. I loved the show when it focused on the Broadway aspect with a side of personal drama. This season overall has been more personal drama with a side of Broadway in my opinion. So I am not surprised it was cancelled and I am surprised by how I feel about the ending. It felt like the end to a bad soap opera. I was pleased to see Bombshell and Ivy win even though I am one of those crazy Cartwills fans. The Tonys themselves might be the only thing about this episode(besides Karen’s Tony dress) that I liked. I am just going to pretend most of the season didn’t happen and let my insane Cartwills dream live on in fanfiction.

  17. Elle says:

    Does it bother anybody else that they didn’t announce Best Director?!

  18. Chablis says:

    You all know this wasn’t the real Tony’s right.

  19. rebecca says:

    Loved it..very sad

    • Sarcasm says:

      What?!!! I was totally under the impression Broadway agreed to broadcast the actual event within the series finale of a fictional show. I even thought it was great they allowed fictional shows and actress to be nominated and win no less. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

  20. Melissa says:

    GREAT finale! And a superior performance by the always lovely Megan Hilty. I’m so disappointed with its cancellation, but that’s par for the course now. A little meh at the Julia/Michael reconciliation, but pretty happy w/ the rest. Well done, Smash.

  21. Chris says:

    My sisters, who only watched the first season and knew NOTHING about Jimmy, his drugs, and his childish outbursts were watching and said, “How come Karen can’t find herself a real man?”

  22. CJ says:

    I loved it. I loved this show from Day 1. Even though at times (MANY times) it was absurd and frustrating, but I look back on this show quite fondly, and I will truly miss it. Bitchy Bobby 4eva <3

  23. kc says:

    Why couldnt they announce the directors award…left a cliff hanger I guess

  24. M says:

    Karen demanded that Daisy quit Hit List, not Bombshell..

  25. Dave says:

    You guys do understand Jimmy Collins is just a character, right? Obviously, Jeremy Jordan was doing his job if you all hate him so much. But know this, JJ is an absolute sweetheart.

    When I met him at the stage door after a performance of Newsies, he stayed longer than any other cast member, signing autographs and laughing it up with fans. A really nice guy.

    • uh huh says:

      Not necessarily. I don’t believe the writers knew they were writing such an absolutely unlikeable character. Jordan performed what he was given, but he was given crap.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah Safran said today in an interview on another site that Jimmy and Karen were “end game” – blah blah – I’m pretty sure Jimmy was NOT supposed to be that universally reviled.

    • The Beach says:

      I thought the lengthy jail time for Jimmy was a bit unrealistic. Were the police even looking for him? It happened some years earlier, there were no deaths involved and he came forward of his own volition. He would most likely have gotten probation (esp. if Eileen had lent him her pitbull lawyer).

  26. Vivian dimmel says:

    Very sad to see it end. Everyone overlooked the impact this show had on youth today. It was teaching them that it is ok to be gay, and you can enjoy life and have friends and be accepted. And for all the students that will never play football or be the jock of the year, it allowed them to dream and imagine. Ending SMASH closed the door on all of this which is so needed in society today, especially for our souls.

  27. One Upset fan says:

    I hated the ending how is Karen losing the Tony right if anything. It just shows how dirty and hypocritical the industry is. The entertainment industry is always youth obsessed and the next big thing. I’m sorry but Ivy Lynn wasn’t she had been in the industry and didn’t get recognition because she didn’t have talent. I know it sounds mean but it’s the truth. If anything this just shows how to get ahead you have to be a colossal bitch. I know it’s fake but this is what television is pumping out to young minds everywhere what shame. But I guess if steven spielberg approved it and he’s been in the industry forever than that’s how things really play out. Sad.

    • Val says:

      Saying Ivy (who is played by the brilliant Megan Hilty) doesn’t have talent is like saying Karen is the greatest actress since Audrey Hepburn. Both things that are totally untrue. Ivy won because she is more talented, that’s just a fact. Karen wasn’t all that innocent either.

    • uh huh says:

      You CLEARLY don’t know anything about the real New York theater industry. Everything you wrote is absolutely untrue in NY theater.

    • Caro says:

      Ivy slept with the Director to get the part of Marilyn. Ivy also got high and went on stage during Heaven On Earth which is hardly the act of a professional! She schemed with Ellis to steal Second Hand Baby Grand from Karen and slept with Dev and threw it in Karen’s face when she got the part of Marilyn! Ivy has generally behaved like a manipulative shrew throughout the entire show! I don’t see how anyone can like such a horrible character! Karen worked hard, didn’t sleep with anyone for the part, didn’t manipulate anyone and even walked away from Bombshell because she thought it was right for the show. I think Karen and Ivy are both great singers but Ivy is a lousy dancer! I bought season one on DVD – no way will I buying season two!

      • Matthew says:

        Karen only got Hitlist because Derek and Jimmy wanted to sleep with her. Karen isn’t all that innocent either. But that’s ok right…

      • AngieD says:

        Most of your references are to season 1 – not 2.

        Ivy got the part because Tom and Julia wanted her – she didn’t sleep with either of them. Yes, Ivy was bitchy during season 1, but she apologized to Karen at the beginning of season 2 after she hit rock bottom during season 1. For season 2, she pretty much went about her own business and didn’t gossip – she had the support of great friends. She ‘suspended’ her friendship with Tom while he was her director in the long term interests of their friendship because she remembered ho it hurt her in relationship with Derek. She was utterly gracious to Karen except when she found out that Karen gossiped about her. She didn’t turn on Karen when she found out that Derek came to Ivy’s birthday after being rejected by Karen and she didn’t turn on Karen when she found out Derek and Karen almost slept together – she wisely dumped Derek, instead. Sheesh, she invited Karen to sing with her at the Bombshell after party…… Ivy grew up after season 1 and became more likeable.

        Karen did go to Derek’s apartment in the middle of the night for coaching – while she didn’t sleep with him, she thought about it. Karen did not walk away from Bombshell because it was right for the show – she went away because she wanted to do Hit List. Karen refused Ivy’s apology – even though it was also Dev’s fault. Karen was envious and petty toward her best friend Ana when Derek gave ‘her song’ to the Diva to open Hit List, even though that was better for Hit List. If anything, Karen’s behavior during the 1st part of season 2 made her less likeable.

    • A says:

      I actually thought it was fitting to have Ivy win the award and Best Musical for Bombshell in the finale considering how the show originally began with Bombshell. I love Karen but like Eileen told her, time will only help.
      Megan Hilty is phenomenal and is beyond talented. Part of this season was about the new person Ivy was trying to become and if you haven’t noticed a change in her since the first season you’re clearly blind. While I do believe that Karen worked exceptionally harder than Ivy given what we’ve seen with her having an active role in the creation and entire process of the show, you cannot deny how amazing Ivy was as Marilyn and she fit the role way better than Karen did.

      • Kristen says:

        But that’s it…. we aren’t judging Megan Hilty’s performance, b/c if that were the case, I would vote time and time against Katharine McPhee. After episode upon episode of reviews saying how Karen was the better performer over Ivy, I’m supposed to believe that Ivy is walking away with the Tony? Especially after all the bad publicity? Please. The finale was so off base it’s not even funny. It was an obvious attempt at trying to make all fans happy. Let’s let Ivy win since she’s pregnant, b/c she won’t be able to keep performing right now, and Karen can. That’s basically how I saw it. I hated how they ended this series for Ivy. A few of the things she said and did were not believable whether pregnant or not. I mean her comment about Kyle? That was obsurd, and nearly made me hate my favorite character. On top of that she continued to blame Karen for being the leak. I was a little upset they never resolved that, considering Karen wasn’t the one who said anything about Ivy’s dark past. Then you have Karen – Smash’s “baby”. I’m supposed to believe that after all the praise and adoration from the critics that she doesn’t win? Just odd.

      • Sam says:

        Gonna have to disagree with the idea that Karen “worked exceptionally harder” than Ivy, when Ivy was mentioned in season one as having worked a lot with Derek on the show, and had to perform different versions of a constantly changing musical, alongside her having to work alongside her mother and their troubled relationship and having tried to keep Liaisons from being a complete trainwreck.

    • Dude, you need to take a giant step back and think before you type. Megan Hilty is an amazing actress and singer and she IS a Broadway star whereas Katherine McPhee has never stepped foot on a Broadway stage. Saying that Ivy didn’t have the talent is so insulting and ridiculous it basicly makes you look like a moron. It’s fine if you like Karen better because it’s a TV show but you don’t have to bash Ivy to like Karen. Ivy didn’t get the part because she slept with Derek. Derek didn’t choose her, he chose Karen. Ivy got the lead after Karen left because Julia and Tom had been watching Ivy perform in Heavan on Earth for years and they loved her in it and couldn’t wait to work with her. Eileen wanted her too because she had experience in Broadway. I’ll also point out that being a psycho didn’t get Ivy what she wanted. In season two she took stock of her life, calmed down and auditioned for something else. She got in a healthy mind frame and started focusing on her career not just one part. She didn’t make Karen leave Bombshell, she did everything she could to save Liasons. It was just the way things ended up, which does happen a lot in the theater. Things change pretty fast.

  28. Tedi says:

    LOVED the finale!!! Can’t wait to find out what’s next for Jack Davenport (who sings wonderfully btw, totally didn’t know that regret not hearing more), Megan Hilty, Debra Messing and Christian Borle.

  29. Lyn says:

    That bit of humor at the end — Ivy and Karen both bidding us farewell — was a perfect touch. Though parts were cheesy (Anjelica Huston’s wig; Kyle’s dopey death) I always liked the concept of this show. Secret to happy viewing for me was DVR-ing it so as to bypass much of Karen and all of Jimmy. But the show never quite succeeded in being what I hoped for — a “Glee” for grown-ups.

    • AJ says:

      “(Anjelica Huston’s wig; Kyle’s dopey death) ” Wait what …So Angelica Houston really is a man then!

  30. Robin says:

    I really liked this show! I am truly going to miss it! There were a few misteps in its journey…I believe the major one was moving it to midseason instead of starting it up in the fall. I really loved the whole Hit List stuff this year though. Just about all the songs from Smash I’ve purchasde on Itunes were Hit List songs. In my eyes Hit List made the show better not worse. Even though from what I’ve read from others some would definitely disagree with that view.

    Happy with who won Tony’s. I’ll chose to belive Tom won for best director, since apparently they cut that award in the editting room for whatever reason?!

    Goodbye Smash! Sadly NBC did you wrong. You will be missed!

    • uh huh says:

      He didn’t win. In the closing montage we saw Tom happily spinning his Tony on his piano. His ONE Tony. He didn’t win two, and therefore didn’t win Best Director.

    • AngieD says:

      My guess is that neither Derek NOR Tom won Best Director…..

  31. JJ says:

    I’m just glad ill never have to hear about this show ever again.

  32. ben says:

    Can someone please explain to me if Tom and Julia figured everything out? (I haven’t seen the last few weeks and have been avoiding the recaps generally, I just want to know this one thing!)

  33. Rosie says:

    The best part was Susan Blackwell as Jerry’s date. If you don’t know who she is, than I suggest you start doing your research. Best cameo of the entire season.

  34. Kristi says:

    I thought the finale was great. I am glad that both Derek and Jimmy came clean and took responsibility for their respective actions. I love that Ivy won the Tony and has a future with Derek and their child. Loved how the Bombshell and Hit List teams mended fences. The only things that I didn’t like were the reappearances of Frank and Michael Swift and Daisy winning for Featured Actress. I could have done without the return of Nick, as I preferred Eileen with Richard Francis, the New York Times reporter.

  35. Val says:

    Love that Ivy won. Made the entire season worth it. I hated that Karen and Jimmy said that Ivy was just doing an impersonation when even she said at opening night she was fantastic. I will miss this show, but I’m happy that it is ending so I won’t have to see the terrible Jimmy and Karen anymore.

  36. LOVE this show, loved the whole season and loved the finale. AND DOUBLE YES for Julia and MIchael (who by the way aren’t at all unappealing, and a LOT of people watched for them in s1… many hated, just as many and more, loved. And Michael wasn’t stalkerish at all, pretty damn please.) Julia always loved him… he put his life upside down for her by telling the truth to his wife even when he didn’t have to. This is the RIGHT ending for the man Julia CLEARLY always loved. It was always that way, from the start… they should have ended s1 this way. AAANYWAY. I thought this season was great, but writing and actors when good are rarely rewarded on network TV. It’s a shame.

    • AL says:

      I think the Julia/Michael ended was meant to be interpreted the way you have here, but I never got the feeling she always loved him. I got the sense that she couldn’t resist him, but love, no.

    • AngieD says:

      Julia’s apology to Frank greatly explained her attraction to Swift and should’ve come at some point earlier. It was really from out of left field to have Frank appear in this episode at all and for the whole topic to come up at all…. but based on interview about potential season 3, they were setting up for Swift’s return.

      • AL says:

        I agree with you there… I meant to say that based on the way she acted toward him in S1, I didn’t feel she was always in love with him. But yes, the whole subplot was out of left field and clearly a set-up for a potential S3.

    • cas says:

      I only watched season 1 of Smash, and would have watched this season but I didn’t because the ratings were bad from day 1 so I new it would get canceled. But I always liked Julia and Michael too. I think where they went wrong was how they introduced the whole thing. I did get the feeling she always loved him but they wasted a little too much time in season 1 just playing on the attraction. I don’t think he was stalkerish, but I think he just loved her and didn’t know really what else to do and it came off the wrong way. I also thought Julia’s relationship with her husband was awful from day 1. No chemistry or anything. I never once felt she loved him. So I am glad in the end she ended up with Michael.

  37. Joseph says:

    I’m sure Susan Stroman won Best Director, although I’d have voted for Derek (even though I liked Bombshell much better.) Michael Swift?!?!?!?! And he didn’t sing?!?!?!?!? This is just not right.

  38. AngieD says:

    I don’t think that Smash being a mid-season show during seasons 1 & 2 was a mistake. The show takes a lot of time to produce due to the need to record songs, learn and film choreography, etc. Also, I don’t think there was enough story for full seasons without injecting a lot more personal drama.

    Where Smash mis-stepped was by having season 2 not starting well. The 1st several episodes of season 2 were not good as the show ‘reset’ to include Hit List and having Ivy in flop Liasons. It stretched the season 1 cast too far apart, losing connections formed during season 1 and threw in a bunch of characters that weren’t initially likeable. Unfortunately, the bad episodes killed the show (as well as skipping weeks) and by the time the episodes got really good, the show had been moved to Saturday’s.

    I’m just glad that NBC aired the remaining episodes and that they were actually worth watching. I’m glad that the characters got happily ever after’s too.

  39. Jan says:

    I enjoyed the finale, and I honestly thought it was a fairly realistic Tonys, I mean bombshell looked like the better show, and Ivy was the better actress, that’s not to say I’m not a bit disappointed we won’t ever get to see Karen win her Tony, but it was realistic that she didn’t win. It was a good send off for a show that never reached its potential. I do however hope that the great actors and actresses find success elsewhere, whether it is broadway or television. I’m just glad there weren’t any grueling cliff hangers, sure there was the baby and that guy Tom kissed, but neither of those were bombshells. Tom may or may not get with that guy, but he was supposedly straight, and we can assume Ivy has the kid.

  40. marc says:

    I thought the opening number was terrible but it was fun to are everyone in the cast adding together.

    this show is so good at sabotaging there own characters. Jimmy still had not redeemed himself.

  41. Ross says:

    The “we go together as well as Lena Dunham and a bra,” was my favorite!! Hilarious!!

  42. Jared says:

    This finale was all over the place in terms of storyline and the wrapping up of character plots.
    It was poorly written and scattered brain for the full two hours. I kept patiently waiting for a great closing but it never came.
    So disappointed.

    • TV Gord says:

      That’s the way the whole series was for me. If there were a trophy for a good idea for a show that was horribly executed, this show would have won it (and there would be a space left on Aaron Sorkin’s shelf where the trophy once was for Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip).

      • Caro says:

        I loved Studio Sixty and think it was amazing! I guess I’m in a the minority though because I HATE Ivy and Josh Safran for ruining SMASH!

  43. Nancy says:

    I loved SMASH….enjoyed the characters…and did enjoy today’s shows. I wish that we could see more of these characters and the Broadway numbers. I will definitely miss the show.

  44. Owen says:

    Okay. How endearingly horrible was that “Under Pressure” number at the beginning of the second hour. I cringed and almost crawled under my chair. Then I decided to just sit back and enjoy the campy awfulness of it and I was fine. Even happy. That is what I will take away from SMASH. That number represents all that SMASH wanted to be and what it actually was. I sometimes hated this show so much, but I’m finding myself a little misty that its over..

  45. Caro says:

    Ivy, Jimmy and Derek all had a redemption arc – how original! Not that Ivy actually did anything to redeem herself! Plus, Derek and Jimmy both acted out of character – especially Derek! There is no way he would have acted the way he did in this ep! And for Jimmy to confess and get sentenced that fast? Give me a break! Ivy was the better sexpot Marilyn but she was the worse combination of Norma Je…an and Marilyn – she lacked the necessary vulnerability. Also, Megan Hilty can’t dance! If you look at all the dance sequences from the past two seasons you can see that Katherine McPhee had to do all the heavy lifting for the dance sequences. Karen can sing and dance so I think she deserved the win! Plus, for Ivy to get the Tony, Derek and a baby while Karen worked hard, followed her dream and vision and is the bigger person and she gets nothing? Sorry but I hate this ending! I wish I hadn’t wasted two hours watching it!

    • Laura says:

      Yes Katharine McPhee can dance, but that is the only thing she has going for her; however, she is in no way a GREAT dancer. She can’t act and is one of the things that critics have consistently denounced about the show. Megan can sing and act and doesn’t need to dance to sell her performances.

    • Pam says:

      The Tony was for best ACTRESS, not best dancer.

    • Nichole says:

      Ivy didn’t do anything that warranted redeeming? Really. When Ivy feels insecure, she deals with it by being a royal bitch. That caused her to do some pretty terrible things, mostly in Season 1. She definitely neeed to be redeemed. But redeemed Ivy = Boring Ivy.

  46. Caro says:

    Horrible finale! I can’t believe Ivy won! Ivy who slept with the Director for the part, schemed her way through the show and has been a backstabbing, manipulative b*itch who cannot dance throughout the entire show to win over Karen who worked for her parts and actually walked away from Bombshell because it was the right thing to do for the show is absurd! Couldn’t we see the bigger more decent person win for once? Especially since she was great in both parts and was the better Marilyn? As far as I’m concerned, SMASH ended after season one and Safran should be run over by a fully loaded bus for what he did to this show

    • Jenni says:

      Oh my goodness for the 1 millionth time, can we stop with the Megan Hilty can’t dance thing. It is not necessary to be able to dance do be an amazing Broadway actress, which is what she is. Karen has as much charisma as a piece of wood. If she won the fake Tony it would be hugely unrealistic, especially in a category with Audra McDonald and Sutton Foster. At least with Megan Hilty it is more probable. P.S. this is in regard to BOTH your comments.

      • Caro says:

        Jenni, if you look at all the Bombshell sequences where Karen had to really dance what do you think happened when Ivy became Marilyn? Did they cut the dancing or did Ivy do it and do it badly because she cannot dance? How do you win a Tony if you klutz around the stage like a baby elephant?

        • Jenni says:

          Baby elephant… Wow… Megan Hilty has proven from her work on SMASH and on Broadway that she has the talent to entertain an audience without having to dance. She has a stage presence that is unmatched by Katharine McPhee. You do not have to dance to be on Broadway. Megan can enchant audiences, that is how you win a Tony, not by dancing. Her combination of an amazing voice and great acting is what is important.

          • Caro says:

            If you are going to take on a role that requires dancing then you have to be able to dance!

          • hatedthedamnfinale says:

            See and this is the reason why I am so happy for this show to end. All the bloody i-***s out of the woodwork.

          • 777 says:

            The only reason u keep mentioning Megan’s dancing, is because u know that in the singing and acting department, Katharine McPhee doesn’t stand a chance. I for once, can’t wait for Megan to win an actual tony, and i have no doubt it will happen.

        • Ana says:

          If we follow your logic, Karen cannot sing like Ivy can (that’s why all the songs that required strong vocals like They Just Keep Moving the Line were given to Megan to perform on the show), did they cut those songs from Bombshell or did Karen perform them badly? This is fiction and it is a show, giving too much thought to that is ridiculous. Plus, can we remember the first big number with dancing the show had was National Pastime and that Megan did it perfectly considering she is not a dancer? Please stop, unless you’re a troll, you’re embarrassing yourself all over this article.

      • Razzy says:

        @Jenni SO MUCH WORD!!

    • Patrick says:

      You’re saying that Katherine McPhee can dance? OK, let’s break this down:

      – Every number (Never Met A Wolf Who Didn’t Love To Howl, Public Relations, Cut Print Moving On) she dances in the company lifts her up (doesn’t require a ton on her part)
      – In Public Relations, when the company was doing the tap break, she wasn’t! She was wearing high heels!!!!! All she was doing was shuffle ball changing! Whoop ee fr*ggin doo!

      The only number we have actually seen Katherine McPhee dance in is 20th Century Fox Mambo and she was sufficient. I would be curious to know how Katherine McPhee would fair while singing and dancing live like Megan Hilty did for years in Broadway shows. So please, shut up.

      • musicalsguru says:

        You’ve got to be kidding me! DId you not watch her bollywood number in season 1, or any of the major Hit List numbers like I’m Not Sorry or Original? Karen danced a ton. Also did you know that it’s possible to tap in heels? Yep, get used to it. Katherine is a wonderful dancer and also sings well. Her weakness is acting. Megan is a wonderful singer who also acts well but her weakness is dancing. Neither is technically a Triple Threat. You can argue that you prefer one over the other, but saying that Katherine can’t dance is a joke.

  47. T S says:

    Perfect ending to a wonderful show.

  48. Razzy says:

    Loved it! Ivy won, Derek professed his love for her and Bombshell won, I was flailing! Lol A few things I could have done without like Daisy winning and too much Karen/Jimmy but overall it ended the way it should have. I’m actually gonna go out to buy both seasons and the cast CD =)

    • Caro says:

      I hated the finale! Ivy slept with the Director to get the part of Marilyn. Ivy also got high and went on stage during Heaven On Earth which is hardly the act of a professional! She schemed with Ellis to steal Second Hand Baby Grand from Karen and slept with Dev and threw it in Karen’s face when she got the part of Marilyn! Ivy has generally behaved like a manipulative shrew throughout the entire show! I don’t see how anyone can like such a horrible character or want them rewarded! Do the good guys really always finish last? Karen didn’t sleep with anyone and she left Bombshell because she wasn’t right for Tom’s vision of the show – doesn’t that count for anything? I guess not…instead Ivy the monster gets the Tony, Derek and a baby…sorry but I hate it! I bought season one on DVD – no way will I buying season two! In fact, as far as I am concerned the show ended after S1.

      • A says:

        Have you not been paying attention this entire season? I mean seriously, yes, she did all those things LAST SEASON, but this season showed her changing. She did awful things in her past but she decided to be better. There was a lot less cattiness this season, less antics, etc. Yes she can still have the attitude and personality when she feels threatened or hurt but overall her character has been toned way down. Its like you believe that no one deserves a second chance.
        I love Karen but Ivy has tremendous talent and personal life aside the award was given to her based on her acting and her performance and she embodied Marilyn and was a much better fit for the role than Karen was. She was more believable as Marilyn and she deserved the award.
        With regards to “I don’t see how anyone can like such a horrible character or want them rewarded”, if all TV was ever about was showing people being good and doing good things and always getting a happy ending, it would make for pretty boring television. Part of shows is character development and seeing an awful character or a flawed character becoming a better person and seeing their growth. It’s also about seeing the “good” people overcome obstacles. Hit List won most of its awards and they should be happy about that. Bombshell only won three and considering the show initially began with Bombshell, it was fitting to see Ivy win the award and Bombshell as Best Musical.

      • Eammes says:

        Yes, Caro. We know. You hated it all except for Kat McPhee. Move on.

  49. Lauren says:

    I loved the finale, and I love the show.

    But more than that, thank you, TVLine, for being such a nice bit of positivity throughout the run of this show, especially the second season. When everyone was ripping on the ratings and hating everything about the show, it was so nice to come here and read recaps from people who were actually excited to be watching and writing about the show.

    So much love. Thanks.

  50. Rachel says:

    The sad thing is, with these episodes it finally felt like the show was getting back to its roots. I was so tired of all the complaining over lost parts and Jimmy’s drug storyline. We were getting to see more of the actual characters story lines emerge. Sad to see the show gone now :(