American Horror Story Exclusive: Emma Roberts Joins the FX Spookfest's Coven

American Horror Stor Coven Cast Emma RobertsAmerican Horror Story: Coven has cast its spell on Emma Roberts.

The Scream 4 actress on May 29 closed a deal to join the FX drama’s witch-themed third chapter, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Roberts — who most recently starred in Fox’s ill-fated pilot Delirium — will play a self-involved party girl by the name of Madison.

Fun fact: Roberts’ casting places her on screen alongside real-life boyfriend, Horror Story vet Evan Peters.

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As previously reported, AHS fixtures Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy and Taissa Farmiga will be back for Season 3. Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Patti LuPone and Gabourey Sidibe, meanwhile, are among the addictive hit’s fresh faces.

Thoughts on Roberts’ casting? Hit the comments!

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  1. Ross says:

    I hope she’s playing someone evil – she was super crazy in Scream 4!

    • mia says:

      Agreed! She was really surprising in Scream 4, she plays evil really well.

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Agreed. I was baffled at her casting, but when I saw Scream 4, I was like, “OMG! She’s so good!” Totally changed my opinion on her range as an actress.

  2. sha says:

    Wonder how she got that part…. Can’t believe this.

  3. Bass Drum says:

    Hate the fact that her real-life bf is on the show too. That’s pathetic , IMO.

  4. George says:

    Isn’t Ryan Murphy besties w/Julia Roberts?

    • Shelby Eatonton says:

      Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

    • Liz says:

      Not to mention that fact that she dated Chord Overstreet for about a year so she is probably familiar with Ryan Murphy. Oh wait it also could be she is a good actress. People are lame. Everyone gets a job through references

  5. Bass Drum says:

    Here in France , It’s called “piston”.

  6. Jack says:

    She probably got a good word in from Evan, yeah, but if she does play a scared and/or crazy person she was excellent in Scream 4 and It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

    Funny that years ago people would be whining that she got a role because of her aunt Julia.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Um, no. It must be good to have Hollywood connections. This is terrible casting in my opinion.

    • dude says:

      80% of casting decisions are made through “hollywood connections” its the nature of the industry.

      • fir says:

        So that makes it ok? Are you going to be one of “those” commentors who reply to every single comment who disagrees with you?

        • Lisa says:

          you seem to be doing the exact same thing. her aunt is Julia Roberts who is also very good friends with the creator of AHS. Evan Peters had nothing to do with this though I’m sure it didnt hurt. She’s still a great actress for her age and a welcome addition to this continuously stellar cast

          • yeah ok says:

            YOUR opinion is that she is a great actress. And you don’t actually know if Evan had anything to do with it or not. She still has connections, whether you like it or not.

          • lisa says:

            Evan is an actor. Incase you weren’t aware there are casting directors on every tv show that see auditions for parts and then cast the best people they think for the job. He certainly didn’t have anything to do with her casting though, as I said, I’m sure her being his girlfriend made it an easier descision for the CASTING DIRECTORS.

    • MLO says:

      How the f do you know it’s terrible casting? Do you know the part she’s going to play? How she’s going to interact with the rest of the cast? Do you know if she’s a key player? Or just a one-episode guest like Eric Stonestreet was on AHS 1? What’s that? No? You’re just one of those people who has to voice their opinion, aren’t you? Even if it’s based on absolutely nothing but your need for attention.

    • Lexi says:


    • Riece says:

      Agreed. She sucks as an actress. Her performance is never believable

  8. dude says:

    She’s a good actress and someone who’s made a pretty big name for herself in movies so why wouldn’t they cast her? It’s not like “Evan Peters girlfriend” was the ONLY thing she had going for her.

  9. No says:

    Can we have vera farmiga now too because taissa? Jesus this is ridiculous.. All because her silly pilot didnt get picked up?

  10. Shivette says:

    oh come on, I’m sure she’ll do a terrific job cause she’s a good actress. I know from an interview that she already was a fan of AHS since the beginning and that’s how she discovered Evan’s talent, later on they actually met and got together. Now she got a chance for an audition and apparently they liked her.

  11. brycealexander says:

    Come one people. She’s a relatively small name compared to the big talents this season. She auditioned and they liked her. And obviously she’d want to be apart of AHS. It shouldn’t be a big deal.
    My only qualm with this news is that I was expecting the next casting announcement to be a male. Don’t get me wrong, I love that we’re going to have a cast of strong females. It’s just that right now we have one guy and that seems a bit too off-balance for me. I’m still hoping Dane Dehaan makes his was to AHS at some point.

    • mia says:

      Lol that’s how the rest of us feel for every other tv show/movie ever made. There’s usually several male characters to one or two female characters. Welcome to tolkenization! The difference is that with women its systemic.

      • brycealexander says:

        No, most shows have a variety of female characters. I’d love for you to name me ONE show that only has only ONE female character.

        • mia says:

          I said there’s usually less female characters than male ones. A ratio of 6:2 if you will. Most shows do have more than 1 woman. But they are still outnumbered by men. Situation is even worse in films – the tolken woman scenario is rampant.

        • mia says:

          Just one? Aw, I’m in a giving mood – I’ll give you a bunch

          -Prison Break
          -Angel (seasons 1+2)
          -Dead Zone
          -Star Trek TOS
          -The Big Bang Theory (1-3)

          And that was just from looking at my dvd shelf. If I actually sat and thought about it, I could come up with many many more.

          • brycealexander says:

            Man, listing a Whedon show just killed your point. Anyhow, sure, many shows will feature mostly male casts. It’s going to happen. But if you think that AHS is the only show with a cast that’s majority women/lead by women (which you certainly implied by saying “that’s how the rest of us feel for every other tv show/movie ever made”), then you’re the fool here.

          • Emily says:

            Aw, come on. You know that Mia didn’t mean AHS was literally the “only” show that holds a leading female majority. Anyway, if anything can be concluded from this exchange, it’s that people barely blink when it comes to a male-heavy cast but tend to notice if it’s a female-heavy one, especially if the show is trying to market itself as not “soapy.” And even when a female is the lead, it’s not surprising if most everyone around her is male. Sure, there’s always more than just ONE female character, but if you’re looking at the cast shown in key art, females are almost always the minority. Just a cursory glance of cover art on iTunes shows Smash as the only (4+) 50/50 split. And Pretty Little Liars and Nashville are one of the few with 2+ females but no males. Everything else pretty much depicts only men, only one female, one male and one female, or female(s) as a minority.

          • mia says:

            @brycealexander the fact that I listed a Whedon show *proves* my point. I worship at the alter that is Whedon and there’s a reason I didn’t list Buffy, Dollhouse or Firefly – all those shows have dynamic and diverse casts when it comes to gender. Angel is flawed and severely failed on a gender basis. Cordelia was literally the only recurring female character for 2 seasons. Which is my point. Even The Avengers suffers from this gender problem – true it was an excellent film and Whedon did thing with it that no one else would have (we would not have gotten such a badass Black Widow if he hadn’t be helming it), but when it comes to numbers…….
            And Emily really explained my point perfectly. Couldn’t have responded better.

          • mia says:

            @Emily *thankyou!* I’m glad someone gets it (and what I was saying). Your rebutal was just about perfect. And it is annoying/sad when no one says anything about the inbalance when its more men than women, but suddenly when its flipped people get all upset.

          • Warren says:

            Angel is a bad example. Season 1 only had 3 lead characters on it. Angel/Cordelia and Doyle. So being 1 of 3 is pushing it for the ‘1’.

            Plus they expanded in season 2 with Lilah and Kate and then eventually Darla and Fred.

            It may not have been up to Whedon snuff…but let’s not ‘Entourage’ it.

  12. mia says:

    Good for her, she’s talented. And she’s been slowly building a career of age-appropriate projects. AHS seems like a really good fit for her to start breaking into some more mature fair.

  13. Hurley says:

    Don’t get me wrong, but I think we have already a LOT of females characters this season. Is Evan Peters going to be the only male character? I wouldn’t mind to have two or three male characters and then all this strong women, but this is a little bit strange…

  14. ashleigh says:

    Ugh, really?! What the heck. I was SO excited for this season too :( I’ll still give it a shot, but if she’s in it all season, as a cast regular, I will probably decide to skip it.

    I can’t stand Emma. Her acting is terrible (not really shocked Delirium wasn’t picked up, with her as the lead) and so many “bts stories” have painted her as this snotty, spoiled, self-entitled brat (which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest). I wish she’d stick to shopping and doing whatever it is she does when she isn’t failing hard at acting…

  15. Cherry says:

    Emma Roberts is a decent actor, I don’t think I’ve seen a role where she takes herself seriously, this will be a nice change. I have faith in her.
    Give her a chance.

  16. RJ says:

    Her acting in Scream 4 was pretty close to terrible. I loved the movie, but cringed at her acting at points.

    • Spigner says:

      lmao. the whole freak out throw-myself-onto-a-glass-table scene? or when she was yelling at Sidney after her friend died? Or how she explained everything? in all the big scenes she had in that movie, she tanked.

      • ashleigh says:

        Oh totally. She totally ruined that movie for me… I couldn’t get past her sh*tty acting long enough to enjoy the movie :/

  17. GG says:

    First bad decision of AHS team. oh well

  18. steven says:

    What about her role on the Nickelodeon show Unfabulous? A lot of people seem to forget that.

  19. Jo says:

    Boo That Sucks!

  20. brycealexander says:

    I hope she wows you all.

    • ashleigh says:

      lol highly unlikely. There’s a reason she hasn’t become this big in-demand actress… the only reason she’s still floating around Hollywood is her last name and her aunt’s connections.

  21. Mara says:

    I hope she dies in the first bit of the season, her limited acting range does not include this genre.

  22. Kim says:

    You all pretty damn delusional. I used to work in the film industry- her being Julia’s niece and Evan Peters girlfriend is why she got the part. Not her talent. Ive seen many of her movies- Scream 4, Art of Getting By, Celest & Jesse, 4321- and she was not good in any of them. I saw Adult World at Tribeca too and she was cringeworthy in it. Rumours about her personality are true too. Bad casting choice!

    • James says:

      Do you know her personally then? Not being snarky, I’m really just asking.

    • ashleigh says:

      Yeah, that’s what I figured. Bad casting choice, indeed. I just hope she doesn’t totally sink season 3 like she sunk her other projects with her terrible acting :( I was so excited for Taissa’s return and now we’ve got this. Booo!

  23. Fran says:

    Geez, I may not think she’s all that talented but I’ll give her a chance at least. I don’t care how she got the role- most of hollywood is about who you know anyway.

  24. kate says:

    I think she’s a pretty lousy actress. bad news.

  25. Guest says:

    I wish someone would tell Evan that being known as “Emma Roberts’ boyfriend” isn’t doing his career any favors….

  26. Blake says:

    Enough with the superficial and annoying comments about how she got the part. Who cares? What I want to know is, did she get a series regular role or is she simply recurring? Here’s hoping she’s not here for an Adam-Levine-In-Season-2 kinda mess.

  27. Crissi says:

    Just give her a chance. Just because she is Julia Roberts’ Niece or Evan Peters’ Girlfriend doesn’t mean she isn’t good in her own right. She was amazing in Scream 4.

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  29. Lexi says:

    i dont know if I’ll be able to watch the third season if it has emma roberts in it.

  30. Christo Alberts says:

    I don’t think she got the role through any connections. May be, but i think she’s an AMAZING actress and she’s proven it over and over! She deserves this part!

  31. Riece says:

    Im shocked she is back for freakshow. She’s a terrible actress!