Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Finale: Did the Right Couple Win the Mirrorball Trophy?

Kellie-Pickler-Dancing-With-the-Stars-WinnerAfter 10 long, highly predictable (and occasionally entertaining) weeks, Dancing With The Stars’ Season 16 finale offered variations on – anticlimax alert! — what we’ve been witnessing since the premiere: Disney teen queen Zendaya still dazzling (her samba, Cha Cha relay and hip hop-themed freestyle on Monday scored a trio of perfect scores from the judges), Kellie Pickler in hot pursuit (just one stinkin’ Cha Cha-fueled point behind), and a game Aly Raisman (just 4 points in arrears) primed to potentially crash the party.

But with these leading ladies a mere heel and toe apart on the Judges’ Leaderboard (sorry, Jacoby Jones, you were clearly the man without the Mirrorball tonight), would the eventual champion be covered with both confetti and controversy?

Indeed, America (aka DWTS superfans) was all a-Twitter due to Monday night’s voting snafu on ABC.com, which temporarily forced fans to rely solely on texts, phone call and – egads! — Facebook to cast their votes. Is there nothing Mark Zuckerberg can’t influence anymore?

Early in tonight’s live show, a rather sheepish Tom Bergeron announced that since voting on ABC.com went down during Monday’s East Coast broadcast — and in fairness to all the couples — none of the votes cast on ABC.com would be counted. I’ll merely echo Val Chmerkovskiy’s apt reaction (according to Today.com) to the whole voting mess: “That’s bull—-!”

But after such a predictable season, part of me was hoping for something shocking – how about Jacoby’s mom running off with the Mirrorball trophy? – as the two-hour finale unfolded. No such luck, but musical performances by Wynonna (thankfully Ms. Judd was singing, not dancing this time), PSY, Pitbull and the fabulous Jessica Sanchez kept the proceedings humming along.

It was also a hoot seeing the returns of Lisa Vanderpump (taking a turn on the ballroom floor with Len Goodman!), a joyful Dorothy Hamill and the ever-campy Andy Dick (who had the best line of the night, a tortured “Carrie Ann gave us a 5, that bi—!” during his Kleenex-heavy clip). Thanks for the LOLs, Andy!

Well into the second hour, our surviving finalists hit the floor for their “Instant Dance” and one last shot (well, so they said) at tipping the Mirrorball tallies in their favor. In short, the clean sweep of perfect scores for Jacoby’s salsa, Kellie’s jive and Zendaya’s jive kept everyone in contention.

But without further ado, the ultimate moment of truth — tonight’s results…and the Mirrorball trophy goes to:

Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff

Zendaya and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough

Literally glowing with giddy delight, and showered in rapturous applause – not to mention a spontaneous lift onto Jacoby’s shoulders – Kellie hoisted the Mirrorball sky high. But what’s up with not getting a sound bite from the new champ, guys? Well, Kellie’s joyous expression said far more than any speech ever could, but a disappointed Zendaya did offer this parting quote: “I’m very proud, and very happy, and I get to leave here with an amazing experience.” (Um, she didn’t look all that happy, though, did she?)

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple take home the Mirrorball Trophy? Were you shocked that Aly and Mark didn’t make the final three? And lastly, do you think Kellie was indeed the best dancer this season? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mike says:

    I still don’t like how Derek always gets the best partners, but I’m happy for Kelli.

    • DavidSask says:

      Agreed Derek deserves a dud once and for all!!! Feel bad for Val’s eye, anyone else?

      • Kristin says:

        I agree David – I’m sick and tired of Golden Boy Derek getting the preferential treatment by the producers and the judges. Val and Zendaya were THE best dancers this season and it’s a disgrace they came in second. If I were Val I wouldn’t come back next season and Derek should milk this for all it’s worth because once DWTS is over, so is his career. He doesn’t have the looks or the body to make it in Hollywood. It’s just a damn shame when you see the deck is stacked and the game is rigged. I won’t be watching next season if Val isn’t on. I’ve had about enough between Golden Boy and the judges…I wouldn’t be surprised if next year is their last year on the air.

        • Angela says:

          He doesn’t have the looks or the body to make it in Hollywood.


          • Kristin says:

            Yes, really.

          • Angel says:

            I’m thinking somebody who looks like Derek or maybe named Derek broke Kristen’s heart. Her attackers on him are so virulent, it must be something personal. It sure ain’t about his dancing or his looks.

        • Kelly says:

          He definitely has the talent. He is extremely creative and knows how to suit his choreography to whoever his partner is. I agree he gets preferential treatment, but I can’t deny that he is way beyond talented.

          • Kristin says:

            I never said he wasn’t a talented dancer, I merely stated that he is favored by the judges and it is obvious that he gets the best and usually the more popular partners.

          • lucas smith says:

            Seriously kellie was nowhere near the level of fame as any of the top 4 contestants. She is at best a C-list star thanks to country radio refusing to play her music. She isnt on tv everyday nor is she a professional dancer (cheating I dont care what anyone says) like zendaya and she isnt a professional athlete like jacoby or ally. So you cant say thay derrick got the best/most famous parter because he didnt. Stop whining because zendaya didnt win and stop claiming it was rigged, because you just look like a soor looser. Who cares who won for real its a damn tv show, its not like she actually won anything truly meaningful like a nobel piece prize its a damn reality tv competition for christ sakes grow up.

          • Kristin says:

            I never said he wasn’t a talented dancer. I think he’s excellent. It’s just that I don’t think he has what it takes to make it in Hollywood after he leaves Dancing With the Stars.

          • cher says:

            The fact is we r supposed to b judging the celebrities not the pro and kellie in no way compares to zendaya so u cant say they won based on derek.

          • Brooke Hamlin says:

            Amazingly enough, I just finished watching this seasons DWTS. I don’t think anybody gets preferential treatment from the judges and the fan votes count for one half of the score. Since the judges gave all three of the top finalists 10s, it can’t be said that there was preferential treatment there. I agree that Derek must have a special way of bringing out the hidden dancer in his partners. I think he has the looks, brains, and talent to make it in Hollywood. I wish all of the pros well, and as a very amateur ballroom dancer myself, I am glad the show is on the air and giving these hard-working professional dancers good paying jobs.

        • Tyron says:

          Sooo Glad, that you will not be watching DWTS next year. Your repetitive comments are the most sickening part of this comment page.

          • Kristin says:

            Lol I’m glad you enjoyed my comments as much as I enjoyed posting them! It’s been so much fun don’t you think? If you made yourself sick that’s your fault. Thanks for the laugh ;) you made my day!

        • mardel skaggs says:

          I love Derek and I think he is very good looking and an extremely talented dancer. Maybe the reason it seems that he gets the best partners isn’t because they are the best but that he brings out the best in them. He is a fantastic teacher.

        • Garry Schloemer says:

          Zendaya was a good dancer and so was Val, but no one is better than Derek to choregraph a dance and Kellie was by far the best dancer on the show. Zendaya had lots of experience and Kellie was new to the dancing. I was so happy that a football player did not win again and Jacoby was not a really good ballroom dancer.

        • gloria says:

          as I said when Len Goodman gives a generous point it does not mean you are the winner – he
          knows how to play the game.He gave Derek and Kellie 7 ; and lately he put Val and Zendaya ahead by 5 points, looks Val and Zendaya are the winning couple ! NOPE ! who got the mirror ball, not Val but his favourite guy Derek ! so obvious, Len plays favouritism. I watched bcz of Val and Zendaya. With Maks, Len never favours Maks.

        • Louise Aubuchon says:


          • Kristin says:

            Definitely Louise – they have never given Val and Maks the respect they deserved as the two best dancers. But I’m sure Val and Maks will go on to bigger and better. They already have by winning all the professional championships which is way more impressive than the cheesy Mirror Ball that DWTS gives out after they all work so hard.

        • Angel says:

          Wow, Kristin, get a job or a life or something.

        • T.cook says:

          Wow, Derek’s Bio is so impressive, and how talented and hard working dancer he is, that your silly little comment won’t make a bit of difference…

        • T.cook says:

          Derek does not need ur approval, he’ll make it because he is a positive thinker and an extraordinary talent. Read his bio. Impressive…

        • cher says:

          I completely agree with u kristin. Zendaya was the best dancer on the season hands down. But they gave the trophy to the golden boy with the better choreography. Kellie nevet came anywhere close to the perfection that is zendaya and she was the one who truly deserved that trophy.

        • rose says:

          First of all I want to say that Zendaya is a beautiful ,talented girl with a bright future,and I think Val did a great job with her,but I think that Kellie over the weeks became the best dancer.As for the show being biased toward Derek,Zendaya was promoted by the producers much more than any one else because Disney owns ABC.They showed an interview with Val and Zendaya many many times on the Disney channel.It was very obvious .As for Derek’s career being over after dwts,Derek and Julianne are going to co-executive produce and choreograph a new show for STARZ .You are certainly entitlted to your opinion but you should take another look at Derek.He is very attractive and seems quite charming.All his partners seem to think so.Oh well as Derek and Jennifer Grey said back in season eleven”it’s just a dance show.”

        • Angela P says:

          Whoa whoa whoa. Yes Val is a phenomenal dancer but Derek, is AMAZING! at dancing and choreographing routines. He is great at what he does. So give credit where credit is due. Zendaya got a lot of preferential treatment. I still think she is awesome but toward the end she is the only one that didn’t wear heels anymore. Seriously. The best team won! TRUST!.

          P.S. Derek is very sexy and has not only the looks and body but he has the talent. Don’t get me wrong Val does too.

        • rose says:

          Besides the projects I mentioned earlier that Derek is involved in, I just read that he has been talking with Kate Hudson, about something coming up.That sounds pretty promising for a guy who doesn’t’t have the looks or body to make it in Hollywood.

        • Darlene says:

          Really??? Derek won an emmy- did any of the other choreographers? NO!!! They weren’t even nominated. Derek also has a movie out now that he STARS in. Does any of the other pros? NO!!! Face it– Derek is the best pro there. None of them can choreograph as good as him. He even should have won the all-stars season. Don’t be jealous. Grow up and give credit where credit is due.

      • gwillikers says:

        Perhaps the reason that Zendaya lost is that she gave Val that goose-egg over his eye. Let’s face it, Kellie and Derek didn’t do that to him… lol

    • Nephtalia says:

      If Kellie was given to someone like Maks, she would have been out week 5 or something. Derek does not get the best partners. He just bring the best out of every partner he gets.

      • MaryAnn says:

        Well said!

      • TheFactsR says:

        what a stupid comment! Derek’s ruining the show people are leaving tire of seeing the monopoly at DWTS they are downsizing because of the crap they pull on the show

        • Kristin says:

          I agree totally – he has ruined the show for me as well and as I posted earlier I am sick and tired of seeing him get the preferential treatment and strutting around with his oversized ego and little chicken breast (please Derek, keep your shirt on) do us a favor. He is the Golden Boy with the judges and the whole show has gotten really sickening. If Val isn’t on next season, I won’t be watching. I wish Maks and Val would get their own show and blow DWTS out of the water.

          • T.cook says:

            Somebody, please stop, who cares about this person Kristin… She has no credentials whatsoever to make any comments about anything… It’s so apparent most of us how jealous a person and has no life…

          • Michael says:

            I’m still trying to figure out how he has “ruined the show.” He trains his partners well, and 4 of them have won. The fans apparently agree as well. Since Zendaya was ahead on judge’s points, it’s clear that Kellie won on fan votes. If you are so put off, why don’t you try watching some other show like Hardcore Pawn or Crocodile Hunter or Deadliest Catch or some other show where there are no fan votes to get you so worked up.

          • gwillikers says:

            Oh please… Zendaya lost because she was a one trick pony; she could hip hop. She danced around the floor like a stork. And to tell you the truth, her hip hop wasn’t that impressive, either.

      • Mac says:

        I haven’t watch other seasons but it seemed once that Derek saw potential in Kellie, he kept pushing her more and more. I’m so happy for her.

      • Mimi says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. Derek’s excellent choreography and wonderful patience with each partner he brings along account for his deserved successes on DWTS.

        • Eric7740 says:

          Derek is the best pro-dancer they have, his choreography is un-matched and brings out the best in all his partners. There is a reason he has 4 mirror ball trophies, he is the most talented dancer on the program. If he does get “preferential” treatment, which I for one don’t believe he does, the producers know he is a fan favorite and very talented dancer, that has proven himself season after season!!! For me, once Derek leaves, I will no longer watch DWTS.

        • Nancyann says:

          I’m also happy that Kellie and Derek won, My biggest problem with Zendaya was that she always danced in sneakers or barefooted, I think she danced in heel just once. It gave her an unfair advantage as all women know it it much more difficult to dance in heels

          • Tess says:

            My biggest problem with Zendaya was that she was already a dancer – and it looked as though Disney (her boss) that also owns ABC – is always doing something to ‘promote’ one of their own – or one who is going to have a show on ABC soon. Also – didn’t Derek have Nancy Drake a couple of years ago?

      • Kristin says:

        Very well said and true!

      • Lola says:

        I agree. He’s had some potential klunkers before (Ricki Lake, Jennie Garth). I think his talents are unmatched. I was very happy for Kellie, but do believe Zendaya should have won.

        • LINDA says:

          Although Zendaya was very good I just felt as though every dance was like the week before. It was like she used the same moves week after week. Don’t get me wrong she was VERY good but Kellie had more range and her lines were beautiful and Derrick played to her strength. Also, Derrick has had partners that could not dance in the past and when you have had 16 seasons and he has only won 4, where do you get he is a judge favorite??? I have to give it up to all the dancers though because it is VERY hard to get out there week after week and put yourself out there for others to judge.

      • David says:

        Right on Nephtalia! Derek brings out the best in his partners. What a talent! Go Derek!

        • Don says:

          there was another pro like derek in the past. he was always at the top most of the time but i think fan voting did him in everytime. his name was maxim. i always wanted him to win at least once. he had this black girl as a partner one season and were doing as good as derek and kelly but the fans voted ozzie osborns daughter over them. he was pissed. he left last year. it was a big loss to the show losing him. cheryl burke seems to get nothing but bummers everytime nowadays. she deserves better.

      • RUCookie says:

        Wow – Maks is a fantastic choreographer as well. He is just the “bad boy” and gets the bad boy edits… throw a self absorbed contestant in like that soccer player, Hope Solo, and you are what the Derek loving producers were hoping for… the show needed Maks this season. That was clear.

        • Kristin says:

          The judges and producers blew their chance with Maks. I was surprised he stayed on so long after being put down and disrespected. For the number 2 ranked dancer in the US and number 6 ranked worldwide, they should have treated him a lot better. Instead he got the bad rap when he defended himself and his partners against the judges.

      • Joy says:

        Totally agreed. Derek does get the best out of his partner. Also, it sticks they didn’t count on line votes they were already in. Kelli deserves to win she is fantastic, with never dancing before.

      • Darla says:

        I agree. His partners aren’t always great dancers- he brings out the great dancing in them. Derek is gorgeous and a great dancer and choreographer- who is better? Mark is close. Val, Max, and Tony are jealous of him. Maybe if Zendaya and Val weren’t so arrogant and cocky all season they would have won. They didnt even go over and congratulate the winners- shame on the sore losers!!! Derek won 4 times and should have been 5 or even 6. Derek and Shawn were by far the best last year but didn’t win and he should have won with Maria also. Congrats to Derek and Kellie- they danced great and are a class act!!!

    • Jack says:

      Who knew Kellie would be THAT good? I feel like Derek makes it far because he’s able to get the best out of his partners. Yes he’s had ringers like Scherzinger and Grey, but Kellie isn’t, and nor were Lil Kim and Joanna Krupa, the list goes on. Derek’s also hands-down the best choreographer of all the pros.

      • Laquisha says:

        Derek gets the best partners because he demands them from the producers. He will only be on the show if they give him good partners, and the producers want him on because he’s popular (why I don’t know). Kellie has a lot of musical background and a strong country following. She would’ve beat Zendaya any day. DWTS does not have the same demographic as the Disney Channel.

        • Jack says:

          Again, how would he know how good Kellie was? She’s a country singer. Not a dancer. Zendaya has musicality, dance experience, etc. Kellie having “musical background” doesn’t mean anything. If anything, the person pre-show that would’ve made most sense for Derek to get was Aly Raisman. He’s gotten people with little to no dance experience but he was able to turn them into fairly competent/good dancers – Maria Menounos, Ricki Lake, etc.

          • Elena says:

            I totally agree. Except for cheerleading in high school, Kellie does not have anything resembling a dance background. OTOH, Zendaya has danced since she was a little girl. She has probably danced longer than she has acted. If Derek wanted the best and could manipulate TPTB into giving him whichever partner he wanted, he would have requested her or Olympian, Aly. I haven’t watched many seasons of DTWS (perhaps 3-4), however, it’s easy for me to see that Derek does bring out the best in every partner and the man clearly choreographs like no one else!

          • cher says:

            Derek went 4 kellie fanbase when he requested her bcuz she does have more fans than zendaya. Zendaya is a disney channel star who just came into stardom in 2012 which means the only ppl who know her are little kids. So kellie would get more votes from adults hands down, so the real reason kellie won is not because shes a better dancer its because she has the bettet choreographer. Also we kno zendaya is better because she didnt get scores below 8s after week 3. On top of that in the final episode derek said he wasnt goin to come this season but “a feeling” convinced him 2 stay nd he now kno it was kellie. Its def an act bcuz we all know he requested her bcuz he knows the producers will do nything to keep him even if its complete bull.

        • paula says:

          I disagree. Until last night’s performances, I was voting for Zendaya. Kellie finally convinced me she deserved to win just last night.

          • Did you miss the Argentine Tango the previous week? The one that Kellie and Derek started in shiloutte? That was absolutely beautiful!!!! If that didn’t get you, you are a tough customer (lol)

          • paula says:

            reply to Geraldine: Yes, Kellie’s AT was gorgeous!!! I was voting for Zendaya and Kellie all season, sometimes more Zendaya, sometimes more Kellie, but it was really the free style that pushed Kellie over the top for me :)

          • cher says:

            It also pays to think abt it in the way that if zendaya was given that same dance where derek upped the stunts on zendaya could have done it 2 and better than how kellie did it

        • Kristin says:

          Derek really should be grateful he had the chance to be on the show to begin with. I will say he is an excellent dancer, but the Golden Boy treatment and always getting the best partners is a little sickening. The judges favor him and why he is so popular also remains a mystery to me as well. He is nothing to look at and has a really big ego. Hope he wrings DWTS dry because once they go off the air that’s the end of his career too.

          • Evangeline says:

            Dude, seriously. Everyone gets it. Derek is a Golden Boy and you Hate Him and enjoy Random Capitalization. I beg you to stop posting variations on the exact same comment everywhere! If you want to hate on him, at least be creative about it/add new information about why you hate him, from what is now doubt a highly reputable and informed source.

            I love Derek, I think he’s one of the best dancer/choreographers ever and would watch him do just about anything. He definitely brings out the best in his partners – it’s no coincidence he managed to get the extremely uncoordinated Shannon Elizabeth to week 6 his first year on the show or that he was able to ALMOST turn Jennie Garth into something less than a train wreck. I was torn this year because Zendaya and Val were really wonderful, but Kellie totally won me over with that final Freestyle – best dance of the year, hands down. She really hit her stride where it counted.

          • Observer says:

            Kristen, why do you keep making the same point over and over and feel the need to comment repeatedly after every comment that relates in any way to Derek. We get it that you don’t like him and feel that he gets preferential treatment. I disagree with you, but more importantly, I think it’s a shame to highjack these comments the way that you are doing. Constantly repeating the same point doesn’t make it truer and is just another form of bullying behavior.

            Sadly, all your comments about Derek detracts from the attention that should be paid to Kellie for doing all that hard work that turned her into a dancer when she had totally lacked any dancing background. She totally deserved the win, especially after her brilliantly choreographed final freestyle. The fact that Derek chose to strip down the dance and do away with any bells and whistles so that the total focus was on Kellie’s dance skills was a totally brilliant and gutsy move. Derek and Kellie earned their win and deserve nothing but praise.

            It was also really nice to see how humble Kellie was when she won — which was such a contrast to Zendaya’s pouting and unsportsmanlike behavior that she displayed when she lost.

            Now, in contrast to you, Kristen, I’m just stating my opinion once, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

          • You need to get over yourself Kristin!

          • Garry Schloemer says:

            You are really a nasty idealist.

          • rose says:

            You have said in at least a couple of your comments that Derek’s career is over after Dwts.I actually already mentioned this in my earlier comment, I wanted to reply directly to you Kristin.I really hate to burst your bubble but, Derek and his sister Julianne have been chosen to co-executive produce and choreograph a new show for STARZ He also was screen tested for the lead role in the dirty dancing remake which I understand has been put on hold.Whether they will actually do the remake I don’t know.My point here is that he is getting noticed because of his obvious talent and good looks.I don’t know if he will become a star or not,but you certainly don’t know either.

        • mardel skaggs says:

          How do you know? Do you work for the show or something?

        • I do not believe that for one minute!

      • rebecca says:

        Totally agree…he brings out the best in his partners

      • TheFactsR says:

        I did that’s who! She hung around with Julianne for years now! They are besties!

      • paula says:

        I agree. Besides Joanna and Lil Kim, he had that one girl that he dated for about a year, can’t remember her name, but I remember she had to wear a prosthetic butt for one of the Latin dances.

    • pylvrym says:

      Haters will hate

    • TheFactsR says:

      Blatantly biased stacked deck! So tired of playing monopoly on DWTS!!!

      • Kristin says:

        Agreed – I am sick and tired of it and if Val isn’t on next season I doubt I’ll be watching. I’ve had enough of the stacked deck and Derek, not to mention the judges…I think next season will be their last because a lot of people are tired of the monopoly and the rigging.

    • vdofan says:

      No he doesn’t.

      Out of 16 seasons, 5 of which he wasn’t on, he’s won 4 times. Come in 2nd, 3rd 5th and 6th place once each, and 4th place 3 times,

      • Mike says:

        He hasn’t done worse than 4th since season 8, he has never had a bad partner.

        • chistosa says:

          He has had bad partners. Shannon Elizabeth, Joanne Krupa, Jenny Garth, and that horrible Lil Kim. He is a talented choreographer and brings out the best in his partners. Even when they have two left feet and a lousy attitude like Shannon Elizabeth.

    • paula says:

      Derek doesn’t always get the best partners. He has had a few duds. He’s just a great teacher and choreographer and knows how to play up his partners’ abilities.

      • Tess says:

        He also happens to be very popular in his own right so even with lesser skilled partners, he manages to get them to last far longer than other pros could based off his own popularity.

        Certainly not the case with Kellie because she did turn out to be fantastic. Till this week came along I was putting her and Zendaya in a virtual tie, but Kellie and Derek’s freestyle was definitely the best and we all know it’s the freestyle that tends to win or lose it for a couple. It is what put Kellie over Zendaya in my book, and I’m not particularly a fan of hers and I’ve never much cared for Derek either. They both seemed genuinely shocked they won too.

    • S Christina Davis says:

      coming into this season I thought that both Val and Derek had a good chance and I along with the other fans watch both teams grow in strength . I have to say though I was teetering till end on who I would vote for both Val and Derek are great at teaching and inspiring their partners to greatness. I think that Zendaya accually started out though as the stronger competitor. Kelly grew in talent every week. so even though it might seem like Derek gets better partners I believe its that he is just a great teacher. Kelly earned the mirrorball through HARD WORK.

    • Michael says:

      Yep – Lil’ Kim, Jennie Garth, Ricki Lake and Joanna Krupa were all hand-picked for Derek’s victory! You just forget all Derek’s clunkers. Honestly, I don’t think any of Derek’s “Pretty girls”, Shannon Elizabeth, Brooke Burke and Maria Menounos, would have gotten as far without him. Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Grey are the only two ringers that Derek’s been assigned (and Jennifer had a lot less dance training than many – including Zendaya).

    • Leo says:

      He needs to get a Cloris Leachman type of partner. Someone with absolutely no dancing talent at all. Lets see how good he is then

    • duranmom says:

      Derek never gets anyone like Kate Gosslin or Susan Lucci or Wynona (I know she requested Tony, but you get my drift). It’s easy to mold Kellie into a dancer: she’s fit, she’s young, and she’s willing.

    • Angel Morini says:

      They never know going in who can and who can’t dance. No Olympian has ever lost til now and Zendaya has lots of dance experience. Kellie was a big surprise. There’s no real reasone to expect her to have been the incredible dancer that she is. She and Derek were amazing together. And he must be very good at working with his dance partners.

    • Storm says:

      I don’t agree that Derek gets the best partners. He’s been paired with models, who don’t normally do well, actresses, and musicians. With the exception of Nicole and Jennifer Grey, he had to work to make his partners look good. That’s a testiment to how great of a teacher he is. And if you look at the other pros, they’ve all been paired with the same kind of partners. Everyone has a shot going into this competition and some do better than others but what makes someone like Derek so good is he knows how to hide his partners weaknesses and plays on their strengths. That’s brilliant.

  2. Tim says:

    um, Zendaya had a look of gloom after the announcement, but I think Kellie deserved it, for sure!

  3. zoogerfanbsb says:

    I honestly believe Zendaya should have won it. Overall, she had the better season, and is the better dancer. Kellie seems like a nice person, but it should have been Zendaya. My heart aches a little. It really does.

    • Chris Vergara says:

      I Agree With You, I Think Zendaya Should Have Won The Mirror Ball Trophy, She Got The Highest Votes, And I Voted For A Lot Of Times! And I Don’t Know What Happened But, She Was So So So Close Of Winning! I’m So So Very Very Sad That She Lost! If Its Steel Not To Late So Can Change The Votes Around That Would Be Awesome, But If Not Then I Hope She Can Come Back For The Next Season In The Fall. (Season 17) “Damm It!” :(

      • Mike R. says:

        Isn’t it annoying to capitalize every word??

      • Mids says:

        I really wished Zendaya had won too. I do agree that Derek and Kelli had the best free style but overall Zendaya was the best dancer. I also do not believe that her Hip hop experience gave her any advantage> Any dancer can tell you that just because you can dance in one genre it doesnt mean you can in others. Also i believe Zendaya and Val were the best team on this season. Their chemistry was very good and very genuine.

      • Bob says:

        Zendaya shouldn’t even been allowed on the show. 2 or more years she has been on the Disney show Shake It Up. Anybody think she didn’t,t have any professional dance training on that show? Plus I can,t vote for Val no matter who is is paired with. Just too arrogant!!

        • Garry Schloemer says:

          Zendaya thought the win was in the bag for her. She did not even congratulate Kellie, nor did she recognize Val for all of his hard work. She cared solely for herself. Zendaya had good dances and sometimes ran over the music so her real ability was not always there. Her hip hop experience showed too and ballroom is a totally different type of dancing. Lastly, her young age and lack of life experience showed throughout the total shows. Sounds like you are partial in your judgment and if you are not experience in this type of dance (ballroom) you cannot truly judge these contestants. Ballroom is not easy and requires a lot of agility. Hip hop has not any real agility features. Kellie’s cheerleading skills probably helped her some and Zendaya had none that I remember.

    • Ro says:

      I wanted Zen and Val to win…too bad winner was based on voting. Both Kellie and Zen deserved to be the top two but i think Zen should have won. Carie Ann Inaba even said earlier today that if it was according to vote, Kellie would win it, but if it was based on skills and talent it would be Zen. And since winners are picked with how many votes they get, there is no way that Zen will win it! Zen does have a lot of fans thru her Shake It Up show, but most of them are kids to pre-teens who wouldnt even care to vote.

      • Susan Lindig says:

        I totally believe that the best dancers won the mirror ball trophy. After, the Amazing dance that Kellie and Derek did last night, they deserved to win. Derek is an awesome choreographer. The only thing I would of liked to see was Mark and Aly make it to the final three.

        • John says:

          No the best dancer did not win. Kellie kept getting over scored because she was partnered with Derek.

        • Guest says:

          Not the BEST dancer, but the most LIKEABLE! I would give the overall performance and skills to the runner up – I think they deserved that much.

    • Kristin says:

      Mine also. Zendaya WAS the best dancer of this Season, I like Kellie Pickler but Zendaya was much more talented. It’s so unfair that Derek who always gets favored has won again. I’m sick of it and sick of him…

    • RUCookie says:

      Completely agree – Zendaya deserved to win – she was amazing all season and got better every week. She has perfect musicalbility and stage presence. She drew you into her dances. Val choreography was flawless (minus that weird car number). They made a fantastic pair (that is not to say that Kelly and Derek did not, just that their connection was different and the dancing relied on Derek’s lifts more). I am way too old for Shake It Up, and had never heard of Zendaya before this show, but I will keep my eye on what she does next – girl’s got talent!

      • Kristin says:

        Yes she has it all and I think she will go far. She has the looks, the natural talent and as it was mentioned she is incredibly mature for 16. Val couldn’t do the same type of dancing with her because she was a minor and that had to be hard for him being careful about where he placed his hands and embracing her in ways that the audience might have taken the wrong way. Still, she was the best dancer of this season.

  4. Marianne says:

    This was certainly a snooze of a season. It actually more annoys me how they did the top 4 for the finale this year and knocked the 4th place person out right away in the show. What was the point of that? It just seems like they wanted to avoid a double elimination last week. I do wonder what would have happened though if online voting through abc.com was counted. That could have changed the outcomes a little.

  5. Laquisha says:

    Hold onto that trophy Derek because it’s the last thing you will win for a long time. You can’t act. You’re worse than your sister, which is pretty sad.

    • guest says:

      Jealous much? Wow, so sad.

    • Kristin says:

      Very well said Laquisha – I agree totally. Once DWTS is over, Derek is finished. And his sister was nothing to brag about either but at least she was easier on the eyes. Derek doesn’t have the looks or acting talent to make it in Hollywood – he’s lucky he got the favoritism on DWTS because if he ever tried to get into movies he’s really in for a surprise when he gets shot down and told he doesn’t have what it takes. And that day will come.

      • linda2009 says:

        You know, I’m actually sort of curious to see how many times you can post a variation of the same basic comment. And you know what else? I don’t care for Derek either, but I have to give credit where it’s due–I think he did a fantastic job with Kellie. As other posters have commented, he’s a good choreographer who knows how to choreograph to his partners’ strengths–even the less accomplished dancers. I would have been just as happy to see Zendaya (a very, VERY talented young lady who has a great career in front of her) and Val win, but personally, I think this was the right outcome. Kellie wasn’t a dancer to start with and she just grew exponentially as the season went on.

        • Kristin says:

          I can post whatever I choose and if you don’t like it – don’t read it. If you are too blind to see the deck is stacked that’s your problem not mine.

      • Lisa says:

        Derek will have a career outside of DWTS long after the show is gone. In all honesty, the show needs him more then he needs them. He has recognition from his peers (Kenny Ortega and Adam Shankman to name a few) in the entertainment industry, has been Emmy nominated (I assume again after the dances we saw the past two season), a independent film to be released sometime this year, producing tv shows. How is he getting shot down? They are knocking at his door. You just sound petty and jealous Kristin.

        • Kristin says:

          We’ll see how far he goes after DWTS – he came back this season once he knew Maks was gone and beforehand he said he had other things lined up. Couldn’t have been too many otherwise he would have left and pursued bigger and better things. As I said, time will tell….

        • Kristin says:

          And Lisa, I am not jealous at all – I’ve always said Derek is an excellent dancer, I have nothing to be jealous of. I mean, he’s not Baryshnykov for God’s sake lol

  6. I still think they rigged it by pulling the ABC website down because that’s where Zendaya gets the majority of the votes. I just wish Kellie won fair and square, because I think both of them deserved it. Plus I’m so sick of seeing Derek win. Val and Maks deserve it after competing in 14 out of 16 seasons, I mean c’mon.

    • paula says:

      Val has only been there for a couple or three seasons. Maks did deserve a win, and he did get saddled with the most impossible dancers.

      • Kristin says:

        Maks was totally disrespected on DWTS. He is ranked the 2nd best dancer in the US and the 6th best dancer in the world. He has won so many professional championships and I don’t blame him for bowing out of DWTS after not winning and being saddled with a lot of handicaps as far as the partners he had. After Maks left, the ratings went way down this year which was no surprise to me.

        • Jake says:

          Ratings are down because its up against the voice and the finale actually increased 25 percent and was the highest amount of viewers for the night.

      • Nunaya_Bidness says:

        Maks has had some great dancers too, lest we forget Mel B., Laila Ali, Erin Andrews and Brandy

    • Val won with the Soap Opera Star for the All Star Season! He does pretty well getting good dancers too!! Like him much better that his brother.

    • Kristin says:

      I agree Andrew. That whole ABC website down maneuver was like a rigged election. I am beyond sick of Derek and seeing him win. He has ruined the show along with the judges who are always praising him and showing favoritism.

      • Darla says:

        Kristen you should get a life. It’s only a tv show. How pathetic you are. Your life must be soooo boring to post so much hate against gorgeous and brilliant Derek. What did you try to hook up with him and he laughed and wouldn’t give you a second look??? Do you seriously think that this show is all he got? Your not too bright. You should get help because you are obsessed with hating Derek!!! I really do feel sorry for you and hope you get over it.

        • Kristin says:

          I feel sorry for you to have to take anyone’s comments so personally – as I said to another poster, what does Derek do for you Darla? Does he pay your rent or mortgage? Maybe you ought to get a life, I have one and I usually don’t post on these forums (and your message was one of the reasons I don’t post) I don’t hate anyone – I have stated that I think the show is rigged, I said Derek was an excellent dancer but I don’t think he has what it takes to make it beyond DWTS. What are YOU so upset about? Because you don’t agree? Well that’s what makes the world go around and I hope you seek help for taking comments on a TV show so seriously…

        • Kristin says:

          Besides, if I were to go with anyone it wouldn’t be Derek lol and he’d be the one getting turned down :) I wouldn’t give him a first look let alone a second lmao this is too funny

    • Kristin says:

      Again Andrew you are right on the money. If you tell it like it is on this board you get labeled jealous or a hater. Sorry but I’m with you – if the others can’t see the show is rigged, it’s their problem.

    • Mids says:

      I Agree with you Wholeheartedly. I wanted Zendaya to win so badly and i honestly believe that pulling the ABC votes was a disadvantage for Zendaya

  7. Mika02 says:

    Really disappointed I thought that Zendaya and Val made this season of Dancing so much more entertaining and they really showed what Dancing is really about. I am done with Dancing after this season really is no point in watching the show anymore.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I am so happy Kellie and Derek won!!! Kellie was my favorite from the second she was announced to be on the show! She was amazing all season long and deserved the win. :)

  9. Violet says:

    Derek seems to get the awesome dancers every year. I wish one year , he would get a bad dancer. Just once. Poor Zendaya but, she will be okay, She still has a long career ahead. I am happy for Kelli, it was tough call. As long as Mark Ballas did not win again, I was happy. He always seems so smug.

  10. rachel says:

    Really? We’re judging Zendaya know for not being completely thrilled five seconds after she lost. She’s made it clear she wanted to win for Val as much as herself, so she probably was a bit disappointed that she didn’t get him his mirrorball. Unless she comes out and play bittercakes in the press, I think it’s a bit much. One thing I think about Zendaya is she comes off like a real person and not a Disneybot. Give her a break.

    • Marion says:

      She’s also, what, sixteen years old? She was a lot more composed and gracious than a lot of her peers would have been.

      • S Christina says:

        I agree Zendaya handled the highs and lows all season long with a grace far beyond her years. To make a big deal of her reaction at the end is just wrong.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Zendaya was very disappointed and was doing her best to hold it together. There was no way she should be faulted for not smiling when she had just lost a contest that she had at least a fifty-fifty chance of winning.

      • Mids says:

        yes she was trying her best to hold it together in a contest that she and Val should have won.

      • Darla says:

        If zendaya and Val would have won- Derek and kellie would have went right over to them to congratulate them because they have class and wouldn’t have been sore losers! It’s only a tv show. To the person who cried when kellie won- really??? Zendaya and Val were arrogant all season. She was an ok dancer- a bit wild at times and should have worn heels like the other girls and not sneakers. It would have been too hard for her. Derek and Kellie won and deserved it- get over it!!!

    • noffff says:

      Tottally agree with you

  11. Sarah says:

    I believe zendaya n val deserved to win!!! I think if the voting system was fixed it would have been zendaya n val winning!!!

  12. Angela says:

    I’m sorry Zendaya didn’t win, because I really liked her. But while I fully get people tiring of Derek winning all the time, at the same time, Kellie is very likeable, and she WAS amazing, so I’m glad for her. Congratulations to her and Derek.

  13. MaryAnn says:

    Kellie and Zendaya were so closely matched in the quality of their dancing, and both so 10+ superb, they BOTH deserved to win. Too bad this contest couldn’t be called a tie.

  14. MichaelTX says:

    My Final Four prediction was:
    (1) Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough
    (2) Zendaya and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
    (3) Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
    (4) Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff

    I had a feeling Zendaya might pull it out on fan voting since she was ahead of Kellie (by 1 pt) on judge’s scores. Apparently, Kellie was thinking something similar because she looked absolutely SHOCKED when she won!!

    On another note, I was SHOCKED that Aly was eliminated before Jacoby. I thought the three ladies were all clearly better than Jacoby.

    • Robin says:

      I too was surprised that Aly and Mark were out before Jacoby…I guess he had more fan votes. :/

      • paula says:

        I agree. That was the only thing that surprised me tonight. But football players always get a lot of votes.

      • MaryAnn says:

        My jaw was hanging open when I heard that Aly would not get to dance tonight, and that she had been eliminated. Jacoby is a decent dancer, but no way was he as good as Aly.

    • Mac says:

      I was really sad that Aly came in 4th. I wanted all the girls in the top 3. But at least I got the winner I wanted.
      Go Kellie !!

  15. TheFactsR says:

    A horrible game of Monopoly DWTS plays! Always the same one winning. STACK THE DECK DWTS and loose all your viewers! Already downsized!

  16. Carol says:

    What?? Blaming the web site being down for Zendaya loss. Her “people” don’t know how to text or call??? Seriously?? Anyone that saw Kellie lay it all out there on the free style last night KNOWS the right person one. CONGRATS KELLIE!!!

    • Mimi says:

      Amen and Amen. Kellie and Derek’s freestyle was beyond superb. The choreography was stunning, and the performance — perfection. I am sorry to see so many sour grapes published here.

      • The Doctor says:

        Zendaya didn’t win because most of her fans have an 8 pm bedtime and therefore couldn’t vote.

  17. the8tregirl says:

    Until the free style on Monday night, I really believed that Zendaya would win, although I felt all season she had a distinct, if not huge, advantage over most of the other competitors because of her hip hop background. However, her free style was only great.

    As clever as it was to incorporate two other dance styles to start, it relied on her hip hop skills to carry the routine. Which is fine. Alexandra used her gymnastic skills. Jacoby used his remarkable strength and joie de vivre. That’s what you do to keep climbing the ladder and to win.

    Kellie’s free style was completely brilliant. She doesn’t have a dance background and yet in three months I believe she became a dancer. Her Argentine Tango took my breath away, as did her dance with Derek and Tristan. THOSE were her strengths, the things she used to perform an utterly perfect free style that was about dance, about emotion, about a story that we all have lived. No bells & whistles, just dance.

    When Derek focuses on the dance, he is a remarkable choreographer. I know there are people who hate him and sometimes he does drive me crazy, but he loves dance. And with a partner who by the grace of god HAS the grace of angels, he shines.

    This season, I think it was KELLIE who made him look brilliant. And perfect.

    • Carrie says:

      Well said. I think Derek is awesome and DWtS are lucky to have him and they know it. He is an amazing choreographer and a great teacher who brings out the best in his celebs, culminating in a performance like Kellie’s freestyle, which was incredible. It seemed like Kellie and Derek had a genuine connection and they both earned that win. If you consider how much impact some of the judges have had when they give celebs tips for the finale, a teacher/ partner that knows how to teach makes a huge difference. If the show does give Deek better dancers, smart move, his dances are worthy of a weekly spot on tv. Congrats Kellie!

    • Angela says:

      Kellie and Derek’s freestyle last night was truly gorgeous. I was stunned by how perfectly they pulled it off.

    • Mac says:

      Very well said. Thank you !

    • Valerie says:

      I wish people would vote based on the overall season not just the last dances, even though those do help a bit. Please let’s not forget that’s what Val did with Zendaya all season! Sticked to just the dance without any props!! And oh here comes Derek for the final dance deciding to do the same thing..Zendaya has been consistent since day 1 and her freestyle showcased everything she learned all season plus showed what a great role model she is to children. The online voting scam is what caused Zendaya and Val to lose their mirror ball because everyone knows she dominated those votes.

      • Kristin says:

        It’s rigged for Golden Boy Derek to get the best partners and to win and also have the judges favor him every season. It’s really boring and has ruined the show. Zendaya WAS the best dancer and should have won hands down.

        • Cary says:

          Sorry, Kristin — I disagree. I’m a first time viewer of the show and don’t have the history to like or dislike any of the pro dancers. But here’s my take. During most of the season, Zendaya was slightly ahead of Kellie. Kellie improved to the extent she was just about neck and neck with Zendaya at the end. I would have been happy with either Zendaya or Kellie — i told my wife that if one of them didn’t win there was no justice! But the freestyle dance on Monday evening cinched the trophy for Kellie, in my estimation. Just breathtaking. I was pretty sure it would have to be Kellie after that performance. And I do not believe anything was rigged. DWTS is great entertainment regardless of who wins — a refreshing change from all the violence that’s on TV these days.

          • Kristin says:

            Everyone has their opinion Cary and I respect yours but I don’t agree. And you are correct about the show being a nice change from all the violence, I’m all for that. But after watching for so many seasons, you start to notice the favoritism and the partners the pros get paired up with. Wish you could have watched the entire run of all the previous seasons. Thanks for your reply – at least you showed class and didn’t get insulting like the others. I appreciate that.

          • Cary says:

            I will keep watching and will see if I notice any favoritism. There is some scuttlebut about new judges — could be a very interesting dynamic. I still believe, however, that the best couple ended up winning the trophy. Kellie/Derek and Zendaya/Val were essentially neck and neck for most of the season, but ultimately Kellie and Derek showed a little more versatility. I do really like, Zendaya, though. I think she’s a class act– especially for the young kids who idolize her the most. A great role model. Somebody here posted that she dissed Kellie and Derek after the winners were announced, but I can’t agree. Maybe she didn’t rush into Kellie’s arms, but a tweet from her expressed her love and congrats to Kellie and Derek. And she was delightful (all the stars were, actually) on Good Morning America the following day.

        • doug says:

          Kristen, you’re like a broken record. Get yourself a new needle. We don’t need to hear your disappointment a hundred times. My bet is you’ll be watching again next year. Congrats to the winners!

          • Kristin says:

            You’ll hear it 200 times if I feel like it lol and why are you reading my posts if you are getting so frazzled with them? You need to stop being so serious over a TV show…

  18. The absolute winners were Zendays and Val. Acrobats are not dancers.

    • Kristin says:

      I’m glad someone else is tired of Derek and his acrobats and oversized ego. Zendaya and Val deserved the Mirror Ball and it’s a damn shame they didn’t get it due to the show being rigged. I’ve had enough of Derek and the unfairness in general. Maybe after DWTS Derek can join Ringling Brothers? lol

  19. Linda says:

    I bet Derek was told he’d be in the final/the winner and that was the only reason he came back. ;)

  20. John says:

    I am tired of this program and how the deck is stacked against anybody but Derek. They have already lost the results show they will lose more viewers If they carry on down this path.

    • Kristin says:

      This season after Maks departed has already lost a lot of viewers and many people are sick and tired of the stacked Deck and Derek winning. I predict next Season will be their last. And if that is so, the producers deserve to be off the air. They causes it themselves.

      • Rachel says:

        I highly doubt that viewers left because of Maks. Unlike you, most people tune into the program for the celebrity contestants, not the professional dancers. The show is old and the celeb talent this season was not their greatest. To gain viewers, they need to get better contestants and come up with new themes and ideas for dances. They should do everything in their power to keep Derek around. He provides excellent choreography and has a great personality that most viewers like watching. I’m so happy that this season is over so I no longer have to read your ridiculous comments.

        • John says:

          Derek being on this season has done nothing for the ratings and him being given good partner every season has made the show boring.

          I do think the alienated fans when they did not bring Maksim back.

    • Kristin says:

      I’m surprised you didn’t get attacked for that comment John but you are right.

  21. paula says:

    I thought the whole show was great. I loved that Len danced and that Kristi Yamaguchi danced with Dorothy; that was sweet. All of the returning people did their best dances, which was nice. I was surprised that Ally went before Jacoby, but I’m glad Kellie won. She deserved. I wouldn’t have been disappointed if Zendaya won, but I think Kellie was more deserving, just based on last night’s freestyle, and the growth in the emotional depth of her performances.

  22. Robin says:

    I can’t believe there are so many negative comments on here about Derek. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Clearly Kellie is sweet too but they didn’t win because of that they won because their freestyle was the best…because Derek decided to “stripe it down to the basics” – amazing choreographer! Apparently he has won 3 Emmy’s for choreography too…(or so said Viggle when I was doing the trivia last night – I missed that question…)
    I voted for them all the way through. I didn’t have anything against Zendaya…but I did notice she didn’t dance in heels all the time…like tonight.

    • Sara says:

      I truly don’t believe all the hate Derek gets is about him personally. Frankly, I’m a little tired of him. I agree, he is an amazing choreographer and he’s great at what he does, for sure. But more often than not, he gets paired with these celebrities who have a natural ability to dance their butts off, and who are likeable. They really make it seem like the show is rigged. Not saying it is, or that I believe it is, but they make it seem heavily biased towards Derek and I think that’s where all the bitterness is stemming from.

      • Kristin says:

        Agreed. I don’t hate anyone but the show is biased toward Derek and the bitterness of the viewers watching him being favored is understandable. He and Kellie were NOT the best this year and I truly believe the show is rigged. Val and Zendaya should have won.

        • Nephtalia says:

          Kristin, we get it. You hate Derek. Gosh, do you have to reply every comment and say the same thing over and over again? Everyone watching DWTS would actually want Derek to have great partners. Cause he is just amazing. Actually if I was a star and was ask to do dancing with the stars, I would want ask for Derek. Derek does more than just dancing for points. He pushes the boundaries to a whole other level. I was rooting for Hope Solo when she was on the show. Maks asked for her personally. Everyday, I was wondering what would have happen if Derek was her partner. That same season, Derek had Ricki. An heavier woman with no background in dance and no athletic training! So no, Derek does not get the best partners!

          • Kristin says:

            No, you don’t get it. I feel there is preferential treatment and favoritism. I don’t hate anyone. I can reply to whatever I wish however I wish. The others here have repeated themselves and as long as they are in support of Derek they don’t get bashed. Maks was the best dancer they had. I love Ricki Lake and I like Kellie Pickler as well. I didn’t think Hope Solo had that much talent on the dance floor at all. I am perfectly willing to call a spade a spade. When anything is rigged and the outcome unfair it really takes the fun and the suspense out of something.

          • mardel skaggs says:

            Thank you Nephtalia. I was about to say the same thing. We are getting tired of hearing you complain about Derek, Kristen.

    • Courtney E says:

      I have met Derek in person. He came to my studio and taught a class. He was a complete jerk to everyone there. As a dancer I appreciate his dance insights and I think he is a brilliant choreographer. However, he is smug, arrogant, rude, entitled, and many other things.

      • Kristin says:

        I never bought the nice guy routine with him either. It was pretty transparent to a lot of people that he has a huge ego and is not the guy people think he is.

    • the8tregirl says:

      There aren’t actually that many negative comments about Derek except for one woman (I’m assuming it’s a woman given her name but these days, one never knows) who really needs a therapy dog and/or a large box of wine.

      Look, sometimes he drives me nuts, but then so does Mark Ballas (actually, Mark drives me a little more nuts than Derek on a regular basis) and Val & Maks both have their, um, idiosyncratic behaviours which can be hugely annoying. The thing about those four men is that they are Performers. They are Showmen. They are Personalities. You love ’em, you hate ’em, but that’s what they are.

      What makes them Champions is not jury-rigging or website downtaking or really even whether or not their celebrity partners are agile, nimble, hip hop dancers since they were 8, former athletes, current athletes, chemistry partners, overweight, underweight, adorable or dorky. What makes them – or could make them – champions is the ability to teach and mould and dance their specific partner in that specific season into a Champion.

      Kristin, if you think that the producers set one pro up, for whatever reason, then surely you think that all of the pros have been set up at one time or another. Because in a conspiracy minded world, there can be no other reasons why Tony Dovolani needed 15 seasons to win, or why Edyta Slovinskaya never did win!

      Also Kristin, I have to ask, and I hope you will actually give this some serious thought and not be sarcastic or caustic in your response, but think about what might have happened differently if Val and Derek had been given each other’s celebrity partner? Would you still be on Team Zendaya if she had danced with Derek? Would you be so unwilling to acknowledge how beautiful and skilled a dancer Kellie became if she had danced with Val?

      I’m just askin’… before you get too heavily into that box of wine.

      • Kristin says:

        Sorry to disappoint you but not a wine drinker. I prefer Chivas Regal if and when I do have a drink which is rarely. It’s a shame you people have to get so upset about someone’s comments. Maybe you should have a drink, it might calm you down. Have a double martini and don’t forget the olives :)

      • cher says:

        I was actually thinking abt what u was saying and even if zendaya was partnered with derek I wud still choose het bcuz she was hands down the best dancer even though its also clear thst the producers treat derek like their first born kid.

  23. Chloe says:

    I’m a bit sad for Zendaya I think she should have won as she was the better dancer! Kellie always looked a bit awkward doing the latin dances like on Monday her relay cha cha looked a bit stiff.

  24. Jennie says:

    Derek is an amazing choreographer – has always been. Kellie was a far better dancer than Zendaya. Zendaya is very cute, but does not have the total strength and control of her body that real dancers have. I felt that the judges were biased toward Zendaya thruout the whole show, because she’s adorable and has an infectious personality. But, Kellie and Derek deserved the win.

    • noffff says:

      REALLY. I wish noone knew Zee was 16. She displayed much more maturity than most of her peers. She does have the strength and body control, and the judges were just identifying with her amazing talent, definitely not being biased.

  25. tiffany says:

    Zendaya should have won. Darn you abc.com. Love ya Daya. Zsway all the way.

  26. Sara says:

    Personally, I would have preferred Zendaya to win. No disrespect meant to Kellie – she was great, and her freestyle was beautiful. But for me, I liked Zendaya & Val. I liked the dances he choreographed better than the dances Derek choreographed (minus the freestyle). I, too, am tired of Derek, though. Not personally, or out of hatred. He’s fantastic at what he does, obviously. But it just seems unfair to me that he more often than not gets the incredible celebrities, the likeable ones. The ones who are going to get a lot of votes. I think it’s unfortunate about the website breaking (again). I think a lot of Zendaya’s votes were probably through the website. Would love to see Zendaya on an All-Stars season though. Anyhow. Congrats, Kellie.

    • John says:

      He gets given the partners that have the most potential to win the show. Kellie was second favourite before they had danced.

    • Valerie says:

      I agree with you! I still find it very suspicious that the website crashed on the most important night of the season! And Zendaya has a much younger audience who probably don’t have Facebooks, so I found that was very unfair..The only way I was able to put extra votes in is by asking some family members to vote through their Facebooks :( and it still wasn’t enough..still so sad about this. Plus Derek ha already won 3 I felt Val deserved this much more. He really proved himself this season!

      • Kristin says:

        The producers have made it so that Maks and Val would never win to keep everyone in suspense. Most people thought “well maybe this year one of them would”. But, with the deck stacked and the game rigged, sadly the BEST two, Val and Zendaya didn’t win….

    • mrJ says:

      Sara said it perfectly. You know they’ll do another All-Stars in 3 or 4 years. Zendaya will hopefully be back along with other finalists who just missed it (Katherine Jenkins, Chelsea Kane, Maria Menounos, etc).

  27. Tom Charles says:

    The girl didn’t think France was a country and had never heard of Hungary.

  28. BBC says:

    Sad for Val!

  29. Guest says:

    LOL…some of the audience were shocked at the result!

  30. arial2 says:

    Although I thought both couples were great, I’m kind of glad Kellie won. Zendaya has danced all her life whereas Kellie is primarily a singer. It’s interesting that, several years ago, many people complained about Kristi Yamaguchi competing because they saw some sort of relationship between dancing and figure skating (???), yet I haven’t heard that much about a dancer competing this year. I was torn because Zendaya seems so sweet, plus she’s from my part of the US, yet Kellie’s horrible early life made me want to root for her as an underdog who has made it. I would have been happy with either one winning.

  31. Valerie says:

    Very disappointed in the results! They should have counted online votes since those go on til 11am I mean c’mon now that’s BS! And EncoreZendaya trended all night on twitter how did she not even get the encore!! Something doesn’t feel right.? If Derek would have won without all this BS going around about the “crashed” site maybe I wouldn’t be so pissed, but my gut tells me this crap was rigged! Ok rant over but Zendaya and Val are the True winners in my book! :)

    • Kristin says:

      Well said and agree with you 199 percent.

    • Nephtalia says:

      When you are looking at Trends, make sure it is a world wide trends. Not a personalized Trends. Cause #encoreKellie trended worldwide for hours.

    • H.Houston says:

      I agree with your comments about the encore dance as well. I know that EncoreZendaya was trending all night long. If DWTS is going to rig stuff they should at least pay some computer geek to make sure that their results hold up to inspection by the fans online (like watching the twitter trend app).

    • mimie says:

      I think the show is fixed, Zendaya and Val, you guys are the winners on my book. Great job Val! Mel B, Sabrina, Maya, Laila should have won the Stupid Mirrorball Trophy…Maks please come back!!!!!!!!

    • paula says:

      Zendaya’s fans aren’t on facebook or twitter? They don’t know how to dial a phone? I usually vote online, but I managed to figure out how to call in my votes Monday night.

    • Darla says:

      Zendaya asked her followers to make her freestyle go viral and it didn’t. Kellie didn’t have to ask and hers did. DEREK RULES!!! He won 4 times. You people are asking for the show not to give it to Derek because he’s great and won already and Val proved himself- wouldn’t that be fixing it? Nut that would be ok as long ad it’s not Derek. Kellie was far better than zendaya and that’s why she won!!!!

  32. Lily L. says:

    I’m disappointed in truth. I was hoping for either Ali and Mark or Zandaya and Val. While Derek is a super good choreographer, so is Mark and so are several other pros. My gut feeling is that there is something in Derek’s contract which allows him to get first dibs and to always be dancing last or next to last. It was brought home to me last season when he had no former partners on the show and Mark had both Shawn Johnson, with whom he won and Bristol Palin and they gave Shawn to Derek, whereas all the other pros got the ones they either won with or had as runners up.

    Why didn’t they give Bristol to Derek?

    • Kristin says:

      The show is clearly rigged and the favoritism always given to Derek. I agree, why couldn’t he get Wynona or Chaz or Gladys Knight? Also do you notice how the camera always zones in on Derek and he seems to get more “air time” than the others? I’ve noticed that for more than a few seasons already…

      • Iván says:

        Ok, Kristin. Here’s why he didn’t get Wynona, Chaz or Gladys Knight. For a celebrity to be paired with a professional dancer there are some characteristics to be take in consideration: weight, height, age and gender (you know, Chaz Bono was already a male competitor when we was on DWTS). I don’t think that it’s good for a thin person to get Wynnona (no offense intended), so for her they needed a taller and stronger dancer (ergo, Tony. Besides, she asked Tony) Also, some celebrities ask for their professional pros. Jennifer Grey, Nicole Scherzzinger asked him in order to be in the show.

        They don’t paired celebrities and pros like “who’s the best dancer of them all? Ok, let’s give her/him to this or that partner”.

        And for Lily L, Bristol wasn’t with Derek because SHE asked Mark as her partner.

        Come on, guys! Let’s just look up the info in the Internet. Uncle Google can give you a lot of answers and you stop to look like haters.

    • John says:

      Derek should not have been given Shawn Johnson at all. She should have rightfully gone to Mark. That was completely unfair and shows that the producers favour Derek.

  33. Tmoney says:

    Zendaya is the champion regardless of the result. She won the judges vote. Plus this voting scam what a joke. Zendaya fans couldn’t vote online. What a joke had to happen at the final. Something was fishy. Like Val summed it up bull.

  34. aubrie12 says:

    I think all of the dancers did a awesome job and I kind of wanted Jacoby to win I’m not say he is the best dancer on DWTS but that’s just my opinion. I agree with some people on how Derek always get to win and to get a chance to win by the judges but sometimes he doesn’t. I also think that Kellie’s freestyle dance was AMAZING and you could totally tell that she had worked so hard on that dance.

  35. sladewilson says:

    Zendaya caught what I call DWTS Stacy Keibler curse. In other words, you’re too frakkin’ good but bring in our ratings. You’ll get massive coverage and a rise in your young career and then we’ll hit off somebody who’s close and a surprise at the end. I watched Kellie and she worked her tail off and shocked everyone but Zendaya was in another class… Chin up, kid – you’re going to be a superstar…

  36. Patricia Adimari says:

    I think show is rigged. Zendaya/Val best dancers by far. What I like about Val us he doesn’t brown nose judges like Derek. Kellie/Derek wone and he barely let her hold the mirror ball. Val would of praised his partner unlike Derek. Val/Zendaya you Are winners to your fans!

  37. Mary says:

    Both Girls were worthy of the trophy but I was rooting for Zendaya/Val. They have been outstanding the whole season. I guess Kellie had a bigger fan base to vote for her.
    I was shocked Ally came in 4th but those sports guy have a big following. Oh well it was actually an enjoyable season, better than the last one.

  38. ChrissieK says:

    This was my first turn around the DWTS dance floor and I quite enjoyed it! Fun seeing Whitney and Lindsay from last season’s SYTYCD. How much weight did Judd lose during her 10 minutes of competition? But I am really shocked at all the comments against Derek after last night’s finale who I thought was the best of the pros…he is amazing and should be applauded for his talent. Why is it when someone is successful like that they get torn down by all the little people, huh? Derek…you were amazing and look how you brought out Kellie Pickler, our little American Idol Kellie who drove me crazy–man! can she dance or what?!!

    • paula says:

      Well said, Chrissie! I like Derek as a performer, and I don’t get the all the Derek hate either. He’s a good teacher and choreographer, and he knows how to bring out the best in his partners. I never saw Kellie on AI, but she seems like a nice woman. She’s become a great dancer over the season and I’m glad she won.

  39. Julie says:

    I’ve watched all 16 seasons and I must say it’s boring and needs a reboot somehow. Derek and Mark both tend to get preferential treatment all the time. I’m most annoyed when the two of them break the fundamental rules of a dance and still manage to get 8s and 9s. Example: breaking hold in a vianese waltz. But if tony, maks or Val would even think of doing that, they’d get the shaft with 7s or lower.

    It’s to the point where they announce the cast and I can guess what parmet Derek is getting based off names. I’ve gotten it right the last 10/12 seasons. Why not have a live special with partner assignment with a button bag like project runway uses. It’d be the most fair. It’s just boring and getting a little more annoying as the years go on. It’s gonna take some really interesting celebrities next season to get me to watch, otherwise I’ll be spending all my time with the voice.

    • ChrissieK says:

      So, watch the Voice!

      • Julie says:

        Sorry, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed an honest opinion. I’ve watched for 16 seasons. I think I can have one. And I think the live selection of partners would boost ratings. Derek can win as many mirror balls as he wants – he’s good, obviously. Just even out the playing field.

        • guest2 says:

          I think if the viewers did a petition and sentbit in to dwts producers we might be able to get them to do the picking of names out of beanbags live

    • Kristin says:

      I feel the same way Julie and I think a lot of others do as well.

    • paula says:

      That button bag is a really interesting idea, Julie! It probably won’t happen, but I think it would be cool.

  40. GeeMa says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would spend 2 to 3 hours a week on something that they disagree with so much. If you think DWTS is fixed, turn the channel to something else. Or go and volunteer somewhere. Maybe then you would have a better outlook on life. I love watching the stars grow each week. Also, the different choreography that each pro brings to the show. Kudos to them all.

    • GeeMa says:

      BTW I don’t always agree with the winners.

    • Kristin says:

      How do you know if anyone on here volunteers? I have been volunteering for 18 years with animals. Everyone is entitled to watch a television program. My outlook on life happens to be based on fairness and not favoritism. I enjoy watching the dances and what everyone brings to the show, but as others said, it is becoming predictable and boring. You can pretty much guess what the judges are going to give and who is going to the finals. The show needs a reboot like someone else said.

  41. Kim says:

    Some of these comments are so not true. As someone who has watched the show since the beginning….
    1. Derek is not favored by the judges. Len often gives him low scores. I have always thought Len is biased against Derek.
    2. Rikki Lake was the best dancer? IDTS
    3. Shannon Elizabeth was the best dancer? IDTS
    3. That model was the best dancer? IDTS
    4. Even Jennifer Grey- she really was not a dancer. I remember years ago Patrick Swayze talking about how she could not really dance and dancing with her was not fun.
    5. Jennie Garth was not a dancer.
    6. Kellie was not a dancer.
    Also I agree Maks should have won with Mel B or the Ali girl but choked at the end. It has always been that the freestyle determines the winner- no matter who is actually the best dancer.
    I always thought Cheryl tended to get the better partners and usually the athletes but who knows how the partners are chosen? Anyway I do not think it is some grand conspiracy. That is my 2 cents…

    • Michael says:

      Derek’s partners (and finishing place):
      Jennie Garth 4th
      Shannon Elizabeth 6th
      Brooke Burke 1st
      Lil’ Kim 5th
      Joanna Krupa 4th
      Nicole Scherzinger 1st
      Jennifer Grey 1st
      Ricki Lake 3rd
      Maria Menounos 4th
      Only Nicole was a ringer.

      • paula says:

        Thank you, Michael, for bringing a little accuracy up in here! So, Derek has not won 50 times, check. Derek occasionally has not so great partners, check.

        More accuracy, Derek is a talented dancer, teacher and choreographer who knows how to bring out the best in his partners.

        • John says:

          He has obviously not won every season but he has made it to the semi finals 9 times and his been on 11 season.

    • paula says:

      My mom and I watch the show together, and she always says, “Len hates Derek! He’s jealous of him!” So yeah, you’re not the only one who has noticed some of those crazy low scores Len give him. :) I tell her that Len just hates that Derek strays so far from traditional dance steps sometimes.

  42. Bobbi says:

    Derek isn’t my favorite and he has definitely been favored in partner selection many times over the years. But, I am absolutely thrilled for Kellie. Without a bit of dancing experience, she truly fought for this and triumphed. Couldn’t happen to such a substantial woman with such a fantastic personality. So happy for her!

  43. Pam says:

    Derek and Kellie did a great job. But, here was a 16 year old Zendaya, who improved each and every single week..she was awesome, she proved herself to be with the rest of the stars. Val and Zendaya should have been the winners for this season. Someone, other than Derek should win. Zendaya is my winner for sure. She dances way better than Kellie.. Zendaya, you are an awesome young lady, I just love you energy.

    • Kristin says:

      I loved watching Zendaya also – she is phenomenal for a girl of 16 and she brought a freshness to the ballroom which was needed. Regardless of the outcome, she was still the best.

  44. H.Houston says:

    First… the voting going down – bad bad bad ABC. This seems to happen alot when it suits them to eliminate certain groups of votes. Second…. yes Kellie and Derek’s freestyle was beautiful but, that is really only the second dance of hers that wowed me this season, the other was the one that they brought Tristan in to help them with. Third… I was shocked to see Aly go 4th and I think the show was as well because they did that all female dance after they announced that Aly was out but there was no extra dance with Jacoby. I think they truly thought Jacoby would go 4th and the all female dance would promote their final three. And finally, Zendaya and Val should have won. Zendaya was simply amazing. I really have to wonder at the folks that constantly bash Zendaya. What were “you” doing at 16 years old? Yes, she has moments when you see the 16 year old come out but there is so much more to her then that. Derek is always an amazing choreographer BUT Val had a special task this season… he had to take a 16 year old and teach her multiple styles of dance that she didn’t know AND respect and protect her age at the same time. He had to make her look and move like a woman but with absolute class, dignity, and sensuality of herself as a person and NOT a sensuality brought about by dancing with a man.

  45. JazzySazz says:

    There are too many comments to read because I’m at work. But I think Zen and Val were robbed, if you taped it, rewind and take a look at the faces of Len and Bruno. They looked very unhappy. But here’s my take…size matters in dancing. Tell me that a taller partner wouldn’t have looked better on the floor. Zendaya glowed everytime she took the floor, but the look was always off-kilter because of height (in spite of Val’s talent and choreography). The producers mismatch couples frequently. (Btw, Aly only lasted as long as she did because her gymnastics was incorporated into each dance…I thought she and her partner were uncomfortable to watch…while this was a lackluster season aside from 3 of the last 4).

  46. Guest says:

    So whoever had the best freestyle wins? I think thats unfair to the top contenders especially when they were still eliminating a couple. They should’ve based it on the top 3 last dance (instant dance.)

    • JJ says:

      I enjoyed watching DWTS this season even if the best dancers doesnt always win. DWTS is like AI – whoever gets the most votes wins!

  47. Jean Pyle says:

    Is this show for the fans or for the naysayers? Do not the fans enjoy enjoy the progression
    of the stars from being non dancers to being capable of what they accomplished?
    I am a fan and I cannot discern any unfairness on any ones part!

  48. desiree says:

    Zendaya should have won!! Other professionals deserve a chance too. Poor Val had an Injury. Why does Derek get the good partners all the time? I’m sick of the golden boy winning all the time. People are not going to watch anymore. Is it dancing with the stars or dancing with the golden boy Derek?? Next time, Give him someone like wynonna judd. We will see then if he wins!

    • Kristin says:

      I agree Desiree, now watch how you get called jealous and a hater because you spoke your mind about Derek. They bashed me for that reason and all I did was call it like it is.

      • JazzySazz says:

        I think it’s about ratings. And both Derek and Mark are probably ratings bait. The judging is not always predictable, but the language of the judges is. PLEASE try out some new judges. Although you can keep my “I don’t care if you boo me, I’m going to give you my honest reaction” Len. Carrie Ann and Bruno are beginning to bore with the tears and the “oh my darling, you so HAVE IT, so smooth, so sexy…blah blah blah”. The point is to take people who aren’t very good to becoming as good as they can be…the dancers change around, why not the judges?

    • mikerochen says:

      Actually, it’s not supposed to be about the professionals. It’s supposed to be about the contestants. It seems to me that the public doesn’t really care about the pro. If they were tired of Derek winning all the time, DWTS ratings would be significantly lower. If YOU have a problem with Derek, then try watching SpongeBob or something else.

  49. John says:

    Kellie was the best dancer, give her some credit Derek didn’t do it all by himself. If you check dialidol.com Kellie had a hugh lead there.

  50. I really thought Zendaya was going to win. Kelley was good, but she was no Zen. She improved each week. Even though she was just 16, and was just used to dancing hip-hop…she actually had to be trained to do ballroom dancing. This is a 16-year-old girl…Unbelievable. The last dance kelly did was very good, but isn’t it suppose to be about the whole competition, from beginning to end? I could tell something wasn’t right when they said ABC online was down.. (not a fair fight for any of the finalists), it shouldn’t count. I guess they had to think of something to take points away from Zen. And when the judges scored the last dances…their comment to Zen was totally different, not that of a winner, but that of a runner-up. And Kelly’s comment was that of someone about to win the whole sha-bang. That’s ok Zen.. you are on your way…You are going to go very far with your talent…Hold your head up girl. You and Val won hands down, I know it, and so does many others. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you Ms. Zendaya. Love you girl!

    • Garry Schloemer says:

      it will all be up to God.

    • Michael says:

      Actually, it’s about the votes!! Clearly, since Zendaya was ahead on judge’s points, Kellie won on fan votes. This was one of those cases where the top two teams were so close that either of them could’ve won. Zendaya was very impressive (I didn’t realize until the finale that she’s only 16 years old), but Kellie was just as deserving. In my opinion, it was her freestyle dance that put her over the top with the fans.