It's Official: 666 Park Avenue Returns in June

666 Park Avenue Returns June 22The Drake will reopen its doors on June 22, when ABC’s 666 Park Avenue returns to finish up its freshman run.

The ill-fated spooker — which ABC pulled from the schedule after its Dec. 2, 2012 broadcast — will unspool its four remaining episodes on Saturdays at 9/8c, with the finale airing July 13.

TVLine’s May/June premieres/finales calendar has thusly been updated.

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Since the series’ producers had opportunity to deliver closure for its fans, Rachael Taylor, for one, gives the final episode two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

“I love the ending,” the actress told TVLine last week at NBC’s Upfront event, where she was touting her new series Crisis. “Everything gets completely flipped on its head, and it was very fun for me to play. My character is very different in the last episode. I’m really looking forward to people seeing the end, because s—t gets crazy.”

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As previously announced, fellow ABC freshman Zero Hour will also wrap its run this summer, airing Saturdays at 8 pm beginning June 15 (with a double-header), leading to an Aug. 3 finale.

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  1. Teag says:

    Watched 3 episodes of Park Ave but glad for fans to have closure.

    I’ll watch the rest of Zero Hour. The mystery is intriguing but the acting is horrible. Except for the bad guy who’s name I forget.

    • Pat Goldberg says:

      I liked this show. Was sad to see it was going already. Rather have Scandal go. Never liked that show

      • Debbie says:

        I totally agree! !!!!

      • bohemienneprincesse says:

        If the issue were one too many shows, Bachelorette is the perfect candidate for cancellation (there’s even a commercial that mocks Bachelorette). However, for anyone who has watched the show – even if they liked it like myself – there are a number of problems with the show itself; it isn’t surprising it has been canceled. If there were a major rewrite the show would be great, it does have the potential.

        Scandal is brilliant, still some people love it and others hate it, but no one can deny its smartness. One could argue, given the many long running series Shonda Rhimes has produced, if 666 Park Avenue were her’s the show would have substantial support from the public if not the network.

        • Rita Canova says:

          I, for one am very sorry to see 666 park ave. Go off. My friends and I used to talk about it every week. I wish the network will reconsider

      • Nieem says:

        are you mentally insufficient? I liked this show it is good but by no way better than scandal, are you crazy, I would have to wonder what kind of state of mind would think this is better than scandal, god help us

        • bohemienneprincesse says:

          Totally, 666 Park and Scandal aren’t in the same league… Character and plot development are missing – What does Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) want? Who and what is Gavin – clearly not human? Why these particular tenants? I watch it because I like some of the actors but the show itself is in need of a makeover.

        • Joanie says:

          Totally agree. SCANDAL rocks!’ 666 Park is good but doesn’t come close!!!!!

          • MARVINE HURST says:


        • Mel says:

          Who the fudge needs more political drama, havent we got enough of that in real live??????? As to what does Gavin want etc. …. well the show never got a chance to let us know, who gives the plot away in the first season? And since there weren’t any more, I guess we will never find out. Why is everything about $$$$$$, same as Eureka and Warehouse 13, great shows, that I would have watched forever! Sad to see. So sick of realityshows and political dramas. We need more supenatural and fantasie shows, I have enough reality and dramas in my own live, don’t need to watch other peoples.

          • Laura says:

            It all started with the soap operas they were the first “reality series” which are scripted just like the so called reality series on currently it lures to our voyeuristic tendencies

        • Laura says:

          You know Nieem, people are partial to what they are. The 1st amendment grants us the right to free speech, and that let’s YOU tell someone while you hide behind the internet to call someone “intellucually insufficient” what a narcissistic attitude you display

    • Kim Paulsen says:

      greatfull park ave, zero hour is back at least for a why’ll. it is to bad that the sponcers seem to rule the PUBLIC air waves. by law they can’t but they do have the $,$$$,$$$ so they are above the law!

    • AND THE LAST 60 seconds we miss of the Series finale for breaking news????? SMH

    • Kathy says:

      Are you kidding me! One of the best shows ever! I will miss it!!!!

  2. M KH says:

    Those already aired in New Zealand and were a colossal disappointment, in trying to stich up the loose ends they ended up with too many bizarre twists and turns and laughable endings

  3. Esaul says:

    I tried to give this show a chance, but couldn’t get beyond the first ten minutes. :\

  4. ggny says:

    Rachael Taylor really should have stayed on Grey’s Anatomy. Charlies Angles and then this show where such failures

    • Emma says:

      If I knew that we would end up with Jo as Alex’s ~*~true love~*~, then I would have loved for Rachael to stay on Grey’s. I don’t even remember her character’s name, but she certainly wasn’t as annoying this intern.

      • wordsmith says:

        Lucy was charming and Rachael had fantastic chemistry with Justin Chambers, but the character never had much substance. Jo is both lovely and damaged, and has been much better set up as a serious long-term romantic interest.

        • Emma says:

          If I had a quarter for every “damaged” character on television, I would be a mega millionaire. It would have been nice for Alex to have a love interest who came from a fairly stable home life and had no real past issues. But Grey’s is a drama, and apparently people like that are seen as boring.

    • wordsmith says:

      Agree about both shows being disasters. Conceptually and cast-wise, they both looked REALLY promising, but they both suffered from huge tonal and plot problems from the very start. Here’s hoping that she’s picked a winner in Crisis.

    • Matty-D says:

      This show was great.

    • bohemienneprincesse says:

      Charlie’s Angels was the show! So much smarter than the original!

  5. N says:

    I love 666!

  6. Allison P says:

    It would be nice if the CW did the same thing for Cult…

  7. OMG I read what happens in the next four episode and let me tell you, the last episode from what I read is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kelly kann says:

      ivknow im late. I am soooo disappointed! about shows end. and also because I think I missed last nights 7/6/13 episode :-( which was the second to last I think…

  8. jake says:

    Glad it back. I think it awesome. thank god the idiot ran (ABC) let us see the last 4 episodes. Now if the can find a home/place for Body Of Proof, maybe I will stop name calling ;-).

  9. J L says:

    666 already aired it’s finale here. And as you might expect. It was a bit of a mess.

  10. GK says:

    I’ve seen the whole show. The last episodes are not that exciting, but Rachel does an amazing job. She’s fantastic in the finale.

  11. Bouncy Castle, UK says:

    Final episode aired here in the UK last week.

  12. Neicey says:

    It’s been gone so long I don’t remember the storyline.

  13. MCV says:

    Yeah I get to see the rest of Zero Hour!!

  14. JAMANDAFAN says:

    Yay! I was enjoying 666 when they canceled it. They said they would wrap it up, but then they cancelled that. So glad they are finally going to air it!!

  15. Really enjoyed both 666 and Zero Hour. So naturally they were both cancelled. Glad we’ll see some wrap-up though.

  16. DOT says:

    How this show got another season bt happy endings,gcb and pan am got canceled is beyond me I offiaclly don’t watch abc no more

  17. laura meakin says:

    The UK have seen them- honestly it was ok but not great as it wasn’t intended to be the end of the series but they did ok with the time they had just don’t expect big things.

  18. Sandi says:

    I am glad to finally learn that 666 will finish up with something. We liked it in this house and we need more good spookie type adult entertainment. I will be watching it. How did NZ & GB get these before we did? Just like the networks, when they have something good going they don’t keep it around long enough to be kept permanent.

  19. jenny gibson says:

    Very disappointed with the ending of 666, my husband and I were left looking at each with perplexed expressions. Giving it was axed I guess it needed wrapping up quickly, too many unanswered questions remain though. Sad really as it could have gone another season!

  20. mike dobey says:

    I am glad to see it finally get aired. It’s been a long time though. at least I can dvr it as Sinbad and primeval new world are on scy fy at that time frame or so. I liked the show , and lots of shows never get to have their last episodes aired. so this is a good thing.

  21. tk says:

    Will be good to see the last four episodes. Loved this show and wish a cable station would pick it up. ABC handled this totally wrong. Don’t watch any ABC, NBC or CBS shows. So irritating to get involved with show and then ‘poof’ it’s canceled. Shows on cable are better anyway. Was down to just watching news on broadcast TV but there are too many commercials. There are say 3 commercials, then they come back and report one story and it’s back to commercials. No thanks, get news online now and TV viewing is cable or sports.

    • debra says:

      loved 666… wish it continued.. glad they brought it back & wrapped it up, however, too quickly. don’t think I’ll watch these local stations that get you hooked & abruptly cancel or drag the shoes out way to long… milking it… & never wrapping things up.. (ie, Lost,) biggest disappointment of the decade! so sick of it….

  22. message says:

    According to Russian Orthodoxy:
    Antichrist’s minions came up with Dec. 21 in order to desensitize people to the real events predicted in the Bible. Antichrist is 0% God and 100% man. He’s possessed by Satan since he’s 12 years old. He flies. He wears gloves to hide long nails. He’s pale with red eyes. He’s surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. 666ed people go to permanent hell. 666 is given by lasers (isotope rays) on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport). Reject 666. Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666 will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell. Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves.

  23. Freakie says:

    i enjoyed 666 Park Ave!! alas,, i must be a jinx, cause when i really love a show, it gets cancelled!! other examples are: Firefly, The Secret Circle. Merlin.

    • paige says:

      I know!! Me toooo. LOVED Secret Circle, & was really getting into 666!

    • bohemienneprincesse says:

      Loved Merlin! At least Merlin had five seasons rather than five months. Merlin is far superior to 666 Park. Fringe is also a favorite of mine as well as Nikita which is still on air.

  24. Nancy Alman says:

    Glad they are bringing back 666 Park Avenue. It was a good show, but on too late for me in Wisconsin & I have no way to tape it. This time, I will be watching it no matter what. Yeah, they cancel alot of shows that should have been given more of a chance. You get interested them & then you find out they will be cancelled. I liked Alcatraz, too.

  25. Vita says:

    Love 666

  26. Emk says:

    Love 666!!

  27. Lozanova says:

    Thanks to the powers that be, for airing the last of the episodes and providing us closure. I believe this show could have worked. The whole concept of the series was devilishly creepy, chilling, and classic, all together. I wonder…..could a place like this already exist in reality? After all, the idea had to come from somewhere….hmmmm something to think about.

  28. Joanne says:

    Only 4 episodes. I would love to see it get picked up and continued!!

    • binababy says:

      I really loved this family and friends really got into it. I think its ridiculous how fast abc pulled show..shouldve given it a little work if anything…would be great if v picked up by another network

  29. Lou says:

    And ABC still doesn’t get why shows get poor ratings. Why don’t you try giving the show at least one full season before cancelling it. Stop comparing the ratings against shows for people with short attention spans. Comparing the ratings of “Wipeout” to a show with an on-going story makes no sense at all. When this happens, we’ll always be stuck with “Undercover Boss”, “Wipeout” and whatever other crap low-budget crap these companies choose to spew out at us.

  30. Michele Donay says:

    You cancel this show but keep ridiculous ones like Wipeout. What is wrong with Disney’s decision makers?

  31. Michele Donay says:

    Talk smart about TV? In the past 20 or so years, ABC continually puts shows on air and takes them off after one season or less while other rather pathetic reality shows for dumb and dumber are kept.

  32. Kristina Julia says:

    They never give a show a chance, they put new shows up against shows that are already hits, why not put a show like this on a night when nothing good was on. They continually do this and I’m guessing it’s because it’s not their money they are playing with…..It’s gotten to the point where I TiVo an entire season and then see if something gets picked up before I even waste my time watching it. Not to compare this to Gossip Girl but that was a show that was going to be canceled and when the writers strike was on they put on repeats of the show and it became a hit. I was one of those people, not their target audience but nothing else was on so I gave it a chance and got hooked. That show ended up making all those kids famous and I literally would not go out the night it was on, it was one show I would watch live, had CW canceled it who knows if any of those actors would have become so in demand.

  33. Love 666 park Avenue

  34. Love 666 park avenue.. please keep it on the air…

  35. Karla says:

    Don’t cancel this show! I really enjoy it :(

  36. queenshields says:

    I enjoyed the show, alot of mystery. I believe that it could have stood a great chance if the producers would have chosen an ENTIRELY different name. Maybe the Drake, The mystery Hotel something other than 666 aired on a Sunday too? Not good.

    • Sandi says:

      I agree. Should have been The Drake or something. Tho 666 means nothing, really. Luv the show, not given enough time. That is how they operate and then put such stupid stuff on, like all the Kard. reality shows and I could name a lot of them, other ones too. We need some good adult entertainment, not just up to the 49 year olds. After all, we seniors keep the money flowing on goods too! Goooood show down the tubes.

  37. Noel says:

    666 is the best show since lost. You have made a huge mistake in canceling this one!

  38. bohemienneprincesse says:

    Just finished watching latest episode, #11. Does anyone know the plot – source of conflict – is? What is Gavin protecting, or perhaps, seeking? Does Gavin represent the Devil that has entered the world to take it over??? There’s only two more episodes.

  39. vancouver bc says:

    i just watched the episode on june 29 , just luckily. I didn’t even know you guys were going to put it on. I found this show really really interesting

  40. vancouver bc says:

    anyways i just want my show back

  41. Me says:

    This show is so good. I love the story line. What does Gavin want from the young couple who’s husband is the play-write? So many questions, we need the show to continue. Whenever there is a show worth watching, they cancel it and leave all the mindless, insult your intelligence shows on. I don’t get it.

    • debra says:

      I guess there are more people who don’t have a brain watching tv then there are ones with brains watching…. it’s sad, intelligent people have to loss ou & are left with crap to watch.

  42. Omg love this show please don’t cancel it please pretty please

  43. AHzoo651 says:

    I hadn’t watched network TV for weeks until I saw that Park Avenue 666 was on tonight. ABC should renew this show. “666” following Revenge, made a great Sunday night evening of television. Although Park Avenue 666 started off slowly, it had become quite engrossing a few episodes before ABC was foolish enough to cancel it. Now, I turn off ABC after Revenge, as Red Widow seems typically mundane.

  44. Paulo says:

    Very sad and disappointed that 666 park Avenue was canceled, our whole family loves it.

    • bohemienneprincesse says:

      The pace has really picked up in these last episodes – is there any chance that the show will continue? Are there petitions in circulation?

  45. suha says:

    666 park avenue was the only show I actually got into, there’s nothing like it on television! Absolutely sucks that its been axed. To be honest I don’t think it was advertised as much as it should been here in the UK, hardely anyone had even heard of it. So that was the reason why it wasn’t getting as many views as it could have!!

  46. 666 brill really enjoyed, Eli stone really enjoyed and they cancel them without so much as a by your leave really disappointed fools !!

  47. Q Dudek says:

    Was enjoying the show. Was sorry to hear it was cancelled but was glad to see closure..until the network broke in with 60 seconds to go. I guess they just HAD to let us know another killer was set free!

    • Sandi says:

      We didn’t get cut for the breaking news, but I fully agree, another killer is set free.When will it end. Really liked to see some finality to 666.Never dreamed of an ending like that. Loved the so many episodes we did get to see, some good adult type entertainment.

  48. Donald Buffkin says:

    Why do all the great programs like 666 park ave get cancelled and all the crappy shows stay on. How about firing the retards and hire someone who knows what it takes to make a hit series.

    • Sandi says:

      Agree, agree. We should be the ones to decide which ones go and which ones stay as we are the ones watching.

    • Sandi says:

      I replied and never saw my reply. Again, agree agree with you. We should be the ones who decide which ones go and which ones stay as we are the ones who are watching. them.

  49. please please bring it back

  50. bohemienneprincesse says:

    Just watched Lazarus Part 1; now understand why the series was canceled. I’ve asked in several posts if anyone knew the plot – we had incidents, but not a plot – and no one provided an answer – got it, you are wondering the same thing.

    Finally, at the end of the series, the plot is revealed – 666 Park is another version of The Omen, a child born to take over the world and must be protected at all costs. Those who protect will have unlimited power, etc. Sound familiar? It’s the film series, The Omen, which all share the same ending. (I actually stopped watching after 2 and just read synopsis, it seemed pointless to watch a film where regardless of what takes place the ending is the same.)

    With any luck, the last episode of 666 Park will be more imaginative.