The Voice Top 12 Performance Recap: Man, You Oughta See Her Fly [Updated]

The Voice - Season 4 Judith HillTonight’s installment of The Voice had twice as much suspense as usual. Not only was there the looming question of which two contestants’ performances would fail to garner voter support — setting themselves up for a Tuesday night walking-of-the-plank — but there was also the looming threat that a power outage might suddenly pitch the live telecast into darkness.

Yep, as host Carson Daly announced at the top of the show, today’s California heat wave had blown out the air conditioning in The Voice studio, and “if it hits a certain temperature, the lights could go out.” I can’t say I’d have minded such a blackout-esque catastrophe, since it would have merely returned the program to its “you can hear ’em, but you cannot see ’em” roots.

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On the flip side, though, I’ve got to admit the one area where the ongoing incarnation of The Voice lacks any sense of mystery concerns the gender of the eventual winner. Just like in the current, much-maligned Idol season, the ladies just keep on asserting their superiority over the gentlemen like piranhas in a tank of fragile guppies.

Whether that was a calculated move by producers trying to avoid another Javier Colon/Jermaine Paul sales vacuum — or simply some kind of goddess energy cloud hanging over Hollywood in the first half of 2013 — I cannot say.

But I do know it’s time to get to tonight’s set list and letter grades.

Team Usher: Vedo — Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” | Usher and his choreographer spent so much time focused on Vedo’s dance moves — which ultimately weren’t all that mesmerizing — that they neglected to notice Vedo’s vocal approach was so karaoke that he might as well have been surrounded by drunken coworkers during an ill-advised Monday happy hour. Dude’s intermittent pitch problems and inability to sustain his breath support at the ends of phrases didn’t help, either. Grade: C+

Team Blake: Holly Tucker — Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing” | Holly’s definitely got a big range — and this week she showcased a little bit of grit and growl on the final chorus of Martina McBride’s ballad of a woman overcoming an emotionally abusive relationship. The problem was, though, that Holly’s occasionally blank delivery didn’t fully communicate the angst of the song’s protagonist, only her eventual flight. Or to put it in constructive terminology, she’s got to stop mistaking volume for genuine feeling. Grade: B

Team Shakira: Garrett Gardner — Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” | When Garrett wasn’t doing his full rocker wail tonight, his voice dissipated like steam from a teapot. And while there was something conceptually cool about taking a boy-band ballad, piercing its lip and teaching it to rock, without a foundation of proper pitch and meaningful phrasing, the whole affair became a triumph of arrangement over actual exection. Grade: C+

Team Adam: Sarah Simmons — Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” | I know Sarah’s not everyone’s cup of Earl Gray, but there is something deeply thrilling about the way her voice shreds like the fibers of a jute rug when she opens up and lets loose her banshee wail. That aspect of Sarah’s voice painted her as a deeply flawed and messy protagonist, whereas Brandi Carlile’s sweeter touch feels like it comes from a place of mild (yet completely adorable) neuroses. Sarah may have sacrificed a little musicality showing off what Blake referred to as “the extremes” of her voice, but at least she wasn’t boring. Grade: B+

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers — George Jones’ “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” | I can’t lie: I was a little dismayed when the season’s least distinctive act (thus far) kicked off their pre-performance package with a quote that was like a shot of Novocain to my soul: “We want to be the kind of artists that people love.” (Um, what would be the alternative?) But the good news is the duo chose for themselves a George Jones ditty that shored up their authentic country cred, and performed it with a simplicity that helped them stand out from some of the night’s fussier arrangements. On the flip side, Colton’s verse simply didn’t have the mojo of Zach’s, and — whoops! — that final harmony went badly awry. With those flaws in evidence, I felt like Usher deserved a perjury charge for using “incredible” not once, but twice, in his critique. “Pretty good,” however, I’d have accepted. Grade: B

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen — Heart’s “Alone” | Shakira asked for less Broadway belter, more intimate rock confessional, but Sasha seemed to get her wires crossed. The quavering, over-the-top emotionalism of the verse (where she also seemed to be a half-beat behind the piano and cello that led the band) bordered on a theatrical parody. And when Sasha ramped up the volume on the chorus, there was so much “cry” in her voice that the overall effect was jarring. The woman obviously has talent, but she’s wielding it in entirely the wrong way. I mean, if Wolfgang Puck unwrapped a bunch of Velveeta singles and slapped them on a plate, would it be haute cuisine? Exaaaactly. Grade: C+

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley — The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” | I’ll admit I rewound Josiah’s performance on my DVR — but only because those blasted SwayBots that surrounded him were so miserably out-of-rhythm that I couldn’t focus on anything else. Upon playback, it was clear that Josiah was wearing a white t-shirt had definitely improved his pitch and connectedness compared to last week, which ought to be enough to help him survive another week in the competition. He’ll have to take bigger risks and quit the male-modeling facial expressions, though, if he wants to seriously contend for the finale. Grade: B

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery — Carrie Underwood’s “Wasted” | Blake’s coaching choices this season continue to confound me. I mean, we already heard Daniele give a serviceable cover of the Season 4 American Idol champ (“Jesus Take the Wheel”) in the Knockout Rounds, so why go back to the same well a mere two weeks later — unless he’s positioning Danielle as the eventual frontwoman in a Carrie Underwood cover band? Danielle showcased her usual clarity and power this week, but where she needs improvement is in finding a way to take full possession of a song rather than merely leasing it. Frankly, the lyrical content seemed too mature for a kid like Danielle, and her vacant grinning throughout the performance pretty much put an exclamation point on that theory. Grade: B+

Team Adam: Judith Hill — Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” | Judith was super smart to give the band the week off, sit down at the piano, and draw the audience in with a whisper instead of a roar. The conversational ease with which she caressed the lyrics made it feel like she was reaching out to each individual voter, but the meticulous soulful inflections served as a reminder that the “friend” in question was a world-class vocalist, too. And man, she’s definitely the best-dressed contestant on a reality singing competition in, well, ever. Grade: A-

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel — Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” | Michelle may not have exhibited quite as much breath control as in previous weeks, but she also danced harder and roused the crowd more deftly than any of her 11 competitors. I loved the little falsetto flourishes she added on “the only way her heart will mend,” and the way Michelle really got me to listen to the lyrics of a song I’ve only heard a handful of times before. Girlfriend laid down some harsh relationship truths — and I suspect the object of her affections will have a heartbroken ex by lunchtime tomorrow. Grade: A-

Team Shakira: Kris Thomas — Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” | If you’re going to weave in and out of your falsetto over the course of a Jackson 5 number, you’d better be approaching 90 or 95 percent accuracy in pitch. And poor Kris, with his frightened eyes and trembling stance, never quite got past an 80 percent. Dude had better hope that Shakira’s adorableness translates into power voting, because I can’t really imagine anyone rushing to iTunes to download his “I’ll Be There” over the original (or even Mariah Carey’s). Grade: B-

Team Adam: Amber Carrington — Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” | I know Blake and Adam love to carry on about Daniele being the one to beat in the competition, but methinks Amber is the true front-runner right now for the Season 4 title. As Usher pointed out, every time you think Amber’s singing at full throttle, she finds yet another gear, digs even deeper into her song. She’s got a tremendous accuracy in her singing, and she seems to know the exact right moments to throw in an ad-lib or a twist on the melody (like that sweet slide on the final repetition of the word “love”). Even better, the teenager who recently lost her mom to cancer bravely took on a big bombastic ballad about a young mother’s fight with the disease — and managed to infuse it with an aching gravitas while not getting overcome with emotion. Amber was so sublime I can almost — but not quite — forgive Carson for kissing her on the head as she finished her performance. Grade: A

Should Go Home: Vedo, Garrett Gardner
Will Go Home: Garrett Gardner, Kris Thomas

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 12 performance night? What did you think of the coaches’ comments? Who was your favorite? Who’s going to be in trouble come results night? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Jake says:

    VEDO: I’ve been a fan since his blind audition, but this felt karaoke-ish, and the odd, unimpressive dance moves didn’t help.
    HOLLY TUCKER: Possibly a breakout moment for her – from the start, I saw her as a potential winning voice, and she showed why tonight. I think we’ll need to see if she can handle something upbeat before calling her winner material, but there’s potential for it here.
    GARRETT GARDNER: Loved him on “Imagine” last week, but this was just a terrible song choice – the arrangement didn’t eliminate enough of the cheesiness. Shakira may have just ended his run on the show.
    SARAH SIMMONS: For the first time this season, I actually enjoyed a Sarah Simmons performance. Before, she put me to sleep every week, but this was a great song choice that allowed her to get gritty with her voice. I think she could use a bit more stage presence, but this was pretty great.
    THE SWON BROTHERS: A nice change of pace. I still don’t think they have any legitimate shot at winning this competition, but they sounded great this week.
    SASHA ALLEN: Still can’t get on the Sasha train. I’ve been saying since “Try” that she’s a bit too overdramatic and theatrical, and Shakira acknowledged it tonight, but I felt like it was still an issue in the performance. A little bit helps, but I think she still needs to rein it in a bit. With that being said, her voice is still incredible, and she’ll be safe.
    JOSIAH HAWLEY: Perfect song choice, and despite a few odd pronunciations, he sounded really great. Last week was a bit of a mess, but this song fit him like a glove, and he looked and sounded right at home.
    DANIELLE BRADBERY: She sounded great as usual and will breeze through the week, but I didn’t understand why she sang the song “Wasted” with a giant smile plastered across her face – the lyrics certainly didn’t make any sense for a young teenager to sing, and I didn’t get the impression that she understood what she was singing about. But she’ll have no problem making it to the end of this competition.
    JUDITH HILL: Judith sounded much better than last week, and the performance was crazy memorable, in my opinion. It’s been awhile since she has sung a current song (like her awesome rendition of Xtina’s “What a Girl Wants” at her blind audition), so I’d like to see her get back to that at some point but she was pitch-perfect and moving tonight and should be safe.
    MICHELLE CHAMUEL: The song was good for her desired genre, she sounded decent overall (give or take an occasional pitch issue), and she was entertaining, but it wasn’t as much of a standout as last week.
    KRIS THOMAS: Kris has a really pretty voice. This wasn’t perfect, and it seems that Shakira chose it because Kris has a high voice like kid-Michael Jackson. I think Kris would really shine if he sang a Coldplay song.
    AMBER CARRINGTON: This girl is seriously underrated. She has an amazing voice, and she continued to prove that tonight.
    Note: Crap, they’re doing the “Top 10 on iTunes” = “votes multiplied by ten” thing again this season. Congrats, Danielle Bradbery, you’re going to predictably win “The Voice” this season.
    Overall: 1. Judith 2. Amber 3. Sarah 4. Josiah 5. Holly 6. Danielle 7. Michelle 8. The Swon Brothers 9. Sasha 10. Kris 11. Vedo 12. Garrett
    WHO SHOULD GO: Vedo and Garrett
    WHO WILL GO HOME: Garrett and the Swon Brothers (or possibly Vedo/Kris, but not both)

    • Jake says:

      Wow, sorry that was long…

      • Danny says:

        @Jake- No problem on the length. I didn’t agree w/ everything, but I thought it was pretty informative. Your post had clear thoughts all the way through. Keep up the good work.

      • HTGR says:

        The length is fine not everything has to be twitter these days or can be explained in 4 characters (well I suppose my reaction to the Idol results maybe could;ve been best and most simply summed up in four words haha not that I think about, I probably shoudla just gone there, 4 characters one post and done hah).
        Yeah the 10x vote thing I don’t like that. At least make it a rolling bonus where it ramps up from 1x to 10x then it might be OK.
        Strongly disagree on Sasha.

        • B. says:

          The 10X thing is good… it was introduced after season 2 when Juliet Simms was beat out last minute by freaking Jermaine Paul when all season long she had muuuuch better iTunes sales (and overall performances). So if you do good all season I don’t see why it shouldn’t give the contestant that extra edge should the contestant make it to the finals!

          • HTGR says:

            Yeah the Juliet thing was rough. Jermaine literally came out of nowhere to win. But a harsh top 10 for 10x or not I’m not sure about. What if someone is around 11-14 a lot and someone hits top 10 a few times and then is around 18-20 a lot. Or something gets like 9-10th spot a lot and someone else 11-12th a lot, one deserves 10x bonus?
            It’s not a bad thing as you say and it would’ve saved Juliet from that atrocity and it’s a very good concept in general, but I think they should ramp it up 10x for top 10, 8x for 11-15, 6x for 16-20, 4x for 21-30, 2x for 31-50, 1x for below 50. Something along those lines. That would’ve saved Juliet but also given Amanda Brown a shot last year.
            Instead we had no bonus and lost Juliet one year and then had a too top heavy bonus and lost Amanda the next year (and it also meant that Nick and Terry and all had already 100% for sure lost before they even sang in the finale!).

          • Sheilalala says:

            Yeah Juliet was incredible, I was pissed that she lost to Jermaine-her rasp is similar to what I love in Sarah’s voice (who btw Imo MURDERED tonight.) Is it me, or does it seem like someone at the Voice read all the complaints about ‘overdone tracks’ and picked better for tonight?

      • Lee says:

        @Jake: I pretty much agree with your post. I would rank Judith Hill #1 and Amber Carrington a close #2. (And based on tonight’s performance, Josiah deserved to be #3.) I also think Amber is underrated. I am impressed by her technique. And the raw emotion that she displayed–something that I don’t think both Kree and Amber did.

        BTW, I’m also impressed by how insightful Usher is as a judge. I especially liked his feedback of Amber.

    • ETG says:

      Judith, Amber, Sarah as #1,2, and 3, yes. Josiah??? YGBSM!!! He sux bigtime, god that was an AWFUL performance. Even Garrett was better tonight.

      • HTGR says:

        As much as I hated on Usher for dumping Cathia and Josiah taking her place I thought Josiah did really quite well tonight. Best of all the guys tonight for sure! And I was hardly coming into predisposed to be in his favor. (Still wish she was there instead of the two guys Shakira kept or Vedo, so wrong she is gone).

        • AlyB says:

          i was pleasantly surprised by Josiah. The song was perfect for him. He was definitely the best of the guys though old school country lovers found a lot to love in the Swon brothers. But all the guys seem to be operating a few levels below the girls this season. Wouldn’t it be wild if like Idol this season all the guys got voted off first?

      • YL says:

        I think you must be Adam. You pick all three Adam’s team. Sometimes the winner doesn’t have to be the powerhouse singer. It takes the whole package like the voice, looks, confidence, youthfulness, chemistry, natural, marketability, etc. Danielle has that star thing people don’t forget her even though she may not be the best voice among all. If she learns to connect to the songs, she will be the most popular female contestant.

        • AlyB says:

          I actually think Danielle does have the best voice. She has great range, power and is spot on pitch perfect with a sweetness and clarity that is perfect for country music. She’s just too young to deliver much meaning lyrically. If we’re grading songs strictly on vocal ability she wins in spades. But singing is more than just a vocal exercise.There’s no nuance or meaning in her delivery. It’s like watching a robot that was created to sing with all the things that make a vocal great but lacks human heart. Not that she’s robotic….just that she’s like a singing machine that doesn’t seem to really feel what’s coming out of her. She will be great. No doubt about it. I think it requires a level of maturity and experience that she just doesn’t have yet to deliver a great, heartfelt performance. I actually wish she’d waited a few years before competing.

          • Maggie says:

            Tanya Tucker, LeAnn Rimes, Brenda Lee and even Taylor Swift, all tweens who sang adult songs and still connected with audiences. Tanya was 13 and singing Delta Dawn and other adult songs. I saw LeAnn early in her career and she sang like a carnival barker, introducing songs and singing them with no felt connection to the themes. As she put few years on the road behind her she matured. Danelle will do the same.

        • ETG says:

          Not gonna happen. People initially tend to root for the babies among the group… but eventually, viewers will see her limitations and vote for the women who REALLY have the best voices… Judith, Amber, and Sarah.

    • Mark says:

      Other than sing about unicorns and fairy dust, there aren’t many songs that a 16 year old can sing without crossing an adult line here and there. Danielle can sing Beyonce “Halo”, Jordan Sparks “No Air” and Adele “Set the Fire”. Besides not being country, they’re over done. She can cross over to pop or R&B, they just choose not to. Obviously, reaching back for a Pam Tillis song “Blame it on Memphis” was a smart move. I just hope he (Blake) doesn’t do something stupid like bring back a Reba, Patsy Cline or Dale Evans song.

      So, we’ll see what Blake pulls out of his bag of tricks. If anyone has a suggestion for Danielle that fits into the mold, say it here or hold your piece.

      • funkybunch says:

        I would love to hear Danielle tackle Martina McBride’s ‘Wild Angels’
        I would love to hear Josiah take on Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’
        I would love to hear Amber tackle Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’
        I would love to hear Judith tackle Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’

  2. Danny says:

    thought it was another pretty good show. Danielle is moving up in my book. She’s the best kid singer since Allison a few years ago on AI. I hope too many people don’t beat up on the Swon Brothers. I thought they did pretty well. I also thought Vedo did pretty well. I hope him going first doesn’t make him toast. I think C+ is a bit too low for him. I like that he’s taking what he’s learning and putting it out there on stage. I hope he keeps going.
    On the down side of things, Sarah’s heading downhill in my eyes. I had her best of the lot a few weeks ago. Now I’d have her maybe 7th or 8th.
    I’m not sure if there was an obvious #1 tonight. In the top group I’d have Vedo, Danielle, Amber, Swon Brothers (yea, them), Judith. I thought Sasha and Michelle were good, but maybe a touch off the top group. It’s a tough one to call. At least there were no brutal performances though.
    I think Garrett goes home and I’m not sure who else. I hope it’s not Vedo though.

    • ETG says:

      I think the fact that Vedo and Kris sound SO similar will wind up hurting them both, and one of them will go home.

      • AlyB says:

        I think Amber and Holly have the same issue. They both are the exact same niche or power country vocal. I think so far Amber wins that match up hands down though. Is it ok to be sad that she’s a country singer? She has an amazing voice. I’m just not that fond of the genre.

        • ETG says:

          I think Amber has an INCREDIBLE voice and runs circles around Holly. I also think that she will be a crossover artist, where Holly will be stuck in the country genre.

        • BillyBob says:

          I thought the same thing. Amber and Holly are so similar. I think Amber is a tad more stronger.

  3. Dan (Haleyloony) says:

    I am going to post my rankings later.
    Was I the only one who yelled when Adam said Danielle should win?

    • ETG says:

      Not sure why you yelled. Danielle is good for a 16 year old, but she pales in comparison to Judith, Amber, and Sarah. I think the only reason they’re pimping her so hard is because of her age and the perception that she is somehow more marketable than the other girls. I say “nonsense” to that. At this time, Amber is the only one who really has the chops to make it big as a country star; Danielle is not quite read for prime time.

      • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

        Ok, I exaggerated a little. She is great, but not that great.

      • IDK???? says:

        This is good experience for the little girl, a great bragging point for when she goes back to school and will get her votes for Homecoming queen. But NO, she should not be tagged as the winner of this comptition at this time. I am ready and have been ready for the judges to deliver the truth, whats with the pity saves??? Sarah was awful last week, Caroline should have been there last night. Shakira is getting on my nerves. Her team is paying a pretty big price because of her and her wacky advice. I don’t like Gardner, but he should have spoke up for himself. Was he even born when Backstreet was IT? Poor Sasha, Sasha stick too what you do and do it well, at some point you have to realize this woman does not know what she is talking about. She is a flake and it shows , boy does it show. Her team is so confused, the performances reflect that, all of them come out shaky, no confidence. Usher take over Shakiras team

    • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

      Vedo: I barely remember anything about this performance. Maybe it was because he went first, but the vocal was not at all memorable. B-
      Holly: She has pipes, but I don’t feel anything when she sings. More creative and current song choices from Blake would help her too. B
      Garret: Even though I appreciated the creativity, the song choice, the cheesiness, and the cringe-worthy vocals made for his worst performance. C
      Sarah: Her voice and the song were beautiful. However, I think she may have peaked too early with her audition. B+
      Swon Brothers: For the first time, I actually enjoyed them. And the skinny one finally sang! B
      Sasha: Singing a song I only want to hear from Heart, Carrie Underwood, and Allison Iraheta was not a good move. Sasha hit several bad notes. No wonder Shakira threatened us so we vote for her. C+
      Josiah: I enjoyed this performance more than vocal. The subtlety and choosing an obscure song is what made this great. B+
      Danielle: Since I am not a fan of country music, I don’t find her all that exciting. She is great, but she shouldn’t be the automatic winner. Also, I am against teenage contestants on this shows because they rarely connect with the songs, and Danielle is no exception. B+
      Judith: The vocals were perfect and I loved her playing the piano. Her connectedness (I know that is not a word) is what really sold it for me. A-
      Michelle: What I love most about her is her dynamics. She can be very subtle and make me cry, yet she can also make me get up and dance. This WGWGG (White Girl With Gigantic Glasses) is amazing. A
      Kris: I am not a fan of his girly tone and wonky upper register, which makes me wonder how he outlasted Karina Iglesias and Shawna P. C+
      Amber: Like Michelle, she is very versatile. She can sing pop, rock, soul, and country. The emotion she always has and her flexibility make her a contender for the win.
      1.Amber and Michelle 3.Judith Hill 4.Sarah 5.Danielle 6.Josiah 7. The Swon Brothers 8.Holly 9.Vedo 10.Sasha 11.Kris 12. Garret
      Should Go Home: Garret, Kris
      Will Go Home: Garret, Vedo (maybe even the Swon Brothers)

    • allie says:

      yell? No. But I did roll my eyes.

    • annette says:

      Adam didn’t say she should win, he said he told his team that she was “the one to beat”. That’s true, not because she is better than the others, but because she is cute, young, and country, with a great voice for her age. People like her story, and the country folks vote in large numbers, which makes her a favorite to win. Her iTunes performance from last week showed that she is, in fact the front runner right now with the right song. A good coach always has his team sizing up their biggest competition.

  4. Jacob P says:

    This beats out American Idol in ratings? I’m sorry, but this was the most boring 2 hours I’ve ever watched. Last year was amazing. The talent was much better. I was interested the whole time. This year I can’t even remember who is who. The itunes thing just ruins the whole voting system. (Amanda Brown anyone?). I’m sorry The Voice, but I will not be watching any longer. It was fun while it lasted. American Idol is the show I am watching from now on.

    • ETG says:

      I do agree with you on the itunes issue, but to say that American Idol is better than this show??? C’mon, you CAN’T be serious!!!! Idol has been a total snoozefest all season long!!

      • Jacob P says:

        In my opinion, at least Idol gives us moments. We haven’t had barely any jaw dropping performances from the Voice. Also, for me, the pacing of The Voice is too fast. I haven’t gotten any amount of time to like a singer, and if I did, then they would just leave since 2 people leave every week. If 1 person left every week, if the show had “moments”, and if they got rid of the itunes voting, I would watch it. Maybe the judges could say constructive things to EVERY singer too.

        • ETG says:

          Honestly, I can’t think of a single Idol performance from this season that I can recall tonight. This season was a sham, as, IMO, they deliberately picked second-rate guys to be in the top 12, assuring a female win. Only Kree and Candice had a legitimate chance from the git-go; the rest were pretty much filler.

          • Jacob P says:

            WHAT?!!!! You don’t remember Lovesong, Somewhere, You’ve Changed, I who Have Nothing, or Ordinary People?!!!!!! WhatNotToSing states Lovesong as the no. 1 highest rated performance of all time!!!!!!! :O

          • Danny says:

            @Jacob & ETG- I’m w/ ETG on this one. I was just thinking that same thing. I can’t recall one performance from Idol that moved me. I can think “Janelle, week 7or 8” or “top 5 week was pretty good.” I can recall some of the bad ones. I can recall a ton of Idol from previous years. The ones I really liked (Bo, Allison, Haley, Siobhan, Carrie, a slew of em really) I can recall most of their set lists.
            For whatever reason, AI hasn’t done it for me this year. The worst guy on the Voice (whoever that may be) is better than the best guy from AI. My favorite 2 on AI were Janelle and Candice. Yet I’d only have them maybe top 8 on the Voice. I’m not dogging them. I like both those 2. I wish them great success in the future.
            I mentioned song choices on the Voice were better in a post a week or so ago. Someone corrected me and said Candice sang some of the same songs that were sang on the Voice. I remember thinking “wow, I didn’t remember she sang those.”
            I’m not so sure it’s the talent difference. I’m open to the talent (at least w/ the gals) actually being real close between the 2 shows. There’s something in AI that isn’t connecting though.
            Maybe it’s they’ve always got an ensemble on AI hogging the spotlight that should be on the singers. Maybe it’s that the stage is a lot bigger this year, which maybe makes the AI singers look lost in all that smoke. I’m sure the brutal judging has something to do w/ it too. That’s not the fault of the singers, but to me the performance is more than just the 1.5 minutes the singer sings. It’s the pre-amble to the song itself to the judging. No matter how well Candice, Kree, et all did, their moment usually got diminished by brutal judging.
            I don’t hate AI. I can’t stand 3 of the judges, but I want the show to make a comeback. I wish all the contestants well. I don’t think this years Voice is better than the best seasons of AI. I think this years Voice is a good solid show though. I wish I could say the same this years AI.

          • shepunkie says:

            Candice Glover’s on Idol and Lovesong and Straight up were both better than anything that’s ever been on the Voice! Truth!

        • allie says:

          I’ve been a fan of AI since season 1 and NO, this season isn’t giving us any major moments. Candice is my favorite but Judith is arguably better. Kree is good but Amber, Danielle and Holly are better. And that is just the direct comparisons. Tonight might not have been exciting but AI has STUNK this season.

          • kaba says:

            Personally I find Kree to have a better voice than those girls. I the girls have powerhousey type voices but krees angelic fierceness hits home for me sooner than any of these other girls

          • Lee says:

            I just don’t get much raw emotion from Kree’s performances. And I felt Judith’s rendition of You’ve Got A Friend was a moment.

          • shepunkie says:

            I’m sorry, but you wrong! I’ll take Kree over a bunch of generic blond country singers. And if you can’t call Lovesong a major moment that’s crazy!

          • AlyB says:

            it’s weird because you really could do match ups between The Voice and AI. Candice & judith would be something I’d love to see. They’re both amazing, original and can do incredible things vocally. I’d love to hear Candice do some things Adam would chose for her and I’d want to see the matchup before making a call. I think Amber beats Kree, Sasha beats AI’s Amber, Danielle beats Angie, I think I’d put Janelle over Holly but not any of the other Voice girls except maybe Sarah.

        • B. says:

          I like the faster pace personally… the show shouldn’t be dragged out FOREVER like Idol is.

    • Davey says:

      What show are you watching? Amanda Brown was great but most of singers this go round are better than last season’s.

      • MC says:

        ITA. This is especially true if you compare the top ten from this season to last year’s top ten. I only liked Amanda and Melanie from the top ten last season, but nearly every singer remaining in this current group has already had at least one or two really good vocals. There are a few who have been excellent practically every week.

    • Nab says:

      Agree w/Jacob P about boredom. No one has the “it” factor on the Voice. Not sure what Slezak sees in Amber Carrington–strong voice, ok but she was off pitch thru most of that awful awful tedious song. Don’t mean to be cruel–Amber’s back story was touching, but to be honest, I just don’t want to hear it. I watch these shows for an escape. Just sing and do it well.

      • BillyBob says:

        I think Danielle has the IT factor. She has the Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift blend. She’s really turning a lot of non country fans into fans of her singing. It’s addictive.

    • Tom22 says:

      I’m with you Jacob. Last year was amazing. The artists this year have no interest to me and that insane escapade where they didn’t count the vast majority of votes from a demographic of upper middle class youth from west and east coasts cities is beyond me. My daughter and son couldn’t even fathom anyone ever dialing on a phone when they can text. I have a hard time reaching them by phone They even started in on a buggy whip kind of conversation saying we might as well use a rotary dial if they’re going to insist on calling

      I didn’t watch it I did hear it while working on my computer.(which I suppose is true to “The Voice” concept). I couldn’t convince my 12 year old daughter not to watch it but my 16 year old son and I were so convinced they were using a 1984 type double-speak on the “we know who would have won even though we didn’t get the votes accurately but we’re using another style of voting a fraction of voters use to determine the winner, which is what it would have been if we counted the votes we didn’t get accurately”.

      But, I’ll even go a step further.

      I need a different kind of show. I really never though Mariah or even Celine Deon was a very interesting singer. Obviously Bazillions of people loved them both.

      I can’t bear with the like’s of Judith and wasn’t terribly fond of Amanda or Terry last year. If you’re going to sing a rock cover the song is worthless without equal parts of guitar solo’s .. Rock songs are more about the band than the singer. Yeah, its a singing show… if you sing rock make it sound like a guitar maybe or don’t sing the song at all. No place for diva’s in my book.

      Now, I can tolerate half diva’s to make some people happy. But without Nicholas David and Melanie Martinez last year wouldn’t have been special at all. I don’t care that they didn’t win.
      I’m not so shallow that I think “winning” is the point of the shows.. but advancing is ! Why the difference with advancing? Because we get to hear the singers.. Entertainment.. via singing not contrived drama … every week.. if my favorites don’t get to sing the last week or two of the show.. big deal.

      I need a show with singers ready to show some sort of style other than Diva’s. if it is R&B you better feel the “shuffle” of the beat.. the blues bead that sways in a 12/8 above the 4/4. Usher tried to show that to the Latina even while singing the Diva ballad that underlying flow has to bee there.. remember how he was Waltzing (a 3/4 rhythm) over the 4/4 beat ?

      Usher’s songs are great.. they have a groove to them The artists don’t need to be “hipster” . Lots of Rap is fine. I love Grace Potter.. I love Norah Jones. But if you sing those you better understand that all but the most saccharine music doesn’t’ have singers that don’t accentuate the swing subtly by enunciating the ends.

      Want an example of the pablum of fans with drastically different temperments? Look at the lame way they sway their hands back and forth over their heads. Anyone with any groove would pick up steam on each ends of the swing and mark the stop at the edge of the reversal.. not just mush through it. Go watch a gospel choir shimmy to each side. That’s not all about gospel.. listen to Norah. “Don’t know why” and listen carefully to how her phrasing differs from the underlying 4/4

      Anyway… Maybe someone will start a show that lets more Jazz, deep bayou blues, and rap, and classic funk..(with a top notch jazz/blues drummer.. that knows that has a peer recognized vibe for that and never trys to make a performance sound like a pop song)

      And if they’re going to sing country or rock .. emphasize the story telling and don’t dwell on vocal strenght… Cassadee Pope was awesome last year.

      They’ve given short shrift to all that this year… and those that pass for jazz don’t have that comfort in their own shoes like they own the ground they walk on and are indifferent to how “mainstream” perceives them.. perhaps almost want to Taunt mainstream a bit with stand off dress etc. (from rap to Nicholas Davids beard , to Melanie Martinez’s Hair , to Cassaddee popes tastefully not seen from every angle but noticed from some Tatoos and set of her Jaw and confidence in her eyes that she knows who she is.

      I need another show…. the Voice filled my needs last year (other than their drummer and bass determined to mush up music that should have an edge .. thankfully some performers eschewed that help). Or maybe I just give up on the shows even though I always had a few contestants even on idol , that would make it to the finaly 5 or so with something more and edge. (even performers who were there start to finish (who cares about the “crown”) like Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox … third place Haley and 4rth place Daughtry, or James Durban.. they were on most the shows.. an early exit is meaningless only if you’re shallow enough to care what the majority of people think and expect the masses to think differently… I got to see them the whole season…even on Idol.. the cheesiest show around. The Voice was better last year and.. in large part because they had a system that let voters (unlike the fraud this year) bring different caches of people to match different viewing segments with strong tastes outside the mainstream taste.)

  5. ETG says:

    I love Amber and thought she was her usual fantastic self tonight…. but Judith was the one who blew everybody away!!!!!!

    • Fl says:

      I don’t think so — I’m not a country fan particularly, but I thought Amber was much better. Judith way overhang that.

      • ETG says:

        Judith was elegant, brilliant, and brought tears to my eyes. I appreciate Amber singing about the loss of her mother, but her performance last week was quite a bit better than the one tonight.

        • Fl says:

          I didn’t hear that with Judith — I wanted it to be over. It’s not a great song in the first place. Not bad, but overdone and kind of sappy. So changing up isn’t a sin. But changing melody is a fickle mistress. One minute it’s cool and the next minute you’re just trying to show off. After a good start, Judith went the latter route. Do understand that I am not a fan of Amber’s constant appeal to emotion with the (admittedly sad) story of her mom. Nor did the particular song work all that well. Still, I think she topped Judith — at least tonight.

          • G-Mom says:

            I agree. I listened to several songs on iTunes (Amber, Judith, Sasha, Swon Bros., and Danielle and the only one I MIGHT buy is the Swon Bros. Judith changed up the melody so much, it was hard to tell what it was. And one of my real faves, Sasha, just sounded harsh and tinny. I think she sounded a little better on the show. I think the talent is better this season than the last, with the exception of Terry. He was great! (Didn’t like Cassadee at all!.) I noticed the same thing for Idol. Candice’s Lovesong was MUCH better on the show than on iTunes. She just showed so much emotion. Candice is awesome! Kree, IMO, not so much.

    • Gomes says:

      I really think people don’t give Judith a chance. Maybe it’s because she already had so much recognition or maybe something is wrong with these people’s ears

      • Fl says:

        Of course people are giving her a chance. The question is — is she giving herself a chance.

        • Fl says:

          That was my point — she isn’t bringing her A game. She’s bringing what she things reality show viewers think is an A game. Which is fine if that’s where she is. But don’t expect people to jump on board with her if she keeps that up.

      • Kim says:

        Judith’s performance tonight was brilliant. So effortless, and with so much feeling. Very impressed with her music.

        Not sure why some people on here are so negative about the contestants that they don’t like. It’s fine to prefer another contestant, but badmouthing them won’t change anything as far as the results–so it’s really unnecessary.

        • AlyB says:

          I agree. Judith has that special thing that is just captivating. She seems very professional and ready to really make something happen in the industry. She’s got the incredible vocals and creativity to back that up. I’d like Adam to give her something more current though. I think the song choices so far have affected her itunes sales. Amber has a stellar voice but I’m sad she prefers to sing country. I think she’ll do well in that market but it’s just not my taste. Danielle is too young though she has great promise. That’s my top three I think with Judith on top.

      • BillyBob says:

        I think the problem with my little butterfly, lady bug Judith is she is too good for her own good. She over do songs and change ups, with a lot of vocal acrobatics.

        • Cersei says:

          I really don’t get all the passive aggressive snide remarks about Judith. Seriously, people give the girl credit – based on talent alone I’d say she’s #1. I also don’t get why everyone’s harping on about her supposed ‘unfair advantage’ when this show has had numerous backup singers in past seasons for the likes of Adele, Lady Gaga & Alicia Keys. Heck, even Cassadee Pope already had a fanbase coming into the voice, was an early front-runner, performed OK throughout the season (can’t remember any of her performances apart from her blind audition though) and yet nobody seemed to be hard on her regarding her ‘inability to connect with the song’ (insert whatever other eloquently worded excuses you all usually have for veiling your hate for Judith here). I reckon Judith is amazing. Yes, she may fail to ‘connect’ with some of you but that doesn’t detract from the fact that she’s one of the most talented vocalists to ever grace The Voice. Again, don’t get all the hate for Judith (or at least the reluctance to give praise where it’s due), and the overpimping on these forums for certain others who, IMO are not as talented as her. Or maybe it’s just coz she was supposedly one of the early frontrunners = automatic backlash. That, or she’s not white.

          • Kim says:

            Totally agree with this. There is way too much sniping at Judith, who brings her A-game every week, and who is a truly gifted vocalist and performer.

            I think she has probably had to deal with alot of jealousy throughout her career. Being beautiful, talented, and graceful is apparently upsetting to some people!

          • AlyB says:

            I think some fans of competition shows feel the need to totally tear down someone they see as competitive to their favorite. I get it if some people don’t like a certain style but there’s no denying Judith’s vocal ability. Plus she’s got style. I love her general vibe. I think she’s experiencing a backlash because the show put her up on a pedestal from the get go. Her performance last night though solidified for me that she belongs on that pedestal. I think she’s great.

  6. rowan says:

    Michelle brought a lot of fun to an otherwise kind of boring night! I also really, really loved Sarah singing one of my favorite love songs, “The Story.” Truly a perfect fit.

  7. kaba says:

    I’m gonna make a grand claim here you guys.

    Michelle is the best entertainer to have graced the stage of The Voice.

    I could not resist the urge to dance with her as she owned that stage, with her astoundingly impeccable stage presence, and did everything Vedo rehearsed for a week sheerly through feeling the music and enjoying her performance.

    I truly want her to win and am voting right as I type. The past 3 seasons have been nothing but balladeers winning be it pop ballads or some other hybrid.

    Michelle has the ability to tackle a ballad and the versatility to own the stage with an uptempo song.

  8. Spycigal says:

    I had tears in my eyes as soon as the Swon Brothers started singing in rehearsals so they got my votes along with Amber who has an awesome voice and felt every word she sang and Sarah, who still hasn’t sung tge right song for me yet (aside from her audition), I just dig her voice!

    • Danny says:

      @Spy- Sweet, another one who appreciates the Swon Brothers. They seem to be this years tackling dummies on the show. I like em though. I’m not picking em to win it, but I don’t see where the hate for em is coming from.

  9. HTGR says:

    A really good night!
    Very early on it looks like Danielle, Sasha, Michelle, Josiah are most popular on iTunes.

    • ETG says:

      I understand Danielle and Josiah appealing to the tweeny-boppers, but Sasha???

    • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

      Where can I see how they are doing in ITunes? I saw the ITunes chart, but they don’t appear in it.

      • BillyBob says:

        Just google itunes top 100,
        iTunes Top 100 Songs (USA) – Do iPod

      • HTGR says:

        Anyway by chart it says at the moment:
        1. Swon (stunned!?!)
        2. Danielle
        3. Josiah
        4. Sarah
        BIG GAP
        5. Judith
        6. Amber
        BIG GAP
        7. Michelle (shocked so low)
        8. Sasha (shocked so low)
        BIG GAP
        9. Holly
        [below shows why Shakira shouldn’t have let Cathia go and why America should picked Cathia over Vedo (she actually did a lot better on iTunes, sometimes still wonder what those tossed votes really meant, not that I was crazy about her in particular but Caroline charted and rated so high on itunes too it was weird); I think the judge’s and America fell in love with the Vedo and Garrett stories and Cathia got that sniping stuff shown and that probably explains it.]
        10. Garrett
        HUGE GAP
        11. Kris
        12. Vedo

        • Kim says:

          iTunes charts are updated regularly. And these contestants have been performing for months. You can’t tell who is selling the most just by looking at the chart for a couple of days. It changes all the time.

        • BillyBob says:

          Snore Bros is top iTunes. Not stun. They performed an great cover of the Country legend who passed recently. It looked and sounded like a tribute at the CMA awards show.

      • HTGR says:

        Just load up the iTunes program and right there in the iTunes store on the right click on the top 200 singles list.

    • HTGR says:

      Hmm I looked again now that it’s much later in the game. VERY bizarre, three of the ones who initially seemed to be getting the most reviews have gotten like ZERO in the last couple of hours?? In the past how many ratings someone got seemed to often enough count for even more than the iTunes chart placement but the current ranking back that makes little sense (or at least I sure as heck hope not):
      Sarah 122
      Swon 91
      Judith 76
      Michelle 62
      Garrett 60
      Amber 59
      Kris/Holly 32
      Vedo 21
      — How on Earth did these three pick up almost zero reviews for the last two hours when they started out being three of the only ones to be getting early reviews at all? Never seen that happen before:
      Josiah 7
      Sasha/Danielle 5 (uh oh early lead to yikes)

      • Gomes says:

        The super fans vote for their favorites. Then the people who actually download who sang well that night appear.

        • HTGR says:

          Yeah, it also looks like the iTunes ranking chart will be closer to telling the tale than how many ratings a contestant gets this week and perhaps this year. Results above a lot different and seem more likely.

          • Gomes says:

            Yea, The polls here are usually done by hardcore fans who already have their favorites and probably have a bit of bias towards certain singer whether positive or negative.

      • BillyBob says:

        Snore Bros #37, Josiah #41, Danielle #42, Sarah #46, on iTunes.

        • AlyB says:

          Something incredibly notable is the Danielle’s single from LAST WEEK, Maybe It Was Memphis, is still charting in the top 100. It’s over Garrets song from this week.

    • HTGR says:

      Putting it all together Vedo and Kris look to be in trouble, but who knows, iTunes was way wrong a number of people last week.

    • Josie says:

      Actually, it’s the Swan Brothers, Danielle, Sarah, Judith, Amber and Josiah that are really high on the iTunes list right now.

  10. NedPepper says:

    I don’t know if it’s just my mood, but I was extremely bored and underwhelmed tonight. Song choice was weird and uninspired. There wasn’t really a “moment”. I dunno. Sarah Simmons has this huge talent and massive potential…and yet the song choices are just not right at all. The Voice just feels slightly off this season. It used to be the cool to Idol’s squareness, yet it feels like the edge is gone.

    • ETG says:

      Personally, I think the judges really need to stop being so nice to one another, and just go for the jugular….

      • NedPepper says:

        I dunno. Being mean to Shakira would be like kicking a puppy. Although, I do see your point. There’s just a tension between Adam and Usher, but they never go with it. I’m not sure if tense judge banter is what’s missing. It’s the fact that the show used to have contestants that weren’t cookie cutter Idol dolls. And Blake’s entire team is so…Idol square. In fact, most of the top 12 is very cookie cutter bland. This show has always embraced its artists’ individuality and that’s what made it cool. I think THAT is what is missing. Think more Michelle and Sarah and less Amber and Danielle,or even Vedo and Kris Thomas. Or Holly. Just a snooze fest of sob stories and uninspired cover songs.

    • Justin says:

      Idol is cooler :)

    • Gomes says:

      The song choices by the new judges hasn’t been that good. It’s as if they look up the biggest songs of all time or the biggest artists of all time and chose their songs. If there is a U2 song next week don’t be surprised.

    • IDK???? says:

      I agree with you. The song choices were and are pretty bad. Sad and hate to say it but Sarah did a great job last night, I really wanted Caroline to be there, but give credit where credit is due. And on a side note, Shakira is horrible. What cloud is she floating on, she is a mole, deliberately setting up her team

  11. dani n. says:

    I’ve decided to call it the way I see it from week to week
    1.) Judith killed with her performance tonight & rose estimably. She hadn’t impressed me so much for several weeks.She was just totally there tonight vocally & in her presence. 2.) Amber..gigantor range. 3.) Josiah most improved. 4.) Danielle&Michelle consistent. 5.) Sasha…ya’ll are too hard on her. 6.) Sarah wtf..You were my fave aside from Michelle and you disappointed me again. No lower register though the song was a closer fit.

    • ETG says:

      Side issue, but I like the name Dani. I think Danielle should shorten her stage name to that, as it is much less cumbersome….

  12. HTGR says:

    Vedo, Garrett, Kris perhaps in the most trouble? (still can’t believe Usher and Shakira let Cathia go for that set, Shakira shoulda never let her go in favor of either of her guys to start; man would’ve loved to see her fire and hear her voice in at least on of those spots instead, darn).
    Garrett – some parts pretty cool but plenty kinda eh
    Josiah – actually not bad at all, actually kinda liked him this week
    Danielle – did a lot better with it than I thought, not bad at all, really good actually, loved Shakira’s crazy “She’s a 16 year old Margaret Thatcher!!!!!” comment haha.
    Judith – not bad at all, pretty good
    Kris – eh
    Swon – I guess they did reasonably well not really my thing though, slightly eh
    Amber – not bad, but I thought she was far more amazing last week
    Holly – did wayyyyyyyyy better than last week which I didn’t think was so hot for her, not bad at all
    Sarah – soooooo much infinitely better than last week where she was an R&B goat ruining a beautiful melody far too much, she was back, that was pretty darn awesome
    Vedo – alright, nothing amazing though
    Sasha – a couple time a touch overwrought or still broadway but generally pretty freaking awesome, really good
    Michelle – pretty damn cool, that was really good, yeah

  13. kaba says:

    I wish Holly hadn’t sung “Broken Wing” cause I’d just heard 10 year old Kree Harrison sing it yesterday so I was making comparisons and Kree at that age did it soo much better imo o.o

    • HTGR says:

      uh, Kree is much now than then, that Rosie performance when she was 10 was so wrong and over done and warbling and all over, a mess, random and horrible runs and this and that all over the place with zero musical sensibility, that is what Harry was like DO NOT DO.
      I think Holly did it way infinitely better than 10 year old Kree.

      • kaba says:

        Why re you bringing up Harrys critique to a little girl who didn’t know anything about singing really?
        Lemme be most specific. Vocally, yeah its a given that holly was better but Kree at age 10 had more soul and conviction

        • HTGR says:

          Well because you originally said that Kree at 10 did it so much better than Holly than you couldn’t properly appreciate what Holly was doing.
          Now you seem to be changing your mind and saying that of course Holly did it better than a 10 year old Kree.
          I just didn’t get that Kree performance on Rosie at all. I was expecting something amazing or at least pretty good. It had conviction but it was all so random and wrong and some of it sounded plain odd. It didn’t even remind of Kree at all as weird as that is to say. Nothing like Jackie Evancho or Charlotte Church as little kids or various others at a young age. I brought up Harry because usually when they do something so unusual to bring on someone that young it’s because they have an amazingly precocious sense of things.

          • kaba says:

            I’m not Back tracking. I still feel Kree did it better at age 10, not necessarily vocally but overall I liked hers more.
            What do you mean it doesn’t remind you of Kree? I could understand if you said it in reverse and rather her new stuff doesn’t remind you of the Kree you saw on rosie.
            And as to why she chose the song.. She’s 10 lol she probably really liked the song.
            It doesn’t make sense to bring up harry though, I she’s merely 10 and based on how she sang then she wasn’t aware of the fact that there’s a such thing as overstepping boundaries or overdoing it. When I was a kid I threw runs into everything I sang so I expect nothing less from Kree at that age… Well any singer at that age

          • bingham says:

            I agree with you kaba, I liked 10 yr old Kree’s version better. Don’t mind HTGR, he/she is just bitter that Kree (rightfully) beat out Angie for a spot in the top 2 on the show that this column is NOT about.

  14. BVL says:

    I love Michelle Chamuel, but how is it that she scored the same grade as Judith Hill who was absolutely flawless tonight? Michelle was unfortunately a bit off this evening , not to say she didn’t do well, but definitely not better than Judith.

    • kaba says:

      Off? Girl was on point and delivered a performance that not only was she enjoying, the audience fed off of her as well and her vocals were perfect for the song. Simply singing a nice heartwarming ballad isn’t the only way to get an A

      • keenzi says:


      • BVL says:

        Again, not saying Michelle didn’t do well, but definitely her vocals where not as strong as usual. I still voted for her and Judith, and yet still felt that Judith dominated her song tonight more so than Michelle who at times sounded meek against the a song that was *close* to overpowering her. I don’t care if it was a ballad or not, vocals stay have to stay strong.

        • kaba says:

          I’m listening to michelle rn and I know what you’re talking about by saying that she was weak with vocals.
          What I’m hearing indicates that it was more that they made parts of the music unnecessarily louder than it needed to be because she didn’t really change dynamics throughout the song and her voice didn’t noticeably diminish until the falsettos. Otherwise the background sorta drowned her at times.
          But look at the songs they had. I michelle had a pop song while judith had an intimate ballad. It’s hard to compare the vocals between one another when one has different criteria than the other

    • Kristen says:

      Hmm, I’m going to have to agree with you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Michelle, I think she’s the best on Team Usher, she’s super likable, her performances make me want to get up and dance, but Judith was stellar tonight. I don’t know, I think Michelle just suffered from having a super brilliant break out performance last week. Anyway, I hope both get to stay on the show awhile longer.

      • kaba says:

        I felt they both deserved the same rating due to the feedback of the crowd and the presence along with skillset they brought to the stage. Michelle brought life to the crowd after soo many ballads while maintaining impeccable vocals for the aspect of the song.
        Vocally judith was superior but I feel michelle made a better stake at getting the crowd more excited imo

        • HTGR says:

          +1 it also shows why it’s hard to give rankings and grades. How do you compare apples to oranges. Sure Michelle did not sing in the way Judith did but that didn’t make it any worse, heck I even liked it better.

        • Kristen says:

          You do have a point. I mean, I don’t know much about music or singing admittedly, I just know what I like and dislike. But yeah, despite what I said earlier, I thought Michelle did really well today and she really got me pumped.

    • Cersei says:

      Because people have already set their minds against Judith Hill and will either refuse outright to acknowledge her vocal prowess or VERY reluctantly acknowledge her awesome performances – while at the same time overpimping others who may have had ‘average’ performances objectively, but due to these posters’ inclinations, are suddenly pushed up to the level of ‘amazing, awe-inspiring’ performances. Also, love Michelle Chamuel – couldn’t stop replaying her performance from last week. Was kinda wishing that she’d sing ‘Jolene’ this week. That would’ve been cool ^_^

  15. Jane says:

    Michelle was a hot mess tonight. She was NOT better than Sasha.

    • kaba says:

      The Polls say otherwise

    • Timmah says:

      I agree. She’s a gimmick that’s getting old rapidly. If you listen to her without watching her goofy dancing she sounds very average.

      • AlyB says:

        People are drawn to her personality and spunk. She’s a really good stage performer. That counts on a show like this. i like her a lot but have to agree that she’s not the strongest straight up vocalist on the show. She has a good voice but it’s not remarkable compared to some of the other girls on the show. If you listen without watching the magic kind of fades. People have fallen in love with her quirky charm though so I see her having some staying power.

    • IDK???? says:

      Michelle needs to let the hair and makeup team fix her up, I mean really let them fix her up. get rid of those glasses. I understand this look is her signature, show us you have style.

  16. xvoicer says:

    The Voice’s doing good owes much to work of previous judges include Christina. They laid some ‘foundation’ for new seasons.

  17. hi says:

    I dunno, I love Holly. I think she’s the most underrated contestant. She just needs more stage presence.

  18. Kate says:

    How is amber underrated when she is the most talked about/top contestant?

  19. Connor says:

    I thought Team Adam performed good. Everyone else.., eh. Amber is becoming a star. Hopefully she is around in 3 weeks because I think in three weeks her performances will even be more amazing. I would love to see a 1 chair turnaround win it all

  20. David says:

    Judith and Sarah finally met my expectations for them tonight. Danielle, Amber, and Michelle are cruising through. Sasha wasn’t as good, but she should still be safe. Holly was better tonight, but the biggest surprise was Josiah. If he gives more performances like that, he might just grow on me. Kris reminds me of Trevyn from last season. Plenty of talent, but he has a deer-in-the-headlights look in his eyes. I think Garrett and Vedo should go home.

  21. Jane says:

    Can someone update the itunes charts? Or does someone have a link that updates frequently.

  22. DaysGoBy says:

    Sarah has not wow’d me at all…I am sorry but as a huge Heart fan Sasha’s rendition made me CRINGE!! There were very few performances I loved tonight!!! Danielle, Amber, Michelle, The Swon Bros. (Sorry but they were amazing tonight..Colton sang alone and the harmonies were crisp and clean) Judith, Holly and Josiah (I can’t stand him but he did well)…Sarah it’s like she had marbles in her mouth at the beginning I couldn’t understand her…Vedo like him but not the song pitchy in places…Kris hated his performance he was pitchy too…Garrett like him what was Shakira thinking with that song choice?? Sasha…heard Alone done on Idol a bunch this was the WORST too broadway!!!

  23. Matt says:

    I don’t get the whole Judith Hill thing. To me, tonight was her first good performance. Sasha, Danielle, and Amber are my top 3. Holly would be 4.

  24. Cagney says:

    I enjoyed tonight’s show. Amber is my absolute favorite- I am not a country fan,though, and I wasn’t familiar with her song choice. My favorite performance all season was her rendition of “Stay.” I downloaded it and all I can say is Wow! Some have said that Sarah is reminiscent of Adele. Amber has more of that richness I think- particularly on Stay. And a little Patti Griffin at times too. Her voice is very special to me and she can perform.

    I think Danielle singing Wasted is a bit like a child playing dress up. She has a good voice but I don’t find her believable with lyrics like that.

  25. Adam Fachry says:

    OMG MICHELLE CHAMUEL SANG ROBYN!!! Robyn, the pop sophisticate whose music has been overlooked by american charts for years??? Whose album Body talk basically epitomizes what pop music SHOULD sound like in the milennium era??? That’s it Michelle is MY WINNER. Acknowledging this queen alone gives her my respect!!!

  26. Jeremy B says:

    My rankings of the Top 12 performances…
    1) Judith
    2) Sasha
    3) Danielle

    4) Holly
    5) Amber
    6) Michelle
    7) Swon Bros.

    8) Kris
    9) Josiah
    10) Vedo
    11) Sarah
    12) Garrett

    My attempted emphasis in these rankings are on technical singing factors (pitch, control, consistency, support). Musicality/emotional conveyance factors in a bit on this list. Outfits & dance moves, not at all.

    • BillyBob says:

      NO dance moves? Vedo was counting on his dance moves and grooves. I mostly agree with your bottom 5. Hopefully, two of those will go home.

  27. DaysGoBy says:

    ITunes update: #1 Danielle (56) #2 The Swon Bros (57) #3 Josiah (60) #4 Sarah (67) I only get the top 100 Fyi #100 is Danielle Bradbery Maybe it was Memphis

    • Adam Fachry says:

      I need to apply for an american citizenship right now. Ughh…I love country music, but a little more variety please, american people? If Blake wins again this season, they might as well fire the other judges and let him judge the show alone.

    • lucy27lucy says:

      I get the feeling Blake knew to play the iTunes angle going with an all-country lineup. With iTunes such a big factor, he has a concerted angle – country fans show up huge on iTunes, much more than pop followers (unless its top 5 hits).
      So many comments about stage presence, age, singing ability of each of the contestants. If you were to just listen on the radio, which people do every day (versus how often do you go to a concert), then there are clear frontrunners. I don’t see why many are beating up Danielle, who is pitch perfect and a great voice, though I see where she fails to inject some greater emotion, but I think people are looking for the ‘she’s too young’ critique without just listening to how good she is vocally. Try this test – don’t watch and just listen and pretend you know nothing about the person – which is how everyone is initially introduced to a new artist!! Then decide.
      I like Michelle’s edge and angle, but I don’t think she would hold up to that test. Amber definitely would! And Judith – she is amazing vocally too, but just needs to sing a song without going all over the map acrobatically – we know she can, but one style needs to come through, which is why I think she is not getting top comments.

  28. DaysGoBy says:

    Itunes Country: Danielle, Swon Bros. Amber & Holly. 14,15,32 & 46 respectively.

  29. analythinker says:

    I was in the audience tonight and I thought Josiah sounded really good. That song fits his voice so well. However, I kept comparing him with Danny The Script almost through the whole performance. Holly also sounded her best tonight. Vedo didn’t sound as pitchy as on TV. Garrett looked a bit under confident with his song choice. Everyone else sounded the way I expected them to be :)

    • BillyBob says:

      How hot was it in there? The A/C was out as Carson mentioned. I think LA hit 95 degrees.

      • analythinker says:

        It was hot but still tolerable for me. Carson said it’s 100 degrees. The coaches didn’t seem to mind it much though. Of course, they each had a team of people who fanned them, literally.

        I came with the intention to compare what I’ve heard on TV and live, and I was surprised of how good all of them were.

        • @JennyS714 says:

          lol that’s funny to hear about the fanning. I’m not surprised at all. Coaches seemed to be ok despite it. Carson on the other hand seemed to be truly affected by it. I’m guessing since he’s host and has to run back and forth made it unbearable.

          • HTGR says:

            And stage spotlights are killer!! Even on a refrigerated stage they can be burning hot.

  30. BillyBob says:

    Vedo and Garrett should make like a tree and leave. Vedo is like another Usher. The Voice season 1 and 2 were R&B. Where are they now?

  31. DaysGoBy says:

    Judith is now in the Top 100. The Swon Bros. are 1, Danielle 2, Josiah 3 Sarah 4 Judith 5. We will see how it plays out overnight!

    • HTGR says:

      See my post above, it’s based on the top 200 and has everyone but on charting now. (or use the iTunes program which lets you look at the top 200 singles)

  32. Jay says:

    Tonight was ok-Judith was the clear winner but I still don’t love her. Totally agree with an earlier comment-the show is losing its cool with too many retread songs. I don’t normally buy the music but I always felt the indie pop artists added a real nice vibe to the show. On a side note, shakira’s song choice is killing Sasha. She’s looking for tunes that show off her voice and allow her to hit big notes. She should take the opposite approach -low key emotional songs that demonstrate her beautiful lower register.

    • AlyB says:

      I love Shakira as a coach but her song choices are terrible. Alone is so overdone that it’s cliche. She’s saddling her team with songs no one wants to buy. I agree on the idie pop. That’s why I’m so sorry to see Caroline go. I would have loved to have picked up more of her songs even if she wasn’t the strongest vocalist on the show. I do get Judith and love her overall vibe.

  33. Gomes says:

    Why did you have to butcher one of my favorite songs Josiah? Sigh. Swon brothers surprised tonight. They were really good. Judith’s performance had me though. I was lost in it. The lighting just topped it off.

    • BillyBob says:

      The Snore, oops Swon Bros is safe with all the country voters. I even enjoyed their tribute to George Jones. The candles on top of the piano.

  34. Davey says:

    For some reason Michael keeps overrating Sarah Simmons who was close to awful tonight. I don’t think she rates higher than a C. Though I do agree with a lot of his grades for the other singers, except for Sasha Allen, whom I would give a B-. And though I love Michelle I think A- is a little too generous.

    • BillyBob says:

      Sarah was aweful tonight F for FAILED, Adam should of kept Caroline.

      • bingham says:

        I’m still surprised Adam saved Sarah over Caroline, I thought for sure he would keep Caroline in it as long as he could. Unfortunately Caroline’s last performance was pretty weak so I didn’t really think she deserved the save.

        • IDK???? says:

          AWWWWWW!!! Caroline was way better, crybaby Sarah should have gone home. I thought I saw a “OH SH**” look on Adams face when he said her name. He is going to regret that move.

      • AlyB says:

        I’m not a Sarah fan at all. I wish he’d picked Caroline to stay too. Adam did pick the perfect song for her with The Story though. She was able to mimic Brandi Carlile fairly well but Michael was right in that she went almost into crazy territory when the song kicked into high gear. Brandi pulls that off really well. Sarah was kind of desperate scary. I wouldn’t have rated her that high either but I’m not sure if Michael rated her high because he started off liking her and I rated her under the other girls because I started off not liking her. Still, out of all her performances, I think I liked this one best. I couldn’t stand her Angel vocal. This song suited her better. Still I’d rank the girls Judith, Amber, Danielle, Michelle, Holly, Sasha, Sarah.

  35. BillyBob says:

    I love it that Adam threw his team under the bus and said Danielle is the one to beat. Yeah!

  36. Davey says:

    Do only country music lovers buy songs for the Voice? I think I’ll scream if Blake wins The Voice again this year.

    • BillyBob says:

      Yes, country music fans are a loyal bunch, and they eat up all the country music they can get. As reflected by the itunes sales. Yee Haw!!!

    • Gomes says:

      The Country voters don’t play around. Look at who won AI last season.

      • HTGR says:

        and the XFactor and made the finale this season of AI and won AI two seasons ago. They watch these shows the most now and bring out a mad vote. No they really don’t play around at all. Heck even last season on The Voice twas still the country coach that won even if the winner wasn’t really country (at least not originally).

        • BillyBob says:

          But the country song Blake gave Cassadee to sing ‘Over You’ is a country song. Cassadee is thinking going the pop / rock country with an edge.

          • HTGR says:

            Yeah that is why I said not originally, but she did do a few country songs on the show (although in a fairly pop style; they actually were some of her best on the show I thought) and word is that Blake has pushed her super hard to go country/pop and that she finally gave in and gave up at sticking to pure pop and is going to try his way for her first new album and go more country than pop even.

          • Adam Fachry says:

            What? That’s pretty much meddling with her decision. I got the flashback of Jimmy Iovine’s comment on last week’s Idol result show when reading your comment. Well, it is what the mainstream industry is supposed to be, but I’d feel bad for Cassadee if she doesn’t really wanna go there. Something just irks me with Blake and his country pride. The way he carries this country-is-better than anything attitude makes me want to turn off my tv. Don’t get me wrong, I love country music (been listening to Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Tammy Wynette, Gillian Welch, Waylon Jennings, Gram Prasons, Townes Van Zandt my whole life. Not really interested in the contemporary scene though, but I do like Miranda Lambert, Rosanne Cash, and Pistol Annies), but I feel like Blake’s biased favoritism demonstrates an irritating smugness.

          • Tom22 says:

            I loved Cassadee and I’m not a country fan. or a diva fan. She told the story like a girl/women of a sensibility I can relate too, had varied emotions throughout the song.. played with different notes to vary the emotions.. had a good sense of the rhythmic aspects lyrics.. and had a confident way of standing on the stage… a confidence that came across, even as she bared the hurts in her heart in the music. Country is a big field .. some of it leans harder on a southern rock and blues than others.

            Grace potter has shown southern rock can still be commercially successful. Something about the story telling aspect of “country” fits Cassadee as Blake explained repeatedly (he does repeat)..southern rock sort of meshes that sort of singing with heavy rock vibe…

            Take the twanging banjo out of a Keith Urban song and replace it with a guitar playing in a rock style and Keith’s song’s are rock songs. She might need the banjo to get air time but she’s fully able to bring a lot to Keith’s songs. (I’d like to hear him cover the songs with the band putting the twang aside just to hear it)

      • BillyBob says:

        Ditto, Country voters don’t play around. Look at who won X-factor last season.

    • annette says:

      I think it will become problematic for the show if Blake keeps winning season after season due to country fans’ loyalty, but what can you do? With that silly iTunes rule multiplying anyone who hits top 10 by 10, Danielle is sure to win :-(

    • @JennyS714 says:

      Me too. Just because country fanbase is huge and apparently the only ones who vote, does not mean Team Blake has the winner. I personally think Adam has the winner, Amber!

  37. Sarah says:

    Exactly how I feel about Sarah – I absolutely love her voice more than any voice I’ve heard in a long time, and I lived her audition, but since then I haven’t connected with any of her performances – and I really want to see her do well.

  38. Gomes says:

    I must say though. Sarah sounds amazing on those studio recordings. Oh my. I would buy her album. Look them up.

  39. shepunkie says:

    What? People talk trash about American Idol’s song choices and say they Voice has better songs?! Really?! What? The Jackson 5? LOL The Backstreet Boys? LOL

    • kaba says:

      At least the music most of the time sounds like it’s from the past 2 decades

      • shepunkie says:

        Ummm no wrong. I’ll Be There, is from the 70’s. So is You Got a Friend. Alone has been sung so many times, but this girl made it sound to bleaty and not contemporary at all. LOL She didn’t even take Shakira’s advice to do that.. I’m not a Carrie Underwood fan, but hers is better. And

        • kaba says:

          You didn’t read what I said at all.
          Majority of the songs tonight SOUND like they’re from the past 2 decades. Regardless of actual years.
          Idk if she sounded bleaty that wasn’t even what we’re talking about

          • Timmah says:

            I agree. All of the performances tonight sounded current, regardless of when the songs were written. I can’t say the same for any given week of Idol.

          • shepunkie says:

            Just no. The girl who sang Alone, made it sound like I was on a cruise ship in the 60’s. It was very old fashioned.

    • HTGR says:

      Still 2 or 3 decades more recent though. snap!

    • BillyBob says:

      I want some Nsync and NKOTB. Seriously, I want to hear some songs of Aaliyah, Monica, Brandy.

    • @JennyS714 says:

      Idol song choices are almost always boring. Period. LOL.

      • Timmah says:

        Idol has become the domain of boring belters. The Voice tonight showed that artistry and variety are way more interesting.

  40. BillyBob says:

    All the country singers and WGWG will make it through next week. I believe Vedo, Kris, Garrett, Sarah is in danger to go home.

  41. A says:

    I think there’s something wrong with Usher. I can’t really pinpoint it. It’s like there is this coldness to his critiquing. Sometimes I get the feeling like he really doesn’t care about the other contestants performances. I don’t know. It’s just this feeling I have from watching him over the episodes like he really doesn’t want to be there. Maybe, I’m over thinking it.
    I also noticed quite a bit of tension from Shakira in this episode. I think Adam’s comment to Garrett really hit a nerve or something because she seemed really defensive at times.

    • BillyBob says:

      I give Shakira’s Boobs an A+ was first time she real revealed it on the Voice. Just the right amount showing.

    • @JennyS714 says:

      IT WAS THE HEAT! lol.

      • A says:

        lol I guess but I noticed it in some other episodes where there is like no enthusiasm to some (not all) of his critiques like he really could care less. Also, so annoying with Carson reminding us of the heat every minute. I heard him the first time!

        • @JennyS714 says:

          Haha yeah it seemed to really bug him the most. In his defense, it indeed was a hot one today in Southern Cali and if you don’t have AC, heat can really get to ya!

          • A says:

            True. Heat is definitely not my friend. I’m more of a winter/snow person! :)
            But ya I guess with that many people in the stadium it must’ve been like a giant sweat box

  42. Vetle says:

    Michelle did ROBYN?! She’s my hero. Officially.

  43. @JennyS714 says:

    Okay seeing as Amber was last I have to comment on her first. She blows me away each week. Her vocal ability is right up there with Kelly Clarkson’s and Carrie Underwood’s. She is a star and has the potential to be the first true star that’s to come from winning The Voice. I mean she has IT! Here’s to hoping Danielle doesn’t get in the way.

    Speaking of, Danielle to me has one of the best voices in the competition, but as I really think she has yet to connect to a song!! She needs something she can relate to, maybe more age appropriate.

    Michelle had a fun performance. I enjoy watching her every week. She’s definitely unique and a good singer.

    I think Josiah is getting better every week. Tonight was his best performance yet and I agree with Usher, he’s a young Adam Levine! Pretty and a good singer :P

    Sasha’s performance was theatrical indeed. I didn’t care for it much, kind of average and forgettable. I gotta say she looks mad when Shakira is giving her advice. She definitely needs to work on being more friendly, approachable, just plain likeable, cause she’s severely lacking there.

    Garret could have made the rock version of “I want it that way” really epic but he fell flat. He had to be more aggressive and more confident with it. You can tell he was super uncomfortable singing it so it was super uncomfortable watching it.

    Kris had his best vocal yet. I agree with Usher, he did a few things that were out of place and odd, but an alright performance overall.

    I don’t care for Sarah. She bores me. I don’t like the whole hippy vibe she gives off and her rasp is like nails on a chalkboard. I don’t get the big deal with her.

    Judith had a great performance as usual. She’s so good, I’m getting bored with how good she is.

    Swon Brothers had their best performance yet in my opinion. Great tribute.

    Ooh almost forgot about Holly. She has a wonderful voice, but she has yet to emit star quality and strong sense of self.

    And finally Vedo, omg that was awful. Karaoke performance. He has to go home tomorrow night. It’s a shame because I think he’s much better than what he showed tonight.

    I really think Shakira has the worst team. It’s a shame because she got stuck with average singers, and she’s a great coach.

    • BillyBob says:

      @Jennys714: I agree with you on almost all points. Great insights. Judith is too good for her own good. That’s why she will not likely win. Danielle and Amber are great. Maybe Josiah is too pretty for his own good. Josiah reminds me of a Chris Isaak or Luke Perry kind of dude. Hopefully, Vedo, Garrett, Sarah , or Kris is voted out.

    • A says:

      Judith Hill is so damn good that I have this feeling that she won’t win. I don’t why so many don’t like her or think she’s overrated. Maybe they just don’t like her because she’s so damn amazing. It will be a tragedy if she doesn’t make it to the top 3! She really shouldn’t even be on the show. She should be a multi-platinum or whatever selling artist. I hope that this isn’t the end for her and she’s not plagued by The Voice curse of no true star or truly successful artist being produced.

      • BillyBob says:

        I like Judith, she’s sooooooo good that people will get tired of her. Lot’s of people want the under dog to win. If you’re a basketball fan, it’s like a lot of people hate the Miami Heat. Because they are so darn good. That’s why the people are cheering for an under dog team to beat them. I think Judith will be in the top 3 for sure.

      • BillyBob says:

        Oh, I think you answered your question about Judith. She’s so good that she really shouldn’t be on the show. Most people know by now Michael Jackson hand picked her as a duet partner.

  44. megs says:

    She hasn’t gotten that much attention(besides playing that one glory note of hers from the Blinds over and over and over), but I think Sasha is really great. Shakira’s song choices for her have been a little weird(not in a good way), though. She needs to start doing songs that suit her better- if that happens, she has a great chance to get to frontrunner status.

    And speaking of Shakira’s weird song choices, what the WHAT was with Garrett’s? Trying to make I Want it that Way a rock song? Just…

    • BillyBob says:

      If Garrett makes it to next week Shakira will give Garrett this song to sing… Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby, Baby, Baby’. A rock edgier version of it.

  45. Timmah says:

    Should go home: Michelle and Vedo

    Will go home: Garrett and Vedo

  46. Sheilalala says:

    Interesting night-sheesh 100+ in the studio and STILL no static/interesting banter between the judges? Gah. I felt bad for the contestants, singing their heart out and anticipating their reviews then having them painfully stand there and listen to the least energetic, helpful critiques ever. Xtina was bitchy and flat our wrong sometimes, but she was emotionally invested. Shakira says she is but we don’t see if or feel it. I’m just not digging Shaky at all. Alone was a crap choice for Sasha, Nsync wasn’t much better for Garrett, and Kris’ sucked too.
    Usher is weird, repetitive and dull-he doesn’t seem to emotionally connect with his or any contestants. Ceelo was hilarious and pervy, and would get emotional a lot, you could tell he cared. Adam (at least it seemed to me) got misty last week when Sarah sang, and again this week with Amber, and Blake did as well. I’m just used to eagerly awaiting the coaches response, but they are so boring.
    As far as the contestants go, we are getting to the point that its just coming down to personal taste in artists in most situations, picking apart missed notes, etc not ‘so and so is WAYY better’ so it will become the usual popularity contest, and Danielle or Amber will likely win.
    In order of who I personally find unique and exciting enough to actually buy their music:
    1. SARAH I’m thrilled that she’s becoming an underdog and deeply polarizing-people get emotional when they don’t understand-or deeply love artists. Sarah is the most electrifying artist I have heard in years.
    2. AMBER I’m not big on country, but I have been playing her rendition of Stay on repeat. She will be the next Kelly Clarkson.
    3. MICHELLE She is the full package, and has killer stage presence. Can’t wait to see what she will do in a studio
    4. JUDITH RnB is not really my thing, save a song here or there, but I definitely smell ‘grammy’ down the road with her. She will probably get 3rd or 4th place and will pull a Jennifer Hudson-watch.
    5. DANIELLE-I agree with an above poster, she needs some time to percolate before taking country music by storm, or she runs the risk of being a flash in the pan teen artist. She needs to cut her teeth in some grimy Nashville bar circuits for awhile.
    Sasha is a tough one-the talent is there but I don’t know if she will ever get past her ‘backup vocalness’ and become the lead star. She seems to beg for the spotlight-not effin demand it.
    I have to concur with the props for Josiah, he did an awesome job tonight-I don’t know how unique he is, but with the Usher marketing machine he could see some success.
    Holly, Vedo, Kris, Snore Bros are just ho-hum wedding singers to me. Good for them if they prove me wrong. Garret sucked tonight, but he has a unique tone, he may need some years to bring out his talent.
    Garret and Vedo should get the boot.
    Oh, and I really wish they would a “The Voice Tour” with the top 7.

  47. Karen says:

    Judith was back, yes. Amber knocks it out of the park. Michele, not sure I would have picked that song for her, but she sold it. I was all set for the Swon Brothers to go home after tonight, but agree their best performance, but I will buy George Jones version instead. Same thing with Josiah.
    Danielle, how about she sings something a teen would sing about, doesn’t Taylor Swift have a cute boy next door song? Or Trisha Yearwood’s She’s in Love with the Boy.
    When Martina does Broken Wing, I almost always tear up, I didn’t for Holly. Karaoke strikes again on Blake’s team.

    • ETG says:

      Yep. Karaoke is the BEST term that could be given to Blake’s team…. except for, perhaps, the Swon Bros…..

  48. Simon Cowell Jr says:

    Vedo — Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” – Hate it! This dude should pack his bag for home.

    Holly Tucker — Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing” – Like it! Not bad. She’s safe.

    Garrett Gardner — Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” – Hate it! What’s next? A rock version of N’Syncs ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’

    Sarah Simmons — Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” – Hate it! She’s going down hill every week!

    The Swon Brothers — George Jones’ “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” – Like it! Great song choice!

    Sasha Allen — Heart’s “Alone” – Hate it! Sounds like she’s doing Broadway.

    Josiah Hawley — The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” – Like it! I’m not a fan of pretty boy. But this performance is pretty darn good.

    Danielle Bradbery — Carrie Underwood’s “Wasted” – Love it! Her voice is just so country good. Danielle would slay Martina McBride’s ‘Wild Angels’

    Judith Hill — Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” – Like it! What can I can? She’s perfect everytime! She’s on auto pilot!

    Michelle Chamuel — Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” – Like it! She’s the oddball with her Jerry Lewis style dancing.

    Kris Thomas — Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” – Hate it! Got me confused. Man women or Mariah or Michael version?

    Amber Carrington — Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” – Love it! Great song choice.

  49. Fall says:

    This show is unbelievable, and in a bad sense. Team Blake bores me and unfortunately it seems they’re going very far.
    Those lackluster sales just showcase how unimpresssive this night was. I was all about Judith anyway.
    Stupid iTunes bonus are back but I could read on the tag that it’s limited to one purchase per customer. That makes sales votes basically insignificant unless you reach top 10.

  50. STM1 says:

    NBC decided to punish ppl outside of the US
    I really don’t get the point but they blocked access to the youtube videos. Its not like it makes too much sense to watch a foreign talent show on TV so this was the best legal platform for their contestants to gain WW publicity. In a way this to me seems like they gave up on the contestants’ career and just want to make sure that their show gets max ratings at real time. well, shame.