Castle Season Finale Recap: Swing Shift

Castle Season 5 Finale Rick ProposesWarning: The following recap contains big ol’ spoilers from the Castle season finale.

As the Castle Season 5 finale drew to a close, Rick and Kate found themselves back at the swings, this time seated facing in opposite directions — was “play time” over?

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THE CASE | After one resident of a fleabag apartment building takes a literal blood bath (or, well, shower), a fellow tenant is found dead in the rooftop water tank. The vic is at first ID’d as a prostitute dubbed “Crystal Sky,” but in actuality she was Erika, an honor student from Harvard, and she was using the building’s wi-fi to hack the files of a tony law firm.

Turns out, Erika’s friend Pamela — an intern at the firm — had died in a suspicious car crash. One of the firm’s politically connected clients, Colin Rigsdale III, had been driving, but it had all been covered up. Erika was to meet a whistleblower on the roof, but instead had been lured there by Rigsdale’s thug of a half-brother, who killed her just as he snuffed her contact inside the firm.

We pause here briefly to congratulate parents-to-be Ryan and Jenny!

Beckett squares off with the hired killer in the interrogation room. With a million thoughts about the FBI job she’s been offered [see below] rattling around inside her head, she vents, “This room has been my life… and I will not let you sit there and lie to me, in my own home.” Confronting him with damning evidence, she argues — in keeping with the episode’s larger theme — “How many years are you going to sacrifice for someone else’s future?”

Beckett’s “last case” closed…?

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THE CASKETT | Where to start? Kate sneaks down to D.C. for the task force job interview that Tony Almeida set her up with, and while she’s at first dismissive of her credentials (being just a homicide detective), she is assured, “The Attorney General wants people who can get the job done.” The interviewer notes, “You know that you’re headed for bigger things [and] opportunities like this come along once, twice in a lifetime.” Her uncertainty quashed, Beckett rebuffs his offer of the door and sticks around to impress his socks off.

When RySpo and Rick catch the case of the water tank girl, Kate arrives last on the scene, keeping her D.C. trip secret, but it visibly weighs on her throughout coming scenes. Ultimately, after learning 1) that Gates gave her the highest recommendation possible to the FBI and 2) that she is on a short list of candidates, Kate confides in Lanie her dilemma: “[Rick and I] are in this relationship but we never talk about where we’re going. But if I get that job…” “You’re going to have to,” Lanie finishes. “Maybe that’s not such a bad thing?” Kate, though, frets, “But what if it is?”

The jig is soon enough up when Rick discovers Kate’s boarding pass, and no version of “It was just an interview” will soothe the sting he feels. Kate contends, “This isn’t about us. This is about me and my life, a chance to do more.” “Without me,” Rick emphasizes. Driving his point home, he says, “You knew what this could mean and it didn’t occur to you to include me. Or worse, it did occur to you, and you chose not to. What’s that say about us? Not much, if you ask me.” And he walks out.

Rick reviews the situation with his mother, but she offers cold comfort: “You want her to put you first with neither of you knowing where you’re going!” Martha points out that her son has never held back in his relationships, except when it comes to Katherine. “Is that because deep down inside, you don’t think this is gonna really work?”

Kate meanwhile confabs with her father, who’s proud as can be of his girl. “If I take this job, there’ll be no time for anyone else.” And if she doesn’t, there’ll be resentment. “Or worse,” she muses. “We’ve been doing this dance for the past five years — what happens when the music stops? What if all we were in love with was the dance?”

Later, after Rick has already said “goodbye” to one of the other women in his life — Costa Rica-bound Alexis, with whom he shares, “There comes a point in life where we have to see things as they really are” [eep!] — he gets a call from Kate, who has just been offered the plum D.C. gig. “We need to talk,” she says, cuing up an intense, emotional sitdown at the swings.

THE CLIMAX | “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kept secrets,” Kate starts upon taking a seat. “It’s who you are, you don’t let people in,” Rick responds. He then continues, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us, what we have, where we’re headed…. I’ve decided that I want more. We both deserve more.” “I agree,” Kate nods. “So whatever happens,” Rick says, “whatever you decide…

“Katherine Houghton Beckett — will you marry me?”

What did you think of Rick and Kate’s “Watershed” moment? Does this turn of events bode well for the just-renewed series, going into Season 6?

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  1. luli says:

    This is how I feel: dfgadskfjhadskjf

    I’m so glad they didn’t break up!!!!! And please say YES, and I need September NOW!!

    • luli says:


    • May says:

      God, it was amazing! I spent so much time squealing my voice is all messed up now.

    • David says:

      Here’s my 2 cents worth. Is she going to take the job? Absolutely not! I’ve seen this scenario before and so have the rest of you. Remember Dimming? She got so caught up in other things that the forgot about the things that were most important to her. Its the same situation except now its 3 years later. She’s in love with Castle. She has a great job at the NYPD. She has great friends that she gets to work with everyday. Ryan and Esposito are like her brothers. Lanie is like her sister and her best friend. Even Gates is starting to lighten up some. Now Castle has asked her to marry him. Now not only does she have all the above she will also be able to work with her soon to be husband everyday as well. And he’s rich! Sure she’ll go through this faze of uncertainty but she’ll soon realize that what she is looking for she already has she just has to accept it. Castle needs to be more open to her and he will. Everyone knows or should know that he’s had 2 failed marriages but those failed marriages weren’t entirely his fault. Gina was high maintenance and a gold digger. Meredith is the one who cheated on him and ran off with some director to Malibu. So he’s been a little gun shy. Kate isn’t aware of all this. He needs to tell her and he will. Next season is going to be an eye opener for both of them. They are going to get closer than they’ve ever been. They are both each others better half. Ying and Yang and they both know it. Its going to be a long summer but I’m looking forward to next season. At the end of Watershed I was not liking AWM very much but I know he’ll take us through next season with all kinds of bumps and grinds and he’ll drive us all crazy. But he’ll get through this just like he ALWAYS does!

      • Missy Berger says:

        I told agree what you are saying.

      • Graham Forbes [UK] says:

        I have just left a message on ‘Bones’ site – There are things that are the same here, especially relating to writers arrogance and not listening to fans [ I’m a reader not a writer and would never tell a writer what to do, how to do?] My Biggest problem is that in my eyes – WAM does not see the “pain” he causes fans [I think? he cares, but not sure] – He has done this twice before as part of his ‘road map’ – He has the advantage that we can not talk/e-mail him or communicate with him. So, I feel the pain as one problem I could deal with 2 makes all more difficult. Frustration is bad, caring is bad, feeling is bad! I will still watch show because I love it, plus Nathan and Stanza
        But, I am very sad with direction

  2. leigh says:

    holy crap!

  3. lariet50 says:

    Sigh. This won’t end well.

    • Alex says:

      I’m really worried that you’re exactly right. I think Kate was going there to tell him she was taking the job and to break up with him. I have such a bad feeling that the next season is going to be more angst like Season 4 was.

      • Ashley says:

        I don’t think she was going to take the job. It looked like that she had changed her mind about in the interrogation room. But AM wasn’t kidding when he said that season six was going to be complicated.

        • sofia says:

          But at the same time she also said “how many years of your life are you willing to sacrifice for another person” or something like this, and she did tell the boys she had something to tell them but first she needed to talk to Castle. I don’t think she would tell them she got a job at the FBI in DC and refused it.

        • coolio says:

          But no one could possibly know that since the resolve hasn’t been written yet. So even the cast won’t know until they get the script for next season, or sit down and talk with the show runner, so I don’t think anyone can legitimately say ‘oh, she’s going to do this or going to do that.’ etc

        • Missy Berger says:

          So i am not only one that saw Kate Changing her mind in Interrogation room.

          • Corkey says:

            New to this chat site, would suggest that you all visit other Castle sites. Beckett is considered lower than whale poop in most sites. Lying, betrayal of trust, and infidelity are generally not good character traits!

            Not sure what will happen in the season 6 premiere, but I sure that Marlowe did not think he’d face as much fan pushback to Beckett’s betrayal of Castle’s trust and her infidelity as he is seeing now.

            Unless she makes some kind of a heartfelt, grand gesture, she is a polluted character and will remain so untill the show ends.

            Hope Marlowe the story driver has a way out of this one!

      • luli says:

        I know!! she didn’t look that excited :/

      • John says:

        As she got out of the car and is walking towards him on the swing she’s smiling. Not the expression of some one who is taking a job in a different city and, for all she knows, dumping the man who loves her. And when she said she said she had something to tell Rsposiyo and aryan she was looking happy as well, not the expression if someone who was leaving those two behind either.

        The interrogation room brought clarity to her.

        She was staying when she left that room. Staying a cop in NYC.

        Not because that’s what’s needed for a NYCcop show (though it is) but because that’s what has been created over these years within the show, she’s a cop. Not a SuperFed. Kate Beckett can be a really big cop in the future, the NYPD isn’t Mayberry after all.

        • Katherine215 says:

          This, exactly! It’s pretty much everything I was thinking about those scenes. The interrogation room definitely brought clarity. She looked so upset on the swings because I think she thought Castle was breaking up with her. I would love to see her rise up through the ranks of the NYPD – first female Commissioner someday? (if there hasn’t been a female one already, I don’t know.)

    • Stephen says:

      This is going to end in the best way possible! It makes the storyline for next year amazing. The emotional walls will be tackled together. The show is at it’s best when Castle and Kate are on the same page, but from their own perspectives. Marriage unites them, but give them their own personalities and forces then to work together even more. Part of this years lull in shows was when they were on different pages, this gets rid of that they are now working towards the same goal.

    • JAA says:

      she wasn’t talking the job hence her surprise when Castle starts talking about giving a thought to their relationship thinking that he was going to break up with her

  4. Bridget Falk says:

    What the frak??? I just have to say as much as I love Castle, I have just gotten more and more bored/disgusted with Kate. I hope she says no and they figure out a way to write her off the show and then keep it going with Rick becoming the fun loving, good father, he once was. Oh, and don’t Kate and Rick have anyone else but their respective parents to talk to?

    • K8 says:

      Interesting. I’m actually bored with Castle. Beckett is what keeps me watching every week.

      • mia says:

        Agreed! She’s just so dynamic. She’s one of the most relateable, complex, realistic and wonderful female characters on tv right now. I love how the story has changed to be about her. I can’t get enough of her!!

        • Ralph says:

          Many of you will be surprised when this ‘ relatable, complex, realistic and wonderful female character’ goes back to playing in dark side movies with a lot of awful characters. She almost makes you sick.

        • alan hawkes says:

          Would you really want to be involved with someone who didnt even discuss a life changing decision with you first, hmmm I think not in real life.

      • im2insaine says:

        i’m with you! i think he’s become a selfish jerk …

        • step on me says:

          Really? I feel like Castle has become a lot less of a jerk throughout the last 5 seasons. Compare how he was in the first season to now, and you can tell he has changed a ton.

      • davej13 says:

        Enjoyed the show and the season, but you have a good point. Castle is turning into a caricature of the guy he used to be in the early years. At this point he is just a selfish rich guy -who has gotten FATT!!!!

      • chris says:

        I am bored with Castle (Nathan) also. If Beckett (Stana) leaves the show I am out of here. Word up to ABC, give that girl some megabucks to keep her. She is the show. Great talent and beautiful as well. NOTE: Stana lose the blond hair.

    • ollie says:

      well kate did talk to lania and their parents would know them the guys didnt know about the job offer and castle wasnt at the precint bc he was mad at kate. long summer wait to see her answer. dont it was too soon bc they have known each other for so long.

    • mia says:

      Rick is still a wonderful father. Part of being a good parent is knowing when to let your children grow up and be their own people. He’s done a wonderful job raising Alexis – she’s inquisitive, self assured, wicked smart and with a great sense of humour. And her father taught her that/encouraged her to be that way.
      She’s growing up, their relationship will change. And he’s still being a great father in the way that he’s protective and caring for her, wanting her to be safe but go out and experience the world.

    • ivane61 says:

      Thats never going to happen, and you know it. Over the years Kate has become integral to the show. Castle without Beckett is like Cereal without milk. You are fixated with Fillion, where I think Stana acts him off the stage. We all have our own favourites, and being male I prefer Stana.
      Six should be a good season, but I also think it will be the last, particularly as Stana has signed for SHIELD next year, as well as that, about 3 Years ago Nathan gave an Interview in London where he said 6 would be a good number to end on.
      Last, I hate Marlowe he does this every year – roll on September

      • Tove says:

        I’m definitely not disagreeing with you, just thought you should know that Stana isn’t going to be on S.H.I.E.L.D. It was an April fools joke. :)

      • Wendykw says:

        In a Q&A at Calgary’s comicon, Nathan Fillion said he had 2 years left with Castle. I read that the stars of the show have 2 years left on all their contracts, so if ABC gives them a 7th year–I expect the show to go that long. That would make me happy.

    • Squintern says:

      Beckett hater. Go back under that rock.

      • Ralph says:

        Is that the only thing you can say, Squin? If so, you need to expand your vocabulary.

      • Kelly says:

        Seriously? I’ve just gotten caught up with Castle having started it only last spring. I’m reading through these message boards and I’ve come to the conclusion that after the trainwreck that is the show you named yourself after on this message board, that you’ve come to another show you kind of like just to create the kind of mess you must be seeing on Bones message boards right now. Bones had far more of a trainwreck of a season than I could ever imagine. Instead of following the premise of the show which is forensic archeology with a heaping side of Booth/Bones flirting/romance, they’ve gone to sci-fi with the bad guy having super powers. So, you’re apparently just here to make sure Castle fans are as unhappy as you…

    • Squintern says:

      Beckett hater

    • theresa says:

      I’ve gotten a little fed up with Beckett, too. And can somebody tell WHY this is her dream job? Didn’t the attorney general’s agent obstruct and interfere with her murder investigation? Didn’t something similar happen in the Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind and Setup/Countdown episodes, so that her team always had to go around the feds to move their case forward? Now Beckett is all flattered to go work for them–why? She says it’s a chance to do more. More of what? Interfere and obstruct other cops cases?
      Also, what happened to her being “the one who honors the victim” (Castle’s words) Are NYPD homicide victims worth less than victims in federal cases? The message in the story is that she is more than just a homicide detective. Excuse me, JUST a homicide detective? The whole storyline here just makes her look like she is impressed by the prestige of the federal job, and that makes her seem shallow, which is odd given how obviously infatuated Marlowe is with the Beckett character.

      • chris says:

        It makes her seem smart and impressive to those she interacts with. Have you never experienced this situation?

        • theresa says:

          Just noticed your comment. To answer your question, yes, but more to the point: Beckett has experienced that situation throughout the entire 5 seasons so what is it about the Feds noticing her that makes this ‘opportunity’ so irresistible now? Especially since the Feds have often been a hindrance rather than a help. This storyline makes her seem impressed with herself and shallow.

  5. Holly says:

    Hooray for Martha giving it to her son straight. I really didn’t think they were going to break up – glad I was right (so far)!

  6. Paula says:

    Wow what a ending.

  7. K8 says:

    No one does a cliffhanger like Castle. Sheesh.

  8. Ryan T says:

    Are we seriously suppose to take Castle seriously? He’s a freaking WRITER. DC is not Japan. He’s super wealthy. He can do his job anywhere. His daughter is in college. His inability to even think about Beckett’s feelings about this supremely amazing opportunity does not bode well for their relationship. The marriage proposal came off as desperate and selfish.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Glad I’m not the only one questioning his motivations

      • Elle says:

        Also questioning the producers. . Castle has really packed on pounds. If Stana Katic would have gained that much weight, the producers &studio would have had a sit down chat with her about getting on some sort of regimen. But, alas, the show is called Castle.

        • And this is relevant because…?

        • lyn says:

          Beckett is the toothpick to Castle’s plump stuffed olive. To me the entire premise of the finale was silly. DC isn’t far from NYC. Castle could relocate to Va., let his mom keep the loft because of her drama school, and Alexis is going to move on soon anyway. It’s a non issue. Even less believable is that Beckett would want to deal with the top heavy bureaucracy of the FBI.

          • sue says:

            Less believable is Kate being attracted to Rick in light of his weight gain. He has never impressed me as being a handsome man. The weight gain has destroyed whatever looks he had. It is hard to believe he has changed so drastically. What happened? He is not the first person to gain weight.
            This weight gain has also aged his features. Would Kate want this? NO!

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Wow, how shallow is that! Immediate attraction may be based on the physical but longstanding love is not. If Beckett or anyone else could be put off by a weight gain on a guy who would literally walk through fire for them, not to mention risking being blown up, they don’t deserve him. People gain weight and lose weight. We all get older. Take a look at Stana in the pilot. Her hips are wider now and her face is definitely older. She just started younger. She moved into her thirties. He moved into his forties. Those things are very different. That said, I’ve seen some video of him made in the last few days and he looks better than he did in the finale. In any case, his smile lights up the universe.

          • Nelmar says:

            SALLY is right, faces change when we age or better when time goes by. Have been watching again and again all episodes of Castle on TNT, Nathan was never too “thin” to start with, it seems to me that this is the shape of his body, I think many of you are exaggerating regarding Nathan’s weight, he is still very handsome and excellent actor, can do drama, comedy etc… a little weight comes in the forties it is normal… Stana wasn’t as thin as she is now, but she is in her thirties, I do think, though, that her darker hair on the first seasons looked much nicer than the blond one,now but it is up to her to decide the color not the fans… they are both great actors. I m bored on Mondays night already, it is going to be a long wait till Sept.
            By the way, Sally, you always have news about Nathan career, so let me know if it is ok to leave my email here for you one of this days so we can chat more about our favorite actors.

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Yes, I would love to chat.

        • Ralph says:

          Alas, if Beckett could only gain some weight. Many of you keep voting for here for various contests but she never wins. The reason is that these contests are male driven and females with breasts as tiny as hers don’t get as many votes. Sorry for the truth. Maybe instead of working on her nose and teeth this year she can get plastic surgery elsewhere.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Really, the weight topic, again? And “plastic surgery” cattiness? Please talk smart about TV, everyone.

      • coolio says:

        Exactly, I thought this was a really silly thing. He could just move. They tried to make it the most dramatic thing ever. Wouldn’t be in the real world.

    • c-mo says:

      He doesn’t want to leave Alexis, he’s still having issues fromwhen she was kidnapped. And he is desperate, he doesn’t want to loose the love of his life. But I think he is willing to accept the fact that she wants to take the job, he just wants tangible assurance that they are in a real relationship and not just having fun.

      • rowan77 says:

        NY is a 20 minute flight from DC. If Alexis needs him he can be there with her within an hour, so he is being selfish here.

        Of course the other way to look at it is this – if they move to DC and the show becomes about her being a Fed, well, that’s a different show. And the only reason they would drastically change a show like that is if was sinking in the ratings and creatively wasn’t working. Do you guys think they’re going to get rid of Espo, Ryan and Lanie? Even if she took the job it would be short-lived.

      • step on me says:

        Agreed. I think a lot of people are forgetting that he has Alexis to care about too, and she is still his first priority. She chose to go to Columbia because she would be close to home. If Castle moved to DC for Beckett, Alexis would be devastated because he can’t be there the way he is now.

        • Sally Ramsey says:

          So she transfers to another school. Don’t get too deep. She is at Columbia because it is AM’s alma mater. Be that as it may, Beckett either won’t go or won’t be gone for long. I think Gates will blame Castle for that and get mean to him all over again. Good! Gates being nice is creepy. Guys, the show is Castle. Castle stays. It takes place at the 12th precenct. The actors are under contract for another year. The ratings have risen with the hook-up, so there will be love. Weddings garner huge ratings so there probably will be one during a sweeps month, maybe next May. Of course there have to be problems, otherwise there is no story. It is a television show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch! There is no reason to be mean or pick on the actors. Stana certainly has a fan base, but if you don’t believe that people tune in for Nathan, catch some comiccon footage on youtube. He’s done two, Calgary and Ottawa since shooting stopped this year and he’s doing Dallas (no jokes please) this weekend. His session is sold out. He is worshipped. That and the fact that he has helped the show exploit social media is why the show has stayed on the air. No Nathan, no Castle! Live with it or grab your remote!

    • Effie says:

      Bless you, Ryan. Bless you.

    • Kate W says:

      Umm, TRUE STORY!

    • Bridget Falk says:

      What about her not telling him about the interview? That’s just as selfish as his reaction. If the person I had been pining over for 4 years and had been with for 1 year decided to go on an interview as important as that without telling me, I’d be pissed too. I took his reaction to being hurt that he wasn’t even considered and in his typical childish way he lashed out with the “what about me” stuff.

      • Kim R says:

        Totally agree. Even my husband said this. I think there had been a bit of “dots not connecting” in the writing. First we have the mutual pining…then the declarations….then the smooching etc. So far, so good. So fast forward to the last several eps and Kate doesn’t know how Rick feels? He’s already told her, yes? Then a rich guys shows up and she lets his lips brush hers (why was he able to even get that close if she was so true to Castle?) and now, there is this big opportunity for her career and she doesn’t even share it with Rick, like he is not even a consideration. I think it is she that is not invested enough. I don’t think that part of the writing is making sense. They’re either in or out but this is kind of wishywashy. My 2 cents. :)

        • KHorn says:

          Agree with Kim R. Castle isn’t upset because she’s moving to DC, it’s that she didn’t discuss it with him before hand to see how they could make it work and in fact lied to him about. She was the selfish childish one with it’s all about me. In the real world, what she did is a deal breaker. He wasn’t childish at all, though his propsal makes no sense. You can’t trust her but let’s get married, I don’t think so.

      • sara says:

        Wait, someone pining over you for years automatically means you have to make your career about them?

        • scooby says:

          Exactly. He doesn’t get to have leverage over her til the end of their days because he pined for so long. That’s what he didn’t get when she tried to explain the interview wasn’t about him, it was about her and her life–that remark wasn’t Beckett being uncaring and thoughtless (although she should’ve had the guts to have the relationship conversation first). She needed to go and get the information and make an informed decision, but if she tries to do it with his support that requires the ‘where are we going’ conversation which scared her for a legitimate reason. It might not be what you want to hear. Many women screw up their lives making decisions only because they want to be with a guy and not because it would give them the big picture they want for themselves so the relationship dies and they’re left with a mess. We got mad at Alexis for trying to run off to Stanford and take on studies she wasn’t into just to be with Ashley. Castle did the right thing at the end and say that here’s where he sees them going, here’s the level of commitment to her he has and he’s supportive of her whatever her decision. He’s not fighting for everything right now, he’s offering what he can and she’s got to rise to it. If, in the end, they try and it doesn’t work, well they got over their fears and tried. If they don’t try, it won’t be because Castle got scared that it wouldn’t work and bailed. Beckett would be the one bailing. I think she decided to fight for them, but where? In NYC or DC? That’s the question. The “will you marry me” doesn’t have to end in a ‘yes’ then and there to be a positive thing in their relationship. I still think at some point we get engagement. You just wonder if that time’s now and how it would affect the rest of the characters.

          • a says:

            Considering that when she was hanging off the side of a building, all she could think about is him. And now the job is worth breaking up with him for? All she wants is whatever the heck she wants. Castle doesn’t play into it.

            These characters have become soooo unlikeable. Castle, the 2-year-old — Grow the heck up already!! Beckett the self-centered ego-maniac. The “walls” are only with Castle. Not with Lanie, the boss, her father. But the guy who is her “one,” who she’s just getting started with? For him, she has walls. What a stupid premise.

          • Ralph says:

            Has anyone ever considered what Katic does in her off time(other than play the skank in B Movies)? Perhaps she has developed a close relationship with the writers and producers and that is why she is portrayed in such a favorable light? In these days far stranger things have happened.

        • alan hawkes says:

          There was me thinking the story line had us thinking it was supposed to be a two way relationship, I guess its OK in the modern world for partners to make their own decisions without discussion. The story line is now dead, you cant really (with credability) go back now. The writers decided Beckett would not share, just surprised the Actors didnt have any input, or perhaps they did.

    • MelindaB says:

      Why do you assume that Castle was proposing to try to keep her in NYC? He wants a commitment, that’s all. I can’t see him holding her back in her career, and I’m sure that he would be perfectly willing to follow her to DC.

    • Lm says:

      Actually, he was hurt that she didn’t tell him right away. Also, he knows if she takes this job, he can’t be her partner. In no way was his proposal selfish because he does say that whatever she decides ( job wise) he wants to be with her.
      Don’t forget, this is a guy who has already been married twice. It would not have been an easy decision to put himself out there again, but he just wants her.

      • Kim says:

        Thank you, Lm. Thank you. I think he accepted who she really is, like he mentioned to Alexis. He just wants her.

      • luli says:

        hands down to your comment Lm…

      • Ana says:

        Thank you! The way I see it, if he was just desperate to keep her, he would just follow her to DC. Instead he decided to make a real commitment! He’s showing her that he’s in this, whatever she decided job wise!

      • Lauren says:

        YES. Exactly. Did people miss the part where he says, “Whatever you decide…”? He basically says, I know you don’t open to people, I am grateful that you have opened up to me to the extent that you have, and I love you unconditionally and want to be with you: whatever you decide (about the job).

        • Sarah says:

          Were you and I watching the same show? I heard him say she was frustratingly closed. And, I thought his attitude was far more likely to end in him punching her in the teeth than proposing. I didn’t buy it, frankly.

      • Lm says:

        Plus, something I just realized- he must have had the engagement ring already, and was to scared to give it to her earlier. All of this happened within a few hours, no way would he have been able to get an engagement ring that fast.

      • Steph says:

        THANK YOU

    • Brigitte says:

      The proposal was exactly to say whatever she decides he’s in the long haul.

      • Alyssa says:

        Exactly. He actually said “Whatever you decide”. Even if that means she goes off to DC and he stays in New York, he wants to know he still has her, that she still loves him.

        He wasn’t forcing her to decide. He was taking away the decision by giving them an option they could both work with, if they both wanted to still be together.

        I say bravo to Castle for stopping his anger and instead showing her he cares.

    • Lisa says:

      If Kate takes the job she moves to DC-that’s true. BUT her job takes her everywhere some kind of big bad needs to be investigated, just like the guy who head hunted her. A job like that doesn’t leave much time for a personal life. I really don’t think Castle’s big issue is the quick plane trip to DC, I think it’s being there while she’s out chasing bad guys and he’s at home alone. He certainly won’t be working along side of her on the Federal Task Force. What’s the point of being in a relationship with someone, whose never home and having completely separate lives? Beckett said there won’t be time for anything else if she takes the job. That’s his issue.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Because like Kate told him in “Always”.. This was Castle’s way of saying, “I want you, I just want you..” Poetic, symbolic and not trying to change her, but except what she gives him and still just wanting to be with her no matter what she decides to do with her life.

        I also think her decision was to stay, because NYC and the 12th precinct are her home. It is her life. And that means her Dad, Lanie, Ryan, Espo (even Gates) and Castle. It is what makes her happy… And I hope the engagement is very, very long and we start seeing them open up more to each other.. Series finale can be the wedding (and many Castle babies).. But let’s save that for like, season 12 or so.


    • Sure, he could leave with her. If she wanted him to go. And since she didn’t even tell him she had an interview, that’s a pretty big “if.” Add to that the fact that moving with her would be a very big step, and she only just said her “I love you,” and again, she didn’t tell him. On top of that, as basically everyone pointed out, they haven’t established where the relationship is going. Asking her to marry him feels like his way of saying, go or stay, whatever she wants going forward, he’s all in. Too bad it doesn’t look like she feels the same way.

      • Mike says:

        It’s her look….she had made up her decision to leave and probably felt ‘relieved’ that she thought he was breaking off things…then he complicated her life by asking her to marry him… that’s pressure.

    • lariet50 says:

      I totally agree! Excellent points!

    • phi says:

      Good point

    • ivane61 says:

      He didn`t shut the door did he – or did you watch a different programme

    • Elle says:

      THIS x1000 !!!

    • Elle says:

      THIS a thousand times!

    • LizaJ says:

      Agree. Why does the woman always have to give up her dreams? It’s Rachel/Paris/Ross all over again. Blech.

    • Veee says:

      I think he says “You take the job in DC, I’ll never see you and that’s the end of our relationship”, not because of the “DC” part, but because the job is for the Feds and, if you remember Jordan Shaw, she didn’t have much time for her family…

      • Squintern says:

        don’t forget his personal experience with daddy dearest. can we say ‘abandonment’ issues? all the more reason why this episode just didn’t ring like a finale to me. it was a half-hazard attempt to keep the duo together by throwing in a bunch of angst

    • Piper says:

      I don’t think it was a question of moving. It was that she wouldn’t have time for the relationship. Kate even admits that. I think his proposal showed that he was determined (not desperate) to accept her for who she is and that he was willing to follow her anywhere. He was never selfish but hurt that she didn’t include him. I love Kate but it wasn’t just about her, he had a right to know about the job interview.

      • Sally Ramsey says:

        Here’s the deal. Beckett has a long history as a fan, from Saved by the Bell reruns to Nebula Nine to Castle, long before they actually met. As many of us must know, this is the safest form of adoration. You can be as infatuated as you want and if the attraction fades, no one is hurt, no one is pregnant, no one has picked up a nasty bug. So then Beckett actually meet the object of her affection. That is scary. She does everything she can to pretend the attraction doesn’t exist. Then we have Castle. He is many times wounded by a totally absent father, an often absent mother, and a cheating wife. People he loves leave him. He holds on too tight to his daughter. He doesn’t want to lose anyone else. He is attracted to Beckett and they are both scared to death. She loves Castle, but protects her heart. Castle loves her more than life itself but is afraid she will leave. He relaxes a bit after the ILY, and she immediately thinks he is taking her for granted. She looks for something to prop her up. Enter the job offer. So here we have two really scared people trying to work things out. That is not easy. It is not a time for smiles.There is too much to lose.So will they lose it? Obviously not. The show has been renewed. Can things go smoothly? Absolutely not. That would be out of character. We have a beautiful love story, but buckle up, it will still be a bumpy ride.

        • Nelmar says:

          Yes Sally, I think you are right… i believe we will still see some bumpy roads ahead, that’s the nature of their love.

        • Ralph says:

          You have a really good point. Castle loves Beckett far more than she loves him. It has been shown numerous times. My only problem with the finale is that Castle is taken for a sucker again. When is the man going to dump this lying, cheating conniving woman and find a woman who loves him?

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            He won’t. They went through 130 actresses to find Stana. They wouldn’t change. The best they can do is write some life changing experience in which she will have to put someone else’s needs above her own. There could be some very good stories.

    • Lilisullivan says:

      my thought exactly

    • Kelly says:

      Except that so far he really doesn’t even KNOW waht this “supremely amazing opportunity” is. All Kate told him was that it was “just an interview”. She didn’t tell him ahead of time, and she never told him at all what the “amazing opportunity” is. She KEPT HIM IN THE DARK. And she told her father that she knows if she takes the job there won’t be time for someone else. And you think somehow that it’s Castle’s fault here?!

  9. Ella says:

    So can we put it to rest? Was this the blind item? Originally Caskett was going to be broken up and now……

    I am very intrigued to see where they go in season 6 with this. On one hand, it seems too soon in their relationship

    On the other hand, I am fangirling inside. EEEP!

  10. leigh says:

    I’m stunned. That is not how I thought it was going to end…holy crap! I feel like you luli – I don’t know whether to be happy or excited or sad or what. But holy crap.

    • luli says:

      Me tooo!! I kind of expected it but not really!!! It really surprised me! and i need september nooww :'(

      • Mike says:

        The ring only complicates things….commitment? for what job, relationship? Beckett has to switch her internal desires..not easy…There needs to be much more talk, discussion, soul searching before the ring can be accepted… Trouble on the horizon.

  11. Dory says:

    WOW. Go figure.

  12. Jackie H says:

    Soooo good!

  13. Michelle says:

    Holy Schnikes!

  14. MelindaB says:

    I knew that it was heading that way, and that they were trying to make us think that Castle was going to break up with her. Still, I was cheering when he actually proposed. I have faith that Marlowe is going to keep them moving ahead rather than regress them, so I’m hoping to see a ring on Kate’s finger next season.

  15. shirkc says:

    If Kate says “no” I will totally hate her. Castle just proved without a shadow of a doubt that he’s in it for the long haul. She needs to say “yes” to her guy and say “yes” to the job. And then she and Castle can bring down Senator Bracken from their cushy spot in D.C.

    • Ryan T says:

      Again, I see Castle’s proposal more as a desperate and selfish move on his part BUT I will forgive it if she says yes and STILL takes the job at DC with his full support. If she stays for him, it doesn’t speak well for either of them AT ALL.

      • Brigitte says:

        Why can’t the proposal mean that he is supporting her whatever she decides. As you stated in a previous post, he can do his job anywhere,

        • lyn says:

          To me the ring amounted to emotional blackmail. Where was it before he felt threatened? I hope she refuses the job because it would put a stop to having a life outside of work. But I hope she doesn’t fall for Castle’s manipulation. Say no to the job and not yet to the ring.

          • I thought this for a second too, and from any other person I’d say it is emotional blackmail. But it’s Castle. We know him better. We know his love and respect for Kate better. Did you miss the bit where he said ‘whatever you decide’? That ever so slightly implies that he wants to be with her always, no matter where she goes or what she does.

          • lyn says:

            He’s a writer. Of course he’s going to couch it in words to camouflage his intent and make it seem unselfish. But in the end he’s a child who doesn’t want his party to end. No more living on the edge at crime scenes. No more inspiration for future books. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he loves her, but he still wants what he wants first.

          • Ralph says:

            Emotional blackmail??? You first have to show that Beckett has emotion. She’s a selfish cold fish and Castle could do much better.

        • Brigitte says:

          And don’t forget that if the do get married they won’t be able to work together anymore. So I am not sure how that would be blackmail….

      • Brendan says:

        I thought the “whatever you decide” he included in the preamble was a pretty clear indication that he would support her if she took the job.

    • Amanda says:

      This is also his MO. He ran into trouble (Alexis) with Meredith; they got married. Gina was convenient. Kate’s … leaving, so this is what he decides? Not buying it.

    • Gabrielle says:

      I’m actually hoping she says no, at least for know, cause these two getting engaged at this point? HUGE mistake. They’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

    • Linda says:

      I think we are all assuming Beckett wanted the position to further her career. What if she only looked into the position as a way to hide the hurt she was feeling when she thought she wanted more from Castle that he did from her? So all through this episode she looked as if she really wanted to NOT get the job. When she did get the job, there wasn’t that YEAH I GOT THE JOB! moment. It seemed as if she took that to mean she needed to move on……so when her and Castle had their tiff she started to get melancholy about leaving the precinct and it all came to light in the interrogation room. “This is my home….. and you don’t lie tome in my home!” (well didn’t she lie to Castle in her Home?) So I think she was trying to come to terms with her wanting to stay because of him————it became less about the job and more about trying to fix things with him. She did look concerned that he was going to break off with her…..his proposal looked surprising yet I thought I saw a hint of a smile starting……
      I think this will be another year where next season starts exactly where it left off…..with an answer or a hug and tears…..I think they still hae a lot of growth needed before marriage but I do think Kate needed for some weird reason to see Rick sees her as a “forever” person…..

  16. Greg Eckes says:

    I’m disappointed in Marlowe for this cliffhanger.

    Because it can’t go either way, unless Stana announces she’s leaving the program,

    If she says no, she will go to Washington and he will be heartbroken and stay there.
    Or she chooses to stay in New York and say no, he won’t follow her around anymore.

    So it can’t work both ways. It can’t

    And that’s what makes it a horrible cliffhanger.

    • Nicole says:

      We know that she can’t take the job in D.C. because there woul be no show. She could say no that she does not want to get engaged just because Castle felt like he had to propose to her to get her to stay. The notion of him saying that he wants more in the relationship and actually bought the ring can show to Kate that he is committed and serious about the relationship. They could still be together not be technically engaged with her wearing the ring but know that down the road that is were he sees it going.
      On the otherhand she could say yes and go from there. However I feel like the first option is more likely.

      Both Maratha and Jim gave good advice and different points of view on regards to their relationship.

      • Greg Eckes says:

        Then why don’t they say that instead of having a stupid proposal irking fans for the next three months. It’s manufactured drama and it’s stupid

        • Mike says:

          manufactured drama???? this is show business…..but, you gotta love it.

          • Sarah says:

            It’s the entertainment “industry,” it’s how these folks make a living, so of course it’s manufactured drama, it’s the low degree of believability that is so disappointing.

      • RUCookie says:

        Seriously – there are FBI offices in NYC… she could work on a FBI federal task force and not go anywhere. Just because she interviewed in DC does not mean she has to live and work there.

        • Rusty says:

          She’s not going to be working on a FBI task force, she’ll be working for the US Attorney General based out of DC. The job could take her anywhere in the US to do investigations. We all know that Becket will not take the job, so the story is what?? All about the relationship now. Does she accept?? I think she will tell him that she was going to stay, but is not sure about getting married and will tell Rick she will think about it till around mid season, then she’ll say yes, then we have the next big cliff hanger which will be just before the wedding ans something will happen to make everyone think it’s not going to happen. If the series is renewed, which I don’t think it will be for the 2014-2015 season, it will end with the wedding and then a rush to solve a murder as a form of honeymoon, fade to black, the end.

          • Kelly says:

            Except since we know they’ve added a cast member to be a federal agent, it looks more like we do know that she’ll take the job. So, no matter what happens with her and Castle, how will they keep the rest of the cast in the story? They’ll still be at the 12th precinct and she’ll be working in Washington.

    • Stephen says:

      I disagree, it was a great cliffhanger! She will absolutely say YES! The job was everything she wanted, Castle is everything she needs. The clues were everywhere, a job is job, but it is not a life. Every season has led Castle and Kate to grow, each season they became closer. As a married a couple it makes them even closer, and the course of growing together. The show suffers when they are not working together.

    • Maria says:

      Instead of sayng “no” she can say “not yet…we still have some things we need to talk about.”

  17. Mary says:

    Whoa! totally did not expect that!

  18. silvia says:

    Are you kidding me? I’ve never hated an episode more than I hated this one. They never talk. EVER. It is 0-60 with them with zero communication. I am beyond angry. The writing was awful and out of character for Beckett. This entire season has been for nothing. We didn’t learn anything about them. What about Castle’s walls? And for the love of God, that proposal has got to be the worst in the history of proposals. Why do they look miserable? Castle looks like he just got sentenced to death. We were robbed of a happy proposal that is CASKETT. This was not them. I am actually livid right now. Beckett was going to accept that job. She wanted it more than Castle and Castle was backed into a corner so he proposed. How flipping romantic. This didn’t feel like a finale. If anyone thinks these two are ready for marriage they are mistaken. I just hope my anger goes away because right now, i don’t care that Castle has a season 6.

    • Betty says:


    • Jeri says:

      Agreed on all points Silvia. Ugh this episode was a huge disappointment… so much anger and sadness at what the show has become.

    • Stephen says:

      Castle looked like he was “sentenced to death” because he was scared, Kate was also scared.They are not good when it comes to emotional sharing but when they do, it clicks. Castle always takes the lead on where they go long term. He was first to say he loved her, he was first to say that he could not be with her if she was on a death wish of revenge, he was the one that fought for the relationship in the beginning when she was scared. Now he is the first to break and say he is committed to marriage and never wants to be without her. Kate “always” follows she will. You do not need therapy to be married you need to be willing to give yourself completely to another, and know who are and still be willing to give that away. Both are there right now.

      • Amber R says:

        Stephen, I love you! I really do! ~ Translation – I Agree!
        You could visibly see Kate’s heart break when Castle said that “we both deserve more.” She thought her worst fears were coming true and that he was ending it. Before he proposed she was holding back the tears. When she called him to talk, she was happy. When she got out of her car, she was happy to see him… He is her home, just like the precinct. Like someone else commented, the boys are like her brothers!
        Just like there wouldn’t be Castle without Beckett, there wouldn’t be Beckett without Castle and her team.
        She may still say no, but the question is what she needed to hear. That Castle loved her and wanted to be with her no matter what!

      • Sally Ramsey says:

        Absolutely. The dead giveaway of Castle’s nervousness about what he was going to do was the focus on his hands moving nervously. They’ve never had a shot like that before.There were so many little things in this one, like the shots of Beckett smiling at Castle when he came up with things. We came up with all kinds of plot lines last week. Andrew knew better and stuck with KISS, keep it simple, stupid. And notice that Castle wasn’t worried about balloon rides or helicopter rides or any theatrics. It was down on one knee, ring in his hand, as Martha suggested years ago.

    • Mike says:

      sylvia…i love your passion.

    • I see you’ve missed the point of everything this show has ever had to offer us as an audience.

      Your loss.

    • Ralph says:

      I agree completely.

    • Ralph says:

      It was an awful episode. As bad as it was it was still better than S&Q and the Human Factor. I believe the writers of the show got into a hole from which they couldn’t get out gracefully. As you said, for a finale it was horrible.

    • a says:

      Yep, I’m with you. I think it was disgusting. They spent the whole season treading water with the relationship. Now they’ve done some severe damage to the characters and I don’t see any way Marlowe can redeem himself in my eyes. I don’t care about them anymore. I don’t want them back together. I want a breakup. I like Stana as an actress, but I’d be happier if she went to DC. Nathan Fillion has played a broken-hearted man and did a tremendous job. It would be awesome if he could continue “consulting” and then meet people who might salve his broken heart. She could spin off to a new show. But I think this show is destroyed as it stands. It is for me. I can’t believe I stuck around 5 years for this. Silly me.

  19. Freddie says:

    That was the most somber, the least cheerful proposal of all time. Was there a dirge playing on location when they were filming? Had someone just died?

    Anyway, what is it with Kate’s sudden/recent need to have everything defined, defined, defined?

    She sat for a full year (if not more) on the fact that she loved him, knew he loved her and that they both wanted to be together. She can’t give him the same?

    • taran63 says:

      Amen. Kate’s urge to define things pretty much came out of nowhere. And it was an urge she never flat out just said. Sure there was the whole “where are we going?”, but how hard is it to say “That’s not what I mean, where is our relationship going”?

    • Alex says:

      Exactly! She’s known for 2 years that he loves her, didn’t bother to say it back until a few weeks ago, but all of a sudden she needs to know EXACTLY where things are going?! I don’t think the writers are being very fair to Castle in the relationship dynamic. And you’re also right about the proposal, no way a guy like Castle makes it a boring, sad, please don’t leave me proposal. He would do it WAY better than that.

    • Betty says:

      YUP 100% IN AGREEMENT -_-

    • Henry says:

      Yup the most depressing proposal of all-time. Looked like they were at a funeral. Horrible dialogue and the acting was really suspect.

    • Wendykw says:

      Kate has always been afraid that Rick would break her heart. I can recall so many moments over the seasons where Kate has expressed that fear. It was even alluded to a couple of times this season in “Cloudy with a chance of Murder” and “Probable Cause”. They both are terrified that if they talk about their future, it will rock the boat until it capsizes. They are BOTH afraid.
      If Kate accepts the proposal, it will end their NYPD working partnership. If she takes the DC job, it will end their working partnership. Either way, Rick is giving up on following her and playing cop. From my perspective, Rick’s proposal with the preamble that “whatever you decide…” is his way of saying “I just want you.”
      The proposal itself brought to mind when Martha told Rick that all a woman wants in a proposal is a “man down on one knee, ring in his hand.” Can’t remember which episode that was.

      • lyn says:

        IMO Rick is the most deeply shallow, unevolved man child on TV. While his concerns for Alexis are always legit, the rest of him is so self centered as to be pathological.

        • Malachi says:

          Beckett could teach Castle (or just about anyone else on the planet) a master class in self-centered behavior. Not that Castle is perfect — he isn’t. And not that Beckett doesn’t have many fine qualities — she does. But she is also the poster child for self-absorbed emotional constipation.

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Yes, Castle started out as self-centered. But we have seen him willing to give up anything and everything for Alexis. We have seen him willing to give his life for Beckett. Beckett, on the other hand talks about “my life, mine.” She did it in season 3. She did it in season 4 and that would have been her thrust in the last three episodes had they been in order. Unlike Castle, she has never been able to fully commit to anyone. If she says yes, that would be major growth for her.

  20. Allius says:

    I knew there where only two ways to finish this season. I’m glad they choose this one. BTW is this blind item couple?

  21. Maureen says:

    Happy, Happy Castle fan here! I hope that Kate accepts Rick’s proposal. Hopefully, she won’t fall into the melancholy Kate role and think he only did it to keep her from taking the job. Either way… bring on Season 6 now! Well done Nathan and Stana!

  22. taran63 says:

    I love Castle, but this was a pretty dull episode. The way the last 2 episodes have gone, the proposal screams of desperation. Neither character came off particularly well, but I blame Kate just a little bit more than Rick. And why should anyone take relationship advice from Martha of all people. Not only was her advice terrible, but she has no track record to be offering advice to anyone about relationships. This season sputtered to an end after the episode Still.

  23. Concerned says:

    Gah, he could have gone so many ways without pulling out a ring. “Whatever you decide, I love you and will follow you – you don’t have to choose” would have worked.

  24. Leslie says:

    Well, congrats Castle fans. A happy summer hiatus while us Bones fans are in the depths of despair. Hope it works out for you and I am not being sarcastic.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Wouldn’t say happy cliffhanger…she could say no (and I’m hoping she does).

      • Alyssa says:

        If she says no that’s BOTH of my canon OTPs with relationship tension. I don’t think i can take that…

      • luli says:


        • madbengalsfan85 says:

          Because the proposal was dull (It reminded me of Booth proposing to Hannah…yuck), and I think Castle did it because he was desperate…recipe for disaster

          • phi says:

            Exactly .. desperation is always the key to disaster

          • Christina says:

            I think he did it to prove his commitment to her. Also, I loved Booth and Hannah. Saddest part of that proposal was her rejection….

      • Ralph says:

        I am too, especially since the gutless wonder, Castle, made such a stupid blunder!

        • Ivan Everett says:

          She may but no break up no Beckett no Castle – Simple. Why think she is being nasty asking where they re going. Think about it here is Woman in her mid 30s has never been in a relationship for this length of time, has always said she is one and done, and after a year he prefers to play on his X Box . Any Woman would start to question where they wers going. Are none of you married, if you are God help your Wives, why are they still hanging around.

          • Ralph says:

            I still feel stand by my statement and I have been married to the same woman for 47 years.

    • Betty says:

      Really i feel the opposite i know for a fact that Bones/Booth are going to be more than ok come season 9 & that they are more committed than ever before their relationship is more than stable …. Sorry there is nothing to be happy about with Caskett at all -_- this was a pathetic way to propose & Beckett is just beyond stupid sorry but this was just the most dull bittersweet episode i have seen -_-

      • Kelly says:

        ONLY because the Bones creators did a HUGE backpedal after the major fan backlash after the finale. There are articles where the producers and writers said in May that Pelant would be around for the first half of the season. (At least one where Steven Nathan said it would be wrapped up around half the season.) And later it was said that he’d be taken care of in the first few episodes and they even dropped the huge spoiler that Booth and Bones would marry in November. You know they’d NEVER have dropped a spoiler like that if they weren’t desperate to get fans back. After that finale on any Bones board there was about a ratio of one good post for every 25 negative posts.

  25. Mari says:

    GOD !! I did not see that coming. This show. I’m dead. It has my heart. ashjjgfdsjhgfdsdfghj

  26. Ryan says:

    The show is more fun when Castle is happy…a rejection would just make Castle depressing.

  27. badpenny says:

    I know that in the real world every single day people choose work over relationships but I don’t watch Castle because I want a heavy dose of reality. Castle’s cases involve zombies, vampires, ghosts, sasquatch, steampunk and the like aren’t about reality. There’s just a certain point where you want to believe that there’s something bigger then reality to believe in: true love and the idea that 2 people are meant to be together, no matter how fate throws them together.
    And even though I know Castle and Beckett will both be solving crimes next season I don’t see how the relationship can advance. As Beckett said herself: she’ll resent him if she doesn’t take the job, so the character’s left next season being frustrated. Where a proposal should be the greatest event of your life it’s now something you believe is holding you back rather then lifting you up. It just ends up feeling meaningless.
    Oh well, I guess we’ll see where they go in a few months. I was really hoping for a true happy ending to the season, rather then more angst.

    • John says:

      She’d resent him if she didn’t take the job for HIM. If she doesn’t take the job because of herself, then she’s just being true to herself having realized something she’s probably known deep down all along: she’s an NYPD Cop. That’s certainly how that character has been written and portrayed since day one as I see it n

      And that’s not some second rate job.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I agree again! You’ve got her character nailed.

      • Ani says:

        I definitely agree. I believe she wanted to stay and that is why she won’t resent him because she made her choice when she was in the interrogation room, she was smiling when she got off the car and looked at him, and you don’t smile before breaking up when you are leaving someone.
        And Castle looked like wanting to break up until last moment when he proposed, it shocked her and sorprised her when she was about to break in tears.
        They have HUGE communication issues yes, but they do love each other deeply. They will find a way, somehow to fight their own fears. We knew this would happen since “significant others” where Meredith planted the bomb ticking inside Kate’s head.
        This show has been about Caskett since episode 1, and then about crime solving, fun and weird situations etc.
        I can’t wait for September to arrive! They will figure it out together as they always do. Even if it hurts a lot.

    • Mike says:

      Beckett will put the relationship first….relationship….more fulfilling than the job….

    • jaimecastle says:

      Yes, I don’t want too much reality either in a tv show.The world can be such a bad place sometimes. What I want the bad guys going to jail, lovers living happily together, funny pics, good cases,..If I want reality I just watch the evening news.

  28. justanotherfan says:

    I don’t see anything good coming out of this. Kate looked like she was ready to say goodbye and start a new life in D.C.

    Something is going to have to happen that she ends up not getting the job or turning it down. Maybe Bracken interferes? IDK, but she can’t leave the NYPD.

    • Greg Eckes says:

      Nothing good will come of this. I think Marlowe dropped the ball on this. I would rather have the focus of the cliffhanger be on the job only instead of the relationship. Because if she says no. That’s it.

      • Mike says:

        relationships are complicated….that’s the cliffhanger….they will find a way to re-define the relationship and she will take the job in DC, but only for a short time….

        • Ralph says:

          If she does, and I think Marlowe is stupid enough to attempt that, it won’t be true to life. Once Beckett quits her job with the NYPD she closes that door and it is yet to be seen if he will follow Beckett to DC. Beckett has already resigned once. In real life you don’t lead the life of a cat.

    • Dory says:

      If she goes to DC, what happens to Lainie, Ryan and Espo? Will there be a whole new format?

      • Kelly says:

        THIS is what worries me. We kind of know by now she is going to DC. I can’t envision any reasonable way that they can keep all the cast and not compromise someone. If she comes back it will be hard to write so fans don’t complain that she compromised her career for Castle. If she stays and Castle goes there with her, it wouldn’t be realistic for the rest of the cast from the 12th to follow along. You could realistically have maybe one of them join in as a support person in her new job, but not all. And you can’t keep two separate story lines in two states going. I think that they could possibly write a return for her to NY but it would be a fine line to walk to keep the fans happy with her doing that.

  29. Delena forever says:

    This is soo not how it was supposed to end yeah move things along in your relationship don’t propose u dummy if she says no there will be a very interesting climax in the next season because then they’ll probably break up and then maybe somewhere midseason she’ll make a grand gesture and apologize if they get married at the end of season 6 that I can understand but this is all just to much

  30. Delena forever says:

    This is soo not how i thought it was going to end yeah move things along in your relationship don’t propose u dummy if she says no there will be a very interesting climax in the next season because then they’ll probably break up and then maybe somewhere midseason she’ll make a grand gesture and apologize if they get married at the end of season 6 that I can understand but this is all just to much

  31. Alice A says:

    I think it was a nice way to say goodbye Kate and hello new detective! I am getting tired of her, she thinks she is smart but cannot solve a crime without Castle’s deductive reasoning. So move on, sister, go join the ranks of the FBI and leave ‘my’ Castle open to new adventures with someone more fun-loving and less baggage!

    • jaimecastle says:

      Beckett only loves Beckett.Beckett only cares for Beckett.Beckett only loves her job.what she wants is a Kleenex use him and then throw him away

  32. Joy says:

    I’m sure they were directed to look that way. Kate is freaking out because she didn’t expect it and Castle is trying to do what he always does, he’s scared of people leaving him so that was his solution. There’s gotta be proper proposal in s6 for sure.

    One more thing, if you guys think Beckett chose job over Castle, look at interrogation scene one more time, she clearly decided there that she won’t take the job.

    • Alex says:

      I thought so too in the interrogation room, but then her face and actions at that park made me think she still wanted the new job.

      • Ani says:

        Totally agree with you! Remember in Aways, we saw the same formula, she was blinded wanting revenge, and ended up running to Castle. He is what she wants, she is just scared to death to be hurt. This will be more of a statement from Castle than a proposal itself. I definitely felt the same on the interrogation scene, she changed her mind there. And in the swings, she thought he was throwing the towel on the relationship, that he was breaking up and cracked, just before the proposal she was about to break in tears.

    • Jackie says:

      I completely agree – I absolutely believed that she decided to turn down the job in the interrogation room. I guess we’ll have a long summer to wonder where they will go! But I do hope that the proposal gets redone properly at some point….the only thing about it that was romantic or had feeling to it was that it was done at the swings.

    • John says:

      NYPD, and I’m related to more than a handful, think, actually, know, the Feds are lesser beings. I expect the writers have picked up on that over their years of research.

      She came home to that truth during that interrogation.

      Some SuperFed when she can be Commissioner, NYPD some day? Not likely.

      For one thing the food is a lot better.

    • Kida says:

      She was being nostalgic because, like she said, it had been her home for so long. Didn’t mean she still wouldn’t choose to move on. She was clear in stating she wanted to take the job and that it’s what’s best for her. She’s a force and has never been one that liked to be held back, as she often has been with the NYPD. We’ve seen the frustration with this character over the seasons and its a great story to give her this opportunity. She was always meant to do more and she knows that. She had her mind set when the proposal came out of left field. Can’t wait to see what comes next…

    • Lauren says:

      Agreed. I also got the sense that she had decided to stay, and that’s what she was going to tell Castle at the park. I think that’s perhaps what the “this is my home” speech was about in the interrogation room in the penultimate scene.

    • Lucie says:

      So true, thank you for pointing it out, because everyone seems to forget about it. Like she said this is her home.

  33. mia says:

    It was a wonderful episode!! I hope Kate says ‘yes’ to Rick but also accepts the job. It’ll be an interesting direction for the show to take, plus it would be realistic.
    And with Alexis almost grown up, Rick can move to Washington with her and go back and forth for a while.

    • badpenny says:

      The Federal government isn’t going to let Castle and Beckett solve Federal crimes together. The show’s not just about their relationships. Castle can easily afford to move to DC. The show is a crime drama where 2 very different people yin/yang to solve crimes.

      • mia says:

        I wasn’t suggesting he’d be helping her solve federal crimes. That’s just crazy talk. He can write from anywhere is what I meant.
        Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Castle managed to finangle himself into a position at the FBI :P

  34. Monica says:

    Mother of all cliffhanger, I really don’t know how to process all this, too much emotions in a couple of minutes, Marlowe is really a genius!

  35. TVPeong says:

    I hope she goes to the FBI. It will be a good change up for the show.

    • badpenny says:

      Yeah. I’m sure the entire cast, outside of Nathan and Stana, will just love to be replaced. :)

      • Greg Eckes says:

        Which is why the cliffhanger doesn’t work.

        • Nikki says:

          yes, realistically this could work in real life (apparently they don’t know anyone in the city besides their parents anyways), but not in the context of the show. how could they completely restructure the show without the supporting cast and without castle and beckett as partners?

  36. Lori says:

    It was better than I expected. Left up in the air, but at least not as angst ridden as I thought it would be. I thought I was gonna hate it.

  37. Greg Eckes says:

    So it’s either going to be proven that Andrew and Stana are liars (which may be the case) because if she says “no” then they will break up. There is no way around it IMO.

    Or she will yes and the show will continue.

    • DarkDefender says:

      She will say no, and explain that she needs to know more of him (bc Meredith never did, or Gina) and she wants to open up more to him and then when the time is right… Yes she wants to marry him (and make lots of Castle babies)… And then can we finally see the layers of Castle strip off… (And a few more from Kate)?

      Then they can take down Bracken and live happily ever after. (Again, in like season 12). :D

      • Caroline says:

        This is exactly where I see it going. :)

      • Mike says:

        I think the first words out her mouth next year are Yes! If they stop to strip off all the layers they will be married in 2030 something. The layers where all stripped when Castle told her, he wanted to move forward and he was with no matter what, she will say the same. Being married takes the doubt out, and the rest will unfold easier because they know where they stand.

  38. luli says:

    Shut the front door!

  39. RPH59 says:

    FYI: Tony Almeida is from “24”. Carlos Bernard played Jared Stack on this show.

    • Betsy says:

      ^^ Clearly. But TVLine always uses the long-term character name for an actor who’s well known for a particular role. Esp since no one remembers that this character’s name was Jared Stack. But Tony Almeda? immediately tells the reader who it is. I’m with Matt – no matter what Carlos Bernard does next, he will always be Tony Almeda.

  40. AnnaH says:

    Castle’s proposal was in no way selfish. He clearly said “WHATEVER YOU DECIDE” before proposing – meaning he was ready to be with her whether she chose to stay in NY or move to D.C.

    I do believe Beckett was going to tell she’s staying before Castle started talking though. Her emotional speech in the interrogation room and her demeanour before Castle started talking made me think so. She would have to be a really cold-hearted person to look so content and almost cheerful had she decided to effectively end their relationship.

  41. Kristine S. says:

    You want the happy with a proposal, not the sad. This was just sad. We know he loves her but that proposal came out of anger, sadness and desperation. And she was leaving to take the job no matter what. I would love them to get engaged, but not like this. This cliffhanger is a bummer no matter how you look at it.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think it came out of fear, that she would never love, him the way he loves her. The happy proposal will come, after she declines this one, and they talk more. She looked too happy to be about to break up. I really felt like she was going to interrupt him to say she wants more too..(Stanna couldn’t old back a slight of to it) But he stopped her, cause he wanted her to know however she lives her life, he just wants her… And if she was going to decline and take the job over I’m – he was going to declare his love and commitment to her. Very risky for our man-child.. Like Alexis, he’s growing up too.

      • DarkDefender says:

        *Stana couldn’t hold back a slight nod to his saying he wanted more, that they both deserved more.

  42. sofia says:

    I thought Castle was going to break up with Beckett so that she could go to DC, it was an idea I hated and I was angry about it but I had already put in my mind that it would happen that way. I never in a million years would expect Castle to pop the question, but I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT, it means he is “growing up” and not taking her for granted anymore.
    But what now? If she stays she’s going to be sacrificing her future, and later blame it all on him. If she goes she’s going to get the opportunity she has always dreamed about but in the process destroy Castle. So I’m guessing maybe she says yes to the proposal and at the same time tells him that she needs to go and see what it’s all about and Castle would understand that because there would be a compromise between them and then maybe she doesn’t adapt well to her new job, she did just say the 12th precinct was her home, and then returns and things resume where they stopped. Because if she says “No” and goes to DC, that would be the end of everything and I don’t even want to think about it.
    This is going to be a looooooong hiatus!
    p.s.- Are they Ausiello’s “break up blind item”, the one that changed in mid-season to a 10 letter word?

    • Greg Eckes says:

      Well it can’t be because she didn’t say yes so technically they are not engaged.

      • Lauren says:

        To the contrary, Ausiello said “maybe/possibly a drastically different 10-letter word” (or something to that effect). This fits.

  43. K says:

    Beckett went to the swings to tell castle she got the job. She was convinced that if she told him the truth he would’ve broken up with her. I would take a proposal though over Kate/Rick breaking up. Maybe Kate in the season 6 premiere will say yes to the proposal but no to the job. Kate and Rick fail at communication so I don’t think they are ready for marriage. All Kate wanted was to know her relationship with castle was going somewhere. She doesn’t need a proposal.

  44. Fran says:

    I agree that the proposal was more his way of showing that he wants to be with her no matter where she’s working. I’m not sure why people are assuming she either has to say yes and stay or say no to leave. There are ways they can have both. That being said, it didn’t feel like a happy moment.

  45. KT says:

    I really want to be excited about the proposal. I really do. But it’s not happening. It just wasn’t good. Sigh…

  46. James says:

    I saw it coming but it didn’t change the pure awesomeness of that moment. Marlowe you big jerk you did it again, you certainly know how to deliver a season ender, but damn it man why must you torture me each summer its just rude. I wonder what she’ll say my gut says she’ll say “i’m not ready” and that will set up the complication for season 6, at least i sort of hope she says no because it seems to early for them, yes technically they’ve been to gether for like four years (first year doesn’t count cuz they were sort of butting heads for most of it) but still they’ve only been in an actual realtionship for one year, and during that time neither talked like adults about anything serious, so it seems misplaced to me. Anyway I Love this show and hope to be watching it on monday nights for years to come.

  47. im2insaine says:

    i haven’t been happy with castle’s behavior as of late … and i think that his proposal is a selfish, desperate attempt to hold onto to kate. if she accepts, they’ll both regret it … she’ll resent him in the long run … why shouldn’t she be given the opportunity to spread her wings and to do something she’d love? after all, castle’s been living his dream for decades … if he truly loved her, he’d let her make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity …

    • Lauren says:

      Did you miss the part where he said, “Whatever you decide…”??? I think he clearly meant to convey to her that he wants to be with her, whatever she chooses and wherever that takes her. He supports and loves her, unconditionally.

  48. John says:

    Okay so they’re moving the show to D. C. so Kate can be SuperFed and Castle a stay at home writer?

    Meanwhile dumping Lanie, Esposito and Ryan (oh and okay, Gates too)?

    I. Do. Not. Think. So.

    I don’t know how she gets out of the fed job but Kate Beckett isn’t leaving NYC.

  49. Kelly says:

    I am very disappointed. The season finale should have been Still. Since that episode, the episodes have been lackluster at best. Why all the questions about where is the relationship going? Hello, Castle stood with Beckett while she was standing on a bomb, till the timer expired, I might add. Doesn’t that speak for the kind of relationship they have?

    • Ralph says:

      Everything after “Still” is a lie and a fraud, perpetrated by incompetent writers. Yes, with the crap which followed “Still”, there is no doubt that “Still” should have been the finale. The contrivances that were created to get from the greatness of “Still” to “Watershed” would not have passed a college freshman writing class. I hope it bombs next year, Andrew!

      • Kelly says:

        Wouldn’t it make more sense to hope that it gets better again in Season 6?

        • Tom Benson says:

          It would, if you were dealing with a rational person. Marlowe showed in the last three eps of last season that he isn’t rational.

        • ivane71 says:

          the rot set in with abc ordering a late episode. then because of the shooting in Boston Episodes were switched this made the last 4 in the wrong order. Thd real rubbish was the squaab and the quail. No Police Dept would accede to thst request they would have specialist for that work. Last considering the time allowed to make it I think they did a good job.

  50. Katillion says:

    I am very disappointed in the season finale. This is not how I imagined a Caskett proposal would be….he just told her she didn’t let anyone in, that he had to claw to get in, then he proposes to her? Why couldn’t he have just bought two tickets to DC to show that he would go wherever she would go. How can she doubt his commitment? He was prepared to die with her leaving behind Martha and Alexis forever. Surely, he would have moved to DC for her. It’s not like she is moving to Somalia. Mr. Marlowe, I am feeling cheated.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Because it is the most adult thing a person can do.. Tell somebody that they actually love them, warts and all and are happy for change but willing to still love and except them AS THEY ARE even if they never change, even is loving them is challenging, maddening and frustrating. That is a huge for Rick and Kate should know that. This is becoming the most adult relationship depicted on television… Ying/Yang + Zen = future Caskett

    • Ani says:

      People have you always fought about rational things in your relationships?? People sometimes lose focus and perspective when they are pushed with emotions and self insecurity.
      Castle proposed more to show that he will follow her wherever she goes (if she lets him) rather than for marriage itself. Castle loves her with her good and bad points, he is telling her he wants to be there standing by her. And I believe she wasn’t going away anyway.
      It’s true that after still she should have a pretty good idea about what he feels, but in TS&TQ he was taking her for granted, and she is new to long term relationships so it was to expect she would do something job related to hide as usual.
      I cant wait for season 6 to start!