Smash Recap: 'The Only Thing Better Than Winning a Tony Would Be Beating You to Get It'

Smash - Season 2Warning: By its very nature, the following recap contains spoilers. So if you haven’t seen this week’s Smash, exit stage left and come back to this URL later. Everyone else, read on!

This week on Smash, Jimmy continued lobbying for the “Most Ungrateful Fink on TV” award, Will and Grace Tom and Julia’s friendship hit more turbulence, Derek continued to let “little Derek” do all the thinking in their partnership and Ivy Lynn got smacked with a big reason to reconsider her nude scene in Bombshell. Oh, and a bitchy showdown between Ivy Lynn and Karen? Brrrrring it!

Let’s review the key plot points fron “The Transfer”:

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MO BROADWAY, MO PROBLEMS | We opened with Hit List‘s move to the Great White Way, with Derek, Julia and Jimmy (as well as blogger types — aren’t they the worst?) all feeling like the show had lost something in the translation to a larger stage. Derek seemed to subtly blame the decline on Ana’s performance as The Diva — eventually “giving her the night off” and testing out Daisy (the charismatic Pilates instructor who’d previously accused him of sexual harrassment, then later slept with him after the Bombshell opening party). Julia and Jimmy, on the other hand, pondered the loss of intimate connection between the audience and the players. As Janet Jackson once sang, “Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

“DISGUSTING” DEREK | Fueled by Ana’s suspicions — and intel that Daisy was part of the harrassment suit — Karen confronted Derek about his real reasons for testing out Daisy. Turns out, he’d told her during thier night of passion that if Hit List went to Broadway, she could be an understudy — and Daisy filmed the whole sleazy encounter. Hello, blackmail! “I have no choice,” said Derek about his decision to give Ana a pink slip. “Yeah, Derek, you do. It’s a pretty clear choice,” said Karen, who noted her director and possible love interest was “disgusting.” (Cue the sound of a million Cartwills shippers dying inside. Not to worry! We’ll always have fan fic!) We even got to see a Karen-Daisy sing-off on a number called “I’m Not Sorry,” but it was kind of a wretched club track with silly faux-fisticuffs choreography, so I’m not sure we learned much about Daisy’s skill set. Either way, she’s too minor a character not to eventually get her come-uppance, right? Though I have to admit, it would be a bold, intriguing and wildly unexpected move if she won out in the end.

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KYLE REALLY WAS GOOD AT HIS JOB (PART 4)/JIMMY IS THE ALL-TIME WORST AT LIFE (PART 1,726) | Julia and Jimmy searched through Kyle’s old notes and stumbled across his idea to engage the audience with mid-performance text messages and Tweets and other internet-y gimmick-type things — “a multimedia assault!” as Jimmy called it. (I don’t know about you, but the cost of a Broadway ticket being what it is, I’d kind of prefer to have my phone off the whole time.) Jimmy, as per usual, acted like a spoiled 7-year-old for the whole episode; when Derek noted how Broadway’s revival of Cabaret put the audience at tables, the young alleged genius screeched, “like dinner theater?” When Julia and Derek talked about tweaking the story, he whined, “You’re not touching the book!” And when Julia finally told him that she’d agreed to help with Hit List’s Broadway transfer, but didn’t feel comfortable writing actual parts of the script, Strainedface McAwful’tude didn’t graciously thank her for all her help — and taking time out of the promotional schedule for Bombshell. Instead, he flew into a rage and dismissed her by huffing, “I get it! We’re your competition!” SERIOUSLY, I KNOW THE SMASH WRITERS LOVE AND REVERE THEIR TERRIBLE NEW CHARACTER, BUT MY GOD HE IS BEGGING FOR A COSMIC TAKE DOWN — LIKE A SINKHOLE OPENING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF TIMES SQUARE AND SWALLOWING HIM WHOLE, NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN! (Whew! Typing in all caps is cathartic!)

THE BALLAD OF TOM AND JULIA | Eileen planned a Houston-Levitt Night retrospective of her playwright collaborators’ finest tines to drum up further support for Bombshell’s Tony Awards campaign — and Tom turned it into a full revue with a storyline and everything. Julia’s work on Hit List Bombshell, though, made her an absentee for most of the preparations. “A kid died before he was able to finish his work; as a human being I have to see it through,” she pleaded. But later, when it became evident she might not even make it to the event, Tom got deeply hurt: “The big deal is I was looking forward to one last song with my best friend and partner of 11 years. One song that shows even if we never work together again, that time meant something.” That did it. Julia took the stage for the final number — a maudlin ditty called “The Right Regrets” — and the performance ended with a hug. These two are gonna be OK! (Oh, and Eileen leaked news of the Houston-Levitt professional split, the better to drum up press for the show. Sneaky chica!)

IVY LYNN’S SECOND BOMBSHELL | Busy bee Ivy Lynn shot a Ford Fusion ad in Times Square, but was all stressed out after a thinly concealed Blind Item in the Village Voice talked about a Tony-contending starlet sleeping her way to the top, popping pills and having an affair with a former costar’s fiancé. When Agnes noted maybe Ivy Lynn should be more Norma Jean offstage, she began to have doubts about her role in Tom’s revue, and he didn’t exactly boost her confidence: “This isn’t Marilyn. Coco is a depressed, alcoholic stripper.” Uh-oh. Later, though, Eileen reassured Ivy Lynn that she need not be anyone other than her genuine self — leading to this awesome exchange:

Eileen: What I love about you is you’re never afraid to be yourself. You either go big or you go home.
Ivy Lynn: A couple of those nights I probably should’ve just went home.

And thus we got our buxom blonde singing a silly little tune called “Grin and Bare It” that reminded me of an uptempo, less-inspirational “Just Keep Moving the Line.” But, oh wait — when Ana approached Ivy Lynn at Table 46 — looking to win supporters for a possible take-down of Derek (and spilled intimate details of Ivy Lynn’s affair with Derek that she’d learned from Karen) — our former chorus girl was pissed. She stormed over to Karen and accused her of playing it “naive” and “just off the bus,” but really being “just as calculating as the next person.” (TRUE!) Karen didn’t exactly hide her own disdain for her frenemy, but Ivy Lynn got in this final shot, “The only thing better than winning a Tony woyld be beating you to get it.” OOOH GURRL! And then, for a final bit of “What the WHAT?” Ivy Lynn got a call from her doctor. “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!”

The End.

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Is Derek unredeemable now? Is Jimmy even less redeemable? Is there any way Karen ends up with either one of ’em? And whose side are you on now that we’re back to a #TeamKaren vs #TeamIvy showdown? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Danielle says:

    I’m still just sad we’ll never get a Cartwills union. :( Especially with Ivy preggers with little Derek. And Jimmy is SO AWFUL. I love this show, especially loved season 1, and was still hoping halfway through season 2 it would be better — jimmy would get hit by a car, Derek and Karen would FINALLY get together. Augh. THe sad.

    • Claudia says:

      I agree with you. The tease of Karen and Derek in Season I and II gave hope to viewers of his becoming a better emotionally mature person with the quest of Karen. This has been disappointing. All the musical talent is awesome. Karen is well trained, powerful and soulful. Her trills add so much expression to the music. Meghan Hilty has the volume and strength, but not the feeling that Karen does. They both are very good though. Great show. Not interested in Jimmy.

      • Sher says:

        I agree with your description of Karen and of Ivy. You said it well, and also re Karen getting together with Derek making him be more his better person.I loved Let Me Be A Star when Karen did it, even learned it. When Ivy did it it was vocally great, but left me empty. Karen(KatMc) had that something from the inside that made it work.

    • Larc says:

      Derek has pretty much been a jerk from day 1. Why would anybody with an ounce of self respect want to get tied up with him?

      • 1st the Bombshell dance number was HORRIBLE, IT HAD NO SOUL !

        As for the characters ,
        Derek just went through a sexual harassment issue, so its not like he should not know that what he just did will not get him or the company sued.
        Jimmy has been written as a lemming, he runs off in all directions to give the show drama, Dudes , that gets exhausting , (See Brothers & Sisters).
        Julia, she reminds me of those contestants on Survivor / Big Brother that flip based on who last had their ear.
        Tom, okay complain about the moral compass of Derek, but at least he admits he is a schmuck, in the case of Tom he will sleep, say, use almost anyone to get what he wants, and I do not think he sees how much of a user he really is.

        As for the Tony’s can we get a 3rd option ,, PLZ

      • Randy says:

        Derek has been a jerk, but he was written the way Jimmy should have been. Karen made Derek a better man. The old one would have never left Bombshell for an off Broadway show. Jimmy, on the other hand, has been a child throwing a tantrum all season long. As much as Karen made Derek better, Jimmy makes her weaker. Smash now has something else in common with Glee. Neither show is listening to their fans. Smash has been so set on a Karen/Jimmy end game they have destroyed Derek. In the last couple of episodes the writers have done everything to make Jimmy look better than Derek. I’m sure the next step will be to get Derek fired from Hit List and him try to talk Ivy into an abortion.

    • Gail says:

      I agree that Jimmy is awful and I think Derek loves Karen and I am hoping the finale will have them somewhat together. I was also so upset they are officially going to cancel the show. It
      was all I really watched and love it. I am hoping another network or cable station will pick it up.

  2. Goku says:

    Hit List is just awful and I don’t know how they want to justify it when it’ll beat Bombshell on Tonys. But I guess, the same way that they’ll do this when Karen will beat Ivy, even though everyone can see and hear that it shouldn’t happen. Season 1 was already a mess, but then they introduced Hit List and turned this mess into something unwatchable. Glad it’s got canceled.

    • mar says:

      I LOVE HIT LIST! those 2 song & dance numbers were amazing! Karen (Kat) is sooo talented!
      so to answer your question TEAM KAREN!!!! I want her to win the Tony!

      • kay says:

        how can you love hit list when it has no plot? seriously, what actually happens in it apart from karen gets shot… for some reason? come on, you can’t actually think american idol girl is better than megan hilty. She’s one of the most wooden actresses I’ve ever seen

        • Luckee387 says:

          What exactly is the plot of Bombshell? The only reason there is some hint of a plot is because people generally know a bit about Marilyn Monroe’s life. Neither show is Tony worthy to me, but since it’s unlikely that neither will win, my prediction is one will win Best Musical and one will win Best Actress…neither will sweep. Oh, and in my opinion, Karen should win best actress. I love Megan Hilty’s voice, but you can’t deny her Marilyn is less…well, she’s more of a belter whereas Karen’s Marilyn was more animated; she could dance and belt. She brings both dance skills and a wonderful voice to Hit List (which remember, is largely a sung though musical so even if Karen can’t act, she has an advantage).

    • Caro says:

      Karen sings with more feeling than Ivy and she deserves the win! Plus, the type of person you are counts when you are asking people to vote for you and Ivy is a bad person. I feel sorry for the kid she is carrying!

      • Anne says:

        I think the history of award shows would disagree. Roman Polanski continued to win awards after his rape case and many other “troubled” stars are constantly winning top prizes. Judges are voting for talent, not personality.

      • Goku says:

        Ivy is normal. She has her ups and downs. It’s Karen, who they want us to believe, she’s saint and flawless. But I’d say she’s more gullible and very egocentric.

    • Mary says:

      Karen Cartwright all the way. Katharine McPhee is magnificent!!! I will miss her fabulous voice and beautiful face. Feel so sad Smash has been cancelled and Derek and Karen will never be.

      • Goku says:

        I’m really surprised, because i thought that most of viewers hate Karen for being “saint” and gullible(and because of Katharine’s lack of acting talent). I hated her for this in season 1, and now I hate her even more because of Jimmy. And Katharine McPhee is just average singer from American Idol. Her career after Smash will be as dead as it was before it.

      • ellen8 says:

        Team Katharine !! I feel she is bashed on these boards with no justification. Is it jealousy because she is so beautiful?? Kat played Karen just as the writers wrote her. And I think she did a great job.

        • mar says:

          agree with ellen 100% ^^^

        • kay says:

          no, it’s because she’s terrible. she can’t act, her character is annoying and she still sings like an american idol contestant. And the character is a total Mary Sue. Megan Hilty is an amazing singer and a must more accomplished actress. Next you’ll be saying Jimmy is a great, sympathetic character instead of a butthole

        • I agree. Haters are just jealous, TEAM KAREN.

    • Harmony says:

      OMG THIS! SO MUCH THIS! (Although I really did enjoy the utter campness of season one. I’m a sucker for camp).

  3. Claudia says:

    Karma is taking hold. All of these characters have their good and bad points, but Ivy is going to lose; Derek is redeemable, but the show is pushing the snarky Jimmy and Karen together. Derek has never felt he had the chance of winning Karen, so he has played other women, primarily Ivy. I wish the writers had allowed Derek to become emotionally mature. Karen is too far beyond Jimmy. He yells over everything that does not go his way. I look forward to the finale. I love the show and would like to see it survive with same characters. Without Derek, the show would not be as interesting. The music has been beyond belief. Thanks to the marvelous talented cast.

  4. Kelli Samson says:

    The show was really dynamite tonight with all its complexities. I loved the assertiveness and honesty that Karen used with Derek, and I loved the honesty he gave her in return. I did not like the fact that all this “baggage” is in the way of a romantic Cartwills relationship, but that doesn’t mean it could never be. In reality, many people have a past that has to be looked at and changed before going forward, and Derek is at that point where its all caught up to him. In spite of that, I believe there is still a deep love/caring that these two have for one another. Additionally, I think Tom and Julia’s song together was great. It was sweet and sentimental, and very lovely at that. Jimmy – – that guy is useless. He may have some singing talent, but how could anyone under any conditions put up with his immaturity, arrogance, and lack of social graces. Having Karen continue to want him would truly cheapen her character. This guy needs years of maturing to catch up with Karen’s maturity level. Lastly, I have no idea what is going to happen for Ivy. That was truly a wild card addition to be pregnant, wasn’t it. Well, I will stay tuned for next Sunday’s finale, and my hopes are that another network will pick up this wonderfully worthy, entertaining show. I feel like I know these characters personally. I’ve become so emotionally attached, and I’m more than disappointed and sad to see it go.

    • Claudia says:

      I agree with you totally, Kelli! I thought I wrote your post until I saw your name. Ha. Jimmy is hateful. He is no match for Karen and Derek old her that. I hope the show ends with them going separate ways. You said it best with his “immaturity and arrogance” the viewers wished he got hi by the car. The most unrealistic thing,too, is the way he yells at all the professionals who do not do as he says (Derek, Julia, Karen) – who does he think he is? He’s very ungrateful and it will take him years and years to improve,mature, if possible.

  5. Melissa says:

    I can not even begin to express the depths of my disappointment and fury. All I can even string together right now is CARTWILLS FOREVER. Even though this show has gone out of it’s way to destroy them and alienate this segment of their audience. I was only holding on for the dimming hope that Karen and Derek would finally get together, even if the last two minutes of the series. I’m just so sad.

    • Nan says:

      I don’t think the show ever expected the audience to root for Karen to be with Derek. Derek has always been depicted as a womanizing jerk. The audience was supposed to care about Karen’s journey as an aspiring Broadway star, not her journey to find love.

  6. Marti says:

    I still want Ivy to win the Tony. I guess I’m team Ivy all the way. The girl needs a break, with her narcissistic mom and being left in bed over and over, I want her to win her dream. To pat to have the new girl in town, Karen (a la “All about Eve”) take the Tony. Please dont let it happen. Karen, go back on the bus to Iowa and work in a Dairy Queen. Nuff said. Hit LIst was the most horrible show in the world. Would never ever buy a ticket to it. Ana’s “Reach for me” high flying number was probably the most stunning thing that happened this year. I will miss watching it. I just loved Christian Boyle, what a talent. Sayanara Smash……

    • Taylah says:

      Ah no but don’t you see, Ivy must get punishment cause she was SO BAD, you know, so bad she was very close to kill herself because she lost her dream role. And now that she’s this close to make it, the show goes “HAHA BIT IT B*TCH, YOU THOUGHT SOMETHING GOOD WAS GONNA HAPPEN TO YOU?”

      I can’t believe I decided to stick with this show for another season. I should’ve imagined they’d do something to screw up with Ivy in the end. This is what happens to me for getting attached to a character in a terrible show.

    • Lily says:

      Team Karen. Megan cannot even dance; all she does is shake her shoulders and her you know what.

      • Val says:

        Team Ivy. Karen can’t act. All she does is raise her voice and widen her eyes. She has one expression and she needs to learn that yelling does not equal an emotional performance. Megan shows that you don’t need to be able to dance to put on an amazing performance.

        • Leave Comments says:

          I think Ivy can sing and dance and act. She is amazing. Love Megan Hilty, whom I never heard of before. Karen/Katherine McPhee is a great singer but pretty darn clunky and one note as an actress. But I like both of them. I actually like the entire cast except Jimmy, (ugh worst character ever, there is no redeeming him). and I hated Ellis, but I would say I almost dislike Jimmy more now. I am sad this show got canceled, but looking forward to the two hour finale.

      • Nan says:

        Ivy’s not a dancing role. Did you consider that giving the dancing to Karen was a way to differentiate her character from Ivy’s? I don’t know if Megan can dance because the show hasn’t required her to dance. She’s playing a singing role.

      • fantod says:

        Megan Hilty has been forthright in interviews about not being a dancer. Katharine McPhee does execute dance routines correctly but never seems to enjoy it and lose herself in the moment of performing. There’s something joyless in her presence as a performer — maybe stage fright? Insecurities that keep her from letting loose and giving a more involved performance? She is beautiful, with a look all her own; her voice is very pretty if a little restrained; and her acting isn’t a total embarrassment, just not very involving. The part of Karen was written for us to root for her, and many people do, but somehow her gifts don’t add up to a performer who’s fascinating to watch, as Karen is said to be. Maybe as she matures, her performances will deepen and become more involving. As it is, I can picture her as a shampoo spokesmodel (great hair) and singer whose voice is heard in commercials — there is a reason why her career didn’t take off right after Idol, the way Carrie Underwood’s and Jennifer Hudson’s have, and it’s that there is something missing.

  7. Taylah says:

    Damnit, you Cartwills shippers will forgive Derek for ANYTHING as long as they got together? I am the first person who doesn’t like Karen one bit, but my goodness, I’d feel bad if she and Derek got together. I’d feel bad if Derek ended up with anyone but himself. Every time he shows signs of growing, they make him take 30 steps back and become despicable again. He doesn’t even have his humor to fall back on cause the show seems to have forgotten what a great comedic actor Jack Davenport is. I don’t like Karen one bit, but she deserves better than that. She deserves better than Jimmy too. What a bunch of assholes has the girl come across!

    The “Ivy is pregnant” twist is just vomit-inducing. It looked like they had redeemed themselves with her this year, but holy crap, way to screw the character back again. Specially cause this feels like a punishment, when her character has done nothing but getting back on track this season. But ah, she slept with Derek, LET’S HAVE HER THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL, THAT SL*T!

    The show deserves what it got. For every episode they have that it’s good, they have a stream of unwatchable ones.

    Also, what was Ana’s logic to ask Ivy about Derek firing her? It didn’t make sense other than to stir s*it between Karen and Ivy. I just don’t understand what was the point she was trying to make: “sorry, Karen told me you got your job cause you slept with Derek, did you lose it when you stopped?” and then what was gonna be the second part? “Is it true that then Derek gave it to Karen again to see if he could sleep with her?” cause that’s basically what happened, I mean, seriously.

    Also LOL at Safran basically adding Gossip Girl (people getting texts in the middle of the show?) to Smash, AH THE ORIGINALITY!

    • Carol says:

      I don’t like Karen. I don’t like that they made the show about her, always begining with her singing at Hit List. Hit List, another bad choice, specially, when Bombshell seemed such a great show. Jimmy, the worst!!!! Julia and Tom… I can’t put up with their fights anymore! I always defended Smash, but I think the crazy changes of direction ruined the show, they even took the good things out of it.

      There’s more to an actor than just the habilites. The actor must have the physical aspects of the caracter. Ivy Lynn was always Marylin. Karen is a singer not an actress, and it’s annoying that they play her as perfect. When the caracter is too good, I dislike.

    • Nan says:

      I thought the pregnancy twist was awful as well. Have we seen any clue that this was coming? Has Ivy been tired? nauseated? worried? Nope, just another dumb plot twist that doesn’t make sense.

      • Tiph says:

        Actually, they did show her as really tired/fatigued/etc in “The Love Boat”… but explained it to be because she had so much going with show & publicity stuff. So it wasn’t completely out of the blue. But I get what you’re sayin…

      • Tiph says:

        Correction – I totally mixed up some things… the episode in which she was tired/fatigued is “The Producers”. Sorry about that!

  8. Carola says:

    MIchael you could have not said it any better.
    JOSH SAFRAN I HATE YOU! Have you been hooking up with Jeremy Jordan in real life or what? Enough Jimmy already!
    He destroyed the potential of a great series, starting by destroying the heart and soul of it which is Karen & Derek! Two seasons of buildup just to kill them just like that? Really?

    I for one I am happy there is no S3 now. It would have failed anyways

    Also why destroy Derek´s character in the end after he was showing growth and vulnerability all season? Doesn´t match.
    Plus making Ivy pregnant was the worst plot ever! Just when she was becoming a Broadway star you make her pregnant? Unbelievable!

  9. Steven says:

    Slezak, why do you keep using the full “Ivy Lynn”? Lynn is the character’s last name.

    • Jil says:

      I am fairly certain Lynn is her middle name, a’la Lea Michele. Michele is her middle name that she uses as her stage name.

  10. Caro says:

    Josh Safran must be the most egomaniacal showrunner alive! SMASH had a few issues when Safran took over but overall the show was good and yet Safran decided he needed to retool everything and completely ignore what the fans wanted! I don’t know what is wrong with him but no one should ever hire him to work in Hollywood again! He is a nightmare and he did not have the experience to run a show like SMASH! The fans have been proclaiming their support for Cartwills since the beginning and instead he has Ivy pregnant with Derek’s child! Fans have hated Jimmy from the beginning and Safran has refused to change his character or let Karen out of her relationship with him! Fans have loved the music from Hitlist but haven’t understand what the show was about and yet Safran didn’t let the plot for Hitlist be known until two days ago! I despise Josh Safran and I will never watch any TV show or film that he is a part of! I would encourage all SMASH fans to set news alerts to see what Safran is going to be a part of so we can avoid it! His next project is to write the re-make of “Endless Love” which I am sure he will ruin but I don’t have to care because I won’t be seeing it!

    • layla says:

      They were filming episode 14 or 15 of 17 when the first episode aired. There was no time to change Jimmy based on fan reaction. The real crime is that no one (including network and studio executives) could see for themselves how awful Jimmy was.
      Don’t assume all the fans are Cartwills, different sites tend to clump together like minded people. There are plenty of fans who ship Divy, just not on the forums you’ve been reading.
      Saffron pitched these story arcs and got hired based on them. As bad as I think much of this season has been it got poor ratings from the beginning of the season. Most of the audiance gave up during season one before Saffron took over.

      • Dats says:

        “…There are plenty of fans who ship Divy”
        So they actually have a name, uh?
        Plenty… not that much.
        TWoP is the only place I’ve seen some Derek/Ivy fans, to be honest…

      • Carla Krae says:

        Right on that. In TV, the show runner’s moves have to be approved by the network. NBC thought this was all a good idea. They’re the ones that mandated changes in the first place, tossing Theresa to the curb. And yes, there are Derek/Ivy fans. I’ve liked their relationship better because they know exactly who each other are and still like each other because of it. Karen is just now learning who Derek really is and she doesn’t accept that side of him, plus, she’s way too young. She hasn’t lived enough to be a match for him.

        • nowudo says:

          Derek/Ivy fans seems to forget how he treated her back in season one.
          Now tell me how exactly the “she needed my attetion and I was giving it to her” shows that Derek likes Ivy.
          The truth is: none of these smash-parings are resonable at all.
          No matter which one you are rooting for. You are stupid.

          • Nan says:

            I agree. How can you root for a girl to end up with a guy who tried to pressure her into having sex the first time they met? And has done nothing since to show that he realizes how wrong that was. I’m more interested in the professional side of Ivy and Karen. Where do they go from here? Who wins the Tony? If anyone does? What’s next for them? I hope they both swear off men and concentrate on their careers.

        • Leave Comments says:

          I too like Derek and Ivy best. They know each other, but he is a douche bag to the max and she knew it and said no, and now we see how right that was. Agree the pregnancy is a terrible story to throw in at this point, terrible. Her character has been the best written this season I think and that is a low blow.

      • Isabel says:

        There’s not a “Divy fan page” in Facebook or in any network I have surfed on, it’s always, always Cartwills. Just saying.

        • Marla says:

          Maybe because Derek and Ivy fans tend to be older and rather than idealizing a relationship and spend a lot of time on the internet yelling at the writers for it they just enjoy watching it?

      • Dave says:

        I read that once they found out that smash was not coming back saffron re-filmed the ending and a few of the later episodes. It would of ended on a cliff hanger otherwise.

    • quang says:

      “The fans have been proclaiming their support for Cartwills since the beginning and instead he has Ivy pregnant with Derek’s child!”

      Seeing how shippers are the worst, I’m super happy that most of the showrunners working in television ignore them completely and that the Cartwills fans are dying inside. Hopefully this will help them get over their Bella Swan complex.

  11. Haieq says:

    The point is, the main couple from Smash is and always was Karen/Derek. And the show did foreshadow they were like Fosse and Gwen, which I thought it was a good analogy.
    For some reason though, they didn’t want Karen and Derek as endgame… Hard to understand, since they have the best chemistry/popularity.
    About Jimmy… it’s frustating how a character, who’s undoubtedly the worst character I’ve ever seen, has a major development in one episode, and suddenly, I’m supposed to admire/root for him.

    …sorry Safran. Not gonna happen.

  12. kavyn says:

    Jimmy is god awful, and using Kyle’s death to make him “look” better has not been working. Also am I fully expected to believe that the guy that performed high on stage, harming one of the leads in the process is now in on all producer/director decisions AND is writing for the show? I really hope this show takes on a medieval twist so that Jimmy sacrifices himself to Marilyn Monroe and brings Kyle back to life.

    And don’t even get me started on the idea of adding “social media integration” to a Broadway show.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Why, Smash writers have you killed this show for me? I hate Jimmy more than any other TV character ever writer. I have supported Karen’s character throughout S1, but her love for the awful immature mess that is Jimmy makes me HATE her. I had hoped that Karen was finally waking up from her inexplicable Jimmy fascination, but no, its still there. The icing on the cake is turning Derek into a selfish piece of $h1T that has learned NOTHING. One of my favorite things about the premiere of this Season was that it set Derek up to authentically grow as a character. One of the best things about the later episodes was the Karen/Derek partnership they were nurturing. You people have made me miss Dev and Ellis. Your work did not deserve a renewal!

  14. Caro says:

    There are so many things about this ep I hate but they all come back to Safran! He must still think he is working on Gossip Girl! He wants people to read tweets while watching a Broadway show, he has the guys being jerks, someone is pregnant when they shouldn’t be, there is a catfight, a betrayal by a friend, a leading man is sleeping with too many people…the whole show is juvenile! Safran truly is worthless! He obviously doesn’t know how to run a show or handle plotlines geared for adults or heterosexuals! If NBC had half a brain they would have fired Safran and saved SMASH!

    • Anon says:

      If NBC had half a brain, they would have already seen Safran’s skill set on Gossip Girl and never have hired him in the first place.

    • The Beach says:

      Oh really, Caro?…so only heterosexuals are able to recognize poor storytelling? Give me a break!

  15. Anne says:

    Apparently I’m the only one who sees Jimmy making progress and who doesn’t ship Cartwills. Honestly, I wanted to like Jimmy at the start because Jeremy Jordan really is an excellent actor, but he just was written as such as jerk I couldn’t do it. But in my opinion last week he reacted exactly how I think he should have: anger at himself, guilt, and complete grief at the loss of the man he considered his “real” brother. I thought this week continued that: all he wants now is to honor and remember Kyle; the protective streak he had when Kyle was alive is now transferred to the work they did. Is he lovable? No. Is he improving? I think so.
    And as far as Karen and Derek, I just never saw it. I saw their bond as not quite romantic, not quite platonic. I always thought that he genuinely loved Ivy, even if he didn’t manage to stop sleeping around.
    I know these probably aren’t popular opinions, but I thought perhaps I’d add a little variety to the comments :)

    • layla says:

      I never shipped Cartwills always liked Divy. I don’t like Jimmy though. Jordan and McPhee have awful chemistry. They really bring out the worst in eachothers acting.

    • A says:

      I really didn’t think he was all that bad in this episode. I definitely saw some improvement and Kyle’s death seemed to have an effect on him as it should. I understood him being upset with Julia because she has been giving mixed signals. He lost Kyle and she was there to step in like a surrogate Kyle and she has been with Hit List pretty much from the beginning, so when she denied to continue helping him its understandable that he was upset because if the competition between the shows was that important to her, why would she help Hit List in the first place (when Kyle was alive). Maybe others don’t see it that way I guess.
      To be honest, I never hated the character as much as everyone else did. I enjoyed his voice a lot and his chemistry with Karen. Sure he was a douche most of the time, but I definitely saw there being a way for him to become likable and improve as a character. However, the writers took too long in fleshing out his back story and kept showing his ugly side and it was probably difficult for people knowing that the show was ending to have any connection with the character IMO.
      I am so happy that it looks like there will be no Cartwills. Never saw their relationship as more than friends. I like Derek with Ivy better.

      • Carla Krae says:


      • Nan says:

        So are saying it doesn’t matter how much of an a**hole Jimmy is as long as he’s nice in the finale? He hasn’t done one thing to prove to Karen or the audience that he’s trying to be a better person. He’s still Mr. McPoutypants.

        • A says:

          I was just trying to point out that that is how story’s go. Some characters are awful at first and they slowly grow and start to become better and more redeemable. The problem here is that the show took too long to have him grow into a better person that its pretty much too late for most people to like him. And with regards to “as long as he’s nice in the finale”, umm, that’s how “series” finales are supposed to go. Everything is supposed to end on a good note.
          And with regards to “proving to Karen and the audience that he’s trying to be a better person”, I think that step was initiated in this episode. it’s pretty obvious in this episode that we see him making an improvement and trying to be a better person. We saw him show more of a commitment to the show. We didn’t seen him showing up late or high on drugs. He’s been performing and actively participating in trying to make the show a better and preserving his best friend’s legacy. We also saw him in this episode defending Ana when Derek tried to fire her. I call that a definite improvement and showing that he’s trying to be a better person. However, some people maybe hate the character so much now that they see it as too late which is there choice but seeing as the show is ending for good I am willing to acknowledge it and looking forward to a good/decent ending.
          Also with regards to Jimmy being an a**hole, I’d put Derek on the same level as him, maybe higher sometimes. At least we know why Jimmy is a douche and a jerk. Sure its cliche for them to have him be a past drug dealer with a difficult past, etc., but at least that’s an explanation for some of his behaviour. Derek on the other hand is a huge pervert/commitment-phobe who is constantly barking at people, trying to get people to sleep with him and sleeping with every aspiring actress that comes his way. He is a disgusting pig. Ana had to be a casualty of his man-whorish ways. How is that fair? She better sue him/the show. I don’t understand how some people don’t want Karen to end up with Jimmy but they approve of her ending up with Derek. It makes no sense.

          • Nan says:

            I’ve said all along that Derek’s a jerk so you’re preaching to the choir on that. By the way, finales don’t have to be happy. And happy doesn’t have to mean the girl ends up with a guy. A happy ending for me would have Karen cutting both Jimmy and Derek off and dedicating herself to her career for the next while.

          • A says:

            True. I guess maybe I meant they can end the Jimmy character on good note with him trying to be less of a douche. That could be a “good” ending for that character. I like that Karen idea. Her past few relationships have been pretty bad so seeing her alone and focusing on herself would be a nice way to end things off, however, I have this feeling that she will ultimately end up with Jimmy, which to be honest if I had to choose I’d rather him over Derek. Derek just creeps me out sometimes when it comes to him and Karen.

    • Carla Krae says:


    • Kristi says:

      You are not the only one who feels this way. Jimmy was never going to be perfect, but I agree that he is improving. Did anyone actually notice that Jimmy was less abrasive and belligerent in this episode? As for Cartwills, I always thought that they were a forced pairing. Karen and Derek are as wrong for each other as Sabrina and Patrick are on General Hospital. I love Ivy and Derek and have from the beginning. They were two flawed characters. I agree that Derek can be a disgusting jerk sometimes.

    • Taylah says:

      I like Ivy and Derek better too. They haven’t been the best of people, but they get each other. Problem is Ivy doesn’t want to go back to the person that she was and Derek keeps going back to his assh*le self. I think Derek is too damn scared of commitment and of being with someone who knows him so well, which is why hitting a rough patch with Ivy always throws him in another spiral of self-hating and sleeping around and being a jerk. He needs to grow the hell out, get rid of that obsession he has with Karen and stick to his guts. He only “loves” Karen because he can’t get her, but Ivy is the one that gets to him for real, which is why he prefers to pursue something that he knows is gonna go nowhere.

  16. whatever says:

    haha I know there’s no such thing like having a wrong opinion, but lol at people saying mcphee sings (or acts!) with feeling. yeah right. I’m not saying she’s not ‘wonderful’ in-show and won’t basically win the tony and rule broadway. I unfortunately know what I signed in for, and will watch this show till the bitter end.

    I bet those who praise mchpee like crazy are the same ones that say “smash” is brilliant, sofisticated, but are basically watching this show to get a cartwills bed scene and have karen ‘fix’ womanizer derek — like in those terrible romantic comedies. I love “smash”, but this is a godawful show.

    • 777 says:

      IMO, her acting abilities are one of the reason the show got to where it got, horrible reviews and cancelation.

      • whatever says:

        yes. not only her acting, but the propping up of her character to the point of ridicule. she is never wrong, never fails, every straight man falls for her, she gets commercials, demo recordings, chooses between shows, discovers new talents and is constantly praised and wooing audiences (with tons of reaction shots of people in awe). she even manages to seduce – or date – men on both shows she takes part on and is not judged in-show for it and no one ever questions if that had a part in her getting lead roles. I don’t know the reasons behind all of this (people say spielberg saw ‘something’ in her… is derek playing spielberg?), but they shouldn’t have butchered this show only to make karen/mcphee look ‘good’.

    • Paula says:

      Since Season 1, Katharine McPhee has been my star and the reason why I watch Smash. Megan’s voice has power but Katharine voice tugs at my heartstrings. She is a triple threat unlike Megan who cannot dance. Katharine’s acting is perfectly fine and in fact quite good for a beginner esp when she is given something to work with. Unfortunately, her character is badly written but there is no stopping this multi-talented beauty. And yes, her chemistry with Jack Davenport is out of this world.

      • mar says:

        agree with Paula! 100% ^^^^^

      • 777 says:

        Well I disagree, you can’t really call her a triple threat if she can’t act. And all of you Karen fans have to stop with the dancing excuse, some of Broadway’s biggest stars can’t dance (Idina Menzel is one example) but it doesn’t take away from their performance.
        Throughout its entire run, the only good review the show got was about Megan’s performance, who was praised by literally every critic’. I don’t watch American idol and I never watched megan work before, but there’s a reason why 6 years after idol katherine career is stuck, while Megan’s just keeps getting bigger.

  17. webuiltthepyramids says:

    okay, first: i thought the whole reason for killing off doe-eyed kyle was for his partner (and, ew, love of his life) to have a cathartic awakening and a 180-degree change? so, what? with j-bag remaining as, um, jimmy as ever—then kyle’s death holds no purpose whatsoever?

    secondly, sigh. cartwills is so reminiscent of shenny on the big bang theory. so much electric chemistry from the very first freaking episode, so much cruel teasing from the writers to keep the fans watching for the sake of the numbers (the peeking at her nakedess, the pinning down on the floor + the kissing, the “i love you, too” even before he said it to his “girlfriend” who’s been practically begging for him to utter those words to her—ugh, my silly shipper heart). all this, only to be 1.) befuddled by bringing in a totally polarizing new character to get in their way (i.e., jimmy = amy); then 2.) have our hopes completely crushed, then picked up mid-season, only to tear it down again with their bare writing hands. pssh. to paraphrase the lovely shamy shippers: how delusional of us to ship non-canon! bad, bad shenny! bad, baaad cartwills!

  18. Sar says:

    SMASH knew it was getting cancelled and all any of us ever wanted is Karen and Derek to have that moment together. And you thought we would care about one-dimensional Jimmy why?!?!? The Karen-Ivy Lynn drama is tired and old be ause it goes nowhere. I work in theatre, I love theatre, and this makes me so sad.

    • Carla Krae says:

      They finished filming almost all of the season before it ever aired. There was no way to make changes based on fan opinion.

      • Courtney E says:

        I don’t think this is true. Most shows film about 7 episodes in advance. So when we were watching the first episode of season 2 they were filming the 7-9 ish episode.

    • Caro says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I hated the way SMASH ended with Ivy getting everything! I kept waiting for Karen and Derek to get together but Safran didn’t like them as a couple so it didn’t happen. Safran was the worst thing that could have happened to SMASH – his poor vision killed the show!

  19. Chablis says:

    Are we sure that its Derk’s baby?
    And not for nothing Ivy the Saint slept with Karen’s fiancé.

    • A says:

      Umm. pretty sure its not Dev. That was so long ago. Plus the only person who would make sense to be the baby daddy is Derek. We haven’t seen Ivy with anyone else recently. Plus the show is nearing its end and its pretty clear which way they are separating the couples for the finale: Karen/Jimmy and Derek/Ivy.

  20. Mike says:

    I still think the shows biggest mistake this season was killing Kyle.

  21. A says:

    So happy no Cartwills. I’m sorry but I just never saw it. They always seemed like really close friends than a couple. I see Derek with ivy as a better fit.
    I actually really love Hit List. I still love Bombshell and thank you SMASH for introducing me to Megan Hilty but I love the Hit List songs and I would actually like to see it in full.
    I really wish they could air like two specials some time after the show ends where we can see a full run through including the actual story of Bombshell and Hit List.
    I also wanted to add that IMO Jimmy wasn’t that bad in this episode and him being upset with Julia I found to be totally reasonable. Julia was with Hit List pretty much since the beginning and like Eileen said most of her time was spent with the competition. Jimmy saw her as sort of a surrogate Kyle which was understandable because she kind of filled that role after he died when she was around to help and all of a sudden she doesn’t want to help out because of the competition. If the competition was all that important to her, she would never have helped Hit List at all in the first place and have all the media talk about how she was leaving Bombshell. It’s very mixed messages so I understand why he would be annoyed with that. Sure, he could have been a little kinder and thanked her and hung up the phone, but that’s the character we have to deal with and with two episodes left I’ll be surprised if they are able to pull a 180 and have him be completely likable.

  22. Babygate says:

    It’s sad that this show had so much untapped potential that will never be mined. IMO Jimmy almost single-handedly killed this show. Derek is a perv and its hard to root for him because of that. He obviously hasn’t changed since he’s still using his power to bed the willing aspiring stars. The fact that Karen even considered doing anything with him after the way he wanted to force her to sleep her way into the Marilyn role is deeply troubling. But then again, imo Karen is the Achilles heel of this show. I think they intended this to be a Katherine McPhee vehicle but she doesn’t have that grace or charisma to be a lead. That bothered me from season one. And when she got chosen to be Marilyn it didn’t feel earned. It felt like Derek was just obsessed with her and he was bored with Ivy Lynn who was so obviously the right choice. Sad…

  23. Rob says:

    This show just gets me mad at this point.

  24. Rob says:

    I wish Eileen would throw a martini in Safran’s face.

  25. Tahoe Mike says:

    I couldn’t care less who hooks up with whom, I am going to miss getting to hear Cat and Megan sing each week. I like this silly show, and I’ll miss it. I really wish HBO would pick it up, and do it right.

    • Nan says:


    • Dave says:

      This show had so much talent but they didn’t use it….Julia’s husband frank is a fantastic broadway singer/actor but we saw nothing from him in the 2nd series, Scott at the MTW was In RENT and we got no singing from him. Instead we got stupid teenage plot lines instead of using the tallent n

  26. Nut says:

    Wow Derek, what a sleazoid scumbag. Poor Ivy saddled with his baby.

  27. jc says:

    I was a total cartwills shipper, but now I’m thinking, LUCKY ESCAPE! It’s now a toss up who I’d least rather Karen end up with out of Derek or Jimmy after tonight’s episode. I mean I know cartwills is dead anyway, but I didn’t think they’d quite throw Derek’s character under the bus like that. To answer slezak’s question, I’m not sure he is redeemable right now. He wasn’t even sorry for screwing over Ana like that. Jimmy is getting worse. Even when they’re trying to redeem him! How is that possible?

  28. whatever says:

    let’s do some predicting for the tonys:
    musical – hit list (“a phenomenon!”, “edgy!”, “dark!”)
    actress – karen (ugh)
    director – derek
    book – dead kyle
    score – bombshell (pity win, as bombshell must win something, but nothing major of course)

    • whatever says:

      not that score is not major, and now that I think about it I would be glad with only this win and hilty’s.

  29. Angel says:

    I am probably the only one who still likes Derek, even if he’s a man whore. I hope he grows and heart and brain, and tells Daisy to shove it. He knows Ana is the better actress for the role. I like him with Ivy, she gets him, and they have a strange bond, whether sex is involved or not. I was waiting for Jimmy to get hit by a car when he was talking to Julia on the phone. I am sad that she and Tom are no longer partners, at least they are still friends. My final plea for the finale, can someone please give the amazing Jesse L Martin a damn song to sing, they wasting that man’s talent.

    • whatever says:

      I like derek, but the writing for his character has been awful. he does not make sense anymore. he received the treatment ivy received in last season’s final episodes. he may like karen, and maybe not, he may like ivy, but he does reject karen’s advances, he’s going through a harassment lawsuit, and AGAIN sleeps with one of the women involved in this. he tries to go back to ivy saying: “what? karen? there’s nothing there”, outright lying. and now I’m afraid they will redeem him through the pregnancy storyline, which will make ivy and derek becoming a couple not a really good sight.

      • whatever says:

        *does NOT reject

      • Nan says:

        But if you consider that you’re not supposed to like Derek, the writing is quite good. You seem to be liking Derek for reasons in your own head and rather than the ones depicted in the show. The audience is supposed to be upset by a Karen or Ivy relationship with Derek. He’s charming but a cad at heart. Ivy had it so right when she said “You’ll always have a Karen.” His reaction of sleeping with the next woman to say hello to him proves it.

  30. whatever says:

    people, not all broadway stars have to be dancers. they can have dancers behind them doing the heavy lifting. presence is most important I believe, and mcphee is very weak in that department. and btw, she may be better trained than hilty at dancing (although I believe hilty is more gracious/natural), but in no way she’s A dancer.

  31. Leave Comments says:

    I love this show, the good the bad and the ugly. I wish they would of kept it on.
    At least the cast has real talent like singing and dancing. They did overdo it with one plot line too many tonight making Ivy pregnant. Also unbelievable. She is way too savvy for that mistake. Derek is now officially a immoral loser, thought I love the actor playing him.
    I seriously wish they would of killed off Jimmy instead of Kyle. The last time I disliked someone this much on TV was Conda and her brother on biggest losers.

  32. John Crook says:

    OK, I just want to make sure I understand this. Please let me know if I am wrong. But in order for the audience to experience what apparently is the transformative wonder of receiving texts on their phones during the performance, don’t they have to LEAVE THEIR PHONES ON THROUGHOUT THE SHOW? Because who doesn’t love sitting next to someone whose phone is chirping, beeping and ringing every few minutes, even apart from the production-generated messages? How could anyone who works in live theater think this is a good idea?

    • whatever says:

      haha yeah, awful idea. but remember hit list is cool and edgy or something, and also allows recording of the performances. we can applaud “smash” for consistency here!!

      • John Crook says:

        LOL. Believe it or not, I actually remembered the nutty “feel free to record the whole show” announcement during the Fringe performances, but I really don’t think that would ever happen on Broadway, under any circumstances. You may be right, though, that Smash was just trying to be consistent in its wacky logic.

    • McFudge says:

      You can leave a phone on silent and get messages without turning it off.

    • Exactly. When I think of how many times I’ve sat in a show and wanted to slap someone because of their phone, I can’t believe someone put that on screen.

    • Nan says:

      Safran doesn’t love theater. This show proves that.

  33. Paloma says:

    I realize that you are always on a tight deadline to get your recaps online, but it wouldn’t hurt if you took five minutes after you finished writing to read what you wrote, run the spell checker, and try to catch typos, wrong word choices and those late-night slip ups that change the meaning of sentences. This is especially important at publications like EW because it does not appear that you have any copy editors or other editors to review your work before publication.

    Lack of a good work flow means you have many typos and misspellings, wrote that because of her work on Bombshell (you meant Hit List), Julia wasn’t able to make it for the preparations, and didn’t question why a promise to make someone an understudy requires you to fire the person who has the actual role.

  34. DanOregon says:

    Ivy will win the Tony because she is Bombshell and carries the show. Hit List has three leads. Megan Hilty’s giggle get me every time. Yeah, giggle with a g.
    I’ve deleted every episode after watching it except Opening Night. Figure when the finale airs (TWO WEEKS?) I’ll probably watch Opening Night again, if only for “That’s Life”

  35. I once knew a show that was great and I fell in love with…and here we are – one season later – and I’m not even watching anymore. Never saw worse decisions made on a tv show… thank you Safran for giving me more spare time to do my laundry instead. I cant believe they even made it more aweful week by week. Never saw a crappier written character than Jimmy!

  36. Anna says:

    At this point, I’m not even really sad anymore that the show got cancelled. I feel like they’re constantly trying to throw Hit List in my face, as well as Jimmy having changed and being a good guy now because he wants to do his dead friend justice (did we forget how he actually treated said dead friend in the end, moments before he died? I guess that’s okay then, because he is sorry NOW). It’s so damn obvious that Hit List and Karen and Kyle will win all the Tonys, probably Tom too because they’re making him the “underdog” and it’s always nice if that one wins, right? Now there’s not even Tom and Julia’s amazing relationship to make me care about something on this show. Plus, Derek is in a pretty bad place – not even counting in the fact that he got Ivy pregnant. Way to screw up a show, people! Seriously, I don’t know why I even care anymore, because it’s been obvious that it will end in Karen’s favour from the very beginning, but especially since season 2 started. Karen cannot do anything wrong and Ivy is the devil and she’s having the devil’s baby now, too! I guess her career will really take off now. Maybe Karen can do Bombshell AND Hit List now! Coming to think of it, this seems like the most logical solution at this point. Let’s just give Karen ALL THE ROLES and ALL THE AWARDS and ALL THE GUYS and THE END.

  37. McFudge says:

    I can’t imagine the look on Jack Davenport’s face when they told him his character’s plot line for last night’s episode……..and Megan Hilty’s was probably more priceless than that.

  38. Marc says:

    Ivy has all the talent, I wish the show just dumped Karen!!! I wish NBC didn’t just give up on the show, it has a great cast (- Karen & Derek, I’ve had enough of both of them).

  39. mar says:

    KAREN has ALL the talent, i wish the show just dumped Ivy! so sick of Tom & Ivy!!!!

  40. Stephanie says:

    I used to love this show, but Karen and Hit List really ruined it for me. I would prefer the Tony to go to Ivy, but I think there could be a huge twist. Neither girl gets it…maybe it’ll go to Veronica or another actress?!?!

    I think that would be awesome. The girls duke it out regarding the Tony, then both lose and sing an amazing duet at the very end.

  41. LaDonna A. says:

    Smash wrapped filming about March 10th, based on tweets from the cast, and then NBC made the announcement about moving the show to Saturday night (the “kiss of death” move) around March 14th. So maybe the very, very, very bad plot points from “The Transfer”, like Derek giving in to a blackmailer and Ivy being pregnant (just to name a few) – maybe the production team actually thought they were going to be able to handle those in a Season 3 that now will not happen? As for the disaster all season long that was Jimmy, I have to say that if there is a silver lining in not getting a Season 3, it will be that I no longer have watch his ungrateful temper tantrums. I will miss Smash, but I will not miss Jimmy.

    • Dave says:

      I read that they finished filming, and when it got told it was canceled they re-filmed some of the end episodes (from 14-17) and that they wanted to make it like a series final instead of the cliff hangers they had.

  42. MrTemecula says:

    Somehow, I would think producers of Broadway and Hollywood would avoid the word ‘bomb’ in any title. So many ways to derail any production so why tempt fate. (And headline writers don’t need help). Better to knock on wood and break a little leg.

  43. Tina B. says:

    I can’t believe this Michael. You’re like a dog with a bone with this hating on Jimmy thing. There is more to the show and the show as a WHOLE than just Jimmy. Do I think he was a loser taking the drugs and starting down a bad path again after Derek selflessly saved him and paid his debt, yes. Do I think he belongs with Karen or deserves a chance with her? NO. Can he be redeemed? Yes, anyone can. For crying out loud, his best friend and saviour just died a horrific and tragic death. Of course Jimmy isn’t going to let anyone touch the book, they shouldn’t even consider it. I honestly get so sick and tired of hearing you drone on and on about how horrible Jimmy is, we get it, move on! Thank goodness the show is cancelled so you won’t be writing recaps about this show anymore. I always try to give you the benefit of the doubt Michael, but I always end up disappointed. I also can’t stand the way PR is portrayed in this show, so unethical and insulting.

    • A says:

      I do like reading Michael’s recaps because they make me laugh sometimes, but I agree about the whole Jimmy thing. Sick of all the hate on this character over and over. We get it. He’s a giant douche but the fact is I think its a realistic portrayal as there are some people in this world who are like this. They keep pushing people away and act like awful people. And people saying that Kyle’s death doesn’t make up for his past behaviour. Well obviously you don’t forget a person’s past behaviour but if they try to change and become better, why would you want to hinder that? Would you rather have an awful douche surrounding you all the time or someone who is trying to change? Anyone can be redeemed given time. Some may take longer than others. Sometimes it takes something horrible or awful in someone’s life to happen before they can start to change and become a better. Think of all the addicts and alcoholics in this world and other people with problems who don’t begin to recover until they hit rock bottom. Jimmy’s rock bottom was Kyle’s death. So people need to accept that they are going down this storyline of him trying to change and earn a Tony for his friend and preserve his friend’s legacy. It’s too late for them to change everything about him completely but with two episodes left, they can attempt to end on a good note so just watch the show!

      • Tina B. says:

        Thank you A! I totally agree with everything you said. There isn’t enough time for them to redeem Jimmy completely of everything they did to this character. I would’ve liked to see how they would go about doing that. There are characters like this in a lot of shows and real life. The whole show is an interesting inside look at the theatre world, especially broadway. Jimmy’s rock bottom was so obviously Kyle’s death. Michael is so filled with hate for Jimmy that he never mentioned or gave him credit for not being with Karen and completely focusing on Hit List for Kyle, despite Karen talking about it in the show. I liked this show and will miss it. I never liked Ellis and Agnes is an idiot, hate how they portrayed PR in this show (my career)

  44. Titina says:

    Plus he destroyed the heart and soul of it which were Karen/Derek! Their story was developing so well and then all of a sudden after that amazing kissing scene it was killed.
    How could you do that to the pairing who had the most chemistry on this show?

    All because of what? Stupid Jimmy! The druggie kid that is so obnoxious and now all of a sudden we have to idolize in the end? STUPID SHOW! I am so pissed.
    Two seasons worth of Cartwills wait and development just to kill it off like that. And now Ivy is pregnant of Derek´s child? Great.. Way to go, Safran way to go…

    Karen/Derek were the best things you had on this show and you failed to use them correctly. So glad the show flopped now. Josh, you deserve it!

  45. Bridgette Angelo says:

    I am so sad that Smash is cancelled. It is my only regular t.v. show that I genuinely looked forward to each week.

  46. jamie says:

    1. They need to have Megan Hilty sing for the entirety of the last remaining episodes. Forget the plot because no one really cares. Just let her sing.

    2. The Hitlist looks and sounds like a really bad 80s music video, right down to the poster. The entire “musical” seems to consist of Karen/Jimmy/Ana (now Daisy) singing solos with faceless abstract dancers. The “I’m not sorry” choreography was so bad that I actually felt embarrassed for them. There’s no frakkin way this show would’ve been moved to Broadway because there’s no frakkin way it would’ve gained a fanbase of any kind.

    • Harmony says:

      THIS. YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH! Also, you have to reserve a theater on Broadway months in advance, not days. It’s a whole huge process, it doesn’t just happen overnight.

    • Sebastian says:

      Agreed! I stuck up for SMASH for two seasons, and Im tired of defending what I thought the show was against what the pathetic new showrunner wanted it to be. Im tired of reading posts slamming Ivy in favor of Karen. Those poor pathetic people are missing the point. Its not about fighting till death over Katherine McPhee versus Megan Hilty. Its about losing a show that had so much potential and all because of someone’s sick fascination with Jimmy!

      Safran won the battle (he did it his way), and lost the war (the show is DOA). We all lose in the end.

      Just let it go out with Ivy Lynn belting it out and maybe some people will go buy tickets on broadway.

  47. kristina says:

    I heard that Karen-Jimmy will be engaged in the finale??

    • astrid says:

      I was going to say that this can’t be true because it would be ridiculous…. and THEN I remembered we are in gossip-girl land of stupidity, with people being over the moon about texting during a broadway musical that has been transfered in a few weeks to a broadway theatre.
      Maybe they are getting married in an Ellis-officiated double-wedding with Ivy and Derek who will name their kid “Jimmy”! Why not!

  48. The majority of you know piss all about B’way.The show is about putting a show on Broadway.Katherine would never get through an audition.Her talent is adequate at best.Megan is already a star on B’way.I know from much experience. To perform on a B’way stage is totally different than what goes on for most of the people who think they can sing today.Perhaps you caught Harry Connick Jr on Idol last week. You need a wake up call !!! Megan is B’way!!! Megan is Marilyn!!!

  49. Harmony says:

    I can guarantee that this will not happen but I think that it would be hysterical, and really show reality, if everyone loses at the Tony’s. None of them are as good as the actual musicals, plays, directors, and actors they’re up against. The show is cancelled so why not leave us cackling at the characters gaping at the injustice of it all? XD

  50. syb says:

    Only people I like on this show are Ivy and Eileen. Wish they’d just do the show centered on them.