Once Upon a Time: Colin O'Donoghue Talks Hook, Bae, Lost Boys & Finale's 'Interesting' Neverland

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Finale PreviewThis Sunday on Once Upon a Time‘s Season 2 finale (ABC, 8/7), Tamara and Greg aim to pull the “trigger” and “blow Storybrooke off the map” — but not if the extraordinary residents of the Maine burg can band together and thwart the magic-hating outsiders. But as that showdown takes shape, on which side will the infamous Captain Hook fall? Ringing TVLine from Ireland, Colin O’Donoghue shared a peek at the show’s sophomore closer, which will, among other things, draw us ever closer to Neverland.

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TVLINE | When last we tuned in, Bae had just gotten fished out of the drink by Hook. What does the captain make of this strange boy?
Well, he’s just managed to find this boy floating in the middle of the sea, so it’s kind of an intriguing thing. He’s interested in who he could be or where he comes from.

TVLINE | I understand they find some things in common, as we get insight into Hook’s background.
Yes, you learn a little bit through Bae. You learn a bit about where Hook was from and about his background. You get to find out more about Hook and how he became the person that he is.

TVLINE | The scoundrel that he is.
Yeah, pretty much!

TVLINE | And what if Hook were to learn who Bae is?
Well, it’s bound to have some effect on him, because of the history with Rumplestiltskin and Milah….

TVLINE | What is Hook’s standing there in Neverland? PARKER CROFT, COLIN O'DONOGHUEWhat’s his relationship to that realm, to The Shadow, to the Lost Boys? What kind of dynamic will we discover?
It’s going to be very interesting for people to see Hook in Neverland and see [cocreators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz’s] take on Neverland, because as you can tell from the way they’ve set up the other characters from other stories, everything’s not as it seems. As we know, [today’s] Captain Hook is very different than Hook from before. For Hook, going to Neverland — as we saw in the “Crocodile” episode — was very much about being able to take some time to figure out how to get his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin. That’s his reason for being there. But it’ll be interesting to see if and how he will interact with the Lost Boys or whomever in Neverland.

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TVLINE | Meanwhile in Storybrooke…. Is Hook still doing Tamara and Greg’s bidding? Last week, they seemed to leave a bad taste in his mouth.
Hook is always out for himself, for the most part, so as long as Greg and Tamara can in some way get him to where he wants to be or help him out in his quest get revenge on Rumpelstiltskin or whatever it is, he’ll keep with it. But it’s not lost on Hook that he needs to make sure that he looks out for No. 1. He’s not particularly loyal to any one person — and certainly not Tamara and Greg, because they certainly go about their business in a bad way.


TVLINE | When he opted out of hanging around for Regina’s torture, was that coming from a place of sympathy? Or was it purely because Greg wasn’t furthering his revenge agenda in that instant?
There’s probably an element of both. In that case, there was maybe a bit of sympathy, because Hook is not an incredibly cruel person. He’ll do whatever it takes to meet his agenda, but I don’t think he particularly enjoys seeing somebody be tortured like that.

TVLINE | If he does wind up “caught in the middle” there in Storybrooke, between the good guys and the bad, will decisions that he’s made in the past inform the decisions he makes now?
In the finale you do get more of an in-depth look at his character. You see the layers that he has. He has it in him to be cruel at times, if that’s what he needs to do, but he also has the potential in him to be compassionate. Hook might have made a few bad decisions along the way, and he might feel like he should try to, in some way, make amends for them.

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  1. Maki says:

    Hook is the greatest S2 addition to OUAT! Can’t wait to see his background. And it’s a nice attachment that he escaped to Neverland so he can plot his Revenge.
    Let’s see where they had for S3!? Hopefully some Emma-Hook hook up!

    • AR says:

      I want season 3 to be about Emma falling in love – her love story, with the woman she is today. And that being her and Hook falling in love again with each other, two broken ppl – who can tear one another walls down.

      • leonard says:

        ummmmmm, ewwww

        wither her baby daddy’s mother’s lover?


        • meg says:

          I don’t get why people even bring this up, Like the writers said, “It was 300 years ago.” And even if it wasn’t, honestly, there are way worse connections out there.

      • Ronnie says:

        I totally agree with that. Hook and Emma have the most amazing chemistry I’d love to see that story. If would certainly be eons better than the lame cliche of the other alternative.

        • meg says:

          True. The Neal and Emma thing is just so boring. Too predictable. I would’ve gotten on board that even if it’s cliche if I thought they had chemistry but for me, it just isn’t there. Hook and Emma’s relationship, on the other hand, has tons of chemistry even if they haven’t had much scenes together.

      • Abby says:

        I’m on board for this, especially because I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Neal. And who doesn’t love a triangle?

        • Sam says:

          okay I don’t love a triangle – honestly I really don’t. I usually hate triangles BUT if Hook is part of it I might be captivated enough to tune in.

          • meg says:

            Actually, not a fan of triangles too. But I’m fine with it as long as it isn’t as dragged on for more than half a season. I see the triangle part as the time between moving on from Neal towards acknowledging Emma’s feelings for Hook.

      • Steph says:

        I would actually be really into a Hook/Emma/Neal triangle. Mostly because I love all three of them, so and I want to see that dynamic play out.

        • LS says:

          Atleast i have faith in that Hook will fight for what he wants and when he loves, he loves fiercely and fights and is a fighter! and compliments Emma on how amazing she is, which we saw in the beanstalk episode. Hook and Emma have to have the elements of Find, Fight and Choice/Choose.

          • Christine says:

            and … Hook wouldn’t be ‘afraid to look for Emma’ even if she was rightfully po’d at him.

      • Mike says:

        My God, if that is the focus of season 3, I’m done, I don’t care who it’s with if season 3 focuses on a Emma’s love life, I’m not watching, I’d rather watch Henry do dramatic scenes than that.

        • fd1 says:

          Well it is Emma’s journey to now finding love.
          Season 1 – Henry being her true and finding a home, season 2 being a mother and having her pareants and an family, season 3 i assume will be her finding love etc…. look at it from Emma’s journey angle.
          There is a reason why her past paralled her present in her own episode earlier in this season. All i see is Hook.

          • Mike says:

            I’m fine with it little romance here and there, but if that is the main focus I’ll be mad, and I’d prefer some of next season to focus on her relationship with her father, which has been non existent this season.

        • Christine says:

          As much as I would love hook and emma all the time, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the main focus. There are other characters that we all love that have stories to tell. One of my beefs about this season is the lack of airtime for characters like Red, I really like her.

          • Erin says:

            Red has been absent because Meghan O’rhey was busy filming the pilot for a new series.

    • Sam says:

      I stopped watching ouat at the beginning of season 2…totally missed the intro of Hook, then in January a friend made me watch a scene on youtube with him and I got hooked. Started watching again. The show still has some of the problems that made me tune out and I hated the last episode so much I almost gave up – they need to SHOW not tell for things to be believable. I’d like a little more character driven than plot driven. Not fond of Tamara/greg sl but we’ll see where it goes.
      Even with so little Hook since I started again in January, and so little fleshing out of the character, (understanding the actor had been off after an injury) I am happy to read that more layers will finally be revealed. I am looking forward to seeing this last epi and what is revealed for all of our fav characters. Loved the chemistry between hook and emma I hope they at least have a good scene together that builds some trust.

      • JoRo says:

        Trust has to come in their somewhere, this is what is needed in any relation – Trust, with trust many other things can grow :)
        Trust and faith is what i want to see between Emma-Hook in their build up :)

  2. Kelly says:

    So far I remain disappointed in Hook. He’s been the worst addition. I find he lame and not cool at all and too much like the coyote chasing the road runner. I was though intrigued by him and Regina the last two weeks and the connection with Bae/Neal.

  3. Patrick says:

    After this article I’m now really starting to believe that hook is Peter Pan or was pan in his youth.

    • CS says:

      Theories are out on tumblr – makes sense, ppl have named it Killipan – lol
      Love it :)
      Also i find OUAT will follow mostly JM Barrie’s book version more so, coz no other adaptions have done so, Peter and Hook were two side of the same coin

    • Steph says:

      Didn’t the writers say they were casting Peter for season 3? I am not feeling the “Killipan” theory, I am so tried of the writers combining several characters into one. It’s not clever anymore.

      • JEst says:

        Yes they did but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be strictly as flashback character. A lot of people seem to like the combo thing cause it is unique. To each their own.

        • fd1 says:

          I like it, i def like Red being the Wolf and how she deals with it. I think it said that in season 3 we will see Peter, but i think this finale there will be a hint on who is or could be Peter, cant quite remember properly,

      • K says:

        They have said that Peter will not be shown until season 3 approximately a million times but since when does that stop fan theories?

  4. Lorena says:

    I love Captain Hook the best add on to once this season and they have wanted hook since the very beginning.

    Now lets get some Emma and Killian developments going, captain swan baby.

  5. Patti says:

    I am very excited for the finale. Hook is underwhelming to me but this finale seems like it will be amazing.

  6. Rhonda says:

    I love hook and I love hook and Emma. Here is hoping there is something in the finale for them.

  7. Jeff says:

    I wonder if he knows Ariel

  8. Amanda says:

    Hook is adult Peter Pan. That is all.

    • lyn says:

      Enough with characters having 3 names: Beast/Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Hook/Killian Jones/Peter Pan. David/James/Charming. I hope he isn’t Pan. That’s too much borrowing from the Princess Bride [Dread Pirate Roberts in his fourth incarnation when Inigo takes over from Wesley].

      • Steph says:

        Yeah, I’m tired of characters being part of several different fairytales. ESPECIALLY since most of the time it doesn’t even fit in with the mythos.

  9. Maggie says:

    Thank you for the interview. Sad there wasn’t any captain swan mention or scoop but really excited for hook in the finale. I really think he’s Peter Pan/

  10. AAA says:

    Definately loving Hook – i find him very much complex, i do not see him as an total villian, yes he is self serving coz he wants revenge but who wouldnt be if your in this path, but like we see he isnt into torturing ppl for the sake of it, anyone if it has nothing to do with Rumpel, but since he has a realization of what his revenge means, i see him having to make a choice. Either wanting one person dead or the whole town. Atleast we are seeing Hook have compassion, the real villains here are Greg-Tamara.

    Colin is playing Hook so fantastically!!! More Hook and some Hook-Emma scenes, cant wait to see Hook-Charming team up as well!!!

  11. CS says:

    Gorgeous Gorgeous man! Loving Hook’s hair!
    What makes Hook/Colin even more appealing is the man can act, thats the main thing overall then being good looking as well
    He plays Hook so well… light, funny, roguish, angry, cruel, fearsome
    Bring on more Hook :) and more Hook-Emma.
    I actually want to see Hook with all the Charmings

  12. CS-Snowing says:

    Yep Need more Hook
    Also Captain Swan and Snowing pls :)

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, we do!!!! Colin, if you’re reading these comments, your fans love you for a reason. You strike a chord somewhere in their lives, and it’s a strong one.Thanks, for making Once Upon A Time my favorite show on tv. It was ok before you showed up. Now, it rocks because you do!

  13. Len1 says:

    Looks like we will see the start of Captain Hook in the flashbacks, and his planning of revenge and probably in the present see him putting aside his revenge to help, there is no way Hook will be ok with killing countless lives over the one life that he wants, and revenge isnt as consuming as it was before. He has had abit of a wake-up call due to seeing Rumpel alive and what his life will be. Cant wait to see Charming-Hook working together, and how he will be with Bae (i think he will take the boy under his wing), i hope we also see an Henry-Hook interaction at some point. Also as always i do want to see Hook-Emma scenes as well.

  14. AL says:

    Thanks for the Interview! I can’t wait for the finale. Hook has been my favorite addition to my favorite show this season and I’m glad he’ll be such a huge part of the last episode. Also hoping for some Emma x Hook interaction, I just love their banter.

  15. sarah says:

    Can’t wait to see more of Hook!! Especially his backstory, I am so curious to learn how became a pirate at such a *young* age. ;)

    He’s such a great character that I feel like hasn’t been given enough spotlight. Plus, his interactions with Emma are just SO great. Thanks for the interview, Matt & Colin!

  16. CharmingPirate says:

    “In a word, the handsomest man I have ever seen”- JM Barrie (author of Peter Pan), describing his character Captain Hook

    Could not agree more!!! This Hook is the handsomest man ever, Colin rocks it!

    • lyn says:

      IMO Matt Bomer makes Colin look like a mutt, but different strokes for different folks. Without the guyliner and stubble, all he has going for him is his blue eyes.

    • Sam says:

      There is lots of eyecandy on this show :) but my favorite as well is Captain Hook. I’ve always loved the dark haired blue eyed boys plus throw in an accents and SWOON.

  17. Hooked says:

    killipan. captain charming/davy jones. captain swan. captain hook
    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

  18. LB says:

    Hook and the possibility of Hook and Emma is what got me into watching the show!! I had resisted for a whole year and then I saw the whole Captain Hook and Captain Swan deal on tumblr and I could no longer keep away! :D
    Hook has been amazing in my opinion! A very strong and interesting character. He manages to be both entertaining and deep which few characters these days accomplish. And I think that the prospect of his relationship with Emma developing is just brilliant!

  19. LS says:

    Thanks for the interview guys :)
    I knew Hook had this side to him to be compassionate, he just isnt a full villian – i do think he hates what he has become, but to achieve what he wanted and wants (love was his motivator, it was never about power or being in control), he had to be that. As Colin says todays Captain Hook is different to the one we probably see in the flashbacks. I see him coming as more of an Anti-Hero. He just isnt about hurting countless lives and be spitefully about it like other villians. Also he has a capacity to understand and is smart and intelligent which alot of ppl who use him do not realise.
    Been hoping for a Hook and Charming Team up, both such fighters-both are similar to if we look deeper to how these two men are. Hopefully get an Emma-Hook interaction, their scene say alot about how kindred they are.

  20. Hannah says:

    I love hook and Emma I’m really excited to see what’s coming!

  21. leonard says:

    for the record people,

    hook and emma “hooking” up is just totally gross and im pretty sure henry would ahve some major emotional issues with that.

    just gross

    • GrowUp says:

      The little dude lives in a town full of fairytale ppl and the likes of Evil Queen and Rumpelstilskin as relations, i am sure he will be fine with having Captain Hook around lol
      And its about understanding how Hook-Emma connect to one another then just seeing oh no he had relations with Milah etc

      • lyn says:

        Hook stabbed his grandfather without preamble. He’s not going to accept his mother being with someone who would pull a blitz like that without giving Gold a chance to fight back.

        • Sam says:

          We’ll have to see if Henry has a problem with Hook. I would be silly considering after all that his grandfather brutally murdered his unarmed grandmother in a fit of jealous rage, maimed the man she was in love with and has overall committed mass murders.

        • just sayin' says:

          oh and his grandfather is an innocent right? he didnt just crush his wifes heart without preamble?

          • lyn says:

            Not the point. Henry never knew Milah. She’s a grandmother who died before he was born. But seeing his mother with his grandmother’s lover is just gross.

          • Christine says:

            I think it would be a great point in the story if Henry asks about his grandmother and how she died, every child is interested in their grandparents dead or not. My granddad died before I was born and I wanted to know all about him – its reality.

        • A says:

          No one cares what Henry thinks! :)

    • Chris says:

      Considering it happened 300 years ago not an issue in my books. The great thing about it is Milah lives on in Henry plus he’s Emma’s son. I think that, depending of course where the writers go with it, plus the incredible chemistry between hook and emma could work itself eventually into a great journey towards love between Hook and Emma.

      • AR says:

        Second chance at love for Emma-Hook has to be it! They both motivated by love, and have a deep capacity of love, despite the walls they cover it up with

  22. Deena says:

    Always enjoy your interviews Matt.

  23. JR says:

    Thank you for the interview. Just really nice to see Colin and more of Hook. And what this finale will be. I see a sense of changing paths and his mind shifting from revenge, its not as heavy as it was before. If Emma and Hook are interacting then some trust has to come into it, trust has been the no1 thing we have seen Emma and Hook talk about in their scenes on the beanstalk. So hopefully a spark of trust coming in and obviously the spark between them. :)

  24. JoRo says:

    More Hook/Colin – yes! And backstory on him, well the starting of his revenge plans in flashbacks, and present time hopefully being on Team Charming.
    Captain Swan shipper!

  25. What?! says:

    Emma and Regina is the only thing that makes sense for this entire series!

    • lyn says:

      YUCK! That gives sleeping with the enemy a new twist. Regina only loves herself, there is nothing there for Emma. Emma and Ruby would be more acceptable.

  26. Dean says:

    Good interview. I must say I’m not a Hook fan, very disappointed with him so far. All he does is try to kill Rumplestiltskin, but he always fails and everyone is able to beat him up so easily. The writers need to give him something else to do.

    • ARRO says:

      Well he wasnt alive for this long for his health, or came into SB for a cup of granny’s coffee lol.. all he has ever wanted is revenge so thats what he does, and yes he fails but thats the thing, he is suppose to fails in his mission he till got the point of thinking finally did the deed but it wasnt satisfying as he thought it would be when he saw Gold alive and moved on in life and with love in his life. He has a realization that this revenge will bring him nothing and no one, he’s aware of that now, so it will be interesting to see what he does. He needs a shift in his focus and different path, maybe this finale will bring that :)

      • Chris says:

        ITA, I love that he’s finally being fleshed out…that has been long overdue and I love that its in the finale. IMO the first part of the finale fell flat, so I hope this one keeps us on the edge of our seats. I have high hopes for it and all the characters so I hope I’m not disappointed.

    • A says:

      That is totally in character for Hook. He is a man/villain who tries and tries to do what he wants and get revenge but constantly fails, but he doesn’t give up. Haven’t you ever watched Peter Pan before?

  27. Cat says:

    I like Hook but really prefer Emma not hooking up with Hook. He’s betrayed so many people, was with Bae’s mother aka Henry’s grandmother. That’s just wrong on so many levels to me. Then again I’m not a huge shipper to begin with. I like the idea of Hook and Regina more than Hook and Emma however. Emma needs to grow more as a strong woman on her own in a whole new world. She doesn’t need a man to lean on and never has. She loved Neal so to have her jump to another man to appease fangirls would be a disservice to who Emma is. She hasn’t shown herself to be the woman who throws herself into relationships like crazy, and has always loved Neal. I actually like that about her character and really hope they stay true to her.

    • Christine says:

      I think the relationship with Neal is based on an emotional teenage love not the grown up she has become. Sure there are lingering feelings for one’s first love but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out as a adult relationship – they give off a buddy vibe not a romance vibe. She was starting a great relationship with Graham until he died so I can see her growing past Neal who was afraid to look for her. IMO he’s not an adequate match for Emma, our kickass princess. She has had far better chemistry with Graham, August, Jefferson and yes Hook. Now whether or not Hook comes into play we’ll have to see how things progress. But to portray teenmom/baby daddy as true love is in this case in my humble opinion far too cliche imo for the writers of lost to do in the long run…in the short run yes but for the duration – I don’t think so – at least I feverently hope not.

      • HookCS says:

        I do not think Emma was IN love with Neal, yes she loved him and will love him as her first love, – he scarred her and he is father of her kid. But being IN love with him i dont see. The man never had faith in her, or chose her!
        Emma needs a equal match, someone who stands on the same level as her. Compliments her and gives her strength. Be an team. Hook and Emma do have the spark to be more. And ppl have been saying they are parralling each other and Snow-Charming.

        • Mel says:

          I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with the Neal/Emma relationship if the writers didn’t constantly beat us over the head with it every week. It’s so forced. Not an episode goes by where another character on the show doesn’t mention how Emma and Neal are meant to be together as a way of trying to convey that point to the audience. They shouldn’t need to do that. We should be able to pick up on it when watching the interactions between the two characters. The fact they have to use other characters get the point across says a lot to me about the lack of chemistry between those two characters/actors.

          • Cat says:

            Well like I said I’m not about the crazy shipping. No mattter who. I enjoy Emma as a stand alone strong woman. One who doesn’t need a man to lean on. Women on these shows get made to be weakened damsels when they hook up with someone. I guess I’m just enjoying a woman who can stand her own and doesn’t need the fluffy true love to be interesting. I’m also not a fan of the twu wuv type vibe. Leave her single, or find her someone better suited to who she is. Not a psychopath hellbent on killing someone because the woman he loved and stole got killed. That doesn’t make him endearing to me, just pretty to look at.

            I don’t see the parallels either of Snow-Charming, just seems like more pigeon holing to try and force a ship ideal. Emma hasn’t been about seeking her one true love it’s been about doing the right thing, and that’s why I like her. Just don’t want to see her ruined for ‘true love’ or any love.

  28. Mike says:

    Great interview, Colin really does play a great Hook, I wish these type of interview didn’t just focus on shipping, personally I would prefer Hook with Regina, but alas I just don’t want the show to focus to much on romance, I prefer the sci fi fantasy elements of the show.

  29. sm1 says:

    Hook and Regina is a bad combination, coz a villian and villian just wouldnt work, you want someone to bring the best version out of you, this pairing just wont, esp at the stage Regina is in. Just my cents anyhow.

    I for one see Emma growing strong – she has to, she needs strength and having someone like Hook around, not in the sense of just romance or shipping but someone to bring her strength esp if teaming up. You have Emma and Hook at a stage where lot of things that have happened to them have been similar, and are at the letting go phrase, well get closure in future from the past to move ahead fully, Who else can understand Emma but Hook as we saw the hints of it on the beanstalk episode. Also Love heals – just like Henry brought that to Emma, and then her family. Anfd which love has to for Emma and Hook.

    • meg says:

      agreed. Regina and Hook are bad for each other. I don’t want to see him with anyone else but Emma. They have the best scenes and their personalities would make them forever interesting.

    • meg says:

      totally. Regina and Hook are not good for each other. Plus, their own characters’ journeys aren’t as complementing as Hook and Emma’s. I see Hook and Emma pushing the other to deal and overcome their issues.

  30. fd1 says:

    Hook is so an Anti hero… though he is well aware of the things he has done, and holds his hands upto it and doesnt hide it, he owes up to it. I am sure he doesnt want to be his namesake anymore-and we know why he became that in the first place.
    I hope season 3 brings more Hook, and Hook-Emma interactions, i like Hook to read Emma again, she is an open book for him.

    • Christine says:

      I love Emma and Hook interactions, even when she’s tying him up ;) they have great banter and chemistry.

  31. ej says:

    Why does everyone turn this into a CaptainSwan fest? Do only shippers have questions/comments? Matt, I have found that so many of the OUAT interviews this season have been heavy on the shipping questions, which has detracted from getting actual information about the show and encouraged readers/fans/commentators who only want to shout out their ship or say mean things about others.

    Personally, I have not yet grown fond of Hook, but I am looking forward to more of his backstory. His character seems to be a lot like Spike on Buffy, who at first just appeared to be an inept villain out for Number 1 who got his butt kicked a lot in the process, but in spite of being a bad guy, his backstory of how he got that way and his fumblings toward trying to overcome revenge to redeem himself ended up rather compelling. He even got the savior… for a short while in a seriously dysfunctional mess of a relationship, which is pretty much how I’d see Hook and Emma going. Might be fun in a pseudo-incestuous love triangle way, but since the show is not about who is shagging whom, I’d rather the interviews focused more on the character development and not whose pants everyone may or may not get into just because Emma is single and so-and-so is easy on the eyes. Please stop treating this show like a soap opera by pandering to the shippers. It’s not Melrose Place: The Enchanted Forest.

  32. Luxxxy says:

    Colin seems like such a sweetheart. I’m glad people are warming up to his character again. I was worried he would be written out since everyone b*tched about how much they hated Hook.

    • lyn says:

      Keep in mind that Hook took a married woman he met in a tavern away from her husband and son. Forget Milah’s reasons. Only someone with little or no moral compass could love a woman like that. One doesn’t fall in love over their first mug of ale. Sorry, for me, Hook is scum.

      • Christine says:

        Milah came to him and begged to be taken away – Hook didn’t steal her. At least he didn’t do anything as awful as Rumpel who ripped the mother of his son’s heart out and crushed it to bits just because she fell in love with a dashing pirate.

        • K says:

          No, he just shot an unarmed, innocent woman in the back, effectively killing her, just because his enemy fell in love with her. Yessir, that is an anti-hero and not a villain.

          • AR says:

            Difference is we know why he did it, he said why to hurt Rumpel’s heart and also the she is alive still and also still had her two hands and a heart

        • lyn says:

          Rumpel had Bae with him when he confronted them in the tavern, so Hook knew she had a child. How could he respect a woman who abandons her child? And how could he love a woman he didn’t respect?

      • as111 says:

        Milah was not a weak woman, who would be taken just like that… she fell in love with adventures and felt trapped with Rumpel seeing as she did ask him to move to another place away from ppl gossiping about them and thinking they are cowards, and i think Milah made the decision for herself to choose to leave on the pirate ship maybe leaving the port and then her and Hook fell in love. Fair enough you dont like Hook but look at the bigger picture, coz Milah leaving couldnt have happened like your saying. Hook even tried to protect Milah when Rumpel who turned dark one wanted to know where she is.

  33. as111 says:

    I think Hook is liked well by majority of ppl in the fandom, its just that some minor peeps have petty issues with it, for some reason – like him shooting Belle or thinking he is the worst of the worst which infact he isnt.
    Character wise and acting wise Colin is brilliant!… More Hook in season 3 please! and CS ;)

    • Christine says:

      some people have a skewed perception of the characters. They hate hook because they think he’s oh so evil yet they love Gold and excuse him. Personally I think both are great characters along with all on the show but Hook is my favorite and keeps me tuning in. So YES lots more Hook in Season 3 please

      • lyn says:

        I don’t think Hook is evil. I think he has no scruples. Big difference.

        • Ronnie says:

          Hook made sure Aurora got her heart back so that’s concrete proof he has ‘some’ scruples – now how many he has is up for debate – I look forward to what current Hook will show us in the finale.

      • meg says:

        Agreed. Honestly Rumple and Regina and Cora are the worst characters in terms of evil-ness. God, Hook is not even close and people used to react to him like he’s the worst villain. Dude’s an anti-hero, some people should learn the difference.

  34. AR222 says:

    More Hook and please some Captain Swan scenes! A love story of two ppl falling in love who are broken.

  35. Tricks says:

    Thanks Matt for the interview, Colin is great as Hook, so i am glad to see Hook centric episode. And seeing Neverland, i like the idea of it being darkness because thats what Hook was dwelling in, so it makes sense Neverland would be that for now esp when he was there. Looking forward to Hook and Charming team up, and hope we see Emma/Hook meet up again, thats been a long time coming. I find it interesting that they are meeting at a point where they are kinda getting some sort of closure/letting go of their past. These two seem to mirror each other in what they have been through, and who they are and done to them. I see Hook choosing to save lives in Storybrooke then having it blown up just to kill one man.

  36. meg says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HOOK soo much! Best addition to the cast! I agree with y’all. He needs more scenes with Emma. :) I love his character so much! Very interesting, very layered! Can’t wait to find out more!

  37. Eshaan says:

    Fan of Hook’s. i like how many sides he has to him, and what the actor brings out of him – the funny side,rogue side,angry side, smart side (he is intelligent and resourceful which the other villians do not realise when they want him to their dirty work) I like the complexity he has, and want to see more of that. i believe he loved Milah very much, and very fiercely to go after revenge for so many years, so i do agree with the few comments that he is a man that loves deeply and his main goal for what he does has been for love and not for power/magic. Another thing i like is however much he fails, he still gets up and fights, he does not want or rely on magic. A man who loves like he has, is the man i want for Emma, coz she deserves a love like that as someone mentioned to choose her, fight for her. Hook and Emma can bond and can be open to one another, coz they wont judge one another. So yes i do like the potential of Hook-Emma.

    • lyn says:

      And how does Hook loving a woman who abandoned her child without a backward glance fit with your assessment? Leaving her husband is excusable, but how does one respect a woman who walks away from her child?

      • AQ says:

        You acting like she killed her child or something – abandoned him to anyone in a gutter or something, she left the child with the father who as we saw were close to one another. Also i find murdering her was wrong on all levels, by the husband doesnt matter if she left him, but this was the mother of his son, i think that overrules her running off at some level!

  38. Jay says:

    Thx. One day to the finale. Finally some more Hook and his backstory on revenge, and seeing how he will be in the present. Hook with the Clan Charmings is something i want to see esp Emma and Hook scenes.

  39. JECS says:

    Hook <3 and Hook-Emma <3