The CW Renews Nikita and The Carrie Diaries

Nikita RenewedDivision may be dead, but Nikita is not: The CW has renewed the spy thriller for a shortened fourth (and likely final) season. The Carrie Diaries, meanwhile, has been greenlit for a second season.

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The Maggie Q-star vehicle and the Sex and the City prequel join the network’s previously picked up series The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Hart of Dixie, Arrow and Beauty and the Beast for the 2013-14 season.

Exact episode counts for both shows will be announced next week at the CW’s fall “upfront” presentation in New York, but Nikita boss Craig Silverstein confirmed on Twitter that the show received a short order (we’re hearing just six episodes).

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news.

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  1. Taryn says:

    wow! I though the Carrie Diaries was a goner for sure!!!!

  2. Kresh says:

    How much is shortned exactly? :)

    • Carter says:

      I think usually 10-14 eps.

      • ggny says:

        Deadline is saying 6 episodes

        • luli says:

          I hope they do at least 10 episodes!!! 6 is not enough!!

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            You got a renewal, don’t complain!

          • Joy says:

            Be VERY happy if you get 6. Back in the old days of the CW (UPN/WB) us TV fans didn’t get a shortened final season to wrap up our shows and give us closure. No…we got Veronica Mars walking away in the rain wondering if Keith would win the election. We got Angel and team heading out to fight off all sorts of beasts and dragons. We got Brooke getting run over by Nicole Julian on Popular. Enjoy what you can get Nikita fans. We weren’t all so lucky.

          • Meg says:

            Ausiello just tweeted and confirmed: 6 episodes

          • Nikita deserves more episodes than Carrie Diaries or the poorly acted BATB combined.

          • Caitlin says:

            This is in response to Joy since I couldn’t reply directly to her post.

            In regards to the Angel finale, that one isn’t on the network. That one is on Joss. He was the one that asked the network for a final decision in February so he could tweak the end of the season if need be. Don’t get me wrong, I was so upset it got cancelled (it surpassed Buffy in my opinion) but the way it ended is completely on Joss and his decision to end it that way. And he did a number of interviews after the show ended about why he left it that way. It was a completely intentional thing on his part that he would have done regardless because if fit with the theme of Angel more than it would have if he’d tried to do it on Buffy.

        • Mikael says:

          I’m glad Nikita is getting a final season, but only 6 episodes?? That doesn’t put it at syndication numbers, does it? It doesn’t make sense. If CW gave it a full season it would hit the magic number and that would mean more money. Have they lowered the syndication minimum or something? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy the show gets a chance to end properly, but it just seems like such a stupid move.

  3. Lorena says:


    • Gwen says:

      I don’t even care that it’s a shortened season…at least “Nikita” will be able to finish the story! Thank you, CW!

    • Joan rennaker says:

      The only show I watch (and love) is nikita. So I will watch CW for at least 6 times next season.
      Then hope some other streaming company (Netflix ?) will want to pick it up for more episodes and garner more viewers

      On a separate note CW is making a smart move to go streaming and without a monthly fee . As much as I like Nikita I would not subsidize shows I dislike. That is the problem with other networks on cable and satellite. We quit direct tv because we didn’t want to pay a high fee so all of the sports could be less. In streaming we pick specific shows (and are even willing to pay a reasonable fee for the season in 3 cases.)

  4. Jdurbs says:

    Good to hear – can the Nikita fans kindly stfu now?!

  5. Mike says:

    That actually is a shocker. Good for the fans.

  6. carrie is renewed , i’m like OMG

  7. Whom says:

    What’s a TK episode order?

  8. OWL says:

    Wait! WHAT!! The CW must be creating imaginary money to bring back The Carrie Ovaries. Good for Nikita tho. :)

    • Temperance says:

      The Carrie Diaries is really charming, and the music and fashion is pretty much back now, so it’s a great forum for product placement (which probably offsets the ratings). I enjoy the show quite a bit, though it’s clearly targeted to teens.

  9. Karl Sinclair says:

    Woot!!! It hasn’t been as good this season, but Nikita is still a pretty fantastic show. Glad to know it has some life left in it!

  10. Helen says:

    Wooooooooowwww for carrie diaries!! At least one show that I watch is now renewed….I’m so happy!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Shortened season? Noooooo. But I guess I should just be happy Nikita got renewed! …And TCD renewed? Seriously?? I’m shocked (and a bit annoyed).

  12. Jessica says:

    So glad Carrie Diaries got renewed. It really got great the last few episodes, and I would have been bummed if we didn’t get to see the payoff of Walt coming out.

  13. Alan says:

    YES!! thankfully the cw saw sense and renewed their best series. even if the next is the last im just glad to see more of it. now tell the producers in advance if it is or not so they can work towards an ending.

  14. Lauren says:

    Yay for Carrie Diaries! I was pretty confident Nikita would be back, but I thought for sure Carrie Diaries was a goner.

  15. Heglis says:

    uaooooooo i’m very happy to see again carrie!!!! thanks cw!!!!

  16. ggny says:

    Wow Carrie Diaries getting renewed is a big surprise.

  17. akii says:

    Honestly 90210 should be back Nikita’s ratings werent that much better and to be honest Hell Cats shouldve been renewed and nikita should have been canceled

    • Mike says:

      90210 had already reached syndication, Nikita will reach syndication with this final renewal.

    • Peter W says:

      hell yeah couldnt agree any more with what u just said :) and YAY carries coming back :) but will never forgive the cw for canceling 90210

    • Vdforme says:

      90210 has been averaging .5 million viewers and NIKITA hss been averaging 1.4 million viewers

  18. M3rc Nate says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! Any word on if its the final season? Any clue what shortened implies?(episode count wise)

    • Jdurbs says:

      Shortened implies shorter :P But seriously…when OTH and Gossip Girl got shortened final seasons it was like 10-13 eps

  19. TK-episode order? What does TK mean? :S
    Oh, and is the upcoming season, being that it’s shortened, going to be it’s final season? Any word on that?

  20. Elyse says:

    SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY ABOUT THE CARRIE DIARIES :) :) I thought it would definitely be canceled! is Nikita’s shortened 4th season its final season?

  21. Kat says:

    FINALLY. i’m hoping the shortened order of Nikita isn’t as short as i had previously heard. *fingers crossed*

    • m says:

      Craig Silverstain already said it will not be a full season

      • Kat says:

        yeah, but i’m hoping they’ll have more than 6-10 episodes. i think 12 wouldn’t be terribly difficult to accommodate. either way, i’m glad we have one more season to wrap things up

  22. Esther says:

    Happy Nikita was renewed.

  23. xavier says:

    Nikita Will Be Back?! Oh Yeah! Life Is Good!!!!!

  24. lorna says:

    90210 and hod are so awful. Good riddance the previews make me cringe. Yay for carrie.

  25. William says:

    YES!!!! I’m so glad that The Carrie Diaries got renewed because I was really nervous about its fate. The show has a lot of potential and I cannot wait to see what the second season has to offer.

  26. Everyone says:

    why carrie diaries? emilyowens rated better and was canceled

    • ggny says:

      Ya i still dont get CW decision on Emily Owens. Something must have happened we dont know about the show was growing out of HOD and was better rated them a few of the shows they renewed. They cut the cord kinda fast with Emily Owens

      • Georgia Madman says:

        Emily Owens sucked even worse than TCD. I know its hard to believe! But that’s why it got cancelled. I was confident that I wouldn’t have to suffer through any more TCD scoops next year. Such a waste of airtime.

      • mia says:

        Emily Owens struggled to find its voice I thought. They were doctors, but the show had a high-school vibe to it and the lack of maturity and confidence was a bit….confusing.

    • Temperance says:

      Simple, The Carrie Diaries is a far superior show. I liked Emily Owens well enough, but it didn’t have much of anywhere to go.

  27. Zack says:

    NIKITA!!!! Hoping the shortened season isn’t 10…maybe 13 or so

    Happy regardless!

  28. angelstorm says:

    Why are they doing a mini season ? :( Oh well – I’ll take it !

  29. yairal says:

    I’m super surprise with TCD renewal… I guess they didn’t like their pilots!

  30. CJ says:

    Based on its ratings, I can’t complain about Nikita’s shortened season. I’m just grateful they’ve been given a chance to wrap up the series for those of us who have stuck it out this whole time. Happy for fans of The Carries Diaries as well.

  31. Jannie says:

    Yay for THE CARRIE DIARIES!! I had just about lost hope, it’s my favourite new show :) so happy it’s been renewed

  32. David says:

    OMG! So happy for Nikita! Yeah Team! Great work and I am so thrilled!

  33. Randy says:

    I gave Carrie Diaries a chance. It is unwatchable. If the CW wants to know why they can’t make up ground, stop green lighting shows that ABC Family would pass on. Also, keep it fresh. No more retreads. Buffy was my favorite show ever, I’m scared CW will eventually try a remake.

  34. Eric says:

    Super happy to hear about Nikita. But six eps only? That’s really short! But at least the fans get some closure. Also shocked to hear that the Carrie Diaries was renewed, but even though I don’t watch it regularly, it’s not a bad little show!

  35. Sarah says:

    Nikita is so good it just sucks that it is on the cw n on a Friday night. I’m happy it got renewed!!!

  36. Kat says:

    I’m glad The Carrie Diaries is renewed. the show has a lot of potential. I hope writing will be better next season, some of the characters are starting to annoy me.

  37. jon says:

    So happy Nikita was renewed and even if its only for a few episodes hopefully that means they’ll be really good episodes and there won’t be much filler. Also even though it might be the final season I kind of wish it wouldn’t be the last and instead they would just do like 13 episode seasons(like cable) for Nikita so there wouldn’t be as much filler and that way the CW could try new shows at midseason when Nikita ended.

    • Alan says:

      when has there ever been filler on nikita? i think its the one show that makes everything count.

      • jon says:

        yeah while I agree there usually isn’t filler on Nikita I felt like the first couple of episodes this season with the hunt for the dirty thirty and well those first episodes in general were a bit slow and I was just saying that if these are the only episodes we’re getting they should try to go all out.

  38. jake says:

    I would much rather watch Nikita then the stupid should have ended Vampire Diaries.

  39. Sg. Grant says:

    Based on syndication and Nikita’s strong sales overseas, that renewal was a no-brainer. Based on Carrie Diaries abysmal ratings and its renewal, this year’s crop of new pilots must be absolutely garbage.

  40. dude says:

    It seems stupid not to renew it for a full season when they’re so close to syndication but I guess that’s why I don’t work at The CW.

  41. Georgia says:

    SO HAPPY THAT CARRIE DIARIES HAS BEEN RENEWED!!!!! Now if only DirecTV would have CW availab le for Watch or Record on Demand.

  42. mia says:

    Do they have new management over at the CW or something?? Cause they’ve really done their loyal viewers a huge service by renewing like everything this season. Props to the CW for this bold move. Goes a long way to restoring faith.

  43. Allison P says:

    Yay for Nikita!!!!!

  44. Jason says:

    I checked out of Nikita after a few episodes. Did they ever have any cameos from the original series like Peta Wilson or anyone?

    • Diiii says:

      There was Alberta Watson and some others in the second and third season. Check it out! :)

    • jon says:

      Alberta Watson had a recurring role as a character named Madeline as a nod to the original series but she didn’t actually play the same character.

  45. Kalee says:

    Holy crap, 6 episodes? It’s better than nothing but barely. :( Such a short swan song…

  46. Lisa says:

    Nikita renewed…YAHOO!!!!!

  47. Leah says:

    Bittersweet news for Nikita… I’m happy it’s renewed, but disappointed because a shortened season almost definitely means it will be the final season.. Hopefully it’ll be more than 6 episodes,but at least the writers will be able to give it a proper send off.

  48. E says:

    Yess!! Nikita is renewed!

  49. Amanda says:

    I am glad Nikita got renewed for season 4. even if it is shortened, it means they can tie up story lines and end it properly. Happy about this.

  50. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Glad the Nikita got renewed but it will not be a full season though.