Report: Fox to Revive 24 as Limited Series

24 Returns to FoxFox may restart the clock on 24.

The network is looking to bring back the Emmy-winning real-time thriller as a limited series event, Deadline reports.

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No deals are in place in front of or behind the screen, but Kiefer Sutherland is said to be in early talks to reprise his role as Jack Bauer. Former 24 boss Howard Gordon, meanwhile, would likely oversee the revival, per Deadline.

News of a possible 24 rebirth comes just hours after Fox pulled the plug on Sutherland’s Touch.

Thoughts? Does this sound like the best or worst idea ever?

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  1. Aren’t the main people doing Homeland?

  2. Elyse says:


  3. None given says:


  4. Eric says:

    Well this was unexpected.

  5. mike10dude says:

    OMG this would be so awesome much better then doing a movie

  6. Sg. Grant says:


    Just kidding. This is great.

  7. Tim says:

    Limited in what way? Also I wonder how this affects the “movie”

    • I wonder if this will replace the movie.

    • dude says:

      It’s possible this would be instead of the movie?

    • theschnauzers says:

      Think “limited” in the sense that :”Hatfields & McCoys” or “The Bible” or “American Horror Story (season one) were described as “limited” series,

      I would think this would probably be intended by FOX as a substitute to having a movie, something the FOX brass weren’t too keen on.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I think you could even call “Hell on Wheels” a limited series of two seasons, considering the creators only had that two season long story in mind, they made it, then left.

        I hope they have taken their time and really written an amazing story from beginning-middle-end. Dont write as you go along or just think of something to write cause you want more 24…truly think of a epic story that i imagine will end with Jack dying in the end.

    • a 24 minute episode, so they can keep the title.

  8. Joe says:

    I JUST HAD A Seizure!!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Well I love 24 but I hope this doesn’t ruin the show. They ended it well and Jack got his happy ending so I’m not sure how they’d bring it back…

  10. Mike says:

    Maybe this limited run will lead to the movie like the netflix run of AD is leading to the movie.

  11. majamababe says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, bu Jack did not get his happy ending. He’s out there in the world somewhere…alone as always. But am glad they are considering bringing 24 back. Jack Bauer is THE MAN!

  12. Jmom says:

    WOW still watch old episodes on netflix

  13. Joseph says:

    One of the smartest things that FOX has done in a very very long time , they should do this as a 8 or 12 episode series each year ,
    In fact , I really wish that a Network would do a series taking a cue from America Horror Story ,
    Create an 8 – 12 episode story , and then follow it with a related but new story for another 8 – 12 episodes ,
    Do this two or three times a year , so that in the end you get 24 – 36 episodes per season ,

  14. Mel says:

    Limited Series? So, won’t they have to change the name? :-)

  15. Jason says:

    WHat about Firefly?

  16. mawhi says:

    Ummmmm. HOW could 24 with less than 24 episodes?

    • Katie_Mead says:

      Obviously the Limited Series would need to be called “12” or “8”, or whatever ends up as the most appropriate number! ;)

    • Matt says:

      24 refered the timespan the show took place over. If they do 10 episodes that take place over 24 hours (abandoning real time) then the name still fits. As well, they could always do 12 episodes in the new limited format, cliffhanger, 12 episodes for a second “revived” season that take place right after the first 12. This would put a 2-year story arc over 24 hours, AND 24 episodes.

  17. Rachel says:

    This is the best news :) hope they do it…..let the drinking games begin again…Dammit!!!

  18. Wrstlgirl says:

    Now you’ve got my attention! This is the shizzzzz!!

  19. Haley. says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, I hope this is true. I am already screaming.

  20. Cat says:

    Hot damn! Fantastic!!!!

  21. RobMF says:

    Note to Fox, CARLOS BERNARD pls&thx.

  22. Michelle says:

    OMG that would just be the best thing ever!!!!! I really hope this happens unlike the “24” movie we’ve been waiting on for what seems like FOREVER.

  23. Dianne says:

    OMGoodness, I am a happy woman. Monday nights have never been the same. There will be renewed interest because of the recent terror attackl.

  24. Rob Thomas says:

    In wake of recent events this sounds about right. This is in no way a bad idea if Keifer is back

  25. Christine says:

    I feel like I have gone back in time…lol

  26. Don J says:

    Read the original Deadline story. It would be a 24 episode season, but the story arc would be entirely self contained.

  27. Pat Hatt says:

    This is the best tv news ever, Fox better do it damn it! Tony better come back too! And Aaron as well after they shunned him in season 8.

  28. Becky Santiago says:

    Please bring back 24 on TV or movies. There’s no one better then Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer!!!

  29. Broadwayfan says:

    I gave up on ’24’ midway into the 2nd season. I know it was hugely popular. TOUCH wasn’t 5 murders a week, but I really liked it. Granted, the first season was better than the 2nd. But I loved seeing this caring dad, with a special child that he treasured. The little boy playing Jake was great. He could convey so much without saying a word. I hope we get a conclusion to the story; that’s all I ask.

  30. James says:

    what the whaaaaaaaaa? this came out of left field but DAMNIT this is DAMNIT awesome. I was always sad that the never did a follow up, Jack Baur on my TV screen is always a good thing DAMNIT. (had to do it :))

  31. If it continues the main story we’ve followed (patiently) for years and waited (more patiently) for years longers, than this isn’t a bad idea. But Nellie Andreeva on Deadline said something about “starting from scratch” and THAT is the WORST idea.

    I liked “24” but not enough to see a brand new take on Jack Bauer take on the same old problems. You’re also telling the audience “We don’t care what kind of attachment you’ve developed with Jack (or Chloe or Kim or Tony)… REBOOT, WHOO!” and that sucks.

    It’s already not really “24” without the real-time action (which is OK) but without the original story arcs to call back on/continue with, it really isn’t “24” but something else entirely.

  32. Jim Edwards says:

    Great news but don’t shortchange us on quality. Bringing back 24 is a great idea but some hybrid version would be judged on its own merit.

  33. Mar says:

    Say yes. Oh please please please say this is going to happen! Otherwise I will be forever watching the 8 seasons on Netflix waiting for something, anything to come on TV that could ever be as good as 24 was.

  34. Jordan says:

    best idea ever

  35. bobbie says:

    I couldn’t watch this show. I tried a couple of times but never got past episode 2. I watched 10 minutes of “homeland” before turning it off (it turned me off).

  36. Brandon says:


  37. kcflake says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Would love me some more 24. Do it fox.

  38. Joseph Perry says:


  39. Olivia says:

    YES at last, 24. I loved it and want more, more, more.

  40. Robin Evans says:

    Yessss! OMG yes!!! My family and I can’t wait!!!! Bring it on!!! We know FOX will do a great job!!!

  41. Aaron says:

    I have 75.4 gbs with the entire 24 series on it…loved it I still watch it…but to kill Touch to do it..don’t think I like that..I hope this won’t be a cheesy way to back out of the movie they were planning…we can only hope

  42. josephine says:

    Best news i’ve ever read in my life! Thank you so much and looking forward to complete closure on the story.

  43. Joe says:

    This is the best news ever I hope it happens way better than a movie I need to see jack every week Touch was so awful

  44. Derek Johnson says:

    Very exciting!

  45. TVDIVA says:

    Farscape came back as a great miniseries. 24 can do the same thing as a miniseries or a limited 10 episode run during the summer. Touch just did not have enough going for it, even with a retooling to be something a mass audience would follow.

  46. Jean bohrn says:

    I can’t wait!!! It was the most thrilling, suspenseful, heart throbbing, nail biting show ever. I loved every character on the show, especially the indistructable Jack Bauer. This show should have never been canceled. The writers are fantastic!!!

  47. Joanne says:

    I Love 24! Still watch it on Netflix!!! Please bring it Back!!! And PLEASE. MAKE A MOVIE!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAiTIng. For It!!!! LOVE 24!!

  48. Don J says:

    David Fury, who was a writer on 24, posted on his Twitter feed that he’s involved with this. He said it will be 12 episodes.

  49. Jennifer says:

    This is not how I wanted to find out about the fate of Touch (which I love) but if Fox does bring 24 back I can be ok with that.