The Voice Live Playoffs (Night 1) Recap: True Colors Shining Through [Updated]

The Voice season 4 Amber CarringtonThings we learned on Night One of The Voice‘s Season 4 Live Playoffs:

Shakira is nothing more than “a little ant in the infinity of the universe.” (Her words, not mine.) Usher has either very dubious taste in music or a very sneaky strategy of saddling his two least-favorite team members with a pair of the most overplayed ditties in the history of reality singing competitions. There may have been something stronger than coffee in Blake Shelton’s Starbucks cup. And Christina Milian never fails to disappoint in a live interview scenario. (Her dingbattery is so reliable at this point that I dare say it borders on impressive!)

But enough about those jaunty judges — let’s try and get some focus back on the contestants by running down tonight’s set list with letter grades for every performance. (Just to clarify, America will vote through two members of Team Adam and two from Team Usher, then the coaches will save one of their two remaining “at risk” contestants.)

Team Adam: Amber Carrington — Rihanna’s “Stay” | Here’s hoping Amber getting the dreaded lead-off spot (well, after the disjointed Team Usher group performance) doesn’t leave the country diva in need of a save from her coach. Because, honestly, her combination of technical perfection, vocal clarity, intriguing riffs on the melody and quiet emotional power was the best thing that happened all night. (Plus, girlfriend KILLED IT on the really excellent Team Adam performance of “Shake It Out.”) Bottom line: Season 4 without Amber would be like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup without the chocolate. Grade: A

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley — Muse’s “Starlight” | Shakira was right that this was Josiah’s best performance to date — dude hit most of his notes and didn’t get drown out by the band as badly as he did on his Amy Winehouse cover last week. That said, his tone is as common as a dandelion on your front yard in April, and the way his nose kept hitting the mic drove me bonkers (a shallow complaint, but nevertheless a deeply held one). Grade: B-

Team Adam: Sarah Simmons — Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” | There’s something seriously intriguing about the way Sarah’s voice shreds in certain places and gets all goose-down delicate in others. And while Usher was right that “there were a few little things” (that’s Wuss-anese for “you hit a couple hinky notes, grrrlll!”), there’s no denying Sarah also brought a stark emotionalism (and a Stevie Nicks Collection cape) to the number that was mesmerizing. Grade: A-

Team Usher: Cathia — Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” | Phooey! Getting stuck with “I Have Nothing” is like being forced to order seafood at a restaurant on Mondays: You know you’re not getting anything fresh, and you just have to hope that it doesn’t end in feelings of cold sweats and nausea. Cathia sounded pretty solid on the first third of the ballad, but after that, only about half of her adlibs managed landed in the right spot. Usher’s faint praise was a pretty clear sign that she won’t be the one getting his save come Wednesday — and let’s be honest, she’s gonna need it. Grade: C+

Team Adam: Caroline Glaser — Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” | There’s no denying her tone’s as bright and intoxicating as fresh lilacs, and yet Caroline’s affected pronunciations and stylized approach hinder the effectiveness of her performances. Even after a second listen, I could only understand maybe 40 percent of the words Caroline sang during the middle third of the performance — and that’s a problem for a gal who wants to reside in the singer-songwriter universe, no? [Side note: I did not appreciate Carson’s leading segue into Blake’s critique, insisting that because Caroline was in the country coach’s “wheelhouse” that he “must’ve loved it.” Don’t put words in Blake’s mouth! Harumph.] Grade: B

Team Usher: Vedo — Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” | And just when you thought “I Have Nothing” had wrapped up the title for the Night’s Most Played-Out Song Choice, Usher goes and gives “Against All FRAKKING ODDS” to Vedo (who is an aspiring musician but has never heard of Phil Collins — alrighty then). Nevertheless, the guy took his boulder-sized lemon and made a decent pitcher of Country Time thanks to a stripped-down, piano-heavy arrangement and an impressive commitment to his task that upgraded the tired ballad to something that approached the corner of “stirring” and “fairly solid.” Grade: B

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel — Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” | I’m not gonna lie: I teared up during Michelle’s rehearsal package, at about the exact same time she teared up answering Usher’s question what “True Colors” meant to her. And while her tempo seemed a wee bit off on the opening lines, she quickly yanked out her in-ear monitor and hit her stride, delivering the ballad with a music-box delicacy that was in stark contrast to her rousing “Raise Your Glass” last week. And unlike so many “quirky” contestants we’ve seen on reality singing shows through the years, Michelle’s gawky squats and oversized glasses and general sweet-goofiness fit her as comfortably as an old t-shirt. She’s the real deal — as a singer and a personality. Grade: A-

Team Adam: Judith Hill — Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” | This just in…Los Angeles police have put out an APB desperately seeking the melody of “Feeling Good,” which inexplicably vanished during Judith Hill’s cover on tonight’s episode of The Voice. Okay, I kid, I kid! Well, only partially. There’s no denying Judith’s got huge pipes and an undeniable charisma, but her performance tonight simply tried too hard to put a fresh spin on a standard that’s been done by Adam Lambert, Melanie Amaro, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Jennifer Hudson (in that amazing Weight Watchers commercial), Dez Duron, (most recently) Lazaro Arbos and too many other reality singing show competitiors to list. None of Judith’s melodic choices really captured the celebratory vibe of the number, and I particularly hated the meaninglessness of that elongated pause and exaggerated stomp with her back to the stage after “freedom is mine.” I know it’s easy to take shots at early front-runners, to want to drag them back in line with the pack so they don’t pull too far ahead and ruin the fun of the competition, but in this case, Judith got clearly outperformed by two of her three #TeamAdam cohorts. She ought to be in trouble, but all the early hype (and a powerful showing on the group rendition of “Shake It Out”) mean she probably won’t be. Grade: B

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of the first night of Season 4 Live Playoffs? Who was your favorite? Who’s going to be in trouble come results night? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Danny says:

    Wow!! Adam’s going to have a tough choice on who to save. I thought all 4 were outstanding on his team. I thought Judith won the night w/ Sarah a close 2nd. Caroline & Amanda were also terrific. I’m not sure which of those 2 I’d have 3rd.
    As for Usher, I thought 3 of 4 did real well. I’d say Michelle won, Vedo 2nd, Josiah was surprisingly good. I liked him a lot. I’d have him at 3rd.
    I thought both groups were pretty good too. I also thought Usher did an excellent job of coaching. All in all a real good show.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Adam definitely has the strongest team – but Amber was the true standout. Both Sarah and Judith tried to do much for me, but Amber landed every single note with confidence. I think Vedo did really well considering the dumbest song choice ever (except of course, every song Cee Lo has every picked). I really like Vedo in general.

      • Danny says:

        Amber was great. I agree. I just thought Judith and Sarah were a touch better. I thought Caroline was extremely good too. However the voting turns out, people are going to be mad at Adam for who he saves and at the voters for who they voted for.
        Out of curiousity, how come you think Vedo got a rotten song to sing? I see a lot of people agree w/ you. I truly don’t know though. I thought it was a good song choice. So my question to you (or anyone who cares to answer) is serious. I’m at a loss as to why it was a bad song choice.

        • The Beach says:

          Because both Vedo’s and Cathia’s songs are so over-done (not to mention over-wrought) on singing cometiton shows.

          • The Beach says:

            *competition (why no edit button?)

          • Lee says:

            I felt bad for Cathia. That was the wrong song choice. I think Usher chose it to challenge Cathia, but he should still be aware of her limitations. The same can be said for Josiah. However, I felt he turned in his best performance to date. Usher may have good singing tips but his song choices are questionable. I felt Judith turned in the best performance of the night.

          • bingham says:

            Yes, Usher picked a terrible terrible song for Cathia, I think she’s doomed. And for Adam’s team, I’d eliminate Caroline but he seems to be stuck on her for some reason that I just don’t get.

        • Adeem says:

          Sarah had moments — overdone song didn’t help, and she drops off so much that she loses the song (did that in the group song too).

          • AlyB says:

            That’s exactly how I heard it too. I’m confused by the mad love for her vocals. I actually would like to see Judith, Amber & Caroline get through for Adam’s team. Sarah just didn’t sound that good to me and am left wondering what I’m not hearing that has everyone saying how great she is. It didn’t help that she looked like she was dressed for a LOTR convention.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          I think Vedo’s song choice was weird because: a) I think only Phil Collins can sing it *great,* b) it has been attempted a million times with lackluster results (see A), and c) it has absolutely nothing to do with the market he wants to be in and it didn’t really highlight the best things about his voice at all.

          • Mike says:

            ok, was it me or was that a strange arrangement of Against All Odds? I swear he missed half the words. They were all nice to him in his review and I’m sitting there going, “um, he forgot the words to the song”. Now I wonder if it was just an odd arrangement.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Oh, I forgot about that Jedi mind trick – yes, he did forget the words. Totally weird they didn’t bring it up. I think Vedo was just glad he remembered *most* of the words. LOL. Poor kid. I like him….

          • Ian says:

            Just to pile on to the other replies here: yes, he sang the wrong lyrics at several points. I rewound it and turned on closed captioning and it agreed.

        • Sookie says:

          I thought it was obvious that Usher picked that song to play up the sympathy vote for his recent loss. But, not all songs Vedo sings should have to evoke his grief and our sympathy. It just becomes a “pity party”.

        • Carrie says:

          Agreed – thought it was a great song choice, lyrically and vocally I thought it suited him beautifully. Maybe its me just being a fan of the song but I really loved his performance. I also don’t get the recap comments about Judith – her musicality is off the hook and the fact that she did such a unique version of the song made it interesting – considering how many times its been covered by professionals and singinging comp contestants I would think my beloved Slezak would appreciate how she turned it on its ear. Can we all just agree that Michelle Chamuel is our new boo? And that the talent and brilliant chemistry of the coaches on The Voice is why the ratings of Idol are down – no comparison – as much as I love me some Candice Glover, the Voice talent is beyond and when both Adam and Blake gave Usher props for his coaching techniques I was thinking “that would never happen on Idol/with Minaj”. Props to Usher – he gives his cool cat vibe from his spinning chair, but gets down and real with his team – can’t wait to see what Shakira does with hers tonight and how Blake manages to make each of his country artists standout.

      • ETG says:

        Agreed, Amber was phenomenal tonight. Judith came close. Sarah was a disappointment to me; don’t know if it was her emotion or what, but she got “pitchy” several times; I only enjoyed her performance when she got raspy.

      • The Beach says:

        ITA…I had liked Amber before but tonight she was just outstanding. I just hope singing first doesn’t hurt her in the voting.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Why was Vedo’s song choice dumb? (and how could he not only never have heard that song before but not even heard of Phil Collins? only a few like Whitney, Madonna, Michael Jackson ruled the charts more than he did in his heyday, ok sure that was a while ago for Vedo obviously but still)

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Oh, I am not throwing shade at Phil Collins – I just think very few people – aside from Phil Collins – can sing that song well. Maybe he put a spell on it or something ;) Vedo should of sang a song that aligned with his market. I think he is an R&B singer right? Or at least Usher could have chose a song for him that would highlight his voice and future intentions in some way. They have so few chances to make an impression it is shame to waste any opportunity on a song they would never, ever put on an album.

          • Tom22 says:

            Yeah, I agree. I’m going to toss him a full 10 votes because I want to hear more from him and I don’t thing the song gave him a chance (and importantly he put a good face to it and did a decent job and ever almost got something going a few times despite everything n the song (and the band.. band must be allergic to r&b … if he wanted to take it R&B common.. help him out ) worked against him. Pretty impressive for him “against the odds”

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Oh great. Nice that you voted for him. He sure did give it his best. I just want him to have a chance to sing a great song tailored for his voice so people can see what he can do. He’s a very likable dude. It would be nice if he could have that moment.

        • Danny says:

          Trivia Q involving Phil Collins. He’s one of 3 people who have sold over 100 million records as a solo artist and also as a member of a band. Does anyone know who the other 2 are?

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Sting? One of the Beatles?

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Hmm let me say Paul McCartney for the guy from The Beatles. I don;t know that Sting and The Police were quite that big though hmmm…. who else let me thing. I think I have to be correct with my Beatles guess.

          • The Beach says:

            Yeah, I was gonna guess Paul McCartney.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            hmm stumped on the second choice. I can only seem to think of other candidates who hit as solo or band alone. So Sir McCartney and ????? is my final answer.

          • AlyB says:

            Yeah I’m guessing its got to be Paul for sure. Sting is a good guess for the other. It could also be John Lennon though.

          • CR says:

            I’m not sure if the Jackson 5 count as a singing group or a band, but if they qualify as a band I would say Michael Jackson.

          • Danny says:

            The 3 are Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, & Phil Collins.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            hmm I guess I wasn’t think of the Jackson 5 as a band. I suppose they are though even though for some reason they don’t feel like they are one hah.

          • The Beach says:

            Ah, you fooled me with “band” as I would call Jackson 5 a “group”. I guess if I had been including groups I would have probably said Diana Ross.

    • Nab says:

      Can’t stand Caroline’s voice. Ick. Affected is too complimentary. She seems like a sweet girl but Adam picking her “indie sound” had all of the hallmarks of a marketing campaign.

      • AlyB says:

        I couldn’t disagree with you more. It’s not an affectation. That’s her natural tone and I really like it. She does have some issues with enunciating clearly but I love her sound so much I bought her song and the studio recording is really great. I’d prefer Caroline to make it through over Sarah. I don’t like the warble is Sarah’s voice at all

    • Maris says:

      I think Usher’s team is actually pretty weak, Michelle is the only one that stands out. Can we just keep Adam’s team and dump 2 of Usher’s artists?
      My ranking, because why not:
      1. Amber (before tonight I thought she was so bland and boring, sweet but nothing too special, boy she’s proving me wrong)
      2. Michelle (i’ve loved her from the start, nothing more to say there)
      3. Sarah (she’s still my favorite but i agree that she was not her strongest tonight)
      4. Caroline (I do have to say, I understand some people on here don’t like her voice etc but I had no problem understanding what she said & I love her)
      5. Judith (She was never my favorite but I understood why people had her at the top of their lists… this week I don’t get it)
      6. Cathia (I really liked her during mr. know it all but i think usher just wants her gone)
      7. Vedo (there’s just nothing about him that makes him stand out, especially with that song)
      8. Josiah (there’s nothing special about him besides the cringeworthy expressions)

    • Tom22 says:

      The voting is done , so I’m not telling anyone who to vote for. I know everyone has their own preference and respect that. I will say this.. no matter who performed better or worse last night I’ll be a lot less interested in the show without Carloline Glaser. I just cant’ stand listening to “big” voices for 2 hours .

      If nothing else I alos need someone who’ll sing stuff that the drummer won’t put a generic pop rock beat to. I can’t stand the generic beat and generic bass line either. I think the guys must be overworked. The need to hire a jazz drummer and a jazz bass player who’s got the felixbilty and knowledge of the songs to play real blues , real R&B and real standards.

      • pug says:

        I agree. Of the 4 women in Adam’s team Caroline is the only non-powerhouse vocalist. I wish she could stay in the competition. Can we just keep all of Adam’s team and get rid of two from Usher’s (not Michelle)?

  2. Cagney says:

    Amber was absolutely fantastic. The best of the evening. Loved her in the group number. Just love the tone iin her voice and the control she shows.

  3. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    ADAM: amber >judith>>>> caroline > sarah
    USHER: michelle >> cathia > josiha >> vedo
    feel like they kinda unfairly bused Cathia and some kinda propped Vedo a touch (Shakira found a creative way to get away from having to actually comment but the others seemed even out and out rather more supportive than warranted compared to what they said to Cathia at least)
    Sadly I think Cathia is a goner. And I know this blog and many posters here will hate on her since they tend to hate on her type and songs. More generally in the larger world It seems singing diva songs makes getting max votes tricky and Usher didn’t sound like he’d save her over the others (although he did give us the surprise, although warranted save last week, so one could hope…..).

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      it’s so hard to actually rank and in some ways it doesn’t even make sense though.
      maybe a little adjustment not that it matters:
      ADAM: amber>>judith>>>caroline>sarah
      USER: michelle>>cathia>josiah>>vedo
      For me going by tonight Vedo and Sarah should go home. Going by overall though I suppose Sarah bumps ahead of Caroline since I did like Sarah a lot before (tonight I got what some were going on about before about her having some goat in her voice though and she added some goaty runs that added nothing and maybe a little Harry Jr. advice might have helped) and either Josiah or Vedo goes.

      • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

        Josiah should go. I don’t know why Usher hates Cathia and Vedo so much. I wish we could keep all of Adam’s team and eliminate Kris Thomas and Garret in exchange.

        • Danny says:

          @Dan- I actually thought Vedo was pretty good. So I wouldn’t say Usher hates the guy. He’s improved a lot. As for Cathia, I don’t think she got bussed. Had she sang that song better, it could have been a breakout moment. If anything, I thought it was Shakira who was a little catty with her more than Usher doing anything to her. I do agree I wish we could keep all of Adam’s team. All 4 were real good. I see Hit’s list and while it’s not anything like mine, I also can’t disagree w/ it. All 4 can make a claim to #1 on Adam’s team.

          • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

            I don’t think by any means that Cathia and Vedo were horrible, I just think the song choice was something right out of the toilet. Very bad and crappy.

          • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

            In fact, I thought most were pretty good.

      • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

        Josiah should go. I don’t know why Usher hates Cathia and Vedo so much. I wish we could keep all of Adam’s team and eliminate Kris Thomas and Garret Whatever.

        • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

          Didn’t mean to post twice.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          it is weird that after he kept her it seemed like it was all setup to get her dumped now. Were the other judges taking out Ryan on Cathia? I mean she did beat him last week.

        • AlyB says:

          I think Cathia really does have a crazy powerfull and good voice. I have no idea why he’d give her a song that produces a collective eyeroll. I’m going to have to watch that again because I didn’t think it was awful at all though I can’t stand the song. Between that and the fawning praise of Sarah, who I didn’t think sounded very good at all, I’ve got a major disconnect happening.

          • pug says:

            If she was really great then she would have killed that song. Jessica Sanchez sang Whitney last year and got rave reviews. If the song is “too big” for Cathia, then she’s probably not that great. I thought Michelle was a goner when I first heard Usher’s song choice, but she absolutely transcended that and slayed True Colors. now THAT is a great singer.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Michelle did pull off True Colors amazingly well and yeah she rose that challenge, and I wasn’t entirely sure she would beforehand, but she proved she is for real. That said I don’t think she would handle that Whitney song very well. I don’t think Danielle would’ve managed it as well. Cathia really didn’t do that badly on it at all although Jessica more spectacularly powered it. Judith, Sasha, Amber are the only ones who might possibly do that one better than Cathia this season. Cathia does have some solid stage presence and her vocals are very good though. I’d say she is better than maybe nearly 2/3rds of them so it’s a shame she is not there. But yeah it probably would’ve been quite a long shot for her to actually win (although look how Cassiddee rose up and even knocked off Amanda Brown so who knows what happens on these shows, then again no way Cathia had that sort of fanbase to start) so once it came down to the last week yeah this cut is probably irrelevant at that point. So yeah it’s not like he cut one of THE absolute favorite few.

        • Beth says:

          Yes, goodbye Garrett.

      • Danny says:

        @Hit- Yea, the based on tonight or based on overall question. I always think it should be based on overall. I’d give a contestant a mulligan if they’ve been real good for weeks who has a bad performance.
        This sentence is only for example purposes, I realize this is a lot closer bunch, but it’s to make a point. What if Lazro over on AI had sang better than Janelle in top 6 week? Should he have really stayed while she was sent home?
        That’s a stretch I know. I’m just bringing that up as for why I’d go with overall rather than 1 night.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        actually gonna update it to:
        ADAM: amber>>judith>>>caroline>sarah
        USHER: michelle>>cathia>>josiah>vedo
        going by full body of work for sure michelle and cathia for user and amber and judith for adam

      • Beth says:

        If Caroline stays and Sarah goes home, then I know that earth has slipped off its axis. Sorry, Caroline is very pretty but has a teeny tiny weak voice and Sarah is totally unique with enormous range. Just please, make Josiah go away. I’m sure the young girls who vote will keep him around but I can’t stand watching his face squish up with all those mannerisms.

        • pug says:

          I think Caroline has a very pretty voice. I like Sarah but I wasn’t too crazy about her version of Angel. I agree that Josiah can go, perhaps put someone from Adam’s team in his place :-)

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Too bad about Cathia – her voice is stellar. Whitney was a dumb choice. It was just dumb and that wasn’t her fault. She still handled it well – but Usher’s comments kinda thew her under the bus. I absolutely think Josiah is totally contrived and that smirk really annoys me. The smirk is really not appropriate in *every* song. I mean really.

      • MyTake says:

        Couldn’t agree more regarding Josiahs smirk. He needs to stop doing the “model” look which might look fine in one still shot but having that on his face every minute just looks affected and annoying as hell.

      • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

        Since Josiah is not the best vocalist, I think he is using his smile to convince young, hormonal teenagers to vote for him. Teenagers, don’t be so weak!

        • Crittab says:

          You know it’s going to work though. It’s the same reason Dez (? – pretty boy from last season) made it to the end on Christina’s team.

          • MamaLis says:

            I see the comparison’s to Dez but I actually think Dez was way more talented than Josiah. Dez could sing and Dez put on a show. He worked for it. Josiah has… Blue Steal.

          • Mike says:

            Which was ridiculous as the other 3 were far better than Dez(ugh).

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Gawd – he drives me bonkers, ie, I fastforward after I see the first smirk… I can’t take it.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Yeah I don’t get it. Maybe the others did get all pissy over Ryan leaving in her battle and somehow it all led to a dangerous song to be given to her (she isn’t quite really a Whitney type other than a few pitchy things she carried off pretty movingly and fit it to her voice and style type as she could; and it seems that voters these days really tend to punish any Whitney covers) and not the best comments for her. A shame since we’ve seen how she can bring it plenty of weeks. Oh well. See what happens.

        • AlyB says:

          I think the song for her is the kiss of death. Giving her a totally overdone Whitney power ballad hurts her because hardly anyone is going to buy that itune and those sales count.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      if you look at three of Usher’s song choices they are old, fusty MTV-era selections instead of anything approaching a modern, current r&b song Usher might choose for himself…Michelle wowed but don’t voters get more excited by what is new and now and popular? IMO this just gives Adam’s team extra points with voters…it’s fine folks have coaches but I’m all in favor of singers collaborating on song choice, technique and style instead of submitting to celebrity overlords

      • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

        Most of Michelle’s song choices have been from the 21st century, so she is definitely current.

  4. lori says:

    I thought this was a very strong show. Adam’s team is definitely better than usher’s team. Hard to pick the best on adam’s team. I was surprised that I didn’t love Judith’s song tonight. I love Sarah and Amber was great. Team Adam’s group performance was great and I usually hate the group performances. Michele was the only one I liked on Usher’s team. Overall, a great night. Everyone can sing, it was just a matter of personal preference. Should be a great season.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      The group performance was the best I’ve ever seen. I mean killer.

      • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

        A shame one of Adam’steam will be eliminated when there are people in other teams who deserve to go before them.

        • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

          *Adams’s team

        • Crittab says:

          That’s the only thing I don’t like about this show. When teams are stacked with all the best talent, crap inevitable seeps through on the other teams. That said, don’t they at some point just start voting people off? I know Christina and Adam didn’t have anyone in the finals last year.

          • Mike says:

            Yes, after this round there will only be 12(3 from each team) and then it’s just 2 people voted off every week, no matter which team they are(or at least that’s what they did last year). Christina was left without people about halfway through. Blake had 2 of the top 3 overall.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Yeah but not until after we make it past this week.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          This is true. Even though I think some had an iffy night (Sarah, Judith imho) – they are still light years ahead of every one Usher’s team (except Michelle) and deserve to stay…. Sad …[insert pouty face here…]

        • Beth says:

          Good point…. it’s a shame that a better singer has to leave so that all teams have the same number of performers.

  5. Jason says:

    Wasn’t the best performance of the night, but Josiah was solid and I voted for him just cause he sang Muse. Would love to hear more rock on the show, some good Pearl Jam or Soundgarden.

  6. tomincmh says:

    I guess I’m one of the few people who didn’t like Sarah’s performance of Angel. For me, it’s a very pure and beautiful song and I didn’t care for her adding any sort of her usual raspiness to it. Totally ruined the number for me.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      You are not alone. I love Sarah but that performance required a controlled restraint. It is not a song that is meant for a million runs – it requires a clean delivery and she didn’t nail it. There were some clunker notes as well. So no, not her best night. Agreed.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Yeah I kept thinking where the heck was Harry Jr. and his talk about some songs don’t need runs all over the place, stick to the melody, at least get the melody down first! She tossed in some runs that had no musical reason to be and worse some of them were sort of just a tiny hint of gloat bleat shaky sounding) and too much over cooked stuff was added to an amazing melody song. I even liked her before. A lot even. So I’m not even saying that as someone who had been down on her voice and style before. I mean it wasn’t bad but I didn’t see where it was nearly the all that with how they went so crazy for it. She just over cooked it and got too warbly.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Actually I think it probably actually was just sort of so overcooked that it actually was maybe a touch bad and it does make me wonder about what she’d plan to do to things in the future and if she won’t be going all too warbly from now on. It was a great song choice to so it’s not like she got sunk with the song choice.

    • Kathy says:

      I totally agree. I thought Sarah’s performace of Angel wasn’t that great. I would have grade it a B-. Shakira felt Usher’s song choice for Cathia was totally wrong for her and said she would have never given her that Whitney Houston song if she was still her coach. Ouch. Amber is the one that is so far surprising me in this competition.

    • The Beach says:

      I know it’s not Sarah’s fault but every time I hear “Angels” now all I can think of is images of mistreated animals

    • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

      I have never being on the Sarah bandwagon. I never like those who are pimped. As you can see, I am a huge Haley fan and she was the opposite of pimped.

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        hail Haley!!! (mmmm…watching Idol this week was I mistaken that Seacrest introduced some audience people and then walked past Haley sitting on the end of a row – where he planted himself in front of her and did some yakking without acknowledging her presence?)

      • Sieves says:

        I’m a huge Haley fan as well (not to mention Amber, by god I love me some Amber. She’s like my best kept secret… well not anymore after last night…) I’m all for the underdogs, especially when they are clearly insanely talented, but that doesn’t mean the front runners aren’t deserving of their status. I think it’s silly to write people off just because they are popular with the majority. When someone has talent they have talent, pimped or not. Obviously if you pick Sarah apart you are going to find some flaws, but why do that when you can just sit back and enjoy the fantastic emotional ride she puts you on. Seriously. You’d think anyone who appreciated a sound as unique as Haley would understand the goods Sarah brings to the table.

        BTW Haley was kind of pimped top 5 (house of the rising sun) and top 4 (i who have nothing) weeks.

    • Crittab says:

      I agree, and I’ve been a Sarah lover the entire time. I just want Angel to be pure, beautiful and haunting. The rasp took me out of the moment, and the randomness of her power and pitch made it feel almost like she was just doing stuff for the heck of it.

    • MamaLis says:

      Nooo… I was just scrolling down to see if anyone else heard the pain. And by “pain” I mean, a delivery and accompanying arrangement that actually hurt my ears. Sorry. :-( When Adam
      let-on that he never heard the room “so silent,” I had a hunch it was (initially) because the audience was prepared for a poignant song and then (finally) because the audience was a bit aghast at what actually occurred. Clearly, something was very “off.”

      • AlyB says:

        Thank you all for this thread. I thought I was loosing it. Sarah sounded awful to me. Warbly on notes that needed purity, dropping out in the lower register and going off pitch in the higher register.

        • MamaLis says:

          I know, right?? I was just…. Wow! Holy Mother of Wow!
          And then with the Stevie Nicks Halloween Costume…. uh uh.

      • NedPepper says:

        This board is nuts. Sarah Simmons has such raw, natural talent. And BTW, her version of Angel and Amber’s version of Stay were the only songs last night to reach significantly into ITunes top 100. None of Usher’s team did, which is telling, because Caroline Glaser DID crack the top 100. Only Judith was shut out for Adam’s team, which is also telling.

        • kaba says:

          Michelle is in the top 30 with amber…

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          How can people say that Judith was too over the top and is too over-cooked and then turn around and say Sarah was amazing? She put that Angel in the oven for like 10-11 hours at least! And at least Judith didn’t miss as much and her voice didn’t do any bleating warbles. (i say this as someone who actually like Sarah a TON to start and even still liked her last week)

  7. Dan (Haleyloony) says:

    If choosing I Have Nothing and Against All Odds is suicide, then Usher committed murder. I loved Michelle and Amber! Christina Millian is back… :(

  8. katie says:

    Amber FTW! Judith was great, too!

  9. Temperance says:

    Michele and Amber were a level above everyone else. Judith could have been, but she did too much with a sing that’s already perfection. Honestly, Michelle was the breakout.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Agreed. I was not that impressed by Judith – it was okay, but for some reason I wanted it to be transcendent. Michelle – LOVED HER!!!

      • Crittab says:

        I agree with your thought that we all kind of want Judith to be transcendent, to have some kind of magical moment every week. It’s a bar she set for herself, so it does seem fair, but at the same time, she’s still miles ahead of at least 7 or 8 of the other competitors without even trying.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          I know. She did set the bar and now I want her do it over and over, even though it’s unreasonable of me to do. That said, she is light years ahead of most on the show – so she is allowed to be ordinary now and then. I just don’t want her to leave because of it.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            No way is she leaving this week. The only remotely possible way is if both she an Amber somehow ended up in the bottom two and Adam had to chose. But I think that is all ultra unlikely.

    • The Beach says:

      Gotta agree. Michele and Amber were my favorites tonight. I guess I was expecting to be totally wowed by Judith and Sarah but it just didn’t happen for me. Not that they were bad at all, just a little disappointing.

  10. Teeny Bikini says:

    Aside from the best group performance by any group on any singing show ever by Adam’s team. I am team Michelle Chamuel all the way. I was going split my votes before she sang, but I hand my church hand up throughout her performance. And that was it. I love her, her glasses – that are twice the size of her adorable face, her power, her delicacy, her quirkiness, and her realness. I love how she works a squat into every performance :) I downloaded, voted – let’s do this! I. am. in. Oh, how I wish Michael and Melinda were reviewing this show. Go Michelle!!!!!

  11. Jake says:

    Amber: Amazing! Before the show, I figured she would be in the Bottom Two on Team Adam with Caroline and would ultimately be saved by him, but now I feel like she has a real shot to get by with the audience vote.
    Josiah: Good performance, nothing incredible, but definitely can see where his niche would be. Definitely more than a pretty face–I think he’s more talented than Dez Duron, but probably won’t get as far.
    Sarah: Solid vocal. It’s just me, I think, but her voice doesn’t blow me away the way it does everyone else. I can’t see her ever not singing a ballad, and I don’t know that I’d buy her music. At least not yet, from what we’ve seen thus far.
    Cathia: I was really impressed by her vocal, despite a few pitch issues here and there, but based on the feedback she got, as well as her stronger teammates, I think she’s a goner this week.
    Caroline: Love, love, love her voice, personality, and musical style. However, I have a bad feeling she will be in the Bottom Two for Team Adam and will be sent home because her teammates are just too strong. Oh well, at least I’ll have her “Tiny Dancer” forever in my iPod.
    VEDO: Worst song choice ever, but he has a really great voice. That should be enough to get him through the week.
    Michelle: Initially thought it was an awful song choice, until she sang it and was amazing. Michelle is no one-trick pony, and this was a truly awesome performance.
    Judith: Brilliant vocal as usual. She seems reserved and professional off-stage, which I have a horrible feeling will be her downfall in a few weeks because thus far I feel like she hasn’t come off as relatable yet, probably because of some of her big-name contacts. I can’t yet see her as the hip pop star this show so desperately needs to have in its winner, but she’s so darn good that I can’t see her going anywhere.
    Group performances: Team Usher – Yikes. Team Adam – These girls sound awesome together. Usher + Adam – Let’s stick to two solo performances next time…

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I think Cathia did really well considering she got the hardest song ever – and then, her coach threw he under the bus. I hope America votes her in WITH MICHELLE, of course ;) And Usher will have to pick between the two very generic dudes, especially guitar dude. He’s so lame.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        I hope so I think Michelle and Cathia are his best but I fear that the song and the comments have her totally bused. I don’t get it. I don’t think she actually did that badly with that song either and the crows seemed to be totally eating it up (a think more than the silence for the Sarah song), she has to do it a touch differently than Houston and only a couple pitch things (but others had that too in many cases, some worse). From what I read on forums it seems people are over the Whitney cover stuff and punish whoever sings that other than in rare circumstances and whne someone already has built a strong base. Hope I am totally wrong about that and hope they ignore the judges.

  12. MyTake says:

    Sadly, Usher has taken up the gauntlet from Xtina in that he’s the most blatantly dishonest judge on the panel. In the nitty gritty i’m sure they are all biased towards their own team members, but unlike the X-factor, the 3 judges of The Voice (Cee Lo, Adam and Blake) and now (Shakira, Adam and Blake) seem to be making comments that are honestly a reflection of the singer no matter which team they are on.
    However, either Usher is tone deaf, or he values looks and dancing ability as 90% of a performance and singing only 10%, or he’s a blatant liar. Giving Josiah a standing ovation for that wreck of a pitchy performance and then turning around and basically giving faint praise to Sarah of team Adam was just total BS.
    I was hoping to like all the judges on The Voice this season. i’ve now officially written Usher off since it seems he’s emulating Simon on X-Factor for lying and manipulation and horribly misjudging contestants to affect their ability to get votes.

    Shame on you Usher!!

    • MyTake says:

      Oh yah and he gave Cathia a standing ovation also and although she seems like a really nice person, to this untrained ear, she was all over the place tone/pitch wise. Not even close to being a standing ovation performance.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Um… I don’t know about this. Maybe acoustics are different in the studio – because Josiah was ordinary times TEN, but I don’t know if there is any American Idol level of liar-ation and chicanery going on yet. Sarah did hit a few bum notes and it is not unusual for a judge to stand behind their singers regardless of their performance (at least that is the smart thing to do).

      • MyTake says:

        Josiah was ordinary time TEN.. exactly why it was ridiculous for Usher to give him a standing ovation. I’ll reserve judgement on the liar-ation until a few more weeks go by, but don’t be surprised if you agree with me in a few weeks ;p

    • Mike says:

      I’m so glad someone pointed this out. Usher chose his words very carefully, even when giving praise. I think he’s trying too hard to be different. Some of the coaching ideas are interesting, but it still feels like he’s pushing JUST to be different. The fact that he even picked Josiah over Jess last week is proof that he’s not actually paying attention. Almost as if he’s betting on one of his people to win on looks alone. A strategy yes, but a very sad one for what’s supposed to be a singing competition. :( Let’s just hope his “praise” for the poorer performers will backfire on him. Look at AI. They pushed one particular performer and it backfired on them. I don’t think they’ll ever get AI bad though. They were all in on it(so disappointed in Keith Urban). I just can’t see Blake BSing anyone on what he thinks.

    • Jenny says:

      Your take sucks. Ofc he’s gonna be nice to his own team members. Adam did it too. You’re just pissed he didn’t acknowledge Sarah the way you wanted him too.

  13. Jake says:

    By the way, is that horrible “iTunes Top 10 = votes multiplied by a bajillion” thing still in effect?

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Hm.. I was thinking the same thing? I bought Michelle’s song just in case…

    • I hope so, the people who actually spend their hard earned money should have more of a say than people just voting for the cutest boy over the internet.

      • Josh says:

        I agree that purchases should count as a few votes each, but I hate that they only counted last season if you made the Top Ten on iTunes. Because why should #10 have such a huge advantage (all votes multiplied by 10) over #11. I say make iTunes purchases worth ten or so regular votes and leave it at that, without any additional boost for Top Ten – it’s a really arbitrary cut-off.

      • Hey says:

        One tricky issue is that if people love the song itself they are more prone to buy the iTunes and if they hate it to not bother, regardless of the singer and their vocal on the show.

  14. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    THought it had an AMAZING start with Amber and then Josiah was better than I expected not bad at all and then Cathia despite a couple notes was really good lots of feeling. Awesome start, a lot better than I expected.
    But then I was stunned that I didn’t love what Sarah did, I liked her before and I love that song, but she sounded kinda goaty to me at times and seems like a few uneeded runs and over-baking of everything added in there.
    Caroline sounded better although you couldn’t really understand a word, not that I even necessarily care since I’ve never been one all about the lyrics, I’ve been about tones and melodies. But it wasn’t a match for Judith (although I wasn’t quite as blown away as I thought I’d be and I wonder if it was a match even for what Carly Rose did or maybe not actually) and the more I think about it the more I think Amber won even though the show seemed to hint that Judith won and it was expected and something I was expecting.
    Vedo sounded off the rails in rehearsals, way off the rails but was better in performance, not bad, but not amazing and it had some issues to be sure. Didn’t really quite do it for me.
    Michelle was pretty awesome and she handled that song a lot better than I thought she’d be able to.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      This is spot on, oh wise one. I wasn’t blown away by Sarah – and Carly Rose could really school Judith on that song. I don’t think Judith was *on* tonight. I am sure both will get through though…

      • The Beach says:

        Since you brought up Carly Rose, does anyone else think the audience screaming during songs is venturing well into X-Factor territory? Maybe I’m just being a grinch but it’s really started to become irritating to me the last several shows.

    • Danny says:

      @Hit- I wonder if Judith maybe has a higher standard since she sang backup for MJ. I thought she did extremely well. Even if one has her 4th, there’s not much of a gap between 1 & 4. It might be that the expectations on her (and maybe Sarah) are higher on her than the other 2. The other 2 somewhat get the benefit of the element of surprise

  15. The Voice Problems says:

    wow talk about bad song choices. glad I didn’t watch. :p (follow us on twitter! @thevoiceproblems)

  16. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Amber takes the night (yeah even over Judith I have to say).
    I might even put Michelle in second!
    Then I guess Judith third and Cathia to round out the top four.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Amber was the best performance on Team Adam by a mile. She might be the sleeper because all of her performances are just killer to me (and she is not considered the frontrunner so maybe that is less pressure overall).

  17. Holly says:

    I would like to keep all of Adam’s team if we can exchange for one of Usher’s please. I love Sarah, have since the beginning but this night was Amber’s and Michelle’s. I also find it interesting how polarizing Sarah and Judith are. I absolutely love Sarah and don’t get Judith at all (except for the group performance) but I realize others opinions are opposite.

    • Danny says:

      Good point on the polarization. I’m trying to think back to how early front runners on this show have done. Scott won on AI a few years ago. Carrie won a long time ago. Crystal didn’t win. Adam didn’t win. I’m not really sure who’d be considered the front runner on the Voice last year. Amanda maybe? Overall, I’m thinking it’s better to not be the early favorite. You’ve really got no place to go but down.

    • Timmah says:

      I might like Judith if she didn’t insist on beating every melody to within an inch of its life.

  18. Nancy says:

    Sometimes I really don’t understand why The Voice seems so much better than American Idol until it gets to the live rounds, and then I remember: It is so infuriating to hear nothing but positive feedback for every single performance. This is especially infuriating from someone like Usher, who always pushes the mantra that only an elite few have what it takes to make it in the music industry and yet just handed out gold stars and soft compliments like he was the world’s sexiest Kindergarden teacher. How great would a hybrid Voice/Idol be where the Idol judges critiqued contestants mentored by the Voice celebs and vice versa? I think its been made abundantly clear that neither judging without mentoring nor mentoring without judging is bad for the contestants and therefore bad for the viewer. For this reason, I hold out hope that the X Factor will get it’s sh*t together and nurture better talent over “potentially commercial artists” and allow time for growth story arcs because its format seems like the best option.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I think I am used their the passive aggressive “critiques” in the live rounds. As it is very clear, who they like and who they don’t – even thought don’t get all Nicky Minaj about it. The show is still ions better just from singing songs that have happened after the Civil War.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Agreed. Although they did do a little for Cathia, bit considering how they act it seemed like a busing given the nonstop praise of everyone else. (granted you could tell that only for a few did their voices actually really sound excited, like when they were talking about Amber)

  19. Nancy says:

    *neither judging without mentoring nor mentoring without judging is GOOD for the contestants, which is therefore bad for the viewer.

  20. Pat says:

    Surprised the Team Adam “Shake It Out” group performance has barely been mentioned yet. That was absolutely stellar.

    As for who won the night, I say Michelle and Amber. I’d eliminate Caroline and Vedo.

  21. Kelly says:

    I feel bad for Amber that she has to go first every week, but I thought she knocked it out of the park!! She just keeps getting better and better!!

  22. Usher is just a stunningly bad coach. Horrible song choices for pretty much everybody and then he dogs his own team.

    • Crittab says:

      I don’t know that he’s a ‘bad coach’, but I agree with those who say he purposely gave Cathea a terrible song, and possibly Vedo as well. He’s got his golden boy and girl in Michelle and pretty boy (whose name I don’t know), he doesn’t want the others.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      He seemed to work with the contestants pretty well though. I just hope that he isn’t doing some sort of flip of Cathia though and turning on her this week.

  23. Crittab says:

    Cathia has a gorgeous voice, but her song choices make her so hard to like! It sucks that I automatically root against people that think they can sing Celine and Whitney and do them justice, but that’s just the way my mind works.

    Caroline’s version of A-Team was my favourite of the night, but that could just be because I’m in love with the song. I felt the show’s version of Angel was a little off/iffy and I’ve heard it done better in a million different places (Sarah McLachlan is another artist whose songs need to be done perfectly for me to accept a cover). I love Judith Hill, and I thought her performance, along with Michelle’s, had the most artistry of the night.

  24. Jeremy B says:

    My rankings of tonight’s performances, with a bit of quality-clustering…
    1) Amber
    2) Judith
    3) Michelle

    4) Cathia
    5) Vedo

    6) Sarah
    7) Caroline
    8) Josiah

    Amber’s control and musicality at her age are phenomenal. She actually reminds me a little of a mashup of Carrie Underwood (country, amazing precision) and Kelly Clarkson (some pop power capability). Judith edges Michelle only on technical prowess. Michelle conveyed a bit better emotional connection for me though. But those 2 could almost be flipped tonight. Thought Cathia was better than some other commenters (& the judges). Vedo surprised me with a great, warm tone in his lower register…a bit strainy high though. Sarah was actually a bit pitchy and surprisingly tentative…thought there were nerves going on. Liked Caroline, but actually did dock her for “incoherence beyond her style,” if you know what I mean. As my wife pointed out, that kind of song is very lyric-based (even with the lame, crumbling face-pastry bit). Was surprised Josiah made it past the Knockout phase. His performance was no where near the quality of the top 6 tonight. He would make top 10 Idol most years though.

    • Jeremy B says:

      Was supposed to be gaps between Michelle and Cathia, and then Vedo and Sarah. Reformatting issue on posting.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        formatting with spaces and carriage returns comes through in the emails the website sends out (if you follow thread) but to get formatting on the webpage itself you need to add
        like that
        or this

        or whatever

    • Josh says:

      Amber was definitely #1 for me too. If we ignored her crazy faces (I kid!), I have Michelle at #2. Those were my favorites tonight. As for the rest…
      1. Amber
      2. Michelle
      3. Judith
      4. Cathia
      5. Caroline
      6. Josiah
      7. Sarah
      8. Vedo

      • Jeremy B says:

        What put Vedo at #8 for you?

        • Josh says:

          Seemed pitchy and completely out of his comfort zone (that last part wasn’t his fault). And with so many awesome performers, any glitch can really mean trouble. [For the record, “Idol” hasn’t had this issue this season … only now are they at a point where they have all awesome performers, but there’s only three of them!\

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Wow other than a swap of Caroline and Josiah I think that is exactly my ranking. I had only done it by teams but mixed yeah that looks good to me. (I’m hoping that with some here giving Cathia some credit maybe she can just sneak in on the votes, I don’t know.)

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          but with the model guy and the lovable guy…. gonna be rough between people not tending to vote for that song and the sudden comment turn on her

    • Kaba says:

      technical prowess? I’m sorry but just because Judith can throw in a couple of pretty runs to make that poor performance sound better doesn’t put her ahead of Michelle for the night.
      Michelle earned that top spot tonight

      • Jeremy B says:

        Maybe technical prowess was the wrong choice of words. I’m actually not impressed by runs in general. What I should have said (meant) was polish and musicality (but precision and control are part of that). I thought Judith was firmly in the top 3, but her performance was somewhat bipolar. Found the a cappella opening to be great, but then the rest didn’t really go anywhere…sort of leveled-off. There wasn’t much to that short arrangement of that song. I would agree Michelle could be #2 (#1 by some). Her emotional conveyance was fantastic, and I was pleasantly surprised she could deliver a non-rocker so well. She’s the real deal.

    • Hmr says:

      I thought of the same thing about Amber being a mash up of Carrie and Kelly. She was fantastic yesterday.

  25. jj says:

    The entire Usher team needs to go. Horrible performance. For Adams’s team I like Judith and Amber’s performance the most. Caroline was pretty good, Sarah was a total disappointment.

  26. Kiki says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t understand a word Caroline was singing. When I realized I couldn’t I tried really concentrating and it got worse. Michelle’s performance came from the truth and made me weep with joy.

    • daynamonet says:

      I don’t recall any of the coaches mentioning anything about not being able to understand caroline cuz i sure as hell couldn’t. I mean in the package Adam said the lyrics were dark or something but i didn’t hear any lyrics cuz she was trying to hard to keep her style. I’m sorry but she got to go. Amber was fantastic, sarah was good, michelle was emotionally touching, and why did Adam give Judith “feeling good”? That song has been done too many times as has “i have nothing” (poor thing had to be the millionith person to sing that song) and “against all odds” (ughh I mean i know usher is probably wanting certain ppl on his team but did we really have to throw out the big guns like that? cathia can sing, but she cant sing “I have nothing” honestly I’d like josiah and caroline to go home but thats just me.

  27. NedPepper says:

    It may not have been her best, but Sarah is keeping me watching. Seeing her go would probably kill my interest, and to be honest, I enjoyed her performance Tired of that song, but her voice is just completely majestic. Usher’s team is awful. Just awful. And I’m starting to dislike Usher as a coach. Josiah is a mediocre talent that is being pimped for being pretty. And that’s all he is, and, worse, he’s fully aware of it and knows that’s how he will get ahead. It’s cynical and gross.

  28. NedPepper says:

    Oh, and Blake, go home, you’re drunk! (Never has meme been more appropriate.)

  29. Janelle says:

    Cathia is doubly screwed – the judges threw her under the bus, PLUS she has the two cute boys on her team. With Team Adam being all women, Vedo and Josiah are getting all of the cute boy votes, and America is on crack if they don’t vote for Michelle. Which leaves Cathia ready to board her plane home.

  30. Kate says:

    I don’t really like amber that much😁 she just doesn’t stand out to me…

    • daynamonet says:

      Wow really? i’ve liked her from the beginning. I thought she was arguably the best of the night and she went first with no sweat.

    • NedPepper says:

      Amber is solid. But I don’t see her doing anything by winning this show. People just like the underdog story. Which is fine, I guess.

  31. Connor says:

    Team Adam was really impressive!!!

  32. Jones says:

    Amber is underrated. I took notice of her in the battle rounds when she sang the crap out of that Pink song. She’s a country artist but she can sing anything. She sounded like class in the group performance too.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Yeah I have a feeling she actually does blow away all the country singers on Blake’s team! And she is so much more than country restricted! So much power and subtle vocal controls, great beautiful tone, ability to drop every last hint of country pretext when needed. Emotional connection, power, control, she can belt it, hit it hard, soft and delicately controlled, etc. This may be another one chair turn around sleeper like Amanda Brown. I almost feel like she is more of a pure singer or pop singer than country almost, although she can do country too.
      What a way to start the night!
      She just blew it out.

      • Jeremy B says:

        I have to agree with all that. Well said. She’s not quite in their league yet, and it might be too much “hype” to make this comparison — but that’s why I think she has elements of both Underwood and Clarkson. Tremendous potential in Amber to have a very successful and long career.

  33. James says:

    I was wondering whether Judith was sick or something. She just didn’t sound right at all.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      She did mention having a bad vocal chord nodule or something.

      • Kate'shomesick says:

        If she’s having nodules she shouldn’t be singing AT ALL… If the nodules harden they will have to operate on that (maybe she’ll loose her singing voice before that) and that means…higher risk of them appearing again, complete technique change necessary, LONG break from talking/singing needed. If the nodule thing is true it is frivolous to keep competing on a singing competition.

  34. Kate says:

    I know my views are extremely different but–

  35. EM says:

    Amber and Michelle were head and shoulders above the rest for me tonight. Both gave amazing performances. Sarah and Judith were my second tier. I didn’t feel either one lived up to their earlier promise, and Judith especially suffered from a poor arrangement. The other four ranged from forgettable to just bad, in my opinion.

    I believe Judith and Caroline will be the bottom two on Team Adam, and he’ll save Judith based on her past performances. Josiah and Cathia will be the lowest for Team Usher, and he will save Josiah essentially because he’s the second coming of Dez Duron.

  36. David says:

    Sounds like Adam is going to have an easy choice between Sarah and Caroline. As for Usher, I think he has one good artist in Michelle. If Josiah ever learned to be genuine on stage, he could be good as well. I actually enjoyed the performance by Team Usher. They blended together well. The Usher/Adam duet would have been better if they could have enjoyed it more.

    • daynamonet says:

      team usher performance was all over the place, definitely preferred team adam group performance. team user group performance did not live up to the hype of the boxing ring, working out, having endurance, giving of you got and all that other stuff he was talking about.

  37. Joe says:

    Could we please have no more singing of Feeling Good on reality music competitions for 5 years? I can’t with that song anymore. I just can’t. Judith changed up the melody and I still can’t stand that song. At least she didn’t march after the opening verse across the stage like every other contestant does to the “bump-ba-bump-ba-bump” part of it. These shows have seriously made that song theme park like.
    Cathia hit every note on the Whitney song, so when they “meh’d” her, I was puzzled. Even Vedo did a very good job on Against All Odds but was met with similar “meh”.
    Then Sarah sings Angel dressed like a chorus member in a Godspell revival and gets crazy praise? I can barely watch her sing. There’s something uncomfortable about watching her do her thing up there. Her voice is good, but it’s not changing the world with each syllable uttered like they want us to think.
    Loved Caroline. Really loved Amber.
    But Michelle is my pooh snap. We need as much of that girl performing this season as humanly possible. I started tearing up during the pre-song package.
    As for Blue Steel, the less said the better.

    • AlyB says:


    • Josh says:

      Holy hell, did you see when Team Adam went on that shopping trip or whatever? They gave Amber, Caroline, and Judith all of these flashy, awesome clothes, and then they gave Sarah a blanket. Literally, a thread-woven blanket. WTF??

      • Jeremy B says:

        Yeah, she got Mama-Cassed.

        • Joe says:

          Jeremy – That’s what I was looking for last night! “Mama-Cassed”!

        • MyTake says:

          omg so funny but true. Poor girl. Why is it when a girl isn’t stick thin people (stupid people) think they need to be put in freakin muu muu’s and tents!! argghhh

      • AlyB says:

        Yes but she presumably picked that 1st dress for Angel on her own. I took me a minute to actually hear her sing I was so thrown by the outfit. She looked like she just came in from roleplaying some Lord of the Rings fantasy game in the backwoods. It was not good.

    • NedPepper says:

      Seriously. Feelin’ Good is a beautiful song when sung by Nina Simone. I’m tired of wannabe’s crapping on that great record.

      • Joe says:

        Ned – I blame Six Feet Under & HBO. Ever since they used it for one of the upcoming seasons promo’s, that song has been foisted upon us like the plague. I love me some Nina, but this song is over and done with and needs to be put down for a long time.

  38. JW says:

    Michelle is one of the most compelling and interesting talents on any of these shows in a very long time. Oddly….I get a Lady Gaga meets Tina Fey vibe from her.

  39. Miss Otis Regrets... says:

    The hubby said “Oh yeah, I remember her, THIS is the Amber that can actually sing!” (re: Amber Holcomb’s inconsistency)
    She is now my pick to win the whole enchilada now.

  40. andrew says:

    What song did Adam’s team sing as a group?

  41. Theresa says:

    Michelle and Amber won the night for me. Next for me would be Caroline and then Sarah, they both have a different quality to their voices but I thought Caroline outperformed Sarah tonight. I generally like Judith, but if I had to pick someone from Adam’s team to leave, I’d be least sad to see her go (she’ll also be fine without the show) she just didn’t do awesome tonight. Cathia has really grown on me and I honestly liked her better than Vedo and Josiah tonight. My overall pick to leave for Usher’s team would be Josiah.

  42. Bluedog says:

    Oh Michelle… you are amazing… so looking forward to hearing you week after week! Now… Judith… great take on “Feeling Good”…. definitely Nina Simone-ish with a Judith flair. However, ‘tho I love this song, I’m beyond tired of it on reality singing competitions… & given that Adam Lambert’s astonishing & haunting version on Idol has never been eclipsed as far as I’m concerned, I’m thinking it’s way past time to stash this song in a drawer with my husband’s socks.

  43. Simon says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Amber Carrington looks a lot like Jennel Garcia from the X Factor?

  44. nico says:

    Kate hates Amber, loves Caroline, similar to last season (loved Melanie, threw Amanda under the bus whenever she could)

  45. Vicki says:

    Michele Chamuel ~~~~~~~~~~F%*K,what a voice

  46. Kaba says:

    I thought Michelle was the clear winner that night.
    Judith gave a poor arrangement, meh.
    I thought Amber caught 2nd place but Michelle still won.
    Caroline reminds me of Melanie Martinez, seems absolutely brilliant but I’ll get bored of her instantaneously. She doesn’t seem all she’s hyped up to be imo.
    Send Vedo home from Usher cause I can’t deal with a contestant that pimps dead family members (danny gokey) and Cathia can honestly come back and have a stellar performance, Vedo just appears to be there for market affect, so no thank you.

    I’m officially over Sarah because I just..idk. But her singing “Angels” (not gonna type whole title) just peeved me. That song is the go-to song for ingenuine emotion, depression, and intimacy and it’s sickening. The song is mostly sad cause of the commercial. So I wasn’t sold when she performed it.

    Josiah…idk why people hate Josiah he seems like a nice and decent singer he’s being damned and cursed because he looks good.

  47. Sheilalala says:

    Hmmm, greatly disturbed at seeing my precious Sarah getting such low poll ratings on the boards, I loved her performance because I just love her voice, but I’m worried that she is trying to do *too much* in every song, just because she can.I first noticed this when she sang ‘Wild Horses’-the quieter spoken parts were breaking off and making the overall effect disjointed and again when she was singing in the group number. I haven’t been as fixated on a singer as her audition in years, but she’s straying from that performance so much. I know the pressure must be intense to go from rasp to falsetto, blah blah, but she’s going to lose to an Amber or Michelle if she doesn’t sing a solid, clear song that hasn’t been sung to death (and therefore undownloadable) soon here. How about some Jessie J acoustic ‘Who You Are?’ Has that been AI’d to death? I don’t watch it so..

    Amber-Definitely the standout tonight, she killed in the group # too..its also a ‘rarer’ Rihanna song, so more likely to be ituned.

    Caroline-GREAT rendition of A team-I bet you she gets most downloaded. Hmmm. I wonder if Adam did an experiment and gave Amber and Caroline less known hits and sunk Sarah and Judith with way played out tracks to fair it up?! Conspiracy theory??

    Judith-Didn’t care for the arrangement, but she’s great, I wonder if she will beat out Sasha? R and B female vocalists don’t seem to get votes on the Voice by the end..seriously contestants-if you are reading these boards-bang the drum loudly for songs that aren’t done to death.

    Michelle-She is and will be a star. All I could think of when I was watching her is that we will be in our rocking chairs one day remembering her on the Voice in her huge glasses and drab mousy hair singing the sh*t out of True Colors.

    Cathia-the beginning was a bit pitchy, but she nailed the end. truly screwed by that song, Usher-shame on you, she is your best chance other than Michelle-quit Bro’ing out with pretty boy.

    Josiah-blechhh Vedo-blecccccchhhhhhh

    Oh, and what was up with the curly hair hat on Carson? Don’t switch up to a new toupee mid season dude..

    • Sheilalala says:

      Tsk, no edit button? Sorry about the lack of spacing-lastly, did anyone else notice the frostiness betwixt Adam and Usher during their awkward performance? I don’t think these two dudes vibe off each other at all..

      • Jenny says:

        YES! I just put that in my post. I was like why does Adam look all pissed? lol. Usher seemed to be having a grand ole time, but Adam looked like he didn’t want to be sharing the stage with him or something.

        • Sheilalala says:

          Right?? I envisioned a creative ‘difference of opinion’ where Adam was explaining to Usher that he doesn’t have the same range as Usher and could only do the higher register in Superstition and Usher misreading this to Adam ‘trying to stick him with backup’ and steal the spotlight…then again I have a huge imagination lol. I can’t think of one time this season that Usher and Adam have ‘bantered’ though…

  48. Lois Benton says:

    You’re awfully hard on Judith. Feeling Good is overdone, so I was thrilled with the twist she put on it. I found her “stomp” at the end to be delightful. I watched it three times. I love Sarah Simmon’s voice, but thought that Judith outdid her tonight. I also liked Michelle, and that’s all. Amber has a big voice, in a so-what kind of way. She doesn’t do much in the way of interpretation and she lacks dynamics. In short, she’s boring; she belongs on Blake’s team with all the other boring singers.

  49. john says:

    im rooting for caroline!

  50. lph says:

    i love caroline! america vote for this unique girl!

    • NedPepper says:

      It’s not unique anymore. Her voice is actually quite standard in the coffee house crowd. It’s totally affected, which means she struggles whenever anything is slightly out of her wheelhouse. like on Shake it Out.