Ratings: Happy Endings Rises With Finale, Undercover Boss Drops, Vegas Dips, Nikita Flat

Ratings Happy Endings Season 3 FinaleABC’s Happy Endings had a little something to smile about this Friday night, as the final two episodes of Season 3 — with 2.7 million total viewers and 0.8 rating and 2.1 mil/0.7 — rose more than 20 percent in both measures versus last week. But again, next-to-worst case scenario, USA Network (maybe, possibly) rides to the rescue.

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Continuing ABC’s night, Shark Tank (5.5 mil/1.7) fell 15 percent yet netted Friday’s best demo rating.

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Over on CBS, the already renewed Undercover Boss (7.2 mil/1.2) dropped 21 and 29 percent, the penultimate Vegas (7.3 mil/0.9) ticked down a tenth, and Blue Bloods (9.9 mil/1.3) was flat, copping the night’s biggest audience.

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NBC’s Fashion Star (3 mil/0.7) added a few eyeballs to hit a season high in total audience… Fox’s penultimate Touch (2.22 mil/0.6) was flat… and The CW’s Nikita (1.2 mil/0.3) surged 27 percent in total viewers but showed no movement in the demo.

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  1. Jared says:

    Once again, NIKITA IS FLAT! No better and no worse! So why this is the one show on The CW that is going to be shortened with a final season when it’s the most consistent of the entire network! Even the highest shows like TVD and Arrow rise and dip pretty steadily throughout the season. But not Nikita! Always consistent! So unfair!

    • Zed says:

      Yes it’s consistent, but not at a level worth cheering for. That’s why it’s getting the shortened last season.

      • luli says:

        There is no official word from the cw that they are getting a shortened season… when they confirm it I’ll believe it…. until then #FULLNikitaSeason4 !!! And for a friday cw show it’s doing pretty great. So for me they are on a leverl of cheering, back off of Nikita :)

    • What bothers me more is that it’s a Friday show and ON The CW network. If you compare it to most shows airing on other networks on a Friday nights lately, you’ll see that they’re just as bad ratings. Yeah, Nikita’s ratings aren’t exactly great, it’s a CW standard. The only show that does well on a Friday is Shark Tank. Even CBS scoring as high as a 1.3 is terrible. Nikita deserves a full season renewal.

  2. I seriously cannot workout why every time NIkita gets better the viewers drop out. Season 3 has been one of my absolute favorites. I seriously wish The CW would renew it for a full fourth season and move it to another night. If Supernatural could benefit from the move then surely Nikita could. Try it on Monday nights. It’s not like it’s ratings could get any worse.

  3. Rue says:

    I agree with all the Nikita comments! This show deserves WAY better and I’m getting sick of the lack of advertising for this show! Moving it to another night would definitely help the ratings, and why shorten a fourth season if the show has been consistent with the ratings? Maybe if the CW advertised Nikita as much as it did TVD, then the ratings would rise.

    • Dave says:

      Nikita fans crack me up. Lets be honest with ourselves ok, the ratings are horrible even for a Friday night. Supernatural and Smallville when on Friday nights got much better ratings. Also to say the CW doesn’t advertise the show is ridiculous. I watch the CW Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights and every time I am watching I see a preview for Nikita. All that being said I am not saying bad about the show because I don’t watch it so I don’t honestly know if its good or not. Even with the bad ratings though if will be renewed for syndication purposes but next season will most likely be the last.

      • Michael says:

        haters crack me up to. How do you really think HoD and BatB with its 0.5 and 1.20-1.25 million viewers would do on a friday. Its not 0.5 on a friday its likely the same or worse than Nikita. So I think you should think about what the other shows get before you trash Nikita’s ratings

        • Dave says:

          I am not hating on the show (like I said never have seen it so do not know if its good or not) and I am not trashing the ratings. I am being honest and stating facts that the ratings suck. Alex Forest is right Supernatural ans Smallville both had a built in audience and you are most likely correct about HOD and BATB. That doesn’t change the fact that the ratings still suck. People can make the excuse that it got moved to Fridays after 1 season so did not have the fanbase but Arrow has only had one season and I would be willing to bet if they moved it to Fridays it would still get better than a 0.3. Again I am not trying to say anything bad about the show and I truly do hope it gets renewed for you loyal fans. I don’t ever wish for any show to get cancelled even if I don’t watch them because I know it sucks when a show you really enjoy gets cancelled. I was just being honest about the ratings and Nikita fans are truly one of very few fanbases that will make up any excuse they can think of to make the ratings look better than they are.

      • Supernatural and Smallville are shows that were moved to Friday after at least 5 seasons, by which time they had built a loyal audience that would follow them anywhere. Nikita was moved there after one season.
        As for the advertising, there’s more to promotion than showing promos on your own network, which means only the people who watch it in the first place can catch a Nikita ad. The CW only bothers with promotion for TVD and their new shows, which get billboards, ads in magazines and whatnot.

        • Dave says:

          I subscribe to entertainment weekly and I have seen ads for Nikita in it. Not every issue but I have seen it.

  4. Andy says:

    If abc just put Happy Endings after Modern Family there would be none of these issues. I don’t understand how these people can be so absolutely stupid.

    • Ann says:

      If you remember, Happy Endings did air after Modern Family, but still had low ratings and the show wasn’t able to hold on to a large percentage of Modern Family viewers. Happy Endings isn’t a good fit on ABC. It really should have aired on another network…maybe NBC or CBS comedy blocks.

      • Andy says:

        Yes it did and it received 6 and 7 million viewers instead of the barely 3 million viewers it gets now.

      • Oh God, please, not CBS. Not NBC either, since they like to murder their critically-acclaimed darlings in suffocating deaths. But CBS… that’s where comedies just don’t thrive plotically (I made that word up, I’m sorry).

        No, Happy Endings needs to be Cougar Towned.

    • jenna says:

      really hoping another network picks the show up! Would be completely disappointed if Friday’s episode turned out to be the series finale, didn’t have enough closure for me!

  5. Sarah says:

    It is unfortunate that nikita is on the cw n on fri nite. It truly deserves better!!! Hopefully we will get a full 4th season!!!

  6. xwiseguyx says:

    Nice to see Kitchen Nightmares (1.1) beat out Happy Endings … -:)

  7. Lindsey says:

    Glad to see all the Nikita love in the comments section… Wish it would get that kinda love in the ratings! I watch a lot of tv and Nikita is absolutely one of the consistently best shows out there… Such a shame that more people don’t tune in! I think if it started over on a different network (with more credibility than the CW) then it’s ratings would skyrocket. It’s frustrating that every cookie cutter cop/forensic show on CBS gets huge numbers and every original show on the CW gets squat. :(

  8. kirads09 says:

    Still holding out renewal hope for Vegas. It is really heating up and gotten better with every episode. Sad that the ratings aren’t reflecting what I feel is the quality calibur of the show.

    • Tom says:

      Agreed on Vegas. Awesome show

    • MaryAnn says:

      IT makes me sick when the unwatchable “The Good Wife” gets continuously renewed with absolutely horrible ratings, just because it is a darling of the critics, but the excellent Vegas will more than likely get cancelled.

    • prish says:

      I know that hope for a Vegas renewal. The show is exceptional. Quaid and Chiklis are a class act. They are giving us their vision how Vegas developed in the 60’s and how certain relationships developed over many years in a few episodes, in case of cancellation I guess. Genius. They are true craftsmen who care for the art and the viewers. Hopefully, some suit in CBS will be inspired to continue the show.

  9. Bring CSI:NY back. Obviously CBS Friday is hurting without it <3

  10. Cory says:

    Only show on Friday I care about is Happy Endings I hope to see it next season!

  11. Vivian says:

    Again .3 for Nikita?So nightmare for Nikita continues .

  12. Ron says:

    The Happy Endings finale episode was hilarious, I thought. I’m a pretty big fan of Stephanie March, so it was definitely a must watch no matter what. I was laughing from start to finish. Hope it gets renewed for another season on some network (my preference is TBS with a Cougar Town pairing).

  13. luli says:


  14. paul says:

    I totally agree BRING BACK CSI:NY!!!

  15. aani says:

    SERIOUSLY!!! what is wrong with people?!?!?! HAPPY ENDING is the FUNNIEST SHOW since FRIENDS … i can’t believe a show like “how i met ur mother” still airs and a lot of shows million times better get cancelled !!!

    • mia says:

      I’ve tried to like it, but I just don’t get the show.

    • James says:

      I too have tried to like it, I watched the first season, but the characters really grated on me. Penny is annoying as hell with her vocabulary, Max isn’t much better, Jane and Brad are silly characters – the only ones who hold it up are Dave and Alex, and even then Elisha Cuthbert plays a stupid blonde.
      HIMYM bores me now too, but it can also have quite genuine moments of heartfelt emotion which make up for the overtly stupid ones.

  16. dude says:

    with abc they will have According to Jim for years passed ita quality but HE is about died i think network is the wrong place for it

  17. GinnyB says:

    I actually think Vegas has gotten better since they killed off Mia’s father. Perhaps they shouldn’t have moved it to Friday night. It’s a good show. All three lead actors, Dennis Quaid, Jason O’Mara and Taylor Handley are easy on the eyes. It’s a good cast and it gels right now. Hopefully it picks up again.

  18. Nicole says:

    Appreciating the Nikita love! I know I faithfully tune in every Friday, it’s a critically acclaimed knockout from the CW & I wish more people would give it a chance. I’ve made my own ‘Agents’ out of family & friends, all who love it once they’ve seen it, but a girl can only do so much. Hoping for an 11th hour save like last yr & full the final FULL season it deserves! #Nikita!

  19. Soupy says:

    Happy Endings isn’t comedy. It is pretty people mugging till their faces break and shouting cultural references from the ’90s. i get it. but i refuse to pretend it is good.

  20. Nikita can’t ever catch a break, can it? *sigh*

  21. shann says:

    absolutely LOVE Nikita!! Will be so pissed if it isn’t properly renewed. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, such a horrifically underrated show. Everything about it only gets better and better the older it gets, such a shame it doesn’t have the credit it derserves

  22. Dee Thomas says:

    People are you out of your minds? The Good Wife is one of the best things to happen to tv and anyone who disagree need to “Get Their Life”!!!

    • GS says:

      That’s why we all can have an opinion. I hate it. Juliana however you spell her last name is one of the most over-rated actresses on tv. Didn’t like her on ER and I can’t stand her on Good Wife. I have shows I like and shows I don’t. I don’t condemn people who don’t like my shows and it shows a true ignorance and lack of maturity to do so. Wish more people watched Vegas but I can’t make them so I’ll enjoy the finale and get over it.

  23. Mikael says:

    I love Happy Endings and I hope it comes back next year, even if on a new network. BUT I don’t like what they did with Dave & Alex.