Parks and Rec Recaplet: Five Women and a Baby

Parks and Recreation PregnancyA baby bump mystery is afoot in Thursday’s Parks and Recreation finale — and who better to hop on the case than retired FBI pro Bert Macklin?

Upon finding a positive pregnancy test at Ron’s cabin following a work retreat, Andy’s crime-fighting alter ego once again dons that coveted blue windbreaker. Of the five prime suspects — Leslie, Ann, April, Donna and Mona Lisa — the first four are initially ruled out, leaving a potentially with-child Ralphio as the most likely mother-to-be.

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Confronted by her boy toy Tom, Mona Lisa confesses to the pregnancy, and then follows it with a big, obnoxious “Psyyyyych!” — making April the new likely suspect. Andy excitedly congratulates his wife, but then April confirms that she is not with child. Instead, she has a different life-altering announcement: She’s been accepted into an out-of-town veterinary school and really wants to pursue her dream of working with animals. (Andy gives his blessing and vows to make the distance work.)

Andy, meanwhile, brings Ron up to speed on the mystery and, in the midst of filling him in on the whereabouts of the positive test, a flustered Diane busts in and says that she and Ron need to talk… in private. Andy’s expression says it all — case closed!

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In other Parks finale goings-on, Leslie holds a town forum to find out if Pawneeans deem themselves better off today than a year ago when she first took office. Turns out, they seem to think they are not better off (well, at least the candy-loving, sex-opposing, burger-inhaling, pot-smoking ones feel that way). So disgruntled are the citizens that they’re aiming to recall their newlyish-elected city councilwoman — a threat that Leslie decides to face head on.

And then there’s poor Tom, who, after refusing to sell his successful Rent-a-Swag empire to an anonymous buyer, learns that said mystery person plans to open their own youth-based rental store — and directly across the street from his establishment!

Surprised Diane’s preggo? Will Pawnee indeed kick Leslie out of office? Can Rent-a-Swag live to swagger another day? Hit the comments!

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  1. Jessi says:

    Okay, am I the only one BAFFLED that Ann and Chris get back together and then don’t have a single scene together for the rest of the season? (granted, it was two episodes, but still) We had plenty of Mona Lisa/Tom scenes in these last two episodes, but none with the brand new couple? Um, what? This wouldn’t be such an annoyance if their relationship status hadn’t been left fairly ambiguous. I was hoping to get some clarification about what’s happening there. (in other news, so-so finale but a great last 30 seconds. Xena and Ron Swanson are going to have the most epic of babies)

    • Mike says:

      I understand your frustration, but I would not exactly say they are dating yet, they’re having sex in order to have a baby, though Ann said things are going good, I don’t think they are dating per say. At least not yet.

    • Maris says:

      tbh I don’t like Chris at all, so the less Chris the better

  2. Mike says:

    I enjoyed the episode as always, but it bothers me to see Leslie hated so much in a community she loves so much. I hope this has a happy conclusion, now if NBC would just renew this show already…

  3. You win, Parks and Recreation writers. I was strung along by you the entire episode, almost forgetting that this was, indeed, the season finale and that we hadn’t seen Diane once throughout the episode (or, that much in the last few episodes). I was just thinking that the former Xena, Warrior Princess was too awesome to not show up and then, VOILA! You drop the bombshell that The Man With The Stache IS ABOUT TO BECOME A FATHER.

    Those words WILL need an entire summer (AND NOT A MONTH LONGER, NBC) to sink in: Ron Swanson, Father. Daddy Swanson. A little Swansonite coming into the world.

    You are, by far, the greatest comedy on television right now, Parks and Recreation. If ONLY NBC would recognize that and not leave your fate dangling. If only. Well, wishful thinking.

    • Spencer says:

      I want to marry you. This comment is perfect in every aspect. I completely agree entirely. I knew it would either be Diane or April. Very pleased it’ll be Diane :) Overall, I am hoping Leslie resigns. She has been so stressed and cranky all season because of the stress of the job. It’s been hard to watch this season when the only thing that happens to my darling Leslie is when she gets shot down by some fool Pawneean. Overall a phenomenal season. Can’t wait for more (lookin at you, NBC)

  4. Superhero says:

    The thought of Ron Swanson Jr. has me giggling already. I demand that he be born with a full grown mustache.

  5. Sarah says:

    My head is spinning with possible scenarios; Leslie’s reaction, Leslie throwing Ron a baby shower, the reactions of the Tammy’s. what if it’s a GIRL? What if it’s a boy – and he hates meat? Does the baby come out rockin a stache, lol? This is a GREAT storyline!!!!!

  6. Leah says:

    I thought it would be Leslie – up until I saw the promo for the episode during The Office. I highly doubt a Benslie pregnancy would be announced by Andy in front of a room of people that hate Leslie. Nah. They’ll have to do some big reveal that will make me choke up. I also didn’t think about Diane at all until Ron gave the speech about how he doesn’t want things to change. I bet the baby is born with a mustache. Also, I live in Southern IN, and I commute to Bloomington for school. Not really life-altering.

  7. Lindsey says:

    I’m imagining Ron sticking to his tough self until the baby is born. Then getting all giggly about the things the baby does. Should be interesting no matter what happens. I hope it’s a girl because I’m sure he’d want a boy, and that’d be funny to see him even more outnumbered by women.

  8. Spencer says:

    For the next season I’m hoping to see two adorable weddings (Chris & Ann and Ron & Diane) one adorable baby being born (Swanson Jr) a pregnancy (Leslie!!) and hopefully a few job shake-ups (April becoming a vet, Leslie resigning). And can we just talk about how epic Donna was this season?? Hopefully she gets an even bigger part next season.

  9. Christy says:

    Ron is gonna be a dad. My mind is still not processing that. This is gonna be SOOOO much fun!

  10. tripoli says:

    Pretty sure that Mona-Lisa’s last name isn’t Ralphio. Jean-Ralphio is his first name. I don’t believe they’ve ever told us the last name of these 2. Found it to be an underwhelming episode, especially for a finale. Still better than most of what’s out there though. And they totally saved it by not making April pregnant. Ship her off to school. The less of one note Plaza, the better.

    • Ashley says:

      Its Shapiro or something like that. Was last mentioned the first episode Mona-Lisa was in (think Tom mentioned the surname, and Ben said “wait, does that mean she’s related to…” and Jean-Ralphio butted in).

  11. So Number # 3 and Ron are having a baby. The question is Ron a human or a Cylon? :)

  12. Joel says:

    The question is will the baby come out with a full fledged mustache?

  13. DOT says:

    Idk what am ganna do I don’t think I can wait til fall I really hopw nbc gets there head out of there ass and renews it already!!!!

  14. Julia says:

    I had suspicions it’s gonna be Diane. I mean, she was among my suspects. It’s the best turn out possible, Ron would be perfect as a father. It was also a great surprise – I think everyone thought it’d be April who’s pregnant.
    The episode was wonderful, but also a bit sad. I can’t stand my favorite characters being treated this way – they cannot kick Leslie out, not after how hard she fought for the chair, and Tom… I really hoped he would sell the shop last minute, but he didn’t. I hope at least it’s gonna be Diddy.

    • Sarah says:

      I’d love it if it the guy who tried to buy Rent a Swag turned out to be Paul Rudd’s character “my dad makes them!”, but I don’t think he has the brains to be that unscrupulous. Maybe it’s the cologne guy.

  15. Bob says:

    Last season it was touch and go whether or not the series would be renewed. This season there’s not even that rumor. That was the end game, but one that left an opening should another network, or corporation, such as Amazon, decide to make a go of it. Let’s face it, instead of doing a “wrap it all up” ending, the writers just sort of threw everything they had onto the floor, whether it made sense or not. They really stopped giving a damn several shows back.

    The Parks and Recreation Department takes over the Animal Control Department? Just silly, just plain silly, as was having an irresponsible April take over as the manager. Speaking of April, having her accepted into veterinary school, when it’s never clear she graduated college, let alone high school, though appearing as a teenage intern in the first season, more silliness.

    What the show has done is offer it’s cast spinoff potential, should anyone wish to bite, but the show itself is done.