Glee Recap: A Trip to 'Wonder-ful' [Updated]

Glee-Season-4-Wonderful-Katey-SagalThis week on a Stevie Wonder-themed Glee, Artie faced his deepest fears, Mercedes faced her truth, Rachel faced the wrath of Cassandra July and Kurt faced the idea of life without TV’s sweetest dad Burt Hummel.

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It was a fun, frothy, music-packed hour, but one that felt somewhat at arm’s length from what you know will be next week’s dramatic, cliffhanger-y Season 4 finale. Among the critical plot developments:

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* Kurt traveled back to Lima to attend Burt’s critical doctor’s visit, and discovered his dad was (huzzah!) cancer-free with the prostate of a 20-year-old! But with all the ancillary anxiety, the younger Mr. Hummel seems to be developing some obsessive-compulsive tics.

* Mercedes returned to McKinley to help Mr. Schue prep the New Directions kids for regionals, then discovered her record label wanted her to sex up her image for her debut CD. When she refused, she lost her contract but held on to her dignity.

* Artie almost turned down admission to the Brooklyn Film Academy, but after Kitty shared the secret with Artie’s mom (the fab Katey Sagal), he admitted he was just afraid to head to NYC alone — and to leave behind the woman who’d devoted her life to caring for him. Sweet stuff. And now another core character is NYC-bound! (Wouldn’t mind more Ms. Sagal and her no-nonsense empathy in Season 5, either.) Also, with only one episode left this season, is the Artie-Kitty flirtation going to stay just that, or actually lead to something more serious?

* Rachel feared the wrath of Cassandra July when her brutal dance instructor discovered she’d gotten a second callback for Funny Girl, but turns out the Wicked Witch of NYADA really has a heart of gold. 1-800-Whaaa??? Cassie changed the date of Rachel’s midterm to not conflict with her Broadway dreams, and even told her she knew she’d get the part. Out-of-left-field? Maybe. But surprisingly feel-good, nevertheless. (Also feel-good? Rachel calling Mr. Schue at the top of the hour and thanking him for helping her on her path to Broadway. Still, I’m not sure if telling her she was a “shoo-in” was the most prudent response!)

* Blaine asked Burt for Kurt’s hand in marriage, but the elder Hummel wisely told the high-school senior it was way too soon for that kind of commitment. Line of the episode: “Didn’t you learn anything from Finn and Rachel?” Lord, let’s hope Burt’s wisdom sticks, because next week’s previews have me worried we’re gonna see Blaine on bended knee. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

* Speaking of proposals, Mr. Schue told the kids he’d re-proposed to Emma — and she’d accepted! I did have time for that, but alas, we didn’t see the evidence on screen — or any sign of Will’s ginger-haired love! #MoreEmmaPlease

Kitty: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” | Grade: C+
Mercedes and Blaine: “Superstition” | Grade: B+
Kurt: “You Are The Sunshine of My Life” | Grade: A-
Jake and Mike: “I Wish” | Grade: B
Cassandra: “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” | Grade: B
Mercedes: “Higher Ground” | Grade: A-
Artie and New Directions: “For Once in My Life” | Grade: B+

“That can’t be true.” –Kitty, mumbling after Schue revealed Brittany had gotten early acceptance to MIT

“Did you learn your new lyrics yet? ‘Do you want fries with thaaa-ah-ahh-at?” –Kitty, noting Mercedes’ return to Lima from Los Angeles and casting doubt on her record deal

“You’re widely regarded as having one of the puffiest morning faces of any known human.” –Cassandra, taunting Rachel

What did you think of “Wonder-ful”? Sound off in the comments and vote for your favorite musical number in the poll below!

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  1. Zorkel567 says:

    I really hope Blaine and Kurt become engaged anyways.

    • Stacie says:

      So all season Cassandra July has been the enemy, but we find out within a scene that she was doing that to push Rachel? C’mon. So cliched. I know they wanted to put a bow on the storyline given that we probably won’t see Kate Hudson again but I would’ve preferred her to be the bad guy. This show has become so predictable.

      • Omar says:

        if you dont like it then dont watch it!

      • Mari says:

        I was sort of hoping it was a set-up for July to backstab Rachel later.

      • heyang says:

        Lots of teachers act tougher on certain students because they have higher expectations for them. Entertainment is a tough field and it was Cassandra’s version of tough love. She wanted Rachel out of her ego and to toughen her up for the real world.

      • I’m pretty sure she told Brody or Rachel that way back earlier in the season. When she acted so cruel earlier in the episode I thought it was out of character for her knowing that she was working to build Rachel.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      Why? Seriously, why? They’re a toxic relationship.

  2. John K. says:

    The moment Will announced he and Emma are re-engaged and getting married after Regionals is the moment this show became dead to me. Why care about ANYTHING that happens if the writers can just completely undo it a few episodes later? They did it with Quinn being paralyzed, the glee club losing Sectionals, Rachel being pregnant, now this (and there a million more examples). Why should I waste time investing in the characters or stories if the writers don’t?

    • Stephanie says:

      If you don’t like the show the way it is right now, stop watching. I’m thrilled that Will and Emma are getting married for real after the heartbreak of Valentine’s Day

    • Elizabeth says:

      I think this is a very legitimate criticism of the show also my biggest issue with the writing. It’s lazy and manipulative of the audience. A lot of the major plots end up being moot two episodes later. I love the show and keep watching because I want it to get better. People who keep saying “just stop watching!” can shut up now please. Just because you criticize flaws in a show doesn’t mean you don’t still enjoy it want it to get better.

  3. Dan (Haleyloony) says:

    Mike spoke!! How odd.

  4. JR says:

    Silly me, still watching Glee for the story lines. This episode was very random and had little in common with the Glee I used to love. (Where did Blaine wanting to propose to Kurt come from? Wasn’t he just crushing on Sam?)
    And, I really miss Finn.

    • Jenny says:

      I felt the same way as I was watching last night. Plot lines have a total f two minutes of build up and conclusion. Missed Finn too. Don’t know why we couldn’t t least get a mention that Finn had midterms or something as a reason he wasn’t around.

    • Marco says:

      He wants to propose as a form of apology. Man, is Blaine an idiot.

  5. Angela says:

    Breathed such a sigh of relief at Burt being in remission. If they were to have him get seriously ill or have the cancer be terminal I was going to be so p*ssed off.
    Good for Mercedes sticking to her guns, and Artie’s going off to New York, eh? Fun. Should be interesting to see what happens when he meets up with the others who are out there already next year.
    Also…my god, Stevie Wonder’s songs are just superb, aren’t they?

    • Steph says:

      Loved the songs :) Esp You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. I would have liked Kurt/Colfer to do Uptight, instead, but KHudson/Cassie did her usual phenomenal job. VERY glad about Burt & that Ryan Murphy kept his promise NOT to have Burt die of prostate cancer (as Murphy’s own father did). VERY glad Artie will be joining the NYC crew ;) NOW we just need to get Mercedes & Mike out there.

      • Angela says:

        Yeah, “You are the Sunshine of My Life” is a lovely song. “Superstition” is another favorite. Kurt could’ve done a good job on that song, I agree, but yeah, it worked for Cassie, too. Can’t argue with the rest of your post, either (and did not know that about Murphy’s father dying of prostate cancer. Oh. That’s sad, I’m sorry to hear that).

    • The Beach says:

      It sounds like Burt had the same treatment that I had for prostate cancer and it worked for me too. Yipppeee!

      • kbro says:

        congratulations The Beach! I don’t know how recent your fight with cancer was, but that’s still fantastic that your treatment worked and you’re healthy today.

      • Angela says:

        Echoing kbro’s sentiments here, very happy that that worked for you and you’re doing better :)!

  6. T25 says:

    Glee has become a shadow of it’s former self! They need a reboot BAD! I just don’t buy this version of the ND and having Kurt, Mercedes and Mike back just highlights what the newbies lack in both character and talent. Marley leading ND to victory is a JOKE! Blaine is coming off as desperate and can they just finish that stupid catfish story? And nice going Glee, Will and Emma get re-engaged OFF screen. Why even film the episode when you can just keep telling us what happens. Once again the best stuff comes from NY, at least this time Artie had some focus and he and Katey Segal were very good! And they still have not said where Finn went, did they forget the big deal they made of him helping that pathetic Glee Club?

  7. Elle says:

    “What was your favorite musical performance from Glee’s ‘Wonder-ful’ episode?” Plain and simple answer…none.

    • July says:

      So… why came here for…?

      • Elle says:

        I’m not allowed to read the article just because I didn’t like any of the singing this episode?

        • Salina says:

          You read, you post. But don’t come with any ignorant and ironic comments here, believe it or not… some people enjoyed it. Does that coming here and posting that you didn’t like makes you feel better? Or makes you feel that you restored your wasted time watching the “non-likable” performances of this episode?

          • Elle says:

            Did I say I didn’t like it? No. I just didn’t like any of the renditions of the songs in this one episode but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the episode. TVLine asked us to vote in the poll but since there wasn’t an option for none, I typed it out.

          • Lola says:

            Speaking of ignorant…you really need to get a dictionary and look up the meaning of “ironic”. And people have a right to express their disappointment in something just as much as you have a right to express your enjoyment. That’s the whole point of this site (BTW). This isn’t a Glee Fan Page, this is an entertainment news website. Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t like this show and guess what…your life will go on. Stop taking it so personally.

          • JoMarch says:

            Salina-You need tranquilizers. How dare you act as if only syncophants like yourself can read the article. I didn’t like the songs either and I read the article to see what Michael Slezak thought of the show; that why people read recaps. From your comment I would imagine you’re one of those people who live through their TV shows, and any criticism (no matter how mild) of the show feels like a personal insult.

        • emma says:

          I’m with you Elle… there was a time when as soon as the episode ended i would download every single song and i would start singing them all day.. now i just don’t care anymore (save for next to me and don’t stop believing recently). I keep watching glee hoping that they are gonna delete the lima parts (that are a complete nonsense with no great singers and absurd storylines, to give space to NY who should be the real glee right now…
          sorry for my english but i’m italian…

          • Jenny says:

            I agree with Elle and Emma. I love this show but this season has been a chore to get through. There is just something missing from the show I used to love. Great there re people who still love everything about it and want to defend it. But for some of us things have changed and there is nothing wrong with that either.

          • heyang says:

            I agree that the new cast is lacking some indefinable factor. Individually, they have strengths, but the connections/charisma is missing.

            I don’t mind when people want to express their opinion about the show. It only bugs me when people aren’t trying to provide constructive criticism. i.e. ‘This show sucks’ does nothing to suggest how the show could be improved – which often leads to ‘why are you wasting your time watching and everyone else’s reading?’ Or people make negative comments who are obviously not watching anymore!

      • broncfanwa says:

        Nah, i still like GLEE, and i still enjoy the show. but (and here comes the attack) i’m not a Stevie Wonder fan AT ALL, so i didn’t enjoy the music. I enjoyed the idea that the faculty at NYADA is able to put pettiness away to support the students’ endeavors, LOVE Katey Sagal in anything, especially as Artie’s mom (please come back!!) and happy as all get-out that super-dad Burt is healthy. Kitty has always been just a hoot to me, altho’ not so much Marley and the rest of the new ND kids. Yep, i still love the show, but i muted the music. so me too. my vote for favorite song was the peppy little “GLEE” when they came back from commercial break.

  8. A says:

    I think the Brittany and MIT storyline is one of the most idioic thing that has happened on Glee. Its not even funny.
    Kitty is definitely my favorite newbie and I wish they’d focus more on her than Ryder, Marley or Jake. I also loved seeing Katey Sagal. Great casting for Artie’s mother!
    Even though I know there will be a proposal next week, so glad Burt gave Blaine the tough love. This character has become so stupid. I barely like him much anymore. He’s not even dating Kurt and he wants to marry him? Hate that the writers went down this storyline. Also will they please stop drowning Blaine’s hair in gel all the time. Let his head breathe!
    Cassandra’s kindness was so sudden and out of the blue. I think I like evil Cassy a little more than nice Cassy. However, it was very sweet what happened between them. I hope if they bring her back there will still be a little of that tension and tough love and not just buddy buddy all the time

  9. sha says:

    Did they really try to have Marley try to hit notes like Mercedes…? Did they really..?

    • Pam says:

      Funniest thing to happen all season!

      • kait says:

        I can’t believe they had Mercedes teaching Marley breath control, when Schue never really seems to train them in anything. They just sing a bunch of songs to express their feelings, then pick some completely different song for competition.

  10. Nicole says:

    I actually liked this episode of Glee because it was nice seeing some characters like Artie and Mercedes get some much overdue screen time. It was a nice episode mostly free of relationship drama and I appreciated that very much.

  11. Boiler says:

    Agree with some of the other posters….if you don’t like the show get the heck off this board. You just embarass yourselves in my opinion. I thought it was a good episode and it was nice they showcased Kitty.

    • dan says:

      It was definitely nice to see more Kitty. She’s my favorite newbie. I like Marley, too.

    • Pam says:

      Why are people so threatened by different opinions? I’ve liked shows when others haven’t and yet I’ve never felt the need to lecture them about how they aren’t entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. Honestly people not everyone is going to agree about things! People can come here and discuss the episode last time I checked, not just blindly praise it.

      • Boiler says:

        Pam its not different opinions but the way they are expressed. Also what I say not directed at ypou personally.For whatever reason Glee brings out some of the meanest comments I see anywhere for any other show. To me it is obvious that some of the commenters don’t even watch the show but as soon as its over they come on here and spew the hate. Comments about the newbies are tiresome and,frankly, in poor taste. Personally I like them but that is not even the point. People cpmplain that they don’t understand why the original cast isn’t on more. If they are really fans of the originals they would know that they are involved in a lot of other things. Yea the show isn’t perfect but it is entertaining to me. It is TV.

  12. SS says:

    Relatively certain there are lots of people who have plenty of time for Blaine going down on bended knee.

  13. Para says:

    Don’t anyone think the music is terrible tonight?
    I mean I’m very open with story lines but the music is just…..Bad….

    • JoMarch says:

      I agree – in my comment I mentioned that after listening to the songs I wondered why I ever thought I liked Stevie Wonder music. If last night were the first time I heard his songs, I would have thought, meh – what’s the Stevie Wonder fuss about? And do they even have a theme for regionals? Every week it something else; now it’s Stevie Wonder songs with only a couple of weeks until regionals?

      • Sela says:

        I love S Wonder and his music, but not by the New Directions. Mercedes, Yes. Anytime she can sing it. This entire season has had lower quality if songs sung than in the past. As for Regionals, they won’t even sing S Wonder songs. It was just a tribute with all his songs in the episode.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      I think if they’d done it with the New Directions in season 2, it would have been better.

  14. j says:

    I really hope Blaine doesn’t propose. It’s my favorite couple. I don’t wanna see another kiddie engagement storyline with them.

    I’m so happy we have another one of them in NYC. Maybe Sam can get a modelling gig there too or something. I know it’s silly and unrealistic (but it’s Glee), but I’d love the whole gang in one place again.

  15. Jase says:

    The best line/line reading of the night HAD to be Kitty delivering this awesome run-filled melismatic zinger to Mercedes:

    “You learn your new lyrics yet? Do you want fries with thaaaaaaaaaat?”

  16. Para says:

    ALso Mike Dance so much better than Jake…

  17. Para says:

    Judging from the amount of comments…. Looks like not many people are watching Glee tonight,….

  18. O'Brien says:

    Totally think the “mentors” Jan and Liz will get married, Wemma off-screen, and Klaine on a very clear road to reunion. I hate that we won’t have Finchel (but pumped that Cory is doing well!), but Rachel IS wearing a ring in her final call-back, and I’m wondering if it might be Finn’s? Anyway, this was FAR and AWAY one of the best eps all season, and Mercedes killed it. Also, so looking forward to wrapping up Brit’s story, and Santana’s work on that. Should be a doozy of a finale

  19. Darren says:

    I’m SO excited for Artie in New York!

  20. ino says:

    I’d say it again to all the writers if they don’t wanna lose anymore viewers: ditch the lima part of the show and move the focus completely on ny side with a couple characters also move there AND less focus on blaine, please. There are more characters that as interesting, if not better, than him. Since hiatus I only watch ny side tbh and skip all the lima drama

    • Sue says:

      Yes ditch Lima the newbies and frankly Will, you can only do sectionals, Regionals, Nationals so many times before it gets boring.

    • Shay says:

      Same actually. Even the musical number in Lima are lame.

      • A says:

        Agreed!!! Especially when they make them sing songs that they probably have never heard. I mean I used to love it when Glee showed me songs that I’ve actually never heard before, but this season the music side of Lima has been really boring and lame. Almost every song that they make the newbies is something that they are probably too young to have ever heard. At least with the older cast. they made it believable that they knew most of the songs they were singing and their musical numbers usually entertained you. They seriously need to reconsider their choice of music on the show/the person who picks the songs.

        • Erik says:

          in school choirs you DO sing songs you have never heard. That’s the whole point of learning music. I sang so many songs from the 50s/60s in my high school jazz choir that i had never heard (i was in high school from 1998-2002)

          • A says:

            Ok that may be true but not all the songs sung on the show is in the choir room. Plus moving beyond the fact that old songs are typically sung in school choir, the song choices on the Lima side have been pretty boring.

  21. Kate says:

    The NY side ruined glee for me. Glee is not only about Rachel (and Blaine), it’s about group of losers that wants to be part of something and thats what made Glee so lovable. They should get rid of the new york side and develop Lima. They should stop casting beautiful people to play underdogs. They should be more realistic and not repeat storylines. The graduates can appear from time to time and NOT all the time, it makes it harder for people to move on if we see them all thetime… that’s probably one of the reasons why only a few people care for the newbies.

    • Omar says:

      You’re right!

    • Corrine says:

      I agree, the NY side is boring. i get that rachel, kurt & santana are the fan favorites but they have no purpose anymore. they’re there because the fans want them to. ryan murphy & the writers should stop listening to the fans, that’s why the show is messy cuz they always give in to the fans demands. Last season would have been last time we would have seen the graduates but the fans got crazy so thats why they’re back in.

    • Ellie says:

      Your are so right! What i loved about glee is that everyone can relate to a certain character. Now everything is just so confusing!

      • Mandy says:

        I agree. I wanted to see them develop the newer kids and let the senior take the spotlight. I admit Blaine is my favorite, but I think why so may people got tired of him is the ridiculous break-up storyline and him constantly trying to get Kurt back. I get that he made a mistake and he still loves Kurt, but at this point he needs to realize that Kurt is stringing him along. I either want him with Kurt or let him find a guy that he can be with (P.S. the whole Sam is the typical crushing on someone you can’t have because your depression) I want Braine WABBLER back.
        Also I find it funny that everyone is complaining how boring the Lima side is, but no one is talking about how unrealistic the graduates’ stories are. I mean really!!! Kurt move to NY gets his dream job with the perfect boss, suddenly get into the school of his dreams, and finds “perfect boyfriend” to replace the cheating one. Rachel gets challenge by a teacher but it’s the teacher whose the bad one only to suddenly support her, again finds “better’ boyfriend, and its getting her dream role in only her freshman year. These guys are supposed to be starting out. Achieving dreams take work and I feel that it cheapens what they went through in Glee if everything is handed to them. Go back to focusing on Lima and the struggle to finding yourself and your place.

        • Angela says:

          Absolutely agreed on the second part of your post in particular regarding the New York side, Certainly I want these characters to have good things happen to them, too, but yeah, those victories should be earned and should have some sembelance of realism to them.

        • James says:

          How is Kurt stringing him along when he’s made it clear they are just friends? Blaine is the one with delusions. Kurt hasn’t encouraged him in any way. Also what “perfect boyfriend”? The character barely appeared and was never treated as an actual boyfriend.

          And everyone talks about how boring Lima is because it is. It’s boring and lacks the talent of the NYC side.

          And Blaine doesn’t have depression. I can’t believe you idiots are still trying that.

    • tommy says:

      “They should stop casting beautiful people to play underdogs”

      i agree with this one! Glee got lucky when it worked out Dianna!:)

    • Kap says:

      lol or so few people only care about the newbs because they suck. Sorry that makes you bitter and about your poor taste.

    • A says:

      I like the Rachel and Santana side of New York. The Kurt side is boring.

      • arc says:

        Cannot stand Kurt. Luckily he’s done nothing all season but moon after boys and get his ego stroked by the most idiotic Vogue editor there ever was. Really easy to skip past his scenes. He’s contributed nothing this season.

        • heyang says:

          He’s also been Rachel’s BFF. Kurt hasn’t mooned after anyone this year as compared to his crush on Finn and then Blaine. He’s upset over his breakup – natural. He’s being pursued by Adam. He’s not mooning over anyone – Blaine is the one mooning over Kurt and Sam.

        • A says:

          Agreed, he’s been absolutely useless this season. The only interesting storyline he had was how he got into NYADA. His only purpose on the NY side is to serve as Rachel’s sidekick IMO.

        • sara says:

          As opposed to the other seasons? Season 1 he was stalking Finn, ignoring him when he said he wasn’t interested, and manipulating his parents so that Finn was living in his bedroom. And somehow that storyline finished up with Finn getting kicked out and apologizing and Kurt learning that staking=OK.
          That character has always been irritatingly self-absorbed.

          • Pam says:

            Wait, there are characters on this show that AREN”T self-absorbed? They are teenagers after all.

    • kbro says:

      so true! personally I’m way more interested in the newbies than in the New York kids. I liked them when they were at McKinley and they were struggling underdogs, but now I feel like we need to let Rachel and Kurt just move on and live their lives. also, why is everyone in this glee club so interested in show business??? surely out of a group of 12 people at least person has got to want to go to college and study business or something, right?

      I know, I know, I’m letting reality get in the way of watching tv, but I realized last night that’s part of why Glee has been bugging me – everyone has the same focus: move to New York, become a singer/actor/Broadway star/whatever. introduce some diversity, Glee!

      (and in case someone wants to point this out, Tina doesn’t count. vet school is her backup plan, second to becoming an actress. also, isn’t vet school something you do after undergrad?)

      • NZ8713 says:

        Yes veterinary school is something that you MUST go to undergrad for first. I’m about to graduation from veterinary school and it is a VERY competitive career choice. Many of my classmates were very offended by this comment because many people spend 4 years in undergrad working very hard and still get rejected 1 or more years after applying. In the past years over 1000 people have applied to my program and only 80 get in. It is hard enough convincing people that veterinary school is not a 2 year degree but a 4 year degree, we don’t need to Glee making it appear that it is a straight out of high school career as well.

        Respect your veterinarians. They go through 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of vet school, end up about $120,000 dollars in debt and make $60,000/ year with no benefits. We do it because we love animals and the medical profession.

  22. Omar says:

    “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” and “For Once In My Life” were by far my favorites songs! I love Kitty, she’s my favorite new character! Artie’s mom (Katey Sagal) was so good! I’d love to see Artie in NYC. It’s nice to see Mercedes again and having an update about her life but… I dont care about Mike Chang. Klaine storyline was a little boring… but Burt’s part was awesome as usual. Is there another boring storyline on the episode? Yes, NYADA.

    I cant wait for the cliffhanger-y Season 4 finale.

  23. Jessie says:

    How has no one commented that Protozoa from Zenon was in the show?! That cameo almost makes up for this heinous season. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!

  24. ProfKatG says:

    Why have the Glee writers taken the strong male lead they gave us as Blain the Warbler and turned him into a childish parody of his former self? My hope for after this set of seniors graduates is Finn will go to college in New York and be a singing waiter at the NYADA hangout, Blaine will come to New York and get into NYADA and GLEE can drop the Ohio contingent. Mr Shue can come as a visiting teacher and we can begin a new era with the old cast – kind of a Friends-style GLEE

    • libertymcd says:

      Or, in a BOY MEETS WORLD moment, Shue starts teaching at NYADA (after Emma finds a terrific OCD doctor there)? :)

  25. Jeremy Thomas says:

    Can we get a Glee/SoA crossover where either Artie joins SAMCRO or Jax takes over Lima Heights and gets an Axl Rose solo? Either’s good.

  26. EF says:

    Mike O’Malley is so fantastic. To seem him play Burt so perfectly, and then be such a badass on Justified as Nicky Augustine. What a talent!

  27. Camille says:

    Michael, your bias is so obvious that it really is offputing. Are you always going to give every single graduate a bye and rank their songs higher just because they are an original cast member? No way should Kitty’s song be ranked that low. Kurt was good but it shouldn’t had been graded the same as Mercedes. We all know you are biased but show some restraint so people who love the show no matter how the show is can enjoy reading your recaps.

  28. Jonah says:

    It was nice to see Mercedes get a storyline. I’ve missed her.

    Otherwise, I agree with a lot of other posters — a hundred different storylines, none of them adequately built up or resolved. (You have Katey Sagal and you give her two minutes?) Too many numbers involved these talented actors standing in a room singing at each other. And that last dance piece looked like it took place on a stage from the Brady Bunch.

    22 episodes is a hard slog. There’s bound to be at least one terrible ep.

  29. Shira says:

    I love when the bitch guys at NYADA talking to Rachel about her competitor and her name is Sutton Foster. I love her at Bunheads and really hoping the show will back with season 2. Oh well, even Sutton never come to Funny Girl call back (in Glee), let me hoping here that Bunheads will get another season! :D

  30. crambam says:

    Is this the first time Mercedes even sang all season?

    There has been no indication that her producer was anything other than legit. No way a legit producer would market her as a sex symbol. That’s not her. And likewise, no way they throw her away over that. Too much talent.

    • Ronnie says:

      Actually, the response of the producer is very typical in the record industry. So much is about sexing up the package rather than the vocalist. Look up the story of Martha Wash, the large black woman who sang the major hooks for 2 big hits in the early 90s from C & C and Black Box, and they used skinny models to do the videos lip-syncing to her. Not everyone gets the Adele treatment. They all want Beyonce clones and this episode was right on about it.

  31. Tee says:

    I watched to see Katey Sagal. Sadly there wasn’t much Katey Sagal.

  32. Joel says:

    Mercedes and the other MH alum that have come back are 100 more productive at actually teaching these kids than Schue ever was.

  33. Anna says:

    Nooooooooo, and here I thought we were finally gonna get rid of Artie! He’s always been my least favourite character – why is HE the one they bring to New York?! Why not – hell – ANYONE else?!

  34. James says:

    The next issue that had to be dealt with was how to get Artie to New York so the others will follow. Kurt and Rachel’s apartment is going to end up being the new choir room. And yes, when you see vets like Mercedes and Mike in the choir room, you see how watered down the newbies are. (Not bad, just new.) Why were Sam and Mercedes kept apart during the entire episode? It was like they barely knew each other. Why didn’t he chime up and say how beautiful and sexy Mercedes was? Oh, that’s right, because ultimately the powers that be think she isn’t. Also, what did MIT do to Ryan Murphy that he would write they would think Brittany is their star candidate?

  35. P says:

    I’m pretty sure nothing makes me lose more hope in humanity than the discussion boards after an episode of Glee…

  36. Ira says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that with Tina going to Columbia she will be in NY too!?! ( I mean really, as if anyone believes she will become an actress)

  37. Christopher says:

    I enjoyed last night`s Glee. The characters did a great job on the Stevie Wonder songs,Kitty`s performance of Signed Sealed Delivered was one of my favorite performances. I`m conflicted about if I want the show to focus primarily on the NY characters,I like the new highschool characters too.

  38. JoMarch says:

    Not one “A” on the set list (couple of A-). I’m not surprised; the songs were as boring as the episode. I ended up thinking, why did I previously like Stevie Wonder music; the songs aren’t very good? Poor Stevie; his classics ruined by auto tune and cheesy choreography. And, how many times is Burt going to have a life-threatening illness? Jeez, writers, move on already. I much prefer the New York scenes; maybe the school could be carried to New York in a Wizard-of-Oz-like tornado.

    • Sela says:

      Blaine has no business trying to sing a Stevie Wonder song. It’s just like Pat Boone in the 60’s was pushed onto youth trying to sing Motown. Pat Boone had a generic sound with no soul or heart to early Motown. I love music and appreciate all the genres and eras of it. Something Glee used to introduce to its audience was some of the various eras of different genres for us to learn and appreciate it. And the weirdest thing for Glee to try to do was have Marley attempt tossing riffs like Mercedes. Marley is a female version of Pat Boone. She cannot hold a candle too Mercedes or Santana in an attempt t sing soul or blues. The music done by the New Directions was not a great performance by Glee.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        The Pat Boone comparison is a very accurate one. Marley tries to sing soulful, “black” songs, but it ends up being vanilla and dull.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        And Blarren has no business being on the show full stop. He’s the reason why it’s not as good as it was in season 1.

        • Sela says:

          Darren and Melissa are “good” singers. Darren is a showman, you can tell by the way he dances around. But, Mercedes and Santana are the only 2 who can sing Stevie Wonder and do him justice. Melissa is a fine singer with the pop songs Glee has come to do weekly. Darren IMO has sung too often and sung songs that others would have done better. The song songs he and Chris Colfer have sung together have usually been great.

          I agree. The Blarren show is not as good as Glee used to be. Too much of Blaine makes the show average. Glee has become typical high school stories pushing PSA endorsements 1 right
          after the other.

          I’m a fool to stay with Glee but I love certain characters. I watch Glee for them. This season has been the worst of all the seasons. I’m glad Glee’s finale is here. This crap is over. Hope for a great season 5.

  39. JoMarch says:

    The plot device of Mercedes’ producer wanting her to sex it up seemed overly-contrived. There’s nothing sexy about her, so how would showing more skin sex up her image? Of course, why am I expecting realism when she got a record deal immediately upon getting to LA. I mean, after all, there’s only a few wanna be singers coming to LA each year, right?

  40. Rinka says:

    Seems to me that in Season 1 Artie was telling someone about the car accident that paralyzed him. He said when he woke up in the hospital his mother was gone and he was in the wheelchair. The episode in Season 1 where everyone had to use a wheelchair for part of each day also discussed how Artie’s dad had to drive him to all events because the school bus they used was not wheelchair accessible. Now the dad is gone and the mom is back from the dead. Continuity anyone?

    • Igo says:

      Actually if i’m not mistaken during season artie said that during the accident her mother was fine but he was the one that injured badly. But yeah i think they should featured his father too since he mention him more that his mother

  41. Fernanda says:

    about the next episode promo on Youtube. The Surprise Wedding is about WEMMA not KLAINE. Even if they lose or win regionals, what happens the next season, a split senior year of Blaine, Tina, Sam and the others? a timeline jump? graduation on the season premiere?

  42. Mafs95 says:

    “next week’s previews have me worried we’re gonna see Blaine on bended knee. And ain’t nobody got time for that.”
    LOOOOOL that’s sooo true. I don’t want to see Klaine get engaged. That would be stupid and a complete non-sense.

  43. Mamamitzvah says:

    I read & post on the AI board by Michael. I am surprised that there are not more people from that board here. I enjoy Glee & it is what it is. I enjoy Michael’s insights enormously & read even the blogs about shows I don’t watch. I find the polarisation most interesting :) I guess I am a people watcher.

  44. Trouty Mouth says:

    Can we just get rid of Blaine already? I vote “death by being swallowed whole by Sam’s giant mouth”.

  45. Juan says:

    (It seems that a lot of people are hating the show but keep on watching! Non sense)

    I just relax and enjoy Glee, I think it brings a lot of joy. I didn’t know that Stevie Wonder sang all those amazing songs, really enjoyed it.
    Liked the Rachel-Cassandra scenes and how Mercedes stoop up for her music (“I’m not gonna be Beyoncè! lol).
    I think the cliffhanger(s) will be: not to know if they made it to Nationals and if Rachel got the part or not.

  46. July says:

    Mike O Malley was really too kind to say that Darren Criss is becoming a remarkable actor, his scene with him was a joke. He couldn’t take off that stupid smirk out of his face for almost the entire scene. Mike O’ Malley was great but Criss ugh, painful… simple painful. Poor Fox, pay to Darren acting lessons so he can become bearable to watch in scene, cause his songs and scenes suck HARD.

    • Leslie says:

      Your hatred towards the actor is so evident that your biasness clouds your comments to the point that they become negligible. Next time try to show more credibility in your judgement, otherwise, your comment is the joke!

      • July says:

        You defending him like that it’s obvious that you like/are fan of the actor/character. Hipocrite of your part to say that I’m biased. Look to yourself.

        • Leslie says:

          There’s nothing to defend here, regardless of who it is, since your comments show your level of classlessness. Haven’t heard of handing out constructive criticisms? Instead you spew your vileness and viciousness in the most undignified way, which is reflective of your sad state of mind.

          • July says:

            That second comment proves even more that you’re just defending that character just for the sake that you like him. Gosh.