Scandal First Look: Fitz and Liv Have a Heated Phoner and the Mole Hunt Digs Up Results

This Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, it’s quite clear that everything is not copasetic between Olivia and her protector/ex-paramour Jake — and TVLine has a sneak peek at the pair’s prickly new dynamic.

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As seen in this first clip from Season 2’s antepenultimate hour, Olivia wants nothing to do with Jake now that she’s had time to process his peeping Tom agenda. Orders are orders, though, he argues, so Liv speed-dials the leader of the free world/ex-paramour to try to sort things out. Press PLAY to watch the clip, then scroll down for more.

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Later, Liv’s at the OPA office when Quinn, Huck et al reveal a new lead on the mole known as Albatross. But are the white hats chasing a red herring? Press PLAY to watch the video, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    Cyrus is a smokescreen!

  2. 1netka says:

    Too neat. Red herring. Though it would be deliciously sinful to have Cyrus as the mole… Cyrus is so morally corrupt and drunk with power.

  3. pookie says:

    Harrison is the mole…

    • Tamim says:

      That would be horrible! I like Harrison. I wonder if there have been any little, but consistent people who could be the mole? I’m so worried it will be someone we like…

    • Mary says:

      Does Harrison know enough to be the mole?

      • Alichat says:

        Don’t think so. It has to be someone who has access to high level information.

        • Cheyenne says:

          My bets:
          1) Hal the secret service guy
          2) Sally Langston the VP

          • Lotta Smiles says:

            Sally Langston. She secretly hates the President, however she doesn’t want to be President.Her goal would be to ruin any attempt he would make as a candidate for re-election. Her hatred was stemmed because he forced her to work, even after she refused. Remember when Fitz informed her about her daughters abortion? Sally is also privy to all the information the President is privy to and has the leverage to hire any contact she wants. Sally was also ready to out Fitz and let members of his cabinet know that he was unable to serve as President. Yes I think it’s Sally, the President forced her to go against her (fake) core beliefs, and she will do everything she can to make him pay for it.

    • Scanfan says:

      Nooooooo…….He is a gladiator!

  4. Whatever says:

    Like they would give away the identity of the mole in a preview.
    Cyrus is a red herring.

  5. Mary burch says:

    Well first OLIVIA should tell FITZ oh u want yo’ puppy to protect me, did he tell u he stole yo’ cookie out the cookie jar pow!!! And the fact that they said Cyrus was the mole on the preview should tell EVERYBODY THAT HE is not the mole caus Shonda Rhimes do not roll like that she saves the best for last n keeps u wondering…

    • GTS says:

      Yes. To all of it.I’m stealing the cookie jar line, and using it every day in my life.

    • Ginger says:

      That was so freaking brilliant. I was literally laughing out loud. I had to focus to keep quiet so my coworkers wouldn’t thinly I’m strange. Thank you for that!

    • marbusinesslady says:

      i agree Shonda saves the best for last and definetly have been keeping me wondering and guess

  6. Diane says:

    ok, but secretly, don’t you think Olivia is getting at least just the teensiest thrill that Fitz is being all overprotective of her? Because not so secretly? I sure am! lol

    • Dawn says:

      Oh, I think that Olivia is absolutely getting at least a secret thrill out of this! I still hope that Fitz finds out about Jake crossing his boundaries before the end of this season. I think he’ll have to, especially since Jake has been “dispatched” to take care of Liv.

    • Debbie Jones says:

      Fitz strikes me as sick sick puppy. Think for a minute about what he’s doing to Liv and his wife – sick sick puppy.

      • Chester says:

        This is so true, Debbie.

      • Jules says:

        Am i the only one wanting Liv and Jake to be together? I think Fitz is an ASS. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Olivia should tell him to F off after how he’s treated her. And as big of a b Melloe can be, I love her! She plays the scorned wife better than anyone! I hate the completely dysfunctional relationship between Fitz and Olivia. It’s almost offensive how he treats her.

      • jbabyd89 says:

        a fionnnne azz sick puppy thou. lmao

      • henninggirl says:

        I would just shoot Jake and call the police and say he was an intruder. Fitz is gross.

    • GottaHaveEmAll says:

      What you said Diane! I watched that first clip two times in a row! I love it that Fitz has gone into full protection mode – nobody is getting near his Livvie! All hell is gonna break loose when Fitz finds out that his guard dog has already sniffed and taken a bite of the treats! Jake is playing this entire thing very cool (at least in the clip). I mean, he knows that the woman he’s been dating and in a relationship with has a very personal tie to the President – who ordered him to monitor her and now protect her. And Jake doesn’t strike me as a complete idiot, so he has to know that the personal tie between Liv and Fitz is/was sexual. Shonda Rhimes is a friggin genius! Best show on television right now!

  7. Diane says:

    Also, someone in the Scandal makeup department dislikes the Jake character as much as I do. SF is a good looking guy, but not with the Richard Nixon makeup job.

    • Debbie Jones says:

      Oh please, you fans who are threatened by Scott Foley’s presence are silly. I love all the cast members but the reason I’m addicted to this show is because of Scott Foley. His character brings major FLAVA and I love his scenes with KW, TG, and Joe Morton. SF is total eye candy.

      • Diane says:

        Umm, so not threatened (this is a tv show, right?) & love SF. Just commenting on his really bad makeup. You can see his lipstick in the shots when he’s in Liv’s doorway.

        • GottaHaveEmAll says:

          I’m a huge Scott Foley fan, he is so handsome. But his lips are just that lush and pink — totally kissable. They probably put a moisturizer or clear balm on his lips, but no color has been added. I love that he is on the show now. Tony Goldwyn is so delicious and Scott Foley is too — two scrumptious men wanting to take a bite outta me? There are worse positions for a girl to find herself… ;-)

        • Scott Foley admits that he blushes very easily on almost everywhere on his body, so there is not much that the makeup department can do to cover up the redness.

  8. Janine H says:

    Things I got from each clip: #1 Olivia actually looked shocked that Fitz told her no, that’s probably a word she’s not use to hearing from him when when it’s about her. #2 Cyrus IS NOT the mole b/c of the way it was just thrown out there. Hurry up Thurs!!!!!!!!

    • jbabyd89 says:

      i agree, That is some power for your azz thou. I wish there will be a show down with her and Jake, like Jake asking her about Fitz and she asking him about stalking her and taking her to the next level because it was all his doing.

  9. linds says:

    So excited!!! I think Cyrus or even Mellie is the mole or someone in OPA

  10. Elaine says:

    But when is Cyrus going to answer for having Amanda Tanner killed?!?

    • Cheyenne says:

      When is Fitz going to answer for killing Verna?

    • Rachel says:

      Both of these!! I was so mad when Cyrus got away with killing Amanda, and I really want that to come back. It seems like Fitz may at some point own up to Verna, at least to Liv. We’ll see.

  11. kurlytop says:

    I wonder if it’s James.

    • T L Lee says:

      Oh my, I didn’t think about James. He knows all about Defiance and he’s met the guy because he’s been to the house a few times to see Cyrus.

    • NMarie says:

      I think the mole is James because he has access to Cyrus info at home and he worked in the WH as a correspondence, he certainly has proven that he will use what he knows when he did that article on Hollis. Plus he is very ambitious also.

  12. Ronnie says:

    I hate these teases!!! They are always sooo good! Gonna hate when the season is over, but I haven’t enjoyed a series drama like this in a while!

  13. Aisha Sani says:

    I think Mellie is the mole cos she is power drunk. And I won’t put it pass cy too. Don’t its anyone in the opa. The mole is within the govt circle. Love Oltz. Scandal ABC what are you waiting for approve season 3, or all gladiators stop watching ABC!

  14. V says:


  15. Sarah says:

    Could the mole be the dude Olivia dated earlier in the season?

    • Debbie Jones says:

      Do you mean Edison? The senator who asked her to marry him and gave his mother’s ring a second time?

      • Sarah says:

        Yes him. I forgot his name. He just kind of dropped away after they split, so it would be interesting if they brought him back as the mole. It could be the VP. It seems like Cyrus is just a smokescreen.

    • Could be. Edison is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, thanks to Olivia. The Senate Intelligence Committee is privy to classified intelligence assessments, access to intelligence sources, methods and programs. It could easily be him.

  16. Steve jobs is in hell says:

    Cute… People still say red herring. Kinda docuhey but ok

  17. Clydie Hubbard says:

    Cyrus is being set up just as Osborn was. Cyrus is a patriot and he knows if for some unforseen reason Fitz does not serve out his term as the President, then Sally Langston is next in line then the Senate Pro Tem. So there is no benefit for Cyrus because he won’t get the job.

  18. Pam says:

    I think it’s James

  19. sladewilson says:

    Mellie’s not the mole. She doesn’t have enough intel. Cyrus could be the mole but once it got leaked in a preview, we know SR doesn’t roll like that. I can’t see how James has that kind of juice and the Gladiators don’t have the intel. I don’t think we’ve met the mole yet or we’ve overlooked the obvious…

  20. Gadgetgirl105 says:

    It’s Sally Langston.

  21. Olivia thinks that Mellie leaving the Whitehouse has nothing to do with her? It has EVERYTHING to do with her. She better understand that if Mellie exposes fitz, she intends to expose her too.

    • marbusinesslady says:

      i for one feel Mellie won’t tell.. FITZS could make it be known she helped with the rigging of the election and keep Olivia out of it..

  22. Twinsgrandma says:

    Anybody think it might just be Cyrus’ hubby?

    • cjinsd says:

      How could it possibly be James? He has no access or clearance.

      • Tamim says:

        If James had had that kind of access he wouldn’t have had to work so hard to find out about the election rigging in Ohio. Instead he had to run around everywhere. Besides, that man is baby-crazy; he’s not going to do anything now to jeopardize that.

  23. cfm says:

    I’m still a little confused about the goal of the mole.
    What is the mole’s goal?
    -Is it to make Fitz look bad?
    -Is it to give power to a foreign country and screw up America?
    -Something else?
    My assumption has always been the mole wants to make Fitz look like a bad, unpopular, unelectable president.
    The only character we currently know of who could want that or benefit from it is Sally Langston. Other unknowns would be the opposing party’s candidate, or someone with a more personal vendetta.
    And the secret assassination society Huck and Charlie used to be part of, which park bench guy and Jake are obviously part of… they’re trying to figure out who the mole is to kill him/her? Is Charlie still in that group? Did he have orders to go after Huck or was that crate torture personal after seeing each other in the elevator with Hollis? Is Charlie the mole? He knows Huck’s skills, he told him to disappear but now Huck is after the mole and Charlie knows it.
    I’m so…confused! Cannot wait for some answers because unlike most shows, Scandal is unpredictable! And awesome

    • Tamim says:

      If Sally is the mole, I wonder if some of the “leaks” were designed to give Sally opportunities to look good by solving these problems created by the leaks. I mean, she would know ahead of time about the bad stuff happening, who got the intel, and where they would be, then she could swoop in and take credit for an amazing save and make herself look like a really good president in the process. No one could have expected the president to recover from his wounds as fast as he did (even Fritz was upset with his cabal of three that they pushed him to get back in the saddle so fast). Once Sally could no longer directly benefit from the leaks, she allowed them to continue because they made Fritz look so bad. I can’t really think of anyone else who could hate that much or have enough personal stakes to risk that kind of behavior. A secret service agent might have reasons, but since we haven’t had any back-story on these guys, any attempt to make them look mole-ish would be a reach at best and feel contrived. However, I have no problem believing that Sally could talk herself into embracing the dark side for the good of a moral victory in the end.

      • Dawn says:

        Perhaps Sally is the mole but I don’t see it as trying to destroy Fitz as a president. As VP she is part and parcel of his presidency. If he goes down, she goes down. Unless Fitz decides not to run for reelection, If he does, she wants to stay on his ticket so that she can run again for herself in the following election. I can’t figure this one out but hope we’ll know by the season finale.

  24. Emily says:

    As much as I love Harrison, he could potentially be the mole. In Ask Ausiello earlier this week Kerry Washington said it would someone very unexpected. Harrison is not expected and he is the Gladiator we know the least about. I’m hoping this is not the case, but it isn’t going to be Cyrus or Mellie. That’s too obvious for Shonda Rhimes.

    • GottaHaveEmAll says:

      I think Harrison is the mole too. I don’t want it to be, but what could be more unexpected than one of OPA’s own? And Harrison to boot? He is the one who does what Liv says no questions asked. And getting Harrison out of this trouble would take up AT LEAST the first half of Season 3 — you know Shonda likes to set up next season’s storyline by ending with a shocking cliff-hanger in the prior’s season’s finale. Literally, next season would be about Harrison — how he did it, why he did it, a trial, jail time, gaining back everyone’s trust, his love life (a prior TVLine spoiler said that Harrison is secretly in love with someone at OPA). And I am ready to see Harrison out of those well made and well-cut suits – Columbus Short’s body is a living dream. *sigh*

  25. Val says:

    President is the mole.

  26. teprs9 says:

    i love how shonda used the split screen. very ’24’. as far as cyrus being the mole… i would be very sad. one, its too obvious and two, he’s the show’s most dynamic character. but, this is ‘must see tv’ and if we’ve learned anything from ’24’ its that every single character is expendable, and thats what keeps us coming back each week. for those who watched 24 in its first season they made one the main characters (nina) a terrorist and then had her kill jack bauer’s wife in the last scene. it was horrible— but it was awesome!!! if shonda’s got balls she’ll write something crazy that will make me wanna yell at the tv. i miss that. –

  27. M says:

    I can only hope that it is Mellie to further feed my passionately absolute hatred.

    • T L Lee says:

      I wonder what made her switch up. In the first season she couldn’t care less about Fitz and Olivia’s relationship, and then the last episode of the season when they had to do that facade about her being pregnant because of the tape that was going to be released, she switched up. This is one time I am routing for the mistress (the love of Fitz’s life – Liv)

  28. Monday Girl says:

    My guess for the mole: DAVID ROSEN.

  29. kew1224 says:

    I believe that albatross is either Sally Langston or BILLY,whom the last time we saw was in the elevator with Charlie,we didn’t see Charlie kill him,the next thing they said i think,they were saying he had a heart attack. and i don’t understand why they killed Osborn, if he wasn’t the mole. I THOUGHT HE WAS BECAUSE HE DIDN’T look to happy when they got the hostages out. he looked like he was disgusted. i feel that Verna got what she deserved,she was dying anyway,so she decided to take everybody with her. what was her point anyway? she had Fitz shot in the head,she killed Brenda Kagen,and a secret service man was shot,by her hired gun. and i am wondering why the secret service guy is reporting to Mellie about Fitz,she is not the president.

  30. T L Lee says:

    I think the mole is the guy (I think he was a senator or something) who Fitz beat out because of Defiance and clenched the nomination. He was Olivia’s client at one point when he killed a guy in his house, claiming he thought the guy was raping his wife, but the wife was just having an affair and got busted.

  31. JT says:

    I think the Vice President is the Mole. I think Billy Chambers made Charlie an financial incentive that could not be refused.
    Loved the episode. Feeling sorry for Jake. I think he cares for Olivia and would not hesitate to explore a deeper relationship. It would be nice for her to be with someone who appears to have less baggage than Fitz. Fitz and Olivia were perfect together in this episode.

  32. vikkie123 says:

    Harrison I’d the mole…….