Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Will Captain Hook Lend a Hand in Torturing Regina?

When last we tuned into ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Tamara and Greg had gotten the drop on Regina, after muffling her magic with a “science”-filled cuff. This Sunday at 8/7c, in Season 2’s penultimate hour, Storybrooke’s unwelcome guests will enact a “shocking” plan for the Evil Queen — but will Captain Hook continue to abet the ne’er-do-wells?

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In this clip from “Second Star to the Right,” smarmy Greg is prepping Regina up for a bit of torture, angling to get the 411 on his long-MIA father — even though he has said that’s not his primary agenda in storming Storybrooke. Will Hook just stand idly by? And will Regina cough up Kurt Flynn’s fate? Press PLAY below for the answers.

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Elsewhere in the episode: Emma tries to convince Neal of Tamara’s true agenda and Mr. Gold contemplates telling Lacey the truth about his magical self, while in flashbacks, a young Bae finds himself in 19th century London, where he is taken in by the Darling family — befriending their daughter Wendy.

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  1. sara says:

    Oh. This is just a short version of the first 8 minutes posted online on Sunday.

  2. sara says:

    I know it’s supposed to be creepy but man, straight white men torturing a tiny, powerless Latina in a skirt strapped to a table is really, really far.

    • ee says:

      methinks you are reading a little too into it. And, I’m sorry but I have to ask, would it be better for you if the ethnicity’s were reversed? I mean come on now, not everything is about race. Simmer down na’.

    • the girl says:

      Regina is hardly powerless.

    • cc says:

      I agree 100%

    • K says:

      How do we know Hook and Growen are straight? They could be bi. That said, any kind of electroshock torture is pretty darn far for a “family show.” But then, this is the show that had Belle forcibly drugged and punched in the face so, y’know.

    • Danielle says:

      Wow, you are just determined to find SOMETHING to complain about aren’t you? First it’s the exclusive thing and now racism. Take you unpleasant self somewhere else, would you please?

      • Pan says:

        Don’t get her started on the glories of adoptive mothers. She’ll never shut up. She believes that Regina, like Hitler, is just misunderstood.

        • Louise says:

          Wow. Way to put words into someone’s mouth just because you don’t agree with their opinion. I’m willing to bet no one around here ever considered Hitler as “just misunderstood”.

    • Steph says:

      Did you pull a muscle after all that reaching, just wondering?

  3. lyn says:

    I’m extremely puzzled by how can science trump magic.
    Also, I watched a clip on YT and was puzzled by the presence of 3 loaves of unsliced bread in a formal dining room. That made no sense to me. Also, I wonder how someone as fine featured as young Bae ends up looking like Neal.

    • Me says:

      In answer to you last quandary, a really hard life.

      • lyn says:

        OK, but would that change his bone structure? A finely sculpted nose and high cheekbones don’t turn into play-doh.

        • ej says:

          Wow, that’s mean. I think after the Pinocchio/August casting debacle, we just have to suspend our disbelief.

          • lyn says:

            You’re probably right. i wasn’t trying to be mean about Neal’s looks, actually he isn’t unattractive. But his features are far from chiseled as young Bae’s are.

    • the girl says:

      Re: science trumping magic – I find it a bit implausible myself, and in watching a show about fairy tales, that says a lot.

    • kev says:

      i think the series has gone down hill. Was it just me or did they just make it out to be nanobots that are removing the magic? There are good episode that are writen and directed… Then there are others that make high school plays look like broadway.

      • Terence Hui says:

        It’s ‘Weird’ science. Probably nothing to do with nanobots. ‘..inside are the toughest metals and machinery known to Man.’

        I’d figure something more steampunk/cyberpunk.

        The Home Office that Tamara works for probably has a lot of strange tech to deal with magical creatures. Storybrooke probably isn’t the first instance of magical realm inhabitants making their way to the Land without Magic (ie Our World). So a group was formed by like minded individuals to study/catalog them. Or, perhaps, to stop them.

  4. Nat says:

    I’m glad we are going to find out what happened to Kurt soon. Maybe I would like this story better if it was only about Regina, Owen and Kurt. I don’t like the angle with Tamara so far.

  5. agnes says:

    I love Hook and I hate Neal. Can you please kill off Neal and give us more Hook? Thanks!!!

  6. Azerty says:

    And then Jesse Pinkman is like: “Yeah! Science!”

  7. queenie says:

    I love me some hook and regina hah!

  8. Whatthehell? says:

    Is it me or was Hook looking at Regina’s chest? I see romance brewing

  9. Reward says:

    So … where are Sister Jude and Mary Eunice?
    Will Regina dance something like “The Name Game”?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’m just curious if she’ll remember that Brody cried out Issa’s name in his sleep.

  10. angela says:

    geez i got to ask bc it seems like it is becoming such a trend with shows. why do people nit pick shows so much. I have really seen it with this show. especially the, that cant happen its not real, or people not happy bc their not putting the people together they want. we dont write the show adam and eddy and the writers do this is their story to tell. I dont watch a show thinking negative things and wondering what can i pick out that is wrong. I enjoy this show every week and look forward to it. would like to see emma and neal back together yes i like them together mainly bc of their history and i think jmo and mrj are great actors and thier scenes together are great. Im a huge mrj fan and really hope he stays on the show. but i wont stop watching if either those dont happen and i wont talk negative abt the show if it dont. their is so much hate on the net from people when they say they like one couple oppose to one. even though im 100% swanfire as its called i can see the hook and emma together and i would be ok with that bc thats how they want to go forward. the worse is when someone says something about swanqueen if u say something negative about it people get crazy abt and say nasty things back to u. I dont understand why people have to be so negative about things. i think the show is great and look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

    • lyn says:

      I agree in part. It’s the writer’s story to tell. But, I do get irritated by sloppy production and casting. After they did such a spectacular job casting Bailee Madison as the young Snow, they completely screwed up casting the grown up Baelfire. Their facial bone structure is not remotely similar. Also, when Regina was asking the peasants to give up Snow, the hut behind the peasants had diamond paned, mullioned windows. No way could those people afford those sorts of architectural details. Sloppy.

      • A says:

        I think you are over-analyzing a little too much. And would you rather them cast a mediocre actor who had similar bone structure to young Bae or a good actor?

        • lyn says:

          IMO there are plenty of good actors with a bone structure similar to the boy’s. And so far with the very small part that Neal has played, the actor wouldn’t need to be that good.

        • Nat says:

          It’s not just the bone structure imo.
          Neal is nothing like young Bae even in small things like the way he speaks. Michael Raymond-James mumbles his way through all of his scenes. You can explain some things about his physical appearance away with the hard life Bae had in our world, but I don’t see why the way he speaks would change so much.
          It’s one of the things that bugged me before. But now that young Bae and Neal are in the same episode and you’re forced to compare them directly it’s impossible to ignore.

          • lyn says:

            ITA. Elizabeth Taylor came to the US as a child, yet she never lost her precise diction. Neal speaks like a mook from Brooklyn.

          • Joey says:

            For one thing, young Bae and adult Bae are pretty darn similar in appearance, and if you can’t see it, then you might need to get your eyes checked.

            As far as their personalities go, also, pretty similar. Most differences were easily (and logically) explained by Eddy in the latest promo for the episode, the one dealing entirely with Bae.

            I find it very amusing at times when people expect an adult Baelfire to be almost identical to his preteen/teen self given everything the character has been through.

          • lyn says:

            IMO they are not at all similar. And the accents, posh vs Brooklyn are ridiculous. Neal claims to have spent years in Neverland. Well Hook sounds more like young Bae than Neal.

      • Steph says:

        I’m hazarding a guess that they were willing to sacrifice “bone structure” for talent. And Michael’s got plenty of the latter.

    • TV addict says:

      Not every swan queen fan reacts negatively. However swan queen fans are tired of hearing “it’s not going to happen” from some fans. The ship is often dismissed by others and they just want to be included. Trust me there are nasty people who prefer other ships that make homophobic remarks towards swan queen fans. So all ships have supporters who make them look bad.

      • A says:

        What on earth is a swan queen ship? Never heard of it before. Are you saying there are people who want Emma and Regina to get to together? That is just weird.

        • TV addict says:

          And you just proved my point.

          • A says:

            I’m sorry but I have actually never seen any comments before today about SwanQueen. It’s just it seems so absurd and its weird to hear that some people even think that its a possibility given who the characters are and what they’ve been through together. Like I can really NEVER see that happening which makes sense as to why you keep hearing “it’s not going to happen” from other people. I can see Mulan and Aurora getting together, Emma/Hook, Emma/Neal, Regina/Hook, Emma/Jefferson, etc, maybe but Emma/Regina doesn’t seem possible at all. There is so much hatred there plus after the heartbreak Regina went through with Daniel and Emma with Neal and the residual feelings they have for them, I don’t understand how some people even think SwanQueen makes sense as a possibility. Its just so weird.

        • Seriously? says:

          Newbie alert! lol *sigh*

        • TV addict says:

          @A I’m sorry but I really don’t feel like explaining or justifying Swan Queen to people. More importantly I shouldn’t have to. However, I will say a few things about online fandom. Shipping has become this very mainstream term now which honestly I think is part of the problem. Online fandom/shipping has been around for awhile. I personally entered the tv fandom world many years ago with the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In fandom you can ship whatever characters you want. That’s the point. That’s what makes online fandom so great. Some of the best fan fiction out there is written about characters who were never a cannon couple. OUAT is probably the most mainstream fandom I have ever been involved in and it can get very frustrating at times. OUAT fandom is filled with newbies, screaming teenagers, annoying soccer moms quoting bible verses and call slash or femslash ships gross or worse etc. Online fandom has cannon, subtext, and fanon ships. The people who don’t know the difference or what those terms even mean honestly don’t understand the true world of or the purpose of online shipping.

          As for Swan Queen there are a number of people online who will go toe to toe with you on all yours points of why you think other ships are understandable but Swan Queen is “weird.” However, my advice to you is to stop calling something you don’t understand weird. Simply stating you don’t understand is enough to get your point across. There are some Swan Queen fans out there who might think you are homophobic.

          As for the people who say Swan Queen won’t happen, Adam has said on Twitter “What will or won’t happen is up to me and Eddy.” He has stated he supports all ships and so has Jane Espenson. So people should just leave it at that. I honesty don’t understand why some people feel a need to put down anyone’s favorite ship. If you don’t understand it or it’s not the ship for you that’s fine. Move on. There really is no reason to belittle any ship. I realize online shipping wars will always exist but people can be civil about it.

          Understand it or not but Swan Queen has a very large and active online following and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

          • A says:

            I am not homophobic. I have no problem seeing LGBT couples on TV at all. I even mentioned seeing the possibility of Mulan and Aurora getting together should they decide to go that route. I just don’t see Regina and Emma ever getting together. It is “weird” and I think it would mess up the show and I have a right to that opinion. You do realize that Regina is basically Emma’s step-grandmother and the woman who has had a lifelong vendetta against her mother and has tried to kill Emma and her entire family multiple times. People should be rooting for an eventual friendship between the two and civility with regards to Henry rather than a romantic relationship.
            Anyways, I never read that tweet by Adam, but I hope they stick true to what they said about whatever will happen will be up to them and that they don’t give in to fandom/shipper’s wants. Not mine or yours. I didn’t start watching the show to have its course be dictated by fandoms which is a problem that has been happening a lot with TV shows. Creators and writers receiving death threats, harrassing them on twitter because their ships didn’t together. Its crazy, obsessive and stupid.

        • Seriously? says:

          @A Geez the person already explained how online fandom works. Anyone can ship whatever they want. Cannon, subtext and fanon are all legit ships. The person also stated they were not going to explain Swan Queen to you. Since you have never heard of Swan Queen you are obviously a noob and it’s probably the reason why they don’t want to waste their time with you. If you really want to know what SWEN is about the comment section on this website is not going to give you an answer. Look it up yourself if you care so much or move on. Also not everyone in OUAT fandom cares if their couple becomes cannon or not. Some just enjoy writing and/or reading their ships fan fiction. It’s mainly the screaming teenagers who are harassing the writers of OUAT. It seems every ship and show has them these days. I agree it is crazy, obsessive and stupid. The ones who are Swan Queen fans are an embarrassment to SWEN. They don’t speak for everyone.

          @TV addict Don’t even bother to reply anymore. You made your points well. Cheers.

    • Nat says:

      Fans of every character or every ship can be nasty. I don’t see your point in singling out SQ fans. It only adds fuel to the fire and it’s unnecessary and unwarranted imo.
      It’s a matter of the personality of some fans, not a matter of being fan of one character or another.

  11. F says:

    Okay, the whole child actor and adult actor debate is silly. They cast adult Snow White before they cast child Snow White… it meant they had time to find a child similar in appearance. With Pinnochio and Baelfire, the children were cast first and yes, you can find adults similar in appearance, but talent is more important, hence the lack of focus on similarity in appearance. Also, most of the stories in the show are focused on the adults not the children, and would you really want to spend time writing comments such as, “He is really bad at playing Pinnochio, but gee, doesn’t he really look like the little boy who plays him as a child?”

    • Zelda says:

      All true but I’m one of those who can’t see Baelfire and Neal as the same person too. Pinocchio it was not that big of a deal because kid Pinocchio was in, what, two episodes? Kid Baelfire was a more prominent character and will remain a more prominent character if they go to Neverland next season and we find out he was a lost boy there. Casting on OUAT is usually outstanding. This is one of the very, very few cases where I’m not on board with it.

    • lyn says:

      Oh, please. There has to be some measure of continuity to be believable. A hazel eyed, red haired boy becomes a blue-eyed, raven haired man? A fair skinned, fine featured boy, becomes a mediterranean type with a New York accent? Ludicrous.

  12. kev says:


  13. chia says:

    Ilike neal. Ireally hope he gets back together with emma. that emma can forgive him.
    i relly dont want henry to die, or the charming family broken up again.

  14. SL says:

    Funny how Greg/Tamara hate magic, but will use magic to destroy the town. such hypocrisy..