The Following EP Weighs In on Joe's Future, That Killer Cliffhanger and a 'Very Different' Season 2

The Following Season 2 SpoilersIf The Following‘s Season 1 finale left you slack-jawed with more than a few burning questions, don’t fret! TVLine was right there with you, and we tracked down the Fox drama’s executive producer Marcos Siega for some answers.

Here, one of the brains behind the series discusses whether or not Joe Carroll truly met his demise, how some dearly departed faces might pop up again next year, what a “very different” Season 2 has in store and much more.

TVLINE | Can you definitively say that Joe is dead?
I’ve been getting text messages all morning from friends and family, and some people are saying, ‘I loved it! Best episode yet. I can’t believe you killed Joe!’ And others are like, ‘You expect me to think you killed Joe?’ [Laughs] Some people believe he’s gone and some people think that we’ll figure out [a way to bring him back], but all I can say is that [creator/showrunner] Kevin Williamson knew where he wanted this thing to go. We shot a couple of different versions to protect ourselves in terms of how we were going to present it to the audience, and then after we showed it to Warner Bros. and Fox and talked about it, we put together the version that made the most sense. But how it plays out is part of the fun of doing a cliffhanger.

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TVLINE | Was it always the plan to “kill” him by the end of the season?
Wow, you’re trying to trap me… [Laughs]

TVLINE | No, I just know that things can change or develop organically as you move through the season. The same thing goes for the various characters you killed off along the way.
[Laughs] With the actors who “didn’t know,” I sat down with every single actor early on — and I mean top to bottom — and told them that we know where the season is going and that I wasn’t going to tell them if or when they’re going to die, but they needed to know that in this story no one is safe. Everyone understands that a show like this has those kinds of stakes. But I do struggle with some of the things we’ve laid out. I knew from the day we cast Annie [Parisse] as Parker that she was going to meet some big demise, and that’s what changes; it evolves in terms of how and when it’s going to happen. But then I fell in love with Annie as a person and with Parker as a character and I wondered why we had to [kill her]. But you realize that it all serves the greater purpose. Parker’s death services Ryan’s Hardy’s character, and it’s part of the building blocks of who he is and who he’s going to become in Season 2… So, the short answer is yes, we knew and know where we’re going, but I can’t really tell you specifics because that’s the fun of it.

TVLINE | So, back to Joe’s “death” specifically…
All I’ll say is the way that it ended is always the way that I knew it would end.

TVLINE | Do you think this is a show that could move forward without Joe? Could this ever be a series with various Big Bads or new branches of the cult?
I give you mad props, Meg, for the creative way you’re asking me to tell you if Joe is dead or alive. [Laughs] I have full confidence in Kevin Williamson’s ability, if he chose, to write a character that is as compelling as Joe Carroll… We got people to root for Joe, right? We got you to fall in love with Joe Carroll the serial killer. So, I do think we could do it again if we needed to… But I don’t think it’s that black-and-white for us. There’s a big picture here. Kevin’s been very vocal about this being a passion project for him; he’s gone through a lot of stages and evolution about how he’s going to tell the story… But I do know that when he first sat down, he knew how three seasons could play out — and he could build beyond that. He had a solid foundation when he started.

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TVLINE | You mentioned at a recent event that you shot some extra footage that you’ll be able to use in Season 2. Is that just flashback-type stuff? Or will is actually service the story?
There are some things we shot as alternates… Because it was the finale and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to go back and reshoot, we protected ourselves. And there are some things we shot that we know are absolutely essential to next season in A) answering questions, B) satisfying the audience and C) propelling the story. We have a little bit of everything in what we shot, and it was all very deliberate.

TVLINE | Given the way the finale ended, do you guys already have a place in mind for where Season 2 will pick up?
There’s a plan and framework in place, yes. Once the writers’ room starts up, that’s when things start to evolve and new ideas come out. But we’re not going in with a white board with no ideas on it.

TVLINE | Looking back at Season 1, is there anything you’re particularly proud of? And on the flip side, is there anything you maybe would have done differently?
I haven’t had that conversation with Kevin, so I can’t speak for him. But I personally was surprised at how the Jacob/Paul story evolved early on and it became my favorite storyline. I found myself really invested in these two guys and wanting to see more. I knew where we were going with it and how much of that story we were going to tell, but I kept thinking that maybe we would alter it a little bit since people were responding to it. Those are the sort of things that surprise me. I wouldn’t have predicted that early on… But at the end of the day, because Kevin has such a strong framework, it would have pulled too many strings and unraveled too many things if he’d deviated from that… Also, at the beginning of the season, I would sometimes [bring up] how we could give Ryan Hardy a bit more depth. In Episode 6, when he’s held hostage at the farmhouse, we really got to see a sassier side of him when he was bantering with the captors, and I really loved that. I kept pushing for more of that Hardy, too — and I think we will see more of that.

TVLINE | Tight-lipped as you are, I know you have a good Season 2 tease somewhere in you.
We put it all out there in terms of what we’d want the audience to be guessing: Who really died? How do you resolve it? How do you move forward if people die? What I can say about Season 2 is that it’s a very different season, but at the same time it will feel like a continuation of the story. There’s no way to tell the same story again; we can’t have the exact same moments of jeopardy, because then people will get bored and it’s predictable. The brilliance behind the series that Kevin has built is that he’s seen how these steps need to evolve. The thing that’s going to surprise people most, I hope, is that the fans will become as invested in that story as they were in this one — and even more so because now they know these characters and we’ll have to spend less time explaining backstory.

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  1. dude says:

    looking forward to season 2 a new baddie each year is good as long as one isnt Emma. Please and Joe should return maybe not right away but by the end of season 2

  2. Still don’t see a compelling reason to actually stay with the show every week for Season 2. Everything sounded so… vague. Which is deliberate, of course, given the nature of the show’s finale.

    Well, at least they realized that the Jacob/Paul storyline was the most intriguing and that, at the end of the season, those were the two characters the audience most connected with. Pity. They’re both dead and gone.

    • Suz says:

      I say season 2+ should be all flashback as to who all parties got to season 1. Each episode could deal with specific character, now dead as Ryan searches for the followers that are still out there.

      • Considering the writers of this show managed to only make two compelling characters out of dozens, and fumbled the skills of both Kevin Bacon AND James Purefoy (who were NOT the most compelling characters but WERE the draw of the show), I doubt they can pull something like that of. Not that they will. We will see more gruesome vignettes, maybe some shock turns, more law enforcement incompetence and a “reveal” of Joe being resurrected or something. Or the big “twist” that he never died.

        What could have been an epic show about an ex-FBI agent who’s almost as damaged as the serial killer that ruined his life turned into… something very different, and not in a good way. Even after a full season I’m STILL not sure why Joe Carroll was a cult figure and why the followers weren’t all just Roderick’s people.

        • KevyB says:

          You got all that crap exactly right! All they’ve done this year is create the worst-plotted and most-stabby season of 24 ever. On 24, CTU also had moles and, similarly, many ridiculous plot twists and character shifts, but Jack Bauer wasn’t one of the dumbest men on the planet; CTU wasn’t one of the worst-run organizations in the universe; there were more than two interesting characters over the course of one season; and CTU had wins AND losses, not loss after loss after loss like The Following’s FBI consistently has. I need to read about fifty interviews where they promise everyone will be more interesting and way more intelligent before I’ll watch another episode.

          • Lisa Brenes says:

            I am a fan of science fiction so I guess I approach my appreciation of this series in a different way. I looked at the big plot line and saw a fantastical “what if”. What if there was such a charismatic criminal who could orchestrate an inconceivably huge cult following (we still don’t know how big) including law enforcement and other people in trusted positions and base the motivation to kill on the writings of a classic author. I felt that the actors did a really good job moving such an improbable story. The story did require many characters to be foiled multiple times by there ignorance of the scope of the conspiracy. To be sure this show was no “Criminal Minds” or “Law and Order” but it was not meant to be as realistic as those.
            Having said all that I was somewhat disappointed at the way Joe was supposedly killed. Too cliche I thought. But if they do bring him back (love the actor) it will be difficult to create a second season based on the exact same motives. The character said it himself when he said ‘the book is finished’. They would do better to find a knew cult leader with a new drive.

        • gatz says:

          Pointed out right to the mark. Shock as i am every episode, i cant help wondering why Caroll’s persona is so compelling to the followers when Roderick is the one who recruited the most. I think they want to channel the concept of Christ and God. But even so it is so intriguing that i’m so pissed it is not explained. I’ve watch the Red State movie and the understood the compelling character of the Pastor influencing his follower through radical concept of Christianity. But with Carroll’s reasoning of beautiful death is too frustrating to be true. I know killers and psychopathy will but they have no unify reason as to why ( that’s only my opinion). Take Hannibal who takes the liberty to explore the concept of each evil character. While The Following mainly discuss Caroll’s concept and even fumbles at that. Bacon’s character is as frustrating as Caroll. Right through the end i can’t fell any redemption or satisfaction on his part. As if Carolls death is just an obligation but not salvation on his part.

          The jacob/paul/emma situation could have been a very good extended arc. This made a fresh new perspective on love triangle with death on the center of it. they are 3 very different characters that could have a very rich background. Emma’s been told elaborately but the two was non existence.

          This is my take on the next season. I think the concept of Joe returning on next seasons’s finale would work perfectly. And the story would go like Lost focusing on each characters background and how they wound up till their demise. If i have to choose Hannibal is more subtle but it has the concept of explaining the reasons, it has intelligence, class and a mood. While the Following is deliberate and fast but to complicated to understand. Like a slasher movie that pretends to have depth. I hope they will re-conceptualize the story and explain in DETAILS the concept of the cult.

  3. Mary says:

    I disagree about Joe. He needs to come back. It will not have the same intensity as it did without him. He’s the fuel that drives the “followers”.

    Please bring back James Purefoy!!!!! He’s awesome!

    • Kim R says:

      It is kind of obvious he’s not dead or he would have just answered the question. No spoiler there. The fact that he won’t directly answer the question is an answer in itself. :) Joe is alive. Ta da. :)

    • Tessa says:

      I agree, not only the fuel for the plot but the most convincing actor, so what now we will get some crappy flashbacks of him? sad. Emma has promise, but just not the same. I WAS JOE’S FOLLOWER!!!!

      • Tessa says:

        Anyone could play Kevin Bacon’s part, They had to develop his character so much because he is an average actor, Joe is why we watched, and I agree with what has been said, they killed off so much true talent early on that it will be hard to match that

    • Lisa says:

      I completely agree with your post, Mary. In my mind, the show needs Joe to return next season. It’s like the executive producer, Marcos Siega said. “We got you to fall in love with Joe Carroll the serial killer.” I sure fell for him. I LOVE him and his character.

    • Bob says:

      I don’t think Season 2 will have much of anything to do with Season 1’s followers. Perhaps a new cult is in the plans?

  4. Eric says:

    LOL. That had to be the worst finale in TV history, and I watched LOST. Your “big bad” doesn’t have a plan or real motive, he’s a hapless drunk. The amount of talent wasted this season on stupid deaths was a crime against entertainment and don’t even get me started on the keystone-cop FBI. Good luck next season, you guys are going to need it.; I won’t be tuning in.

    • FewerFollowersNextYear! says:

      I, too, am done.

    • Neil says:

      Right there with you on the Keystone cop FBI thing. Really made watching the show more difficult as the season progressed. If you want to see what a true law enforcement man-hunt is like, reference the Boston Marathon. There’s no way they could get away with the things they did in the show and that took away from the excitement for me. Also, if it was truly the FBI, don’t you think emergency vehicles and a helicopter could have gotten to Agent Parker while they were on the phone with her? Really silly how it was just the two of them in a Navigator racing to save her.

      • Weezy says:

        That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read….really declaring martial law on an entire city to catch one teenager is a sign of a productive FBI? What about the fact that it happened in the first place?

        • Amy says:

          Agreed. And the fact is, the only reason the FBI caught that kid in Boston was because they lifted the restrictions and some dude went to check on his boat!

          • jake says:

            1st intelligent comment in this whole line of postings! Thanks!

            – from Boston

    • Roger says:

      The series was at least twice as long as necessary. Bad plots, bad acting and a premise that even a 10 year old kid would have had trouble believing. I did watch it through to the bitter end but only out of a sense of obligation to finish it. Why I don’t know. But I WILL NOT watch a 2nd offering you can count on that.

    • Robert Majdecki says:

      Although I don’t agree that this was the worst finale in history, I do agree with the Keystone-Cop reference. The FBI agents in this show have to be the most inept in the business. I was kinda glad that the head of this investigation got stabbed. He was an idiot and his supervisors ( wherever they are) are even dumber. If next season dosen’t have a smarter premise , I’m done too. This show gives too much credit to the bad guys.

    • Daniel says:

      This had to be the most disappointing and exasperating show I have ever watched. The plot was beyond implausible. Nothing the FBI did was succesful for them and everything the Followers did worked out perfectly for them. Someone from the Followers always just seemed to appear exactly where some FBI move could be foiled. In the finale why did Ryan shoot the Follower when he found the body of Parker? He should have put him into the box and buried him alive.
      And Joe was stabbed twice and was still able to function. Is he andother Michael Myers from Halloween? He can’t be killed? I was hoping Emma would reach a violent but satisfying demise. I can’t imagine watching a second season. Very unsatisfying.

  5. Tammy says:

    I’m sorry but this show got worse and worse each week. The only reason last night’s episode might be good is if they really did kill everyone off. Joe was about the only interesting character and even he got ridiculous at the end. It was too much of the same each week. We kept hearing how the next episode would change things or how the critics loved it and we don’t get it. Granted vs reality tv on almost every other channel… it was about the only thing on. But I would take Smash over The Following…. and that’s not saying much.

  6. D. says:

    I’m sorry but “people are rooting for Joe?” Are you kidding me? I mean, yes the actor is great and the character is complelling but rooting?

    • kavyn says:

      I found myself rooting more for Jacob and Paul than I did root for either Joe or Ryan. And now they’re both dead, and I have no reason to tune in (especially with such a horrible finale).

  7. L says:

    Wish you had asked him if he could please make the FBI less incompetent in season 2… they were really inept this season.

    • Kira says:

      Me too!!! Why not ask him what they plan on doing about something the fans complained about the entire season? I’m willing to suspend belief when it comes to certain aspects of the show. But in this case, the incompetence of the FBI should have gotten them all killed.

    • Alichat says:

      OMG! Thank you! I kept waiting to see that in his list of regrets. “I regret that we made the FBI look like complete idiots.” “I regret that we had them lose in every episode and got interesting agents killed needlessly.” And he didn’t get us to “fall in love with Joe Carroll the serial killer.” Please. He was compelling….until he became some lovesick drunk obsessed with Ryan.

      • Neil says:

        Yes on the FBI. So true. Really made watching the show difficult.

      • To have the capacity to regret, the writers must first realize that the show they have released is substandard. That interview suggests that they do not think so at all. It might be the opposite, actually – they probably think they have the best thing going on network TV.

        • Tessa says:

          They do, unless you would prefer more reality crap, maybe another Kardashian spin off or yet another singing competition with rude drunk judges or possibly nose picking with the stars. I agree the show has flaws, needs work, most shows in the first season do. I’m just so happy to have an option although only once a week to even turn my computer off and bother watching T.V.

  8. Angie's says:

    I watched every episode and was rooting for this show but was soooo disappointed with the finale. What a waste of wonderful talent!! Joe turns into a drunk that runs into a building a screams like a girl and this is the guy that got all these people to follow him? And the cop that died in the grave was so anticlimactic! No reason for her death other than shock value. They never called for backup and Joe was always one step ahead. – why weren’t paramedics on their way. This just shows you how great the show 24 really was. They never used flashbacks and always kept it moving. Please rework this . I hope Kevin Bacon demands better next season. He deserves it.

    • Kjames says:

      obviously you didn’t pay attention to the show because backup was on its way….

      • LLEEC says:

        LOL, Backup? There was no backup all season long.Lol, all season there seemed to be only two FBI agents going anywhere and they always had to split up. LOL. They had just been talking to her on the phone, they get there and she’s already dead? In about two seconds? Then he gives her CPR for like 5 seconds, Oh, she’s dead, lol. I laughed so hard. They started out with a great idea for a story and just butchered it by making everyone look pathetically stupid. They shouldn’t have worried so much about trying to put a shocker in every episode and should have nursed the storyline of the similiarities between Ryan and Joe. Anyhow the series turned into a major disappointment.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      “I hope Kevin Bacon demands better……” Did you read somewhere that Kevin Bacon was disappointed? Everything I’ve read has been very positive from him. Not sure what you’re basing that comment on. Parker being buried alive was anticlimactic? Sure didn’t seem that way for Hardy and Weston. But they actually knew her name.

  9. mike says:

    Jacob, Paul, and Parker were my favorite characters. Don’t know if I will watch next season.

    • Ellen says:

      I have to agree. Losing those three really made a difference in my investment in this show. In the finale – I disconnected emotionally after Parker died. It was if the writers think like Joe – death changes the characters and moves the story along. Since I don’t buy that rationale – it fell apart for me at the point of Parker’s death. I don’t feel as invested in Claire and Ryan. In addition, once they decided to go to Ryan’s apartment – it was pretty obvious that the neighbor would attack, taking away the “shock” of the ending. That seemed “predictable.”

  10. Maureen says:

    This was one of the most disappointing shows of the season. It’s entirely too predictable and far from creepy, which is a shame because the first 2 episodes showed real promise. However, the incompetence of the FBI quickly turned this into one of the most ridiculous stories on the air. I chose to finish out the 15 eps to see how or if they wrapped things up. And, like most episodes, I figured out the ending of this one about 5 minutes into the show. I will not be “Following” this into season 2, especially since they hint that Emma, A.K.A. the most annoying character on TV, will be leading the story next season.

  11. N says:

    I don’t know who is dead!

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    I’ll be back, no doubt in my mind :-) and most all of my favorite characters were killed in season one. But that’s not going to stop me from watching and finding other characters to root for. Why so short sighted? Interesting how this board is full of haters and tvguide, etc. are full of peeps who loved the show and the finale’. I guess people go where they feel most comfortable.

    • tripoli says:

      It’s got nothing to do with being short sighted. Many of us gave it a go for the entire first season and are still left unsatisfied. What’s been offered at this point to make us want to venture into a second season? Not a hell of a lot. Interesting that you only reference one other site that is full of positve reviews. So what? I’ve seen far more negative reviews, all season long here at TVLine, IMDb and Entertainment Weekly. All one has to do is spend a little time on the internet and they’ll find enough of what they want to back themselves up. Doesn’t change the fact that people were disappointed for most of season 1 and haven’t been given a good enough reason to continue into season 2. To each their own.

    • jake says:

      agree with you; when a show is Really bad people don’t hang in for the whole season as many of these ‘haters’ did –
      I liked the show, the cast, and will see where it goes Season 2. There’s a lot worse tv out there!

  13. Sacha Mcgeown says:

    I really like this show and I thought the finale was ok. I agree that the depiction of the FBI was a bit poor but its fiction. It doesn’t have to mirror real life. I love kevin bacon and hope he’s back for the next season. Emma however bores me. Either kill her off or make her a lot more interesting.

  14. Jeremy says:

    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. The Federal Bureau of Incompetence was portrayed pretty accurately.

  15. sam says:

    Jacob/Paul that’s a story that needed more time. And there really should have been more to tell had the two ended up confronting Emma with Joe there.
    If they’re planning on giving Emma a bigger role, then they should expect a ratings downfall.

    Why Joe had to run out to the house didn’t even make sense. Quite dissappointing.

    Then again, we have HANNIBAL! (for now)

    • Roger says:

      Hannibal! That’s one show that lasted about two episodes as far as my interest went. I quit after that.

  16. lll says:

    I just feel bad for Annie Parisse. Person of Interest killed her off because she had another show, and that other show (the Following) kills her off. Crying shame. Maybe Person of Interest will write her back into the storyline–that she survived the blast after all.

  17. Potie says:

    If Joe returns and its the same cult, this show will quickly die as every over-exaggerated “fake-out” as already done with these people. Case and point: The Killing season 1 was masterpiece, 1000 times superior to The Following. However the decided to not solve the crime after season 1, choosing instead to stretch it to death in season 2. And they lost the critics, the viewers and the show was canned. It’s coming back from the dead now but I’m sure they learned a valuable lesson to never again stretch the same villain/crime/storyline passed one season at most.

    The Following being several notch under The Killing already, cannot afford to to stretch Joe’s cult passed maybe a resolution for the main character still alive passed the first episode of season 2 or most of us will check out, which I considered already a few times already

  18. Amy says:

    So many of you are saying wrong things. I think it is seriously annoying that you go to a website about season 2 obviously because you were intrigued at the end of season one and then trash the show. You watched the entire season and are curious about season 2. Enough negativity! Don’t like the show? Some of us did. Don’t like the responses this exec producer had to the reporters questions? Get over it. Jeeze, louise the internet is where curtesy went to die.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      You’re exactly right Amy! Sheesh, I’m still amazed at the negativity people love to spew. You quit watching the show after Paul died….that was episodes ago yet you chose to come here. I have had negative comments about other shows but when people say “that’s it, I’m done watching” I always crack up laughing. It’s like it’s some kind of power play or something like they are trying to hurt someone. If you’re done watching then stop cruising the sites that are talking about it. Obviously your still interested. Jeeze is right!!

    • tripoli says:

      Perhaps you should take your own advice. Don’t like the difference of opinion, stay off the internet. And it’s courtesy, which you show very little of when you attempt to stifle what you deem bothersome.

    • Chris says:

      Yep! A real bunch of babies and whiners here. If they don’t like the show, they should just stop watching it (like they keep insisting they’re going to do but obviously have not, LMAO!).

      • MC says:

        And people complain about politicians not keeping their promises. It seems everyday folk have the same problem.

  19. Pierre Lemieux says:

    What other shows past or present are similar to The Follwing?

  20. BrianR says:

    It picks up right where it left off and Raylan Givens kicks open Ryan’s door and shoots the stabber babe dead and carries off Wynonna back to Kentucky

  21. hipper says:

    “We shot a couple of different versions to protect ourselves in terms of how we were going to present it to the audience, and then after we showed it to Warner Bros. and Fox and talked about it, we put together the version that made the most sense.”

    If that pathetic finale was what made the most sense then the alternates must have been footage of a follower throwing feces at a tree in the name of Poe. One of the most overhyped, not-reaching-potential series in a long time.

    Peaked at Paul’s death. Nosedived in a hurry when they killed off Roderick.

    • Kristen says:

      “If that pathetic finale was what made the most sense then the alternates must have been footage of a follower throwing feces at a tree in the name of Poe.” Bahahahahaha this is hysterical. I like the show, don’t get me wrong, but this just made me lol all alone in my office. Thanks for that!

  22. M says:

    I’m only watching next season if James Purefoy is back. Claire is going to die too.

  23. Jenny says:

    This show had so much promise and potential. But everything was predictable. And not just because they literally talk about what’s gonna happen within the show. Towards the end, Joe is not even a lovable villain you love to hate, he’s just pathetic. And yeah Kevin Bacon is so much better than his character. Ryan hardy could have been badass instead he and the FBI were portrayed as complete idiots the whole season.

  24. Teresa Elbin says:

    This executive is dead wrong if he thinks they can just kill of fone of the two main characters and easily create another character next season that will captivate the audience to the same degree. That’s because it isn’t the CHARACTER, per say, that is captivating — it is the ACTOR playing him/her that is compelling to the audience. And there are very, very few actors that can play a role such as Joe Carroll the way James Purefoy did.

    If they don’t bring James Purefoy back to the show, I am done with it. He was the only reason I started watching in the first place. The other actors are fine too, but it is Joe C. that kept my interest throughout and it was because James Purefoy played him brilliantly.

    Does this executive truly believe what he said? I think he is just playing coy with the journalist, so as to not give away anything about season 2. I don’t expect anyone with the show to confirm or deny if Joe survives, because that would totally undo the suspense that they set up in the finale.

    But, please, don’t try to convince me that you can just come up with a new character and the show will be fine without Joe. It won’t.

    And if the idea in season 2 is to show Joe only in flashbacks, I am still done with the show. James is too good of an actor to be used only in that fashion. I know there are many fans who will desert the show too, if James is not brought back as a living, breathing Joe Carroll.

    NO JOE = NO SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Johnny says:

    I thought the way they shot that scene in the fire, it seemed like Joe wasn’t screaming when you heard sounds of someone screaming as the fire was burning down the house. Seemed to me he faked it. He’s always a step ahead, and I don’t believe he’s dead. I do, however, think that he won’t show up right away. Maybe mid 2nd season or even not until near the end of season 2.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Same here, I watched it twice and Joe was just crouched down staring at Ryan, not screaming like a little baby as someone described it.

    • Lady V says:

      I’m right there with you on him being 2 steps ahead. And yeah, even his facial expression didn’t show that of someone that was about to meet their demise by burning to death. So yeah, Joe is just about as dead as “I” am, and I am NOT writing this comment from “Beyond”. LOL

  26. Lady V says:

    LOL!!!!!! SERIOUSLY???? Joe isn’t dead and I hope no one believes that!!!! (How “Convenient” of him to succumb in a “Fire” that was right on a body of water) LOL I can already feel in my bones that we will see Joe again and have to listen to his calm, psychopathic, menacing voice, taunt Ryan some more. (LOL!!!!!!) And as far as Emma goes, I was really hoping she got ran over by a car, or shot in the back or something. (I hated that cold blooded chick, especially after how she killed Jacob with NO problem. Whew, that girl had ICE RUNNING THROUGH HER VEINS.) Anyways, I cannot WAIT for season 2 air, because season 1 just blew me away. (That show is awesome, because you NEVER saw anything coming!!!!)

  27. queerbec says:

    Kevin Williamson has evidenced talent in the past so I’m giving him another chance next season, but if its just going to be a repetitive procedural where we’re “surprised” by who is really a cult member each week and see how Joe manipulated them into joining his cult–that gets tiresome and predictable. And we can’t have a Claire and little Joey in danger each week because we’ve been there done that, so it looks like Wynonna will be back full time on “Justified”. With what Ryan had Ben going through, next season will be the hunt for a maybe resurrected Joe who’s on a new serial killing spree, but as Agent Weston will discover as he dies in next seaon’s finale, it’s been an out of his mind Ryan all along!

  28. Tiffany Hicks says:

    I totally agree with the comments. His many episodes can we watch of “oops we almost had em!” And why bring Ryan Hardy in if ur not going to listen to a Damn thing he says. Also is there a one black person per episode limit??? Black people never live on this show. Don’t think I’ll be watching next season. One was enough

  29. Amanda says:

    Are you people serious?? The show is supposed to be fun, it’s not supposed to be nit picked about the effectiveness of the FBI. It revolves around a literary professor who is a charismatic psychopathic cult leader.
    I, for one, absolutely loved Joe Carroll, and thought that James Purefoy’s performance was amazing. The show wouldn’t have been anything without him, and if they don’t bring him back . . . well, then I’ll probably be right there complaining with the rest of you.
    As for Joe running into the shack at the end of the finale . . . don’t you think he probably knew what was going to happen? I mean, we have this mastermind who predicted mostly every move made throughout the entire season by the FBI, his followers, and Ryan, and then . . . all of a sudden . . . out of the blue . . . he loses his cool and then runs away like a little girl? Please. He knew that Ryan was shooting at him, and he knew that there were gas canisters in there. It was clearly planned, as was everything else for the entire season. It’s not going to change just because it’s the finale.

  30. Kim says:

    I’m right there with a lot of you in the opinion that joe survives, he planned everything 5 steps ahead of hardy and like what was already mentioned, he ran into a shack on the water.. He took them to the lighthouse for a reason people! I thought it was a great way to end the season and despite the stupidity at times found the show extremely entertaining… But, please don’t bring more Emma into it, most annoying tv character ever! Can’t stand her!

  31. cas says:

    I wish all the people complaining about the show would just stop reading the articles and commenting on it. As far as hearing about how dumb the FBI are in this show, I am sure even the real FBI makes stupid mistakes. I have watched plenty of 48 hours, Dateline, etc where the police or FBI did some dumb things.

  32. Ashton says:

    I loved the show it was awesome i think joe is alive i cant wait till next season I hated emma’s character she sucked really bad but whatever i loved the overall show and want to watch the next season glad to see Kevin Bacon back in action on the show and hope to see more of him next season but screw everybody that hated it keep it up guys cant wait till next season

  33. Heather says:

    The entire season was great! Kevin and James were perfectly cast for the show. Looking forward to season 2,

  34. pedcard1 says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW….Everything about it-the actors, the plot, the twists….It is the best show on Ttelevision. Hands down…I can’t wait for the next season to start. I do not miss a single minute of this show.

  35. deb says:

    If you hate the show so much, why do you watch it? I watch a show for 5 minutes, if I don’t like it, I will flip the channel -let alone watch it week after week? Seriously?

  36. Sadie Rose says:

    It’s obvious they’re not going to kill Ryan Hardy, but if Claire had to go through all that just to be killed in the end by some crazy bitch i am going to be SEVERELY PISSED OFF. I already can’t wait for season two, but please PLEASE don’t kill Claire.

  37. ceje says:

    No one is saying that maybe Parker isn’t dead…..

  38. jr lee says:

    Just kill the whole show n keep evry 1 happy!

  39. Knute says:

    I know it’s all fiction, BUT, every pursuit and zero back-up EVERY TIME a killer or Joe is confronted just seems so very stupid. It’s impossible to watch after a while since you know the outcome. No season two for me.

  40. Drago says:

    Are all FBI agents as stupid as these are protrayed? They are looking for Followers and when they get one standing in front of them, they turn their backs on their. Big surprise the FBI agent, or cop, gets killed! Joe’s not dead he had the dental records changed or his dental work matched to the lst man he killed. I will watch the second season but PLEASE make the FBI appear better then you have been. Give them pity.

  41. josh says:

    Wow you guys are so harsh…..while im sure most of you enjoy twilight or harry potter…and this show just couldnt keep your minds involved do to all the back and forth. And how do you guys expect these characters to act…. Look at charles manson. Him along with his following were wierd not so interesting people. There were plenty of good moments. And really, did you think they were gonna let her doe in the coffin…that was a shock that they actually fell through. When she was inside coffin crying and talkin to ryan..that didnt get any of your attentions. And i hope they dont bring joe back…everyone bitches about how the show was borring and lack of creativity..wellllllll if they bring him back that in otswlf would be cheesy. Unless they fimd a really good way to do it. Maybe not right off the bat..mid season or so

  42. Lainie says:

    This show can go on forever, if they continue to explore Joe’s Followers. They could crop up everywhere. It could be a series of mini story lines, where they try and determine if a murder is related to Joe’s group. I would also like to have that “is he dead..Is he not dead?” hang over the season. Perhaps some use his death to martyr him and go on killing sprees, while others believe he is still alive and are still trying to impress him. I think it would also be great if Parker’s cult family decided to exact revenge and started to take out Joe’s Followers too. Then every week we wouldn’t know who was who and who to ‘root’ for in those situations. Lastly, I still think we have a mole in the FBI and would like to see if I am right. I would like it if this mole- perhaps Mike- turned out to have switched midseason and is now working for the FBI. But, it would make it more complex if him to have started as a Joe Follower. Honestly, though, like LOST, this show can go on for a long time exploring the characters back stories and motives.

  43. Dave says:

    Michael Weston is going to be the really bad guy. He is a follower for sure! How else can he always escape multiple assignation attempts by seriously devoted serial killers, well versed in the art of killing? Remember when Joey called and Mike was trying to trace the call from the farm house where Emma was holding him? He argued the first location that popped up whereas Ryan knew that was the right place. Mike even tried to stall going to the farm house by saying it would take hours to sort through the data from the trace. Then when he was kidnapped at his hotel room, just how did the followers know he would be leaving work early? Remember he was suspended for hacking his boss’s e-mail. Then he was beaten, stabbed and almost shot, but none of it was life threatening. You think that out of the 5 or 10 serial killers present at the beating of Weston, that someone could have actually killed him if they had really tried. Then when he saw Roderick and texted someone BEFORE trying to apprehend him. Who got the mysterious text? Not Ryan or any other FBI agent. Remember in season one, Weston stated he did his thesis on Joe Carroll. I think Weston will turn out to be the real mastermind and Joe Carroll will just be a pawn in Weston’s plans for Ryan Hardy.

    • Rani says:

      You know, I thought the same thing, but then I shifted to Agent Parker because of the obvious. But I have a feeling you are on the right track. Who got that text??? Wow. I plan on watching it again over summer…I will pay closer attention to Weston! Awesome post.

    • Ricky says:

      I’ve been saying that all along. Mike should be dead by now. The fact that he isn’t is suspect. Everyone could see that ending getting in a cab several episodes back of Ryan getting stabbed by his old flame. I think Mike would be an interesting twist even though I just spoiled it.

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  45. Gabrielle says:

    I followed The Following the entire season even when it seemed to have gone to fantasy land. However, the ending was just plain stupid. Having read mysteries all of my life I knew what was going to happen way before the end. One, who goes around in their home in the dark after such a horrific explosion and so many deaths? Come on. We would have every light in the house on. And then, after all the people during the year who turned out to be something they weren’t, why would you get close or turn your back on them? I told many of my friends to watch the show but after this stupid ending, I don’t know if I will watch season two or clean my bathrooms during that time!

    • R.O.B. says:

      How about this? Claire goes to Ryan’s place to make out instead of to see her son? The FBI shouldn’t have even let Ryan go to his place, let alone Claire, what with all the Followers not yet accounted for. And why on earth would anyone do that anyway? It was a cheaply written ending.

  46. debbie says:

    I really liked this show. Sure it has it’s faults as does everything. However the brilliance of such characters as Jacob and Paul to Rodderick and Joe only seemed enhanced. Are there better shows? Sure but this show is still fun and I will be tuning in for season 2. Looking forward to who the next villian will be.

  47. Joe says:

    I liked how this show started with the cult storyline and the random fear of not knowing who is and who isnt a cult member. then the show got vague. Ideas werent really stretched, characters didnt really develop much before they were killed and the cult background wasn’t followed! As you see with cults, all people within them believe in an idea that a person puts forward and this idea is built on structure, rules and sometimes conspiracy theories but none of these ideas were pressed they basically just followed him to be a killer, they even.lost touch with the edgar allen poe connection to the cult which should have stuck biut only came about back at the end of the season i think there is alot of details that need to be shown and links too instead of the vagueness that was shown to us in season 1

  48. Zoe says:

    Everybody’s crazy I love this show so much! It’s thrilling! I love it and I hope Ryan and Claire survive and maybe Joe but idk this show is compelling

  49. R.O.B. says:

    Dangit I am late to the party. Here’s my impression. DUMB. Really, after being separated from her son for who knows how long and fearing for her life, AND while there are still Followers out there unaccounted for, Claire is going to “go back to my place”? Really? Ryan’s place??? As soon as he said that, I could see this ending coming from a mile away. Sorry, but a mom is going to want to be with her son. They should and would have (in real life) taken her into protected custody. Her going back to Ryan’s place (to make out with him no less – after having observed an innocent man being stabbed to death, and an FBI friend buried alive) is cheap, stupid writing and based on that, it is obvious that Joe Carroll somehow survived being burned and exploded to death to return another season (although to be fair, I thought he’d have a twin or something that showed up at the apartment). Not only did the characters deserve to be stabbed after that ridiculous decision, we should have seen some special effect where the edge of the film is exposed and the show itself is stabbed to death. DUMB.

  50. R.O.B. says:

    Might have been cool if the ending was that the whole season was a novel written by Ryan after having locked himself away in a cabin for a year surrounded by nothing but literature about death. Joe Carroll was not real. The FBI agents were not real. Every character in the novel was based on somebody in Ryan’s life, including his own wife and child. They are all really alive. Except Ryan is having psychotic dreams and is becoming antisocial. And at the end, a student of Ryan’s (Emma?) comes to his office or something and wants to know everything, moved by the death and mayhem. Several people show up, forming a cult of sorts. The twist – Ryan develops a Following that will carry into Season 2, a completely different take on the show. Something like that.