Idology: Are the Judges' Opinions For Sale? The Amber-Angie Push Begins (Sorry Candice & Kree)

When the American Idol judges rose to their feet at the end of Amber Holcomb’s questionable rendition of “MacArthur Park” last Wednesday, it was clear something was amiss. Either they’d collectively suffered a significant degree of hearing loss — or they’d been made aware of some fine print in their contracts noting they were obligated to cheerlead on behalf of Nigel Lythgoe’s Chosen Ones (TM).

If there’s any other explanation, my Idology cohost Melinda Doolittle and I are at a loss to come up with it. On this week’s show, we examine how Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson all gave critiques of Candice Glover and Kree Harrison that had no basis in reality, while Amber got a free pass for missing notes on the aforementioned Donna Summer disco track and for choosing a dated Celine Dion cover in the Contestant’s Choice round.

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Plus, we dish Angie Miller’s top-notch rendition of a Jessie J ditty, have a laugh about Nicki’s inability to tell the difference between the contestants whose names start with ‘A,’ and wonder whether Randy Jackson’s “church girl” comments to Candice might’ve been racist — or at least offensive.

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  1. Mafs95 says:

    OMG first!! I think the Bottom 2 should be Kree and Amber, with the latter being eliminated but I’m kinda glad we have the opportunity to watch these ladies perform again.

    • I agree with every part of this post. I love me some Kree but I do believe she was due for Bottom 2 this week. I think Amber being in Bottom 2 after allllll of the praise that she got from the judges was a huge thing. I think the audience knows what was up. Obviously we don’t know if it was Candice or Amber going home, but the fact that the audience didn’t get tricked into thinking Amber sounded better than she did is something positive. I’ll give the audience a lot of credit, this season’s Top 10 eliminations have been pretty on the money week to week. I hope it continues.

      • deedee says:

        The audience can be swayed just so far by the judges. Like Michael says – their cheer-leading and skewed critiques have to at least be based in reality because when they stray too far from it, things backfire.

    • GG says:

      I looooved Candice’s jazzy rendition of the Drake song. I adore you Michael Sleezak, but Candice was awesome last week. Boo to the the judges for the negaritive critique of Candice’s Drake song

      By the way. Belinda Dolittle and her personality are adorable

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        It did kinda have over the top runs though. Solid but nothing great IMO. It was inventive. Although since R&B is not really my style and she either sings R&B or turns anything and everything into R&B it keeps from quite getting as excited as I should be over her unless she really brings it like the week after rock week when she was really amazing.

      • Help! says:

        Melinda, shade of that lipstick please, love!

    • Ademm says:

      What difference does it make — they are all so boring.

    • virendra7 says:

      i find the judges/nigel are quite smart.they react to the voting.if angy gets a lot of votes and looks like a contender they will not be harsh on her . candice was doing the best music by far until last week . they supported her some but her work was enough.they absolutely need a finale that will keep the majority of viewers. i.e. if its angy/kree I’m gone. the plan is angy/candice or angy/amber( to keep both white and beige viewers)amber stepped up her game . her looks and song choices have been brilliant! sure there are mistakes here and there but she is ALIVE…and current. on power of love , she IS a 19 year old singing to her beau about his mooooves…candice i love.she is obviously older and more mature as a musician .she rocks/jazzes/RnB’s/ballads .. in the end they’ want what we’ want. angy has the 1000/per person christian fanatic vote..tough to beat.. kreee would win america country she sucks!(hers)

  2. BMC9999 says:

    I am sure this has some result in why people are not watching any longer. there is always an “agenda” and this year, coupled with the terrible judges, it’s just not enough to keep people watching

    • John Tillman says:

      Everything about the judges and hyping amber up and stuff may be true or what not, but its not really fair to amber to have people knock her down for that because its not her fault there doing that! And now I think she gets discredited for a lot of things because of that and that’s not fair to her! But I think there all equally talented in different ways and there couldn’t be a better top 4!

      • Joe says:

        I really think if you just removed Randy Jackson and his carnival barker scripted hype nonsense from this show it would do a lot to calm down the hyperbole spit out on the judges panel. He’s always been bought and paid for and that’s why he’s never been fired from the show. That man hasn’t had an original thought in his head since he picked out his wardrobe when he played with Journey. Nikki, at first, seemed like she was all about the truth and maybe she is. I think Amber is very good, but I thought MacArthur Park was a horrible mess of a song choice and to see her get praise for that was just maddening. It feels like the show is constantly reassessing and reevaluating itself week after week and is going whichever way the wind blows. You can feel this show spinning off it’s axis and compared to The Voice, it’s a shambles. Which is a shame, because the 4 girls they have right now are all very very good but the Producer has stopped allowing them to be judged on their merits and instead has to inject his agenda into the proceedings rather than truly let it be a democratic process where the public pick the winner. Whether it’s not clearing the right songs for them or giving the judges talking points, this show hasn’t felt organic and honest for a very long time and that’s why it’s honestly on it’s last legs.

        • deedee says:

          I dunno, I think Idol could still be salvaged. Watching The Voice right now, trying to figure out why I don’t like it. I’ve come to the conclusion that they pick contestants who have good voices, but do nothing to get us invested in them. Plus, so many of the singers I’ve watched tonight have zero charisma or star power. Either that, or the show just does a lousy job highlighting or nurturing those aspects of the performers.
          Truth is, I can’t put a finger on what’s missing for me on The Voice, but I can say that Idol – with all its many, many faults – still knows how to frame their contestants as “stars” while they’re on the show. There’s just something about the way Idol approaches things that makes all the difference for me.
          That said, this year stinks, and I can’t wait for it to be over. Onward to season 13!

          • MB says:

            So totally agree with you about The Voice. I am also watching and am half paying attention. I know for me it’s because you just do not get invested in the contestants like you do on idol. As bad as this season of idol is I still care. I care about those girls even if I don’t feel as excited about it like I was last year. My all time favorite year and favorite idol. I just hope they fix it because I really love this show.

          • Tess says:

            I’ve felt that way about The Voice too – I think the problem with that show lies in the fact that the vast majority of their contestants are folks that have already been spit out by the music industry; they had a shot and didn’t get far with it because they were lacking in charisma or star power. That is why The Voice is more about their judges and the chemistry of their panel than their contestants. They’re not invested in making their contestants into stars – unlike Idol, they have never claimed they would or could.

            Idol lives and dies on how good their contestant pool is and whether they have raw talent with glimmers of potential in a given bunch. Let’s not be fooled though, Idol has always had an agenda in every season – there has always been a judges’ pet and there has always been manipulation to get certain contestants further than they seem to deserve. It’s just that this season, the whole season, has been obvious week to week who they are orchestrating to have go home. They have been far too blatant and most people do not like being hit over the head with the agenda of TPTB. I’ve been rooting for a Kree/Candice finale from the get go, but even more so now that I know Nigel and Co. want the exact opposite.

            By the way, I will not be remotely surprised if both Candice and Kree are told they are back this week – surely last week’s strange remarks are setting up for some redemption arcs, no?

          • deedee says:

            Tess, I could have written your post word for word. Yes, the other thing I noticed while watching The Voice tonight was that so many of these contestants are older and more experienced. There’s a “world weariness” in many of them, as though they’ve sung in one too many dive bars in their life. Idol, by contrast, loves to go for the young wide-eyed, small town kid who has only sung in high school talent shows or church.
            I agree about the too-blatant manipulation this year. We’ve learned to expect it from the show to a certain extent, but they’ve outdone themselves in season 12. I hope they take the online fan criticisms seriously because if they keep doing this, they’ll lose even the die-hards.
            And finally, yes! I posted in the last thread that because they knew it was a non-elimination week, they went for the overly harsh critiques of Candice and Kree so that they could redemption-arc them the following week. So, I’m expecting at least one “Ryan, Candice/Kree IS BACK!!” from Randy. Maybe even Nicki and Kreedom renewing their marriage vows.

      • mariko161 says:

        Well, I 1/2 agree with what you said. It is unfair that Amber is caught in the middle of all this manipulation–especially since it’s no fault of her own. However, I still think she’s overrated and not that good. I just don’t think she connects with the songs and as a result, I get no emotional reaction from her performances. And I thought MacArthur Park was terrible. I was sure the judges would give her a hard time for singing a disco song just as they did to Haley Reinhart for singing Call Me. But they didn’t. That goes to show how inconsistent they are. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is that great of a Top 4. Candice is the only one I like. Last year I liked 3 out of the 4: Jessica, Joshua and Phillip. IMO last year was 10x better than this year.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Good point they wanted Haley gone so when she did disco pop the judges went insane that she did that but when Amber does disco they don’t care. When Candice does too many runs they call her out, when Haley didn’t stuck in too many runs they told her that she needed more runs and on and on. When Scotty did the same old and had a low energy week it was amazing when Janelle had a regular week and wasn’t doing her inventive thing it was not close to cutting it. And on and on and on.

      • Nan says:

        i don’t think anyone is being unfair to Amber. Michael and Melinda said she sang Power of Love quite well, just not standing ovation well.

        • candicegloverfan says:

          also, as michael and melinda mentioned, the judges actually called amber ‘current’ after ‘power of love’ but then said candice was ‘old-fashioned’ and too much of a ‘church girl’. major hypocrisy there.

      • karyn says:

        I agree that it isn’t Amber’s fault, but it isn’t unfair that Amber’s singing is being harshly critiqued here, as it should have been on the show. MacArthur Park didn’t just fall slightly short of the shower of praise it got, it had me physically cringing (the note they played on the video was the worst, but by no means the only cringe-worthy moment). I don’t hate Amber for the judge’s pimping, but that song convinced me that she is nowhere near as vocally talented as the other 3 contestants.

        And while all of the final 4 have their performance issues, I also don’t agree that Amber is better on stage than the other 3. Even on the first song, which was quite good vocally, she just stood there in good lighting but didn’t perform especially well. I’m actually pleasantly surprise and impressed that the voters got it right as to Amber b/c I expected people to be fooled by all the praise she got.

    • Danny says:

      @BMC- Spot on post. Plus there’s not enough good singing. I’m an Idol lifer, so I’ll probably keep watching until the show is off the air. Too many more seasons like this and Idol won’t be around.

  3. Jay says:

    From the beginning I’ve always thought Angie was going to win it. American Idol really need another Kelly Clarkson so they can regain some of their legitimacy they’ve lost in recent years. Angie’s the only one who’s really commercial. Kree could have a future in country, but people are kidding themselves if they think her, Amber or especially Candace will have a successful musical career once this show is ober.

    • Completely agree. Watching Candace, Amber and Kree sing makes me feel like we are back in Season 3 of Idol in 2005, but whenever Angie performs I feel like it’s 2013 again. She needs to win.

      • emma says:

        I think Angie will win this year… and that’s why I tuned out long ago… still love Idology tho!

        • deedee says:

          Haha! I also have thought from the start that Angie will win, and yet here I am still watching the show … like a glutton for a special kind of overly-dramatic, camera-raping, screamy punishment.

    • dude says:

      I know this isn’t something that she can control but I can’t really take Angie seriously as a serious artist because she looks SO much like Miley Cyrus circa-Hannah Montana. I just feel like we’ve already had an Angie Miller before and we don’t need another one. I’d rather see someone different and if you don’t think Candice Glover can ever be current, I’d like to point you to a hugely popular artist called Adele.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Not saying she can’t be, but how in the world does Candice have anything to do with Adele??? Totally different voices, styles, genres.

      • Jasmine says:

        Candice Glover is nothing like Adele, though. I’m kinda wondering what type of music she’s going to come out with as well. Although, I wouldn’t have gone so far to label her as the church girl, because she never sang and “church music”. If anything, Angela’s the church girl, she’s the one who’s openly Christian and has song Christian songs on the show. But obviously, people only think black people who sound like Candice are churchy. The majority of society labels the “church” sound as someone black, who can sing really high, and who can load up a song with runs. That’s just the way people think, no matter how wrong and stupid it is. But anyway, I want Angela Miller to win. To me, she’s the most current and not “Power of Love” Amber Holcomb. Uhh, that song was hideous and did not deserve a standing ovation. It also urked me when Mariah stood up for it, but instead of standing up for the performance, it was like she was posing for a photoshoot or something. She looked so like, “I have arrived.” or something like that. Okay, vote for Angela Miller.

      • KP says:

        My thoughts as well. Every time I look at Angie my mind is thinking/seeing Miley Cyrus which is not a positive for me.

    • Jasmine says:

      @Jay – I definitely agree with you about Angie being the best one to win this year. However, Kelly Clarkson is just…a phenomenon. No one will ever compare to her, as much as I’m in love with Angie. Angie can’t compare to Kelly Clarkson. But, she still deserves to win. I love everything about her, including her “dramatics” or whatever people want to call it. I don’t see it as dramatic, I just see it as passionate. Vote for Angela Miller!

    • Etherrose says:

      I do not agree here. Angela is to over the top and to immature to accept and carry out all that goes with idol. She does not have a unique style like the others. she is only good at copycat. She also has indicated she is not happy about doing other writer’s songs-only hers ” what if I don’t like their song” Sorry but that goes with the idol territory. You are theirs for so many years before you are on your own schedule. In addition, she is tied to a piano or her performance is not good. What is up with that. Idols have always been able to perform instrumenrt or not. That is why I think Cancice or kree are good choices here. Just saying!

  4. Mafs95 says:

    1) Angie Miller – Who You Are ( A )
    2) Candice Glover – Emotions ( A -)
    3) Kree Harrison – A Whiter Shade Of Pale ( B +)
    4) Amber Holcomb – Power Of Love ( B +)
    5) Candice Glover – Find Your Love ( B +)
    6) Angie Miller – Cry Me A River ( B )
    7) Kree Harrison – It Hurt So Bad ( B )
    8) Amber Holcomb – MacArthur’s Park ( C )

    • Tom22 says:

      MacArthur park was my favorite and the only one I bought. I will admit that the studio version that I bought was significantly better at points than the live version. I’ve listened to it about 5 times a day. I love the song and find it a sort of epic journey and a tale about life’s ephemeral journey, the special moments along the way, and ultimately a triumph where despite the “never find the recipe again” that there is a latent “but, I will … never say never” in the underlying swelling music. The green cake was the Tiramasu (80’s) of the seventies OR a personal and usual reference to a special personal taste… and ‘cake’ of course represents a good thing to be enjoyed.. and enough to have more than once .

      “have your cake and eat it too” … yes you can…. but don’t neglect good things because, with neglect, nature will work its course and the good of the cake will melt away. Hell, I just don’t find the whole thing very complicated and for me.. analogies.. whether precisely apt or just situation-ally apt, are far better ways of communicating than sentences.

      Anyway.. I love the song.. and yes.. it evolved drastically from Harris’s orginal.. that Harris wrote the original doesn’t mean that what was built upon it meant what he intended it to mean.

      Each artist that performs a song might bring a different meaning to it.. and the 50 plus covers of it speak(to me) of a visceral reaction and positive one among sub segments of rather accomplished artists (go google it)

      I think Amber (despite some flaws certainly in her live vocals) really captured the wide push of the song, and yes I thought it meant something to her… Lyrics are only part of meaning….its the juxtaposition of musical phrase and the way things float, or soar or cascade rather than march or just talk that mean a lot to me.

      To claim that the judges were disingenous in their appreciation of that song goes too far in dismissing their thoughts. I’m more prone to buy the argument that the lack or form of praise for Candice was a premeditated decision to share a general judgement of past work, and certainly Nikki’s “the one I want to be friends with” was something that she had thought of prior tot the show.

      I will also buy the theory that the show is doing things like purposely styling Candice in plain outfits (which she might like.. what she wore could be worn to the mall or to an administrative office job).

      There is a bias. but to attack the positive thoughts an appreciation of some songs that Keith.. who sounds like a sort of romantic and is prone to the use of allegorical words…. really sounds like bitterness to me.

      Yeah.. I get that his appreciation is starkly different from your own… but that happens sometimes.. and yes.. I understand that 85% of the people don’t like the song or presume it means something different than those that like it hear.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Okay Tom. I promised myself not to discuss McArthur Park again but I have to correct an error. It was written by Jimmy Webb, not Richard Harris. He was writing about his break up with Susan Rondstat (cousin of Linda), McArthur Park was where they met for lunch. It’s a song about grief & loss. The “cake” that was left in the rain was actually his love being washed away by the tears of a broken heart.
        In addition to Richard Harris & Donna Summers, it was sung by Waylon Jennings & Wierd Al Yankovich. It was originally offered to The Association, a feel good pop group from the 60s. It probably was too much of a downer for them.
        You are free to interpret the lyrics any way you choose, but the melodramatic instrumentals & vocals of the original were about a man crying for his lover. Jimmy pointed out that Amber didn’t know what she was singing about It has been a problem for her all season. If you are listening to this song so much, I would say that you have a crush on Amber, not the song.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Oh I just listened to Carrie Underwood sing it. Carrie stayed that song. Ms. Amber is no Carrie.

          • Mafs95 says:

            I didn’t like either one of them singing that song and that comes from a HUGE Carrie Underwood fan. MacArthur’s park is not an easy song to sing and I must say it’s quite difficult to understand the lyrics so unless you’re capable of doing that, one will sound like pure karaoke singing it, which was what happened to Amber this week imo.

          • Name That Tune says:

            The funny thing is that Paula said exactly the same thing to Carrie that Nicki said to Anber: “That’s the longest that anyone has held a note in Idol history” Which means they’re even recycling the canned critiques.
            They think we’re not paying attention.

          • Name That Tune says:

            But I heard the power in Carrie’s voice on that big note. Much stronger than Amber & more pleasant to the ears. She didn’t understand the cake in the rain either but she understood she had to play the part. Even Donna Summers understood the drama of the song. She never cracked a smile during the disco version of it.

        • MamaLis says:

          Ha. Indeed! Checkmate, NTT! Checkmate!! (Sorry Tom)

        • Princess Adora says:

          Interesting. Deep. This song is not as cheesy as I assumed. But I still prefer Jurassic Park and would’ve preferred to hear Amber sing that one, too bad Weird Al isn’t a one-hit wonder ;)

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Sweet Baby Jesus, now that someone has explained the lyrics of “MacArthur Park” to me, I hate it more than ever. I was happier not knowing what they meant, LOL. I always thought Jimmy Webb was smoking something when he wrote the song. Kind of like the judges when they gave their critiques.

          • Name That Tune says:

            I can’t even imagine a good version of that song by The Association. It would be some warped version of Windy or Cherish or Along Comes Mary. It boggles my mind.

          • Nan says:

            I heard Jimmy Webb say in an interview that the song basically didn’t make sense. it was his attempt to write something like the Beatles during their mystical phase.

        • Tom22 says:

          How about Beyond the Sea ? made famous by Bobby Darin but actually a french song done right after the tragedy of world war 2.

          I definitely see some of the same sort of feelings involved ending in a sort of swagger of possibilities in my mind. I love the whole “Bigness” of Beyond the Sea… i’ll spare more personal interpretation of that one and where I think there is a similar theme

        • Mary W says:

          Thanks for the history on MacArthur Park. I’ve always loved the Richard Harris version of that song although I had no idea what it meant. You really have to care about the cake to get that song over, and Amber doesn’t. I love her version of “Someone Like You” on YouTube though.

      • MLO says:

        I feel like your brain just threw up all over me.

      • Benita says:

        That cake has been out in the rain for forty five years. Any praise calling it “current” is ridiculous.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          And you get a “Made Me Laugh”. :-)
          Some things improve with age. “MacArthur Park” isn’t one of them.
          And how in the world did Richard Harris end up recording the song?

  5. Zach says:

    Candice is clearly the superior contestant. The judges keep saying amber is GROWNG, but Candice has already GROWN. She is above and away the most ready to make an amazing album with amazing content. Sure, you can say Angie can write one good original song, but she is 16 for god sakes. She needs at least one more year to really hone her skills.

    The bussing of Kree and Candice I hope doesn’t continue this week, for it would be idiotic for it to happen, since they are both the 2 most consistent singers in the show.

    I think one of them will get the pimp spot tonight and totally kill it, sending either angie or amber out the door.

    Just my thoughts. :)

    • Vetle says:

      I’m pretty sure Angie’s 19.

    • amandasusan says:

      I would put money that Amber is closing out the show this week.

    • GG says:

      I agree Zack

      Go are the best

    • Elle says:

      Even if Angie WAS 16 (which she’s not) that wouldn’t make her less credible as a song writer. Taylor Swift was writing songs for artists when she was 13 years old. Idol doesn’t give that many chances to perform originals and maybe she thought her other material wasn’t ready yet or maybe she really wanted to sing the songs she did (she’s a huge Jessie J fan, it’s believable that she’d rather sing a Jessie J song than her own).

      I can tell you as a writer, you never write just ONE song, you write and write and write. I can guarantee you she has more songs that she’s penned. She’s young, she’s gorgeous, she’s sweet & relatable, her voice is out of this world, she can play the piano, AND write her own music? If she doesn’t win, there’s something totally wrong going on with the voting (though I can see Kree winning because America loves voting country).

      However, I’d like to point out that if Social Media is an indicator at who’s the most popular, Angie wins that hands down. Angie has almost 70,000 more followers on Twitter than the other girls. On Facebook she has around 50,000 more likes compared to the other girls, and has almost 40,000 more followers on Instagram.

      That’s not small numbers at all. And out of all the Social Media outlets, Amber has the least amount of followers across the board. Now think about it, if only half of all of the fans/followers on social media are voting, the numbers still point to Angie being on top. Of course there are tons of people who don’t use social media or maybe haven’t had a chance to “like” or “follow” their favorites, but when we’re talking 40 – 50 – 70 THOUSAND more people liking her on these popular sites, I can only guess that it’s reflecting the voting stats, right?

      Whatever the case, ANGIE FTW!


      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Still not a guarantee though. On the Xfactor Tate’s videos would have like ten views and his itunes like 100 downloads and so on and Carly’s would be like billions and and yet Tate won. Fifth Harmony had way more song downloads and yet Tate beat them by a landslide in votes.

    • Jasmine says:

      Where the heck did you hear the Angela is 16?! Are you kidding me? She doesn’t even look 16. She is and looks 19.

  6. Mash Mouth says:

    I think all four singers will make good music after Idol, but I believe Idol is manipulating the audience via the judges, video editing and song choice selection. I say, just let them sing and then let the audience decide who should win, not the producers or the post-Idol pimps at 19 entertainment.

  7. Anna says:

    Celine Dion is not current. She hasn’t been current in nearly 10 years. That’s why when the judges make comments like that, all I can do is shake my head and roll my eyes. Amber sang it perfectly well, but that performance would not be played on anything but AC radio in 2013.

    I get that, of the 4 contestants left, Amber is the only one who has any chance of being some sort of pop artist. But of the 4, she is also the one who chooses the most dated songs and who appears to want to be a ballad singer, not a Rinanna or Beyonce type artist.

    I’m not an Angie fan at all, but I agree she had the best week last week.

    In my opinion, the finale should be Candice and either Angie or Kree. I’d personally prefer Kree, but I wouldn’t be that upset if it was Angie. Again, in my opinion, Amber does not deserve, on the basis of her performances and song choices throughout the season compared to those of the other 3 contestants, to be in the finale. If Jimmy wants to sign her, nothing is stopping him from doing so, whether she finishes 1st or 4th.

    I did have to laugh at the looks on the judges’ faces when they heard she was in the bottom 2 again this week.

    • TheGirlsRock says:

      I really don’t think they care that Amber was there when it comes down to it. I think the look was for Candice being there.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      It was a very good performance. Maybe they meant her voice is current? (cause the song isn’t even Celine Dion 90’s it’s an 80’s original and cover long before Celine).

    • candicegloverfan says:

      word to your entire post. i want candice in the finale, and for most of the season, wanted kree with her. but angie’s performances last week were excellent, and i would not at all mind seeing a candice-angie finale. there would be some contrast, and i think we’d be in for some very entertaining and wonderful songs and singing. (wonderful songs *only* if they allow them some variety beyond the very limited cleared list they’ve been given most weeks this season)

  8. tamara says:

    Really glad to be able to watch this a d share the frustration with you two.
    What a circus this season is turning out to be.
    I’ve been watching the performances on youtube the past few weeks, not bothering with the whole show. Let’s all watch TheVoice!!

    Can’t you guys do an Idology but with TheVoice, like you did last year?

    American Idol is definitely done this year for me. Worst top4 in a very long time.
    Outdated as hell. The only one with a slight future in the current biz is Angie. The rest are toast.

    • tamara says:

      Oh, and btw, my faves week 1 of live shows were Angie, Amber, Kree and Candice (well, I liked Breanna way more, but she wasn’t chosen). So you’d think I’d be happy with the top4.
      But the thing is that as the season progressed, this top4 put me to sleep week after week.
      They have the worst taste in music ever. Are they 60? my god!! the only one showing some taste is Angie, and Candice.

      Anyway, day after the May finale I’ll forget about them and never wonder what they’re up to again.

      • Danny says:

        @Tamara- Dang that was well said. My top 5 were the 4 you said + Janelle. So I got my top 5. Yet this season has been so terrible. I’m only guessing here, but besides the judges, one reason it’s terrible is that they always have the ensemble right next to the singers. Almost every flippin song there’s a harp player, a violin, etc. The lights are always low. They’re very sleepy arraingements.
        *It takes away from each singers indivuality IMO. It’s almost like each contestant is just another piece of an opera rather than out there in front w/ the spotlight on them showing off who they are. They just come off as interchangeable pieces in a musical rather than individuals.
        *I’m not sure how accurate I am, but that’s my take on it.

        • tamara says:

          I think you make some good points. I’ve also felt like every song sounded the same. I couldn’t tell one Kree song from another. And same with Candice. Angie is the only one singing songs I would listen to. Amber is so outdated I can’t even pinpoint a date she’s from.

          Btw, I also had Janelle in the top for a few weeks, specially at the beginning, with the first rounds. This was a girls’ year, but just cause Nigel made sure we wouldn’t have a boy to root for.

          What a disaster of a year. It’s so frustrating.

      • marie says:

        I’m 61. I have a very good ear and like a lot of different types of music, both classic and current. Kindly don’t generalize about a whole age group – and for that matter, please don’t implicitly bash one, either!

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Here, here (or is that “hear, hear” ;-) )!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Wow, they’re always bashing us elderly women, aren’t they, marie? ;-)
          I also have a good ear and I’m a huge fan of different types of music. Good grief, we aren’t dead yet!

          • tamara says:

            Ok, sorry, my bad!
            But you are the exception. I’m generalizing, I know, but it is what it is. Just like for example most of those who watch CSI, NCIS,… are 50 and up, the people who like these songs that some contestants are choosing are 50&up, cause those are songs they grew up with, or whatever.

            And up until 2 years ago I watched NCIS, and I’m 29. And I know a lot of twentysomethings that watch CSI. But I also generalize about that. And I don’t take offense.

            Anyway, do we at least agree that these songs some contestants choose are veeeery old-fahioned and will never sound modern? Some things are better left untouched, or unsung.

            And I’m going off topic, so I’ll stop :D

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            I saw a recent article that sourced some info from people involved with Idol and they said that the main audience left these days is middle american/southern, white, old, female.

        • Mary W says:

          Me, too. I’m 66.

        • Mary W says:

          Marie–I’m 66 and I think I have good taste. Most of this season I feel like I’m listening to an Oldies channel.

    • Gypsy says:

      I do not agree with you at all. I watch the voice because the coaches are very entertaining, but the talent of the 4 top contestants in Idol is unmatched. Angie, probably can have a good career in the music world, and Kree will definitely make her way in the country industry whether she wins or not. Candice is so talented, she just needs good catchy songs to make it.

  9. Name That Tune says:

    Great Idology!
    Annie Barrett counted 23 lies the judges told during last Wednesday’s show.
    I’m predicting we’ll see 2 more standing O’s for Amber on big Diva songs from the 80s & 90s. She will do nothing original with them. Nicki will praise her shoes or her dress or lipstick & want to know how her best friend is doing. Keith will again be reminder of Summer on a song about grief &loss.
    Kree & Candice will be lectured again about what kind of artist they are or not emoting or doing too many runs or being old fashioned. Nicki will ask for a divorce from Kreedom.
    Angie will be praised for sitting at the piano, but be accused of not feeling the lyrics when she leaves the pisno.
    And I will have my phone on Auto-Dial for 1-866-Candice & Kree.

    • Mafs95 says:

      Well, Amber has to sing a 2013 song for this week theme so I’m actually curious to find out which song did she pick… I predict “Nuclear” by Destiny’s Child

      • tamara says:

        I’m more curious to know if she actually recognizes any of the 2013 songs they give her xDD

      • Name That Tune says:

        She will manage to find a remake of a Celine or Whitney or Mariah or even a Barbara song in there.

        • MC says:

          Lol, probably. I love the oldies, but the content of Amber’s cd will be heavily determined by producers who work for the label. She doesn’t seem to have formed a musical identity of her own, at least in regard to current music.

          • Nan says:

            When is an Idol contestant’s cd not heavily determined by the record label? Most of them put out albums that sound quite different than what they sang on the show. Jordin Sparks is a good example of this.

    • Allie C says:

      Totally agree. Great post. Cracked me up. Kinda sad everything you said is all true and will probably happen. Do they truly expect Angie to never get up from the piano. Maybe she work on being better standing on the stage…. just a thought. She might need that someday.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Plus she actually pulled it off well with Halo.

      • Jasmine says:

        I don’t really see what’s wrong with her performances without the performance. I thought they were just as good as her piano-based performances. Or maybe it’s just because I think Angela can do no wrong and is perfect! Ha, that’s it! Anyway, I’m sure she’s getting tired of people saying that she’s only good when she’s behind the piano. She’s better than that, judges! Vote for Angela Miller.

        • Jasmine says:

          Sorry, guys. I made an error. I meant “piano” in that first line. “I don’t really see what’s wrong with her performances without the piano.” That’s what I meant.

          • Nephtalia says:

            Jasmine, can we be friend? For a long time, I felt I was the only one loving Angie on this board. I started this season with Kree, Angie, and Amber. But after ‘I surrender’, there was no turning back. And I also found her YouTube channel. Her cover of ‘Home’, ‘Scyscraper’, ‘Listen’, ‘Diamonds’, ‘Falling’, ‘Alleluyah’ is ridiculously good. You can see after being selected in the top 40, she went home and worked. I can also say on Idol, she has been the best student in the class. Everything they ask from her, good or bad she delivered. On, ‘Yesterday’, Jimmy wanted her to pull back. She did! On ‘Shopped around’, they asked her to not worry about the lyrics and just have fun with it. She did! She got blamed for it, but she did what was asked of her.
            I seriously think if Angie wins Idol, next year ratings going to increase. She will be a great ambassador for the show.

          • Jasmine says:

            Absolutely! I agree with everything you’ve said! It’s nice to know that there are other people who love Angela just as much as I do. She really deserves this, so I hope she can win! I want her to win so badly! Vote for Angela, everyone!

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            With the Disney Princess card put in people’s minds and zero credit for her first song in any way she suddenly may have a fight to make the finale. Even this week is dangerous because her fans may think she is safe from last week, but this week likely has higher voting volume, she probably came in second to Candice this week too. She could’ve easily been knocked to third this week, hopefully not fourth.

  10. Mike says:

    So glad this is finally out. Been waiting all weekend for Idology. This whole situation is ridiculous. As bad as I’d feel for Amber, it would serve Nigel right if she goes home this week. The manipulation wasn’t even hidden. I’m really disappointed in the judges. I had more respect for Keith and Mariah at the very least. If she doesn’t go home…well, the fix might actually be in.:(

    • Ramification says:

      I thought Mariah at least did not try and bus Kree and Candice like the other judges but I was shocked that she stood up for McArthur Park

  11. nich says:

    Loved loved loved this recap. “This week’s theme is lying jackasses”? Perfect beginning and so very true. Last week the judging was insulting.

    • sherab says:

      i totally agree with michael, melinda and you too, nich!

    • Mary W says:

      I haven’t wanted to believe the judges were phony. I’m trying to learn more about what is good singing, and I don’t have much confidence in my opinion. So last week when singing I thought was OK but not super got standing ovations, I was really shook up. I love having Idology and some of the other sites where I can get some other opinions.

  12. tamara says:

    Btw, I had a good laugh watching Idology, as always. Better than Idol, as usual.
    Slezak pounding his chest had me laughing so hard…
    And Melinda not being able to handle that “church girl” comment. I reacted that way too, and I’m not even black, or religious. But haven’t felt that vibe from Candice all season. But hell, what do I know.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Yeah Joshua last season had a church vibe, Jacob did, Candice does not. She has a super heavy R&B vibe, but that is something rather different. So does do a bit much with the runs but that is big in R&B too and these are R&B runs not gospel/church.

      • tamara says:


        I may not know a lot about gospel, or even R&B, but like you said, Joshua, Jacob… those 2 you’d definitely say they have a church vibe. But Candice, not even a little bit. Those runs are part of so many singers, whatever their music style is. I may not buy Candice’s music afterwards, but she sounds more current than anything Amber has done.

        And again, I’ll stop, cause I end up talking about different things xD

  13. TheGirlsRock says:

    Sorry Michael, throwing Angie a bone in the last 10 seconds doesn’t hide the fact that you just did what rankles you about the judges. However, I’m glad Amber was called out for her pitch problems and song choice not to mention diction, I don’t get her at all, maybe in a year or two. Kree can sing but is about as exciting as watching paint dry IMO.

    You didn’t bring up the duets which featured the best possible combo for the finale which is Candice and Angie. Contrasting styles and power on power.

    Thank goodness you have the smarts and good taste to include Melinda on these videos.

    • Scott says:

      Agree — not enough about Angie in this Idology, especially for the singer who was either #1 or #2 this week. The less said about Amber pimping — and I’m just as annoyed with it as anyone else — the better. She’ll go home this week (my prediction) despite two standing Os, a visit from her grandmother, a telephone call from Michelle Obama singing her praises, the revelation that she, Amber, has personally saved two people from near-certain death just by singing to them AND a horrible case of dysentery on Wednesday in an attempt at a sympathy vote.

      • Allie C says:

        Speaking of the duets, they didn’t even cover the fact that the judges claimed Amber outdid Kree on the Adele song… like really… no way. Amber got behind the beat and couldn’t have looked more awkward. Angie and Candice were great.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          they didn’t, but jason got it covered by tossing in that clip while they were talking about related matters

      • Elle says:

        I totally agree about the whole, few seconds of talking about the contestant who pretty much was the best performer of the night. I watched this whole video wondering when they were going to talk about Angie!

        Also, looking through all these comments, I don’t see why people aren’t mentioning the fact that Angie totally has top 40 potential. People think that Amber has the best chance and that’s why Nigel is making the show all about her (gag). BUT think about it, Angie is absolutely stunning, she acts her age, sings current songs, writes her own music, she sings pop rock (hello Kelly Clarkson!?!?!). If they’re going to manipulate the show, do it so that Angie wins. She absolutely has the whole package. I’m not saying Kree or Candice aren’t going to do well, I think they will, but I think Angie will do the best.

        And I’m getting annoyed at Idology for ignoring her almost all the time – barely talking about her because they’re too busy talking about why Candice & Kree are so much better than Amber (although I do agree! lol). But why are they not talking more about Angie, especially when they agree that she was the winner of the night?

        Are they trying to sway votes too? Hmmm…

        Lol j/k j/k. I love Idology, but just give Angie some more time in your twelve minute video, not just the last two minutes. Gurrr.

        • Jasmine says:

          Oh my god, so was I! I was waiting for them to get to Angela, but then to only find out they talked about her for less than a minute…! Man, Slezak, why you gotta do my girl Angela like that. Of course, we know you like Kree and Candice, but give credit where credit is due. Gosh! To say that Kree’s performance of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” was better than Angela’s “Who You Are”, that’s just ridiculous! I just think he didn’t want to properly recognize Angela’s talent and really admit that she won the night. That’s sad. Vote for Angela, everybody.

  14. I stopped watching this Idology video 2 minutes in. Do Michael and Melinda ACTUALLY believe what they are saying or have they been bought? Not sure I will tune in to these Idology episodes for now on…

    • tamara says:

      lol!! I see a case of the judges’ disease got Into an Idol watcher… xD

    • tardis repairman says:

      Any person watching the judges last Wednesday night would’ve been forgiven if they thought they had all been replaced by living brain donors.

    • Aaron says:

      Yes, they actually BELIEVE what they are saying – which is WAY MORE OBVIOUS than anything coming out of Nicki Liar Liar Pants on Fire Minaj’s mouth. That girl is so OBVIOUSLY lying and making shizz up and the fact is that she just isn’t good at it. So keep auto-tuning yourself Nicki and leave the REAL singing to Candace and Kree.

      The only other explanation for me is that they are trying to use reverse-psychology on everyone and want Amber and Angie to suffer the back-lash of their lies – which is entirely possible.

      • Elle says:

        I think Nicki is totally being honest. I mean, she called Nigel out for saying who she thought was the top 3 earlier in the competition because she wasn’t told it was going to be revealed on television. I think she truly believes what she’s saying. There’s no way she’s that good of an actress, lol. And not that I agree with what she says about Amber, but it seems like she legit believes that Amber can be a superstar (she can’t though lol). Nicki can be annoying AF, but she’s talented and honest. If you actually listen to her music, she has some songs on there where she sings throughout the song and doesn’t use autotune. I’m not saying she has an amazing voice but she can sing and more than anything she knows what can and can’t be popular. Annoyance aside, Nicki is the most current judge on the panel with hits left & right AND she works with a ton of popular artists. She’s smart in who she chooses to work with, which says something about her judging ability.

    • deedee says:

      Bought by whom — the anti-Idol lobby? Are you outraged by all their criticisms in general, or just the ones directed at Nicki Minaj?

  15. Amanda says:

    I completely agree with this whole episode and that rarely happens.

    I’m just waiting to feel something from Amber. She’s performing to the camera every week with a smirk on her face, like she has no idea what she’s singing. And I think she’s listened to the judges week after week praise her that she believes she’s unstoppable.

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you! You just put into words what I’ve been trying to figure out about why Amber bugs me when she sings? It’s the “smirk on her face, like she has no idea what she’s singing”. That’s It!!

    • Mary W says:

      Look at Amber’s video of Someone Like You. She’s much more charming with her hair tied up, wearing casual clothes, and singing while a friend plays the guitar. That’s the Amber I love. I’ve been rather disappointed in her show performances.

  16. In it to win it, dawg! says:

    First of all, kudos to the TV Line crew for getting back in stride and having Idology posted in time for my Monday lunchtime viewing.

    I believe who ever gets voted off this week will pretty much lock the person they were paired with on results night into the finale. For example, Candice/Amber, whoever is voted off this week, the other will be in the finale for sure, same with Angie/Kree.

    I believe Amber goes home this week, it is just her time out of the four girls remaining. Then many of Amber’s votes will go to Candice and lock her in to the finale. Angie vs Kree is a toss up but I think Angie has the bigger following.

    My prediction, Candice vs Angie in the finale, a la Jessica vs Phillip last year. Angie wins with the help of the piano but during the finale Candice blows the roof off just like Jessica Sanchez did last year and everyone will stand around and be like, “what just happened?”

    • noa says:

      i think you’re completely right. i see 2 things that could change this:
      1. Angie really messing up and still getting praise. this will cause Kree and Candice to get all the “annoyed with Idol” votes that they probably also got this week.and that will give us the Kree-Candice finale. i know Angie got some criticism this week for playing it safe, but i think she might have to stick with what works and not go too far from that. it is very effective… the Jessie J performance was fantastic.
      2. Kree finally performing like she did before the finales. maybe even outdoing herself. i think a lot of people (including me) really liked Kree from the start but feel disappointed. like she’s not giving us what we really want. if she finally decides to listen to everyone, not wear heels and perform like her life depends on it- that might get her back to where she used to be- fan-wise. and that will give us a Kree-Angie finale.

      other than that- we’re probably looking at a Candice-Angie finale, with Kree taking 3rd place. and i can’t complain. that’s a pretty good outcome as far as i’m concerned. especially compared to last year when only one of the 3 i thought should have been in the top 3 actually made it there. and finished 3rd.. :/

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think your right. By this stage, and the way the year has been going, you cannot assume people will continue to vote if their favorite is gone. When my favorite leaves I stop voting. I wish all the girls luck, but I can’t wait till this season is over.

  17. So, I’ve been rewatching Candice’s Top 6 performances a lot and as you watch something for the 78th time, you start noticing different details. And I noticed that Nigel sits in the front row, just to the right side of Keith. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but when after Keith gave his “critique” to Amber for her Macarthur Park “performance”, you can clearly see him looking to his right with this ridiculous grin. I am *convinced* he was looking at Nigel hoping for approval. “I followed the script just like I was supposed to, right? Riiiiight?” It was ridiculous.

  18. Malcolm says:

    Wow, I was mostly meh about last week’s shenanigans but now I’m all enraged after this video. Danggg

  19. MB says:

    Manipulation is wrong no matter what. Last week you were praising TPTB for manipulating having the best top 4 in the history of the show. Did not matter how how cruel it was to the male population.This week your favorites are not the favored ones of the judges and producers and you are freaking out. I love you Michael even when I don’t always agree with who your favorites are. I wait for your blog an Idology every week but you have to get real. This whole season has been a bust and no matter what the results whether your favorite wins or not the manipulation has totally made this show a joke. I also don’t believe any of the girls no matter who wins is going to set the world on fire after the show is done. Maybe if they work their butts off and get the stink of Idol off of them they have a shot. This was the worse season of Idol and winning it is not going to go any one them any great shakes. I guarantee the concert sales are going to be at an all time low. It is a shame why couldn’t they just fix the voting system and let the chips fall where they may and I think most of us would have been satisfied but the bottom line is TPTB do not trust America to make the right choices on their own. I hope they re satisfied with the mess they created.

  20. Mark says:

    Nice to see that you have finally awakened from your season long slumbers, Michael and Melinda. The manipulation did not begin with “MacArthur Park.” It has been going on the whole damn season–from the minute the top 20 were announced with no viable male challengers. This season was scripted as a coming out party for the ladies, and they have done everything they could to make it happen. And now that they have the opportunity to create a dream finale showcasing two beautiful young ladies, is at any surprise that they are resorting to any means necessary to make Nigel’s dream a reality? The were similarly blatant in their manipulations in season 10, so why be surprised now? This week is going to be even uglier, since golden child Amber starts the week off in the bottom two. With Angie and Kree in lead, be prepared for historic volumes of smoke billowing from the judge’s table toward Amber’s lovely behind, and for Candice to have buckets of pig blood rain on her from the rafters.

    • tamara says:

      Exactly this!!

      Last week was more blatant, but this has been going on since week1 of live shows.
      In my opinion it’s one of the worst seasons ever, and one of the worst Top4 too.

      • karen says:

        Worst top four ever? You should review your Idol history. Lee Dewyze couldn’t even sing his victory song in tune. These four ladies are destined for fabulous careers and are the BEST top four ever, pal.

        • Jongirl says:

          Absolutely agreed!

        • noa says:

          they are a great top 4, but the top 4 episode was really mediocre. as for the best? IDK. S5 had a fantastic top 4 and last years was pretty great, especially if you compare the performances from Jessica, P2 and Josh that night. even Hollie’s performances that night were better than most of what we saw this week.
          and let’s not forget S8! they had Adam, Kris and Allison! and that night had great moments. i guess this top 4 we have now is more like in the middle than best or worst.

        • WendyT says:

          Agreed! This is the best Top 4 ever, which might explain why so much drama has to be created, which is unfortunate. However, I think only Amber and Angie have a shot at mainstream success.

        • Mary W says:

          Worst top four ever? I liked Blake Lewis, but matching him against Jordin Sparks was downright embarrassing.

    • Tom22 says:

      I don’t think the comments really have much affect on voters.. illogical attacks perhaps even inspires more voting for who the Criticize. They’ve probably done more damage than help to Amber.

      Sabotaging song choice and styling(clothes, makeup etc) however can have a real effect. Which clips they choose to show from during the week can also hurt or help significantly.

    • Montavilla says:

      I think Michael and Melinda were pretty clear on their position about manipulation this week: it’s only mildly annoying as long as the contestants live up to the hype. It’s annoying to watch Joshua Ledet (to pull one name out of the hat) get a million standing ovations. However, it’s only mildly annoying because he keeps blowing the roof off the building in his performances.

      It’s *majorly* annoying when Amber gets a tongue bath when she’s 1) choosing yet another ballad (Celine Dion ballad!), 2) putting no emotional connection into it, 3) singing an overlong sustained note that ends up strained and shouty.

      It’s mildly annoying that they cast flawed boys this year because they’re tired of the internet complaining about the WGWGs. It’s *majorly* annoying that one of them was so flawed that he could neither remember lyrics nor execute a key change. And that he displayed a stank attitude. And that he was kept on the show by the mother of all backstories.

  21. William says:

    Why does Angie always get shoehorned into the last minute of Idology? I’m still waiting for you all to do a deep dive on her performances and personality instead of Candice/Kree every week. I know she’s not exactly Slezak’s fave, but I would love to hear him and Melinda debate her song choice strategies, her performances, her perceived fakeness — all that stuff! I love Idology — just a request!

    • Axel says:

      I think they mentioned in one of the previous Idoology (I don’t know the exact quote) that Angie’s voice is limited but if she chooses her songs right, she truly shines .

      • Mary W says:

        to William. I agree with Matt that Michael and Melinda have been complimentary of Angela. Because Angela has an emotional connection with the songs and the audience, her performance has been consistent (except for the one, and I thought that was fun). So there is really in my mind less to comment on. Candice is a singer’s singer–which I think means a stylist–and I think that’s what attracts Melinda and Michael. After all, Melinda is a singer’s singer as well, as was Haley Reinhardt, who is another favorite of Michael’s. So was David Archuleta. Adam Lambert didn’t have a great voice, but wow, what a performer!

    • Matt says:

      Agreed. Slezak has been almost as blatant in his manipulation of his audience towards his chosen top two (Kree/Candice) as Nigel Lythgoe.

      • Aaron says:

        Who cares? It’s not as if Slezak and Melinda have any power over the out come of he show – they are just two people with opinions and their opinions don’t ultimately matter in regards to the show – oh, and if you don’t agree with them you don’t have to log-on to watch. As for the show – it’s a completely different thing when 4 JUDGES that are supposed to be there to provide constructive feedback and clearly being bought and sold – THAT is an issue. As for Angie – good lord people, I’ve seen better screaming behind the piano at the Miss Tuckahoe Pageant – which is EXACTLY where Angie belongs…

        • MamaLis says:

          I love it, Miss Tackahoe!

        • deedee says:

          Thank you, voice-of-reason Aaron. I don’t understand when people get genuinely angry at Michael and Melinda for talking about what they want to talk about on their own show. It’s not like they’re hired to be neutral and impartial observers of American Idol. Just makes me laugh.
          I don’t know what Miss Tuckahoe is, but it sounds like Miss Asparagus or something. ROFL!

      • Scott says:

        I disagree. He’s said in the past, and I think he repeated it this week or last, that he likes Angie’s work ethic. Angie is THE hardworker on the show, and that really shows and it’s something to be acknowledged, and Idology has.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Wow, the hard worker. Sure that is important and it’s big credit, but come on that is the nice thing they toss off when they can’t comment on the vocals or anything else.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            He would flip if every week they said that Candice was a really hard worker and not one other comment right?

  22. karenb says:

    I think it’s blatantly obvious that the entire show is scripted. And that upsets me! I know that in the past, there were certain parts of the show that were scripted, but now I think the whole thing is fake. The judges were so obvious in their “judging.” I mean, how could they all agree with the over-praising of Amber? It was just bizarre.

    I now believe that the producers are choosing every song for the contestants along with the arrangement- so that whole “great song/bad song choice” thing is a joke. I don’t think the contestants have a say in the matter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-the lack of suspense this season is driving me nuts. I used to sit on the edge of my couch, nervous that my contestant wouldn’t make it through, then celebrating when they did. The contestants don’t even seem surprised or happy that they were put through to the next week, which leads me to believe that they are told in advance how the voting went down. The whole “no one is going home this week” was just ludicrous. They should have used the save with Janelle. Everyone knew that the show was ahead by a week and that one week, no one was going home. I’m surprised the Manipulators didn’t see that coming.

    Candice is my favorite contestant by a mile, but she needs (to beg the producers to let her) do a current arrangement. I’m concerned that the jazz thing is getting old for some viewers. I’m all for changing an arrangement but for me at least, I think that making the song somewhat recognizable would help her to get more votes.

  23. emma says:

    Ha, minaj was right, it wasn’t a top 4 worthy performance… it was a top 2 worthy performance!!! Woo Hoo, yay Kree, get it gurl, I’m rooting for ya babe!!!

    • SCOWARD says:


  24. MasiV says:

    You can’t fault the judges for being manipulative and unfair when you commit less than a minute of your time talking about the contestant who was arguably the strongest this week. This isn’t about talent for Nigel or for Slezak! Both are attempting to just leverage the chances of their ponies, which is kinda disappointing but completely expected.

    • Preach! I was disappointed that 10 mins in to Idology, they had only mentioned Angie’s name in passing – twice. She has the highest likelihood of being the American Idol winner, spend more time talking about HER great performances!

      • Axel says:

        They don’t need to.. Slezak said Angie and maybe Kree were the best.

        • MasiV says:

          Compare that fleeting referehce to the effusive praise showered on the other ladies previously in their best weeks! Slezak placed Kree ahead of Angie by the way, called her a drama queen when there wasn’t a single disingenuous note in that ‘Who you are’ performance and finally, begrudgingly, admitted to Angie being almost as good though he still gave the edge to Kree. Melinda, on the contrary, unequivocally acknowledged this to be Angie’s week!

          • Aaron says:

            And if the judges had said to Angie the same things they said to Cree and Candace I am sure he would have talked about Angie too – but there was no need since the “judges” already praised her as much as they did (even though I can’t remember a SINGLE thing about her second song).

          • Aaron says:

            Oh, and just HOW MUCH pull do you believe that Slezak has over the show? Try none. Even though he would be a WAY better judge than any of the 4 they currently have.

          • deedee says:

            Why do you care how much time Michael spends on Angie (or anyone for that matter)? Why do you care who he heaps praise on, or who his favourites are? Disagree with him – fine. Argue with his opinions – fine. But to cry over unfairness or uneven treatment? He’s not their father!

    • deedee says:

      Michael and Melinda do not have the same role as the judges, so that’s a false premise. Michael has ALWAYS publicly rooted for his favourites – that’s hardly a secret. It’s worth noting that his personal “ponies” rarely win, so all his “leveraging” isn’t that effective. And it’s his show for crying out loud!

      • MasiV says:

        By extension of that logic, I think Nigel has every right to manipulate to make his faves happen! If I were an A&R guy and thought 2 girls could make me loadsa money and the other two won’t then I would damn well make sure that my 2 lucrative prospects make it through! Also deedee, its Nigel’s show, so why are y’all cribbing??

        • Nan says:

          The flaw in your argument is that Nigel isn’t making a record, he’s making a television show. If he makes people so angry that they stop watching, then the show suffers and people stop watching. I think it’s clear that the show isn’t a good way to pick a recording artist but it has been good television and a good money maker. Kill the show and everything else dies with it.

          • Etherrose says:

            Just a little info here. I have been watching all these posts go down and I want to tell you you guys don’t get it. Does not matter who America wants to win. The producers keep this going for ratings. They already know how and who will be idol. Watch tonight and see if I am not right!!! Just saying!

        • deedee says:

          MasIV, I’m not sure why you lump Michael and Nigel together as if they have the same responsibilities. Michael and Melinda don’t work for American Idol – they are television reviewers commenting on the show. That’s a vastly different task than Nigel Lithgoe, who produces the show they are reviewing. Nigel does have every right to manipulate as he sees fit, but if the audience dislikes what he does, he will lose viewers. The only similarity between Michael and Nigel is – if you don’t like what they’re offering, you can go elsewhere.

          • MasiV says:

            FTR, we are not representatitive of the show’s audience, grandmoms and teenager girls probably are. Nigel pisses off less than a percent of his audience with his blatant machinations, the rest are probably cosied up on their couch waitiing for the next glimmer of chest hair from a WGWG. Also, that small group of people that he manages to piss off, keep returning to watch the show every time its on, Slezak’s gonna watch it, you are gonna watch it and I am gonna continue to watch it as well so lets stop pretending that his viewership will be affected because he is feeding judges lines. Also, Nan, the last two winners of the show have enjoyed quite a bit of commercial success, and thats without mentioning the obvious relevance of Clarkson and Underwood, so I dont know what barometer you are using to determine whether the show’s been successful in picking recording artists.

          • MasiV says:

            Oh, they most certainly dont have the same responsibilities. I just find it hilarious that someone like Slezak would call out the TPTB on being manipulative and pimping a few contestants, when thats all he does in his little videos. He probably has less than a billionth of Idol’s influence but oh boy, is he working it to the advantage of Kree and Candice. I understand that Michael and Melinda dont have to be objective, but surely that should lend a clearer understanding of why the TPTB can’t be objective, their responsibility is to their wallets and they will pimp whoever is likely to make more money for them. The argument about audience disliking what he does and losing viewers is ridiculous as well. Deedee, is this the first time you have been exposed to sorry ol’ machinations of the TPTB cos they have been doing it for years and years, and yet viewers keep coming back. If I were Nigel, I would probably think more chest hair next season, cos I know I can affront you with my tactics and you will still come back.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Actually the ratings started plunging ever since S10 when the manips started going totally over the top. S10 finale was like 25% off from what it should have been going by the ratings for top three and the % bounce the finale got compared to top three in other seasons.

          • deedee says:

            You’re welcome to see Michael’s videos as some sinister plot to sway the votes for Candice or Kree, but why? Doesn’t it make more sense that he’s just calling things as he sees them? It’s pretty clear to me that Michael is giving his own honest opinion of which singers he likes best, and who – in his estimation – should win the grand prize of the recording contract. Michael wants to see the person he feels deserves the prize … actually get the prize. Nigel, on the other hand, doesn’t give a crap if his personal favourite wins or not, as long as he makes money. Michael has nothing to gain financially by cheering on his faves because he will get the same paycheck from TVline if he roots for Candice or if he roots for Angie. So I just don’t see the parallels you’re drawing between Nigel and Michael, but I often don’t understand things, so it’s nothing new. :-)

        • Mary W says:

          MasiV. Please don’t put down us grandma’s. I think I have good taste: my favorite singers were Melinda, Adam Lambert, David Cook, Philip Phillips, Haley Reinhardt and David Archuleta. The two WGWG (David Cook and Philip Phillips) were good despite being white and having guitars. David has a gravelly voice and charm. Philip has no voice and an awkward charm but good taste in songs (Volcano particularly.) Adam doesn’t have much voice, but was fascinating, every week I couldn’t wait to see what he would do. Haley, David and Melinda are all superb stylists with good, well-trained voices. Angela shines for personality and emotional connection. I prefer the other three, but they are a little plastic. Probably scared stiff. Candace is probably the best singer, up there with Haley, David A, and Melinda, but singer’s singers don’t always have big careers.

          • Lulu says:

            I was nodding along with this mostly until you got to the part about Adam Lambert. Doesn’t have much voice? what?! You can not like his runs, his theatricality, his make-up, whatever, but one thing the guy is not short on is voice. You’re not making a very good case for grandmas lol.

          • dj says:

            I agree. Adam has one of the best voices ever. His tone is sweet, his range is ridiculous.

  25. Kudos Michael and Melinda for telling it like it is. After hearing the judges comments Wednesday night it is apparent to me too that the Idol PTB are pulling for an Amber/Angie finale. I still hold out hope for a Candice/Kree match but can live with Angie being paired with one of those two. Sorry Amber fans, but she’s got to go.

    • sherab says:

      i wish angie would go, too… with amber. or right after. or before. just go, please.

      • MamaLis says:

        On top of all this “Amber Praise” by the Judges, I’m also not especially liking the way Amber, herself, is responding to all of it. She seems to be getting swept up in the narrative of the whole thing, and appears to be the most stylized and affected of all the girls. I’m seeing less and less of the genuine sincerity and gratitude, and more and more of the…… “Let’s take a moment of silence..”

  26. Whut Whut says:

    This said everything I was thinking, from the “church girl” to the Amber crazy train to Angie deserving the praise. I really appreciate you two voicing my thoughts so well. Bravo!

  27. Doris says:

    The producers obviously knew that there wouldn’t be an elimination this week. The fact that they were trashing Candace and Kree suggests that they are the top two vote getters overall and so they are trying to level the playing field for a cumulative vote total next week.

  28. CherylT says:

    Randy needs to be shot in his balls for the “church” comment he made to Candice last week. He knows she is the best on the show. He’s a “sell out”!

    • Krista says:

      Agree. For me, Candice NOT being churchy is what led me to cheer for her. That churchy stuff gets old real fast. And Candy Girl has not been churchy! At. All.

  29. John says:

    Randy’s comment to Candice about being too churchey annoyed me. I’ve not thought for one second that she has been too churchey at all during this entire season. That was just blatant manipulation from Randy to lose her votes. He is such a useless judge.

    • Etherrose says:

      Hey there- Randy was supposed to tear her down. I actually pm him and told him he shouild be ashamed of what he did and he needs to apologize to Candice infront of America because he was wrong! Did not see them saying anything about Angie doing the same song by Jesse J three times on the show. I guess it was not as important as twearing Candice apart from the voters. Angie is riding high now but wait———– Just saying!!!!!!

  30. Allie C says:

    Thank you for telling it how it is with no BS. I’ve been waiting for your take.

    I was so disappointed in the judges this week and so pleased to see that they’re bullying resulted in more people voting for Kree. Nicki Minaj was flat-out nasty to Kree for no reason. She’s been the most solid contestant of the season as far as picking songs that are correct for her voice and style.

    Candice is an amazing singer with the potential to be the next Jennifer Hudson with the right career choices. I’m angry that at this point in the contest the judges would tell Candice and Kree that they’re wrong for being who they’ve been all along. Also, Kree isn’t a country singer. She is not. She’s got the potential to be her own genre much like the amazing Grace Potter.

    I was so angry at the comments they gave Amber compared to the others. Out of the songs possible, Celine Dion was your best choice? No one should sing those Celine Dion classics. In the style of Nicki, “Little girl, I don’t care how big your voice is, you won’t do it better than Celine Dion.” Fact. Amber’s second performance was laughable and weird.

    I don’t even want to hear what they say this week. I’ll probably just fast forward through them.

  31. Tom22 says:

    Despite my comment above about McArthur park, I do want to agree that the “church girl” thing was out of line and I read it in the offensive way that you did. Your comment about them forcing her to be a Bonnie Rait (i’d shared that name last week myself) when she’s not could make a lot of sense. The band was playing a deep laid back kind of back waters blues and to me, Kree sounded terrible in terms of executing it

    …YET yeah.. the Norah Jones concept does make a lot of sense. Good call. Not that I can really imagine that song in a Norah Jones style but I can see that they (Nigel) could have been doing some sabotage with song choice permisions etc. Forcing uncomfortable song choices and pushing her to be a stereo typical type of country singer with some performances. could very well be why she hasn’t shown me what I hope for. Norah Jones.. yep… a little more sharing through introspection rather than addressing a third party….(I loved Norah’s first album.. all time classic.. I didn’t’ mean that as an insult)

    I won’t even reach at the “sounds like 2013” so current comments… the most charitable thing I could say is that they used entirely the wrong words. I do understand more what Nikki was trying to say with the “want to be your friend” thing and I think that relates to what they were trying to say about the More current , comments. Something about Amber’s bearing and probably her young age, makes me feel like she’s got the sun at her back and (perhaps naively) seems have an attitude with no jaundice to the world. Easier to feel without judges attacking you too.

    What was with those mega mega high heels all 4 of them had to wear to walk out for the results announcement ? I’d certainly agree that was a blatant type of sabotage against Candice and Kree who I believe have expressed being uncomfortable in extreme heals?

    • Tom22 says:

      I left out Kree’s name as I moved from the initial comment about Candice onto your comment about Kree.

    • karen says:

      I don’t agree w/ the Norah Jones comment. Kree is very steeped in the blues and can certainly wail in the style of Bonnie Raitt, not to mention Trishia Yearwood and Linda Rondstadt. She’s not Norah Jones.

      • deedee says:

        Yeah, I also thought the Norah Jones comment was a little weird (sorry Michael). They have very different voices, styles, and vibes. An odd comparison!

      • Tom22 says:

        Compare Kree’s version of Went up to the Mountain, to that of Kelly Clarkson and Crystal Bowersox and I think you’ll understand the point I think Michael was trying to make… and certainly what I was thinking.

        All three performances were superb but they had three different approaches …. Kelly’s a big story about how the world is, Crystals more an epic story of the past and Kree’s, a very personal reflection.. almost to herself or to higher power listening etc.

        Norah has that reflective style that is maybe a thinking out loud rather than, y’all come in and i’ll share you something. Both are incredibly expressive.

        Yeah, Kree might be able to wail, but personally I don’t think that’s really where she is special.. executing somthing very compentantly and a nature ease and nature that the wail came from is different.

        The comparison to Linda Ronstadt isn’t all bad.. she sort walked back and forth a bit… and often had a more personal introspective take.

        No, Kree isn’t a jazz singer but that wasn’t really the point, jazz vs country. It was more about being natrually “effusive” maybe?

        At any-rate, no matter what words anyone would choose, I think Kree’s version of “up to the mountain” felt like it was in her sweet spot… and she did it in a unique and special quite yet very meaningful way.

        • Tom22 says:

          BTW I’m not in any way saying that Crystal and Kelly were not also addressing more than the audience… or less reflective… but to me they did feel like maybe more something that would be sung at church or a memorial than Kree’s version, that was a more personal sort of unerstanding than an epic one .(just didn’t want to discount the first two’s personal meaning which was huge also)

        • Mary W says:

          Tom22 That was a cool response about the different versions of Went up to the Mountain, and I’m looking forward to listening to the different versions and learning something about interpretation. What I’ve really learned this season is that beautiful singing is not enough; there has to be an emotional connection of the singer to the song and to the audience. I’ve been waiting to hear Kree do something as beautifully as she did Went Up to the Mountain. I actually really liked Whiter Shade of Pale, not quite up to Procul Harum but as good as Annie Lennox.

  32. LeahKittyS says:

    Angie was the best this week, followed by Kree, then Candice, and Amber was a distant fourth. Hollie did a better “The Power of Love” last year in my opinion, and MacArthur Park is one of the most annoying songs I know. And in all your (rightful) ranting against the judges’ feedback this week, I’m surprised you didn’t touch upon the obvious. This was the mentality behind calling Amber current after singing two older songs and calling Candice old-fashioned after singing Drake. By “current” they mean “Amber, we see you as someone who can perform at the AMAs in a sparkly leotard with sexy backup dancers and a synthetic track.” You won’t ever see Candice doing that. There’s also the consideration that Amber is Lazaro’s best friend and the judges are under the influence of his mind-control powers.
    P.S. Jason, come back! I miss your random commentary and your Muppet clips!

  33. TheGirlsRock says:

    I’m not understanding the complaints about the “church” singer comments for Candice. When you all want to marginalize Angie that’s where you go…that she’s a Christian artist… like that’s a bad thing.

    That said… it was a stupid comment by Randy.

    • Tom22 says:

      I don’t really know what Christian rock is.. but there were comments all last year about Colton going that direction and.. that is exactly where his album went (and looks like its moderately successful). Angie did sing a Colton Dixon song to. Other than the Buddy Holly group song last year in Hollywood (and boy I liked that) I really havn’t felt that in Candices songs. The taking it to church comment could apply to Jason Lusk, or Joshua Ledet ‘s seasons without it being the least bit out of line but I don’t see how it applies to Candice’s performances which are perhaps jazzy or bluesy but far from a gospel/soul sound. And the comment after the current song was ridiculous…the timing was part of the offense that people are taking.

      • MB says:

        Colton always said he wanted t o go the direction of Christian Rock but Angie stated in n interview that she wants to go Main stream. She enjoys the occasional Christian song but that is Not the direction she wants to go.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Not that you’d know it from this sight where half the posters toss her off into a box.

        • Jasmine says:

          Whew! Thanks for clearing that up. I mean, I love Angela and everything but I would not want her to go the Christian route. That’s such a limited audience. I want her to appeal to everyone, which is more mainstream. That was one of my biggest concerns for Angela, so…that’s good that you found that out. I mean, Angela can still be inspirational when she’s singing, like Jessie J’s song “Who You Are.” Vote for Angela.

        • Tom22 says:

          I’m not implying that Angie didn’t also get unfairly pigeon holed.. on the forums.

        • Etherrose says:

          OMG That is such BS. Angie writes Christian songs because her goal is to spread God’s love around the world who do not know Him. Therefore being an idol opens all the door for her mission. Hey-she is a daughter of pastors and they would never allow her to write midstream music. Think about it. She is quoted saying. I want to be and example to others and show God’s love. What dowes that say to you. She is going to write like Jessie J? I think not!!!!!

      • Elizabeth says:

        If by “taking it to church” he meant that Candice’s voice sends the audience to a divine place, then AMEN! But that’s not what he meant. It was a criticism.

  34. Matt says:

    They knew it was a non elimination week. They ran down Kree and Candice to set up the big redemption moments for week 2. It is a tv show not real life, when will you ever understand this?

  35. Leela says:

    If you listen to Amber’s grating voice and then listen to Angie – there is no difference. Both shout their lyrics while pitch, tone, and genre go by the wayside. Candice and Kree have lovely rounded tones, yet just as much power as the two “skinny girls,” and both sing in their own well-defined styles – R&B/jazz and bluesy country – no matter the song choice, i.e. they make it their own. The producers wanted a female to win, now it’s obvious they want a skinny, trendy woman of color, talent notwithstanding.

    • schmed says:

      When Candice and Kree sing, I am amazed by how natural they are, and I don’t worry about whether they’re going to hit the next note, as I do for Angie and Amber. Also, Candice and Kree have shown a lot of versatility. Angie always sounds the same to me with her slightly affected theater major keening.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        How can you say she always sounds the same and single that out when Candice does too, every last thing is R&B whether the song originally was or not. Same thing at best.

      • Etherrose says:

        Angie has no style. She copycats and plays the role. She can sing but only what is in her range which is limited. Kree and Candice have their own personalities that just need tweaking and they are on their way. Unbelievable power and range-now if they can just bring this to the front they will be unstoppable. As far as Amber-this girl can sing with a quality of Whitney but she needs to work on hitting the right pitch on her high notes and also holding a note for a longtime should reflect some versatility unless it is the end of the song. Just saying!!!!

    • syb says:

      Yeah, this is so true. People are always comparing Amber and Candice which is like comparing Ferraris and Schwinns. Angie and Amber are more alike than Candice and Amber.

      I do think both Angie and Amber have potentially magnificent voices, but I think probably due to youth and inexperience, neither have the control necessary to avoid those pitchy, screechy, off key, wrong octave moments that also characterized Jordin in the season she won, and Hollie last season.

      Kree and Candice have a maturity vocally that I love, but that Idol inevitably marginalizes in females. It’s all about youth. I don’t get it. Why not allow the voters and the core audience pick its winner without all of the dissonant propaganda?

  36. Yo says:

    Let’s face it; Amber got an A+ for her legs.

  37. Idol is simply not worth watching, only follow thru discussion boards. So, this week I’d like to compliment Melinda on how beautiful she is – makeup exudes a natural glow and casual yet stylish attire is perfect for the setting (does that fit in with current judges comments?).

    Wish there was time in idology for a bit of Melinda singing – something to cleanse the ears and freshen the spirit.

    • karen says:

      Yawn. It’s so easy to criticize Idol as not worth watching, yet here you are.

    • Mary W says:

      To notthatmary. Yaaaay! Melinda is looking beautiful and so confident, not that shy lady she was on her season. She really does glow and the clothes are great. I just read her book and learned that she was afraid to stop being a backup singer, so Idol was a stretch for her. I missed the first few seasons, but for me she’s the best singer that’s been on; Adam Lambert the most creative (I didn’t even watch the following season, because I didn’t think anyone could match him). I love David Cook’s voice and Philip Phillips choice of songs. David Archuleta was a singer’s singer as well as Melinda. And Jordin Sparks’ Broken Wing was superb.

      This is the first year I’ve viewed Idology. I’ve been wondering why Melinda hadn’t been invited back to sing, but I suspect the producers don’t like her frankness—or her being right!

      • Mary W says:

        P. S. to my post: I forgot to include Haley Reinhardt, and I’m reminded reading these posts of Allison who was really good, too.

  38. angelstorm says:

    complete crap . . .I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the full show this week. Give me the voice any day !

  39. daynamonet says:

    Ok everyone rest easy; First off I have to say while my favorites are both Candice and Amber (with me wanting Candice to win) I was also a bit disgusted at the judges for the critiques they gave Candice and Kree and the standing ovation for Amber on BOTH songs. I mean Power of Love was debatable, but MacArthur Park, really? I was like wow, there’s definitely some shady stuff going on. First off Amber on contestants choice singing “Power of Love”, I mean she sounded great, but of all the songs to pick, she picked power of love, I would’ve preferred her to do a whitney song again if you ask me, I would’ve actually appreciated it more and believed more that it was her choice. And also her outfit was amazing, I was like go Amber and the hair, however, with the outfit she had on, I really expected her to have done a different type of song, like something more funky, more R&B, a little more beyonce-esque, but whatev; And we need to commend Candice for being the only real risk taker completely flipping that Drake song and making it her own, although the vocal wasn’t at her best, I still feel like she should’ve been commended for taking a risk and being dare I say it CURRENT, unlike Amber choosing Power of Love. Mariah was the only real voice of reason during Candice’s performance but what’s up with Randy saying Candice is a “church girl” when really that’s been the farthest from my mind esp after her performing a Drake song. Moving on to Kree’s first performace, which I actually enjoyed and loved that she tapped by in to her bluesyness, but the judges totally trashed her. That’s the first time she’s done a song like that really since evidence (same artist) and I liked it a lot. I do agree she needed to show her grit, but her vocal was solid and she was growlin and hittin those notes. Nicki making the comment about them “blowing smoke up her ass” was just cray cray, if that’s the case it needed to have been said for amber. I also feel much of the critique they gave Kree was about 5 or 6 weeks overdue. I mean maybe if they hadn’t been blowing smoke up her ass in the beginning she would be coming off as more interesting now. I don’t have much to say about Angie, she was the best this week, she killed it and I was impressed, and after her duet w/ Candice I realized that a Candice/Angie finally, but then I digress b/c I think it’ll be easier for Candice to beat kree or Amber. I do think Angie and Candice want it the most though and have the most passion. Absolutely classless how they discussed amber during Candice’s critique and how they praised Amber so much on the duet w/ Kree. Honestly I think Kree definitely better vocally and the adele song just fit her voice more. I do have to admit they’re both stiff. Oh, and as far as nicki minaj trying to figure out who the Candice fan is, no need to look father than right her, because I AM a Candice fan, I also won’t find it surprising if many hip-hop/R&B artists and producers are knocking on Candice’s door once the show is over whether she wins or not (hopefully she will) and I won’t be surprised NICKI is Drake is one of those artists. All in all I LOVE Amber but she’s not going to learn anything if the judges keep “blowing smoke up her ass” she could probably benefit from the constructive criticism the most. Really she has all the goods, she just needs to pick the right songs. If she picked better songs (more current songs), was actually getting mentored and judged, we would probably be having a very different conversation. Please don’t hate on Amber though its not her fault she’s not getting the proper guidance. Also this week she’ll have no choice but to sing a current song b/c the theme is Now and Then. And I’ll do u one better the Then is “standards” and the Now is “Hit songs from 2013” so she really has no choice but to go current. I think it’s going to be a test this week for the contestants, but mostly for the judges. Really they all have enough money anyway especially Mariah, so why do they care if they actually TELL THE TRUTH, and not do everything that Uncle Nigel says?

  40. syb says:

    Great Idology. Always enjoyed Michael, but I also so appreciate Melinda’s point of view. Each are fine, together you guys are grrreat.

    Anyway, it’s time for all who care still to put some pressure on the producers to stop with the manipulative content–whether it be lighting, sound bites, judges’ scripts, pushing songs on them, trying to sell a bad vocal as outstanding, and a great vocal as “meh.”. We are not that stupid. There is not a person in America who watched that couldn’t see through the agenda of the judges on Wednesday night. If AI’s producers are wondering why they’re sinking in the ratings like a stone, it would behoove them to have a little more respect for the audience. If the producers want to pick the Idol then do it above board. if they want viewers to do it, then be honest about the critiques and give them all an equal chance to prove themselves.

  41. daynamonet says:

    Also just want to make one more quick point, i know i know, i already wrote a book, but here goes. Would you guys feel the same way about Amber if the judges hadn’t been pimping her since top 10 but instead, actually giving her valid constructive criticism to make her better? If Amber is eliminated this week, I’d blame the judges for her demise. You think Beyonce got to where she is by everyone telling she’s great and has great legs and is bootylicious? Come on. Like many of you guys are saying, it’s only going to hurt amber in the long run, it’s such a shame, almost like a talent wasted b/c its not being nourished correctly. Ugghh damn TPTB!!!

    • Mary W says:

      To daynamonet Good point. Amber says she had a makeover since last year. After comparing her performances with her online videos from before this season, I think she is trying too hard, because of her failure to be make the finals last year. Funny Valentine was good though., I connected with her on that one. (I love her video of Someone Like You–I think her voice is better than Adele’s.) What I am not sure about Amber is whether she is copying other singer’s styles.

  42. forwarddad says:

    So Michael and now Melinda have taken to bussing Amber? They are no different than the judges. Amber sang Power of Love her choice. It was contestants choice. There were no restrictions out on it. I believe each girl is given a separate songs list from which TPTB have chosen specific dings they can choose from.

  43. forwarddad says:

    *songs. Why can’t we edit posts? :-(

  44. Eric says:

    Both Carrie Underwood and Amber did good with McArture park, it’s fun, not suppose to be so serious, something that people usually stay away from in the top 4 rounds, but it was still good.

  45. Danny says:

    As the contestants dwindle, they always take the one they want off & start pointing out what they did wrong. This year it’s justified, except the things they said to Kree should have been said to her weeks ago. Since the guys were so bad, Kree (and the rest of em, just using her as an example) escaped honest critique that could have helped her.
    *On the other hand, I wish when everyone does well, like last year, that they’d say “hey, 4 kickin tail performances, but we only have 3 spots left. So whoever goes, ya went out with a bang. Congratulations.”

  46. cheesy says:

    I see Stephano hasn’t changed since idol… he still thinks he’s God’s gift to women… LOL. It’s really too bad that his talent doesn’t match his ego. His performance was awful. I could list a dozen former idols I would have rather seen back on than him.

    • Amy says:

      Yes. I could not agree more. He’s always been faux everything, swag, sex-appeal, talent, to me…just what the market eats up these days, though. But he seems to be having fun, extending his 15 minutes, and still believin’ he’s all that…so…have at it man, long as I don’t have to watch it again.

  47. Jonathan says:

    Still hoping for Candice and Kree in the finale but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the probability that Angie is making the top 2 no matter what she does. I don’t think she’s ever been in the bottom and she seems to have the largest fan base. I can’t understand it myself because she’s just not my cup of tea, I much prefer to listen to Candice and Kree sang than to either of the girls whose names start with A.

    • Etherrose says:

      Angie has been bottom 2 I believe at least once this season maybe twice but not sure of that second time. I am voting depending on their performance and song choice and by the way Angie’s song Someone to watch over me is from 2012. Let’s see what happens with this???? I just might count her out for this reason. Everyone is supposed to be using 2013 songs. Hey you all – Vote for Candice and Kree and if she holds up Amber. That is how I am planning to vote regardless what manipulation is thrown in by the panel., I am doing my own critique and America should too!!!!!!

  48. Rich says:

    I too was appalled by Randy’s multiple use of ‘church girl’, but remember this is the guy who took one look at an asian contestant and declared he should be doing his taxes. Seriously, why is he still on the show?!?

  49. Ellen says:

    After last week’s ridiculousness I have decided this is my last season of watching American Idol. I just can’t take it any more. Between the sub par, unoriginal talent getting hyped (or in Lazaro’s case getting picked in the first place) to the wishy washy idiotic judging (go away already Randy) I’m done.


    Oh and GO CANDICE!!

    • sherab says:


    • Al.Law says:

      Go Candice. I will vote like crazy this week.

    • Jasmine says:

      Yeah, right…people who say they’re not watching Idol anymore are lying. you know you’re going to tune in to see what’s happening next season. I think with all the criticism that this season is getting, Nigel Lythgoe and the other powers that be are stupid if they don’t try to change something to make the show better. Those same judges will not be here next season. I say ditch Mariah and keep Nicki. Despite what everyone else says, I loooove Nicki and her honesty. She’s hilarious to me and some of the biggest laughs of this season came from listening to her. Anyways, vote for Angela!

      • Mark says:

        Actually, viewers are fleeing and many of them won’t be back. Ratings have been going down for years, and this year the pace is accelerating. In past years it lost about 10% from the previous year. This year it is around 14%. It is losing most in the 18-49 range, which is the range that sponsors covet. The show will be back next year, but millions of viewers will not.

        • Jasmine says:

          I said they would tune in to see what’s going on, I didn’t say they would stick around for the whole season.

      • Mary W says:

        Jasmine—Actually, my original distaste for Nicki changed, because Melinda and Michael kept using her comments and agreeing with them. Nicki seems honest to me, too, just that she gets so passionately in love with a contestant like Zonetta that her enthusiasm for the person interferes with her judgment of the singing.

  50. Kris says:

    I’m not even sure why I’m still watching this stupid show when most of my friends have stopped watching this season. I guess old habits just die hard!

    • WL says:

      Same here, Kris – I have only one person left to talk to about it – It’s def. something I’m not proud to watch.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Same here, only one left. I’ve skipped the first half this and last season so even as the only left, only partially.