Castle Recap: 'Did You See the Hearts?'

Castle Recap Season 5 Beckett BombThis week, ABC’s Castle used Season 5’s “bonus” episode to deliver what series creator Andrew W. Marlowe hoped was “the best clip show television has ever seen.” So… was it?

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The premise: While chasing a mad bomber, Beckett unwittingly triggers a pressure-sensitive bombing mechanism, forcing her to stand still for an indeterminate amount of time. To help distract Kate from the dire sitch, Rick stuck around and peppered her with questions about their time together as partners both professional and personal. Annnnnd cue flashbacks galore.

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Some notable lines/moments from the fresh scenes; please use comments to chime in with others:

* “Did you see the hearts…?”

* “If I had to be stuck not standing on a bomb, then I’m glad I’m stuck with you.”

* “Remember how that turned out?” — Kate, after Rick suggests to the bomb squad that they try “the old Indiana Jones/bag of sand/golden idol trick.”

* Rick pausing a montage of Kate’s naughty bon mots because “I was momentarily distracted by your dizzying array of hairstyles over the years.” And Kate capping said montage with: “I can’t help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth.”

* Part of the fun was revisiting Castle‘s huge array of guest stars over the years. Who knew that Dallas bad girl Julie Gonzalo had once been on?

* Esposito putting Kate and Rick on speakerphone, then tuning out, as they compare notes over who made whom jealous.

* Caskett’s shared dubbing of Martha Interruptus as “the scariest [experience] of all.”

* How fun was the montage of them speaking at same time? But for pure emotion, my favorite montage may have been the Beckett’s Greatest Hits one narrated by Captain Montgomery.

* “Always.”Castle Beckett I Love You

* “Oh for heaven’s sake, detective, just kiss the man!” — Captain Gates, putting to rest that burning question (and then adding for good measure, “He deserves it.”)

But of course, no above moment compares to those four little words, delivered with Stana Katic’s take-no-prisoners simultaneous double tear: “Rick. I love you.” (Though “I think we’re just getting started” could run a close-ish second.)

What did you think of “Still”? Is it odder than ever that this was to run before “Squab and the Quail,” which opened with Rick acting so indifferent to his lady love? And while I can’t say I have a great recollection of “clip shows” from Happy Days and the like, yeah, this one was incredibly entertaining. And the bombing case was pretty intense and well-paced, though the eventual cracking of the code was a bit of a stretch.

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  1. badpenny says:

    I really enjoyed it, but last week’s episode makes even less sense to me now. Castle is willing to stand and die with Beckett out of love but she has no clue where their relationship is going? It just doesn’t fit when viewed from the correct rotation continuity.

    • c-mo says:

      Totally agree!

    • Tom says:

      This week’s episode was rescheduled for today in lieu of the tragedy in Boston and its material. So technically, this episode should have been aired PRIOR to last week’s episode.

      • Lex says:

        I think what the original poster was saying is that if you view this episode in the CORRECT order, BEFORE last week’s episode, it doesn’t make sense that Beckett would all of a sudden be questioning the relationship after everything that happened between her and Castle in tonights episode.

        • Squintern says:

          You all know nothing of relationships. Ever said I love you someone and then act as though nothing’s changed when they in fact have.

        • Moonpie says:

          This. I agree. If you think of this week’s “He stood through a bomb with her” BEFORE last week’s “she was asking where they’re headed” it doesn’t make sense. But aired as it has, it almost looks like she gets her answer.

          Though I seem to remember last week there was a moment where they were flirty in front of gates, thus this week answered the confusion.

        • allie says:

          actually, it makes sense to me. Castle is a man who loves easily and says it frequently – to Beckett, his mother, his daughter, his exes – probably even his poker buddies. Beckett, on the other hand, only says it when she is full on ready to committ. She took a big step by telling him she loved him and now she wants to know “what is next”? Castle probably doesn’t realize the significance of those words for her. He’s probably feeling the same way she is but like many men (my husband included) it just takes them awhile to catch up to the inevitable. :)

          • Olivia says:

            Exactly! So glad you get it. Why can’t others?! It’s like other people think this happend the day after she said ‘I love you’
            People have to expect that a little time has lapsed, and that they haven’t had “the conversation” yet, which is the norm!

    • Jillian says:

      This episode was supposed to before last week’s episode, but the rescheduled because of the Boston bombings.

      • deborah says:

        And it wasn’t this week’s episode in Boston again-they played another rerun episode (unless my DVR had a major malfunction last night).

        • NotBornYesterday says:

          This was not the episode I got either…Did the local Boston stations not show it?

          • ginnyb says:

            WCVB posted that the original episode would not be shown, but a re-run with Tom Bergeron (a Massachusetts native). The station also aired promos of the re-run prior to 10 pm. Very disappointing. Viewers should have been given the opportunity to watch it, if they wanted to.

          • Jessica says:

            Its available on demand in boston at least, I just watched it.

    • Diva says:

      I really thought that last week’s episode should have been a story line for next season. I still think Caskett are in their honeymoon period which is why a lot of people think last week’s episode seems out of place even when you do put it in the correct order.
      P.S. I’m actually glad it came out in this order because it makes more sense this way.

      • Squintern says:

        But then the relationship issues in the next two eps would have been totally off. they knew where they were going with this ep.

    • jaimecastle says:

      I totally agree!!! Episode 23 doesn’t make any sense..

    • 4theloveoffilm says:


    • Kim R says:

      I agree as well. How could Kate wonder after all of that last night? Color me confused.

    • Becky says:

      I think Squab makes more sense after seeing Still. I think Squab played a little too over the top (and too routine with an outside character providing insight into their relationship), but it makes sense. Beckett finally acknowledges that she loves Castle…Castle’s been in love with her since the beginning and acknowledged that fact far sooner than she did. It’s huge for Kate to say those three little words (and to use his first name), but it’s no “big thing” for him…he’s been saying it for a while now. So in Squab, she’s ready to take the next step and he’s enjoying the status quo so much he’s either unwilling or unable to read the signs. Once again, they’re in totally different places emotionally, the only difference this time is that they’re together now and have to work it out together. I’m interested to see where Marlowe takes it.

      • Dan Henderson says:

        Isn’t it true that RC only said ILY to KB in 324 (Kate shot) & 423(Always) before STILL? I know that while RC said it first, he’s only said it twice before STILL. Understand why, but its not ‘automatic’ for him. Should it be? Probably, but THATs part of their problem. His fears of becoming a ‘3 time loser’ has to be discussed before KB WILL go farther. That’s why WATERSHED is so important, independent of THF job offer for KB. Relationship fixed first, job decision afterward!

    • GeoDiva says:

      So glad I was not the only one confused. The clips were great!

    • Erika says:

      I was thinking the same thing it does not make any sense to me how they solidify the depth of their relationship in Still to a complicated relationship in Squab…to me it would have strengthen their relationship.

    • Cindi says:

      I kinda thought the same thing. I really enjoyed this episode.

    • Amber2 says:

      I see “Still” as ending the “honeymoon period” story arc. It establishes that these two characters love each other before the “difficulties” set in. Loving each other isn’t the question. Can they build a life together forever and ever? That’s a different thing. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship will know this happens. You think “I love this person but can my life ‘work’ long term if I am with them”. Thats the question TSATQ asks… Yet I think “Still” reassures us that these characters won’t break up lightly. They will try to find a way through if they possibly can. If this is the path the writers follow then it will all make sense in the end :)

  2. Kate says:

    It would not have been possible for me to have loved this episode more! I’m still smiling…

    • badpenny says:

      Yeah, me too. Kate saying “I love you” was huge and incredible. We’ve been waiting for that all season! :)

    • luli says:

      It’s been like 6 days since I first watched the episode, and I’m still smiling and have watched the episode 3x…. every moment of the episode was just perfect!

  3. ollie says:

    yes odd this was that.this was suppose to be after last weeks it wouldnt have made any sense for him to ignore her. this ep should have original come after the squab ep. so happy we got the I love yous and caskett kissing montage. it was nice.seeing capt montgomery even if briefly. and at least the cat is out of the bag with gates.knowing all along and telling kiss him. needles to say this ep had me at tears.

    • ollie says:

      stupid phone didnt meen to have so many . were I didnt need them

    • James says:

      here is how I see it. Castle is in a different place emotionally then Beckett, he told her he loved her like two years ago so he’s been in that place emotionally she hasn’t so he is going on as usual where she is freaking out and wondering where this is going, how will her confession of love change things etc. And lets face it he’s a giant man-child who clearly has issues so how else would castle handle this he’d go on business as usual.

  4. JBS says:

    I needed Castle to be REALLY good tonight after what happened on Bones.
    Thankfully, Andrew Marlowe et al. didn’t disappoint. Great episode.

    • badpenny says:

      Me too. I was down after Bones but Castle picked me right back up.

      • JKP says:

        I love castle! I use to love no Ed until they jumped into the whole family thing. The writing between the two shows are so different in maturity. I now watch bones to remind me how awesome castle is, and the chance to see booth go midevil on someone.

      • Kurt says:

        Have to agree with this. The- Pman is just way too omnipotent and “god in the machine” based to entertaining, let alone credible. Cmon, they are in the middle of nowhere and he can get their proposal on tape and then feed it into the lip reader program?

  5. Amanda says:

    I. am 4783294% done. I can’t even think at this point. That. Was BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Rida says:

    Loved STILL! It was absolutely amazing!

    And abt TSATQ happening right after this…it is a little too sudden after Still but ive made my peace with it in my head. They have been dating for almost a year and when big things like ILYs are out of the way, i guess a lull period starts up. TSATQ had both of them acting OOC but i cn allow them to be imperfect. I think think the set up tht ep has created is exciting. Enough of this.
    Still was beyond words amazing. Its funny considering it was packed with flashbacks but still i cant pick out my fav scene. This is the couple i have always wanted Caskett to be. Loved it. Def in my top 5 eps.

  7. Becca says:

    LOVED this episode! This one is right behind the 100th for favorite ep this season. They did a great job balancing the clips with the main story and I loved the montage of them talking at the same time, too funny! And she finally said it and it was totally perfect!

  8. luli says:

    Best episode ever!! It was beautifully done, filled with Caskett moments, laughs, and finally and I LOVE YOU!!! and might I add that Gates was hilarious at the end! HA! Also still can’t get my head around as of how could this episode go before the squab…

  9. ck1215 says:

    Great episode, but have to agree it doesn’t make sense to come before Squab. She says I love you and then wonders where they r going? Also, the whole Castle mindset u r right almost getting blown up for her and the very next episode is already taking her for granted and ignores her sexy come on.

    • Rida says:

      I dont think she was questioning his feelings for her at all. I think she was a bit startled when confronted with the fact that they havnt talked about their future, what they both want. She just wants to know…she always needs a plan while Castle is more a take-it-as-it-comes sort of a guy. I really think Castle playing that video game was that big an issue, things like that happen in a real relationship that has gone on for some time. But Castle acted weirdly through the ep too, he clearly has issues that needs to be sorted out. I really think they will have this discussion on the swings in the finale which will not necessarily a bad thing. They need to communicate better.

    • nicademus11 says:

      I think we need to remember this episode was a very late addition to the schedule. So while last week’s episode feels out of place, it is probably the emotional punch of STILL that makes it feel that way. If you take STILL out of the equation, I actually think the continuity makes more sense with furriest and the potential plotlines of the last two episodes.

      • KHorn says:

        I disagree that taking Still out of the equation makes Squab any more understandable. Squab doesn’t portray these two characters in any manner consistent with their past portrayals. Still, being perfectly in keeping with the past, just makes it stick out more, like a giant red neon thumb.

  10. tahina says:

    Loved it. <3<3

  11. MelindaB says:

    This episode airing before last week’s would have made Castle ignoring Beckett even more implausible. I enjoyed watching the scenes from past seasons, but the best part was the exchange of “I love you.” I hope the happy feeling from the end of this episode isn’t diminished next week.

    • prish says:

      I haven’t seen it yet, but we have seen him go nuts over games with his daughter. He has all kinds of yearly game patterns. Also, he has his poker games with friends. He has that kind of concentration/distraction thing where he can’t tear himself away, once started. It fits, considering his writing career. He has to adjust to a different person in his life.

      • Christy says:

        True, we saw a glimpse of him being dead to the world while writing in Last Call when Alexis tells him her friend us coming to stay the weekend. He has no clue, she says she told him, and he responds “Was I writing??” So still not his finest hour, but it does make some sense. I have faith Marlowe will fix it by the end of the year. Caskett forever!

    • Squintern says:

      What will make even less sense, and I’m sure those you saying that Still was better off airing after Squab will moan and groan about this, is what will happen over the next two episodes relationships wise. You’ll all be back here complaining about how The Human Factor and Watershed seem off b/c of the relationship squabbles. You’ll never acknowledge that the airing of Still a week later F-d up the continuity of the ending arc.

      BTW: In a recent interview with EW Castle’s creator did say something about the contiuity being messed up because of the episode switcheroo.

  12. Christy says:

    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! So many moments. She called him Rick, ILY, Always, making the boys decide who fell first, Gates (we all knew she wasn’t that dumb) and hilarious montages. Plus creation of a new job…Bomb Buddy! And Matt is totally right, the final montage with Montgomery was AMAZING. And I fell just a little more in love with Castle every time he said “I’m not leaving” and I squealed SO loud when he came back! Off to watch it again. And again, and again, and again.

  13. K says:

    Castle treated Beckett like a queen in still but neglects and treats her so poorly in still. I would think that after stayed with Beckett during the time she was standing on the bomb he would know what a great woman he has and wouldn’t take her for granted. How could Kate not think what she has with castle is serious if she said I love you and he said it back. I think Kate wants more out of her relationship with castle but isn’t sure what he wants yet. I’m making the conclusion that a significant amount of time must have passed from still to the squab. I loved still because it was 42 minutes of caskett heaven

  14. Dani says:

    i would watch an entire episode where stana katic just has to stand there and say stuff while a single tear rolls down her face, she’s just fantastic at it! i’m actually serious she’s so good i can’t even talk about it, she just knows how to make you ~feel things with her acting.
    and yes! this was a great episode. the whole montage of scenes is really similar to an excellent fanvid that’s on youtube but i ain’t complaining!

  15. Luiza says:

    Best episode of all times. Seriously. I don’t think I ever loved an episode this much. Andrew Marlowe is a genius, he made a bottle episode be one of the best episodes of the show.

  16. gabr923 says:

    this AMAZING episode shows why season 5 is the best so far!! AWESOME

  17. Meg says:

    I didn’t realize it until after seeing this episode but everyone who said Nathan Fillion had put on some weight over the years wasn’t kidding. He’s still cute, though.

    I loved the ep. But whether it was before or after TSATQ the continuity doesn’t make any sense. Why would he be so ambivalent to her after this? Unless he afraid of commitment and her saying “I love you” triggered a flight or fight response in him.

    • Momo says:

      I think this was exactly what it was meant to be. This episode comes first in the order and then the Sqab. So most likely he became afraid after Kate said “ILY” and he is running because of the failures of his first two marriages. If they go that route, he’s afraid his relationship with Kate will end like those two did.

      • badpenny says:

        Castle has said “I love you” to Kate several times prior to last night. He’s certainly not afraid of saying it. In fact, last night was the first time Kate ever said it to him. Castle has no fear about their relationship. Think about the sequence: Kate’s all alone. Montomery’s words about taking and standing alone and being lucky enough to find someone to stand with you are going through her head, and then Castle walks back in. If intentionally dying with the person you love doesn’t show commitment then nothing does.

  18. rachelle says:

    I LOVED this episode. I’ve added it to my list of very favorite Castle episodes. It was so good! And FINALLY an “I love you” from Kate that was genuine to the story, realistic, and not forced. This episode gave me so much!

  19. John DeMayo says:

    Really annoyed that WCVB Boston refused to air the episode tonight, and instead aired the Tom Bergeron episode from a few years ago. ABC already postponed the episode out of sensitivity to the Boston bombings (flip flopping it with last week’s episode), so I’m not sure why WCVB felt the need to pre-empt the episode *again*. It’s a 10:00 show. We’re all adults here. Let US make the decision to watch it or not… don’t take the choice away entirely.

    • c. beerangi says:

      +1. I had the pvr set to record and i am in Canada. Got robbed by the Boston ABC channel. Should have set it record off CTV.

      why prempt a fun episode???

    • Maggie says:

      Agreed. Kept checking the guide to make sure it was supposed to be a new episode. I watched Hawaii 50 instead. ABC’s loss.

    • Carole C says:

      I was bummed, too. I was so looking forward to this ep. If anything they could ahve run it at like 1am or something so my DVR still would hav ecaught it (with advanced notice). Looks like I will be watching it on Hulu this week some time.

  20. Steph says:

    I am not even coherent right now. So much love for this episode!
    And since everyone is talking about Castle taking Beckett for granted in the Squab, I didn’t really view it that way. It is obvious Castle is comfortable in his relationship with Beckett, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how lucky he is. As a viewer it feels like they haven’t been together that long, but for them it has been a year. Castle is comfortable and moving things forward could potential mess up what they already have. It took Castle four years to tear down Beckett’s walls, he is probably not trying to rush her. Beckett on the other hand almost died in Still, which is a nice, rude awakening and that is why she is trying to figure out what her and Castle’s future looks like in the Squab. This makes sense in my head at least. Anyways, these two idiots in love just need to communicate and it is looking like that’s going to happen during these last couple episodes. Bring it on! :)

  21. nicademus11 says:

    My addition to your great list of lines/moments from the non-flashbacks — Castle’s response to Beckett saying “I can’t help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth” and he says “See, like that…I can’t…it’s uncanny”. Perfection!

    The episode delivered on so many levels and while I expected the I love you in this episode, it packed a terrific emotional punch. However, when we come back from break and Kate has the ‘life flashing before your eyes’ before death moment to Montgomery’s “We speak for the dead” monologue *THAT’S* when I completely lost it and bawled my eyes out. It was a really well done episode and a nice hat tip for the long time fans.

    I continue to stand by my belief that last week’s episode was just a misfire and in a season full of gems, I remain confidant of the ride Marlowe and Co. are taking us on for the last two episodes of the season.

  22. AJ says:

    BEST EPISODE EVER! I loved the flashbacks! Made me want to run out and buy all the previous seasons and watch them all over again!

  23. luli says:

    Omg I knew it!!!!! in the promo for the human factor a guys says to beckett there’s a job opening in DC!! Ahhhhh Marlowe you are killing me!!

    • Mike says:

      I think it stands to reason that they “separate”….it’s happening slowly, but happening. Marlowe needs to extend the tension for ratings…it’s important to keep the show on the air and “tension” keeps the 12million watchers ‘hanging on’…

  24. eridapo says:

    No… I couldn’t wait so I watched it last tuesday… LOL.. But to help with the ratings I watched again tonight and loved it as much as the 6 previous times I’ve watched it.

  25. Maureen says:

    I am not sure why in the final few episodes of Season 4 and Season 5 that Castle & Beckett suddenly act so much out of character.” 47 Seconds” had Castle believing that Beckett made a fool out of his love.” Squab & Quail” has Kate doubting Rick’s devotion to her and questioning a future together. I loved tonight’s episode. “Still” so beautifully proved how perfect Caskett is together After that, how could Beckett ever question where their relationship is headed? I am getting tired of being manipulated as each Castle season draws to a close. I realize that ABC wants fans to tune back in come September, but it is getting old. It should be interesting to see what happens in “Watershed”. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are just fabulous together.

  26. Kim says:

    I can’t imagine how the “Squab” episode would’ve been better to air AFTER this one. Doesn’t make sense to me. Best. Clip. Show. Ever.

  27. eridapo says:

    Best Castle since the 100…

  28. Juan says:

    I totally loved the episode, and it was the best clip show episode I’ve seen for sure. Love caskett

  29. Mari says:

    My face hurts ’cause i have such a great smile and i can’t take it off. Oh Gid great episode!

  30. Diva says:

    I never notice these things, but the score used for the flashbacks were on point. Made it that much sweeter.

  31. nicademus11 says:

    Oh and additional “new” line When Castle comes back after the I love you — “I promised I’d leave, but I didn’t promise I wouldn’t come back” and WITH COFFEES IN HAND

  32. James says:

    how do you top that. seriously that was incredible, while the big reveals where totally predictable it didn’t prevent them from being powerful. it of course makes total sense now with this episode. she isn’t questioning his devotion she is questioning her own in a sense. things are now very real for her, she said I love you, and gates knows so their is nowhere for her to hide now she has to confront the relationship head on and it scares her, so mr suave (Ioan Gullfold) comes in and plants those seeds of doubt and she takes it to heart which means she doesn’t have to deal, so in fact her saying where is this going? is her confronting the issue not just laying it at castles feet. No idea if that made sense, but the point is she is ready to take that next step which is a huge deal to her, as it is to castle.

    Thank you Marlowe for making me laugh and cry in the span of five minutes that is always fun. i’m not ashamed to admit it either i cried like a twelve year old school girl, as did my girlfriend so I’m blaming it on sympathy tears :) best clip show ever!

  33. anyone? says:

    best kissing couple on tv. heart=melted.

  34. Sam says:

    So emotional and one of the best episodes.

  35. caribbeanfan says:

    WOW!!! Great episode. Could have been the 100th episode and no-one would be disappointed. Say, that for Castle, he is a man, and like Gates said not many men would have done what he did, also shows that she respects him.

    All his actions in this episode shows how much he loves Beckett, also by him allowing her by allowing her to take the lead, as in the pace, of the relationship.

    That trip down memory lane hand me smiling for 42 minutes. Currently my favourite episode, just passed Cuffed.

    Last week’s episode was suppose to air after Still, to me they should not even include it on the DVD for Season 5 – a complete disaster. Watched them in order, am still lost.

  36. Mark says:

    It was good not many recap episodes manage to get a great story in. As well as tie up some loose and burning questions. Just one question in all of those recap shots where was Molly Quinns character Alexis they couldn’t get her in one recap shot so the forums and rumor’s must be true that she is leaving the show come the end of this season as a cast regular.

  37. Kd says:

    My god that was such a beautiful episode and by far the best. To me atleast i think TSATQ now makes sense to me..And people how can u forget the music?!?! it was hauntingly beautiful..A round of applause to robert duncan…his music gets me everytime…ohhh my feels are in a puddle right now :P

  38. Jerri says:

    This is how you should do a clip show. And this episode makes better sense if it’s in the order they actually aired them in. Squab first, then Still. Can;t wait to see next week’s episode.

  39. DarkDefender says:

    There is no doubt Castle loves Beckett completely. He took the chance of diffusing a bomb, knowing it could trigger if the wrong code was used, and stood next to her when he hit the button. That would either result in the greatness we saw afterwards, or he would have given his life to not let her die alone. Kate needs to get it together .. cause Rick is in it for the long haul.

    Oh, and to the person above – wishing for an entire episode of Stana Katic tearing up and giving speeches (with Montgomery voiceovers too! ) SIGN me up for that.. That woman is amazing.

  40. Ann says:

    “Do you think I’m an idiot?” — Captain Gates

  41. Paloma says:

    They didn’t show it in Boston. They showed a two-year-old episode instead. And while I can understand the station showing some sensitivity given the bombing and postponing the bomb related episode for a week, I think they should have shown it on Monday night.

  42. jaimecastle says:

    I love this episode! I love it, I love it I love it I love it I love it!

  43. Ann says:

    Smile, laughed, cried… and when it was all over, I felt as high as a kite!! Without a doubt Castle gets better and better. Thanks for a wonderful episode. And Stana.. what a actress. So sad she’s not getting more recognition.

  44. Maria jose says:

    En serio amo Castle….pero no entiendo el capitulo de la semana pasada….entiendo que una pareja se cuestione mucho en la relacion. Pero si se supone que Still iba a ser emitida la semana pasada y en ella se ve que Rick se queda con ella hasta el final capaz de morir a su lado…que pasa ahora ella quiere mas? me parece bien. creo que Castle es un tipo muy abierto para hablar de esos temas que no quiera decir que Rick tema fallar una tercera vez y sobre todo el recuerda que Kate le dijo una vez que para ella casarse era una y no mas. Eso condiciona, da miedo, eso es real… se Marlowe plantea cosas reales de pareja pero marea mucho la perdiz, no creo que su relacion tenga que acabarse por preguntas que se pueden contestar, miedos que se pueden afrontar. solo que creo que Kate es demasiado insegura en su vida de pareja y Castle la conoce tanto que es capaz de dejarla seguir su camino por verla feliz.

  45. shuayb says:

    Does anyone think that this episode seemed more like it could have been the 100th episode. While I loved the 100th episode and the homage to hitchcock etc. This episode was about Castle and Beckett. It was about the past five years and everything that has happened to them.
    I also don’t get how this episode were they profess their love for each other follows the next where Beckett is thinking about her future with Castle. It doesn’t make sense. I pretty sure Ausiello’s blind item about a break up is coming from Castle but I don’t understand how any of this happens.

    • Karen says:

      May i point out something that blind item you are on about has slightly changed quote from the man himeself Turns out a lot has changed in the four months since that item was originally posted. Basically, what was initially conceived as a separation has now allegedly-possibly-maybe evolved into a drastically different 10-letter word.a caskett break up defeats the purpose of the show now onto tonights ep still this was the extra ep i get a sense that this hato be written and ilmed pretty qucikyi also the eps were planned prior to this one anyway i loved this ep

      • Mike says:

        A break-up enhances the show…it brings back the tension. Break-up tension is almost as powerful as the sexual tension we saw during the first years…break-up, realizing there is no one better, dating again, love again….Marlowe can keep this going for a year at least…will we watch? You betcha’.

    • Squintern says:

      You are taking “break up” to mean Castle and Beckett. It could mean Beckett leaving for DC and that breaks up the 12th.

  46. leigh says:

    I disagree with many of the posts about the switch between Still and TSATQ. I thought I’d think differently, but here’s why I think this:

    Kate said I love you in Still. If the episodes ran in order then you have this beautiful moment followed by a man who seems indifferent playing video games. he seems complacent and not interested. We know he’s not but she doesn’t. She is insecure in the first place but after putting it all out there Castle seems nonchalant about their relationship, just like Meredith eluded to. I can see where any woman may question that. We all know Castle and Beckett are not the best communicators in the world so they are bound to have these glitches but I do think that TSATQ is an acceptable follow up. It may not be where we see their relationship going but it does work IMO.

    And Still was fantastic! I’ve seen every episode of Castle three times plus and I laughed and cried through Still. This show is so great!

    • Mary says:

      I also think the original order works better. IMO, what what could be in Kate´s mind is something like this: he knows I love him, Gates knows we´re together and is OK with it – then comes the video thing, and may I add, listing the 12 people with whom he would share his last supper and her name doesn´t come – she could think, ok, he´s settled and doesn´t feel the need to have more! I don´t think she has doubts about his feelings, she fears he doesn´t want more that what they have now…I believe that´s where the storytelling goes.

      • Olivia says:

        This, and this to Leigh too!Thank you.both. I just don’t understand why people do not get that. I mean what’s the difficulty? Some fans are also automatically assuming that TSATQ is a week later? How do we know that? This could be weeks later! And in any relationship, people always question where is this going, are we on the same page etc?
        A number of people are missing the point, as Mary pointed out, it is not his feelings that she is questioning, she wants to know is this it for them? Will they be together forever? Will they move in together? Are you each others once and done? How do you know you are without ever discussing it? Yes he’s willing to die for her, but surely after something as dramatic as almost being killed by a bomb, you would think, right we said we love each other, the next step is finding out where they both want to go.
        Sure they love each other, but you need to know where it is going. They are not kids, you can’t just say, we love each other and just coast along oblivious, otherwise it’s just a dead end relationship regardless of their love for each other..
        They need to discuss the future! They have never discussed it, so she (or us) cannot assume, she needs to know they both want the same things. That’s the natural progression of any relationship and THAT is the point, not their feelings for one another.

    • Squintern says:

      The original order makes sense because once you say “I love you” it means a commitment to that person. You don’t just say it and not make it a commitment. And Castle in Squab took that for granted–that Beckett will be there. But Castle can a bit of a teenage boy at times (After the Storm, comes to mind). Gone are the days for Alexis offering a dose of reality on relationships (Season 2 premiere).

  47. JustJen says:

    LOVED this episode! Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic covered an amazing range of emotions, all so beautifully. They are a tremendous pair.

    While I see what others are saying about continuity issues, I’m particularly thrown since this was a last-minute add-on. Was a Beckett ILY planned for one of the later episodes or no? What about Gates knowing? Were these forgotten or ignored elsewhere and just tacked on here? It makes me especially curious for the rest of the season, namely the end point.

    All the same, Still had wonderful acting and direction, and the music choices were perfect. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  48. Pia says:

    Beckett (and Stana K) is prettier when a brunette with ginger shades, plus it suits her (Beckett) persona better.
    Someone said (don’t remember if it was on Twitter or in the comments section) that she looks more and more like a barbie doll ; well after watching these flashbacks it’s a shame but I have to agree.
    Seriously, we don’t need a blonde cop in order to watch a show, as long as it’s a good and well written show we (the viewers) are here to stay.

  49. Rick Katze says:

    Of course, people in Boston were not allowed to see this episode. The nanny state, as represented by the local ABC affiliate, showed a repeat from a prior year and didn’t even have the guts to tell the audience what they were doing. Guess their compulsive need for viewers and sheckels outweighed their phony attempt at being respectful of the situation.

    I had taped the show and, knowing that it was going to be a “clip” show just assumed that the beginning was a clip. Well, I soon discovered that I was wrong. The only good thing that I can say is that I fast-forwarded thru the commercials and did not waste my time having to watch them.

    TO ABC: “No thanks for the memory.” And please feel free to rot in Hell.

  50. CarlagUK says:

    A wonderful wonderful episode! Can’t help feeling though that it was misplaced in the order of things. As many have commented this episode originally should have been followed by ‘The Squab and The Quail’ which I don’t think makes a whole deal of sense. It would have been better placed say, after the 100th Episode ‘The Lives of Others’ as this would have fitted the story arc more realistically. However I do appreciate that this was the extra episode requested by ABC and therefore had to be written and filmed fairly quickly. Possibly the episode wasn’t ready in time to broadcast earlier. No matter though I can live with it as it is. A really awesome episode. Will watch it many times I’m sure.

    What a terrific series this continues to be. Surely it will be renewed for a sixth season

    • Becca says:

      I think the real problem with Squab and the Quail was that it just wasn’t a very good episode, no matter where they put it. Castle and Beckett both did and said some things that were pretty out of character and the tone was all over the place.

      • Nicademus11 says:

        DING! I think last week’s episode just needs to be chalked up as a ‘miss’ because continuity wise last night’s episode was never originally slated to happen, it came up very late in the season where Squab was always planned.