Bones Finale Post Mortem: Show's Boss Talks Booth and Brennan's New Obstacle, Season 9 Time Jump and the Death of [Spoiler]

Bones Season 9 SpoilersHaven’t watched Monday’s Bones finale yet? Back away from this post mortem. Everyone else, please proceed… 

Bones giveth, and Bones (quickly and cruelly) taketh away.

In Monday’s season finale of the long-running Fox drama, Brennan — buoyed in part by a certain Big Bad’s escalating reign of terror — overcame her aversion to marriage and popped the question to Booth. His answer? “Hell, yes!”

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But in a heartbreaking twist, Pelant (who has an allergic reaction to even the whiff of happiness, particularly where B&B are concerned) threatened to whack five random strangers if Booth didn’t end the engagement. And adding insult to injury, Booth wasn’t allowed to tell Brennan why he was calling it off!

Cut to a bewildered and devastated Brennan, cue the closing credits.

In the following Q&A, Bones EP Stephen Nathan takes us inside the action-packed hour and teases what’s to come in Season 9 (hint: time jumps, deaths, rigged alarm clocks, possible break-ups and more!)

TVLINE | What you did to Booth and Brennan was just… not right.

[Laughs] It was so much fun to do!

TVLINE | Couldn’t Booth, you know, tell Brennan what was really going on somewhere outside of Pelant’s reach — like in the shower?
No. There’s too much at stake. It’s not just Brennan’s life but Christine’s, too. He has a daughter he has to think about. And Pelant is crazy. Booth doesn’t want to test those waters, not before they figure out how to get them. And I can promise that they will, and we already know how. Pelant will not live forever.

TVLINE | Will he live beyond the Season 9 premiere?
Yes. He won’t go quietly into the night.

TVLINE | Will the premiere pick up right where the finale left off?
There will be a bit of a time jump. It’s not going to be huge, but it’s going to be enough of a time jump that we can tell their relationship has been through something. It becomes an issue of trust between Booth and Brennan. It’s a very difficult emotional situation for them to be in. We have a lot to contend with heading into Season 9 with this tension and rift. It’s going to be a lot to surmount.

TVLINE | How serious will this obstacle be? Is it going to jeopardize the relationship?
The potential for that is definitely there. We don’t want to soft-pedal this. There’s a secret, and relationships don’t really thrive when one or both parties are withholding something. And I think that’s what we’re going to see. And we do have some episodes that we’re developing now that embrace that conflict.

TVLINE | How hard is Sweets going to take the unintended role he played in Pelant’s latest killing spree?

He definitely feels responsible for the death of those people, because Pelant was using Sweets’ work. So there’s fallout from that.

TVLINE | And Booth, I’m guessing, will be on the warpath.

Yes. When Season 9 opens up, we will see him quite obsessed with Pelant, quite obsessed with the fact that he wants this guy out of his life. Going through [normal] channels is not working.

TVLINE | Is it now safe to say Pelant messing with Booth and Brennan’s alarm clock last season was just a red herring? It hasn’t been revisited since.
That will play into what comes up next season. That is something we will revisit.

TVLINE | Even though it was a short-lived engagement, the question-popping scene was really sweet. Was there any discussion about having her get down on one knee?

We never wanted to do anything excessively traditional with Brennan. And it seemed to us that we had to put her in a situation where she could be spontaneous — something that we’ve seen evolve in her life over time. She’s always so rational that having her character evolve where she can spontaneously do something, she can rationalize it later as she did in the episode, but the reality is she couldn’t imagine living without Booth.

TVLINE | This totally sets things up for Booth to eventually turn the tables and do the proposing himself.
That crossed our minds. But we will have to see how it will unfold. We have our ideas on how this situation might resolve, but it might in no way fall into the current expectations of the fans.

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  1. badpenny says:

    It grows tiring watching TV shows that feel like every season needs to end on some form of angst or we just won’t come back to watch the new season in a few months.

    • Mel says:

      Otherwise you will forget when the show comes back. We desire Closure as humans, and without it we become apathetic. Tv shows don’t like apathetic viewers

      • PatG says:

        I agree. I watched all of Buffy and half of Angel until I felt there was no closure because the Angel and Buffy relationship went no-where. At that point I stopped watching Angel. I will find other media entertainment if they do the same thing to Booth and Brennan.

        • Marie says:

          I agree 110%!

        • ClaraEvel says:

          I agree. Why keep on messing around with Pelant? Come on writers, its time to move on. The show was quite good before Pelant and it has to go back to that time. I can safely say that most fans are really tired of that guy.

          • steph says:

            Not safe saying we are tired of Pelant, this is an awesome story line. Keep up the great work writers!!

          • vicki says:

            I agree that most people are tired of Pelant. I know of several.

          • i think the fact that so many people have strong feelings for or against pelant shows that he is one of the best villains in bones history those feelings that we all have as viewers are exactly what the writers want

          • April says:

            I am totally sick of Pelant. They’ve made him virtually omnipotent which is stupid. I usually skip through the episodes with him because they are so unbelievable. REALLY, please kill him off in season 9.

          • Bonne says:

            KILL PELANT! Enough already. They say they don’t like serial killers, but this character was so good – by who’s standards????

          • wayne says:

            You have 6 of the smartest people and the whole FBI and a nut case beats them, NEED NEW WRITERS fast or season 9 will end this show. Does this Pelant guy have family in the writers staff? You people need to move on,This was my last season,by BONES.

          • Jason Brown says:

            I agree, Especially on the technical aspects, the Pelant story-line is just plain stupid. Also, agree that creating a omni-impotent mastermind criminal is idiotic.

          • Cherie says:

            This whole Pelant thing has me rethinking about watching Bones. I am fan and love Bones. Its the only thing I watch. But if Pelant is going to stay to much longer this fan and believe a lot of other fans will be finding a new show. I hate Pelant and if I was there I would had had him when he said I taught Hughes would like that or I would had shot the tire and he would had crashed the car. But the writers are really really taking him to far. If he doesn’t go quickly I might go and not watch anymore.

          • Gab212121 says:

            I think the Pelant story line is great. It keep the watchers on their toes and makes them come back for more. Although I hated Booth and Brennan calling off the engagment. I feel like their relationship really needs to go to the next level to keep on making everything more interesting. My favorite episodes of this entire series are the cereal killers/killers like Pelant the endangers the lives of the cast.. I love the Pelant story line. Bravo writers. Story lines as Pelant keep the show very intense and interesting. The best.

          • Amber Lyn Senty-Haugen says:

            They’ve had him around for, what, 3 seasons now? Much longer than any other serial killer…I just want Booth to shoot him in the head and move on to another bad guy

          • Gary Brewer says:

            I agree completely. I have watched every episode until the last one…..I didn’t finish watching it. If the plot continues in that direction, I won’t watch any more.

          • transgardengal says:

            The Pelant episodes are the worst written episodes of the entire 8 years. First, if Hodgins’ company was as big as alluded to in the first season, then its downfall would trigger a global recession and put hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people on the unemployment lines. Second, it was implied that his company was the largest donor to the Jeffersonian. The loss of tens of millions of dollars to the Institution would have forced an existential crises there. Finally, in a later epsisode, Angela said that they had to sell their big house to clean up the mess-are you kidding me?-they “cleaned’ up a multi-billion dollar mess by themselves? As a financial engineer, this series of events shows the writers have no clue how money and corporations actually works.

          • Sylvia says:

            I totally agree with you all. I even refused to watch season 8 finale when I had read that Pelant was involved in that episode, especially when I found out that he wouldn’t die in the end.

          • Nick says:

            I agree. If Pelant isn’t removed soon (I’m on the beginning of season 8 currently) I will stop watching the show, for the very same reason I stopped watching The Mentalist; it’s just tiering and the longer it draws on the more annoyed I get.

          • Jezza says:

            I agree entirely i mean i was all oooh so spooky Pelant watever but seriously he has been seen in like 3 seasons now it is time to catch the bastard and move on

          • Babs1503 says:

            Please writers…..Kill off Pelant already. He was exciting for a while and now he is just annoying. Most of your audience likes it when the characters are in sync or when controversy is short lived. Pelant has outlived his time.

          • sam says:

            You are 100% right.. the writers are dragging out his story line its getting old and boring and just repetitive like they’re trying to find new ways to keep him in the show.. kill him and end this crap.. oh and let Booth and Brennan get married.. like on his grave stone

          • SJS says:

            Amen! Pelant gives me the creeps! Give me old-fashioned murder mysteries – eliminate the serial killers!

          • DonUK says:

            Seconded. Let these characters move on with their lives and responsibilities.

          • cj says:

            I also agree..I stopped watching one other show that was great but they have road the bad guy for more than 4 seasons Please tell me the Pelant story will come to an end in early season 9..

        • Errin says:

          You should watch Castle it’s a great show to watch too.

          • Maria says:

            Agreed. And the showrunner doesn’t jerk his fans around so it’s actually enjoyable to be a fan of Castle.

          • Josie says:


          • Brandi says:

            I totally agree. I love Castle as well as Bones. The ending of the Engagement pissed me off. But so did the cliff hanger of Castle proposing to Beckett. I died inside on both shows! The writers have reason though too keep viewers on there toes. Sometimes though I wish we could just have a happily ever after. Like Ryan and his wife (Castle) and Hodgins and Angela! (Bones) *minus the whole. Pelant left a body on there bed thing*

          • jess says:

            All Bones Comment pages always have Castle blah, blah, blah are Castle fans still claiming Castle isn’t a ripoff of Bones my conclusion is It must be.I’ve never seen Castle and i very much doubt other shows comment pages (eg grey’s anatomy)are bombarded with all this Castle.

        • Jessie says:

          They (Buffy and Angel) were on two different shows and from season 6 of Buffy they were also on different networks.Booth and Bones are very different first up their on the same show. It’s just a bump in the road.

          • Vickie White says:

            Buffy and Angel never had a chance at happily ever after because of the gypsy curse. Their relationship had to end even though it broke my heart. Booth and Brennan must be together forever. They have a love for the ages. As said in interviews often, the show will probably end with their wedding and they will live happily ever after or the writers will be in huge trouble. They owe it to the faithful who LOVE this show and have devoted so much time into it and invested their hearts in the relationship. Booth and Bones FOREVER!!!!!!!!

          • says:

            How do I stop all these email’s.

            Thank you

            Yours sincerely

            Naresh Devshi
            Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

          • Monique says:

            I totaly agree those that dont like the show dont watch it and i hope there is a season 10 and 11

        • William says:

          Egg-zack-tly!!! And Angel was gone anyway…

        • TerriG says:

          I will watch season 9, however, if they break up Booth and Brennan, then I will stop watching. I am tired of all the shows that constantly keep you hoping a couple will get together, and then it either never happens or they break them up quickly.

          • Kate says:

            I totally agree I taped the last episode and gave been so bothered by it that I cannot watch it. Booth needs to tell Brennan so they can work it out kill prlant dnd get on Roth s happy life

          • Gab212121 says:

            I totally agree with you. This is my favorite show, and it has been a lot better with them two together as a couple. I think the show will not be as good without Booth and Brennan. I was disappointed when I saw the credits on the TV screen. Booth and Brennan should not break up, and if they do, I will be very, very disappointed.

          • Anna Lignas says:

            I would prefer to see that it turns out that they both “acted” for Pelant in order to fool him. It is not logical that he can’ t say anything in any time. It is tiring to constantly put them through difficulties of this kind… And I don’t understand why we don’ t watch them act as a loving couple – since they got together ,they act so “formally” between them and I don’t understand it. When they were dating different people they showed love scenes with them all the time!

        • Tonya Hill says:

          I just really want Booth & Brennan to get married! They’ve been through enough, and Brennan already has abandonment issues.. Pelant can stay in their lives, but they should defense.get some happiness. If they have to do it in secret.. come” on give”em a break

        • lor says:

          I agree I waited so long for Brooth and Brennan to get together… There is nothing that would make me angrier then a break between them. I loved this show the characters and the interaction between characters. There is no need to break up booth and Brennan to keep us watching.

      • Zayne says:

        There’s prodding to want us to come back but this show is just playing with its food now. This season finale was the last straw for me. After somehow removing all satisfaction from the possibility of them getting together (oh Vincent is dead, let’s do it, I’m preganant, guess we’re together now!), taking away yet another chance at audience satisfaction just for a mediocre “cliffhanger”. I’ve cancelled my series recording. So long Bones, wish you well.

        • michal says:

          lucky for me that i’ve always lived a life of ‘less is more’. i really do belive that the whole relationship think between B&B was done gently and beautifuly. thats why this cliffhanger is so significant. i am waiting for season 9 to start already, but this series has taught me to be patient..

        • will30 says:

          I, also, cancelled my series recording. This was the final straw in a season that was less than stellar.

        • mnrx242 says:

          Dont u think that is going too far? Bones drserves a bit of her reasoning pop back at her, to really appreciate what she puts people through. they will get married, they already married in the practical sense.

          • Rachel says:

            In many ways I agree. I think that somehow Booth is going to get a message to her that what he said wasn’t what he really wants. And they can only show so much in the finale. I have always thought that a lot more goes on between the characters than what we see on the screen. I also think that Bones could figure it out through her logic once she gets over the emotional part because she knows Booth and knows that how much a part of him his beliefs are and that he doesn’t easily change his mind. And in their line of work on this show the stakes are always high and they know it. But I wont lie I was heartbroken by Bones’s reaction, and I think that shows how much she has progressed throughout the show.

        • Jessie says:

          You think to much relax.:)

        • JoMarch says:

          I did the same thing, but a couple of seasons ago. The show was going around in circles, and I lost interest. Also, I guess it was because there was this sudden, “Oh, Brennan’s pregnant” without a hint of a real relationship and romance (just to accommodate the actress’ real-life pregnancy). I just happened upon this article and thought I’d read it. Didn’t make me sorry I stopped watching.

      • Becky says:

        I will never give up bones Niue will the dozen people I’ve gotten hooked on it. I’ve watched all the dvds about ten times a piece. I will say that I don’t like pelant either. He is not believable. The best thing about bones is that they are SO intelligent and the pelant deal makes then look stupid. Just not realistic

    • angel1 says:

      I agree. Enough with Pelant. He’s stale and let’s move on. Am so disappointed with the ending I don’t really care if I watch next season.

      • Becca says:

        I agree! Will no longer watch!!

        • Hurding Katz says:

          So, you’d stop reading a book or walk out of a movie at a point where you think the story isn’t unfolding the way it should? The end of a TV season is the end of a chapter. The storytelling goes on.

          • dirgfish says:

            A book or movie that sacrifices good storytelling for shock value is not worth reading/watching either. We allow network television too much leeway to create “twists” that don’t really make sense with the stories or characters. Shows like Bones are living on borrowed time because the TV climate is moving inexorably toward a place that values narrative and character development over blogosphere headlines…

          • BB123 says:

            Totally agree.
            And I walk out of movies for less than that. I didn’t finished book for less than that. If it wasn’t for a TV Show, I would have walk out of Bones after Bones reject Booth the first time back in season 5. That moment was the beginning of the end of the show, for me.

          • mnrx242 says:

            I agree.

          • Monique says:

            I agree

        • chistosa says:

          These responses are interesting in that they portray us as a culture that demands instant gratification of our wishes and desires or we are out the door to another program, movie or book that may deliver our wants. Speaking only for myself and not casting aspersions on those who feel otherwise, I will always stick out the alternate ending or resolution despite my disappointment that things didn’t work out as we had hoped. Perhaps in the face of the break-up or other plot altering event we will see the characters evolve and develop new strengths or new evil perspectives that bring different consequences. Life is messy. We can’t walk out everytime things don’t go our way so I don’t walk out on a program just because one or two things don’t go as I expected. No criticism of anyone else as everyone is entitled to watch or critique whatever he/she wishes. I am simply speaking for myself.

          • BB123 says:

            What if, as myself and a lot of others based on this comment thread, we don’t mind this struggle that much, but we mind how it was done ? Not the event we have an issue with, but how it’s written ?
            And as you said, life is messy. I sometimes watch show because I want a break from life. If I have to feels as bad watching TV then IRL, why bother ?

          • Erin says:

            I agree completely!! I will def be watching next season

          • Sara Marie says:

            Eight seasons. We’ve been waiting for them to resolve this and move on to new territory for eight seasons. It’s like they can’t think of any other interpersonal story line that’s compelling except for the tension of unrequited passion between Booth and Brennan. Eight seasons is a long time to wait for them to think of some way to make a committed romantic relationship as exciting and interesting as a flirtation. I don’t think the fact that people are finally getting tired of that endless romantic loop at the end of eight seasons is a quest for instant gratification, I really don’t. That’s eight years! I am sure it’s difficult for the writers to move on from that story line, unrequited passion is interesting and the actors are brilliant, but like many others I’m about on my last nerve with the never ending circularity of it. Also, while I realize that the writers need a break from thinking of a brand new bad guy each episode, (and I’m willing to put up with that because it allows them to focus on character development, which is the most interesting part to me) this particular seemingly endless bad guy (Pelant) is also on my last nerve. He’s tedious, just like the endless returning to frustrated romance that we see with Booth and Brennan. It’s mostly annoying because the series is so well written over the course of it’s life that we actually care about this stuff,and that makes it all the more bitter that they can’t quite seem to move on to new ground and allow the characters to continue to grow their stories.

          • Allena says:

            very well put! I agree! On the one hand people are saying they want more depth to the characters and less in your face plot lines, but then proceed to say they are done with it because of the very same reason. I DO believe the Pelant plot has rather ran its course, rather beating a dead horse at the moment. The beauty of this television show is the same of life…we do not always like where it takes us and everyday isnt our best, but you stick with it and ride the tide. I for one will continue to watch Bones. I think it is also rather difficult to produce depth at every minute when in the 40 minute block of an average show, not to mention the 5 to 6 advert breaks. As someone who doesnt really watch much TV, I still think Bones is about the best thing going. There is a great chemistry with the cast!

      • dane says:

        I think Pelant is a creepy and cool villain. I don’t mind this separation becuase we KNOW they will overcome it. We know Pelant will be caught and Brennan will get her explanation and they will live ‘happily ever after’. I’m willing to wait for the pay off. I think our society is WAY too dependant on INSTANT GRATIFICATION. We know they are in love.. we got to see them in a relationship.. now we get to see the relationship change and evolve. it’s all good.

        • Shannon says:

          I completely agree with you Dane. As far as villains go, he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Non-traditional and uber creepy. I am looking forward to seeing how they take him down and how everyone else handles the journey.

          • Jessie says:

            Me too.Don’t know why i come on to these comment pages everyone is so negative.I just watch and enjoy looking forward to season 9

        • Zayne says:

          I don’t think wanting some happiness/satisfaction after 8 seasons is instant gratification. Shows need to stop being afraid to let their characters move forward in relationships without stupid obstacles. Look at Castle last night, that show is the anti-Bones, and I freaking love it. They still made us wait for 4 seasons but it’s paid off, mostly well. The middle of the season was a little rocky but last night was stellar.

          • sophie says:

            Seriously you can compare BOOTH and BONES to castle?????

          • Christina says:

            I compare Bones to Castle all the time. I actually left Bones for Castle, purely because the storytelling was better and they have a better handle on how to satisfy viewers. No regrets. In fact, things like this just completely reaffirm my decision.

          • will30 says:

            Have gone to Castle, also. Last nights Bones episode has convinced me I’m right. Castle was great.

          • Jessie says:

            You missed something Booth and Bones moved in together.Had a Baby and Bones who did not believe in marriage ask Booth to marry her.There is no more forward to be had.Why do Castle fans try to convert Bones fan you are as bad as mormons. *Door face*

          • Alex says:

            I’ve watched Castle. It’s the typical crimedy show and hardly similar to Bones at all. I don’t get the points of comparison viewers make. The element of geekiness and procedural knowledge regarding forensic anthropology isn’t shown in Castle.

        • I sure hope your right. My wife got me in to this story. I always said this show would be better if they were a couple and now that they are if they change it I won’t watch it any more. So how is this Pelant capable of coming up with all these super computers with a haft shot off face and a APP on him and can call Booth anytime he wants. This show better come back to earth or a have a really good ending, like this idiot getting his head blow off like the girl did. Then they can go back to just solving cases without having to worry about a Supper Villain that cant be tracked, can’t be found, can’t be traced, Knows all. See’s all. Here’s all. Get my picture. Please bring this show back to earth. Don’t mess up a good show.

          • Barbara Lindsay says:

            I will give this show one or two more episodes and if Pelant isn’t
            dealt with I’m done. I left the Mentalist because I was so tired of Red John never ending.

          • You should really learn how to spell first!!

          • Edna says:

            I totally agree if it anit broke don’t fix it, applies to this relationship leave it alone

          • Martina says:

            Yes, I agree with you. Their life is really not normal so please, let their relationship is normal. It would be better. We want to have a certainty of their relationship. They can catch the murderers, solve the mysteries – and that is really thrilling, but a purposeless stretching of their relationship is too tiring. And the thing with Pelant is really exorbitant – as many people already wrote.

        • dmac says:

          Instant gratification….it has been how many years now and the writers are still throwing these ridicules roadblocks in the way of these two. They should just admit they don’t know how to write for a couple.

          • BB123 says:

            You know, it isn’t even this roadblock I am angry about.myself. It’s how it is done.
            I would have totally understand Booth if he refused because Bones was asking in a time of stress and Danger. Booth would want something that comes from the heart AND with rational thinking for Bones. If he had said no, it would still have heart Bones, still arise issues for both of them, but would have show Bones struggle with her feeling and Booth rational thinking (nice and believable role reversal here).
            They just HAVE TO bring pelant in that too. Tired of this too powerful super-vilaiiiin who seems to control their life in every respect ! enough already

        • Helen Tang says:

          Thank you! Finally someone who understands that Booth and Brennan will get through this.

        • Hello????? Please explain to me how 8 seasons is INSTANT GRATIFICATION. They will, they won’t, they do, they don’t, ooops – Booth forgot, that’s ok-I’m pregnant and we’ll live together. I really do enjoy the show BUT some of the grandstanding just seems like the equivalent of a gratuitous sex scene…’s only there for the people who weren’t understanding the complexities of the real story line. I think next season will make or break it. They better think really hard before they “jump the shark”….again.

        • Ang says:

          I agree Dane! I absolutely love the Pelant storyline. This show has storylines that last a couple of seasons, you know that if you’ve watched the show from the beginning…look at the Gravedigger storyline. While I kind of agree, the season as a whole wasn’t the greatest, I did like the finale.

          I think if people don’t like the way the show is written, the solution is simple, stop watching. Don’t complain about it.

          • raemaltby says:

            I agree with this to a point. The Gravedigger wasn’t around nearly as long as Pelant. I don’t exactly remember how long she was around, but Pelant has been here since season 6. He’s been here for 3 seasons, now 4 when season 9 starts. I think his reign is done, they need a new villian. I’m tired of this guy. I really love the story arc that they put here, and I actually agree that they did this. They really needed Brennan to think this through rationally, that’s what she does. Booth denying her sucked a**, but I can understand why this happened. All I’m wanting is for them to finally KILL, not arrest, Pelant in the series premiere. If they don’t, I think there will be several more fans upset by this and there probably won’t be a season 10. He just needs to go. I’m sick of him.
            Oh, and I think this season was absolutely adorable, I don’t know why people thought it sucked, it was just plain precious seeing their relationship grow more and more.

        • Colten says:

          Finally a person that isn’t so negative about Bones all the time, or the way things were handled in last nights #BonesFinale. I believe in time we will see Booth & Brennan get married, and I for one can’t wait for that moment.

        • Yes! I can’t believe so many people are gonna totally stop watching this wonderful show. I really hope the show does not get cancelled because of what has been said here… Bones still has MANY loyal viewers!! Please Fox do not cancel my show!!

      • Kris Nakoneczny says:

        I totally agree! I don’t WANT to watch it next season … but I HAVE TO!

      • Bob says:

        Agreed. It was such a let down, forced drama ending. The story of Booth not telling B

        • Bob says:

          … Bones why he broke it off was completely unrealistic, forced, fake. There are hundreds of ways he could have let her know what was happening without hurting her. It is also out of character for him to hurt Bones in this way, and for a totally bull reason. I know the show is made for tv drama with no realism in it, but the writers went too far in thinkng that the audience is so completely dummed down and stupid that they’d buy this ending. I was very disappointed

          • Bethgael says:

            Agreed. It’s as annoying as the fact the occasionally they write Brennan as “so intelligent she’s effing stupid” in a way that is out of character–which you can see in particular if you watch season 1 again and see that she wasn’t a robot in the start, she was forced that way halfway through the 8 seasons, again, to keep B&B apart unnaturally. Brennan is bright enough to realise something’s up. Her first question should have been, “okay, this isn’t you, where is this really coming from?”

            Also, Pelant said he couldn’t tell her. Loophole: he could have told someone else, who could have told her. So many easy solutions to what is a paper tiger villain to start with. So tired of God-like supervillains on this show. This isn’t Batman, let’s go back to crime-a-week and bring some actual intelligence back into the storyline rather than fake drama dressed up as lousy writing.

          • michael says:

            i also felt booth could “somehow” let bones know what was going on…… and bones is a very smart lady, so i think she knew without out booth “point blank” explaining, what was going on vis a vis pelant…….

          • mnrx242 says:

            One of the best things about b&b is their NO SECRETS policy. i think it would have been cooler to see how they could communicate without letting pelant know that they both knew. Neither b or b can solve cases our go through life without telling eachother everything.

      • lyn says:

        ITA. Booth could easily write out a thorough explanation of Pelant’s terms for Bones to read in secret to prevent her usual spontaneous outbursts. From sitting in a bank vault to an underground bunker there are places Pelant can’t possibly have eyes. This is just stupid. I stopped watching for a while when they made Zack a villain. Dropped it again when Booth was with Hannah. I’ll come back when Pelant dies.

        • connor says:

          i think it would be kind of cool if they bring zach back to catch pelant.

        • Barbara says:

          I agree with you…I am tired of the Pelant drama. It has gotten into the realm of very unrealistic and trumped up. I also stopped watching when Booth was with Hannah and when they made Zack a villain, but at least they had sense enough to keep those dramas fairly brief.

      • Marcia T says:

        So completely agree with everyone. I will however, give it 1 or 2 shows to see them marry. If the do not, so sad, too bad, but moving on.. next

      • lolyncut says:

        Pelant has become quite boring. I hate that smug grin on his face, I could rip his head off. Just kill him already. if he doesn’t die right away in season nine, I’m not sure I’ll continue to watch. What happened to the great writing Bones used to have–before all this extra crap got in the way?

      • mochalover42 says:

        Totally agree so sick of Pelant and not impressed, loved Bones prior to this season, not so happy with it this year, have the writers ran out of something new to do? Pelant isn’t even believable :-(

      • ClaraEvel says:

        Definitely agree!

      • Josie says:

        I have enjoyed this show so much It was exciting watching B&B find out that they love each other but this is the final straw. I will not watch the show if they cannot be happy. This Pelant character has got to go before I go.. I would love to remain a fan but this is so stupid. Look what happened to the characters in the “The Closer” I don’t watch that anymore either. Writers to you I ask: Do you want us around or not?

    • JEst says:

      Casual viewers may tune in and be more tempted to return the next season due to a cliffhanger. Viewers like that are relevant too….not just us.

      • Alice says:

        I am a casual viewer. But this villain is such weak writing it’s not worth watching. It’s one thing to have a powerful opponent. Sherlock’s Moriarty was like that- really creepy and smart. But to write them as essentially all-knowing and all-powerful over the rest of the characters because “he’s Pelant” is just lazy. And boring. I don’t really watch for whether or not they get married, I like the cases. But the fact that they keep going back to the same well, villain-wise, without an interesting through-line that ties it together, forget it.

    • Stephen says:

      What a giant smack in the face to the fans! People have been waiting eight years to see them together and completely happy. All of the build up, all the moments between them, and then some loser takes all of that away in one episode? Not only is that bad writing it is bad imagination. Bones has never been a cheesy soap opera but it is going that direction! Even the Batman movies did not give him enough power to hear everything and its a comoic book, but Palent can? What is next is Planet going to fly?

      • Kim R says:

        Thank you! It is making me feel better just reading other people’s vents. I’m so ticked off!

      • or he builds him self a suit of armor and starts terrorising the city…

        because of soaps tv people assume everyone likes that and throws it in our faces…

        news flash not everyone likes to watch utter garbage.. with the same plots with different characters played by terrible actors/actresses who if not for a soap would be a porn star.

      • Sara Marie says:

        Well, I don’t want to see them TOTALLY happy. I mean, no one is TOTALLY happy in their relationship, all the time. I think what I at least, and probably others, are waiting for is the examination of how they work out the realities of real relationships, child rearing, demanding jobs etc while still keeping the love growing and deepening, and still catching the bad guys. I’m not seeking happy ever after in their relationship, I’m looking at the same interesting examination of a committed relationship as the series moves on, as we have seen of a developing relationship. I wish we could get on to that, I think it would be way more interesting.

    • Kim R says:

      I so agree. I can accept that they are not done with the Pellant thing yet…but in true Bones fashion, the” will they or won’t they” thing has returned. ENOUGH already! We lived through how many seasons of it until they finally just got pregnant (we were totally ripped off of any kind of relationship before that happened)….and now, after waiting for Brennan to come to this major revelation, it is snatched away in such a stupid way. There is no reason why Booth couldn’t have let her know. Brennan knows how dire the situation is with Pellant. It would have given her peace to know that until they put an end to this guy, they have to wait for the wedding and she has to act like she hasn’t a clue. Come on. I’m so ticked off. (Can you tell?? :) )

      • BB123 says:

        The first issue is Why the Hell Booth pretend it was his mother at the beginning of the phone conversation. He had no reason to not alert Bones that was Pelant and ask her to call FBI to try to trace it.
        The guy say “Don’t marry her” and Booth KNOWS that he has to keep it secret ???
        I call BS, bad writing.
        Pelant IS a bad villain. Way too powerful to be realistic, too strong. When he will go down, it will feel lame and whatever mistake Pelant will made will feel out of character

      • lyn says:

        LOL! I’m wondering if the Bones writers are hanging out in the same bar as the writers of Once Upon A Time. Because it seems both camps are overserved when they sit down to write.

      • Ackiel says:

        agreed, i found the episode mildly entertaining nothing special right up until brenan’s proposal which seemed 100% like her irrational and different and to have it taken away just like that. their were so many times i was watching the episode and just kept shaking my head at how stupid it seemed that one man could do all that to a full team of FBI agents with no minor backlash, and the fact that booth couldn’t tell brenan especially in his OWN HOUSE where there is sanctity.
        aside from the proposal their wasn’t really anything special about this episode.

      • Starr says:

        I’m with you on all the above. We did get ripped off at the start of them being together (I kept thinking there would at least be a flashback to show us more of the development). One day they are denying their feelings and the next day they are together because she is pregnant. Not well done in my opinion. Now they are finally progressing and this guy has the power to stop it all…? I guess even in their own home they cannot have a private conversation…?! I have felt for quite a few seasons now that the writers are not interested in what the fans want and I would not be at all surprised to see the wedding be in the series finale episode…. :-(

        • BB123 says:

          You know, I am not that interested in a wedding. (I happen to share Bones view (or old views) on marriage). And I wouldn’t mind some struggle, troubles, issues, real life couple have their share as we all knows it.
          However, real life couple doesn’t have their fight and troubles because of some overpowerful villains decided too.
          I would have love, really love, for Bones to propose to Booth and Booth saying no because he thinks she only does it because he has a target on his back. If Booth had say “No. Not yet, not like that. Ask me when you won’t fear for my life”, it would have been great and in-character.
          It would have hurt Brennan too, because Booth shows that he doesn’t trust her fully on that. It means complications for them too and here I would have been excited to see how they overcome that on their own and how it’ll have character growth.
          Because, let be frank, they might have trouble but once they get Pelant, Booth has just to say “remember when I called off our engagment ? Yeah didn’t really want to, Pelant forced me to do it. Don’t be angry, remember, you run from me with our kid 3 long month because of him, too”.
          And Brennan will have no choice but forgive him without any characters growth needed for that to happen.

    • jwilliams says:

      Not a good way to go. We watch for enjoyment and putting pressure on a relationship we like hurts the show and makes many of us think–do we want to watch more marital strain, enough of that in real life.

    • Annie says:

      Hart Hanson has never been shy about his distaste for ‘ships and shippers. This was one show I happened to agree with him on – but since they DID go there, crap like this is just cruel. If you’ve gotten them together, stop making up ludicrous inane twists to keep them apart. It’s so cheap.

      • Sara Marie says:


      • Marg Roseneder says:

        That’s the way I feel about Angela and Hodgins too. Keep them together now. How about throwing in the twist of Zac Addy dealing with Pelant from the asylum and him getting Jack’s money back for him, since he’s Jack’s best friend. Chances are Pelant doesn’t know about Zac, so that would be a unique twist.

        • Roisin says:

          Heck yeah zacks back and saves the day. That would be the best story line ever. Omg and can gordon gordon come back for a tiny bit i love stephen fry he’s the best.

    • Sara says:

      If a season doesn’t leave the viewers hanging, people generally don’t come back. By leaving a question the fans want to know, even if they are mad at the show, they come back just for the answer then end up staying. It is stressful having these kinds of season endings but overall it is what keeps the fans coming back for more.

      • BB123 says:

        I agree with that you said 100%
        However, why it has to be the same things all the time. Just read Ausiello scorecard on this webside and you’ll see what I am talking about.
        I get “let people hanging from the cliff”. However the lack of creativity and imagination is tiring.
        Back to Bones. They could have give us some closure on a part and leave us hanging on some others.
        For example. Pelant is caught but the relationship is still shaky. Or The relationship is going strong and everyone happy except that Pelant is still out there. Or, I am going wild here, Pelant is caught, the relationship is going strong, but the last scene is about Sweets ready to do something harsh (I am not necesseraly talking about suicide here). Or anything else happening to another character. Or Zach being released, IDK something ELSE than relationship issue and big baddie escaping.

      • Starr says:

        I have never felt like a “”cliffhanger” is necessary. If I like a show I will watch when it comes back no matter what.

      • Becky says:

        The problem here is when that ‘question’ turns to apathy. A cliffhanger is not good by virtue of it being a cliffhanger, it may get people talking but if that talk revolves around its failings then that is not a job well done. Viewers can only take so much, and eventually they leave. They may still talk about the show, feeling nostalgia for what ‘was’, while no longer caring for the present. I was a huge Bones fan in seasons 1-3/4, I would stay up half the night in order to catch the latest episode. Eventually I came to dislike the route the show was taking, feeling it had become over the top while bulldozing several of its characters (especially Brennan). I didn’t stick around eagerly to see ‘what happened’ and the show is now one that I catch when I can. I’m sad and nostalgic for the past but just don’t care enough for the present to feel what I once did. I fear that is what many are feeling now, and presumably a feeling of indifference is not what one strives for in a cliffhanger.

      • Sara Marie says:

        Yes, you are right, but the problem is it’s the same question all the time. They need to figure out how to reframe it so it’s a progression, not a repetition.

    • Mike says:

      THe Pelant character is why Bones has dropped so low on my rating scale. After reading this spoiler, with the show on my TiVo, I may just delete it and remove it from my shows to record. How long can one guy keep our genius and our tough guy and the Show in general hostage? I may not stick around to find out.

    • mnrx242 says:

      I think your right.

    • English says:

      Parenthood ended on a pretty positive note two seasons in a row… I still come back.

    • Josie says:

      I agree. I am sick of Pelant…Move on writers and let Booth and Brennan get one needs or wants to watch the relationship be stressed again. Just let her dad get rid of Pelant.

    • MOMMAHURLEY says:

      i AGREE, that’s what Bones had been avoiding, this let’s put an obsticle and make it threaten to break them up scenario… they were being clever and honest, and we were enjoying it… I guess they ran out of uniqueness, so they went with trite and predictable. I’m also tiring of this omnipotent, can do anything character. We just saw during the Boston bombings that law enforcement’s ability to use technology far outweighs that of any mastermind bad guys… So this Pelant character just begins to feel like a comic book bad guy. I’m losing interest… and I hate that. I was so into this show.. now .? Meh. if it’s on I’ll watch it but if I miss it, I’m probably not going to find time to go back and watch the DVR….. and that’s sad.

    • pam says:


      And Palant changing identity last time we saw him was a bit of a stretch. The season 8 finale was good until Palant calls Booth in the park. Time to end Palant. I was hoping to see at least one romantic scene with B&B already! (not that the question popping wasn’t great :)

    • Eli says:

      I agree! This sucks! You can tell the idiot producer that he is going to lose way more fans then its worth! Ridiculously stupid move!!!

    • alyboo says:

      Excuse you? Bones is the best thing ever to grace the face of the planet. Ever. In the history of everything. Nothing compares. I would die for this show.

    • jackie d says:

      I’d be so hurt if something happened to Booth an Bones relationship. I love how they love each other. It goes well with the show.

    • I am looking forward to season 9 and the marriage between booth and brennan, but I am quite disturbed about (Emily’s) husband being in the wedding, especially maybe marrying them, I believe that will put a strain on the wedding, saying the wedding vows and kissing at end. I strongly object to him being in the episode at all. Please do not have him in this episode at all.

      I am an avid fan and love B&B.

  2. Emily says:

    I am really displeased. I mean, I know why they did it because of Pelant, blah blah blah but there’s no way Booth could’ve just delayed the wedding until he offed Pelant? Really? I am so unhappy. Bones has been growing so much, changing so much, and now it’s like all her work is being totally destroyed.

    • Yes, I agree with Emily’s comment about how Bones has been growing so much, and this has the potential to set her back and destroy it all. I liked the finale, but I HATED everything from the playground to the end.

    • somebody whack this guy will you , the guy is a total nut who does not deserve jail, ENOUGH!!

      • Nick says:

        Hodgens should have killed the bastard!

        • Katei says:

          Nick said it: Hodgens should have killed Pelant when he had the chance. Pelant is too much, he has too much power, it’s just too unreal… But that’s the scary part. He has to mess up somewhere… Everyone always does. Booth and Brennan have been through a lot, And i appreciate seeing how not even the worst of times can pull them apart. Right now, it’s feeling very Romeo and Juliet- I’m just ready for them to be happy and stay happy. I like the overarching plot of a big bad, but I think their relationship has been through a lot. First we focused on Angela and Hodgens issues am happiness. We’ve watched Sweets and Daisy go crazy and break up. We’ve seen Cam and whats-his-face stare death in the eye. Now, we’ve finally gotten B&B together and happy- it’s only fair they face their struggles… Oh wait. THEY ALREADY HAVE. Lets get on with it!

    • Stephen says:

      Not only did they ruin the Bones growth storyline, the screwed up the whole storyline! Looking a the whole story board for next season Hanson and writers took the worst possible storyline they could take. What is going to get people interested watching? Two characters who are the glue of the show fall apart at the hands of serial killer, and ruin years of growth, while using Bones best friends husband’s money to do it. Or having the two characters who are the glue of the show unite in marriage and deal with the issues that come with it, while exploring new cases and interesting plot lines. Hanson is nuts to take this show in dark directions, and take away the heart of the show! He made need some sessions with Sweets!

  3. Sarah says:

    The ending didn’t really make sense. Pellant threatened to kill those 5 people in the park, but then Booth didn’t tell Brennan until later that night….. obviously not those same 5 people. Or was that just supposed to mean Pellant was going to kill 5 innocent people in general??

  4. Dryden says:

    Bones: good show, terrible finales! They are like 2 for 8…

    • Annie says:

      OMG, WORD. Nothing can top (bottom?) the awfulness that was “Zach is the Gormogon’s apprentice,” but I’m pretty sure this comes razor-close.

  5. Tyler says:

    Why can’t Hart Hanson give B&B a happy ending FOR ONCE?!?!

    • he did!!!! 2 seasons ago when all: im pregnant thing, i hope season 9 be the big one

      • Emma says:

        Yeah pretty sure if it weren’t for emily that wouldn’t have happened! We all know if brennan had a baby it HAD to be booths. Bones is sort of heading for that mammoth ghost whisperer mistake don’t you think? Ruin the relationship so the ratings sort of go bye see ya later nice knowing you! Shall see if that holds true in season 9 x

    • Bridget says:

      I’m not the one to defend this finale, but Hart Hanson didn’t write this crap. Stephen Nathan wrote it with Jonathan Collier. And SN seems to have something against the character of Brennan or B&B in general, because he seems to always find a way in each one of his episodes to take Brennan down a notch. Beyond irritating.

      • Sara Marie says:

        Do you think the female characters in general are not as fierce and independent as they used to be? Because I kinda do.

  6. Booth is to stupid to be a real FBI agent. Instead of trying to talk with Bones about what is going on, he gives into Pelant’s demands. He could have wrote her a damn note on a piece of paper telling her what Pelant was up to.

    • Pelant can see EVERYTHING, as shown in the episode. So, no the solution was not that simple. Booth did what he thought was right.

      • Chad says:

        There are no video cameras or microphones in public restrooms. Booth could have gone into the mens room and Bones could have gone into the womens room and he could have told her through the vent. There are so many holes in this part of the story that it’s a little ridiculous. He could have written her a note. He could have blinked a message in morse code. They could have gone on vacation together and he could have told her on the plane where again, no cameras or microphones. He could have told her in a car. The list goes on and on. This part of the story is just…dumb.

    • juldga says:

      That’s exactly what i thought

    • Clarkie Hussey says:


    • Kim R says:

      I don’t think Booth is stupid. I think the writers are. Badly done, in my opinion. Not at all believable for the character.

  7. I hate spammers says:

    They really needed to end the Pelant storyline. Instead, it’s been stretched on again and honestly I don’t see why. It’s gone on long enough; the whole “cyber terrorist” idea just isn’t a good fit for the show for extended storylines and Andrew Leeds has been terribly miscast the entire time.

  8. Kerstin says:

    This is going to break her. Because she really wanted to marry him and be his wife.

    • Agree: This is going to break her.

    • D says:

      Yup, I agree. She changed so much. In this case particularly she changed her convictions, her views of marriage out of love for him, and then this. The fact that she doesn’t know the real why it’s even worse because she’s going to think that maybe his feelings for her are changing. That he doesn’t love her in the same way anymore, and that is going to get her to start doubting everything around her, to get her to start to close herself up to people. To put some of her walls back up and that is going to damage her relationship with other people and could even damage her and Booth’s relationship beyond repairing. It could tear her family apart. Again. I am really not ready for what’s coming next season.

    • Mariah says:

      Without a doubt.

    • Sara Marie says:

      No way, Brennan won’t break. That’s the essence of her, she doesn’t break.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Was this the blind item from December about a favorite couple breaking up? Or is that Castle? Because I don’t think this constitutes a break-up, but there’s definitely trouble.

    It was kind of heartbreaking to watch that final scene.

    • Rida says:

      Th blind item was changed slightly to a different 10 letter word that can easily be engagement. Bones n Brennan fit into both sadly.
      I dnt evn watch Bones but i feel sad for Bones fans. What happened was just kind of cruel.

      • Christina says:

        Yea, I stopped watching a few seasons ago. The whole pregnancy thing compounded with the time jump just didn’t work for me at all. That being said, I am so much happier not watching. Finales like this totally reaffirm my decision. I feel bad for everyone still emotionally invested!

      • SueK says:

        Heartbreak is also a 10 letter word

    • Meg says:

      Usually when something that’s part of a blind item airs or is revealed they will say in the article that it’s the answer. I would guess B&b are not the blind item couple.

  10. Nevergreen says:

    That was such a great episode until the very ending. I would have liked a season where B&B were married, but I suppose they had to make the fans want a 9th Season. As much as I hated the weird way B&B got together and as much as I hated the birth episode, I thought the way that Bones proposed was very sweet and very well done, and very sincere. And then they had to ruin it with that Pellant crap. As if Booth would cave to Pellant’s blackmail. No.

    And I’m over Pellant. Hodgins was right – he should have killed Pellant when he had the chance. I’m over that loser.

  11. D says:

    KILL THAT F***ING A**HOLE PELANT. I need to see B&B happy. I’m still crying ’cause of what just happened.

  12. Lynne says:

    It just didn’t have much emotional impact for me…but maybe because I don’t really care if they get married or not since they are basically married anyways. It would have been different if Pelant made him break up with her or something. That would have had more impact for me and been more of a decision for Booth.

    • Sara Marie says:

      Yes, I agree. Marriage does not guarantee happiness or a good relationship, the lack of it doesn’t imply a lack of depth.

  13. Dee says:

    As happy as they made me with the proposal, they broke my heart at the end. Pelant has got to go! But overall one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. Such an incredible show and cast!

  14. Brandon says:

    You said something would happen with the alarm clock. Did I miss something? Or has it not happened yet?

    • Bridget says:

      By the time they address the alarm clock (if they ever address it), too much time will have passed to care or have it make any sense. Completely pointless.

      • jenny says:

        Are you KIDDING!!!! I kept waiting to see what he did with the clock. A bomb, a listening device….I LOVE those hidden things in TV series. I was extremely disappointed they just forgot about it. I know I didn’t.

    • jenny says:

      They forgot. I am super irritated.

  15. Mariah says:

    I’m actually incredibly angry about the finale. I’m one of the few (it seems) who really enjoyed the Pelant storyline and was looking forward to it, but was very underwhelmed by the episode tonight. Granted, my heart was racing during the car scene, but overall I was disappointed. This could’ve been so great, but now Pelant just seems like a prop to keep Booth and Brennan from being happy. Sure, that’s probably what he’s all about, but that’s just petty to me. Let them be happy! There could’ve been so many other ways to go about creating drama with finally letting Booth and Brennan and (most importantly, ha!) the fans getting what they want. I can only imagine that, if next season is the final season, they will draw out the Pelant storyline for as long as possible (not wanting to introduce a new super villain) and things won’t be resolved until the very end with Booth and Brennan. I will watch, but I won’t necessarily like it.

  16. This Pelant stuff is getting old. Two years of the same Big Bad is starting to stale. Especially considering he’s now gone after every member of the Bones team. In the immortal words of the great Jack Burton, “Sonuvabitch must pay”

  17. Casey says:

    DB’s directing was great as usual. Acting was spot on. Hart Hanson’s incessant need to play ‘let’s see how much we can piss the audience off without them giving up on the show’ is beyond tired.

    • Angie says:

      I agree. How about let us have something every once in a while…throw a bone! I think HH enjoys pissing us off!

      • Linda. says:

        HH does this to us, not quite breaking them up, but grief, sadness and pain and he wants us to watch another Hansen production, Backstrom. Good luck with that, not at my house.

        • wayne says:

          HH is trying to get a new show so he can let Bones die, not watching the writers at all.The cast of Bones need to find a new producer,Maybe David and Emily and take the cast and do there own show as they work so well together.

    • the8tregirl says:

      This! Especially the last sentence.

  18. Mrs. Peele says:

    I’m tired of the Palant story line, just like I got tired of Red John or the search for Beckett’s mother’s killer and all the endless arcs that are the same. It’s also unbelievable that ONE man can bring a city to its knees and disrupt all communication and change documents etc w/o anyone being able to stop him. We don’t need terrorists: we have him! The end was very taxing to watch.

    • Deena says:

      Exactly! I can suspend disbelief when it comes to TV but Pelant’s storyline has become completely implausible. It’s bordering ridiculous at this point with what he can do and control.

    • lyn says:

      I was rolling with laughter at the crowded street scene. Could they have overdone it any further? No way that could ever happen spontaneously. Ridiculous!

    • Ackiel says:

      agreed that entire scene had me questioning the intellectual capability of the bones writers if they honestly wanted us to believe that one man could do all that to a city.

  19. EV says:

    I hope they get rid of Pellant in the season 9 opener. I’m sick of him! No big bad has lasted this long before on Bones. It was heartbreaking to watch Brennan when Booth said they didn’t need to get married. She’s come so far! Unless Pellant has their house bugged, he should have told her!

    • angie says:

      I wonder if that’s the point of the alarm clock. To bug the house

    • D says:

      The Gravedigger started on season 2 and ended only on season 6. So that’s four seasons. The difference is that we didn’t hear about her all that often during those 4 years. Pelant was only on seasons 7 and 8, but we’re constantly hearing about him, and at a certain point it starts saturating the viewers. So I agree with you. Pelant must go (dead, preferably) as soon as possible. And I believe Pelant does have their house bugged, That end scene really shattered my heart into teeny tiny pieces.

  20. Tvfanatic says:

    Did I miss the clock explanation?

  21. Heather says:

    I think that Pelant has been a great villain this season but I’m kinda over it at this point. I bit my tongue when Booth’s shot didn’t connect enough to kill him because I figured that would be a good way to end the season. I fully understand the point of cliffhangers but I would have rather it left the viewer not knowing if Sweets made it rather than have Booth and Brennan get engaged and then Pelant ruin it. And I am a Sweets fan. Overall, just bummed at this season finale.

  22. Livvy says:

    Major disappointment and a bit disgusted for the first time with Bones. Write her a note, Booth! Do the writers think we are stupid? Unnecessary kick in the teeth to loyal fans like me.

  23. Katie says:

    I watched the whole final scene thinking it was fake. I just don’t think Booth wouldn’t have told Brennan.
    In any case, a very disappointing finale. Another season of Pelant being the big bad is boring. This felt like the end of an episode, not a season. I was sure they wouldn’t drag the Pelant thing out another season so I kept expecting something great to happen. This finale felt lazy.
    Also, nothing happened with the alarm clock. Annoying.

  24. Alex says:

    Horrible finale! You’re telling me there’s no way in the world Booth could think of to let Brennen know what was going on without Pelant knowing? He couldn’t write it down, or even pull an “Alias” and get in the shower with music blaring or something? And now they will use this to cause discord between B&B next season. I agree with the first post, it feels like they think we won’t watch if they just let B&B be happy. But I personally think it would make the show even better. And I REALLY want Pelant dead already.

    • Amy says:


    • Kris says:

      I feel they Booth really STUPID this episode! Really? I kept thinking he was going to communicate the truth to Bones somehow … from what’s been happening with B&B this season, I didn’t think there was ANY WAY Booth would hurt her this way! VERY disappointed … not sure I want to even get involved next season!!

    • Starr says:

      Completely agree! And even though this is my all time favorite show, if the writers are going to keep causing problems with their relationship I may have to give up watching because I am really tired of it!

  25. angie says:

    Sigh…this does not bode well for their relationship. Brennan will prob go back in her ‘compartmentalizing’ hole. :(

    • Kris says:

      I totally agree … it’s like we’re back at the beginning for Bones!! Totally NOT COOL! Not sure I can watch another season with Bones back to her old ways!

  26. Livvy says:

    The acting and direction were superb. Writing shows poverty of ideas for the next season.

  27. Bj says:

    Absolutely nauseous. Cannot believe they did this to us. All we want is a Booth and Brennan happily ever after. The episode was wonderful up until the ending. Well acted and well directed but the worst season finale in history of Bones. Booth and Brennan will never be the same . Sad night for Bones fans.

  28. Jeff says:

    I really hate these ridiculous super villains they have on some shows now. There’s no way he’d be able to hack half the things he can, and if he was, he’d be more dangerous than any other terrorist (what’s to keep him from causing a nuclear reactor to melt down?). So not only is it impossible, but he’d be public enemy number one and someone who the government cyber squads (who can do some of that stuff Petulant can supposedly do) would spare no effort in tracking down – they wouldn’t just wait until he makes his annual spring showing.
    Plus, Booth must have access to a known safe room, or at least a random stairwell in a random building that isn’t bugged by Petulant where he could take Bones and explain what’s going on.
    Hart Hanson is out of ideas, and he should have had Booth riding a motorcycle in that car traffic scene jump over a truck from the Baltimore Aquarium carrying a live shark….

    • Tvfanatic says:

      I don’t think I would mind the super villain if shows didn’t trot them out only for sweeps or season endings/beginnings. Continuity is key and has to be throughout the whole season.

    • elr says:

      My problem is with this particular super villain. I feel as though they just sprang him on us without any warning and have continued to show him without letting us know anything more about him. They just keep mentioning all the stuff he is capable of doing without giving us any kind of back story. And to top it off the writers have made him too powerful. At this point I’m not sure how they are going to stop him, but like someone said it will probably be something that he will do wrong, but at the same time be something completely out of character for him to do. I just want him gone and I want the last 10 minutes or so of the finale to vanish forever.

  29. Alichat says:

    Sigh….ok…can we just have Sweets or someone put a bullet in Pelant’s head and be done with it? And are you telling me Angela doesn’t know any other hackers in the community who might want to take on tracking Pelant down and getting Hodgins’ money back? Booth couldn’t write a note to Brennan and tell her why he’s doing this….Pelant can’t have cameras everywhere? All they have to do is tell everyone Booth doesn’t want to get married…..and then refuse to talk about it with anyone. It’s not a lie…because he doesn’t want to get married and have Pelant kill 5 people…, Brennan should be able to pull off that lie. And don’t you think Pelant has to be pulling a large amount of power into his house to run all the computers he needs to hack into…..everything? Ugh….I just don’t care about this guy at all…he’s not a compelling villain……not. compelling. at. all.

  30. madbengalsfan85 says:

    That was unforgivable, and I’m not watching until this stupid storyline is resolved…do the showrunners giggle at miserable B/B?

  31. MARY K. PEARL says:


  32. Lauren says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments here. I feel like that season finale was horribly lackluster. I almost fell asleep several times. I’m tired of the Pelant crap. I thought for sure when he turned around at the end that the FBI would be standing there or something. Also, was there ever any explanation about Agent Flynn and the flower thing? Has he even been brought up since he was shot? I just feel very blah about how everything ended.

  33. Amy C says:

    Hated this ending. Hate to even see where they go with it, such a soap opera move. Very dissapointed – Bones is my favorite show and this is just too much.

  34. Ginny says:

    Agree with the comments on the acting and directing but really over this “find every way to keep them apart ” writing- it’s been going on too long-if the writers aren’t good enough to develop strong stories with them together then shut down the show. Tonight really turned me off.

  35. Elliott says:

    Very bad continuity error in the final scene. She puts the magazine down by her side rather forcefully. Quick cut to him. Quick cut to her, the magazine is still in her hands and she takes it up with her! Talk about sloppy.

    • badpenny says:

      Thank god you were there to catch that. The rest of us were worried about the emotional impact of the scene and the consequences it has on the series next season rather then the magazine. :)

    • Aubrey says:

      I didn’t notice the magazine because by then I was just disgusted that they were dragging the Pelant thing into yet another season, but I did notice that in the traffic jam scene they showed Sweets get out of his car, cut to Booth and the blonde girl, and when they cut back to Sweets he was in his car again. Overall this was just a bad episode. I’m not happy!

  36. cjeffery7 says:

    although it was inevitable very cliche, i thought Emily & David played the ending so brilliantly. they have a such a wonderful chemistry on screen and clearly a rapport off-screen that they were able to keep the eye-rolling notes to a minimum.

  37. BillyW says:

    Bones has just jumped the shark for me, its a shame….

  38. Lauren says:

    I liked the finale. But the end was heartcrushing:( I hope they start season 9 with the end of pelant. Or at least booth somehow tell brennan why he changed his mind.

  39. KB says:

    Yes this sucks and Brennan is heartbroken right now but Booth will more than make this up to Brennan later and it will make him more determined to get Pelant. Then he can propose to her in a huge romantic way. And all things Petulant can be set right again. Including Hodgins getting his money back.

  40. Skrable2 says:

    Absolutely idiotic storytelling.

    Booth shot Pelant the last go-round, and the guy’s revenge is to make Booth break Brennan’s heart? Really? That’s just ridiculous; it doesn’t even scan from the nutjob territory that Pelant lives in

    So mindful of when Booth “died” and didn’t get the word to Brennan that it was a ruse to smoke out the bad guy. Dumb, just dumb

    • lyn says:

      ITA. The logical way to hurt Booth would be to target Parker and Christine. Illogical, lazy writing.

    • Patrik says:

      I also though it was ridiculous that after getting shot in the face he just stitched it up himself like it was no big deal.

  41. Sadness says:

    Sad because there is no real way they will ever repair their relationship. Booth’s character changed.

    • Jillian says:

      They can repair their relationship. Booth’s character hasn’t changed. As soon as he kills Pelant, he will get Brennan back and they will repair their relationship.

      • Stacey says:

        They haven’t broken up. The engagement is off. So now if I was Brennan I would say, sorry. You followed a mad man and called it off, sorry. Prove you want it. And have him be the next one to propose. It took her years to come around. But they are together still, but the engagement is off. So there is no getting her back. But getting her to trust that he wants to marry her might to take some work!

  42. Lynn Reeme says:

    Most of the finale was awesome, and it was good with leaving Pelant alive but i started to lose interest when he can control the actions of the good guys that makes him god and that was wrong.

  43. Ryan says:

    So cheap. Not a smart way at all to end the season. I like Bones and Pelant is the nastiest villain they’ve encountered. So why not let him kill a few people (squinterns) and call it a day? Of course it does show the heroism of Booth.

  44. Margo says:

    Loved that DB’s directing gave new energy to the show. Brennan finally comes to understand the strength of the relationship. Booth protecting those around him fits the character & takes the show into season nine. Eager to see what is ahead.

  45. G. Marques says:

    At some point all things must end, and this show should just be gone. We sat with this for years, we re-directed ech episode and critiqued as true lovers of this shown often do. But really, Pelant? Does it worry anyone that the FBI is being portraid as a bunch of incompetent puppets who cannot catch one man in the age of technology? Is Hart saying that the FBI is not up to being able to catch so called Cyber terrorists? Then who will stop these wackos……. time to bow out Bones. I have been threatening to stop watching this show since season 6 came long and became another lame soap opera, but this is asking too much of fans Hart, so come up with a better season and go back to the dynamic of Brennan (Science) and Booth (Cop) doing what was once so entertaining. The character Temperance Brennan was once the focus of the show, now it is all about Booth and Sweets, which I am not interested in.

    • slkmcs says:

      You think the FBI is incompentent on Bones? You obviuosly dont’ watch The Following.

      • SK says:

        ^^ I was thinking the same thing. These FBI agents are nowhere near as incompetent as the ones on The Following.

    • Starlet says:

      But yet you’ve kept watching.. which says that there’s still something there that you’re interested in. If you haven’t noticed, the show shifts focus to the different characters in order to develop them more. It’s starting to circle back around to B&B, just in time for the last season or two.

  46. Monique says:

    I think in the first episode of season 9 they will kill pelant and the engagement will be back onyoull see

    • Jillian says:

      Me too. I don’t see why everyone is being so negative. It’s not that bad.

      • suzi says:

        I agree. Obviously Brennan is devastated by this right now, but when she finds out the truth I think she will understand. In the show Pelant is shown as being capable of anything, so Booth believing him is pretty believable to me. Such wonderful acting by Deschanel and Boreanaz.

    • mandy says:

      Actually SN says that Pelant will not even be in the Season Premiere and will still be hanging around in season 9. I am a huge Bones fan and was hoping they would open season 9 by getting rid of Pelant but apparently the Bones writers do not read any critics comments or listen to their fans at all because from the sound of things even if it kills the show they are gonna keep him around. I don’t want to see bones end but I’m afraid that with this path Season 9 is probably going to be the last. I have never seen so many negative comments on so many sights about a season finale. People are literally saying that if he’s not gone by episode 1 then they will quit watching. I for one will not because I have been with this show from day one and will stick with it til the end but I’m afraid these writers are bringing the end on fast with this storyline. Maybe they will listen to the outcry and change their plans for the premiere but I truly doubt it.

      • Starr says:

        They do not appear to have ever listened to the fans in the past so I do not think they will start now. They have stated Pelant will be around awhile and have indicated that this is going to cause relationship problems with Booth and Bones….very disappointing!

      • Graham Forbes [UK] says:

        I have watched ‘Bones’ since episode 1. series 1 – and I agree with you a 100% This series had great potential, but, in my opinion this has been a very bad series and you are right = the writers are in my opinion are full of their own importance and totally blind & deaf to the fans complicates and anger. I am a reader not a writer and this was one of the best shows on US TV, but the current writers are so full of there expertise and have their heads in a dark place which restricts movement! I will not be buying 8&9 UK DVD’s or looking at series 9. The only way I can protest is by doing this [like to do more], but the mighty Fox is all knowing and all seeing (Mount Olympus has thin air if you only think your a God).
        Unfortunately, Castle 5 also has this problems in all aspect as describes here!
        TV Line thank you for the option to comment

  47. Booger says:

    Badly paced episode. Unbelievable storylines. Meh.

  48. Gina says:

    I feel like Booth had a knee jerk reaction and did what he had to do. Last season Brennan had to leave, even if she didn’t want to. I feel like Brennan will close up some and Booth may have to push a little more. That will be nice to see. We never got to see Booth woo her. Ball is in Booth’s court now. Expect him to pop the question.

    • suzi says:

      Good point about this decision mirroring Bones’ decision to leave. They both did what they thought was best, and I think the relationship will survive–again..

  49. Stacey says:

    I knew it. I figured it when I saw the May Scorecard with engagements ending category. They would not leave the episode engaged. But really. This is going to break her. Good luck getting her close to marriage anytime soon. This is what was told to Booth after the coma, if he pushed for something and wasn’t serious…it would break her. Yes I know it a Pelant plan, but come on. I can’t believe Booth took Pelant’s word and broke Brennan’s heart, even if they didn’t break up. Brennan was so happy. Emily won the night with her devastation. It took years! Damn! He better propose next time and be prepare for Brennan to slap you!

  50. Booger says:

    Oh, and sick of Boreanaz. Not a great actor or director.