Game of Thrones Recap: Betrothed, Bewildered and Bothered (Not to Mention Bathed and Boffed)

Game of Thrones Season 3 RecapIf David Tutera ever needs to take a week off of My Fair Wedding, he need look no further than Game of Thrones‘ Tywin Lannister. The speed with which Papa Lion arranges for two of his children’s marriages in this week’s episode is impressive  — and would leave plenty of time for dithering between “celery-” or “sea foam-” hued bridesmaids’ gowns. Meanwhile, the elder Lannister son engages in a bathtub confession that is far less sexy and far more moving than it sounds, and Jon Snow does the wild thing with a wildling. Let’s see what all of your favorites were up to in “Kissed by Fire.”

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HOUSE LANNISTERS: THE-UNTOLD-STORY EDITION | Jaime and Brienne’s captors bring them to Roose Bolton, who releases Brienne and apologizes for her treatment, then sends Jaime to get some medical attention. The maester removes Jaime’s bandage and — once I stop dry heaving — Jaime refuses milk of the poppy while the “corrupted” flesh is cut away and the infection is burned off. He screams. A lot.

Later, he bathes – choosing to strip and hop in Brienne’s tub instead of the empty one adjacent to it. He makes a crack about how poorly she protected Renly, which makes her stand and nearly charge him, boobs be damned. He immediately apologizes and, good God is this possible?, seems like he truly means it. “You’ve protected me better than most,” he admits, then asks for a truce. “You need trust to have a truce,” she says warily. “I trust you,” he responds quietly.

Maybe his defenses are so low that he doesn’t care what happens to him. Maybe he truly sees Brienne as someone who might understand him. Whatever the reason, Jaime then tells the entire story behind his “Kingslayer” moniker, and here’s the condensed version: The Mad King, true to his name, hid pockets of glowing, green, explosive wildfire all over the city. When Robert Baratheon stormed the city and Tywin was only looking out for himself, Jaime urged the king to surrender peacefully… but Maester Pycelle suggested that the king trust the Lannister head. “So he opened the gates, and my father sacked the city,” Jaime says sadly.

Another plea for surrender ended with the king ordering Jaime to bring him Tywin’s head and ordering the pyromancers to destroy the city — men, women, children, everyone. Jaime looks at Brienne, near tears, and asks, “Would you have kept your previous oath then?” In the end, he killed the pyromancer and ran his sword through the king, then slit the monarch’s throat on the off chance that King Aerys was going to be reborn as a dragon, as he believed he would be. And that is when Ned Stark walked in and, in a split second, made up his mind about what had happened. In Jaime’s depleted state, the anger and sadness over the memory nearly makes him pass out; Brienne catches him in her arms, the two of them forming a watery pietá. She yells for someone to help the Kingslayer. “Jaime. My name is Jaime,” he whispers shakily.

HOUSE LANNISTER: GETTIN’-DRAGGED-TO-THE-CHAPEL EDITION | Tyrion and Lady Olenna meet to discuss the bill for Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding. She agrees to help financially, but owns him (it’s rare someone can leave Tyrion speechless; it’s pretty awesome to witness) when she says, “I was told you were drunk, impertinent and thoroughly debauched. You can imagine my disappointment at finding nothing but a browbeaten bookkeeper.”

Tyrion later thinks he’s being called to a meeting with Tywin to report his success, but is surprised to see Cersei there and even more surprised to hear that, to thwart the Tyrell’s plan to marry Sansa to Ser Loras, he is now Lady Stark’s intended. See, if they marry, the Lannisters will have “the key to the north” – i.e. heir-to-Winterfell (if Robb dies) Sansa – and will be much more powerful than the Tyrells. Cersei looks mighty pleased with herself – “This is more than you deserve,” she hisses at her gobsmacked younger brother — because her intel helped bring this development into being… but just wait, blondie. Daddy Lannister then announces that Cersei will marry Loras instead, tying everything up nicely and putting “an end to the disgusting rumors about you, once and for all.”

THE WILDLINGS: JON-SNOW-KNOWS-SOMETHING EDITION | The men Mance sent with Jon to the wall still don’t trust the former Night’s Watch brother, but one plucky, redheaded wildling most definitely has his back… and she’s about to have a lot more. Ygritte steals his weapon and makes him chase her into a cave full of waterfalls and pools to get it back. But she’s got a different sword on her mind, which becomes clear as she starts to strip. “You swore some vows,” she says matter-of-factly, the skins of many dead animals hitting the ground until she’s nekkid. “I want you to break ’em.”

Jon’s face as he beholds her bare form, by the way, is a hilarious mixture of sheer terror and rapt reverie.  He makes minimal effort to stop her from kissing him, but it’s all over when he wraps her in his arms and abandons himself to the task at hand. (With him still fully dressed in all of his furs and her bareassed, the effect is a little like Chewbacca wandered into a soft-core flick and decided to make himself at home.) Ygritte starts to tease Snow about still being dressed, but her mocking is cut short as he drops out of the frame; pretty soon, winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming. (Side note: As they later discuss, Ygritte is Jon’s first — though not vice-versa. And he clearly rocked her world in a way that – wait, is my mom reading this? Mom, if you are, you can stop here. Nothing of interest happens later in this recap. Bye! – takes a bit of time and instruction to master. Maybe Podrick’s offering some kind of correspondence course?)

HOUSE STARK: RINGSIDE EDITION | Arya has a front-row seat as Beric Dondarrion prepares for his fight-to-the-death with the Hound. “Show us the truth. Strike this man down if he is guilty, give strength to his sword if he is true,” Beric prays to the Lord of Light just before both men arm themselves. Though Clegane is bigger and stronger, Dondarrion’s clearly got some mystical mojo working for him: He slices his palm and sets his blade against the wound, then the entire sword burst into flame and stays that way throughout the fight.  When he lights the Hound’s shield on fire, it looks like the Banned Brotherhood’s leader is going to win. But then, Clegane wheels around and lands his weapon in Beric’s chest near his shoulder, and the smaller man collapses as his blood arcs through the air.

Thoros falls upon his friend and immediately starts praying, but Arya ain’t got no time for that. She grabs a knife, makes a beeline for the Hound (who’s wheezing with fatigue on the ground nearby) and nearly gets to him before she’s detained. “Burn in hell!” she screams but is interrupted by Beric’s voice. Whaaa? “He will,” the revived man promises. “But not today.” Against young Lady Stark’s wishes, the brute is released – and she’s got another blow coming:  Gendry has decided to stay with the brotherhood. “I’m done serving,” the smith tells his ticked-off travel companion, who wants him to join Robb’s army instead. “I never had a family,” he says, trying to make her understand how he belongs somewhere for the first time in his life. “I could be your family,” she says; the naked need in her voice makes me ache. “You’d never be my family,” he replies, but his voice is kind. “You’d be m’lady.”

Later, Thoros informs Arya that they’ll take her to Riverrun and ransom her to her family — not because they want to, but because they need the money. Also of note: Thoros has brought Beric back from the dead six times, but “Every time I come back, I’m a bit less.” After the earlier exchange with Gendry, Arya just about ends me when she meekly asks, “Could you bring back a man without a head? Not six times, just once.” And for the first time in a long while, I’m reminded exactly how young Ned’s younger daughter actually is.

HOUSE STARK: IT’S-KINDA-HARD-OUT-HERE-FOR-A-KING-IN-THE-NORTH EDITION | Rickard Karstark, the father of one of the men Jaime killed, and a few other men murder the Lannister boys Robb’s keeping as POWs. Robb lobs off Karstark’s head for it, thereby losing the loyalty of the dead man’s men. After talking to Talisa, the King in the North comes up with a new plan: He’s going to take Casterly Rock, the seat of House Lannister, but he’s going to need more men. So he settles on the army belonging to Walder Frey, the only forces that haven’t yet taken a side in the fighting. If Frey’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the father of the woman Robb was supposed to marry but jilted in order to wed Talisa. Don’t worry, Robb. I’m sure he’s totally over the slight…

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you get a little verklempt when Grey Worm told his Khaleesi why he was keeping his name? Did you immediately fall in love with Stannis’ neglected little girl? Is your fear for Sansa’s fate mounting as the weeks pass? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. nikki says:

    Oh poor stupid Robb. I love him so.

    • kate says:

      seriously. you can hear just about everyone saying, “Not a good idea. NOT A GOOD IDEA.” but poor, stupid Robb is not hearing any of it.

      • Elly says:

        I’m really really really x1000 hope they choose to go against the book in the next few weeks.

        • Junior says:

          I fear the season-ender probably has an RW in it. Way too much set-up not to pay off and for them to deviate now

          • Mike says:

            It’s probably episode 9, they seem to have the big event in the episode prior to the finale. I.e. Ned’s death and the battle of Blackwater, both episode 9 of their respective seasons. Whenever it is, it is going to be hard to watch.

          • Ella says:

            I’ll be watching through my fingers. I am more worried about Grey Wind…

          • Fred says:

            I think “season 3” will end with three weddings over episodes 9 & 10….then we wait a year until “season 4”, I hope George is writing because eventually HBO will catch up.

        • ElKabong says:

          Yeah, but then what? If you’re referring to what you must be referring to, it’s one of THE definitive event in the story.

          • Maria says:

            **spoilers – maybe?**

            Really good season ender though, RW episode 9 to rip us to shreds then episode 10 with a grand finale reminding us why we love the show

  2. kate says:

    I’m not much of a “shipper” when I watch TV, but I hope GRR Martin writes Jamie and Brienne getting married into the books so we can watch Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau can act it out on TV. That scene in the “bathroom” blew me away.
    Also, the looks on Tyrion’s and Cersei’s faces? I’m surprised the pair of them didn’t put aside their mutual dislike and team up to kill Tywin on the spot. Also a really great scene.

  3. Sean C. says:

    After Cersei’s gloating at the idea of Sansa getting raped and Tyrion being forcibly married, it was nice to see Tywin serve up some karma for her as well.

    • Elly says:

      That moment was gold. At least if Sansa marries Tyrion, at least she’ll be given some kindness.

      • Joe says:

        I think Loras would have been kind, it would have been the consummation of their marriage that would have been difficult.

        • Sean C. says:

          From his attitude with Renly in season 2, Loras understands it’s his job to father heirs, so I’m sure he’d have done his duty there.

  4. Mike says:

    I can see this episode made up for the lack of nudity in season 3, not that it bothers me, just an observation

  5. bigby_wolf says:

    Cersei laughing at Tyrion for having to marry Sansa than her father telling her she was marrying Loras was hilarious.

    • Mike says:

      Interesting change from the book, won’t go into detail, but I wonder where this will go.

      • Fred says:

        I don’t recall from the books that Cersei was offered up to marry Loras…???

        • Mike says:

          Exactly, that’s why I said interesting change. {Spoiler} In the books Loras was on the kingsguard, thus not allowed to marry, I wonder if this storyline will end with Margaery getting Loras on Joffrey’s kingsguard, I doubt Cersei will end up marrying Loras{/spoiler}

          • Snoozie says:

            No but she was told to marry his older brother Willas (who was the one Sansa was going to marry too). They’ve just condensed characters. I’m sure Loras will still end up where he needs to be, they’ll just divert him for a time to allow all of the storylines to work without TOO many new characters coming in to play.

          • Mike says:

            I wasn’t talking about Sansa, yes in the books she was to wed Willas Tyrell, I wasn’t talking of Cersei being betrothed to Loras, which did not happen in the books in any way.

          • Snoozie says:

            Actually, Cersei was told by Tywin in the books that she would be married to Willas which enraged her. I won’t say what happened next because it is a spoiler for TV watchers. It clearly happened and there are several conversations about it, plus Cersei reflects back on it a few times in later books with extreme anger – I read a chapter on it whilst re-reading AFFC yesterday.

            I was replying to all of these comments in this little thread, both yours on the changes to Loras and the others about betrothals. As mentioned, I think Loras’ trajectory being slowed slightly will not affect his story too much long term. Right now it seems like he’ll still end up in the same place, they just had to change the timeline slightly so that they could amalgamate him with his brothers in order to avoid bringing in loads more characters.

          • Olive says:

            I remember Tywin giving Cersei a option to pick either Oberyn Martell or Balon Greyjoy to marry and if she didn’t pick he would pick for her.

          • Snoozie says:

            That was after she was SPOILER ALERT
            rejected by Willas as too old and “used”

  6. BrianR says:

    Its Karstark with a K.

  7. gabby says:

    “winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming.” Laughed really hard at that!

  8. Greg says:

    Totally nitpicking—-but in what universe are the Karstarks half of his forces? He LOST the Freys and now he has to get them back. They are starting to really deviate (probably since Robb isn’t a POV character) but I’m sure that it will still get to the RW by season’s end.

    • Alice says:

      Doesn’t seem like it matters, all the pieces are there, and the episode explicitly states how he needs to appease the people he royally pissed off by stupidly marrying Florence Nightingale in order to get back in the war.

  9. rachelle says:

    First off, this recap is hilarious!! I died so hard from the “winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming” line. Hilarious! And I felt bad for Jamie once again. Last week, I had to keep looking away from my screen because of how terrible I felt for him. I couldn’t stomach the way he was being treated. This week, I actually started to cry. I never thought I’d see the day when I felt bad for Jamie Lannister, but my heart’s really been hurting for him since they took his hand.

    I’m sick to my stomach about Tyrion being forced to marry Sensa, but I’m super excited by the fact that Cersei’s smug ass is being forced to marry Loras. They sound like they could have a reality show: hub only likes men and wifey only has the hots for her twin brother.

    Lastly, I’m happy my favorite bastard got some love tonight. Robb’s a dish, but there’s just something about Jon Snow. I love him.

  10. Shannon2 says:

    I hate having watched the 1st 2 seasons and now attempting to read the books. it is fun and frustrating at the same time because I know some answers just not all. I have so many books to catch up on and still try and watch the good show. I really hope the Lannisters bite the big one because there is hardly any redeeming qualities about their house and the same with the Tyrells as from what I have read. I like the Starks, but they may be a bit naive since they have pretty much stayed up North for the last 15 years, so they know little of what is going on. I also like Dany and the Tulleys and would Like the Arryns is Lysa wasn’t so annoying. i better read faster. LOL

    I have a funny feeling there are a few maybe more Red Herrings regarding a lot of characters especially about Jon Snow. I also think Varys plays a lot in those Red Herrings because he seems to know way to much and tries to get people to do things with the knowledge to his own advantage and also so he does not have to do it himself.

    • Kathy Schuster says:

      I did same thing, saw 1st & 2nd seasons and read ASOS-ADWD…go back and read GOT & ACOK…too much info in the 1st book, all prophacies are in GOT, all historical flashbacks are too important to skip over. I’ve found it hard to retain all the information from later books and then go back to the series, should have started the books in order. Happy reading!

      • Shannon2 says:

        lol..Well my brother turned me on to the show and not expecting to like the show I said whatever and then I liked the show and have/had too many questions even reading the book is frustrating because I keep stopping questioning analyzing things etc.. I think Dany will be there at the end with her 3 dragons she seems to learn quickly and adapt when needs to. She has 3 dragons, so the other 2 riders have to have dragon/tangaryn blood in them right in order to ride and control the dragons? That leads me to believe the other two survivors in some way will have dragon blood in them. I am thinking Jon snow from what I am currently reading in GOT and what me know of Lyanna and Rhaegar etc.. The flashbacks do not make sense unless you equate those to Jon and then they do make sense and the others who know make sense why they would do what they did/do. My other has something to do with Varys because you never really know who side he is on or what he is playing at because he knows a lot but never acts. I am not sure to trust him or not. i am not sure why people trust littlefinger because I would not trust him with a ten foot pole because he does stuff for his own purpose. I was sad when Eddard trusted/confided in him and went against his instincts to not trust him.. A flashback is the day of sacking of kings landing.. some stuff do not make sense especially about the children of rhaegar.. I am assuming something was amiss with one of them?? I am thinking maybe a switch of some sort to place? but how and why? See too much questions/answers etc..

  11. Shannon2 says:

    The Flaming Sword prophecy may not be Stannis, but another. I just still get the feeling the Lord of Light plotline is too similar to Xena’s plot line with Dahak. Too many thoughts, too many questions. These are great books and glad I found something enjoyable to read again.

  12. Alice says:

    Poor, poor Arya. She has no manner of luck at all. The reunion I most want to see before the books end is Arya and Jon Snow., but the second most is Arya and Gendry. That, is, of course, if GRR Martin lets any of them live long enough.

    • Shannon2 says:

      I hope Gendry lives as well as Arya and it would be nice if they got together. Please give Sansa a brain..

      • Kevan says:

        Gendry’s probably 18 and Arya’s like 11 (or supposed to be). Them getting together – even later – is…no.

        • Shannon2 says:

          I was not speaking of now, but later maybe when she is old enough like 18-20. That is not a real big leap as a lot of people together have age gaps. I feel sorry for Sansa, but at the same tme all she has been through has not really taught her anything and she still tries to be the perfect lady. You can be a lady, but you can also use things to your advantage like the knowledge you possess. It seems like she does not look at all angles and open her eyes a little more. She sees things, but she does not act upon them. In the 1st book she sees Joffery has a liking for killing things, but she tells herself only in hunting and she is sure he was not part of certain things. Even when things are right in her face she rationalizes things and blames others like the scene at the lake where Joffery is taunting Mycah and Arya fights him. She blames her sister etc.. and refuses to blame anything on Joffery. She has to think that she might be a pawn in people’s schemes or sense something is not right. That is what i meant by getting a brain and that she cans till be a lady, but take control of things that she can control and keep a guard up realizing that she can use her position and her blood as a stark to her advantage. People think she is the last of her Family which if she realized she could use to her advantage.

      • inanob says:

        I gave up on that girl getting a brain. You’d think being around Cercei she’d learn something.. and all that has happened to her at kings landing she’d stop being naïve and take control.

        • sdp521 says:

          Sansa is a young girl who has lost everything. She watched her father beheaded. Knows her little brother has been crippled. Her mother and father are being sought out by her former betrothed and if caught will die as well. She has no idea if her sister is alive or dead and the last time they spoke wasn’t a warm fuzzy sister moment. she’s been abused by Joff. Her almost-mother-in-law was manipulative and abusive. She’s actually come along way from where she had started; if she falls for Maergery’s saccharin sweet, it’s not about being naive, per se. It’s about being a young, abused, girl hungry for what she’s lost. Give the kid a break. I think considering what she’s been through she’d doing remarkably well.

        • Sean C. says:

          Sansa doesn’t really have the capacity to “control” anything. She’s completely dependent on the kindness of strangers at this point, and none of those strangers are particularly kind.

        • Shannon2 says:

          Sansa has been through a lot yes, but the stuff she has been through should garnish her some lessons and not still trying to be the perfect lady. She should at least have her guard up since she does not really know anyone else.

      • Riddle says:

        If Sansa can be the lover of someone old enough to be her father as Littlefinger, I think Gendry can marry the 5 years younger Arya if he wants to (they are clearly taken with one another in the books). She’s not going to be a kid forever and we all know what happened to the last Baratheon who couldn’t marry the Stark he loved, Gendry and Arya better not end up like Robert and Lyanna.

  13. John A. Harnes says:

    Stannis’ neglected little girl is great! Are those Dragon scales on her face? I can’t wait to see the reaction when the warring Kings learns the Khaleesi doesn’t just have a completely loyal army but three dragons and she is coming as sure as Winter!

    • Leslie says:

      They didn’t mention the cause of Shireen’s disfigurement, but those aren’t dragon scales. As a baby she survived greyscale, which causes the skin to crack, flake, and feel like stone.

      That actress was really good.

  14. canadian ninja says:

    Isn’t Lady Olenna kind of owning everyone in every scene in every way. So far she’s being written as this flawless mastermind of wisdom and influence. So yeah, big wow she “wins” another conversation. A little shading of not-totally-awesome would be cool.

    • D says:

      That’s who the Queen of Thorns is. She’s witty and influential and wise, and knows when to speak and when to hold her tongue. She has made plenty of mistakes, I’m sure, but isn’t one to speak of them.

  15. Azerty says:

    Hey I have a quick question, why would ser Jorah Mormont inform the Great Council about Deanerys being alive and pregnant back in season 1? To be un-bannished and be allowed to come back to Westeros? I didn’t even remember he was the one who informed Robert about her. To me he has always been loyal to Daenerys and always wanted her to get on the iron throne. I didn’t read the book so maybe it will be explain later?

    Anyway great episode again! Robb clearly reminded me Joeffrey and his stuborness to kill someone who should have been kept as hostage despite their mothers’ (and everyobody’s else) opinion.

    • Randy says:

      Does anyone get the sense that the game os really being palyed by only two people and that these houses are all pieces to their game? I picture Littlefinger and Varys sitting on each side of the table using tokens thatthey favor to move around as they will with Varys using Stark, Tyrell, and Targarayn pieces and Littlefinger using Lannister and whatever family comes next. Like Vary said to the old lady when she said he did not like Littlefinger, “Oh no, I rather enjoy him”. The game … save the realm (Varys) or burn the realm (Littlefinger).

      • Snoozie says:

        Ha ha ha… The Varys / Littlefinger comment it so apt! Yeah, these two shadowy figures are definitely the two major players, whether the others realise it or not. But they are still reacting to the choices of other players a lot of the time – players like Tywin, who is a force to be reckoned with! It is just that they have more knowledge than everyone else, their reactions are faster/better/better informed, they are playing a longer game with longer moves and they are not the focus of attention so they get away with a lot more. I think they are both terribly important.

        • Shannon2 says:

          I got that feeling that these 2 were playing things from behind the scenes and doing things so certain people would react and they could move their pieces around. I think it was 1st hinted in the Game of Thrones book. Yet people tend to still trust them and they are quite well informed and can move to act. I do not think Varys knows littlefingers plan or end game, because Arya overheard Varys talking to someone in the tunnels and it stated he did not know what littlefinger was up to. I think people know something is up, but not sure what and really most are clouded with vengeance etc that they can not truly see what is going on. It clearly shows that these 2 know what buttons to press and what actions to take or what actions needs to be done.

    • Wayne13 says:

      You need to review season one then. He was Vary’s spy for Robert with the pardon being his reward. In S1 when Deanerys became pregnant he made a point to leave in a hurry (not divulging where he was going). Next we are in the kings counsel chamber and Robert is telling how he will not suffer a Targaryean being born into the world. Which led to Ned resigning from being hand and Jamie attacking him when he no longer possessed that power. There is also the scene when he saves Deanerys from the poisoned wine where he receives his pardon and realizes that an attempt will be made upon her.

      • Azerty says:

        Thank you I didn’t remember that. I should definitely watch season 1 again!

      • Snoozie says:

        Yeah Ser Jorah really just wants to go home in Season 1. He finds himself liking Dany despite himself, but he still informs against her. He ends up becoming quite conflicted and I think the turning point for him is really the moment when she brings the dragons to life and he realises what she has the potential to do and become.

    • PDiddily says:

      Also when they are in Qarth, The Lady Gaga looking psychic lady told him he was in love with her and asked if he would betray her again.

  16. I wasn’t planning on commenting but Kimberly, your recaps are just so much fun to read. What an absolute delight! It must be said.

    I thought this featured some amazing, strong performances – probably one of the best episodes in terms of character performance. I knew something was going on when Arya’s conversation with Beric and Thoros, recalling the memories of Ned Stark, almost made me tear up. There was just so much emotion in the voice of the little girl… And then we arrive at Jaime’s conversation with Brienne, which was just a force of nature. The layers that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was able to bring into his voice, the way he told his story was just riveting.

    The interaction between Shireen and her friend, the Onion Knight? It was just so good. “What are they going to do, lock us up in cells?” the little girl from one prison asks her friend in another, with a knowing smile. Perfect. Just perfect.

    • Maria says:

      I was about to say the same thing. This episode had probably some of the best acting (Jamie, Arya, Shireen). Far more needed character development than regular badassery and boobs (not that Dany’s big moment was not the coolest thing on GoT).
      Arya straight up makes me cry all the bloody time. Can’t stand Sansa. Even the actress seems to be rather daft in the interviews. Thank god Ygritte saves the redheads from being perceived as witless wonders.

  17. Maggie says:

    Robb Stark isn’t King of the North… he’s King in the North.

  18. sterf says:

    “like Chewbacca wandered into a soft-core flick and decided to make himself at home”
    That is so awesome (and totally dead-on!) Great recap.

  19. The Beach says:

    Wow…Littlefinger setting up his hooker boy with Loras. He really does have his little finger in every pie in town!

  20. fuzzydunlop says:

    “Maybe Podrick’s offering some kind of correspondence course” – This sentence absolutely made my day!!!

  21. Shannon2 says:

    Varys may seem creepy, but he knows a lot an although does not really act he kind of directs people to the right path and wants them to act to do what is best for the realm.. then again his words are slippery because he states one thing and smooth as butter states another in the same sentence such as in the GOT book when he talks to Eddard about who he should have sent to the Mountain stating it would be wise to make friends with the Tyrells..

  22. Totally looking forward to the next few episodes. So much more to come.