Smash Recap: About Last Nightcap...

Smash Season 2 Jeremy JordanThis week on Smash, the last few holdouts finally realize Jimmy is the WORST, Hit List‘s Broadway prospects dim and Tom & Julia: The Sitcom looks closer to cancellation. Oh, and the episode ends with two shocking developments — one very sexy and one involving somebody getting hit by a car.

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Here’s how it all played out:

JIMMY FINISHES HIS “ALIENATE EVERYONE!” TOUR | Here’s the week in Jimmy (aka The TV Character I’d Most Enjoy Seeing Mauled by a Rogue Pack of Dingos): He shows up late for rehearsals, misses a New York magazine cover shoot (which means the Hit List story gets relegated to an inside spread), staggers with utter obnoxiousness out of a cab with a pair of party girls just as said shoot ends, busts in on Sam as he auditions to be his Hit List understudy, and then, after learning Sam used to be a Bombshell chorus guy, drops this infuriating bit of egomania: “Then he should probably audition for the ensemble of Hit List and not my part!” (Wait, wasn’t Jimmy a waiter with no actual stage experience up until like A MONTH AGO???) It gets worse, though: When Derek drops the “good news” that he’s cast Sam, “so the next time you go on a bender, the show won’t suffer,” Jimmy responds in his standard douche fashion: “No, only the audience.”

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But wait! There’s more! On the biggest night of Hit List‘s run — where multiple important producers are attending with an eye on moving the show to Broadway — Jimmy shows up way late (a mere 10 minutes before curtain), gets high, and misses multiple cues — culminating with his failure to catch Karen during a pivotal fall and leaving her with an injured, possibly sprained wrist. And then he storms out of the theater as if he’s some kind of wronged party. At the afterparty, when Kyle drops the very predictable news that Derek is having Jimmy fired, Jimmy climbs onto the bar, reveals Kyle’s affair with Tom in front of Lighting Guy, ridicules his costar, his director and his writing partner, and screeches, “I’m the only one that did anything anyway!” I know that much of Season 2 of Smash has presented Jimmy as a flawed character who’s got a hurt, decent center under his brat-beast exterior, but I feel like he’s finally the border into the Land of the Unredeemable. When Karen and Ana tell Kyle that it’s time to cut Jimmy off, not even his oldest and dearest friend can argue against their logic.

KAREN FINALLY WAKES UP AND SMELLS THE CHEMISTRY | Right at the end of the episode, Karen (who seems to be realizing Ana isn’t a rival, just a good friend who keeps it real) finds herself as one of the last two Hit Listers at the afterparty. “If I have another drink, I’ll probably do something I regret in the morning,” says Derek, the only other one at the bar. And that’s when Karen does what I’ve wanted her to do for the last 26 episodes or so. “Two more, please,” she says winkingly, and later, she’s all, “Are you gonna walk me home or what?” YES! We know what that means. Or we sure hope we know what that means. Cartwills-a-wahh-wahh. They better not skimp on some on-screen smoochey/PG-13ness next week!

HIT LIST STUMBLES | All of Broadway’s top producers arrive (with some planning by Derek and Scott) to watch a Hit List performance where Jimmy isn’t fully on his game. But while eveyone loves it, no one is sure that’s it’s got “uptown moneymaker” potential. Sly publicist Agnes makes sure to sneak into one producer convo, and note, “There’s edge and then there’s cliff.” By episode’s end, Derek and Scott are pretty sure their off-Broadway smash isn’t going to be dropping its “off” anytime this season.

KYLE HAS A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE AUTOMOTIVE KIND | Kyle (who apparently cheated on Lighting Guy with Tom on three occasions!) ends the episode by packing Jimmy’s things into a sack and dropping said sack off at Jimmy’s drug dealer brother’s place. The whole time he’s singing a “last goodbye” ditty while being lit very strangely. And then, all distraught over his decision, he — screeeeeeeeeeeeeeech — walks right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Or at least that’s what the cliffhanger would have us believe. Pinocchio can’t die, though, right? I mean, he just became a real character like two weeks ago!

TOM AND JULIA TAKE THEIR SPAT PUBLIC | Tom finds out via Eileen that not only is Julia proceeding without him on their Great Gatsby adaptation, but that the project is no longer a musical, and so far along that Scott Nichols has announced it to the Manhattan Theater Workshop board. (Whoops!) When Julia considers reneging on Scott out of loyalty to Tom, he hot new boyfriend makes a good point: “It’s simple: He lost his [City of Angels] directing gig and now he’s scrambling.” (Of course, Scott needs Hit List to go to Broadway — or score a huge Gatsby hit — to avoid losing his job, so it’s not like he’s impartial.) Tom, though, makes a good point, too: Julia optioned Gatsby in their joint company name. A public Q&A moderated by Ivy Lynn goes badly awry, and embarrassing. And when Julia begs Tom to let her pursue the project because it’s “the first thing that’s made me happy in years,” he drops a bombshell on their partnership: “Thank you so much: we have our answer.” Ouch. I hate when these two fight. Even if they’re not going to team up on their next project, do they have to not be besties? (Also, here’s an easy solution: Tom should direct Julia’s Gatsby adaptation. There! Crisis solved! Friendship saved! You’re welcome!) Also, in related news, Bombshell ticket sales are up after an Ivy Lynn-led P.R. onslaught that forced us to see Kathie Lee Gifford dressed in a Marilyn wig.

MUSIC! | Karen delivered a really great number — “Don’t Let Me Know” — in which her character takes a song from its birth to the studio and onto the big stage, but also had her pondering the idea that cutting off Jimmy would be easier if she knew he was truly deeply bad. We also saw Hit List’s closing number — maybe titled “Come, Stay, Goodbye” and centerted on Amanda’s death scene — but it was so corny I just couldn’t take it on.

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Is Kyle dead? Are you excited about Karen-Derek? Bummed about Tom-Julia? Distraught over Kyle-Lighting Guy? And wouldn’t everything have been better with more Ivy Lynn singing? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joe says:

    KAREN FINALLY WAKES UP AND SMELLS THE CHEMISTRY | Right at the end of the episode, Karen (who seems to be realizing Ana isn’t a rival, just a good friend who keeps it real) finds herself as one of the last two Hit Listers at the afterparty. “If I have another drink, I’ll probably do something I regret in the morning,” says Derek, the only other one at the bar. And that’s when Karen does what I’ve wanted her to do for the last 26 episodes or so. “Two more, please,” she says winkingly, and later, she’s all, “Are you gonna walk me home or what?” YES! We know what that means. Or we sure hope we know what that means. Cartwills-a-wahh-wahh. They better not skimp on some on-screen smoochey/PG-13ness next week!

    Man, I love you. TOTALLY GPOY!!!! hahahaha

    • Kelli Samson says:

      I too have been waiting for those 26 episodes – – for Karen and Derek to get together. Throughout both seasons, this one relationship has been so dynamic, has had so much passion, and is so important to Smash that I have not been able to let go of hoping that they will become romantically involved. He is handsome, she is talented, beautiful, and charming, and sooooo many fans have been waiting for this important event to occur. So now, of course, I am wondering just where the writer’s are taking us now. I didn’t see any evidence of romance in the sneak previews for next Saturday – – but I sure hope so – – I am just dying for something romantic to happen between the two of them!!!!!!

      • Mary says:

        I too have been waiting for this but would have liked it more if Derek was not Karen’s rebound. They look so perfect together and their chemistry is out of this world. Katharine is so beautiful and talented and Jack so dashing and handsome.

      • There was tension…like a lover’s spat in the preview for next week!!! That’s how I see it at least…and I think its all because of Daisy AND it just shows a love square (Derek, Karen, Ivy & Daisy) lol…so it does focus on romance…whose??…is left to be seen! I’m counting on it being Cartwills :)

    • Elliott says:

      I have a feeling Kyle’s death will put a damper on their potential moonlight canoodling. Blame it on the invention of the cellphone.

    • Karen says:

      They cannot get together! The chemistry between the two of them is something beyond sexual. It is magical. It is like if they sleep together, it will kill the whole “muse’ idea and the magic will be gone. After all, anyone can have sex, but only the extraordinary can have the ability to be a muse. And that is what frustrates Ivy so much, the fact that she does not have the magic of Karen. So, you have Derek and Karen sleep together, and the entire premise of the show is gone! Is this too hard to understand?

    • Sebastian says:

      Why did u repeat this? Is it not printed above In the article?

  2. lmao this is hilarious. About damn time Karen!

  3. ABBY says:

    I have the entire second season of Smash recorded and as I’ve been unsure about watching it I’ve been reading the recaps anyway and I’m wondering is this show now 80% the new musical and 20% Bombshell? It seems every single week there’s five paragraphs on the people involved in the new musical and one brief one connected to the old musical (which is where Ivy seems to be who was IMO this shows best character).
    I think I’ll be deleting without watching.

    • slizabeth says:

      I wouldn’t give up on it. It’s still pretty balanced, especially since there are lots of connections between the two musicals. They’re competitors now, so that’s some added drama. It’s not as bad as it seems. Bombshell hasn’t changed much, that’s why there’s a lot of exposition on Hit List (the new musical).

      • Josh says:

        Really? I’ve seen every episode but the last two but it hasn’t been balanced at all. I’ve heard last week was pretty Bombshell heavy(and was called the season’s best) and this week is Hit List heavy(which most weeks are).

        • Chloe says:

          You’re right. Most of the season has been balanced toward Hit List & that idiot, Jimmy. For the most part, I’ve hated this season & have been bored to death. And if Hit List wasn’t bad enough, we had to suffer through that God-awful thing that Ivy was in [Liasons].

          But last week’s episode was terrific Lots of Bombshell and Ivy. If only every episode was like that. I much preferred Season 1. Watching Bombshell develop was fun; watching Hit List makes me want to put a hit out on the writers.

          • Josh says:

            “Hit List” is too much…We keep hearing about how awesome it is, it’s “The Next Rent” but also “COMPLETELY ORIGINAL” and Jimmy, the most unlikable character on TV, is called a genius and we’re supposed to root for him and this play. Yet while the songs are catchy(though melodramatic) that’s it. They’re like music videos…I like hearing them but overall I have no attachment towards the play…unlike with Bombshell, where I am attached and I do care what happens to do everyone involved. But Safran doesn’t like Bombshell because it wasn’t his…so he’s destroying it from the inside out, while “Hit List” is being held on a pedestal because it was “his”…

            I just don’t get why NBC hired someone who took over a show(Gossip Girl) and made it worse(according to all fans). I just don’t get the logic in that.

        • Markus says:

          “Balanced” = equal time given to both musicals. If one episode is “Bombshell”-heavy and one is “Hit List”-heavy, how is that not balanced? Overall, we’ve gotten plenty of both shows.

      • dan says:

        I would say watch it, but if you do delete, at least you will be spared the horror that is Jimmy. He makes me want to watch a show about Ellis and his less likable friends and family.

    • Ryan Orange says:

      It makes sense to have a second musical. By the end of season 1 we had seen about 70% of bombshell’s songs performed. There have been a few new Bombshell numbers this season but most Bombshell performances were either Karen singing songs we had seen Ivy sing last season or the opposite. Unless you are writing an infinitely long musical or constantly reworking it its just not enough material. That said Hit List is awful, its a good idea, but poorly executed, and should not have been written by the same composers as Bombshell’s music. Bombshell is very broadway, which is great and Hit List is trying to be as edgy and cool as Rent or Spring Awakening, but it just comes off as “What if the guys who did Hairspray tried to write Rent” and that’s exactly what it is.

      • Ann says:

        There was a different duo who wrote the music for Hit List, it’s not the same people who wrote the music for Bombshell.

  4. Elliott says:

    Wasn’t Hit List supposed to be sung-through, meaning no dialogue? They made a big plot point of that several episodes ago.

    Jeremy Jordan’s acting for Jimmy’s pathetic speech on top of that bar was downright amateurish. And for someone totally wasted Jimmy sure got down from that bar with enormous grace!

    And, oh yeah, RIP Kyle.

    • Ann says:

      I don’t think he was drunk. He was high during the show though…that’s not the same as being drunk.

      • Elliott says:

        I referred to him as being wasted, that means drugs, no? I didn’t write that he was drunk.

        • Will says:

          Wasted is typically used primarily in reference to alcohol, though you’re right. Strung-out, stoned, even blitzed would probably have been a better word choice, but really anyone with a brain could tell what you meant, given that the guy clearly has a coke problem and not so much a drinking one.

  5. Madeline says:

    I finally woke up and realized that Jimmy is TERRIBLE!!!!! I totally freaked out at the end though because Kyle is my absolute FAVORITE character. He CANNOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Karen says:

      I think we can all agree that “Jimmy” has got to go! He sucks! The worst idea and casting that I think I have seen in the history of my television viewing. I mean, really. You get rid of the fantastic character like Dev, and attempt to replace him with that?! BRING DEV BACK! Have him attempt to win Karen back. He is adorable! I love to love him! After you get rid of the worst part of the show, “Jimmy”, and fire whoever decided to make that part of the show, then drop this whole “Rent” reincarnation and go back to the oh so original Bombshell, and all will be well in Broadway land! See, problem solved!

    • Lauren says:

      Awesome. Someone else who loves Kyle. He’s my favorite too. It was great to hear him sing.

  6. slizabeth says:

    The preview made it seem like things between Karen and Derek are not going to be smooth sailing… and that made me sad. I’m finally on the Karen/Derek train.

    Karen was actually leading lady material tonight! I’m happy that she’s taking control (again?).

    • Mike says:

      A preview!!! This is the first preview NBC has shown in weeks. Should help connect the episodes and bring the viewers back.

    • Gillian says:

      I’m hoping that when Derek says that he hasn’t handled things well in the past, he is referencing other women and not wanting to make the same mistake with Karen. That would mean trying to work on a relationship with her long term, which I’ve wanted for a very long time. Im just not sure the writers have it in then to tackle a Cartwills relationship (they have forced Karen & Jimmy on us, much to the detriment of the series). I will say that Smash has improved dramatically in the last two episodes, and finally resembles the awesome show of last season. I hope this series with so much potential can have a proper sendoff.

  7. Hellen Koufakis says:

    based on the promo for next week’s smash, it appears that Kyle really has been killed off. I certainly hope not as lately I really came to adore his character. On the offside, him singing the last goodbye song…was quite a moving moment. My heart truly broke for him.

    • Ann says:

      I think he dies. And HitList makes it to Broadway because of his death because producers see a way to milk the show for money off his death….ala Jonathan Larson dying before Rent made it to Broadway.

      • Josh says:

        Ick…just horrible and depressing. It’s sad but as bad as it was last season, at least Smash was more entertaining. Sure it was a train wreck but it was at least fun to watch. This season is not good and not fun to watch so…what’s left besides singing Megan Hilty do amazing things with a song?

        • Nancy says:

          This show has a top-notch cast, a delicious basic concept, and really dreadful writers who don’t seem to have a clear, overall vision of the show at all. Shame on them for having brought the show to the point where they felt they had to “jump the shark” not once, but twice: once with Bernadette Peters and once with Lisa Minnelli. They have almost “catapulted over the whale” with the whole horrible Jimmy plot line. What a waste of good actors and a great idea.

      • Jim McD says:

        God, that’s horrible. I hope they don’t do that. Wow.

      • Yvonne says:

        My thoughts EXACTLY!

    • Jay _Klein says:

      Andy Mienkis’ IMDB listing only shows him up until this episode. Guess, like Dobby who sacrificed himself for Harry Potter, Kyle Bishop dies so “Hit List” will live.

    • Christy says:

      Yeah. :/ I really liked him.

  8. Smooshiest says:

    What’s really crazy is that I just went back and rewound and the scene with Kyle and the car didn’t seem to make it to air. Glad I read the recap before next week’s episode because I would’ve been totally baffled.

  9. I don’t think it was corny at all. I loved it. The Hit List musical numbers were the highlight of the show.
    I’m not that excited about Derrick and Karen. I was actually holding out hope for Karen and Jimmy. I was hoping against hope that he would get it together. :-( I’m still hanging on to the hope that he can redeem himself. Karen PLEASE don’t sleep with Derrick EW! Where did that come from anyway? I always had the impression that Karen wasn’t attracted to Derrick and was put off by his philandering ways. He was just pining over Ivy not five minutes before Karen sat down. Now all of a sudden it’s “Are you going to walk me home or what?” –Really?
    Ivy was gorg. as usual. I admire the fact that she’s strong enough to let Derrick go. Who needs him!? Girl POWER! Not looking forward to the Karen/Ivy drama that is bound to ensue, though.
    I hope Kyle lives. Maybe his near death (fingers crossed) will be the reason Jimmy comes around.
    I’m heartbroken and the Tom/Julia split. You propose a really good idea btw about Tom directing Gatspy.
    Sigh. I’m still processing this episode and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. … It kind of left me going, wait… what??? All in all I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to next week. Smash is awesome!

    • fantod says:

      Derek went back to Ivy after she became the star of “Bombshell” again. He was with her when she was Marilyn the first time and dropped her when Karen got the part. Before that, he was focusing on Karen when she was Marilyn and then when she became the star of “Hit List.” When “Bombshell” was temporarily shut down, he told Karen he hoped she found something else and walked away from her. He’s totally shallow and not good enough for her (but definitely a step up from a lying drug addict). I bet we find out she left him on the steps when she went up to her apartment alone — or tells him it was just a one-night-only rebound incident.

      • Josh says:

        I’d sort of like to have seen Karen by herself. She’s gone from Dev to Jimmy to Derek…It sort of makes her seem weak and needy. So solo Karen just hanging with her girlfriends(including Ivy and Ana) would have been nice.

      • Nan says:

        I totally agree with you. Derek is not someone you want a person you like to be with. He’s incapable of being faithful. I’d like Karen to put her career first and not have a steady boyfriend.

      • AngieD says:

        Derek was focused on Karen as his creation IMHO. He broke it off with Ivy partly because of her being too clingy and also because he slept with Rebecca Duvall. I don’t think anything will happen between Karen and Derek during their walk home because neither really wants the other.

    • sherryl swann says:

      I feel exactly the same as you and I hope Karen and Jimmy get back together..Jimmy will be fine if she doesn’t reject his every move. He just needs to be loved!!!

    • sherryl says:

      I feel the same as Lytasha

  10. *about the Tom/Julia split

  11. Caro says:

    So excited about Derek and Karen! It’s about time! I’ve been waiting since the beginning of S1 for them to get together! Sick of Jimmy and his shenanigans! Feeling so sorry for poor Kyle! I hope he makes it! They should have had the car hit Kathie Lee instead – she was awful! Julia needs to go do Gatsby and tell Tom to drop dead! Bombshell…who cares? I want to see Hitlist on Broadway!

  12. Mick says:

    So Smash is really trying to force the connection between Rent/ Hit List. To the point in which the creator dies? Way to be subtle guys.

    • Josh says:

      Really? Didn’t know one of the creators died…wow, Hit List(and the show) just keeps getting worse. It’s like when it focuses on Bomshell it’s at it’s best(last week was very heavy on the Bombshell) while Hit List episodes are just bad. Too bad Safran thinks his project is the bettero ne.

  13. Kelly says:

    I LOVE this how and I have from the beginning!!! I like Jimmy’s character just thought they would bring him to the good….and I would totally go see Hit List on broadway!!! Karen and Derek….about time!

  14. kavyn says:

    Last week’s episode was phenomenal. This week’s episode was just horrible. And seriously, killing off Kyle when Jimmy is universally hated? There’s pretty much no way to redeem his god-awful character by the series finale.

    Hit List was so boring…

    • Elliott says:

      I agree 100%. This was a truly horrible episode. Hit List looks like a pretentious piece of doo doo. I suppose Jimmy will use Kyle’s death to hold on to his job? And we have yet to see the Derek/Daisy hook-up fallout.

    • mar says:

      HIT LIST will be amazing when we get to see all of it! love the music and apparently so do many others- these songs are selling alot on iTunes!!

  15. Josh says:

    Some of this episode was good but some of it was pretty bad and way too soapy(anything with the Hit List duo…I mean seriously, Jimmy is beyond repair and Kyle getting hit by a car was like “WTF am I watching?”…And again too much focus on Hit List(Safran’s ego project which will find its way to Broadway, Tony awards and acclaim), not enough focus on Bombshell(whcih Safran will make “bomb”) and I hate what’s happen to Tom and Julia, the show’s best relationship.

  16. Michael says:

    Great show tonight, as always. Keep the story lines coming.

  17. Carola says:

    I really really hope KAREN/ DEREK hook up! YES! BTW I really hope the show actually shows a makeout scene at the very least.. It´s about time! Don´t waste that chemistry Smash!
    Really hope this is the beginning of Karen exploring some feelings towards Derek too.
    Aww cannot wait for next week! I am so excited..
    Karen finally sees the light! Derek is your guy, not Jimmy!

  18. Kay says:

    Tonight’s episode made me realize it’s a good thing this show is getting cancelled.

    • Elliott says:

      I wouldn’t go that far but I’m tired of yelling at my TV at this show for getting it so needlessly wrong so often. Ivy would NOT get invited to be on Leno a few weeks after Bombshell opened. Ivy would NOT host a q&a on Bombshell (what, Michael Riedel or an actual theater journalist wasn’t available?). Marisa Tomei in a musical? Of Moonstruck? Does she even sing? No. So that’s a very lazy joke. And Jimmy would be facing charges by Actors Equity for his potentially dangerous behavior during a performance, not heading to Broadway. Ai yi yi.

      • I totally disagree. With “ivy’s” figure and singing and a famous Mom, she most certainly would be on Leno.
        I am from LA and worked in the main casting building for many production companies. Trust me she would be on the talk shows.

        • Elliott says:

          Uhhh, sorry, but I don’t trust you by your unconvincing post and it WOULDN’T HAPPEN. Not so soon after the show has opened, anyway. The Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Today show…yes. Leno? No. Absolutely not.

          • layla says:

            This is the thing you find unbelievable? Not the claims that Hit List is edgy or the million other silly things on this show.

  19. I feel so bad for Kyle, how did a douche like Ellis get to run off with a bunch of money, but this poor guy gets killed right when he’s coming into his own. I hate when shows kill off my favorite gay characters; This is just how i felt when Renly died on GOT.
    Also, I hate Tom now, he’s becoming just like Derrek and being the fun snatcher police of everyone else’s party. It’s sad this show is going for good, but hopefully they will go with a bang.

  20. Toia says:

    Just when I was starting to like Kyle. At least his parents are in town to ID the body. They want hit list to be RENT so hard don’t they it’s sad, that’s why they where waiting to show anything from the show. That final number was just bad, I’m sure they didn’t intend for me to giggle a little at it.

    As usual Jimmy is just awful. I mean they must have A copy of Dummy’s Guide to Writing a Bad Boy; everything is just so over the top about the writing and acting.

    And can we talk about Eileen! Is she really THAT person! She is entertaining that idea. She got herself in all that financial trouble with Bombshell. It makes perfect sense to produce 2 shows when you have no money lets play with that idea for a while. Do the writers no like women or do they have a limit on how many women they can have on the show that think in a logic way at one time.

  21. Angel says:

    I see the similarity between the style of Hit List and the style of RENT, but did they have to go and kill Kyle. Seriously, to me, a huge RENTHEAD, I feel that Smash just dishonored Jonathan Larson’s memory by doing that. The producers of RENT weren’t trying to get anything from Jonathan’s death, they were trying to honor him by making sure the brilliant show he wrote got seen. Yeah Jimmy makes a comment in the preview about wanting a Tony for Kyle, but I don’t think they should use Kyle’s death to take the show to Broadway. RENT didn’t, it was scheduled to open on Broadway before Jonathan died. Smash, you suck for being disrespectful. The only good thing about this episode was the possible Karen/Derrick hook up.

    • Will says:

      Y’know, if the show portrays the broadway producers as the money-grubbing opportunists that they are, it really isn’t disrespectful of the show to engage a parallel that then is used by money-grubbing characters to make money. It’s natural, like including racists in the deep south in the 1950s-60s. It wouldn’t be the show being disrespectful, it’d be the characters within the show. This is a disconnect I’ve seen a lot recently – people claiming traits of a show that are really only traits of the characters they’ve written into the show. People are so insulted at the audacity of an idea even being included in a show that they say the show was wrong or disrespectful or racist or sexist or x-phobic instead of understanding the difference between the two.

      • Angel says:

        Who writes the characters that you say are the ones being disrespectful? The writers are apart of the show, therefore the show, even though they were trying to honor Jonathan Larson in some way, are doing it wrong, and it seems disrespectful. Business is business, it is sad that Hollywood has to use a death of someone, or any other means necessary to win. I think the show should’ve stayed away from the parallels, and tried to be more original in their writing and ideas. Don’t use a real life tragedy as a creative mechanism. That is already overdone on Law and Order.

  22. Bull says:

    I have no opinion on this.

  23. Karen says:

    What was with that whole Kathie Lee thing?! Can i just say Cheeeeeese! What is she, like 80?! And she is just so irrelevant, especially to the target audience! Is the show really that desperate? They would have gotten more bang for their buck if they would have brought Dev back! Drop the silliness like Kathie Lee Gifford! I mean, it was not entertaining, ruined Twentieth Century Fox, which was one of the highlights of last season, and was frankly a waste of time. Think about how having Karen, or maybe even Ivy run into Dev on the street, or something like that, would make waiting out the week for the next episode, almost unbearable. You missed the boat on the Kathie Lee decision NBC!

    • Not a huge Kathie Lee fan but yes that made sense to me. Ivy was on the PR trail and Kathie Lee is a morning talk show host. That fit.

      • Kalina says:

        *LOL* about “target audience”. Errr.. I’m Kathie Lee’s age. I thought that was scene was stupid funny!
        BTW, I’m anti-Jimmy too, but I don’t feel the same as the majority about the Derek/Karen connection. Icky. Actually I don’t like Karen. Yeh, bring back Dev and Bollywood…hehe.

        I recorded the show and it cut off before the end. Now I have to wait for NBC to post the video. Poor Kyle!! I seriously thought JIMMY would shoot himself or OD. SO UNFAIR!

    • Ann says:

      To be fair, Smash airs on NBC and Kathie Lee is host of the fourth hour of the Today show on NBC. I don’t watch the Today show so I don’t know who the female host of it is, but I do know who Kathie Lee Gifford is….

    • AngieD says:

      I’m gonna guess that this was cross-promotional. Kathie Lee likely interviewed Megan Hilty and others on the Today show and she appeared on SMASH. At least it fits into the storyline of Ivy et al doing everything they can to promote SMASH the broadway show. It was mentioned that Ivy was tired from doing the performances + appearing on late night talk shows + getting up early for the Kathie Lee interview, etc.

  24. Katie says:

    I think I’m literally the only one who doesn’t want Derek to get with Karen. He’s like way older than her. Talk about gross. At least Jimmy’s in her age range. He’s also hot. Just saying. Jimmy’s just dealing with things in his own way because he lost Karen. I love them together!! There so cute! My bet is that he’ll redeem himself and they’ll get back together. Oh and in so sad that Kyle’s dead. And he is because he’s only in 13 episode this season where Jimmy’s in 17 ( look it up on IMDB). I really don’t understand why you think this shows so awful, it’s one of the better shows that’s come out. Every thing else on tv has already been done. Smash is an original. And that’s why it should stay. The only reason it’s really gonna get cancelled is because they don’t promote it and they moved it to Saturdays. They should have left it where it was, the last episode before they moved it had the most viewers since the season premiere. Sorry, just had to get some stuff out there.

    • See my comment below, you are not the only one! :)

    • Nan says:

      I don’t want Karen to be with Derek either but your comment that he is too old for her makes me laugh because McPhee’s real life husband is quite a bit older than Jack Davenport.

    • AngieD says:

      I don’t want Derek + Karen either. Jack Davenport has had great chemistry with all of Derek’s conquests. However, I don’t think Karen has chemistry with Derek. I’ve never felt as though Karen has ever felt or wanted Derek in that capacity – or even thought of it – even when she was coming on to him at the end of this episode.

      • Erika says:

        I agree. Every time Karen’s around him it just feels like she’s doesn’t know what to do. She’s never really given the indication that she’d be interested in being with him. She’s spent a lot of time awkwardly sidestepping him when he’s made passes at her, which is why I think that ending was somewhat of smokescreen. I don’t know that they’ll necessarily hook up. They might kiss, but I think that’s as far as it’ll go.

  25. AB says:

    *sigh* Smash. Too little too late.

  26. I thought it was weird when kyle started singing at the end. Have we ever heard him sing before? Plus it felt so awkward Though I did like the song. Also yes it seems like he just became a real character recently.I have hated Jimmy from the git so glad he got fired, except… he obviously turns it around, (gag) because they were all sitting around in the previews looking good and he said I have to do this for Kyle.
    (The Tony’s) hmmmm so also they must get to Broadway somehow…
    I agree with some other comments, I love the friendship between Karen and Derek. That relationship sizzles and is fun, but not if they get together.
    I know this show is all over the place but I have truly enjoyed every episode and I am going to miss it very much. It is like a super fun soap opera about theater and the hard life of theater. That is does pretty well, even though the success has moved fast for us as viewers. Also it has been fun to have something to watch on a Sat night.

    • Et. Al. says:

      He sang a number while walking once before, but he had his headphones on so it felt more natural, but I actually loved it. It made me realize I wish there was a series that was a real musical where people just burst into song. I’m tired of this Chicago idea of musicals that every song has to be practical or a fantasy.

  27. Et. Al. says:

    That closing number of Hit List was great musically. Maybe the ensemble was a bit corny. I think this show is getting fantastic. It’s a pity they had that psychotic woman as show runner last year. The cast is so talented and this year the stories are good. I have to wonder what might have been. Oh well. I’ll love the show until the end.

  28. Allyson says:

    Yes, excited about Karen and Dereck! It was about time these two hooked up. Now, Jimmy is certaintly going to win the worst guy in world award for being such a duche and self-sabotaging Hit List. Not just threatening his career, but for the rest of the cast with his drugged up performance. Why couldn’t he get hit by the cat instead of Kyle. Ugh, I love Kyle. Such a sweet guy. I do appericate Smash returning to season 1 with more singing in tonight’s episode! Thank you! Poor Ivy, sometimes being a star in a Broadway musical can be exhausting with all the PR work for it. As far as Tom and Julia is concerned, Tom was being a brat. He told Juila that he was going to direct. What is she going to do? Stop working for 6 months?! No indeed! She has a career to think about. No way she could treat Scott the same way she treated him 15 years prior. I was losing a bit respect for her if she went through with that plan. Tom needs to realize you can’t get everything you want. Why they all 3 work together or have Tom direct Great Gatsby. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I think they said Scott was going to direct. But the way to solve the legal issue is to have Scott produce, Julia write and Tom direct. Plus, even as a play, wouldn’t there possibly be some music in Gatsby?

      • Mark says:

        No, only as a ridiculous Baz Luhrmann movie will there be music in Gatsby even when it’s not a musical. There would certainly be no music in a play version.

  29. says:

    I am not a Karen fan. Love Ivy. . . Karen is somewhat blaw, no personality! Down right boring. I think Ivy is giving Derek some of his own medicine. Ivy was “crazy over Derek” and he just used her for his pleasures. If Karen and Derek get together it’s a rebound for each. Karen because of Jimmy and Derek because Ivy is giving him the cold shoulder. If they get together it won’ t feel good. . . Kind of icky and juvenile. Kyle’s accident will make Jimmy get back on board. Next weeks previews appear to make it look like Kyle was killed.

  30. Its sad because the show has a good cast but also has some of the worst writing.
    The forced dramatic moments, and messed up story lines make this an example of what not to do as a writer.
    And as stated above the writers took Jimmy who was only a self taught drug addict song writer, and gave him the skill set over night to play a lead in a musical, that was insane.
    But even more then giving him dancing, singing, acting skills, they also had him play himself, WHO THE HECK WANTS TO RELIVE THEIR OWN DRAMA ON STAGE EVERY NIGHT !

    • Erika says:

      Couldn’t agree more about the cast and the writing. Such a disappointment thinking about what some of them could’ve done with some good writing.

  31. A says:

    The way Eileen was looking at The Hit List pamphlet, I think she’s definitely gonna be involved in it somehow.
    Tom was acting like a serious douche this episode. She asked for him first but he turned her down. Why should she have to wait 6 months for him?

    • Elliott says:

      The Daisy drama is yet to play out. I think the show messed up and played the trailer for two episodes or even three episodes from now.

  32. layla says:

    I’m surprised people are excited about Karen and Derek. He was chasing Ivy and would be with her if she returned his calls. When Derek showed up at Ivy’s birthday after Karen rejected him Divy shippers were disappointed.

  33. danoregon says:

    After finally seeing more of Hit List than a few snippets, I tend to agree that I doubt it could fill a theater where seats go for $80 a pop. It reminds me of those indy movies that critics love but when you do see it, you wonder what the fuss is about.
    If nothing else, at least Smash got to film a “The More You Know…” spot.

  34. random user says:

    so what happened to “you’re a bitter old man and I don’t think we should work together again”? what changed? “hit list” might no be her big break so she is back to flirting with derek? after sort of implying last week that she wouldn’t hook up with him even if she wasn’t seeing jimmy?
    “hit list” is edgy? too dark? with people jumping on stage in the end?

  35. Babygate says:

    Wow, after airing one of the best episodes of the entire series we get treated to this muck of an episode. This show has plenty of flaws, but I had never seen an episode this bad. The only decent scene was Ivy Lynn’s song. Jimmy is beyond redemption. The entire episode I kept screaming ‘who wrote this crap? Every character was mangled tonight. Instead of spending sometime on Bombshell, Ivy was relegated to the role of PR agent trying to sell the show in every possible venue. That interview with Tom and Julia was ridiculous. The way they just went after each other was catty and unprofessional. Completely redefined the dynamics of their relationship. For the first time ever I wanted to slap Tom. He specifically said he wanted to direct. Didn’t want to be involved in Gatsby and now he’s demanding to be allowed back in. And Julia was almost dumb enough to fall for it. The songs on Hitlist were formulaic, uninspiring and corny. Kyle singing down the street made me.laugh. it was like a bad MTV video until he got hit by the car and then I got pissed because I like Kyle a lot. Worst of all, Karen hitting on green-old man Derek who Ivy finally had the sense to dump. Just last week Karen was pining after Jimmy. Talk about moving fast. Theirs is not a love story, its a lust story. Gross.

  36. Worried about Kyle, Whitney says:

    I hope Kyle is ok!!!!!! On the preview of the next episode after the show, it showed a picture of Kyle and writing and stuff and then Jimmy said something like “Not for me, for Kyle” or something and AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’m just, like Ugh!! Like, heavy breathing!!! Blehhhh!!!! I just wish Jimmy hadn’t screwed things up! Also did you notice that in the preview for the next episode, the only showing of Kyle was in the weird picture writing thing that seemed like he was dead or something?!?! Please don’t kill off Kyle! I love him! Blehhhh!!!! Plus what was that whole thing about changing the opening number of Bombshell to a strip club? Whaaaaa?!?!?

  37. Singing_gal says:

    “A last goodbye ditty”?!?!? C’mon Michael, that was “last goodbye” by Jeff Buckley, a pretty freakin’ gorgeous and by this time, almost classic song (20 years old next year…). You’re usually on top of it! And to everyone else- if you don’t know the original, find it and listen to it…stat. Your ears will thank you.

  38. Dani says:


  39. Viv says:

    Oh, i hate it, that tom und julia are fighting :( BUT… on the Bombshell soundtrack they sing a duett together, that wasn´t in the show yet so… i hope the best.

  40. Anna says:

    Why couldn’t Jimmy walk in front of a car – preferably with Karen driving? That would create an equal amount of drama AND get rid of terrible, terrible Jimmy at the same time!

    • Ann says:

      That would have been an awesome idea. Karen driving home drunk with Derek in the car. Jimmy gets his and killed. Get rid of Jimmy. Put Karen behind bars. Get rid of the two worst characters on the show. Viewers learn a lesson. Make MADD happy.

  41. LaDonna A. says:

    Promotional photos for the next 2 episodes appear to show Kyle alive and living with Tom?? Am I seeing those right??

    • Nut says:

      I saw those. I’m thinking flashbacks? Andy Mientus tweeted that next week’s episode his fave of the season. Doubt he’d say that if he didn’t appear in it!

  42. Cortis says:

    I liked that Karen was just so f&#ked off with jimmy the entire episode, in a kind of “wtf was I even thinking” kind of way, lol! Sadly when Kyle dies I fear she’s gonna go back to him and stop him throwing himself off a bridge or smtg! And as much as I’ve been rooting for cartwills all along, I didn’t want it to happen this way, noooooooo! Karen’s only going after Derek now as a jimmy rebound and who even knows with Derek!!

  43. Nut says:

    When Derek looked at Karen in the bar all meaningfully after she said “we’ll find smtg else” and said “I don’t want anything else” looking right at her, was he really meaning Karen, or am I just reading too much into that?! Lol

  44. neaorlean says:

    It feels to me that they got trough the boards, got a few ideas and decided the hell with it, lets do what they ask us to do and get it over with.

    Am I the only one that actually likes Ivy/Derek and doesn’t want to see Karen getting the hottest guy on the show? She had her chance, she blew it, now move out of the way, b*tch. Karen and Derek had chemistry at the end of season one, when he kinda told her he’s into her, but she didn’t want anything with him then, and only used his affection to make him her puppy, and then, after a lot of “Dereeeeeek”s, she decided to date the obnoxious SOB Jimmy-the-douche, and when she decided she’s not all that into him anymore, she got an itch down there and there’s Derek, ready to jump when she tells him to. I’m not buying that he would do that, I think he cares about Ivy now, since when do guys call a girl five times in one day if they’re not into her? That doesn’t happen, and if it happens on the show, then the show got it wrong. And I think Karen wants Derek now only because she saw him interested in somebody else. He’s not her puppy anymore.

    Also I don’t care to see Karen happy at this point, how long will she be with Derek? Till Johnny the creep or Scotty the wifebeater show up in the picture? Derek is a decent guy, he deserves better. Him and a confident, aware of what she has to offer Ivy is the way to go.

    For the next episode I’m hoping Karen tries to kiss Derek, he stops her, it’s something we need to see to know that he’s over her, and not just having Ivy as rebound, then he tells her he’s with Ivy now, and even if she doesn’t pick up her phone, he wants her and that’s it, then Karen freaks out about it because she’s used to getting what she wants because she’s a fickle little princess, and Ivy tells her to eff off, like we kinda saw in the promo, and Karen gets to see what it’s like to actually not having what she wants, because she doesn’t know what it is.

    • neaorlean says:

      Oh, yeah, forgot about Tom and Julia. Tom’s wrong, Julia’s right, Tom should cast Karen as the lead in an autobiographical musical called The Hell With Everybody Else.

    • Caro says:

      I love Karen and Derrick together – their chemistry is off the charts! Ivy is a good singer but she doesn’t have the magic of Karen. Ivy and Derrick have terrible chemistry – they just aren’t believable as a couple.

    • bobbie says:

      You’re not the only one. I see Ivy and Derek as a perfect couple. They are on the same wavelength.

      I was amused that Karen asked Derek to “walk her home”. We’ve seen Derek – he’d walk home the dog if it meant a night in bed. Last week it was the woman who had accused him of sexual harassment. Did we think he was in love with her, too?

      I believe the prediction is that “someone will be pregnant” in the last episode. Karen or Ivy? I’m thinking it’s Ivy, because honestly I can’t imagine Karen being pregnant. But, if it is Karen, so be it. She can go home to Kansas and Auntie Em.

  45. Nut says:

    Loling at the post above! Especially at “Derek is a decent guy, he deserves better” ….WTF!! Plus it was after Karen turned him down a few weeks back that he rebounded onto Ivy.

    Whatever, I think Derek and Ivy will end up with each other, but personally I’d much prefer if they’d gone down the Karen Derek route, and not just as a rebound thing.

    • neaorlean says:

      Yes, you’re right that Ivy was a rebound for Derek at the beginning, and that’s why I want to see him turn Karen down now for Ivy, so we know he’s over her. If that doesn’t happen, we will always think Ivy was just a rebound, and I’m not buying that. Don’t know if you’re a guy or a girl, but when was the last time you either had a guy call you 5 times in a day when you weren’t picking up, and he wasn’t interested in you, or you called a girl 5 times with her not picking up, and you weren’t interested in her? That doesn’t happen, it’s male nature. No sex is ever that good.

      • Nut says:

        I’m not saying Derek isn’t now into Ivy, but you’re also forgetting that Derek’s been massively into Karen this season too, warning jimmy off her etc etc, and way before he ever got it back on with Ivy. I just prefer Karen and Derek together always have. I think they have way better chemistry. I see Derek and Ivy more as friends. It doesn’t really matter anyway, because I think Ivy and Derek will end up together, and clearly Karen was just drunk and pissed at Jimmy and probably wanted some revenge sex or something.

        • neaorlean says:

          Hey, where did my comment go, did I press something wrong? I’m checking if this will post to post it again..

        • neaorlean says:

          Hm… OK I lost my post and now I have no idea what I wrote, so I hope it shows up somewhere… What I remember I said was that you’re right that Derek was into Karen, but he has to have seen what a douche Karen is, and gotten over her, and that the scene when he jumped into Ivy’s bed that one morning was sweet and that even on a one too many drinks tonight Karen had to practically beg him to walk her home, which she wouldn’t need to do if he wanted to sleep with her. And I think he meant something else when he said he’ll do something he’ll regret in the morning, he’s not stupid and saw that Karen was coming on to him. If he was into her still, why would he regret it in the morning?

          • neaorlean says:

            Oh, and I said that with all the bad writing I wouldn’t be surprised it Derek ends up with Tom or something. Terek. Derom. Tomerek?

          • JC says:

            They’re so sleeping together!

          • neaorlean says:

            Yeah, nothing hotter than a woman who acts like a h***y teenager and a child that had her doll taken away from her at the same time… :D

  46. Kit says:

    This episode just made me mad. It also confirmed to me that I would never want to see Hit List on Broadway, & I even went to see Alan Cumming’s Threepenny Opera on Broadway! First of all, Scott was a dick to Julia. He laid a guilt trip on her for HIS Mis-management of the MTW funds. He should not be forcing Julia to choose between him & Tom. Scott seems just to be looking out for himself. Tom & Julia have been best friends & lucrative collaborators for years, & Scott is Yoko? Give me a break! Second, anyone else glad that the Diva kills Amanda/Nina? Amanda/Nina seems like a terrible person! The only thing I really liked about Hit List tonight was the parallel process of Karen seeming like a selfish diva just as Amanda/Nina was shown to be using Jesse to become a star with little regard for his emotions. Jimmy was 100% correct when he said Karen showed no emotion. I am really upset that Ivy is working so hard for Bombshell while the rest of the creative team is switching their focus to Hit List in one way or another. It’s ridiculous! The first season was everyone working together to bring Bombshell to broadway & now it’s being upstaged in every way possible by a Rent rip-off, which was a retelling of La Boheme, full of unlikable characters. The Bombshell CD is really cool & I hope Smash redeems itself with the remaining couple of songs on the cd that have not been seen in TV. FYI, the ending of Hit List reinstates the ending of La Boheme, which Jonathan Larson decided to make uplifting for Rent. The ending of Hit List is a mixture of both endings & almost nonsensical. Hit List isn’t original in the least. Bombshell is fun & has some really touching songs.

    • Nan says:

      I’m glad someone else had the same reaction to the Scott/Julia/Tom situation. Julia was wrong to make a promise to Scott without talking to her partner first, especially if she optioned the rights in the name of their partnership. Scott had no business telling her to blow Tom off . Just how good is he at his job anyway? He agreed to put Hit List on when it needed a lot more work and he spent money he wasn’t supposed to for its production.

    • I find interesting that someone else noticed the parallel with Karen turning into a diva… The writers definitly tried to darken her character this season, by showing that she gets corrupted with fame, end up expecting every song on a platter up to destroying her personal life (through her relationship with Jimmy, although her reaction with him punching that guy just didn’t ring true…) The unfortunate aspect of that is that I am a massive fan of the romance between her and Derek and there are obvious signs that she is making a pass at him in order to gain more control and spotlight in Hitlist… They really managed to corrupt her chemistry with him and seem to really be angling for a truer relationship between Derek and Ivy… I am disappointed but I suppose it is interesting to see the general arc of the characters evolving from Season 1.

      • Kit says:

        I’m also concerned about whether or not there is any chemistry AT ALL between Karen & Sam for Hit List. Given how unlikable the Amanda/Nina character seems & that the show is supposed to be all about the obstacles to two people being happy in love, Hit List’s success should hinge on the chemistry between its leads. I guess I’m too much of a Broadway fan & get caught up in the real things that make or break shows on the Great White Way. Smash has become all about childish behaviors & inconsistent characters f

    • Caro says:

      I completely disagree! I want to see more of Hitlist and I love the music! I’m over Bombshell and Ivy. Scott isn’t looking out for himself – he is asking Julia to honor the committment that she made to him and that he he trusted. If anyone is at fault it is Julia for not making certain she had sole control of Gatsby before making a decision and a public announcement about what to do with the rights. Also, are you saying that Rent is full of unlikeable characters? You are insane! Rent has characters with heart and amazing music! I’ve seen it on Broadway and at the National in DC and it is always incredible!

  47. JC says:

    Enough of this Derek and Ivy rubbish. CARTWILLS FTMFW!!

  48. Kit says:

    And another thing…if we’re going to be repeating Rent’s history even more, I would be ok with Hit List winning a lot of Tonys but missing out on lead actor & actress. Maybe Bombshell can be the King & I to Hit List’s Rent: get lead actress, scenic design, & costumes Tonys :)

    • neaorlean says:

      Oh, stop comparing it to Rent, guys, it’s not Rent only because it’s dark (literally, dark, as in, nobody paid the power bill) and looks like it hasn’t been painted in a while. Is it also Trainspotting with singing? Hit List never had an idea and falls flat on believability. Starting with believing a show like that could exist, and ending with believing people would like it so much. Rent had an idea, an actual struggle it was about a group of misfits, people with nothing, that found a reason to live so they can be together and make it trough, and love each other even when nobody else would love them, when they were forsaken and forgotten in the small dark streets of the big, not caring city, Hit List is a story about a fickle princess singing a few songs and getting killed by the fickle Diva, but nobody knows why, in a dirty theater.

      • Josh says:

        The show is comparing it to rent..everyone freaking episode haha

        • neaorlean says:

          I read it here in the comments many times… Rent Rent Rent, Rent rip-off, Rent wannabe… It has nothing of Rent in it, besides being literally dark. Like, literally, there isn’t enough light on stage, that’s more or less it. :)

          • Kit says:

            1) Smash itself has been drawing Rent parallels all season.
            2) A lot of love stories on the stage find their roots in La Boheme. Rent is a direct reimagining of La Boheme & Hit List is clearly inspired by both. Either this recap or the one on EW pointed out how the “Heart Shaped Wreckage” set looked like a rip-off of Baz Luhrman’s La Boheme on Broadway (which was gorgeous by the way).

  49. Jen says:

    I enjoyed Karen and Jimmy’s solo in the beginning of the show. Other than that, Jimmy could not have been more douchier if his name was Massengil, I wish he had gotten mowed down by that car instead of Kyle.

  50. Stacy says:

    Jimmy is a whiny bitch, but I do enjoy listening to Jeremy Jordan sing…and I will be sad to see Kyle die just as his character was developing…ah well