Zero Hour, Do No Harm and 666 Park Avenue All Set to Return in June, Airing Saturdays

RACHAEL TAYLORThree of this TV season’s short-lived freshman shows will finish up their runs on Saturday nights, starting in June.

NBC’s Do No Harm, which had its plug pulled after two airings, will return on June 29, airing Saturdays at 10/9c, The Futon Critic reports.

NBC this spring relocated its ratings-challenged sophomore drama Smash from Tuesdays to Saturdays; that series will air its finale on a Sunday, May 29.

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Also bound for a not-so-hot Saturday night date is ABC’s Zero Hour, another midseason entry that only lasted a few episodes before getting yanked from the schedule. Per The Futon Critic, it will return June 15, airing Saturdays at 8 pm, starting with one night of back-to-back episodes. The conspiracy drama will clock out with a two-hour finale on Aug. 3.

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Like Zero Hour and Do No Harm, ABC’s 666 Park Avenue, as TVLine previously reported, is due to finish out its freshman season on Saturday nights, starting in late June — perhaps on June 22, leading out of Zero Hour (though ABC has yet to lock in a date/time slot).

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  1. Amy says:

    Good! I’ve been hoping to see the rest of Zero Hour! I loved it and I want to know what happens!

    • Mary says:

      Me too. I was really looking forward to it when it first aired. The first episode was horrible I thought but each episode got better (or I lowered my standards more, haha) but I was bummed to see it yanked. Glad there will be “closure”.

    • TVDIVA says:

      I bought a season pass on ITUNES and they automatically refunded the remainder of the pass a week after the show went off the air. I will be happy to watch it for free on ABC online each day after it airs.

    • TroobeeSez says:

      I’m still wondering if Ashley Judd got her kid back! I literally cannot even remember the name of that show… Taken? …Kidnapped? …Missing? …Misplaced? Whatever, it was a beautiful show to watch, shot on location around the Globe. Of course that had to be expensive, but gorgeous-to-look-at programs (Eastwick, even Pushing Up Daisies) have to be able to pay the rent. I can never figure out why shows I love are the ones nobody I know watches.

      I missed the boat on Good Wife, just made a decision to pick one and stick with it, GW lost. I TIVO/DVR too much stuff, and as I said when they came up with VCRs, You still have to carve out time to WATCH the stuff you record… Current social interaction being largely limited to digital/social media, you can literally carry on simultaneous convos with a couple of people WHILE watching a TV show or DVR’d program. As long as you can Pause your TV, no one is the wiser how unimportant they actually are!

      Really glad Zero Hour coming back, even if no future seasons to look forward to. NOTE to PTB: when a good show starts going the way of gruesome violent deaths (or simple mayhem….!) you really lose me. Take Touch for example. Very compelling in the beginning, later got WAAAY too graphic with shocking violent murders. I can’t imagine sitting with a 12 year old at the beginning when Touch was just unique, and touching (I cried at the final scene on the wharf with the interaction between Jake and Martin. Quit trying to shorthand the whole idea, and go back to old fashioned storytelling. Real life contains very few neck slashings in the course of a day, interesting stories should attempt to reflect real life with the subtle approach of, “what if?”.

  2. Camille says:

    I suppose Saturday is a safe day since none of the networks would want to admit if the ratings actually improve that they didn’t make the right choice in cancelling them. Unfortunately, too much time has passed since they left the air -I’m no longer interested.

    • Tchele says:

      They actually tied up all the loose ends on Missing in regards to the son however they started a new mystery and then abandoned it :(

      I agree about Touch, S2 doesn’t resemble the 1st season AT all!

    • Anastasia says:

      Personally, I got sucked into 666 Park on hulu after Sandy hit, and I have been WAITING for it to come back! Craze that it was cancelled, but now they had to change everything to wrap it up in one season. Bummed. I have never seen such classy time-travel on television…

  3. jenna says:

    Personally I didn’t watch any of these shows but I’m really glad NBC decided to do this! It sucks for viewers who get invested in a show after a couple episodes only to find it gets cancelled without any closure, hopefully more networks decide to do this as well!

  4. Deena says:

    I love Steve Pasquale so having NBC air the show on Sat nights in the summer works for me. Alana de la Garza on my TV as well? I’ll take it.

    • Tarc says:

      Steve Pasquale can carry a show, but the premise and writing on DNH is the worst I think I’ve ever seen. It’s… you can’t suspened disbelief to even watch the thing it’s so ludicrous. It’s too bad a decent actor got saddled with that drek.

  5. scorpionglow says:

    Looking forward to the rest of Do No Harm. I was livid they pulled it.

    • Tarc says:

      Why? It’s the worst show I’ve seen in decades. Completely ludicrous – and I was looking forward to it.

    • Chris says:

      It’s a stinker and a half! So bad it’s kind of good, in a sick way.

      • scorpionglow says:

        You’re entitled to your opinion. The second episode wasn’t very stellar, but I’d still like to see what direction it goes in. If it ends badly, I’ll be the first to admit it.

        • TVGuider says:

          I think DNH was uniquely interesting and a refreshing twist on the classic Dr.J/Mr H. I was very excited to have stumble apon it and actually got a few friends interested in it too. we were all very upset to hear NBC only gave it two episodes before cancelling it. I will be watching out the rest of the season, but mark my words someone is going to take that storyline and run with it and have a huge succes on their hands… Too bad it wasnt you NBC.

    • Alicia Arol says:

      Why couldn’t I have KNOWN that NBC was planning on airing the remaining episodes of Do No Harm: I stumbled across the show RIGHT NOW (7/20/13)=According to Google the remaining episodes of Do no Harm began airing on June 29, 2013, so I guess I will NEVER get to see the episodes I missed? (I’m guessing that since the show was so unpopular it won’t EVER be released on DVD?) ):

      • scorpionglow says:

        Go to NBC’s web-site and click on Do No Harm for the Full Episodes. You can watch them in their entirety. You’ve only missed two. Last weekend’s episode was pre-empted.
        I’m thinking it’ll be released on DVD to help them recoup filming costs. I’m definitely going to try getting my hands on it. Nice to find another fan. =)

  6. Eli says:

    The last few episodes of 666 park avenue truely conclude the various storylines and reveal so many shockers! The finale was of course rushed but nicely done compared to some highly rated mediocre shows still on air. Watching the tightly wrapped ending was rewarding, thak you interwebs (and no thx to you ABC…would it really have hurt to air these earlier, even if on a saturday?)

    • john says:

      ELi, How did you see the final episodes? Where can I see them?

    • Debbie in the UK says:

      Just watched the final episode here in the UK. It was a brilliant series, which had me on the edge of my seat each week, wanting more, more, more. I am devastated that there will be no more shows. I can’t believe it was axed, A great shame, there could have been so much more….

      • Clare says:

        666 Park Avenue was gripping and I enjoyed it so much. Yes it should of been put on a Saturday evening and I am sure it would of got more viewers.
        I cannot stand most of the shows that are kept on and are so old and they just keep going on and on. 666 Park Avenue was new and fresh all the good shows are axed and we are left with out of date shows which are boring.
        Change the days of showing and put the boring shows on in the week.
        And I suspect the viewing will go sky high we are the people watching it after all.

    • EVILTWEETY88 says:

      I loved 666.. the cast was WONDERFUL and it was well written. Since it made you think. .I knew it was doomed. It seems that completely mindless enterainment is all that survives (with very few exceptions).. sigh..

  7. Drew says:

    Now the CW should air the rest of Cult! The story was playing out like a novel, and they cut it off right in the middle!

  8. Amy says:

    So umm are we ever going to see the finale episodes of The Playboy Club? Wasn’t it yanked after 2 or 3 episodes?

    • TroobeeSez says:

      And PAN AM!! Another one that was really starting to get interesting. However when you have to hold up Playboy and Pan Am against the stellar Mad Men for done-right mid-century(ish) production, well there’s really no comparison, is there?

  9. Tarc says:

    Zero Hour? AWESOME. But do not harm yurslef by watching Do No Harm; it’s deeply awful.

  10. Teag says:

    Only watched Zero Hour out of all these. Acting is bad, the mystery is intriguing though. Will watch.

  11. Shira says:

    Thank you for we can see Zero Hour end the mystery. At least now, the cat can’t killed by curiousity! ;)

  12. kirads09 says:

    Yay re: Zero Hour and Do No Harm. Like Sheldon Cooper, I crave closure.

  13. Kenny says:

    This is good…sure would have been nice to see the rest of the “Playboy Club” but oh well, too many years have past now :(

  14. Amanda says:

    Yeaaaaa!!!! At least I get the conclusion of 666 park ave. Sort of? Apparently? I guess? Any chance I get me some Erik Palladino or even hope….I’m happy. :)

  15. mia says:

    Funny thing is that had they aired these shows in the summer to begin with they probably would have done better.
    I might have stuck with Zero Hour if it aired in the summer – its awful, but one can only watch so much Food Network before you need something scripted.

    • Tikkanen says:

      Totally agree about having fresh shows in the summer that aren’t “reality” crap. One of my favorites was Harper’s Island serialized murder mystery on CBS in 2009.

      • mia says:

        Harper’s Island was awesome! Perfect summer show – almost a miniseries really, with a great mystery, great writing/acting/etc. It kept you guessing the whole way and you got closure at the end.

      • TroobeeSez says:

        Oh, I hate reality! That’s why we watch TV in the first place, right? And there’s nothing truly “real” about Reality TV.

        This looks like a good time to write the networks about Summer shows. You can’t even see major shows in reruns during summer anymore (Syndication pays too well, doncha know).

    • Mikael says:

      I agree that alot of these shows should be summer shows or even winter hiatus shows. CW could have aired Cult on Thursdays during the winter while Vampire Diaries was on break. Then TVD wouldn’t have had so many weeks of new ep, repeat, new ep, repeat etc. I think what Once is going to do with Wonderland could become the new standard. Air a short show while the major show is on break and reduce the repeats.

  16. Unkystan says:

    Why does everyone think that there will be any closures. Productions stopped, episodes not shown. There will only be more frustrations.

    • Elliott says:

      ABC cancelled 666 Park Avenue in November and they were able to finish shooting their episodes in December, resolving their storylines. Zero Hour wrapped its 13 episodes in early February, completing production of its “first season.” The main mystery was definitely resolved and there wasn’t a cliffhanger. It plays perfectly as a miniseries, as does 666 Park Avenue. Both of these should have always been summer miniseries.

  17. Rachel says:

    This resolution to Zero Hour coming directly after Sheldon’s crisis about closure…I did need to see how Zero Hour ends!

  18. No one says:

    Cool. I have nothing better to do in the summer anyway. I really want to see how they’ll resolve 666 and I liked Do No Harm (but I’m enjoying Hannibal).

    • Darian Harder says:

      I to liked 666, I also don’t see what problem have with “Do No Harm”. I couldn’t really get into Hannibal. I guess it was up against too many other things & needed too much attention & thought.

      They should also given “Deception” a 2nd season. The only reason I’m thinking they didn’t was because they flipped the script too many times in the first season for people to want to stick with it. It too made you think, and people do not like to think when they get off of work.

  19. JadedGrey says:

    Ohhhh goody goody!!!!

  20. Tenney says:

    Super excited that we’re finally going to get to see how 666 Park Avenue plays out. I think that show had a lot of potential and am bummed that it was cancelled, but at least we’ll get an ending. Most cancelled shows don’t get that.

    • Moonchild says:

      I am looking forward to seeing more of 666 Park Ave. Why wasn’t it successful? The story had intrigue, eroticism, suspense, excellent actors all elements which should result in loyal fans and revenue for the producers? I’d like to read the novel if one exists. Disappointed the series will not continued after summer.

  21. DreamRose311 says:

    The conspiracy drama will clock out with a two-hour finale on Aug. 3.

    I see what you did there

  22. BrianR says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m still waiting for the last Eastwick episode to be on.

  23. lorna says:

    I hope they do that with cult, I’ve had 3 years of weekly dates with matt davis, and they’re sorely missed. Id prefer him as a resurrected alaric, but I will take what I can get. Looking forward to 666. Should’ve done it as a midseason show ala the following.

  24. DeeKayTee says:

    I am glad that they are doing this instead of leaving fans hanging as they usually do.

  25. Tammy says:

    I liked 666 Park Ave and I’m glad to see the end. I never even bothered with Do No Harm, the preview looked horrible.

  26. Joanne Austin says:

    Is this site saying that 666 park avenue is due to are again this year on june22 ?
    I really hope it is as it was a fantastic series with a rushed conclusion?
    Please get back to me with actuall facts

  27. chaos says:

    bring back 666 park ave.

    • chaos says:

      p.s. WHO decides which shows get cancelled, maybe you should take a vote, from people who watch these shows, and more than 1 time

  28. Lulu says:

    666 park avenue not worth the watch! awful writing and worst conclusion ever! Glad its over!

    • Darian Harder says:

      Says You!!! Although I must admit it was hard to follow at times. But I still watched, hoping I could catch up. And to somebody here that referenced the book. They have nothing to do with each other except for in name! :-(

  29. Pamela Hicks says:

    I really hope that there is another season of 666 Park Avenue. There is so much potential! It was very much in a similar vein to The Devil’s Advocate, and I found the series very slick, and much better than the rubbish that usually comes over to the UK from the States. MORE PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Tchele says:

      666 is NOT coming back with any new episodes beyond what ABC is “burning off” of the initial shows that went to production. They’ve cancelled it, released the actors from their contracts, and shut down production. There may be some kind of tying up loose ends but there will be no further episodes beyond what airs this summer.

  30. Tara says:

    Bring more 666 park avenue!!!! I was so getting into it, really enjoying the show on itv2 and just watched the final episode tonight and I’m now gutted there’s no more to watch always the way u get something good on tv then it’s gone in a flash! Now there will probably repeats of some other rubbish on in its place. We want more 666 please!!!

  31. Kathy R. says:

    Loved 666 Park Ave! Thought the actors were great, the storyline was fresh and was totally shocked when it was canceled. So many terrible, boring shows keep getting renewed! Incredible. I thought the show had great potential to go on for a couple of seasons. It was canceled months ago and my teenage son still talks about his disappointment!😞

  32. Trevor Carpenter says:

    Can’t wait to see the ‘series finale’ in June. Perhaps another terrestial channel in the UK will take up the series, and show what is the best thriller series since Lost. Come on ABC have a re-think !

  33. BUTTA says:

    666 Park Avenue was a very good show and I have been missing it ever since it got canceled :-(

  34. judy says:

    I am glad that 666 Park Avenue is going to continue on to the end. Why do they always like to leave us hangin

  35. Amanda says:

    Bring 666 Park Avenue back!!!! Everyone that watched this awesome show, write abc network!!!!!

  36. gail says:

    It’s about time Abc so many people enjoyed and watched 666 one of the few shows I actually turned the tv on for

  37. karen says:

    Every show worth watching they cancel 666 park ave-last resort-cult-zero hour just to name a few!