The Voice: Top 20 Contenders Headed to the Season 4 Knockout Rounds

The Voice‘s high-pressure Battle Rounds are over, but Season 4 will only get more intense as the final 32 contestants head for the Knockout Rounds, beginning Monday (8/7c, NBC).

With no “Steal” in this upcoming phase of the competition, that means the field will be chopped in half by the end of Tuesday’s telecast. (Gulp.)

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To help sort out the Jif from the no-name peanut butter in the yellow tub adorned with circus animals, I’ve taken the liberty of selecting the 20 most promising Season 4 hopefuls and ranking them from least- to most-likely winner.

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Click through the pics below for my personal countdown, then hit the comments and tell me where I got my rankings right, where I went wrong and which of your favorites I left off the list entirely/blasphemously. And for all my reality TV news, commentary and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Magically Suspicious says:

    Sarah Simmons is just as talented as Judith Hill, and she has more personality in her voice. Judith Hill is so good, but she’s very polished…all the time. The dirty gritty quality adds something to show emotion and character, not just chops.

    • Kat says:

      I agree…I know that I’m in the definite minority but I am not blown away by Judith. She is technically good but I am just not feeling her. I find her kind of boring to be honest. Hopefully we’ll get to see more personality and passion!

      • Timmah says:

        I agree, Judith is kinda boring. Actually, I’m not very fond of any of Michael’s top 3, they’re all novelty acts at best. I think the winner will come from somewhere around 8 through 15.

        • Aj says:

          The only reason Amy’s at 17 is because she was montaged twice… So the viewers at home can’t see her on the performing zone :( just be glad the author even recognized and put her on the list. Lol
          I’m not a fan of Grace. :l

      • Mafs95 says:

        Judith has actually a lot of personality and she’s fun. Go watch her video with Karen Iglesias where they sing a “Japanese-Spanish” version of It’s a Man’s World. I think you’re probably saying she doesn’t have much personality because she’s maybe too polished and very professional, while Sarah may have that raw and unbaked supermassive talent, but she’s not boring at all :)

        • ES says:

          I agree. Judith is more goofy (in a good way) than her polished and professional performances allow her to appear.

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      • Joline says:

        Sarah Simmons is my pick to win as well. She’s not only an exciting singer, but she’s fresh and original. I love the quality, tone and control of her voice. Judith Hill is too staged seeming and some of Michael’s other picks do not qualify to be in the top 10 based on the blind audition alone.

    • Danny says:

      @Magically- I agree that Sarah is just as talented as Judith. I wouldn’t say Judith is bad though. Judith is pretty dang good too. I think ya can make a case for either one. At this point I just happen to prefer Sarah by a little bit.

    • Jaysfan says:

      I concur. Judith hasn’t moved me – I don’t think it’s a personality thing per se…I think it’s because she hasn’t been invested in/connecting with her songs. When she performs, it’s as if she’s trying to demonstrate her incredibly technical vocal ability and diva prowess, rather than showing us a piece of her soul. You get the sense she’s ‘performing’ and thinking about it – with Sarah, I think she connects with the sentiment behind the words and really feels the music. For me, it just comes from a more honest place. And from what I can tell based on iTunes sales, internet chatter and the youtube vid of her singing ‘Someone Like You’, ranking Sarah at number 8 is much too low.

  2. kavyn says:

    I think Amy, Sasha and Caroline have much stronger chances of winning than they’ve been ranked. I also don’t think Judith is the most likely to win. She’s talented but they focus too much on her connection to MJ – it makes her seem too “good” for the show, although IMO there are more talented/likable contestants.

    Michelle and Karina might split the Vicky Martinez voting population, honestly. I’d also rank Amber a bit lower and put Sarah as #1 most likely to win, just based on popularity/editing. All just personal opinions, obviously :)

    • Melissa says:

      I agree! Amy Is great should be top 5 :)

    • Lia says:

      Seriously “the Vicci Martinez” population- do you live under a bridge that is sooooo ignorant.. Open a book; a text book!

      • kavyn says:

        VOTING population. And that’s not what I meant! Chill out :)

        I was referring to the three of them sharing a specific type of quirkiness that might appeal to the same viewers. Not their race…

  3. dani n. says:

    oh no no no That Sarah is above Karina fo sho

  4. Zack says:

    So interesting you left out Sasha Allen… to the point where I am beginning to doubt your credibility to judge singing competitions.

    • Zack says:

      Just saw that she was at 15. Still WAY too low.

    • kavyn says:

      The rankings aren’t his personal favourites (except maybe Judith lol), it’s about who he thinks is most likely to win. I didn’t realize it at first and almost commented on how he ranked Karina third after having bashed her on both blinds and battles.

  5. A says:

    Lol it’s “Locked” not Knocked out of heaven

  6. Margaret says:

    If he has as strong of a showing in the knockout round as it looked like he did in the battle round, Justin Rivers could be a threat.

  7. A says:

    Judith Hill hands down has to win! She is amaziang Garrett was placed wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too high IMO. He should’ve been #20.

  8. omabin says:

    I would rank Sasha Allen way higher. Also, I prefer the swan brothers by far to the other duet. I would also rank Monique higher up. While I loved Karina in the battle rounds, I am not sure she deserves that high up position. I totally disagree with number 2, she wasn’t that memorable to me. Veedo also hasn’t impressed me that much, neither did Grace Askew to a smaller extent.

  9. Willow says:

    Love the inclusion of Amy Whitcomb cause Im a superfan of The Sing-Off— but if they haven’t featured her yet, I doubt she’ll survive the knockouts (especially because she is on a VERY strong Team Adam with a ton of featured favorites). Hope Im wrong!

    • JP says:

      Yeah. I really hope she does, she’s amazing.

    • kavyn says:

      I think they’re going to pair Amy up against Amber (the one that fought against Sasha and won in battles) based on their similarities. If Amber does country, Adam might pick her over Amy. Otherwise, I do think Amy has a chance of making it through.

  10. Josh says:

    Adam and Blake have awesome singers but im already bored knowing they are the only ones who will win this show. I wish they would take a break so another coach has a chance

  11. Karen says:

    I would probably have put in Kris Thomas and Savannah Berry in there somewhere, and Karina Iglesias and Sarah Simmons should probably trade places here too

  12. tw says:

    Lovin’ Team Shakira, but Garret is way too high, and Sasha Allen and Shawn P way too low. Sasha should be in the top 5. Liked Grace Askew’s blind audition, but she’s ranked pretty high considering we haven’t seen anything else.

  13. Leo says:

    For me, Monique is the best. I’m rooting for her!

  14. Gailer says:

    The only voice I remember liking a lot was Kris Thomas.

  15. Shouldn’t it be Top 16? Each coach has only 8 people left, half makes 4 per team.

  16. kavyn says:

    Just curious but does anyone think there’s any chance Shakira will let two steals go past the knockout rounds? Karina and Sasha were great steals, but I’m not sure if it’s a good message to send to her team, letting the two people she stole (that originally didn’t pick her) make it through over the people that did. Monique is 100% moving on, probably Garrett as well, and I do hope Sasha (and Karina) slip through as well. That would give Shakira an incredibly powerful team.

    I can see Shakira putting Karina and Sasha against each other, just so that only one of them make it through.

    • Taylor says:

      Well, Shakira didn’t originally turn around for Karina. I think she’ll be fair and let the best person win. It would be nice to see some steals actually advance to the live shows.

      • kavyn says:

        I think both Sasha and Karina deserve to make it through, but I’m not sure if they will out of fairness for the rest of Shakira’s team.

  17. Sarah Simmons has been my favorite by far since her audition. If you have a few minutes, you should check out her cover of “Someone Like You” on youtube, it’s pure brilliance!

    • Jaysfan says:

      This^!! I firmly believe ‘Someone Like You’ should not be covered, because many people don’t have the vocal chops or passion to match the original, but Sarah’s version is simply superb. The way she brings that song home in the last two minutes is redonkulous and proves that we haven’t even seen the best from her yet. I think she has one of the most dynamic/unique voices in the competition and is the one contestant I look forward to seeing each week – I was so frustrated we had to wait so long to get to see her battle!

  18. Melissa says:

    Sarah Simmons should be ranked first. She has it all, unique but technically superb voice and a likeable down to earth personality. I would put Warren Stone on here based on his blind audition not battle since the artists get to pick their own songs again for the Knockouts. Love Adam but think he picked a song for Warren and Michaels battle that was a far better choice for Michael. Warren is lucky he won. I just think there is far more potential in him and versatility than we have seen yet.

  19. #Team Adam/#TEAMOD says:

    don’t count Orlando Dixon out… you’re making a huge mistake if you do. Maybe you need to rewatch Monday night’s episode for the judges reaction to and comments about him.

  20. Isis cesar says:

    Im totally #teamMonique…..your like a diamond in the sky….I’m rooting fir u all the way & I’m in ur fan club all the way…like ive always called your my Lil Mermaid…Que Diosto siga blessing you….

  21. Bobby says:

    My pick to win is Danielle Bradbery who Michael having @ 14 is way too low. I’ve loved both of her performances. her range is amazing & personality will gain her a lot of votes. There’s no way Holly, Luke or Grace on Team Blake should be ranked higher then her. Danielle is by far the best country singer this season

    I loved Caroline in their battle & hope she also goes far, but Danielle was the clear winner in that one. I don’t get how he doesn’t have Savannah in the Top 20 either. She’s a legit contender

    Sarah @ 8 is also ridiculously low. Sarah should be no lower then 3rd. Sarah is probably the most talented singer in the competition

    Hell, I’m not a fan of anybody in his Top 5. Judith, Michelle, Karina, Grace & Amber? I’ll pass on that group

    • hi says:

      Danielle by far the best country singer? Holly’s pipes blow Danielle out of the water.

    • I would not say Danielle was the clear winner because I think Caroline was the singer who should have won. And America clearly disagrees with you too because Caroline’s version of the song charted higher on iTunes than Danielle’s.

    • Danielle is very good. I agree with you. I also LOVE Caroline. And I love Garrett. I don’t know if American will vote for him, but he has the whole package. He might fare better on American Idol, but just the fact he has made it this far on this show is HUGE. I think Sarah is a top contender as well. I really like Judith though. I think she is great. Kris Thomas is good too.

  22. lyn says:

    Is it just me or does Caroline look like Sabrina Soto from HGTV?

  23. Rachel says:

    I LOVE Amber Carrington and Michelle Chamuel. I’m hoping they get more airtime in the Knockouts, I was sad to miss Michelle’s battle.

  24. Blake says:

    Savannah must find a way to stay on the beat before she can be placed in the top 20

  25. Jane says:

    Monique ranked too low. She has a very commercial/contemporary look and vocals to match that appeal. Plus, she’s bilingual so it’s really the best of both worlds.

    Sasha Allen also ranked way too low. She’s this season Amanda Brown, IMO. I could see her doing contemporary R & B, ala Alicia Keys, Brandy, etc.

    I agree with people saying that Judith is too polished. America will easily get bored. Don’t get me wrong great performer, but she doesn’t have any spontaneity.

  26. Teresa says:

    Judith Hill will easily win this!

  27. ES says:

    My own Top 20, based on a combination of who I personally like and who I think has the most potential to win (the two are not necessarily the same):

    20. Cathia 19. Mary Miranda 18. Garrett Gardner 17. Danielle Bradbery 16. Savannah Berry 15. Warren Stone 14. Kris Thomas 13. Ryan Innes 12. Luke Edgemon 11. Caroline Glaser 10. Jess Kellner 9. Josiah Hawley 8. Holly Tucker 7. Amber Carrington 6. Michelle Chamuel 5. Amy Whitcomb 4. Sasha Allen 3. Midas Whale 2. Judith Hill 1. Sarah Simmons

  28. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    hmm these seem to be in almost random order :)

    • Danny says:

      LOL!! Yea, he had his list on shuffle when he wrote this. I can’t fault his list too much though. A lot of these are pretty close. I know I can never pick the winners on these shows.

  29. jangy says:

    i agree with a lot of the peeps here. I am also not much of a fan of Judith Hill. Her singing is impeccable but i dont find myself rewatching them on Youtube because i just dont connect with her, same with Sasha Allen. her voice isnt unique, i also find her boring. Vedo has a lot of followers on Twitter so from that u can like tell he’ll go quite far. i also kinda like his style. Josiah will get votes. he is more handsome and is much better at singing that Dez Duron. The voice, i really love Holly Tucker. I believer her, Danielle Bradberry and Savannah, have Blake’s support. Cathia, people hate on her already, so she’s not going far. Michelle Chamuel, love her, and i wish she’d be the winner. she’s amazingly talented, plus she’s got some punk! Monique, love her too, plus she looks like a star already. i also like Caroline and Garrett impressed me. Sarah is definitely going far. so yeah, those are my bets :)

    • jangy says:

      i almost forgot about Taylor Beckham. i really like her voice. it’s quite unique. i hope she foes far. It’s gonna ba hard for Blake but i think he also wont let go of Askew. so i guess Taylor’s not making it past next round which sucks.

  30. Danny says:

    I have Judith Hill behind Sarah Simmons. I have Ryan at 3. So those are my top 3. Overall though, no major qualms with this list. There’s a lot of them that are pretty close.

  31. Jess Book says:

    I am rooting for The Swon Brothers and Justin Rivers and Savannah Berry and Amber Carrington and Caroline Glaser and Garret Gardner.

  32. Jo says:

    My 4 favorite are (no order) Amber carrington, Amy whitcomb, Sarah Simmons and Caroline glaser. But this is really depressing me because only 4 from each te move on and Judith hill is a four sure on team Adam meaning that at least one of my favorites will go home :(

  33. Melanie B says:

    I really want Michelle to win. I LOVE Judith but Michelle stole my heart. #teamMichelle !

  34. Joshua says:

    judith’s is boring, i think caroline can go all the way instead!

  35. Puzzled says:

    The bad thing is if you follow any of the contestants on twitter, you can already see some of them who survived the knockouts and are going on to the live shows. As much as I hate to say this, the Voice needs to monitor their social media accounts better!!!!

  36. Charles Douglas says:

    I love a lot of singers but my three favorite, in order, are: Caroline Glaser, Sarah Simmons and Danielle Bradbury.

  37. Andrew says:

    Terrible list. My top 5 are probably Sarah, Caroline, Ryan, Midas Whale, and Holly. Potential wildcards Danielle, Justin, Michelle, Amy. Good money is on Adam’s team winning, most likely with Sarah.

    Judith is too mainstream to win the whole thing. Personally l’d like to see Caroline, Danielle, or Midas Whale win. Sarah just annoys me all around

  38. Suzi says:

    Danielle and Caroline are my favorites Warren Stone, Justin Rivers and Garrett ate my top 5 which means nothing…lol!! It would be amazing if Garrett won….but if you don’t want to know anything don’t follow the contestants on twitter. Aformer member of #TeamBlake tweeted earlier in the season so I knew The Swan Bros, Ryan Innes & tweeter made it through the battles!!!! I agree NBC should monitor them better it seems they are not!!!!

  39. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Sasha (how is she #15??!?!?????? hell she might even be #1 at the end), Sarah, Judith!
    Midas Whale are rated too high, for guys Ryan, Warren, Luke.
    Cathia seems a little low at #20.

  40. DKP says:

    I am ready to see who can be the most versatile…..I am thinking right now, that will be Amber and Holly. Both have the ability to sing ANY genre and I hope their coaches push them to showcase their true talent. I sort of think the others, although great singers, are somewhat limited in their vocal genres………………………..

  41. Adam Fachry says:

    As much as I want one of the new coaches to win, I don’t think they have that strong of a team compared to Adam’s. I think in terms of teams, it would go like this: Adam’s > Shakira’s > Blake’s > Usher’s. My top 3 consists of Adam’s people: 1. Sarah, 2. Judith, 3. Midas Whale.

  42. Kaylynn says:

    GarrettnGardner should not be 12 he should be in 2 or 1