Vampire Diaries' Claire Holt Previews The Originals' Dark Debut and a Finale Surprise

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers The OriginalsOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, the CW series unveils its potential spin-off, The Originals (airing at 8/7c).

But while Klaus is away having adventures in the Big Easy, his sister Rebekah is back in Mystic Falls harboring some serious anger towards her brother.

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As we already know, Rebekah’s portrayer Claire Holt has been cast in the New Orleans-set The Originals should it go to series. So what, if anything, would make the vamp want to head to the free-spirited bayou city?

TVLine chatted with the actress to get the answer, as well as intel on Matt and Rebekah’s evolving relationship and how the offshoot will differ from The Vampire Diaries. (Make sure you read all the way to the bottom so you don’t miss Holt’s tantalizing tease about the upcoming season ender.)

TVLINE | Last week, Rebekah both passed and failed Elijah’s test. Where does that leave her in regard to wanting to be a human?
This episode is less about Rebekah’s race for the cure and more about Klaus’ story and his reasons for going to New Orleans. So it’s kind of sidelined in this one, and with good reason. Rebekah is also coming to terms with the fact that the cure may not be hers anymore. She’s learning to move on and deal with the immediate issues that she is faced with… I don’t know that she’s necessarily given up on [being human], but she’s come to realize that it may not be in the cards for her. Now that Silas is in possession of the cure, she’s going to have to accept that.

TVLINE | Matt and Rebekah had a big turning point in the last episode. How will their relationship change going forward?
Matt’s starting to realize that Rebekah has some redeeming qualities, that she really, truly just wants to be loved and feel normal. When push comes to shove, she’s starting to make decisions that are less in line with how she used to behave and more in line with the new person that she wants to be. He’s still angry at her for the way that she’s behaved in the past and how she betrayed a lot of his close friends. And yet, he feels something that draws himself to her and he doesn’t know what it is. It may be worth investigating.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers The OriginalsTVLINE | Does she really like him romantically — or just the idea of what he represents for her?
To be fair, I think she likes the idea of him. There was a line in the prom episode where she says, “You’re so beautifully human.” That’s everything that she wants to be, and so she’s projecting that a little and almost convincing herself that those are her true feelings when in fact they may not be. But whatever makes her change her ways is a good thing.

PHOTO | Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers — Caroline and Klaus’ Heated Confrontation

TVLINE | I feel like the Original vampires are the most unlucky-in-love characters on the show.
[Laughs] Well, when you screw a lot of people over, it’s probably pretty hard to find people to love you in return.

TVLINE | Very true. But are you hoping that if The Originals goes to series, you will get a nice, steady love interest on there?
You know what, it’s not the hardest thing in the world to have a line of good-looking men to go through like I have on The Vampire Diaries – Stefan and Damon and now potentially Matt. It’s not so hard the way it’s been. But sure, I’d love her to have someone to really connect with.

TVLINE | In setting up this potential spin-off, does this episode feel different?
It absolutely looks and feels different. Just shooting in New Orleans makes it different. There’s so much production value there. Everything looks beautiful. It’s so historic. The colors are vibrant. It really elevated the episode. And then tonally, it’s a different feel. It’s a little darker. The voodoo and the witches of New Orleans add a new element to the show. And the character dynamics are different. It’s still in keeping with The Vampire Diaries and what makes that show popular. [But] it’s taking it to a new level. I’m really excited for fans to see it.

TVLINE | You didn’t get to film in New Orleans yet, so what is Rebekah up to in Mystic Falls?
She’s faced with the decision of whether to follow her brother and remain loyal or lead her own life in Mystic Falls. She’s felt very betrayed by Klaus, and he’s said some awful, horrible things to her. She’s not one to forgive too quickly or easily. That’s definitely going to be on her mind when Elijah pleads with her to follow them and help our brother. But then she’s also been really loyal and valued her family for a very long time. It’s going to be a tough decision for her — and maybe the decision won’t be made. It’s going to be a long journey of repairing their relationship.

TVLINE | Klaus runs into his old protégé Marcel (played by Charles Michael Davis, Grey’s Anatomy) in New Orleans. Does Rebekah also have a history with him, since the Original family helped build the city?
I imagine that she would. That’s not something that we’ve gotten into yet… But I feel if Klaus knew Marcel, and I was there when we settled in New Orleans, then I probably have a history with him, as well.

TVLINE | I have a challenge for you: Give us your best season finale tease.
There will be a lot of characters from the past that will potentially come back into the fold somehow.

TVLINE | [Executive producer] Julie Plec did tell me that we’re going to be getting a surprise visit from an Original. Should Rebekah and her siblings be worried?
I’m not sure that any of the family members that are deceased are really in the good books of the family members that are still alive. [Laughs] So I can’t imagine that it would ever be a welcome visit.

TVLINE | Have you been given assurances by Julie that you’ll finally get to share a scene with [H2O: Just Add Water costar and Originals cast member] Phoebe [Tonkin]?
I haven’t been given any assurances! If that doesn’t happen, we’re both not going to be very happy. [Laughs] I’d love to! I’m waiting and waiting and waiting. I’ve been waiting the whole season. Hopefully, next season.

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  1. G says:

    She seems like a sweetheart. Been rooting for her and Phoebe to share a scene too!

    • iMember says:

      Ugh, same here. Rebekah needs a friend when she goes off to New Orleans should the spin-off be picked up (let’s admit it, it will) and I think Hayley should be that friend. That way Claire and Phoebe can share many scenes together <3

    • luli says:

      meee tooo!! H20 was my favorite tv show, I even own all the seasons in dvd! The only thig missing is for them to share a scene and even become bfff :D ohh and I would like to see Cariba again, imagine the 3 mermaids reunited??? :)

  2. Mari says:

    I have to say I’m ready for a spin-off, simply to separate the characters. I’m not sure how much I’ll watch the Originals, though; I find most of the Originals both too powerful and incompetent at the same time. I’m not sure Elijah would be enough to save it for me.

    • Ari says:

      But they have to be written as incompetent because they are “the bad guys” on TVD. I think that will change once they get their own show. I’m so excited for this spinoff. I haven’t been this happy for a spinoff since Angel left Buffy.

      • Mari says:

        True–but there’s having a weakness or a blind spot, and stone stupid. When mixed with invincible, it makes the characters seem even more ridiculous. Mayor Richardson may have had a weak spot for Faith and a fear of germs, but he actually had decently evil plans he carried through. I was excited about Angel, but usually the main villains didn’t disappoint-and I’d’ve watched a Mayor spinoff, simply because while he was evil, he was entertaining.

        I’m just not sure what they can do with a series that is mostly populated with characters that are unkillable, and also not intelligent, sneaky, or funny. So far, there’s nothing that can be a significant danger to them, so they’re primarily left with their emotional lives. Their emotional lives seem to consist of Rebecca mooning over someone and complaining about how she’s not a real girl (which she would hate) and Klaus whining about how no one loves him and he can’t trust anyone.

        Not trying to be snarky or difficult, here–really–but what interesting stories could you see happening?

        • Ari says:

          I think they will vastly improve when they aren’t bound by the constraints of TVD. I am really hoping this spinoff goes dark like Angel did. Angel was such a dark show in comparison to Buffy. It was the like the serious older brother to the campy screwball that was Buffy (which had some dark moments but was generally a more fun show). I preferred Angel because they weren’t afraid to make daring choices (though sometimes they should have been Connor/Cordelia, my skin is still crawling). I’m hoping The Originals takes the same route. Darker, badder, less apologetic. I read an interview that JoMo gave saying that Klaus wasn’t going to be a hero in the new show and I hope that is true. I want the Originals to be bad and not feel the need to mope about it. I like them all best when they are misbehaving. Even Elijah is a shell of himself. Moping around after Katherine instead of kicking ass and taking names like he did in his first season.

  3. Jj says:

    They had to change it up somehow. The Originals can’t be the bad guys for another season of TVD. And yet I love Klaus and Elijah. Rebekkah not so much…

  4. Ian says:

    Oh Jesus! That tease! Haha Vlada no wonder you were pushing we made sure to saw that! So whether or not the Veil is actually brought down and The Other Side joins back with the real world and brings these past supernatural characters back to life, the show’s definitely going there and we’ll see those people again. Epic stuff. I’m sure there’ll be twists, and I’m trying not to take it as a real giveaway when Claire states that those characters could potentially be brought back into the fold. What a gamechanger.

    And I’m really hoping The Originals goes to series. It’ll be great to spend a back-to-back 2 hours in the TVD universe every week. And it could be just the reboot TVD needs on its on, for them to be forced to move past the Originals and find new storylines, and Rebekah and Elijah should be able to take on more of a life of their own in their own show. I’m not a fan of Klaus, but I’d love to give The Originals a chance to hook me.

  5. Amanda says:

    I wish they would stop saying the spin-off is set in New Orleans. It’s set in the French Quarter of New Orleans – which is a tiny little fraction of the entire city. Just a real pet peeve for a native…

    • Sbri134 says:

      It’s still in New Orleans…

    • misunderstood_native says:

      Ok, trying this post again. Got an error message last time.
      The French Quarter is IN New Orleans, so the show IS set in New Orleans. I’m a native to Las Vegas, but I don’t complain when a show set on the Strip is said to be set in Las Vegas, because it is. When a show is in a famous place, they usually shoot in the part of that place that makes it famous. While it can create a skewed view of the place, just find the humor in people’s misperceptions. I know I laugh whenever someone asks me if I grew up in a hotel. It’s a lot more fun to laugh than get annoyed. :)

    • cas says:

      So it’s set in New Orleans? You said it yourself, the French Quarter of NEW ORLEANS.

  6. bklyngirl says:

    I would love for Claire and Phoebe’s characters to be BFF’s on the spin-off.

    • iMember says:

      My thoughts EXACTLY!

    • Ariel says:

      And I hope they go swimming and make an H2O reference.

      I love how close they still seem and that Claire doesn’t look down on her past on what some would call just a cheesy show. I really do hope they’re reunited and have a friendship like that for their characters again

      • Cherry says:

        Me too! It annoys me when actors just try to avoid their “big breaks”. H20 sure, it was cheesey, but you could argue it’s a cult hit and I loved it. I like that Phoebe and Claire are proud of it.

      • bklyngirl says:

        And the fanfiction bound to come out from the Claire/Phoebe fanship. :)

    • Ari says:

      I would love for Phoebe’s character to not exist in the spinoff. Worst character ever.

  7. Elyse says:

    not gonna lie… pretty excited about the spinoff!

  8. Cherry says:

    I’m happy about the spin-off. The Originals are interesting and deserve they’re own stories away from Elena/Damon/Stefan.

    And the original show desperately needs a fresh new enemy(ies). The Originals have been the antagonists for too long, the show needs to freshen up.

    Also, Claire Holt is amazing and I love Rebekah.

  9. dude says:

    LOVE Claire Holt. She is easily the best actress on TVD and seems like such a sweetheart. Rebekah is my favourite character on television and I can’t wait to see her be the lead in a show.

  10. Danielle H. says:

    So psyched for the spin off. I’ve watched the trailer a looks like its going to have a great feel. Maybe it will be better then TVD because we won’t have to deal with all the Elena drama that can be such a drag.

  11. Babybop says:

    She seems so nice! I’m excited to watch the backdoor pilot.

  12. Fabe says:

    Rebekah is by far my favorite character on TVD…okay, she’s tied with Katherine. Both she and Katherine are the only characters on the show who aren’t self-righteous, and I applaud them for that. I can’t wait for The Originals, and I really hope that she and Phoebe get to share some scenes together finally too haha!

  13. AMCPress says:

    I can’t wait to watch The Originals. I can see the spinoff being really interesting and I am also looking to the season finale of Vampire Diaries.

  14. ryan says:

    I think that rebecca should smack that bitch pheobe and then give her a good and proper beating (as kol said in episode Catch me if you can to damon) cause I <3 rebecca but pheobe tonkin is an all around bitch….she played a bitch to big for her pants in a series in which case lasted 1 season but I never got to see her get her ass kicked!

    • iMember says:

      You need to learn the difference between reality and a television show. Phoebe Tonkin, as far as I can see, has always come across as a sweet and fun girl. Also, her character in The Secret Circle as Faye may have been pretty mean, but she was more than just the mean girl. There was a lot of depth to her character that Phoebe Tonkin portrayed incredibly.

  15. scorpionglow says:

    I do hope this show comes to fruition. I really enjoy Joseph Morgan (I never thought I’d say that) and I think there’a a great story to tell with them having their own show. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  16. Natasha says:

    I’m so excited about this new show.
    I’d love to see Rebecca/Hayley be friends and cause some havoc together.
    Getting a weekly fix of Elijah and Klaus makes me happy.
    I do love the idea of all the new characters – Sophie, Camille, and definitely Marcel.
    The Originals looks way better than the other CW shows.
    Sorry, but TVD is getting so stupid now.
    The ORIGINALS were the only thing keeping TVD a float.

  17. Jeri says:

    I live in Seattle & most shows supposedly located here are shot in Canada with just some visuals, usually the Space Needle, shot here. Once when Derek in Greys was driving down the freeway @ 100 miles or so (he was pissed or something), they showed PALM TREEs beside the freeway. LOL Not in Seattle, not any way yo’d find Palm trees here living outside.

  18. Jeri says:

    My post disapeared. In Seattle, shows supposedly based here are filmed primarily in Canada or a set in CA with only some visuals filmed here, usually the Space Needle & some ferries. One time when Derek in Greys was racing down the freeway there were PALM TREES beside the freeway. You won’t find that in Seattle. It’s funny/ridiculous, kind of cute how people can’t be bothered to make it look original to the location. No reason to get angry though. LOL

  19. Jeri says:

    Bummer – now they’re both there. Sorry everyone.

  20. Melanie says:

    Omg people. Pleaseeee if you are an actual TVD fan, learn how to spell their names…sorry but it’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine. It is spelled REBEKAH…*sigh*

  21. Melanie says:

    And Klayley has to happen if Klaus wants his baby so….plus, Klais is supposed to fall in low with Camille, a human in The Originals. So only a few more Klarolone scenes then its Team FORWOOD!!!!! :D

  22. Melanie says:

    Ugh frickin autocorrect. Klaus* love* Klaroline*